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    10- The Statesman, Salem. Oregon. Wednesday, luho 4 1947
MidrWillametic-Vdlley. Newt .
Trm Ta 5mm'i Cwamaaawtfy CmtrrtfutrndmU
Jeffersaa Alan Boyer, son of
13r. and Mrs. Leon Boyer, broke
his collar - bone recently while
playing. .;
Falls City Fishing over the
weekend along the : Mckenzie
were Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Shepard,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Williams, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Reeves and Nor
man Davis. . . . '
. - " , ' . - -
i Fear Carners Verlaine Walker,
daughter of Mr. and" Mrs. . E.
Walker, - received- the highest
honor given by the I Commercial
. club to a ' senior at tSalem ' high
school at the assembly Monday,
Her. name will be engraved on
the. club plaque and she also re
reived f 10. The honor is given for
loyalty to school principal pur
pose, initiative and scholarship,
She will be graduated Thursday.'
- Swegle Mr. and Mrs.- Virgil
Clemens have sold .their home at
the corner of Swegle road and
, Garden road and will be moving
soon to eastern Oregon.
Turner Mr. and Mr.- Frank Tear Corners Mr. and .Mrs.')
. a . . a. a a 1 i m . k
Armenirou. nave returned , 10 waiao iwuuer were in eaiue jasi
Tillamook after visiting the Wal- week to see his step-father and
lace Riches family. They attend- mother, Mr. and Mrs. Claude
ed the graduation of their grand- Null, aboard the plane headed for
sons, Wallace and Denis Riches. Switzerland, where they will visit
w . t with relatives and . Mrs. Null's
Jefferson Shirley Gilkey, a mntw mhn i 07 r rM t
student of Jefferson high schooU Null was born and reared In
has been Chosen as the Students Switzerland, rominr in th United
Tomer Dinner euests of Hr. i favorite candidate, for queen of ctatM whn is. nn rM Tv,-
and Mrs. Robert Mitchell Memo-1 the third annual Albany Timber Nulls ' clan to be eone about six
nai oay mciuuea- ait. ana Airs. vuua. ow vo iu uuvicw weeks. ' '
Max' McKay, Patricia and Doug- district, entered high school three
las of Washougal, Wash.. Mr. and years ago and has been prominent "Lincoln All interested are ln
Mrs, Bert McKay of Pendleton, in ' school activities She is . a vited to attend the annual Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. Tred Mitchell of memwr oi tne duo, gms zena nomecoming picnic at trie
Waldport, I athletic association and Rainbow L I. Mickey park Sunday, June
girls oi AlDany. 8. In case of rain It will be at
Jefferson Mr. tnd Mrs. Her-1 ' - the Micker home. Mrs. Frank
bert. Looney were hosts to the I - -inrner xvay xarrens, rormer Windsor, secretary, is in charge
jeuerson aaacue auo jvionaay. i luraer twiuenw a now majunc f rftn nther nffior r Mn
By-laws were read and plans dia- rus nome at jrarxaaie, vre. Lou Crawford, president: L. L
cussed for the summer months. 1 T . I Micker. vice resident. Program
Lloyd Scottof U,-lir conunittee . member. . are Hazel
Mcqall, Idaho, was a guest last JLT' Price and Letitia Abrams.
week of her sister. Mrs. Glenn at Wo.weteP1. Christian I
r.rws. -mA -si- a couege, spenx Memorial oay wim rr.rXTr. n n xaA
brotherMilton Parker and fam- S"npson' father. Nub Simpson. and her sons, Gary and Paul,
y in Salem. ' Tarner-Albert Bates escad le.y. Ior GTant'a TT to
.-.iL' t- Iserious injury here recently when v J; Geore'
wimww. wuj wiu "I us- -niiffh fi rm anA warn nm lOT OnUl. WeeO W 11 gO OOWH
"')U.O0r piete? 51 WM TOm- to brin them home. Mrs. Weed
for a month. Weed will go down
pletely destroyed.
went; Helen iktns, vice presi- Jefferson Mr.- and Mrs. Cecil father was hurt criUcaUy when
dent; Wanda Nelson, secretary; Young of Corvallis spent the hit by the fire truck in Grants
t? .IT r ;ien weekend with their mother, Mrs. rasa.
'"r wi khooi Am Young, and aunt, Mrs Set-
j?lr m l iuUey m jenerson. xoupg is em
Up Silverton
Qty Employes
Pay 10 Percent i&SS
Father Alctiin Will Be
June Retreat Master
Swegle Mrs. James Pike and
editor of school 'annual.
Four Corners Beauty Shop
Open :C0 to 5:C0 Dally ESacfiT Jun 2
18 Tears Experience in Beauty Culture
Sharrtpoo and Permanents
Wave r $1.25 S7S0 o
SILVERTON. June- 3 While
total estimated expenditure?, in
cluding reserves, were upped
$17,663.70 over last year, receipts
were also increased $17,553. so
that there will be no increase in
Silverton taxes and the city can
remain within the 6 "per cent lim
itation other than that already
bonded some years ago. the 1947
48 budget, submitted Monday
night to the council by the budget
committee, shows.
Earl J. Adams served as chair
man, and C. B. Anderson as sec
retary of the budget committee.
Other members are L. F. Tucker.
R. B. Duncan, Elmer Johnson and
W. P.' Scarth. Estimated expendi
tures, outside of reserves for use
after June 30, 1948, are $80,891.98.
Reserves amount to $58,225.52.
With the exception of the city
manager's salary, which was in
creased but 8 per cent at his own
request, city employes received an
average 10 per cent increase.
The general road fund went ap
from $6,737 to $15,070 but is cov
ered by the additional state street
tax apportionment. This fund,
which . must be expended for
streets, will provide for a street
fl usher and a tar kettle, as well
as considerable street imprme-
Another improvement provided
MT. ANGEL The Rev. Alcuin
! Heibel. OSB, will conduct the frt
lay women's retreats at ML
starting Thursday, June 12,
ending Sunday, June 15.
Second retreat will be August
7 to 10, retreat marter will be
Rev. Denis Pur cell, OSB. St Mar
tin's college, Lacey, Wah.
Dallas Class
To Graduate
Dr. E. E. Bering
. Comfort
ployed on the Dorene dam at Cot- J ' a f at Neskowin
Ifl-i beach for a two weeks' vacation,
vage wove.. I dii.. ,m .v.. tu
Falls aty Mr and Mrs. John to drive to San Francisco and
Gilbert entertained her sister. Mrs. Santa Crux for another tmo
Virgil Taylor and family of Mo- weeks. i
lalla Sunday with a dinner. -. .
SUverten Born at the Silver-1 Jest Mcllnay, Mr. and Mrs. Har- for Is that of better lixhtint In-
ton hospital June 3, daughter to I vey Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo J stallation of mercury vapor units
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dodd and a 1 Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Willard in downtown Silverton is a rroi-
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth reaerson spent tne weekend at ect set at $5,000, half of which was
Todd; May 30, a daughter to Mr. (Marlon lake, fishing. Included in this budget. Energy
ana Mrs. fat Urogan; May 29, ,,T.. ,1, .1 ana maintenance in ue ugni de-
twins, a "ion and a daughter to LlncliyTst meeting of, the 1 panment will also be increased,
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Duff of r"T w. bringing the total amount in the
Portland. Missionary society win De inurs- light division up $2,980 over that
I uajf ai uue , Mb a v. au wic iivinr year.
Ilah4 IlAlelila l1.. TITI1. I nT Mr 1. 1 HI 1 f BT a) V I 'A.nMIAaCM I a . .
a, m - I ill m tm 1 il I v m. h r v
wno suiierea a stroke lour weeks wui oe a w. ot.r MrBrural fire Drotection district ad-
aeo is imnrovlnK and is able to I Chris Yungen, Mrs. Fannie Emel tacent to Kiivriwi th fir h
sit up in a wheel chair now. He I and Mrs. Roy W. Hammer. I partment'a expenses were esti-
celebrated his 79th birthday May Fane Ceniera Mr. and Mr, I mated at $1,440 more than last
30 and wishes to thank his friends Hardie Phillins were called to year, but this will be covered by
tor coming to see him and for the Lebanon Saturday when his tx moneys received from the
cards and flowers he has received father, L. G. Phillips, and his rurml rea which asked for pro
during bis illness. lunt Mrs. Cleo Carter, were in tection from Silverton.
i-i-. '' Ian automobUe accident. PhilliDs Diving boards for the swimming
7m7r r-T JTLtfTi Jz received severe cuts and Mr. I Pool, replacement of a 14.000
Carter a sprained ankle.
nr. i i :
onc, iucey principal, nas an- " -- - J r, z,"' w-ter tank, rernnfin th. rilv hll
nounced that Aurirv m llr Varl I ua.ic suui , " . :'
nouncea wai Auary MUier naai. , .w an additional tvrjewriter. a email
wcav auiv tiic iiJfk uii I - .
Dr. Sam Hughes
pcncci awenaance ana no tarcu- . -" .C I reser. fund for nolir. -.r r
" ?: H"1 Hnn.d fntinfc. tTS: Placement are other items in-
jeraia onVman naa penect at- "r. TI V A " eluded. Increased cost of .,mrli
it"MHC!;Har0lf WM the day wth Mri. Lawrence 'ded to the budget, but bonded
eighth grade and was graduated t .a.f7 WrenC indebtedness dropped $5,000
Zr&iJTSSZ ylOUnn " .V . . . . V balancing of
I Falls City Mr. and Mrs-. John tne DUdfeL. Public
DA1XAS Member of th Dallas
high school graduating claaa Ke ill
itttlvi diplomat June S arv: Brrnic
BaUer. Strlla Bookey. Robert BurkWr.
Donna Cone. Joan Courter. James Cy.
Raymond Cummingm. Myrle Day, Al
fred DefnboBkL. Lila Drrkarn. Mia
May DeWiU. Wanda Doly. Bnty Edt-
f er. Hanrey Xwrrt. Marvin Fast. Lil
ian Fischer. ArWah rfcmvrdcw, Del
brrt rredrtcka. Shirley Cohrke. John
nie Good rich. Larence Guy. William
Karland. Rosalie Heacork. Larry Hrr
ner. Velma Heibert. Verda Hlfbcrt.
Linton Hoff. Virginia Holmra. lmi
Holt. Ruth Jarkaon. Lrtr Jollr. M
vin KahW-r. Shirley KelWr, Dorothy
Kliever. Anna Kllever.
Kenneth Lange. Dwavne Laraon. Ro
doiph Laraon. Frank Marshall. Rohert
Mcknight. Glenn Mehl. Ruthanna Nel
son. Waldo Olfert. Carl Oir. Ray
Osuna. Rogene Paul. Beryl Pope. Bur
ton Pope. Lawrence Puddy. Wayne
Rager. Franklin Reddlg. Stanley Rua
aell. Wilbur Srhmidt. Ilarland Sever
anre. Jeanne KtddalL Foster Slth. Do
H Stem art. Oea Thoma. Jimrt Thur-
ton. Tnarrell Tagnee. Jeeut l"t.n. Jr.
Cecil ViUaocfc. triaa allare.CWui
Waater. Ronald U tebe. Be .Warm.
Gene Warns. William Wlkwn. Gerald
Wood. Leo Wood. Donald Yeager.
Monmouth Furniture
Store Change Hand
MONMOUTH The Monmouth
Furniture store was sold last
week to O. L. Jacobsen. who came
here recently with his family
from Monterey, Cal. Rawlins re
tains ownership of the building
and will assist the new firm for
a month or two to get acquainted
with the business and the com
Rawlins bought the building
and stock last year from Mrs.
Jessie Nowowjieski who had built
it into a sizeable business from a
shoestring in about 15 years. The
Rawlins family will continue to
live here. Jacobsen also bought
a home In Monmouth.
Zeaa Children's day procram
will be presentrd at the Zena
church by the Sunday schoc4 Sun
day, June t. after Sunday school
whtcll begins at 10 a. m. Mrs. Ed
ward Schlegal.: superiairndet:. j
will direct the program.
Mt. Angel Normal Will
Hold Summer Qansrs
MT. ANGEL ML Angel for
mal school summer classes this
summer will extend from June 2$
I to August 1. Literature, languages.
music, dramatics, history, . arts
and crafts will be included in
the course.
Regular teaching staff will be
augmented by the Rev. James
Koessler of SL Benedict's abbey
and Alberta Beesm. graduate of
Northwestern tmh etslty
University of Southern CaLJor
nia, who will trace diamstaca and
.alfl XI .
a is v
Saw oa3
Haiti a
eag aaj
12 M&Jh?' Adreatstt
-Whn glasses are necessary to your health, be ure at
. the same tima to 9et frames becoming to your face.
Dignified Credit
Falls City Mr. and Mrs. Ray
hearing has
Gilbert spent Saturday visiting I been set for July 7.
Dennis snent Sundae In Dallas I Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Barnhart of I
Reunion Is Held
FALLS CITY Burbank fam-
nrl XT ri TTfitrVav "aTi iA
children and Janet Dennis spent WMnMa,7-
AW 1 J t 'At . I
Si J'5 U"S "iau; i? Fer Oniers Rickey Garden uu rt. xa.i rlnh treated Troon S4 at tha mewl.
112 Coort
Phone SMC
Letterman of Salem were vis-hn' wmrfa, niaht wtth . r,t,ir "7 reunion was held at Pedee
Iting friends and relatives here .,,T,; ' schoolhouse with 120
U ! ' - L. J J? 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 HI t j . j.j . aaja ,f M v i HMBTWWWH SO II WBJI WM WieSapaSeBW D ) W IIW I ijet m W MM ?M WWflU IWWiWa
inniriillimilin IliHuni.i.n i.i, ,.... t.... I..... r-ltHMMLrillllllllirrY
Memorial day. -
, The Statesman seeks living quarters (small '
furnished house or apartment) for printer ar
riving June 15th. Permanent employe.
CALL 9101
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S40 Court,' Salem
lney included:
Orchard mights Mr. and Mrs. I nAv.IT1.B"r!a",t:. l Mr- a iff
a as a i as i ovist. Mr. ina M rm. u.
Armur -auiey ana sons, unver, n. Burbank and family. Mr. and Mr.
David, Richard and Jerry, moved 'rm Drer. Maud Burbank. Pedre:
win wui m. ui uic muik iieius.
Fear Corners Mr. and Mrs. 8.
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MOST USED of all
Eecovse cKe
S-9M te yeas, k i Imt e
be Sasre
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UWrti 4 Oart St.
Uy Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hankrala
and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Yost
and warren. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Boyd.
H Pahl mnveH in thlr naiv .. M. . " Kubllck and
- - " I mil, mArm 11m. -A M ..
. I " J - m-m WMI .I'M lamUT
of Portland.
Mr. and Mra. Don Burnink mwtA
larruiy, nenion. wun.; Mr. and Mrs.
ft V. - II
V" -r i i
k. . 1 ""ijmr I V
Mi(iija y a,
ORE.S.OASaJcm's ReUil Packing Plant S51 SUte SL ORE.S.P.A. V
place across the street on Ehna
ave- which they recently builL
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooms from pBuVbanF pu: ta7i
I Salem boueht the house. CahW fr Pl 'M.rA-.M.r
former place. . I i7VTJWll of Monmouth: Mr. and'
Woodland. Waah.; Mr. and Mrs. Clin-
inn uroinn&rk an rum. i U'.u.
Vey Thurston Of SeiO. formerly Of I port: Mr. and Mra. Mata JahiMm
Jefferson, are the narents, of an sing ir and stev of
eight pound 10 ounce daughter. iSK ITi-J
Linda Gladys, born Mondar. Marl Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Huff. Mr
28, at Albany General hospital. " 'J'VV"1 Jk.UJt- Mr7:
I She has a half brother, Donnie. mbc, tt'"?.
' ... I fie: Mr. and Mrs. Jess Durfe and
rear uornen Mr. ana Airs, ismiiy. Bridgeport: Mr. and Mrs. Joe
William Viirtr.11 anrt VTe itui 1 Bu" and family of Depoe Bay,
" " " " . . ; I W. and Mrs. Albert Jenkins and
Mrs. xiaroia CrOin speni me now-1 family of Sweet Home. Mrs. Ha toe
4o wk-n1 at 59side citv mo. I Dahrens. Merle Orvilla. Vlrell: Mr.
- ... whB.Mw . i mj gam.
Dy. Sandy: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lon
don. Philomath: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Dixon. Maxlna Stahl of Corvallis: Mrs.
Brtna Tartar and Btere of HoprwelL
Junior Lyday of Kings Valley. Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Burbank of Falls
Bertha Wlllet of Monrnouui, deorge I
aaaiicr oi niusct road.
I&'c really
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Valley Obituaries
WUIiam F. llaldemaa
JEFFERSON William T. Hal-
derman, 71, died Friday morning
at a Eugene hospital. Funeral
services were held Saturday at
the Pool and Larson Funeral
home in Eugene. Halderman was
Southern Pacific agent in Jeffer
son for a number of years and
was transferred to Cushman
where he was agent until he re
tired because of ill health. Sur
vivors are his widow; three
brothers, Frank and Charles Hal
derman of Astoria and Jacob of
j 'C S aJ
. iff m S'pX -
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. Phene 9114
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484 Siale Strccl
lUaars: f.-M te Ja Daitr
le .- r. M. FrUaia