The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 04, 1947, Page 8, Image 8

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    Th Statotmon. Salm, Oregon, Wdiwdcrft Jun 4, 1847 For Sale Miscellaneous ,For Sale Mlaeellanc ons t For Hen! Ttoomi
Portland Grain
(USDAiWheet:: No future quoted.
Cash grain: No. I flax 00.
CuN wheat (bktV; Soft While 141;
oft whiit (excluding ft) -g.42;
white rlutt t: t 3 42 .
- llaid ted winter I Ordinary 2.43;
10 per cent 143. ' ' . ...
Urd whit Baart: 10 per cent 3.;
11 per tent 2.42; 11 per rent 2 43.
Today's car receipts: Wheat 62. bar
ley 1. corn i. oats 2. miMecd 6.
Help Wanted Female
HOUSEKEEPER 1 (or adults, tn
country. ' Writ Mrs. C. ii, Taylor,
Rt 4, Box 233 ;.: .
" Reception lit wlih-oitUr .t..
ErapliiC or bookkeeping aperient?,
IukI' have pleasing appearance, per.
aortal lly and voice As 26 to 39 pre.
ferred. Good salary to start and ex
cellent future for pen on with ability.
Please give full particulars of educa
tion, experience, etc. box wo. zi.
w6MANto careTbr Invalid.' Call
vat a m
NOTICE OF l"TIt nitmOaXFtk for and in-
Hickory Street ff" valid mother. $100 a month. milea
MapM Arcane west out on Wallace road, second house on
Hasel Avenue - -. Hopewell tumo. Ed Lenstrom, Kt.
Notice ts hereby given that the com- 1. box 285. Salenu .
tnon council of tn city lerrn Ore- ANTE Dl A womi n with reneral
gon. deems It necessary and f!: office experience. Give age and ref
und hereby declares P"rPt erences in fint letter to Box 712
inixiiuMi to tmorove Hickory street c..
fiom the ei line of MapltK Averse to "WAITRESS' NighU.' Black A WKTie
tne West Ime 1 Haiel Avenue, in -,.-, Khn
10 Tons Strawberries '
Bring containers & pick at 40c lb.
Good picking, Van Cleave Farm, Hazel
Green, l', miles east of Totem Pole At
follow signs mile north on Van
River Silt
FOUR Burner eleirtrte ranee and
Thor washer. Good Cond. Ph. 9335.
IUH HALS: Model D. John Deere
tractor, like new. and plow; H. Grim
mer, U mile E. of Crawford School,
Kt 1, Turner. Ore.
f iilEHH, 34c lb, live. North ml.
Ion a, turn I ft. Lake Labieh School,
first houae. Ilrrtnan Halin, Ph. 12434,
SLEETING Room. Phone 24AS4.
Room and Board
WANTED: Room A hoard for emp
man A la yr. ttd on. Will Statesman
lion lis
LARGE Front nn , ouUkI rnlisnrt.
. r-, ----- . - . ... l invjs. r 10
Sand aV C ravel. Concrete ml. . '" '! " hl A
."..v . i uinuz. one on circulator in luoa cold wales
For Sale Real Estate
ley At Meyer. Phone 3048.
21004 eves, after
BROODER, all-metal farm Master.
42x00 inches. 300 chicks, 1st clasa
condition. Ph. 25387.
MONTA75Wood " circulator, combl
natkm desk and book case. Rt. , Box
114. 1 ml. East Pen 4 corners.
Simpson ' St., Salem.
Tor sale. 2590
Cond. $65. 1 15 Center. Ph. 6400.
rnB" c T- HT r-., ...... 77T
heavy drag, spring tooth harrow and
js men a Dottom plow. 7 mile South
Old Pacific Highway to Sunnystd
school. 11 mile west and south. Ph.
21345. Rt 4. Box 253. Salem. U Sherwood.
COCKER Spaniel puppies, lull blood.
very reasonapie. in. aaei.
" sraAWfiERRlESTTSu pkk. iOc lb.
1SJ Court.
BOARD A room for 2 emp.
1349 Mvslon. Ph. 24UC
For Rent Apartments
APT. .for em
1382 Elm. W
adults. No smoking.
T-'iH,., .1. ,.7 j a ii ' I urmi cvnuuicn, -,4 mile- wi 01 ia
1 TWIN size coll spring. 1 double 1 hi.h fmnmr ,tnr. a rrM lUnm.
colt soring A mattresa. 1 . Simmons 1 e ii
crib A mattress. Ph. 5030. I iniiKiAll' ..r.'.ji.i .rz
-mia , , - ' i . j il 1 luunu wnue isceq peei. r. bj.
For Rent Houturs
IK .C" !i!f 5.L Xror.;! "WOMAN-CapabW oi . toklng, respon- WorV biTWnT cu.toT Sal ZSTirA
?. P.yi"5 lem Saw Works. lM3N.5th. r""l""K "
fc, hrineme saul bortion of "Effi
cept the a:i-T interwlion. tne expene , ' w,,. tVni.t ooa '.T- farm or club houxe.
rh. 5.--.lJS P 'w'r.',rl.l.K?I I YEATER PPLXANCX CO.
S VVn-'tobiM" .aV. -BiEfncpTiood-wi. T; "r. kta iT BrVwn7"n
constructing cement concrete curbs. Ca" tn person. Oregon SUte Tuber- mUes-Nortn ct stm on Highway 210
and paving said portion of Said street rrJili-,z -. near waconoa. . -
i a'phaltic concrete pavement WANTED: Experienced wool spot- nPfrCabbae 5c hundred, kale
FURNISHED House June 1 to 2Wh.
Give number tn family, occupation and
references. Make offer. Box 7u5
255 N. Liberty
PANSIM. Phn5243. 25t3 Lee.
For Rent
thmy feet in widUj. in accordance with !?JiPek .O hundred. Out Center St. SUke"i
tne plans and specifications' therefor I PRACTICAL. Nurse needed. 252 N.
council May 21. 1947. which are now on I GIRL between ages 15-25 to assist
file In the office of the city recorder I with housework A caKe of children.
and which by this reference thereto ate Ph. 71K8.
made a part thereof.)
The common council hereby-declares
tts purpose and intention to make the
above described improvement by and
tnrougn the street improvement de
partment, i
By order of tbe common council May
list. 1547: - - '
ALFRED MTJNDT. City Recorder.
. Date of first publication hereof . ts
May 23. 147. '
My 23. 24. 25. 27. 25. 2t. 31. Jil 1. 3. 4, 5
Situations Wanted
LaamV Watirig and
Greenhouse, Rt. 8. Box
FRUlT3fAltS. 635 N. Summer.
SKHX5AWrH5df 157 In.' PhrSTefi.
G. E. RANGE f70. 520 N"THlgh.
PIfRun gravel, tilt A fflTldirt. Ph!
5745 542 Edgewater. " -
ALWAYS a big stock.
Woodry's Furmture Mkt Ph. 8110.
R. Watkina Co products. 1717 Cen
ter st, Salem. Ph. 5395. Free del.
2000 cabinet doors, assorted Sizes,
cheap.1023 S. 23rd.
ELECTRIC Range. 3 burner, with
large size oeen St broiler.
253 N. Liberty
1 WHEEL Trailer. PhTHiSiS
Wanted Furniture
MUST have carload of used furni
ture, elec. - stove A refrigerator, or
Salem Watch Shop
3X1 state St ' 'Phau 1-105? I change. 594 N. Liberty,
D. E. Decker. Licensed Watchmaker I WAN.1 IO Buy Used Camera A
Prompt service Cash paid for old gold, I tenses. McEwan Photo Shop. 435 State.
Used guaranteed watches for sale. WHY TAKE lees for your turoitur?
FOR RENT Ground floor Office
or Business location at 254 Portland
Rd. 500.00 per month. BL'KT PICHA.
337 N. High St. Ph. 3210,
2 ROOM Office on S. cWTpS.
NICE 1 rm. bouse, no small child
ren, ref. required. 1151 N. Capitol.
"Trailer space, modem. J WJ5 S. 21t.
ECoHLA COTTAGES. " Fireplaces:
Oil Heat. Reasonable Rates, near Dor
chester House on Hwy. 101. Box 57.
Wecoma. Ore. Ph. Delake 293.
U-DRiVE Truck rentals. femitty s
A5A CI FAN I-BR hoene East M
Bua line Elect water ku. WlitS sue
ranee. Oaraee. Immediate Iim.
6MSe Clean swdmi 1-BX bam close
In. Completely furnlelted. Hards
floors throughout Auto heat Elect
water Heater. Aliactted gatae. THm ts
twaMlllul liter
tail Mauley iitH
State Finance Co.
153 S. High St Ph. 4121: tree. 1-SM1
I ACRE Jut north f Salent wMh
some family fruit A a good modem
5 rm. house Large lie. rm . 3 big bed
rm.. 3 pc. bathroom set. large k.trhea)
with lots of buUtm. Ulan id to back
porch. Wired tor range. Large wttlttv
room it fruit houae. 2 ear garage wrlh
laree fmiarted room everhead. Price
F. II. Weir, Realtor
1347 S. Com! ?Lll
Keizer DiMrirt
11005. 1 bdrm house, new. 'i acre
lot. 10 large wal. trees, cement foun
dation, full 54750. Beet hurry eat thai
For Sale Real Fotata
must a a solo
SnruMaery A rrwlt. Ceraew. 4,'Waa a
A Mas A real Urioa at UTm.
KH THtri teoOkt MOT. WITH
tkAlll. ON-IIAir AlAf Mri
uwa C. R a5LSOM, 4A MA
NtTW I be rwaam
For Salt Real Fstate
ON ratkVlIW Asaawef 4 0
I mm a.ia, eoi
4 III A aMkg n i iw. a U
aaewt. Mt kewtsng - Car a. ee
rte tai frwfl. Reb eaAr ana tarsal
Polishing ' Shop ,
Office x . residence floor waxing.
Yard work At window cleaning. . Ph.
2-5564. " ' :
PlfNTTNR InfMlnr mi.litw aunrlc M.
iOTICE OF INTENTION TO IMPROVE! material. Save i. Call 5227.
rreaertrs. street r rem ta ust l we Are now able to handle some stoves, dishes, motors, radios, electric
rj VL a i jmtor service. Ph. Z3584. I appliances, household good. KLJO-
ku ta hVb. eiven that the com- . Jw"" " ..." tT- .T"'o Vlf1:- Jl 7 evenings or send dearttptlon
! . . , rv. I ryjn iiluih, nu auuuflu au, rorceiam oiaca. ana wniie I Jaaulth Music Co, 191 8 High
"-"---IJ":!. 1 TIMBER. Phone . 5489 I Meaimaster range, good as new. V-Ash" t .a,, irm Ph
llnlnn I " . "
FOR SALE or . Trade: Mechanic's
Z I ""-. i Clipper Service. Center A Church.
ISitunSto Ex" ftAlOJi5-75c-n,.t-nr iOc hnT
any tone. rn. zaaii. zwutoaie -1 uj4. . uwi tans at
Com fry W a rd .
WE Buy and sell furniture, tools.
CASH tot used piano A other mu
sical instruments Call 4541 days or
gon. deems it necessary and expedient
and hereby declares its purpose and
Intention to improve Frederick Street
from the east line of Breyt Avenue to
the West line of Thompson Avenue. In
the city of Salem, at the expense of
tbe abutting and adjacent property, ex
cept UK but? inusraecuun, uie eicii i a p m
of which will b assumed by the city ; -"IfiWKJfl and alterations. 285 West
en Ntem. oy ormain aaiu k I Rural. Mrs. Smith. Ph. 5367;
saui siren to me nuouuira irwx,
Contract Plastering
Phone t-5100
Kay Simmons At Co. Phone 3147 after
curbs" "WATEDrDisrwashing Job. night p, im"n. 16th
euros, I w,-. - iia r-irmn,,n c I tgg- -
. .. A .. M .TrT; shift preferred. 1240" Falrmount St.
tT' "pS -CAEoTkToldwTPh.
the otans and soecificstlona therefor 1 . BpYTlS. wants work on farm. Can
' vhtrh were adooted br the common handle tractor. 1417 N. uoerty
council May 21. 1947. whicb are now cm
die in the office of the city recorder
hand tools'. 590 00. Rt. 6. Box 109F.
DROP Leaf breakfast Uble and-!
chairs, drape' and lace panels, man's
crown suit, meaium sue. eniM i i yr.
size cost and cap to match. Ph. 6455.
TRASHTBurner. encmal front. 5351
Rt. 4, Box 114D., Pringle Rd.
taylajk tot strouer. flay pen A
759 State St Furniture lna Elate
" CSEO rCRNTTURE. Phone lllO. "
aTmoRA YS. Ozone Good health
Rent-eell h C Purh. 654 N 17 4492
QKU tlei Pta I -u H I. Sti ft
Blankets turn 197 S Libert" Pt. 0O52
FLOOR Sander, elec. floor polisher
and lawn roller, srecd burner. Rawlins
Hardware, tbe Marshall Wells store
Ph. 5571.
Kewecd latrirV. by owner, Ms t'
CHOICE Lota ftxlS. Ory A artiaei
bua, etoae. Water far, w aa nai.
lamiNf Aw Jocio Jctoew.
UOMT TO LOAh eat rtrrt aaast-taa-e
5 to 6V CaU As SWtatl
VJO Oefceta StreeT
25 Acre Near Silverton
6 room hou. 3 chicken nouae. 2
brooder houae. eeveral out buildine.
family orchard, livestock and euio
ment Amiea road from srhoeL Bargain
for 112.650.
M. (). lliiniphreys.
2256 Fairgrounds R1
BT OWKEJt! Tew mi ft I Milt.
four fee usi tfttk tf kauw.
cot nee aal. we f ui yard Mh far,
artac and potMS Uouble iueaC cor.
eted livma mm aaal moui rn m
Large party n na Ptiaw 5 335 W
Ikipenor. Prtr 617.
FOR ETT artsM and rTecrrr aaV
set-Tire ra It tre Salem Jtenj t'KO',
MONKVOLOAN mm rr4 aat
aaao 4 te 6i CaU see wetaiai
235 Otemeketa Stree
" HIWAY Frwtitaee: ."" at ' ft".
mn fC . Car bhsc. a. Oe4n
good buaaneva tars to bwOd rabto.
mall 3 twt. rabut ten Wed. Cssg 3
bdraa, houa. ran re. auto, hot
water, tts. blind. On,fcl gara.
fruit tree. Price 6Aoa. 1 ant. S
! 4 cty towibx CaJt beck eg "A. A L,"
s ' -ae
m arte sHk 3
it dim a.ew fear a 4
Ilowa Ka 5im hv imm Al
k iukn, Veavti. aajaa. ...
L.arwew KraaVe fnaei IS
3 acre a Alfalfa, ft ft
water si it. Umifn r...
Urt feew ' rworw. gard sriful A J
''d, 3 bdraaa saaaBerat eww wa
'f areewt mmt rwrwaew BVkrww So
e at I is Jaw, mi a. (--,
acre art fnm. L-e gaa.
EaceUrwt arw Bnipmtl, tje
Cs Biaioia. tow rer wrt.
rausiM Ma mu ai 1
r'- "aa W tt ttvtog rsastw. kwCa,
t'1 5ae. glliwa
acre 4 taaag wita aev f
' a kwlA. I tn(
M S rwaaW- Unn . .
City water. La-wtod aa Xwaa M eJ
swuw. or trw
Ph. t-taad j 1" ROOM Hou. city wiaVTfilo
i lai atw l rm mm
I nhnn an. I Valllo Aumsvtll. t
Meria) Narraai.
3 Bdrooro home acrosa
gliwood erhool. Fireplace.
w - rtt-Vr 4uVa
from Eiv-1 a li. - i.l,!Hr full stk tare
lot. city water, win take
furnace, garage. Lovely toC No. 315. trailer k trad. Turw east a base
Wanted M itcenaneo us
tn st- Range A refrigerator.
room set. Ph. zun.
Ph. 21576. -
CONTRACT Hauling, local and long
m.A .ku-h h-- IKi. reference thereto are I distance truck SerViC. Phillips BrOSu
anade a part hereof. Rt. 6. Box 116. Dial O. call 68F22. ,
The common council hereby declares I "H7kYBaling. pickup, wire machine,
tts purpose and Intention to make the Robert M. Hulst, 1065 N. Winter St,
above described Improvement by and Phone 8925. Call 5-5 P.M. .
through the street Improvement de- fcNOW Your children are properly
pertinent. I taken care of while you work. By day.
By order el mm common council stay i wees or nour. rn, jwrs. praoiey,
SlsU 147
ALFRED MUVDT. City Recorder.
Date Af first .publication hereof Is
May 23. 1947.
My 21. 24. t. 27. 25 29..31. Jn 1. 3. 4. 6
Livrstoek antl.Pouftrjr .
EXPERIENCED Woman clerk would I
like work evenings A Sundays. Write
statesman Box ?oe.
PAINTING inside or outside. -Spray
or brush. Free estimates. C Horn. I
Ph. 5530.
BATING with pick-up baler. Also
mowing A raking. Phone looriS or
" CONTft AtTlSi G A Builder. Remod-
eling. psinting. Cabinet Maker. J. X.
Baker. KJ 2. BOX 12A. Silverton. pn.
L4094. -
CARPEKTER. Remodeling and Cabi-
net'worki Phone No. 2-6910.
Mike's Septic Service
OUARTtR HORSES 43 head reg.
A W it A. mares, studs A colts. Also
6r head ; top saddle horses will be
aold at auction 12:00 Noon. Sun.. June
S Quitter Horse races and Show
June 1. Public invited to attend big
eert. besVbred -horse sale in the
, Korthwest: Klamath Falls, Fairgrounds.
. UORCAH Tim saddle horses, very
rntie. aaeaii tor cniioren. " iw i iviv Lim. wear saiem. rn. i or f
1 mile South of Cervato. dl- t CHIMNEY sweett. Northnees,-ph. 4450.
kll XJ-w -.Lr.M 1 - - , Kl- S-fc
SALEM Height Ac Pringle Garbage
Service, h. t. Box 242. Phone 9679.
HAY Ballnr. Pickup baler. Ph. 2-5753.
mowing, spraying, rn. z-3753.
BABY Sittine. Dial 2-6930.
"TvlNDOWS. Doors, frames A screens
made to order and Installed. Built-insj
A gen. repairing, saiem Screen Shop.
b. izin.
CEMENT Work, sidewalks, steos A f
driveways. Nothing too small. Ph. 23400
Commercial trucking. 540 S. 15th.
"COVER Ctod disclhgr plow in e. mow
ing, combining dusting A all kinds of
field work. Crawler A wheel tractors.
Ph. 22127.
rectty behind Otecker Board station.
BLACK " Percheron mare, sound,
eentte. true. 2U06 Mission.
1 LAltGETeam. weight about 1700
to latw. Gentle, Work tin fie or dou
ble. KL 3. Box 761. 3 mi. south of
Libert y onHjfhw ay. - -
PONIES for sale, broken and un-
Ivroke. 62 Williams Ave.
"ONE " Shetland stallion, olack and
White spotted. 6 years old. Small size.
Joe Cabbert, Albany, Ore, Route 4.
thone 62F3 .
"WHITE Enamel wood trash burner
and colls $40. Phone 4987.
River Silt '
" Bulldozing
Sand and Gravel. Co.
PH. 3-1965 - 3-3100
Ph. 25912 .
P1I6NT i-5950
That top them alL
Red Cedar. Shingles
Complete Bldg. Materials
Eola Lumber Co,
Wanted to Rent
WANTED: 3 or 3 bed rm. house by
July 1st. Call E. E. Davis. 5055. Best
of reference.
""PATiEL Body with chassis. Mak or TJKrURN. Houa or apt. tor veteran,
model not esaentiaL 344 Bradley St. wife A child. Ph. 5340.
Woodburn, Ore. Ph. Main 177. 1 Y fiTT ?7 fiCo u d fe Vet) uraenltv need
an unfumfcrhed house. Ph. 3727.
SAFEWAY employe needs house or
apt. forfmlly. Call 26767.
ftHMAAENT rnuiy. vet. must nave
fum. home on or before June 12th.
Prefer Monmouth or Independence.
WANT Good used Cushman scooter.
Ph. 25364. i
100 ICE Boxes wanted. Ph. 2-5511.
GOOD Recent model used refrige
rator A elec. range. Ph. 7203. .
AribfRa Machine. Ph. 24S96.
AN ttlJ Uaed " wahirTg machin. Call Mor. mouth 549 any time.
! also lea box. Ph. 5665.
TEACHER of China, oil. pastel, alao
orders taken and firing. 1467 Court.
Mattrtsset. upjtal neojL.rTi. sooa.
"WATER WELL drilling. Domestic or
Irrigation. Duffleld Broa, RU 6. Box
423. Phone 2-1313.
Salem. Oregon
Power shovels. Build oxers. Trucks
Dirt Moving
Basements, Roads, Ditch
Phone 3456 - 5793
AUTO pa in Una. ut a ehao betleT.
nv Rav ITT EH call anroca ssotor
"WtATHER strip Pullman PhW
dralnaee dttfhe due Ph 4Q4T
H0XJSE. Apt. or duplex for 2 Tidies.
1 employed. Write Statesman Box718.
"REGISTERED Pharmacist. Just 'mar
ried, desires nice apt. No pete or
drinking. Overseas veteran. Perma
nent. Ph.- eat. .
YOUNG-Vet A wife want small apt.
or room with kitchen privileges at
once. Phone 3-9056.
SMALL Furniahed houa or apart
ment by buaineos man and w 11. No
cniioren or pet and oest or reter-
ence. Phon 694S. Mrs. R. E- Keel
MARION County 4-H club agent.
wife A baby need 3 bed room houae.
f urn katted or unfurn. Reference. Ph
Salem ISe4. -
WANTED:Apt.. one or more room
rum. tvopioyed couple, rn. 7 al
ter 3 P.M.
" EMP. Ctrl needs small apt. or wifl
share apt. WriteSta teaman Box 705.
-FURN. Apt by couple with best of
reference. No children or pets. Box
715 Statesman.
or 2 bdrm. house.
3 Bedrooms, living room, dinette,
firepiac. attached garage. Lot e a
252. An new paint, 55750. N. t35.
$1500 Down
at 12th St, - .unrtaa. R, C, Trfcea.
Rt. 5 1 Bos 424
"BY "OWNER "Mod. S ft. laTtie
H. KU basswuwt. ariruba. sntta, bn ma.
gr. with butwiang l6sSa ft. wlv
ronvetted. UMaaa will Kaswtk. Pm.
tl sail.
3 Bedroom, plastered, generous
room. Very fine location. Ctoee to -rytntnr.
Don't wait No. 223.
Mr. G. I see that horn. It waa-bullt
for you. 3 bed room. 3 room la I anooern home, sturrw. Gorac. '
town. Attached aaraee. North. 575S. acre, ctoae to ecnoot ujr and boa.
NO. 231
Diatrtrl SoulA. Saartw. rlns ta
m aar.
Suburbaa: Owwee arevaag, 4
New 1 Bedroom "
Very complete and compact. Excel
lent location. Better than renting and
easy terms. Near Engiew-oud SchoeL
Only 54575. No. 13.
For Better Living
4 Bedrm-. double plumbing, gener
ous living and dining room. K.s re I lent
heating plant. Lota of hardwood. En
glewood Dwtrict. 315.505. You U be aur
pi Wed. No. 416.
Homes as Low as $500
Reimann Real Estate
pfcrc 5au, M. D.
Wired for ranee. Utility
la auanai wan, run
Looney. 231 Stat
B ESTBu y M" tow mi Lata 4
Howe. Soultt. fteue SWrwn. fewlenre
53UH0 like rent. Must 0. 1135 Lewis
3 LOTS with 5 room jimaie. wLlitv
rm. A garar. Inawkated. leOi W Kewt
A Hot water - tank.
rutt tre. bsnais
: 525A.
23 Roberts Are Ph. S-4345
3 BDR. K. RTDn R.
rrvdrv. HoUywwad dwC eeraar ka. CaU
25MI after 6 PM t dar-
. G. I. Home in Keizer
P. H. Bell. Realtor
SALEM. tmtiiOW f.,jV mmm
I ,ft Ka cW- fM m - .
OWNIR- O-re I fcajr-a, m7iZ7
1? i' atK -a CIZ
ROSE ST. ka a,ara A im.,
wring ruin, ebaueaj rax DU
piansrw yarn. u1 w
tand a
' - I pan Tmaail
Enaey my Wm it arw-. vT
!"''" rmm- arret won
n.aeiere. Slaswa a ywur ewmi raleia.
rnmmm.' owrews tar twa Ha.
d G-e. Hi ,.
to Aww ywaj to. Is at S5TM.
Jo HutrJiison, Realtor
Court rt r-m rm
Bj Owner
leaving Salem
Make an Offer
6 bsdf antiaM; ay M aerw.
I tkr
VWTA Virw Vmmm. A gra-tj arw mi
Tth!-WL1, --
W till an lllllSanai. m ' .
135 Cud St, wff MvPn.
LOT" In" city limn, by own
Very wtl built. 2
dining and Irving rn. new tl and
U enarken baws. aa ex ' acre See
tn an Trrra n M .
'" Tuts wet mrt a. r
wr eacn. low a
ww wwnt.
Vart a
bwaas Sua
Joe Hutchison; Realtor
411 Cww-1
Vaew eng
901 S. High
Ev A Sun. Phone 3-576 or -QS
BY OWNER: New 3 barwi. beuae.
attactied gat as. Bwtaa. utility rum
Ptaslerwd. asoKalt tU fkaar tamnuj
on enttr nouae Dec. not water neal-
rr. PMC K a sen la nlewa. Urr tn
buyers first chanr. Sotli A Crwas,
I bib. south of M Melon
C. FRFD CILLETTE for conven.
vntlonlly built two and three bsdr mm
homes Built under 25 year FHA con
struction loan, can b built m ny
kind of weather In tnarty Aa. On
as now bwing built In Monmouth. Yaw
K aaeT
HEAVY Hauling. ExcavaUun and I i.w-rr-. .,.1, , , ar invited to call and took rt over.
K. Br?"!Vh Vf9r."e"!-Df I apt Be7t. ref. Ph. 2-4655 after 6 PM. rr l'JrTmlK- I
itgti Liicnina Deaaimm uhtii i w o VJ a a "
Sand. Gravel Crushed Rock. Maao
Sand. Concrete Mix. Cement.
cottage by
employed couple by July 1st. Ph. 6714
or ZZ534 aner a r M
Phone 43a
nA ciinE is Youtnntxvcr"
Salem Sand & Gravel Co. "house" or Apt mFsbivTbed
at ----- e. I room. 2 adult. H. B. Owen. Ph. 6455.
Drive one mile south on River Road
1403 N Front SL
Salem Oregon
Phone 5400 or 21924
I'vebeen from . Casablanca to Rom.
A foxhole my usual home.
. . V r ' - . .. I - bi i,,o.w ar. .. wow in oeen oars awnii
"Pf. siasn.reg. American i oaaaie i ct-wmBiw ' ,ZZ'Z.mT I Foxfeotes are out of style.
Wanted Veal
Win pay top price. Rt 2, Box 242.,
av v. isecaner. riant . I - . t js. . . . 1 1 . I sU'E.rtt
"Toft SALErCh'rtstie N H bhy -i'::":'!"rSgjg3jgU-1 and wringer roll
bred SUMton. dk. chestnut with white
markings.. Has proven himself as one
of the outstanding Stallions on the
Coast. Fee for non reg. mares 525 00.
Roy H. Simmons, owner. RC .4, Box
270. Salem. Ph, 21143.
EXPERT washing machine service
chicks every Wed Bortntrtons 5710
1itant Phtme 4W '
ANtEDr "Alt amda of cattle and
hoc Will call at farm. Write K. I
ttnethen. isse . i-sncaster utiv. i-
2IS4 nwrn or ev .
"Tf. S. PuUorunr erean New Hamp-
atir chtcks. Ckla and started pullets.
Ph Black 193, Gehrtng s Hatchery.
ft ilverton. Ore.
TAltCi- AU ktnos of cattle, fat
Kor. aow A boars At your farm or
delivered Market price E C.McCand
1Mb Rt . Box 233. across from
Watem Ball Park on S 25 St Ph. 6141
'"rtWiMreaain of chicken, any
autnWr Pm-mpt aerrtc Dressed poul
try who less I bur specUlty. Phone
f-iai Lees Hstrhery
BABY Chwka naichina twic weekj.
ty tn eewn vartetie New . Hamp
shire always ' available tn chicks
- Growing pulleta any ai Phon 12841
lr Malrttery,
"MOVING and hauling. Call 22456.
Contract or by the hour. Spray or
; brush. - :-.
Rt . Box 363 Phone 2-2306
Spray Painting
1720 Lancaster
.Ralph Alsman.
Phone 2-4245.
PLOWING and discing. Ford-Fergu-son.
Herbert Hamann. Ph. 2.9119. Rt
Box 1304.
II make. See Ed
Ellis at Nelson Broa. Furniture Store.
819 N Liberty.
FULLER Brushes. 1745 GrantP5357
12th ST. BLOCK CO, S 13th St at
Vista Ave Ph. eve. 8904
USD Bath tub. also lath. 1535 N.
Church. Apt. 5. ' .
RM. Oil circulator, reasonable.
in. BiDi.
1 CARCO medium logging arch.
Also some rigging chokers, guy wire,
etc. 1935 S. 12th. Ph. 7645.
DOUBLE Unit milking machine 3150.
electric and gas automatic water heat-
-rs. general repair work oecaiur at
ten. 173 So ComT pnonc wza
Dental Plate Repair
Bring or Mall Your Plates for Repair
Adolph Bldg.. SUte A Com Ph 3311
Guitar Studio. Banjo,
Ukulele, etc 1533 Court Ph 7565 .
MEN'S . HATS cleaned and blocked
11.00 LES SPRINGER. 464 Court.
Screens - Screens -.
Complete window screens At screen
doors made to your measurements. All Also davenport 320. Phone 3-1238.
morticed Joints. Quick delivery. Mas- fctffe WMtrrll7e" A Cc resTK
terwood. Cabinet Shon. downtown 164 tereertTerrSL"'! r. oM. S.'rlid
S Comm Phone 5596. b Taskas Tim HI. Com r ad Farm
11. 'I I . : Kermells. 1830 N. 6lh. t
ijuiiucrs .oniraciors- -icirrpr. TiiihTTSu
Window frames, door frames, sash. 1 forester csjk shoes fixe 9j fl5.Ph. lrZ3
WE OFFER for sale first mortgages on
lm Droved real estate. Salem and vi
cinity, amounts 5506 to 55000 NET In
vestors S4 Interest Make your own
For my family I need a real home.
Myself, wife, baby A little pup.
Hope you can help us.
Call 9634 week days only from 5 to 5
WANTED to Lease: 3 or 4 B. R.
house. Bua. Ph. 6116. home Ph, 5Sl
2 BDRM. houae. Will pay years
rent in advsnce. Pit. 4396.
MIDDLE Aged stat 'employe and
family si 1 wan is rent s or a iaim
modern home. Suburban or country
preferred. Responsible care A beat
of ref. Ph. 2676.
WILLGiv liberal reward to paity
who will rent 3 bedrm. fumlahed or
unfurnished houae to me. Will guar
ante rare of house A furnish ref.
Ph. 8779.
MYNeme IT Dottle. Tm 4 months
eld. Can you rent me a home? I come
fully equipped with two parvnta and
my little puppy. My uauoy worse
for a living and Mommie v-orks for
me. Call 9634 week days only 5-5.
WANTED: Room A board for em-
New 3 rm. modem home. Just out.
side the etty north in fast growing
dwtrict Restricted. Lot 7sl54. C. L
appraired A approved. Ready te man-
mto. rrtre iixs
3616 Fairgrounds Rd. Ph. 7519
Eve XSJ or 4BT6
k"Y.I7r H urn la. ' Dr. tr able"
Sullivan Realty Inc.
PS6) Pwrtlsnd rie p rr?J ; ta atf7
North LilertY
Ooa In. DR. 13. Aen e muvte
rtuia, kitchen, R N.I sure wa
rworn pnd bath, run ! nil. B O.
furnace. Tbla Is eery pant, 5. (
Sullivan Realry ; Inc.
3365 Portland ta. f-Hone M
Furnithed Complete
floors, flreptaee. aula. b at wM lo
cated Eawt on tarp 5a. rlti I 5 Swat. 9
rumiture at very ware an lclWa
new elect, rang A ref. Full prle
mLL.Tr?Tmimm 6 n
.,?!5?r-.lxn ar tarn.
ftWowUfial lit .. Ut " -n,,!
as tea.
William E. Mfetj
mrrmm m1 aul a
f-. 6' oeew raaxy pnt p, ,
I 1 1 5 tars M.St i a rw - i , ,
Lnt. trtn lima f-p rt .aa
' . Wa-w .
selection. Collections of all principal ployed mother A pre-school child.
twttrife a artificial
tnation Sire from the best Of blood
lm Reasonable fees All work per
onatty auperviaed by licensed vet
rtnartan StKnt Attll)ril Inaemlna
Station Ph 6565
""KlGHESf"! QUAUTV OUCKS New 1 17h. Ph 3-4751 after P.M.
Hamrvhire and Whit KOCKS. 1VU-
rmm ..f millainim ttatche every Tuea- ;
day Send for free caUlog Wilson's
tlatcriery 6 pouiiry rsrm. uyona. ut
and doors all, on quick delivery. Regu
lar cabinet' making. Get our prices
Conveniently, located, 164 So. - Comm
Phone 5596
CEMENT iobs and patching. 971 8
Spray Painting
Would like to bid on your painting,
NEW Electric broiler, can serve . aa
plate also. 55.00. Ph., eve. 19FZ3.
WATjNUT Dinette set f chslrs 545.
Break fa at set 615. New buffet 535.
White enamel Montag wood range.
copper coils and double elec. plate
attached, all for 373. Rt. 6. Box 120,
2 miles East Pen 4 Cor. Ph. Eve. HF22.
PIT Run Gravel, garden sand.
swamp top soil for gardens k lawns.
Help W anted
STRAWBERRY Pickers.' especially
fcurh at-hool DuDllx. ExtrS good pick
ing. M- Ciiristoi'rrson at v. u. nui
your own paiht or ours. Pure linseed MJMKtte.JPh.JtL4i
i oil uaett. M. u. cottenoere. Fh. szse
8URANa7ba7tiTiH Ph
25675. Haul : trjsh. brush, etc.
EUREKA Electric
Eart Nob Hill,
Hollywood Transfer j"-
For local at long dlitsnee hauling
Agate Shop on Highway WE North. I pickup and moving. Trailer for rent
: rtmij TYPIST" I Ph 9164 Burton's Mobile Station
II. u.
lit Salary good, increases ached
Ued frequently. - 1
til Pleasant A best of ' working
xmdrtions. ' ;
3i Vacation with pay.
See Mr. Berglund. Manager
Pacific Telephone Ar Telegraph , Co.
740 State
Sand & Gravel .Co.
PAINTING AND decorating
ext.. where Interior are a specialty.
commercial or v residential, also -now
taking work orders for exteriors
Brush or soray painter, house roofs
barn, farm buildings anvwhere -in
state Insured. Phone 35444 or 6283
Salem. Dirk Ore
PAINT ER and Paperhanger Reason-
Mason sand. Concrete mix.
River silt As top sol).
Road gravcL - Fill dirt
at Interest pay men U made by- us
without charge to the investor.
State Finance CoM
153 S. High St.
If you are capable of building 10 to
100 houae. Salem or vicinity, during
1947 and need financial assistance.
CONTACT US. W ar also In let-rated,
tn financing one or two large
apartment houae units.
Lie, E215 M223
163 t High SL TeL 4111
Loans Wanted
WANTED: To borrow $1700. good
i investment Write Statesman Box 1 719.
Money to Loan
Suburban preferred North
Write Statesman Box 703.
or east
Ph. 21749
"SMXLL7 House, duplex or apartment
on or before June 19 by state etr,plo ed
couple. Veteran marine corps. Perma
nent References. Box 323. Conrallbt,
"STATE Employee urgently needs 2
bed room houae Will pay part of
years rent In advance if Oesirod.
Phone SuBl.
For Sale Heal Estate
56 A. 3 M. from Salem on good
road. 40 A. In cult 4 A. berries, some
k.U a B KaIMA MM. M,llllilM
,mi,w,. . m . . . rv..w
rood wcH. amall cr. A spring, small
truck, phon A elec. line bv place:
Poes. Now. For quick sale 34500. 525u0
Good semL mod. 3 SL home N.
Saiem. garage, fruit partly fur near
bua line. pose. now. only 36550. $Z5uo
down. bai. rood term.
370l State St. Ph. 9679
CLEAN 4 rm. houae. bath. acr.
new gaa range A elec. not water
heater. Alao floor covering. 6 blks.
lota. From tare 53 te SJ by 145 to 111
feet In orpin. Price 553 ea to 534 a.
Term, Financing available for con
si ruction ft C. I loan
941 N. Capitol PW Tu3
ITuo H. lath.
New t bed room, ahak a5ang. elec
o4 W. healer, oil heal Located mm
pa rede highway near Turner. SJSua,
Alfred Dumbeck or W. A. Sauereeaig
141 N. Commercial St.
Ph. rseas
New 3 bed r. horn, insulated, teet
he I. B acre of aood gartlen land.
Located eart on paved rd. Price CV2
134 S. Liberty St. Ph. 4131
T2'.sl49 feet good location eat Ragi-
new St, fruit tree, paved st. Ptic
l4 S, Liberty St. P. 4111
R. A. Korkner, Realtur
' Fan aajrr 4 - Te mm
L f t. laater wJ- W iai
HV RtVTt "
tma. Mew. mmm t.Ja. .w
wwaee sttn, muH-m . tmrnr
eel 113 a-een-a. aTk J
Sullivan Realty Inc.
235 Pwrttand uj Pw al; te -9T I
Roedale '
w-ilfc full baaa. wu. al twrnaaw. Siw
UirwtMjraaut. firepiac. A-1 riagitaon
and perlectly planned, lapt
Sullivan Realty Inc.
33aTforttnd R 4 PW m; Fee P47
Near Hollvwootl .
Lovely new frame witn 6 large mas,
beautiful ut fteottng throng newt. .
cvptionally rut, larg knotty pn fi.
Kno rwmpu rasas In Sweat, wtta natel
flrrtOac. dandy aula oU fursii. ram
plete dot. ptemkv That M a -arpttav
ally well butlt ken anal will tnd
any Inipirtmn. rwll prw 3l6ea.
Sullivan-Realty Inc.
235 Portland Rd Pb 3755: Fvr tnTT
3MAlXrMww U mm":
9Hn T1
9 -K tAT."I" lainnaT-
ranew e Wats Mo
nre new? AwWwra wi4
pmrxmm a4
Can Staawy Br w
State Finance Co. H
L! 'VlL P t- rws f tvj
For Sale. By Owner
4 R
w. rVa aa4 0mm. Dan
t mx4 mm mmm Umm L- awm wd an
la. Fun t aaewn ,. mmmt s
water, gator. Ven. b. na tnew.e4l
nd wewtnee mti U saw - a-
Get $23. $50. $100 or more at Per
sonal where 4 out of 3 who ask for
loan at HI Married or aingl no I south of Penn 4 Corners. e4aM. Term.
matter what your work or busin Rt. S, Box
Ii CM Loif sine chain, tu'at received P"onc. or . come In' to see us If you
, IN. lagging Ctiain. just receivea, I . TnnAV Personal Flnaruw
WANTED: Hon trainers
Iteberts 4 Co. Phone 2-3092 or 9623.
WANTeS: Single or married couple
for Grade A dairy and general farm
work Room and board furnished. M.
B Findley.l mileE. of Rickreall.
W"ANTEO: A man or woman with
telrotione A tvoln esoerienc for a
good paying position In Dallas. Please I Ages S-6- Part or all day
repiy witn age, reierence a icie-1 , m l ft 1
ttone numbr. Writ Box 713 1 Septic Tanks Lleaned
w anteu: Man or woman to team
able prices Free estimates. H. J
Wood worth Ph 3015
PAINTlNO At Papernanging W Q
Crowly , 657 Shipping Phone 5513
DRAWING and . designing house
o'anst Phone 9621
PieSt-hool Playschool.
BVuWN ER : I rms. A nook i bed".
VSASSt J. ZZ. g.UAflu, r'Sedu
sain House. 145 Center.
- WATXBOARDTrfrtex lT'xi-. llxiV.
Irx32". 16"x6', 4'xS'. 52 25. Rt. 7. Box
431 L. McCain Ave. off. Silverton Rd..
SEWING Machine repaired A rent
ed. Cash paid for machines regard
lens of condition. Ph. 7671 or write W.
Davenport. 1930 N. 15th.Work Guar.
CQLLlEPups. AK'C reg. 76WHllams
. GIBSON fiirdcn Tractors and eo ma
rt. F. Hamet. 1143 6th. West Salemt ! ment available now. Factory built
potting. Peacock Cleaners, 485 Center,
WANTED: Cherry Pickers. Fred
Kirk wood Phone 6547.
"CHERRY Picker:. Register lor
picking to commence about June 4th
or tin. Williams Fruit Farm, Orchard
Hta, Road.. Phon 1713.
Help Wanted Stale
Phone 7404
ALL Work guaranteed. Windows
walla, woodwork cleaned Floors wax
ed Insured workmen. Professional
Cleaning Service, Phone 4457.
you ride. L C. Miller. Rickreall, Ore.
lTEGEESCooler InsideTThats
your borne this summer if you Install
Home Guard Insulation now. For Free
estimate call Western Auto Supply
Co. Ph. 7177.-
3191. B. Gallinger, Mgr. Lie S 123-
M 165. .
4k and m
Your own terms of repayment with
in reaaon. Cash for Real Estate Cbn
tracts and Second Mortgage.
SOT Pioneer Trust Bldg. Phone 7162
Auto Loans
Willamette Credit Co.
LICENSE w Si 13 a la
For Sale Miscellaneoua IfJMone42L
General Finance Corp.
TCECTrXC Hot water beater, new. j offers money at one on cars, trucks I aortic Bldg
to 64500. 73 Roberts Ave. Ph. 21324.
No aeent.
5 ROOM Mod. home for sale by
Owner. Call 1590 Trade St. after
6:30 PM
' . I 1 Hfc. 1 I X . Ii
ail unui: x oea im . yr. wa
home In Eric I wood tMt. Lovely fu
place, hardwood flrf , brmt.. aute- oil
furnace. Beautiful fenced beck ) ard
See at 1520 Norway .St. after lP.M.
BY "OWNER: 6 yr. old. Jbedrm,
gaa auto, heat gaa or elec. cooking.
elec water neater, now. iir.. Vene
tian blinds, fenced back yd., bua by
door, nice district. Ph. 36613.
OWNER: Attractive Utile home.
newly dec Inside and out. auto, heat
nr. state he. $5300. Ivan Martin, Ma-
NEW LOOKING floors at small cost.
Rent a .Dreadnought Sander. Ph. f 177.
j wear em Auto Supply Co.
JtfcUisruteu uoberman puppies.
reasonable Ph. 43ZS.
Skilled sawmill men 'wanted. Write
Statesmen Box 713 Stele age. exper
ience, etc.
sraea. Permanent, positions. Herrsli
Owens Co. Pontiac. 235 8.. Coni'i.
"EXPERIENCED Carpenter to Build 1 "TrURNfTURTE including new Frigid
new bouse. Good' Job, top wage. I aire, electric range A new ,". Frigid-
Give qualifications A age. Write aire, lisi N. capitoi
WILL BUY for caan. acii or uao
guns, pit tots, ammunition, boats ot
trailer Don Madison too No High
STOVE Repairing and parte.
Wondrv's Mkt, 1603
Flatrock patios.
Ph. 25639.
Summer St
1-7;, ' .VT , . . 1 walls, any Quantity
MiiANUUUuu tor saie. you dick, r aj '
fwt.r I .,r Mml.i.M W. I OtlAJltai "S Or IWIlOni. UWKS
Woods. 2 miles East of Chemawa Four
Corners. Rt. 7. Box 351.
Statesman Box 711.
WAX TED: Experienced ervic ta
tkm attendant. Prefer Standard Oil
experienee. Walter H. Zoset A Co,
Oiemeketa and High St -.
IIHp Wanted Female
location. Inquire 423 Baker St, AI-
bany. ore.
IRONERS. Electric automatic Thor
gladirons. ' - f -
. ' g55 N- Ltbtrty ;
CRAWFORD Electric range, trash
burner A coils. 1117 Hines. Ph. 4583.
furniture, trailer house, livestock,
farm marchtnerr: contracts refinanced
and additional money advanced no
eo-aicnera. General Finance Is locally
owned and officered; waa organueo in
1927 and therefore knows and can helo
throughout the repaymg of a teen Ap- i
plication for loans mad cy pnone
. 135 South Commercial Ste, Salem
Pbone: 9tea
Ltcen-e S-13 A M -235
"ELl:cTRlC"Ranre. dining ae(. 2 bed i
room seU, duofokt A chsir, kitchen ;
. ow. a. i.ii-.mi z . . 1 a. ...
E. Ellison. Rt. 4, Box 109. Saiem. Phone . ;or- in1Von . '
22&51, Cross Boone Rd. from Colonial
House, 4 ml. So. on 99 E.
TCmonEY i
We Buy Real Estate Mortgages and 1H5 s Com L St Ph. 4590. Ev. 9536
aunanwa .. a ..M . vw. 3 etAaWV IJUWn. At taUI SIS lauiipr, SI wa
tlAII riHRni.lVV, BMLIWH ,,r .4 etln.. ..rare
III a, aa w w w,vwiw a - -
55400. 3 bdrm home close In. all on
one floor. V. blinds, hwd firs, oil
heat '. acre, good term. 1mm. poaa.
Hurrv thai won t last.
945 S. Com I. St. Ph. 45V0 Eve. 9536
$5750. k Acre nortKT 4 rm home.
all kind of fruit A nuts.
945 S. Coml..St. Ph, 4590. Ev. 9536
iliM Down, nic 2 bdrm home,
hwd fir, larg L. rm. oil heat larg
lot. this home won t last.
YOUNG Women 23-33 yr.'for book
keeping A billing position. Good pay, I vanity and bench. 975 Belmont
i fiT'lMl AD T1.! en..i.l mCT1
4 weeks old. Registered. Good blood
line. Ph. 25Z75.
DAVENPORT A chair, cabinet radio.
Excellent condition. Well made marine
plywood boat Priced for quick sate.
aee it at auao r-oriianq no.
pick. ' Bring containers. J . T. Nor r is,
Rt .2. Box 61. Turner, Ore.
SPINET Pianos 550.00 down, balanc
40 hr. wt.Perrrrient Iiosition for MOCETO 395 12th
rigta partv Call in peron8t the J ,,ug, modified choke, rib barrel: I J'lgJ-ror"tjr'i8h Pligyi: :
nnininii ew tu. wi rt. r rum. automatic sprmgflela rifle, 15 long iv ru,vn cnwia, wioy, uvi,
" BEAUTY Operator, good salary for rifle, cap. Underwood portable type- plus. 285 N. Commercial.
rtgnt party. Call in person. 245 N. High writer with case. Excellent cond. 2640 FLOOR Lamp, 6 way. at 611.95.
" EXPERIXNCEfi r'aitress.Ancliof Portland Rd. Ph. 6043. - -1 -,' . YEATER APPLIANCE CO.
Cbte. 34i5 Portland Road. Phon 9089. "TPR. of" Blc?culars 7-50's. German 253 N. Liberty .
CASHIER. Bookkeeping, typing. Call make. 1135 N. 13th. Jeff Harrulson I 111 tllTRTJFPwi
Lie. S-216 M-22X 153 B. High St
For Kent Rooms
DOUBLE Bdrm. with kitch privi
lege for quiet emp. person. Write
Stetesman Box 714. .....
1 SLP. Rm, all turn, adjoining bath
room. $23 month for 1, $30 for 2.
B. capitoi.
larr lot. 1mm. Pi
943 8. Com L St Ph.43wo. Eya. S636
ITIOO! Beautiful new hoove near
Salem High school, hwd firs, thruout.
Overhead forced air heat, attached
parage. $4000 down, balance on easy
945 S. Com',!. 8tPh. 4590. Eve. 9535
$4500. New 3 room home with bath.
NICK Quiet sleeping room 1 blk. laree lot. in aood dtst. All kind-
State Office Bldg. 1130 ChemekeU.. 1 frlt nut. Imm. Dor
N iCfcLY furn. sleep, rm. ground
floor 755 Union.
LOVELY Sleep in room to 2 quiet
iworklnx (iris. No smoking or drink-
1 I A nv rw hniui,. k -n Af 4IMVT1I) A V. I Pmmiim tm. Hleh value lAeflnf. Ph Z-U04. '
children, afternoon- arid evening. Ph. 1 HOT Water gaa heater, auto. 45 gaL, 1 price. Installed complete. $300. I ATTRACTIVE Room for tedy.. 1940
5441. . pre war insuiaUon, $43. Ph. 7736, wiluah c UKtw.TiiONi 53S5 East Nob liui. rn. 7m ,jr wi.
T5AVtNtfCnoa( ; new .$757iTiO
945 S. Com I. St. Ph. 4590. Eve. 9535
$750 Down, unfinuivrd ne on 1
acr of Cherries. Paved at Bus every
80 minute. Balance on easy terms.
$43 &. Coral St Ph. 450. Ev. 5536
99 x 103 Lot. NEAT. NEW I bedr. Ks.
Nut in.
55506 NORTH
X 136 Lot. 5 bedr. hee. Double Sa
ra. Beauurul roae. straw ber rte. nice
lawn. Paved street.
8 bedr. down. 2 up. Full baas mint.
Oil furnace. Good fa rare. Nk yard.
Near PsrrUh A High School.
55 x 55 Lot. 3 bedr hae. Km lrv r.
din. r, kit., nook. Hdwd. fit Fire
place. Full basement Automatic oil
furnace. $13,300.
Pi A. 1 bedr. down. 3 unfinished
up. 95 days poaa. a. Ion Noath.
1 -A. Elec. water sys StrswTtetiies.
youngberrte. bo senbetrte. black A
red rspbrikts. young fruit tree. Gar
bar service. Milk delivery te door.
Good 3 bedr. plastered, shinalrd hae.
All. on 1 floor. Oil heat. 9S30S.
I A. Walnuts, chert Ws. prune, and
family orchard. Good chicken hae. A
barn. Double (erase, t bedr. hae, onlr
6 yr. eld. Full basement At furnec.
Cook, elec Elec water neater
R. A. Forkner. Realtor
16 yr HoUywood DM.
1535 N1 Cpitol Phone 3631
lUUKKtW 5-BH home lor ale Cloa
to Kruer School on paved rood. Large
lot. Aee una ptece for a borne wu
wertA the money.
Call O. V. Hume with .
State Finance Co.
153 S. Hlfh St. Ph. 4121; tve. 3-3J06
MUCSWN EW VRoom home located on
Shipping SL Ha H.W. Floor. V ery nice
kitchen. Intulated. Ha unfiniahed at
tar. Immediate noass salon. Tarane.
Call O. V. Hum wtta
State Finance Co.
153 S Hlfh SL PtL41 Jlj Ere 2-l?06
57230 MAT AttractlV -Ha
North. Oil floor furnace. Attactied ga-
$16 000 7-Room home en N. Churm
St Close te Grant school Has base
ment, sawdust heat. Urge lot. rutt
tree. -rar yarave.
CD O. V. Hume with
State Finance Co.
153 S High St Ph 4131; Eve 3-JJ05
i 1000 Down, new home In Kruer
DaU . s urge bdrwv. I- rm. Kncttew
with nook, utility rm. Elect W. Hest
er. Drilled well with tet pump '
Acr on Psvement Price nit to S7OS,
$4 S. Com t St. Pb, 456 Ev. 9436
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Sullivan Realty Inc.
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Huff Real Bute Co.
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Huff Real Etate Co.
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