The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 02, 1947, Page 11, Image 11

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    f Oyster Juice'
Rash Blamed
In 315,000 Suit
Antk alleged $f be worth $15.
000 made its ap"rance in Mar
ion eaunty drurit court Wednes
day. - " ' ".
Damue M. CaUicatte. through
Portland attorney. fil5d a suit to
coDeet that much inr a case of
dermitas he altagedty contacted
whilv -working -for the Oyster
"Grc7wn Service association. It
happened in the .spring of 1945
at the usociatiortts Worth Bend
plant, -U comptaiat claims, and
since tbxi time CaMicotte ha been
unable It work.
The t-cmpUint .said the skin
trouble started on the plaintiffs
feet ad spread over hiv whole
body, evpeciallv over his legs and
handrvOyt ter juice caused it, Cal-ricotte-eJiims,
adding that the de
fendants were negligent in failing
to warn him what rystex juice
mil! k to unprotected skin.
In addition to borag totally dis
. abled from perforwung gainful
work, the : complaint states, the
plaiaUfl has suffered excruciat
ing pta from the dermatitis.
Turner Observes
Lodjre's Birth (lav
TUR1NTR Victoria chapter
Easter Star, celebrated iU 45th
anniversary Wednesday and hon
red .the charter members
Reed mm! Pt.Illip rwnwn
the J irs time in drears the two
had met. Birdie Denyer was pro
gram crxirman. Geraldine Ed
wards sang -a .sol?; Larene and
Lonnie Edwards, OViet; Jerry Wip
per, Sa op hone .solo; all accom
panied ty Mrs, Lawrence Ed
wards." Mrs. Ceoe Poitra; olo,
accompanied by Mrs. J. O. Rus
seii; Carol Standleyv aolo accom
panied fcy Margaret Prather; a
degree honoring the charter mem
ber was given by the officers.
Rosa Webb had Charge of flow
er arr&ngeiRenJts and table decora
tions. Visitors were present from Aca
cia ohsptrr. Staytnn; Willamette
chapter, Sfcedd; Euclid chapter,
Jef:eror; Chad wick chapter, Sa
lem, and Wheeler chapter.
MT. ANGELCatholic Daugh
ters of America of Mt. Angel and
Si ay ton wilt tpamorthe appear
since of John M. Haftert. author
and lecturer in Mt. Angel May 9.
He speaks on the apparitions of
the Bensed Virgin at Fatima,
Portugal, in It 17. Haffert went to
Europe to get information for his
bojk,- Ma?y la Her Scapular
Prom inc.
Doniliecker has
State Office
PIONEER - Bob Dornhecker
returned home 'Sunday afternoon
after attending the Christian En
deavor convention; with a group
of Dallas young people at Pen
dleton. Bob was chosen- as State Su
perintendent of the high .school
Christian 'Endeavors. He is the
son ot Mr. and Mra, Frank Dorn
hecker. i
Drivers9 License
Offices to Close
Friday, Saturday
The drivers license division at
the statehouse will 1 close Friday
and Saturday while staff members
receive instructions on the system
of license renewals! directed by
the reeVrit legislature to go into
effect in June. - -
John C. Kerrick, division man
ager, said Thursday that wide
publicity will be given tne new
system of staggering license re
newals at the rate of about 33,000
per month, and all drivers of the
state will be' urged to cooperate
in getting the new system off to
a good start. I , '
The two-day staff conference
will include a dinner at 7jp.m.
Friday in the Marion hotel.
2-Wav Radios Due
fSForlSalem Taxis
It was - - j . -
Ten two-way radio units for
operation In the 10 cars of the
Salem Taxi Service should arrive
in Salem for Installation within
three . months. Manager ' Robert
Clark stated Thursday.
Clark declared that he expected
the radio-telephone seis to facili
tate 100 per cent improvement in
the service of his company, j
A dispatcher located, at the taxi
company's main office will retain
a restricted radio-telephone ope
rator's license as qualification for
his duties of directing the -cabs to
their destinations. , J-
ii i i i . ii. j t
Equipment for the! coffee chop
to be known here as the Snack
Shack in the - state park has ar
rived and plans now; are to be
open this weekend. Roland Nohl
gren, who will be resident man
ager of both the Snack Shack .and
the lodge dining hall, said that
plans are to open the latter by the
middle of the month, i
Visitors at the park are more
numerous this year, than usual at
this early season, reports Brice
Dillabough, park superintendent.
Estimates were that j more than
4000 viewed South Falls Sunday.
Salem Unaffected
By Warehouse
Tie-up in Portland
Portland's teamster "strike
lockout" has had almost no ef
fect on Salem grocery distribu
tion, local wholesale houses re
ported Thursday.
Willamette Grocery " company
and General Grocery company
officials said they are "not both
ered." The Willamette firm re
ceives the bulk of its merchan
dise in rail cars unloaded here.
The latter company reported
many suppliers who are shipping
from "Seattle rather than Port
land. The General Grocery also
has a Portland warehouse, which
is not affected by the tie-up.
Pacific Fruit -and Produce com
pany said that its Portland plant
is delivering, . but that ' some cf
its suppliers, principally those
handling beet sugar, are tied up.
Lvons 4-H Club
LYONS Mr. "and Mrs. Earl
Allen visited his untie and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. George Allen of Cor
vallis Sunday.
Mrs. Roy Huber with her group
of 4-H club sewing girls will show
their exhibits at the community
club house Thursday with mothers
and friends invited to attend.
. Mr. and Mrs. Geoge Huffman
and daughters Janice, Janet and
Jeanette visited at the home of
her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Decker in Eugene Sunday.
A meeting of the official board
members was held at the Lyons
Methodist church Tuesday. Plans
were made for the quarterly con
ference to be held in May.
The- mothers and daughters ban
quet sponsored by the Womens
Society of Christian Service, will
be held at the club house Friday,
May 9, when Mrs. Raynor Smith
of Salem will speak.
Employes of the Mt. Jefferson
box and veneer company enjoyed
a two day vacation Thursday and
Mrs. Bud Ayers and little son of
Portland visited Mr. and Mrs. Art
Ayers last week. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Chamber
lain have returned from Grand
Ronde where they were called by
the death of ffer granddaughter
who was killed in an auto acci
The. Slatman, Salem. Oregon. Friday. May 2. 1947 It
MILL CITY Donald and Mar
lene Burton of Stayton spent the
weekend with their uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George Cree,
Sunday they accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. Cree and Joan Johnson
to ' Scio for a family dinner at
the Warren Burton home.
dn't think of reading
fo candlelight in this modern age
of electricity..-
anritiiis of VJomsn vouWrft
tiim'A ot Launflsring v
ithout Clot
--i ii m
4 rlohtly so now.m"
MJ ' M JmaI" IOU
I!Jllir b.oulyl Moo '.''
H saves t'n and work os
P'-fiSfcl Oorox provide, on extra
;..a!o deodorize and
remove. itaWH-WyW-low
direction on the label.
i J I U U vw-..
I 0
h anotW quaTity daaning aid mad by meiM of Gorox.
i h amolk (fwafrty dsoning aid mod by lh mok4 of Oorox.
"A r k npt away dirt and grmof from wadtabl turfbeet quickly
i and aly4k' af on paM . saU on bandi?Ut IOON
CJL save you tima and work. Ask lor BOON at your grocer '
Gifts Selections tor the Graduate
No Tax
Pen Only '3.95
Repeater Pencil '2.00
Sliyliner Set
1 !
No Tax
Pen Atone. '5.00
Presentation Set, '14.75 plus tax
Presentation Pen, 9.75 plus tax
Presentation Pencil, '5.00 plus, tax
lay o Fred Meyer'i Thrifty Pay meat Plaa
At Fred Meyer Drag
Air Weight Luggage
Pullman Case
& $9.95
Pfi kie you by your tuff nd tKfy wilt pprov th tmrntf pned
I lust as1. rUJ to tail M almoM rwuv n mutii by ffwu mmufacturA
of lusgafa. Too grd pigdu" cowhxi btndtag, tttth full vmra 4ywoo4f
corarructioa. Your dtaic of covering.
Eleu lise 62- KfefilaeE
Blouse interest this season cen
ters on new necklines and new
sleeves. Fronts are j Important
too. Lace inserts, embroidered
details and cluster tubks. Many
are the styles fromj which to
choose. Fabrics are cool while
or dainty pastels.
De Plume
A Sheer Beauty
Long sleeves and ti neck.
Luscious pastel shades in
sizes 32 to 38.
i :
By Murray
A Dream cf a House
Lace half yoke and jewel
neckline. White crepe in
sizes 32 to 38.
A Revelation
Styled by KIM in white ray
on crepe. Nationally ad ver
Used. Sizes 32 to 38,
1 C
Scalloped Embroidered ITecIdino
In spun cotton. Dainty pastel shades. Just the A blouse to CO Ch'
make her day complete. Sizes 32 to 38 , Ob a J
At Fred Meyer Weasen's Apparel
Mini Kit
Tb ran f ttm wr. A4nr- e SS
twt pint ilM hair bm.h, 4 U
nak n4 rloUMa kntM. ''
la "rl cbm lar sockai
Rex Fifth Avenue
FVrl Tmtunm." (Inrt.
m ro4 Iww nwiil raw
44w4)Tfi on bright rotormt
oam-ii rampart a. A nrll-
M.irt Mai. ot anli aaatnM rotor. NanM
or iatttUia ansrav fra.
Gillette Blue Blades
Gve you utmost shaving tiie, tkey stay
lOfer 5 for
49 25
Tech Razor
One piece no loose parts. A twist it's open; s twist it's dosed. Razor
and 19 Gillette Blue Blades (or 379.
Elaine Peters
riastic rubber-lined
Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars
Also Chocolate Crunch
Fruit Flavors
All on slicks. Jumbo size. Delicious flavors.
At Fred Meyer Packaged fire Cream Sections .
Tfta Salt and Sara Daadaraat Cream
39' 59c
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Is HarmloM U Clafbas
Stays MUt in Jar
Old Gold rhiGp Morris 21 other
brands at this thrift j price. For conveni
ence buy several cartons. Keep one at
home, one at the office, and one in your
car. t ",V "' : ' ' r. ' f .
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ana MsitDK nut.
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tures, Indudtn aferet pocket, sliding omrd
poeset. ocep aey pocaet.
For Her. The Kirectae.t," $3.47
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a oacavet. fiaaaa or Initial, emcravaei I ta.
At Frtd Meyer Drag :
Remincftoa Foarseme
Electric Shavers
Buy on Fred t.A mm
Mayer Thrirtr lIQ Cfl
Payment Plan. I 3LJ
3.00 down, 75c a W
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Evelya Uptoa
Purse Atomizer
rr , i
M al traarasr any
um. a, a I a e .
ta4 tpl. a
knrx than a
att faairtrr. IMk.
WW aM panti-Hi
araoC. Alva, a. twr
aa rear kt
. Naia. r iau.ia va
Itt4 Ina.
Oar Prices Are lowest We Reserve the Right ta Limit
Quantities N Sales Made U Dealers
IVe Are Never Undersold
Priees Good Friday Through Monday
i HI N. Liberty
Hears: t A.M. to fi r.3L
Child Health Week'- Fred Ileyer
IlayDaylQddie Carnival
Ker. 15e 'Assorted
Jelly Beans
lb, ."
Hmmmm. Old " Fashioned
Jelly Beans! Red ones,- black,
yellow, green, pink and all
those delightful ' colors and
flavors the children love.
' - Asserted :"
Candy Kisses .
-I-o Bar OOia
15c mO lb.
Tender, chewy individually
wrapped candy kisses. Hard
candy ; crystal clear "kisses, '
mint kisses, licorice and oth
er flavors.
New Orleans
J far ww V for
5e lb.
Individually wrapped ' in
clear cellophane. Chocolate
and vanilla, chocolate with .
white nougat center, vanilla
with pink nougat center.;
. Feppsmtnl
. v Cool and refreshing, old
fashioned peppermint sticks,
the kind every youngster
just loves. (
Canily Corn .
35 c n,
The big favorite of all mel
. low cream candies. - Sweet,
honey butter flavor ... with
a smooth caramelized tex
ture. Every kernel looks like
, real com from the cob.
a for
i Tender chewy caramels with
r tasty pieces of nuts. Each
piece individually wrapped
' in silver; foil.