The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 05, 1947, Page 7, Image 7

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Linn Farmers
Is Successful
Oregon Farmers
Not Behind Times
In Conveniences
ly- . . - -.. C"r-'a-
f... tik wha Kii Mt visited a hay left slate their chlUhoed Bars
tlteWd tbc stairs la the weU-ap4 Georfe GnUmn ban at
latcVpendenee thla week and enjoyed their plenie dinner served
' tw . inr tahi. fanned f ram II bale ( ha 7 laid with whits
table cavtrs. Other Ulea war ssad far seat. Tha eceaaien waa the
Walk Ceaaty Jersey Cattle elab show, and plana tailed for a pienle
tnth tn hr treea m tbc Centeatsna tawa. bat the weather
. derided otherwise. Shawm here ara la front raw, Mrs. Monro
Clin. Mrs. Jaba CaU f Canby. Mr.: Gale wh judged and I W.
Stecrer. la Um back raw are Barbara Gilmer, Mra. Gilmer and
B. A. Gilmer of Cabby, Walter Lets, Talk ceaaty areoL Gal
Jadxed the ahaw.
Effective a fwi successful control
of annual and .perennial , weeds
can be aeeured from 2. 4-d dusts,
but extreme caution must be ob
served frj their use, reporti O. E.
Mikesell, linn : county --agent, -. a
he points to farms where th
dusta have been used successfully.
Field trials at th John G later
farm, Peoria, and the George
KJlnge farm,- Dever, show good
selective Weed control from 'dusts
and spraye applied with ground
machines and airplanes, -Mikesell
continues. . , " - . , 1 -,f
YHairy vetch and wild pea, were
effectively . controlled with one
pound of, parent acid per acre.
Growth ox Canada. . uusue was
jl T
Ninety-five per cent of th Oregon-farms
have at least one auto
mobile while 8t per cent have
one or more radios, th state post-
war development and readjust
ment commission reported to Gov.
Earl Snell thla week.
Approximately 76.S per cent of
the farms have electricity or ab
out 4 per cent more than farms
having running water. More than
40.6 per cent of the farms have
telephones.' Approximately 03,123
farms were listed In Oregon un
der the 1943 census.
; The . Oregon. ' stale highway
commission reported that 57.247
farmsv are within one mile of am
all-weather road and only 934 are
located more than five miles
from such a road.
Yamhill Jersey
Show Bigger
Than in 1946
stopped, at the one pound rate.
hut vreater km could De obtained
. . I f- . W.. a
by applying one ana one-nau dlockmm flCKl
pounds -of. parent acid per acre, o 1
Mikesell says. uay oci, junc w
Moarlv dMnonstratst that drift 1 "
. la a a a M a
from 2, 4-D dusts are extremely oui parucutariy inos irom wri
dangerous to susceptible plants mi Oregon, '. w Invited to the
such as peaa,. vetch, crapea. fnnt mxmual aunal hubandry field day
that dusts be applied, when there a Oregoa eaperlment atation
H very iiuie iir,rwveiwm ww lt CorvalU. rnday. June u.
that .dusted, fields be so located wr.h rlMrinr and ahera breed-
that there Is no danger from driltl in- wm k featured. A free lunch
When Canada thistle and morn (Mturinsr barbecued meat will be
tag glory -are treated in grains aerved in th field by the depart-
and grasses, th cpunty agricul-1 ment.
turai agem . is. reconunenauiz a i --u . win .r .t k
pound and a half of parent acid thevp wett of the campus at
to the acre. Where no crop is be- MB Vik rw' VrA p UrKn.
I 4U- J,i- . I f " ' "
ids wu, uic icwiuirouuw. " tie, new bead of the department,
used from on and one-half to L-m iad the nartv. with lUrrr
two and one-nan per acre ior schoth. federal agronomist, vea
morning glory and irom two and I ni.inin tha eromu In nasture
one-half to three and one-half for lwork and A w Oliver, and Oran
Canada thistle.
: i
Ufa, Gefft A. CiaUmana proodl dUplayi Com Pter Lena, grand
ehampien f th PIk County Jersey Cattl elab show held at tb
fatemaaa faras early thla week. Una is fear years old. Oent
anaans also had the Juaier chatnpiea cow aad the janlar ehampiaa
ball, with th senior champloa ball being owned br B. C. Bell
Of RkkrtsIL -:,Vv;.v'; "': - 4
Erosion Aid
Curtailed by
Congress Gut
Cutbacks In assUtanc to farm
en in cirryinf out erosion con
trol and soil building measures
under the lt47 agricultural con
servation program have been an
nounced by E. H. Miller, chair
man of the state PMA commit
tee, becaufc of the prospect of
reduced aDDroDrLations for the
current program year. ,
' The state committee has sus-
Mrlil contracts with six lime'
atone plants for furnishing lime
to farmers as conservation mate-
ria.,s. and has canceled -all tin
f;ited purchase orders for phoa-
tihate and for conservation aerr-
ices such as ' land leveling and
livestock water development.
The county AAA committees
have been instructed to discon
. tinue rwUfying larmers of mini
mum allowances for conservation
work, and to permit no substitu
tion of practices orr farms already
approved. ' -,
Cot 43 Per Cent
These actions ar necessary.
Miller explains, because recom
mended congressional appropria
tions will not provide sufficient
funds to cover amounts already
obligated to farmers for conserv
ation work under the 1147 pr
aram. County allocations of prac-
- tice funds and commitments to
oarticioating farmers were based
on congressional authorization of
gJOO.000.000 for this years con-
. servation program. The report ot
the house appropriations commit
, tee reduces the authorized amount
by about 43 per cent.
Considerable curtailment of both
state and county committee staffs
and activities will be necessary
because of reducations ranging
from 40. to 100 pr cent in admto
Utrative funds for th conserva
tion, price support, crop Insurance
and other farm programs handled
- by the coanmittees. Miller adds.
Nelson of th animal husbandry
stall. . th brush clearing and
sheep breeding phases ot tn co
ordinated experiments
The grand champion animals of
the 121 exhibited at the Yamhill
Spring show Tuesday were Mas-
terms n Climax as grarld cham
pion bull, exhibited by T. T. Ja
cobs. McMinnvtlle; Lents Phlnce's
Pansy, grand champion female.
exhibited by L. S. Lorcnzon, Day
ton; and Dreaming Violet, grand
champion animal in junior divi
sion by Marvm uorrmon, Dayton.
These later two animals were re
cently Imported from the Island
of Jersey by Rex Ross of Mt. An
gel and purchased by L. S. Xoren
zon and his son, Marvin.
The shoW this year was bigger
than the 1148 show. Competition
remained keen in all clashes which
was judged by O. K. Beats of the
state deportment of agriculture.
About 33 people attended the
how. Around 200 of them par
tkripatod In the pot-luck dinner
served at noon.
Other winners tn Uta show wn
Janinr rait bun by T. T. Jacob. Kin
lor calf female. L. B. Umtw The
nmrm tn tt adult iwion mi aa
ltkw: Aaea bull. L. S. LrMvttxoa;
ma. rrank rmnirum af Dart on
Bull, ate Ctree. first. T. T. Jaroaa
bull twa rear M. first. T. T. Jacob
Mond. W. D. Warnnnaton. Mi'Mtnn
vttle: auU aecood yrarlmg. first. T
T. Jamha; wrnut U. S iMmmm
third. Frank naatrum. Bull, lunter
yearlina. first. Mat Van Munan. bull
ior calf, first. T. T. Jacartm: m
. third and fourth. Austw sirnrr.
Carlton: first. L. . Ijmrnmn. Bull
Junior calf, first. T. T. Jacab: asc.
est. L. a. Lavanaon.
The winners In the fvmate classes
nf the adult dnruton wrre at fallows:
five year olds.1. T T. Jacobs: Z. U
Iormzon; a and A.- Ralph IHinuii of
Newbera: S. T. T. Jacobs. Costs, four
rear olds. I. L. a. Loreatonr Z Aw
at Warner: 3 and 4. W. D Warfnusa.
ton: , Frank rtnmrum. Cows thrre
veara old. 1 and Z. T. T. Jacobs: S.
AtastM Warner; 4. t S. Lorenjoa. Cows
two year old. 1, T T. Jacobs.. 2.
L. g. Lorrnmn: J. W D. Wsrmin.
ton: 4. Austin W. Warner Heler,
senior yearlln. I an4 X. T. T. Jacobs.
9 an4 4. Mat Van Maadan: I. Aasit
W. Warner liefer, fusnoe ytnina,
t and 4. W. D. war wlnctan; t, T. T.
Jarobs; S. U B. tavenaon; S. Lawte
Gross, ammr ralf, I aad . U. a.
LettiUMi: S and 4. T. T. Jacobs;
J. Austm Warner. Junior rslt, 1 and X
W. D. warnimilon; X. U. a. Lsmum;
4, Aiwtin Warner, ft. T. T. Jacobs.
Graded herd. 1. T. T. Jacobs: t, U a.
lorrnxon; J. W. D. Warmincteo,
Breeders Jround herd. I. T. T. Jacobs,
5, L. a. Lornurm: S, W. O. Warounf
ton. Breeders raM herd, I. L. ftV. Iren
aon: Z T. T. Jacobs: 1 W. D. Werm-
rnalen. Senior act ot sirs. L. l a.
Lorrnron: S. Austin Warnec Junior
et of sire. I. T. T. Jacobs: 1. 1 S.
I4irenaen: X. W. D. W ermine: Vm. Pv
dace of dam. 1. L. . Lorenoa; I and
ft. Austin Warner: S. ,T. T. Jacob
4. W. D. Warm intoi. .
Junior division at showmen
st: I. Georce Warmlnaion, tacMinn-
ville: Z Melvm Latin,. Ncwbata;
Geotae Jacnba. MrMinnvuie; .
Marvin Lot on m, IifUm: S. Atwtln
Warner Car a on. . aehar red'
rami. Newbers; J. Dvtoiea Jacoaa
Winners tn the tunlnr heifer class
I Beverly Laune. McMwwUW: Z.
deorre Jacobs: 1. Cenrge Warottac
ton: 4. Francis Mather. Dartnn:
Hob Lrwla. Dartoa: a. Meet uwsna
fyrnior better raM. 1. Georr Wat
In c ton: 1. Ceorr Jacobs: J Vimnla
Warner. Carlton; . unnaa eansuBo.
an McMinnvtlle: I. Dclor Jars
S Donna Jacob. Junior Tesrltrtf he If
I. Marvin Lorenaon: - Z. lriM
IrrWn. Newbera: S. ftollte Wai
tneton. McMinnvilM: a. rmuim nam
man. MrMtonviue: s. iois n bmnn.
McMinrmlle: . Donald VanMaadaa
T. Georce Warwtburton. Sensor vt
lane better. 1. peiuria Jacaoa: . in
Jacobs: a. Walter Adotf. Newbers
4. Georra Warmlnrlon; 1. Rol
fuarkhott. Da t ton. fwt year Ota
Ceors Jaesbs. Z. Atotaa Wrmw
ton. jr.: S. KoesT Pterson, Cart
4. Dalorea Jacobs: a. Georia Wi
tnitAtt: ' 4, Waller Adolf: 1. Darrell
Laune. McMmnetlte. Productnc
I and S Mltn Leimn: S m
Coarse WsrmtnfUn. fhUlia Hawwtaa,
S. David Wsod, Carlton. Bull ciaas,
1. Ceort Warmtncton: S. Uereaa Law- I
man; S and 4. PhUnat Hawsnan; S. )
Richar PadraaU. )
Judetet rontest First place. BUB
Storkhotf. Dartm: seennd. Denata
Higbon. NewbeiT; thtrd, Lnrifm Coo
er. CafUon.
Tha Stotaawtan. Solwm. Oravycia. Thas-sAry. frmm t. lUT 7
West Salem
Iii Ceremony
WEST SALEM. June 4 Citlxew-
ship awards were preerted three
members of tha We4 SaVera eighth
grade graduating cla here to
night by Al Lamb for Che West
Salem Lions dub. Receiving
awards for essay on "VThy
Adults Should Register and Vole"
were Betty Jo Dave port. lmia
May uowe, and Devon la CUire
Diplomas were presented by
Thomas Dalke. chairman svf the
West Salem school board which
with the close of this arhool year
is eliminated becatm of ctnaoU-
datkm with Sairra district 14. Dt-
olomas were Issued by Polk Oajn-
ty Supertotrrtdnril Juahwla Willi
and the ZS graduates will attend
West 'Salem junior high arhool
next year, first year " It will
Dr. Lawrence R!cr of Willam
ette university was the speaker,
his topic nMdett Wu4ew,.
Members of the class fjdsKing .
were IVrity Jam Avrwrtta. Dor
othy Ann Drad!ord. Hlchard
CTrmnrvs, Jurtrrry Hart. zUmrr Haw
Cra, Ward Jaccabaon, Jasnrt llrlcw
Kirk. ArVna Kuhn. Lorena Maa
ttowe, Ntna Stoddard. Caroi
Jeaa Vasulirer. WUsna WiUarh,
I Dorothy Mao Zyeacl. '
Beverly Bell. Larry Duma.TW4
ty Jo Da t erif -art. De-ions latea
Crilfui. Ardeao llrnrmchs. Rtcward
John. DrVemta CUire KJeernan,
Chartea FtiUupa, Jr. Leon fOwrt,
Jay SurevcBB, AMlrviga we,
Charles WyanU
rar Corwera Abwut 1M
nsnen acd rtuldren
Rickey arHoot pirtuc UenUy. T ta
will be the last year the evTM
graaea will be at Karkey. but aha
parake was aucn a atarcwas that tt
was surrestnf that arter this year
ptcnirs ooaV be heid tor an thoaa
la the commuruty when achoo ka
out. Special gwtmi at Cha parsnc
waa Mrs. rawans De Lapp, for
mer tracher there.
. Tha cacaa treo freest whira
rhorolaU is ctertvad grows oaly
la tha tropics. ,
Need distilbwtors. various territortes.
Want men who aoprectate betoa own
bos and chance to earn TM to Haas
monthlr- No epertence neceasarr.
ThotMand of averctiaots iu bar
are waitang for Amertra'a fn-s and
only, new sensational, electric comb,
nation mouse and roerh Iran Write
for free knforasatton. IncWwood Trap
Co. sot So. CrevtUea. Inalewood. Cabi.
'or All Slxc Home.
A rartne aJr easnLtlaaJag afarlikt ad Wraiaui fs
aorva roar tit ma bnllaf intlin. BcirwUf brail r bmS ka
riaa asaitsaaaa ecTWirwrr. ssswssay aa4 sliaalfsam, lata ra
eine rrralres smlmiamsa atlewUaa. With a rarifke ail baraiaf
aartcbt farmaea aai tha eJa. yaa ara aasared aC a rleaa aeai
Iksaliay taalli eiiaaata at alt ttsaea.
Keep year bataa free af daat, aaaaU aad tha ciaUl af aaaa
aesa by tats4allsag a raetrie.
XL U, Dpssbrangli Go.
"Meted Vroducit That Vasf
CM ft. ITU Street, ftsiesa
Since 1912
June 5 to e SUte PMA meeting,
Portland, .
June 7 Marion County Vat Lamb
show and State Dog Trials,
Turner. ; '
June 10-J J Western Stales Farm
Labor conference. Imperial ho
tel. Portland. , , .
June 11 Consignment sale E. Mc-
Ilvenna, Vancouver, Wash. , '
June 1) ftth Annual Washington
State Jersey consignment sate,
Puyallup, Wash. k
June 1 J Animal husbandry field
day, Including pasture Inspec
tion, Corvallis. .
June IS Linn-Benton Jersey club
meeting, Burie Oakley farm.
Jtoute 4, Albany. - .
f June 15 Marion County Jersey
cattle club meeting I. r. Bouy
aerie farm. St. Paul.
June 27 Annual meeting Oregon
jsaoy Chick association, Cor-
vallu. :
July 7-11 Second annual lnsti-
tut for town and rural church
es, Corvallis. ;
7ttn&. Ranald 'StincUctf
1131 S. f. .ADD, FORTIANP, 0R100M
cc3vcd ovcp 09c a raqntI!i
on .er clccflric bill in
Cl-o PGll aircaS
Ue. J
At) Stte! ConttrwttU
ene h
171 S. Liberty
Open Dally ft ta St
v : df
" .t-t -r .: . i
I ff A V
The IleeaU lwtoalrys bad fi4 la
Kekema, ladtaaa awsst eC thrar !
look aver the facaW fWtlswa-u Ha
raaat Vers aad toe a war job ia. the
shjCTsda. The ctanata. aoraary, a4
Inmaaeaa erpartsaiiaai af that aeaa
appcabd la hess aa aaaca rhst as ssnt
far has faaaJy. Mrs. wrmCttj aad a
aoefduer. Barbara. IL -Mr.
sVbwflry now has
. la oat of tha ana's WaXag i
siorat, aad tha faaaOy
joyaag rae isrtaaaat. Mrs.
likes aeacaOry taa low caataf eatotrkat
wbaJa aba awes flentifath; wuk saaay
-U tha PCE aras, spy easctrke bC3
baa a van aad aaty ItM a saawnX
aha say. Bat sa Kstssaa.!
have paid tor
' P7
.; W
aXag ssataaeasry
kt ssasraSf an-
vfn nro)
Does it look lifeless or yclloie For a green lux
uriant latvn tee recommend that U be led with
Vjs. Drind!:y uses ihoso c;p!i
ontcs in I::r AIl-EIcctric I!:n:3
3.C0 Mrt, 12-50
M lb.
II lb.
Farm Calendar
Jane S Clackamas County Jersey!
Cattle club meeting, Red Hilis,
Oreeon City.
June to 7 Strawberry festival.
June to 7 -t Eastern Oregon
Livestock show, Union.
2SS Stat SL
d. iunffi Cr-SG::3
Phon 4352
v miff; fftyffo rl
Every homo can afford to go
AU-Ghetrie in tho PGE area
O Living conditions are more ideal when the comfort of "elec
trical living' iswithin the reach of everyone. In the PGE area, the
low cost of electricity makes it possible for every home, small or
Urge, in town or out, to use electricity abundantly through
modern time-saving electrical appliances.
PGE's "M-Electric-Home" rate. is the lowest region-wide
rate in the nation. It is available when you heat water and
cook electrically.
PGE customers use over twice as much electricity as the
a "
national average and pay less than half as much per kilowatt
hour. No other Bonneville distributor delivers electricity so low
in cost to so many homes and farms, over so wide an area. So
plan now to go "all-electric." And when you do, be sure to apply
for the "All-Electric Home rate at the nearest PGE onkc.
O In her former hom I hoy would
cost Mrs. DHndloy $17.16 a month
n PGE aroa thoy cost
fior.on 8eO3 a month
Ccnrvi7 Powmr Dhtrlbvtor
. ..) ' : - .
eatvmita lacwfiucs. ie. . TAcemM.ainsM. u.s.a.