The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 11, 1947, Page 9, Image 9

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    Date Set for
Wedding bells will ring on May
19 for Mis Muriel LindHrom and
Donald B, Efchlrman. The couple'
engagement w announced in
February. The bride-elect i the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Lindstrom, Sr., and her fiance is
the ton of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
B. E&hleman. .
The ceremeny will be per
formed at high noon at the first
Congregational church with the
Kev. Seta Huntington officiating.
After the nuptials the couple will
leave oh their wedding trip, re-
turnir.g to Salem to make their
home. .
Reception For
Court -Officers
Hanna Rosa court. Order of the
. Amaranth, met Monday. Mrs. F.
W. Farrar, royal matron, ' and
James Foliton, royal patron, pre
sided. A reception honored grand
court officers of Hanna Rosa court.
Among the honored were" Mrs.
Violet Helbock; Portland, grand
royal matron, and Harvey Aston
f Salem, grand royal patron; F.
Z. Mercer, past grand royal pa
tron, and Mrs. Ada Martin, depu
ty supreme royal matron of Mon
tana: Mrs. 'Edna Manning, grand
conductress; Mrs. Maude Horton,
grand associate, conductress: Mrs.
Ruth Heckinger, grand Truth;
Mrs. Viola Bonham, grand Faith;
Mrs. FlorenceTaylor; grand pre
late; Mrs. Ann Rundell. grand lec
turer; Mrs. Edna Graves, grand
crown bearer; William S. Wilson,
grand sword bearer; Frank Dodds,
grand commissioner nt appeals;
Lewis White, grand trustee; Fred
Helbock. grand marshal!, and
Charles Hicks, grand representa
tive to New Jersey.
Royal matrons and patrons from
Portland courts were present: Mrs.
Cecil Laughlin. Mrs. Ellen Rey
nolds. Mrs. Stella Williams, Mrs.
Benita Bothi. Lloyd White, and
Leslie McNeal.
Irving A. De France was in
stalled as grand representative to
the state cf. Ohio.
The court contributed $117 to
the Shrine hospital cast fund.
The committee in charge was
Mr. and Mrs. James Manning,
. . . r m . T
air. ana --trs- rwrj tuwuri, avj
and Mrs, R. Lee Wood, Mr. and
Mrs. Willis Brown. Mr. and Mrs.
. M M If
Aiex laTior. air. ana r.irs. w.
Protzman, Mr. and "Mrs. E.-E.
; Withrow. Mr. and Mrs. Je Hatch
and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lucas.
Rebekahs Plan
I 1IM1I1.11II
der iih direction of . CapUln.
Freda Uurk, presenting drill.
Refreshment committee for
Monday will be Mesdames V. A.
Cochran, Dae Stafford and Mary
Staats; and decorations, . Mes
dames Joe Cunningham, Jesse
Prince and Florence Barker.
The Three Links club will
meet Friday in the Ladies club-
rooms at the I OOF hall at 2:30
o'clock. The club will hold the
annual spring exchange of flow
ers and shrubs.
The Rettkahs met Monday
irizht with Mrs. .Fred Shafer,
noble grand, presiding. The club
.voted to sponsor a Girl Scout
(rnnn Th. Cyv"hurn Indue will
K in rKift if the nroffram next I CommersUl street. Office
Monday with the drill team, un-1 will be announced later. '
Adding, her name to the ever
growing list of brides-elect Is
Miss Arden Shepard, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Shepard.
Her engagement to Calvin E.
Welch, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Welch of Hubbard, was recently
revealed at a luncheon at the
Benton hotel in Corvallis. The
wedding is planned for this
summer. .. .--
Miss Shepard Is a graduate of
Salem high school and is a sopho
more at Oregon State college. Her
fiance attended Hubbard schools
and is now a freshman at Oregon
State college. He served in the
navy three years.
A Dancing
A gala event for members of
the junior high school set will be
the serai-formal dance Saturday
night for which Leslyn Burdette
and Berntce Imlah will be host
esses at the Arthur Murray ,stu
The Y-Teen club at the labor
camp, organized this spring, is
fixing a club room which the
camp superintendent has turned
over for their use. The eight mem
bers of - the club are papering
walls, painting' woodwork, mak
ing curtains and renovating fur
niture. Sponsors of the club are
Mrs. Loren Owen and Mrs. Ar
thur Osborne, residents of the
Tri-Y Active .
The Tri-Y is to send a delegate
to the YMCA-YWCA high school
conference at Grinnell, Iowa, June
20-27. This is the first conference dio. Refreshments will be served
of its kind to be sponsored by i during the evening,
the two groups. The delegate will
probably be the organization's
new president The Y-Teen com
mittee Is working with the Tri-Y
to raise money for her expenses.
Camp Flans Blade
Dates and rates of the YWCA
camp for girls at the Smith Creek
camp in the Silver Creek recrea-
"April Showers" is the theme
of the party with flower decora
ted umbrellas and the words writ'
ten in flowers on the walls pro
viding the decorations. Over ; a
hundred will attend the affair.
Patrons and patronesses will be
Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Burdette and
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Randall. ;
Knn inn this tiimmpi were
at the first meeting of the camp XX icq WlirHinfTPr
mmmilt. hi week Camo for V V Ul t?l
grade school girls over 8 will be IT- Xrrrn'orl
held June 28 to July 8 and for Q AV1U1 1
the Junior high and high school
group July to- 18. Counsellors
are being interviewed from col
lege girls with camping exper
H? , .AAilnJZ i fr Steffen of Woodburn, was April
to obtain n additional unit for J : . 3,v .
.u. - mnrt . 1 8. at 8.30 o clock at St. Mary s
MT, ANGEL First of the post
Easter brides at Mt. Angel was
Miss Monica Wurdinger, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wurdin
ger, whose marriage to Leo Stef
fen, son or Mr. and Mrs. Henry
the more experienced campers a
short distance from the regular
camp. The new unit will be a tent
camp with facilities for camp
craft, cooking and sleeping out-of-doors.
A special counsellor
with experience in pioneer camp
ing will be obtained for the new
The' YWCA camp committee
making : arrangements are Mrs.
Arthur Madson. chairman, Mrs.
Charles Feike. Mrs. Clifford Par
ker. Mrs. F. R. Hamman, Mrs.
C Shrock. Mrs. Carl Emmons
and Mrs. C. W. Parker.
Registrar Welcomed
The Girl Scout executive board
met at the chamber of commerce
Monday. Mrs. Edwin F. Hauser,
the new registrar for the Girl
Scouts of the Salem district, was
introduced. Mrs. Victor H. Wal
dele. Girl Scout district chairman,
announced that the new Girl
Scout office is located at 430 N.
Tongue Talk ..a ' - ; ;
: Boi led Tongue, Fresh or Cured ; Make
Inexpensive Meats for Spring Menus
By Msxias Baren
Stxtetmnn Worrtn' Editor
All mists aren't in the higher
brackets, for 'certain of the really
fine flavored cuts can serve the
family at a reasonable price. Take
tongue for instance. A tongue that
costs well under a dollar can serve
. the whole family once hot. and
come back at least once cold.
Smoked or fresh, tongue Is good
In flavor and if the family likes
It, ten to one they hke it atot. .
Cook fresh tongue in plenty of
salted water, closely covered, for
anywhere from one and a half to
three hours, according to size and
age. When skin will slip, off easi
ly, slip it off, then let the tongue
cool in the liquid in which cooked.
If you wisn, you may serve it
warm, sliced with a piquant sauce
or with horseradish, or you can
cook it further in the following
Women for permanent
part-time work.
Capable cf interviewing all
types of pccpla. Must have
car 6 be permanent resident
of fee ccrnrnurity.
CoH Miss Walton. Ph. 4151
Catholic church.
The Rev. Damian Jentges offi
ciated at the nuptial high mass
while St. Mary's Junior choir sang
the mass. Mrs. Walter Smith sang 1
Manr at Thy Feet is Kneeling.
and Mrs. Vincent Smith played j
the organ;
Mir. Wurdinger gave his daugh
ter in marriage. She wore a gown
of white satin with long tram,
basaue waist, and long sleeves.
.Her fingertip veil, edged in deep
lace, was caught with a halo 01
seed pearls and she wore a single
strand of pearls, the gut or tne
bridegroom. Her arm bouquet was
of Talisman roses.
She was attended by her
sisters. Miss Laura Jean and Miss
Shirley Wurdinger. who wore
floor length gowns of blue and
pink organdy. Each wore a wreath
of flowers in her hair and carried
a nosegay of white carnations and
pink rosebuds.
Kenny Steffens, brother, of the
groom, was Dest man . ana , Jim 1
Steffens. usher. . -
Breakfast was served at Legion
hall as was also dinner for fifty
guests. Serving at the dinner and
tha reception which followed In
the afternoon were Miss Lorraine
Kottre, Miss Virginia Geek, Miss
Louise Lulay, Miss Maxine Sch
wab, Miss Kathy Dummer, and
Miss Rita Messman. Miss Edna
manner: Put in a heavy kettle, Mae Wurdinger passed the guest
add cup vinegar, nan cup rai-i book and Mrs. Albert Diehi cut
sins, lM cup corn syrup ana one
cud stock. V teaspoon each anna
men and cloves. Cook of an
hour, turning once when half done:
serve wun tnis sauce.
the wedding cake. Mrs. Henry
Geek, Mrs. Diehl and Mrs. John
Kottre were in charge of the din
A wedding dance was held in
The tongue may be served with J the evening with Ray Kaiser and
the following sauce, when suit I hu band furnishing the music
hot. Simmer 1 cup of the Drptn Mr. and Mrs. Steffen left on
with 1 cup tart jelly (current or wedding trip to Crater Lake and
berry), 8 whole cloves and 1 lem-j other southern points. They will
on. sliced fine. Serve hot over live on the groom's farm near I
tongue. f Silverton.
Another fine sauce for tongue
(or ham) is made by adding Vx T Y 1 pn orrrr; n U
teaspoon prepared horseradish to Unit ILnienUlllS
a glass t tart jelly and stirring ci, 'rf tl
the jelly will break down and be- blOte VjlIlCerS
come syrupy.
Use the remaining broth as soup
Representatives' of Salem's
ammpn' nrnnizaunm lotnea
siocx, k aeucious. . . . : with CaoiUl unit No. 9 of the
Cold tongue can be maae mw j - ' rnn ,;!;,,,.
sandwiches, cut into jullienne
strips and added to a green saiaa,
or be served simply sliced on a
nlatter. Thinly sliced tongue can
be added to rice casseroles or
macaroni dishes, or can be warmed
a little and.. served with -any
creamed vegetable or scalloped
with a vegetable. -
Tongue sizes vary, the little
lambs' tongues, only enough for
two or three servings, are very
American Legion auxiliary to
honor department officers at the
regular meeting Monday. Mrs. I,
N. Bacon officiated. Mrs. Stanley
Krueger introduced the depart
ment officers. Mrs. Hubert Goode
of Portland, Mrs. Leon Brown of
Hillsboro, Mrs. Mae Whitcomb,
Portland, Mrs. McKinley Kane of
Dundee. Mrs. Merle Travis of
Salem. Mrs. Martha Gahlsdorf of
Salem and Mrs. Frank Marshall
A Special:.
inexpensive and have excellent of Salem, B-Irs. Rose Hubbard of
flavor. Large beer tongues can oe
found 40 almost any size, nerocra- ,
Ker eoinr i rmlv skin deeD on i A luncheon honoring the na-
Inninie in if vour meat man Senas I iionai wirsiucin vi wie American
black tongue think nothing ol 1 legion auxiuary, Mrs. corxoa tui
it. it's the same color as the white Feari, or Detroit, Mien, wm oe
when the skin is removed. held at Normandy Manor April
23. Reservations may be made
with Mrs. Malcolm Cameron, 2250
Center street, by April 18.
Traveller Returns
Mrs. Hattie J.. Black returned
Thursday from a visit of five
weeks with her son and wife, Lt.
CoL and Mrs. Kenneth H. Black of
Quantico, Va., and her grandson,
Barry Maitland Black. Mrs. Black
attended graduating exercises of
CoL Black's class of marine corps
schools at Quantico. Col. Black -is
on the staff of the marine air
infantry school. Enroute . home
she visited her daughter and hus
band, Mr. and Mrs, Don E. Peter
son in Los Angeles.
Tired Ki&sys i
Often Orfog
' I ll II.. - ' . ' M
Cftfaiytubrfi It n which hptogrlfyt I
Moos MS kM yea hmhhr. W!w tkor rt
ttrM n4MIt work right in th 4rUmm, ;
"trrittl with imrfan and burnimg
Witfc your kidneys or bladder. Don't aedcet
.Fj?" ot kid yfnett pctauta
i-ntrwraMa in your Mood, tt
' irnigyumi, .netunatae t
JSB-y k paia-. km mt te and nert7.
Jfiais!, poaueai aader tka yea, fcesdacWs
- i- -
S pur smart Spring
Una of dresMS in all
six. : - v. ...
Do S wmiU Aak yoor drosrirt for SmVi
rUHv.a attaalaBt diontie. ommi iwi fullj
Th Slatssman. Salem. Orsxyon, Trtday. April II. Ht7 t
: i -
Friday sind Batur
hig bargains! It's our
lines anil gize ranges . . .
Miller's Spring sale brings hundreds o
annual April event in which all broken
a few dozens of discontinued lines or many odds and ends that
must be cleared quickly. ,
Coats Suits . Dresses
2nd Floor
ft?. $6.95 Cotton Frocks. sdiM 9 to 16 -...
Baa. $19.95 Frocks. larsay. crsp. prints, etc.. 9 to 15
Rg. $23.95 Two-Pi acs Drsst. ray on crop, cabardine.
- sizes 9 to 15. 12 to 20. 38 to 48 ....
Ra. $39.95 Two-Pio Wool Dress
Rea. $49.95 and $56.95 Wool Jacket Dresses. 10 to 16
Bag. $19.95 and $29.95 Wool Sails
Rag. $19.95 and $29.95 Wool Coats. 10 to 20
- - 1 .
FURS ... 2nd Floor
. v J
Bg. $179.00 Bsarsr Dyad Mouton Fur Coots (plus tax) .. $69.00
Rsa. $15X0 Per Skin. Natural Squirrsl Scarfs (plus tax) $1CLOO
(Also Kolinskr and Sabls Dyad Squirrel)
Rg. $125X0 Par Skin Hudson Boy Sobls Scarfs (plus tax) ..... $50.00
(All furs guarantowd FIRST GRADE)
COSMETICS . . . Main Floor
Disconanuing a famous Una of cosmstics at half pries! Faos 1
Grooms $1X0 to $3.50. gift ssts. bath sets, maksup sets. rag. 7Z
$10 to $110. Plus Tax. Main floor.
- i
Rag. $7.98 Jacquard Bsdsprsads (rose)
Rag. $15 95 Chenilla Bedspreads
Req. $7.50 Part Wool Plaid Double Bd Blanksts
Rag. $4.93 Rug and Lid Cotst Bath Mat bets
$ 4.93
$ 7.93
S 5.98
$ 2.98
Rr. $15.00 Printed Oroandr Tabls aoth72x90. 8 napkins ... $10X0
Rag. $340 Embroiderwd Pillow Cosss .... $ 140
Rag. 69c Yard Plastics Fabrics for aprons, showers, stc ......yd. 35c
Rag. $7X8 Rsady-Mads Cretonne Drapss U ... pair $ 540
Rsg. $1X0 to $8.98 Lunch Cloths. Placs Mats, sic . Vi
FURNITURE . . . 3rd Floor
Rag. $1X0 Yard Cotton Scrims, 39 lnchss wide i...
Rsg. $240 Yard Lacs Curtaining, 42 inches wids ..
Rsg. $3440 Occasional Chairs with Plastic Corers
yard 35c
..yard $ 1.00
$2.95 Knitted Patamas. 2-plc style. 10 to
12.98 Bovs' two-Discs Knit Suits, 2 to 4 .
$5.80 to $8.40 Children's Snowsuits. 2 to 4
$2.98 Wool Slipor.r Sweaters for Boys, 2 to 6 ...
$2.98 Wool Coat Style Sweaters for Boys. 2 to 6 ....
$1.65 to $3.25 Fait Hats, assorted styles, colors ....
$4.15 ChUdran s Robes , .
39c Chfldren's Cotton Panties. 4 to 14
$3.25 Nary Blua Wool Shirts. 3, 4, 5 year sires .
$2.93 Girl' Cotton Blousas. 3 to 14
$5.95 Girls' All Wool Pleated Skirts . i
$3.98 Girls' All Wool SlipoTsr Sweaters. 10 to 14
$5X5 Girls; Wool Slacks. 9 to 15 i
$1X5 Girls' Cotton Flannel 1 Pajamas J.
$4X5 Wool Afghans in pink or blue
$4X9 Chanille Crib Spreads
.S 1X0
$ 1.00
$ 1X3
.$ 1X0
....$ 1.00
....$ 1.00
$ 1X0
2 for 39c
. $ 1X0
..4 1X0
S 2.98
$ 1X0
.. $ 4.9$
........ $ 2.95
.4 1X3
Reg. $3.95 Men's Blus Oxford Cloth Shirts. 14 V to Wx .
Reg. $4.50 Men's Sport Shirts, plains and plaids
Reg. $2.75 Boys' Cotton Knit Jersey Pajamas, 8 to 14
Reg. $3.95 Boys' All Wool Sliporsrs with Sleeres, 32 to 36
Reg. $640 Men's. AH Wool Sliporers
Reg. $10X0 Men s Wool Sweaters, reindeer patterns,...
Reg. 45c Men's Mercerized Cotton Socks .... i...
3 pairs $
LUGGAGE ... Main Floor
Reg. $30X0
Reg. $36.00
Reg. $24.00
Reg. $30.00
Reg. $21X0
Reg. $27X0
Men's Two-Suiters, good style, quality ...$15X0
Men's Simulated Alligator Case, 24 fczhee $18X0
Plastic with Plaid Lining 24-inch Case $12X0
Top Grain Cowhide Case, 24 inches $15.00
Women's Pullman Cases. 26 Inches $1040
Women's Wardrobe ttes. 21 Inches. 3 hangers ... $1340
Reg. $5X5 to $12XS'Women's Fine Quality Sweaters
Reg. $940 Women's Eisenhower Jackets. 12 to 16
Reg. $3X5 Women's White. Pastel Blouses. 32-38
$ 4X5
$ 1X3
Be sure to read every line ... it may mean
many dollars in sayings to youl
LINGERIE . . . 2nd Floor
$4X8 Tuckstttch Pajamas, tight caff, ankle ....
$4X3 Cotton Jersey Pajamas, nary with trim
$1.25 Panto Briefs and Trunks
$2X5 Black Sheer Panties with lace trim
$940 Quilted Bed Jackets
$3X3 Rayon Printed Gowns, large sixes
$7X3 Spun Rayon Gowns L-
$540 Printed Jersey Gowns
$3.98 Sheer Gowns, sixes 32 to 38 M.
$540 Black Sheer Gowns, sixes 32 to 33
$1X9 Jersey Slips, four-gore
$10X5 Brushed Rayon and Chenille Robes
$8X5 Robes In this special group .........
$14X5 White Chenille Robe ..
$29.95 Velreteen and Wool Hostess Coats .
$22X5 Flannel Robes, large
$240 Satin Bags for Lingerie
$4X3. Safin Bags for Lingerie
$1X8 Red or White Wool Skating Tights
$240 Red or White Wool Skating Tights .......
FOUNDATIONS . ; . 2nd Floor
Reg. $2X0 Luxite Roll-on Girdles .-.i.:.
Reg. $2.35 Roll-on Panne Girdle, detachable crotch
Reg, $5X0 Girdles and Pantie Girdles
Reg. $4.50 Warner s Boned Girdles
42.19 -
$5X0 American Lady Girdles, ripper closing
$10X0 Boned Front Girdles; famous brand J.
Reg. $5X0 Semi-Stepin Girdles .......i;i
Reg. $2X0 Wide Garter Belts with Apron Back
Reg. $140 to $340 Edith Lances Bros -
Reg. $10X0 Sample Line of Fine Umbrellas
Rrfa. 1S195 Samnle line of Fine Umbrellas .
Reg. $10X0 Patent Plastic Handbags, also leathi
Reg. $12X3 Korday Handbags
w. a. mm 9 n 1 . f
steg. nnrwiwrnmi , . , r
Reg. 75c Handkerchiefs
Reg. 25c to $140 Norelty Braids and Embroideries
Reg. $1.65 Nylon Stockings. Irregulars of famous
brand ': ' . .; 6 prs. $740 or pr. $1X3
Reg. $2X5 Extra Sheer Nylons, irregulars 6 prs. $8.75. pr. $1.43
Vmrr 2Se ia 39ehlldren's Anklet Hose. 7 to 9Vs . -Pr. 10c
Rea. $3X5 and $4X5 Famous Brand Slippers
Reg. $2X5 and $3X5 Famous Brand Slippers
Rea. $3.95 Men's Tennis Shoes and Oxfords
Reg. $5.95 Men' and Woman's Rubber Boots
.Pr. $1X5
Pr. $3X5
Reg. $2X3 Yard Plaid Taffetas
Reg. $2X8 Yard Norelty Rayon Sheers
Reg. $2X8 Yard Bengalines
Reg. $3X8 Yard Plaid Woolens .
Reg. $340 Yard Royalty Wool Coolings
Yard $1X3
Yard $1X0
..Yard $1X3
.Yard $1X3
.Yard $1X0
Reg. $1X0 and $140 Aprons .....
Reg. $1.19 Ufility Bags . ...
Reg. $349 Shoulder Pads. "The Duchess"
Reg. $2.49 Shoulder Pads. The Tailorfir .
Reg. $1X8 Plastic Utility Boxes .., .
Reg. $4.49 Sewing Kits , -
Reg. $3.93 Sewing Kits . :
Rea. 59c Sewing JBls
Reg. $1X0 Cosmettcs Bag
Rrr. $1.49 Lmindrr Baas
Reg. $5.93 Garment Storage Bags. 42x54x60 inches
I ; v . . : 'J.J11 '11 .... 42X5
Reg. $16.95 Plate Glass Mirrors. 30x33 Incnes, gold frames u
Reg. $11X5 Framed Pictures, mahogany and gold frames 48X0
Reg. $240 Parchment Lamp Shades, bridge and table 41X5
Reg. $3.50 Parchment Lamp Shades . -......,......41X5
Reg. $440 Parchment Lamp Shades . - $2X5'
Reg. $2X5 Parchment Wastepdper Baskets $1.13
Reg. 41X0 Glass Norelty Hates by DelT 50c
Reg. Glass Norelty Cups and Saucers by Dell" . 33c
ATI Dtfc.r Pf.r. in Make un Set ': ... ..jt.,..-.Vl .
Rea. $2.95 Serring Trays
Reg. $4X5 Serring Trays
Reg. 8c Airmail Stationery Cboxed. enrelopes. etc)
Reg. $20X0 Figurines by famous artists -