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    2 The S kite mag. Salem, Oregon. Xrldar May 30, 1947
Personnel for
JNew School
' fStory also on page 1)
The stale board of. education,
tnaotin li Calom " TkirrsHav in
decide matters of policy in con
nection with the new vocational
school at Klamath Falls, appoint
ed Winston D. Purvine, Salem,
school director and authorized
employment of an assistant direc
tor, business manager, superin
tendent of student personnel, and
supervisor of instruction.
Under " the business manager
-wsll be superintendent of build
lng and grounds, supervisor of
equipment, cafeteria manager.
The business ' manager will get
.from $260 to $320 a month.
Under the supervisor of student
personnel, who will get $400 a
month, will be a student regis
trar, dormitory manager, and a
man in charge of student testing
and counseling. 4
The uperviyr of instruction,
who also, will get $400 month,
pO have supervision jover th
supervisor of trade and Industries,
upervisor cf technical! training,
the instruction materials special
ist, and the supervisorsKof "busi
ness education, vocational educa
tion and vocational homemaking.
instructors will be paid $335 a
month. j
The following schedule of rents
was apted for students living
; at the school: f
Single students, $11 pVr month;
named students in apartments
without cooking facilities, $16;
married student in apartments
with cooking facilities. $35; room
for two students without cooking
lacilities, $26. Heat, lights, water
and rutefe service will be pro
Tided. Crickets Waiting
At Depot Doors
ORDNANCE. Ore.. May 29-;F)
Fears iht Mormon crickets in
vesting this area might sweep
through surplus war materiel in
depot warehouses here were dis
sipated today and the fight was
concentrated 00 keeping tnera
away from green wheat fields.
Cricket hordes were also -eported
af Pareo. Wash.
?CoL Raymond Curtin said ma
ny of the advancing horde toot
shelter frrm the but sun in cracks
and crevices around warehouse
doors mtvd windows, but were not
attempting to go Inside where
wool, soap and other Items are
Stored. ,
- Ce-IIlt! -It's
a Three
sUag Circa?
v Starts Today!
- Tbm Batae yol
The Cowboys!
"UgU cl
5 nu n
iSaxda Fa '
Pi as
tSecMd sUa-Kearia Hit!
f mm
... V.iii
Blimp Due
. - V ell '
. TV
This lse-foot bllsap. The Velenteer, la 4mm ever Salem Jane 1$. 11
and 1$ d arinc a west coast flight far Geedresr Tire sad Rabber
Co. Recently retained t Goodyear frem the U. 8. navy which
ased It la the war. The Volanteer holds 123.9tf cable feet ef bell
asa gas.
Five Arrested on
Gambling Charge
Five men were arrested bycity
detectives on charges of gamb
ling last night at the carnival in
the state fairgrounds.
Lewis Green of Santa Monica,
CSlif., charged with operating the
game, was released on $230 bail.
1 wo carnival employes. Don Bal
dridge and Lie Rlstick, were re
leased on $100 bail for gambling
charges. SU11 in Jail late last night
on similar charges in lieu of $100
bail were' Marvin Harbaugh, 437
S. Commercial st, and Raymond
Leonhardt, 244S Adams st. They
will appear in municipal court
Stage Attack
struggle for Manchuria spread to
day to Pulantien, with 10,000 com
munists reported making a deter
mined attack on that Chinese gov
ernment position 45 miles north
east of Soviet-occupied Dairen.
Pulantien was the place where
government armies halted several
months ago while awaiting the
still-unfinished negotiations to
take over the port of Darien from
the Russians.
Government dispatches did not
say directly where the com
munist attackers came from, but
the official Chinese Central News
Agency charged that communists
in Dairen were buying arms from
"a certain nation."
HoUdar Special!
Now Showing!
Cewfceys V ' -
! r4 "' V ;
I Ml 1 I
Plusl This Happy Co-Feature!
-ConL Shows from
Now Showlngl
la Technleol.r
Dennla Morgan
Jack - Carson
Time, Place and
tho Girl
Gary . Cooper
Jean Arthur .
Tho Plcrinaman"
Over Salem
U.S. to Press
Denmark for
Greenland Pact
The United States served notice
today it considered Greenland a
vital link in iU Arctic defense
system and intends to negotiate
a new defense agreement with
Denmark on that basis.
Secretary of State Marshall an
nounced at a news conference that
the Danish government, which has
sovereignty over Greenland, has
been informed of American read
iness to discuss new post-war ar
rangementa concerning American
military interests there.
His announcement followed re
ceipt of a note from Denmark,
The note Is reported to have
asked for talks looking toward an
end to the present defense agree
ment, without expressing a view
aa to whether it should be re
placed by a new pact. The pres
ent agreement, ak wartime ar
rangement, was made in April,
MARGATE, England, May 2t
(AVBritain'a ruling labor party
gave Ernest Bevin its overwhelm
ing endorsement today after lis
tening to the foreign secretary
praise, the American program for
aid to Greece and Turkey and
stand firm against granting Rus
sia bases ia the Dardanelles.
A- Mat Daily from lf.a
' i ?
1 p. m. Tomorrow!
Now SKowing!
Walt Dtaney'e
Monte Hale
Ia Color
Home) on the Range
-Daughter ef Doa Q"
City Manager
Places -Order
For Equipment
City Manager J. L. Franzen
Thursday ordered two pieces of
modern equipment as increases to
to the engineering department,
granted by the 1947-48 budget
The city council authorized or
dering the equipment in advance
of the fiscal year' beginning July
1 to expedite street work this
summer. Another piece of new
equipment, received Wednesday
by the engineer, is a dump truck.
Franzen said delivery on both
of the machines would probab
ly be within 60 days and that
one, a specially designed loader
with attachments to make it ad
aptable to other purposes, could
be obtained by June 20.
A street flusher carrying a 1.
500 gallon tank will be Salem
property in about two months at
a cost of $6,800. The flusher and
tank will be built to specifica
tions in South Bend, Ind., instal
led on the chassis chosen by the
city and delivered here. A five
ton truck assembly . will be re
quired. Salem's present street flusher
is small, with a 600-gallon ca
pacity. The special tractor - loader to
be here in June ia built to turn
in small arcs for convenience and
can be fitted with a small bull
dozer, crane or with the regular
loading scoop which easily lifts,
carries and deposits dirt or stone,
It will cost $5,600.
Southern Pacific
Strike Postponed
Headquarters of the Brotherhood
of Locomotive Engineers a n -nounced
j today a strike on the
Pacific coast, set for June 6, had
been postponed, pending a medi
ation meeting In Washington on
June 9.
The walkout was scheduled
against the Southern Pacific rail
road andHwo of its affiliates, the
Northwestern Pacific and the San
Diego and Eastern railways.
Nazi Widows
To Face Trial
MUNICH. Germany, May 29
(AVBavaria's denazification min
istry prepared tonight to bring to
trial the widows of four high
Nazi officials, three of whom died
oh the gallows at Nuernberg..
Dr. Alfred Loritz, Bavarian de
nazification minister, announced
the arrest today of Mrs. Hermann
Goering. on charges that she was
a member of the Nazi party. She
was placed in an internment camp
near Augsburg.
Loritz said orders also had
gone out for the arrests of Mrs.
Fritz Sauckel, mother of 10 chil
dren and widow of the Nazi labor
boss; Mrs. Hans Frank, mother
of five and widow of the Nazi
governor general of Poland; end
Mrs. Wilhelm Frick, mother of
two and widow of the "protector
of Bohemia and Moravia.
Hungarians to
Lose Premier
BUDAPEST, May 28-iP)-A
high Hungarian source said Pre
mier Ferenc Nagy of the anti
communist small landholders
party telephoned his resignation
from his vacation resort in Switz
erland today.
The informant said Nagy had
been "pushed from office" by the
minority communist party, and
pro-American Hungarians said it
was a coup d'etat that spelled the
beginning of a complete com
munist police state in Hungary.
. Near panic existed in Buda
pest's leading business circles to
night, and there was nervous talk
of another inflation.
There were reports the bourse
would not open tomorrow and
that there would be a run on the
passport office.
All-German Economic
Board Set in To Zones
BERLIN, May 29 - The
Americans and British Announced
today they will set up'an all-German
. economic council in their
merged zones to speed the task
of making more than 39,000.000
Germans self-supporting. Gen'.
Lucius D. Clay, the American mil
itary governor,, disclosed today.
American informants Mid the
council would have 54 popuja re
elected members.
Opens :45 P. M,
Lncllle Ball - John Hodiak
"Two Smart People"
2nd Feature
Moaa Freeman
Richard Demlng la
"Black Beauty"
A story about a horse.
Local Induslry
Local Enlerpme
Salen Eleclrlc
Salem's Own Bonneville
Power Agency
$300,000 Blaze
Almost Traps 30
ELGIN. May 29 -(JFt- Damage
from a fire which razed half al
city block and almost trapped 30
Masons in their meeting hall last
night was estimated at $300,000
The fire broke out about 8:30.
and by midnight had destroyed
a pool hall, dance hall, dry goods
store, radio shop, cannery office,
three apartments, and the Ma
sonic lodge hall.
Lodge members, meeting on the
second floor, clambered down
firemen's ladders or managed to
grope their way through smoky
halls. No one was hurt.
Georgia Girl
Wins National
Spelling Bee
A 14-year-old girl who has had
only one teacher in all the eight
years she has spent in a one-room
Georgia schoolhouse today won
the national spelling bee.
Freckled, honey-haired Mattte
Lou Pollard of Thomason, Ga., be
came the champion because she
knows how to spell 'maggoty' and
"Chlorophyll," as well as 50 other
tough ones.
It was no easy triumph.
Dimpled, pretty Sonya Dodolfo
of Chicago, whose father is a Fil
ipino scientist and whose mother
is a Russian-born journalist, left
the Philippines only two years ago.
But she was right in there until
m a g g o t y" came along. She
thought it was maggotey.
Mattie Lou, who won sixth
place in the national here last
year, knew better. And when she
also spelled another word, chloro
phyll," as the rules provide, she
became the champion speller of 6,
000.000 school kids.
Her teacher, grandmotherly Mrs.
G. H. Phillips, a Georgia school
marm for 25 years, aayi Mattie
Lou always has been a right good
speller, far better than the other
33 children in the school.
Refutes May
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to
day denied Andrew J. May's
statement that the general was
"screaming" for more shells in
1845. t'
May, former chairman of the
house military committee, con
tends that was the reason he pro
tested a war department cut
back on an eight-inch shell con
tract for a Garsson munitions
But' Eisenhower testified to
day that the real urgency for
shells was in 1844 and that the
army's demand fell off sharply in
1945 as the war in Europe neared
its close.
Eisenhower testified at the tri
al of May and arms manufac
turers Henry and Murray Cars
son on bribe charges.
Salem Laundry
Safe Cracked
Experienced safe men knocked
off the combination and picked
the lock of the Salem laundry
safe at 263 S. High st., and left
with $357.64 Wednesday night, in
vestigating city detectives report.
Entry was gained by breaking
a window with rocks, police said.
A. B. Craig, foreman at the laun
dry, discovered the crime when
he arrived for work early Thurs
day morning.
Detectives said they showed
laundry officials how a window
shade obscured the view of work
ings inside the office at night, so
that even policemen cannot detect
whether burglars are in the buil
ding They were assured tAt this
arrangement would be immed
iately change-
Voluntary Rent
Raise Voted
The senate voted 48 to 26 today
to permit 15 per cent rent in
creases where tenants agree to
them in exchange for leases to
run .through 1948.
It also voted to require the re
moval of rent ceilings in about
30 areas each month
The senate took these actions
at a prelude to voting on a bill
to extend rent control., in such
revised form, until Feb. 29. 1948.
The vote on extension wat put
over until next week.
The amendment, which the
house has approved in slightly
different form, would permit vol
untary agreements on increases
not to exceed 15 per cent :tbove
the rent in effect for a particu
lar property on Sept. 1, 1946.
Both Sens. Cordon and Morse
favored the plan.
( 0a All Hakef
AO Week Gasrsateed
124 Court 8k Call 1521
Delay Granted
In Disposal of
Camp White
WASHINGTON'. May 29-,P)-The
war assets administration, an
nounced today that advertising
for bids on the hospital area at
Camp White, Med ford. Ore., has
been postponed until July 2, ex
tending the final disposition to
July 31.
The agency said it is "contrary
to its general policy" to delay dis
posal of .any surplus property but
"in this particular instance the
state of Oregon had evidenced
an interest in acquiring the hos
pital for conversion and utiliza
tion as a state mental institution.'
PORTLAND. Ore.. May 29-)-Oregon
legisldtive leaders said to
night that the 30-day extension
on disposal of Camp White was
not likely to benefit Oregon.
A bill to permit ' the state to
take over the Camp White hos
pital was vetoed by Governor
Snell earlier this year. An initia
tive petition to submit the mat
ter to the voters then was filed.
If 19 000 signatures are obtained,
it will go on the ballot in No
vember, 1948.
Sen. Irving Rand. Portland, one
of the petition signers, said
"there is no way that a 30-day
delay could possibly, do us any
good. It could not be acted on by
the people in that short a time."
Russians Win
A-Control Point
LAKE SUCCESS, May 28-JP-Russia
gained a minor decision in
the United Nations atomic ener
gy commission today but the big
tissue of the veto in atomic con
trol was still to be fought out.
The Soviet edge came when
the commission's working com
mittee adopted unanimously i
Rusian-tporuiored resolution re
affirming a general assembly de
cision that any International ays
tern of atomic control should op
erate "within the framework of
the security council," where Rus
sia and the other four big powers
hold the veto.
Until today's meeting. Ameri
can Deputy Delegate Frederick H.
Osborn had insisted he would re
ject such a resolution on the
grounds that it was not clear and
left the way open for the Rus
sians to claim that all functions in
the atomic field should be made
subject to the veto.
However, after being beaten on
what he called a clarifying
amendment. Osborn backed down.
Men Needed
For Dam Road
An order for 15 or 20 road
construction workers at the De
troit dam site Is listed with the
Salem office of the state employ
ment service, the office said
The work is to be on the road
that is being re-routed around
the proposed dam location. Wage
is $1.27 per hour. Orders for
workmen are continuing to come
into the office as the spring work
season grows stronger, the office
Wood burn cannery has an order
at the office for 51 men to workJ
in the pea harvest which is now
going on. The work is in fields
lying in an area that reaches from
just north of Salem to Aurora.
Wage scale is $1.02 and $1.07 per
The office also has received
notice of a need for cabinet mak
ers in a shop at Toledo on the
coast. Pay is $1.60 per hour.
Briefer Hunt Likely
ST. LOUIS. May 29.-OVW. E.
Crouch, chief game management
agent of the U. S. fish and wild
life service, said today that duck
hunters never again would enjoy
long hunting seasons or; big bag
limits because of the rapid in
crease in the number of hunters
in the United States.
During a British food shortage
in 180f, a law prevented manu
facture of starch from wheat so
that it could not be diverted for
use as a hair powder or shirt
stiffener by the aristocracy.
Boiler Skating
Ska tins; every M6ru, Wed.,
Fri. & SaU 8:00 to 10:30.
Capilola Boiler Dink
90 Lana Avenue
Take Capilola Uua
Hope Voiced for
Reclamation Fund
Upon conclusion of a senate sub
committee's four-week healing on
the interior depattment approp
riations bill, Chairman Wherry
(R-Neb.) predicted today that it
may restore Ihe reclamation bu
reau's budget to near the $145,
952,000 request ot President Tru
man's budget -
The house cut the reclamation
budeau budget sharply to $67,-717,600.
A black 1937. Ford sedan, li
cense number 225-528, was stolen
from Church and Chemeketa
streets between 6 p.m. and 12 mid-
Hail Orders How!
Starts Monday. May 28
Nights at Matinees. Sets,
and Sobs, at 2:30.
Send Man Order to Psrtland
Arena ONLY, eaclestac self
adaressedU stamped eavelsae,
giving first and second date
preference. Make checks pay.
able to rertlaad Arena.
FKICES: $3,te. $S.M. tM.
I SLSe (tnr lading Us) :
D ll J ft-...
av mi uaiiu su ena ,-.
NW teta at Marshall
Memorial Pay
May 30lh
Tin trials 1:C3 p. n.
Daces 2:3 J p. n.
;SaIcm FairDTOuiids
Admission $1.50 Inc. Tax
Ilolorcycle Races
Sunday, Jena 1
UAIT-Ccnlxig 6 Days Siarikg Tctray
June 10th, Highway 99 and Lana At. Auspices of
Disabled Americans.
and Giant
to Show
night Thursday, Quillin Hsdley
reported to city police early-this
morning. Golda Hadley is owner
of the car.
r Monday Nighl
8:15 P. M, Waters Field
Salen Senalars
Portland Beavers
Reserved seats at Staple's
and the Ball Park.
Box Seat Reservations
Phone 4647
i.-i: n:.
Spaghetti, Raviolas,
Pan Fried Chicken,
Choice Steaks
2 Miles Out on
Dallas Highway
For Bsssrrallons
America's IIEUEST
Netv Hippodrome Circus! Ele
phants! Horses! Dogs! Ponies!
Jugglers! Acrobats! Funny
Cloicns! Mile long Midway! 'Am
azing Side Shows! Netv ThriU
ling Hides for Kiddies and
Grown - Vps! Truly the Sea
sons Treat
Bags Benny Cartoon