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    The OREGON STATESMAN. - Salem. ? Oregon, Wednesday Mornlnff, January 31, 1934
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Dispute Over Horse Civil ae- p Toot is Injured toot in-
tlon brought by A. P. Nuys against J Jury a suffered by Roy Mc-
't Hit-Run Case Doubted - Po
lice officers "Tuesday ' expressed
doubt that "Carl H.lwnitaker, x
faculty member of , Oregon Statff
college, was killed by a alt ana
run driTer. Bis body was found
beside the West Sid Pacific high-
P,E. Erbawk. inroaorse Ewen. 33, Donald, as the te.ult dooV be wire
which Nays sold to Sparnawk on I of - I !,. .
f"3T u Uiles- driren by Jacob' R. Bonnen the bit and run drirer. car be-
lM " , Xr.r.1Z J- Hutbarl, and J. f P. Fellers. I longed to a man named El Kins,
dir. and taken under advisement. I I .m ,. . .i,nrtiw
,:waVoken do;n ?ouUx ,of Broadacres. according fter the accldent in which
v.-- ----- ,,lo a report ito the sheriff here. wniiaaer was auieu.
B,ow .ccidents reported yester-
IU1 w I f rMl nv-t.l wVi-
plaintiff' nothing. Defense pr uue,
?'ttfir i.- fi,v fr. South Commercial, and an
r.-i-AiiVed rwiW w.;w. "Identified 'driver In Salem; Dr.
,r"r,Z: ' :W Wrlghtman Jr., Portland, and
t. T,iiBff wor.l Martin Rehm, Mt. Angel, a mile
- aMoisanXSii talh,t Monitor.
and O. K. Sebo.
Gets Fellowship - Word - baa
Extend Restriction Fire state
banks Tuesday ; received " exten
sions' of time until February 28,
to continue operation on, a re
stricted basis, A. A. Schramm,
state superintendent of banks, an
nouneed. Institutions affected by
the extension order include the
r Four Hearings Set Four' hear-
' ings. involving applications to op
! erate .as motor carriers under the
: state transportation act have been
i set for February -Tin Salem. Her
bert' Hauser. i superintendent of
! state" transportation." will conduct
i the bearings. Three of the appll-
Cauls Xicu oucuauau, iuuw, - - 4 -
i Jensen, Dayton, and W. K. Simp- of th winjer Quarter Miss
; iv nnerat as con- Cation has also Just been pledged
! ,; Mrrr Victor S Barr of to Iota pl. national hon
Moro would operate as any any
I where for hire freight motor ear-
: I rier. . , . v . .
f Bareain dance tonight. Mellow
' Moon,' Boots Grant's band; Ladies
a-., tin a. 4 A
been received itf Salem that Lila Steiwer and Carpenter bank, Fos-
Catioh. itraduate of Willamette 1 Bank oi sseuwooa, ronianu;
uniTerslty with the class of 1333,
has been made a teaching fellow
in the chemistry, department at
the - University of Washington.
where she is now - studying for
her maser's degree. The appoint
ment was. made at. the begin-
orary for women in chemistry.
Manler to Spek Salem Y. M.
C. A. will be bosLnext Tuesday to
John E. Manley of New York city.
Engineers 111 Both City En
gineer Hugh M. Rogers and
Building Inspector E. C. Bush-
nell, who have offices together in
the city hall, are ill and unable
to be at their desks. Mr. Rorers.
who became ill last Thursday, I sneep,
visited his office a few minutes
State Band of Rainier;. Eastern
Oregon Banking company, Shanl
ko, and Coolidge & McClain bank.
Artitrate Damage Determina-'
tlon of how much one farmer
should pay to another because
the former's police dog killed
several sheep belonging to the
ether, is the question that will be
referred to a board of conciliation
here. This is the first time that
this method has been used In
Marion county in Ironing out such
a controversy. The dog was own
ed -by John M. Doerfler, while
John Lilliland was owner of the
Others Ffiday, Sunday Open
to; 'Public at First
Christian Church .
The Governor's Lady and a humble laundry worker are linked to the
great sisterhood of woman as Mrs. Gifford Kncbot ("ghtlt wile of
Pennsylvania's chief executive, dons a sandwich board and becomes a
strike picket to aid laundry workers in New York. Mr. Pinchot played
a similar role durinsr strike of shirt makers in Philadelphia last vear.
-:- ?
Wants Land Data The
Institutions Inspected Sever
al more state institutions were in
vestigated yesterday by the
Marion county grand Jury, whien
yesterday but said he would be .,.!L. -...trr JL in.Twt.i) th ctatA iMnt
general secretary of the national ttnable to return for about two t from C H Gra m state tenUary. The Jury also is consid
J J'&J-JS :8:. 5!!U tt." t2JUe?S!Sorf ioshln! ering patters rating tc ; the re-
will be a series of short confer
encer consisting of greetings to
staff members of the Y. M. C. A.
at 4 o'clock, a meeting with the
directors of the' association at
E:30. and. a dinner at (:1S to
I duty since Monday. He is suffer
ing from influenza.
Auto repair shop for sale. Reli
able, well established, tally equip
ped business. Handles service for
quires at least J2000 cash to.
handle. Becke & Hendricks, 189
N Wle-h St
honor Mr. Manley. ,The public is several makes of automobiles. Re-
invited to attend. Early reserva
tions should be made. .
' Warnings Sent Out Letters
were sent out Tuesday by Charles
M. Thomas, state utility commis-
Wioner. calllns attention of several
frnck , operators and wholesale
bouses that their motor equipmeat
formation as to lands which it I lease of Everetl uaiues irom tne
has taken over for taxes or for county Jail, the investigation re-
some other reason. Gram said the quested toy Juage juciuanan. n is
purpose of the request was to understood the Jurors also are in-
make these lands available under vesugaung several criminal ma
the self helo and ' rehabilitation ters,
committee for unemployed creat
ed by an act of the last legislature.
Two More File Two more Dance, Crystal, ;Wed., Sat. Old-
cadidacies for democratic precinct time, modern. 2 floors, 2 bands.
i committee nosta were announced I Zoc.
here yesterday at the county
clerk's offices. Mrs. Euphrorina
English, 2680 Cherry avenue,
New Firm Formed
Shields, former Salem
Roy F.
was being used for the transporta- English. 2680 -jerry avenue. n , fl d announcing the
n.SAnrers in violation of seeks to -ucceed herself for the I ,
mwm v o ..... 1 i.. ui i il. vtgauiMuuu ui m un w iuiu i v - .
permits Issued by the uuiity ae- cmuiiuui.uSu.P . m iu ocvci.m Portland. The flrm conBiSt8 or in the damage of Brusn against
n.rtTn.Tit 1 Salem precinct; B. I. Plummer, I n -o ci,i.h. Picksns were unable to wind un
Art Exhibit Open Exhibition
of the works of Oregon painters
will continue at the Y. M. C. A.
today with Mrs. John Humphreys
in charge this afternoon and Mrs.
Walter Jenks and Mrs. R. D.
Paris tonight. Tuesday afternoon
Mrs. Julian Burroughs was in
Case Carried Over Attorneys
Infer Teaches Tonight Ernest
Iufer, president of the Salem Gar
den club, will conduct the weekly
class at the Y. M. C. A. at 8
o'clock tonight. The study topic
; will be "Perennial Borders." These
r Haaaes are onen to all Garden
C: '"club members.
lira. Wella Named Mrs. Ber-
1067 South 13th street, Salem, a
candidate for the sixth precinct.
Reoccupy Station Soon Com
pletion of alterations at central
fire station is nearing with the
possibility that the engine crews
may move back from their tem
porary High street quarters be
fore the end of the week. Yester
day a concrete floor, replacing a
tha Wells was yesterday named wooden one, was laid in the fire
by Mrs. Mary L. Fulkerson to hose drying tower.
Robert F. Maguire, Roy F. Shields
and William H. Morrison. Fred
erick Steiwer, Unites States sena
tor, is named as being associated
with the firm in the capacity of
counsel. Mr. Shields, at present
trying a case here, states he will
continue his connertion with the
O.-W. R. & N. as chief counsel.
Pickens were unable to wind up
the case before Judge L. H. Mc
Mahan yesterday afternoon. It
was expected, however, the case
would be finished by noon today.
Obtain License A license to
wed was secured here yesterday
by Russell Gibbons, 554 North
Liberty street, a laborer, and
Ruth Baumgartner, route six, a
Creek district.
In the Bridge
.v Taylor
Jamea P. Taylor at the resi
dence, route 3, January 28, aged
5 years. Survived by widow, Em
ma P. Taylor of Salem; three sis
ters, Mrs. Jennie Coutre and Mrs.
Kate Bremer of McFarlin, Wis.,
and Mrs. Lilly Phillips of Flint,
Mleh. Services will be .held at the
chapel 6f Clough-Barrick company
Wednesday, January 31, at 1:30
p. m Rev. S. Darlow Johnson of
the Leslie M. E. church officiating.
Lincoln Memorial Park interment.
Mrs. Ida Mae Button at the res
idence, 765 North Liberty street,
Salem; Monday, January 29. at the
age of 70 years. Survived by wid
ower, Holsey M. Button of Salem;
daughters, Mrs. Nathaniel Garman
of The DaBes, Mrs. Stella Wilder
of Newberg and Mrs. Myrtle Doak
of. Blatchlyr softs, Judson Baker
of Salem and Dariel Button of
North Bend i 26 grandchildren and
f ive " great-grandchildren; broth
ers, Charlie Hammett of Salem
and Foss Hammett of Stockton,
Cat ; Services to . be held In the
chapel of Clough-Barrick company
, Wednesday, January 31, at 4 pjn.,
Rev Weston officiating. Interment
at The Dalles .Thursday at 1 p. m.
. Ella Ruth England, resident of
2568 State streetMonday, Janu-
.ary 29, at- the age of 48 years.
Survived by widower, J. -N Eng
land of Salem; daughter, Lucille
ot Salem; brothers, E. L. Ander--
son of Cutbankv Mont, and A. C.
Anderson of Salem; sisters, Mrs.
May Hull of Salem and Mrs. Es
k rmntin ot Cottage Grove.
Funeral services Thursday, Febru
ary 1, at .18: 30 a. m. irom cnpe
nirdon's mortuary." Interment
Belcrest Memorial park.
" Zaenker v
In this city Monday, January 29,
Miss Lena Zaenker, aged "58 years.
Native of Salem. Daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Zaenkerdeceased.
Survived by a brother, Charles W.
Zaenker of Portland. Funeral serv
ices , Wednesday, January j 31, at
: 1:30 p. in. from Rlgdon a mortn
;iry. Rev. W. C. Kaatner oftlclat
,Mng' Entombment ML Crest Abbey
- mausoleum. . .- .- .:.
r Zwfcker " To Mr. and :Mrs.
'Fred H. Zwicker, 760 South th
- street,! a girl, Carol; Jean, born
. January. 21 at the residence.; . .
- ScSck - To Mr. and Mrs
Otto CV Schlack of Mon mouth, a
: boy, Harvin Otto, born January
1 4 at Salem: General hospital. -
Skating, Dreamland, Sunday.
Escaped Man Caught Max
Jacker, a fugitive from the
Washington state hospital at Am
erican Lake, was apprehended by
Salem police at the post office
here yesterday. The capture was
effected following receipt of a
telegram from American Lake
suggesting that Jacker be watch
ed for at the post office.
Many Seek Classes A num
ber of rural schools are seeking
night classes for adults under the
CWA program according to Mrs.
Mary L. Fulkerson, county school
superintendent. A number of dis
tricts have written her office to
ascertain how such classes can be
Auction tonight of high grade fur
niture rugs, Frigidaire. See com
plete list on this page.
Teachers Applying A num
ber of applications for teaching
positions are already being receiv
ed by the office of the county
school superintendent here. Al
most no placing of teachers has
Kaaii Hatia a va tm ttio 10 9 15 K
year, most school boards defer- JoblCSS VOUIGTI
rln 4 Via alAAt(Afi Af ah Ah am Un. I
i t'ig u cicviivu va .ctr,aa;a a au I j-x
til the spring elections have been fyPf SlIfinfiTt Ifl
held. rr"" -
Sjring Visitor Richard Syring,
young Silverton writer, was in the
city yesterday.
A large number of letters, some
containing criticism and others
laudatory, have been received by
Rufus C Holman, state treasurer.
since the Issuance ot a recent
statement in which he declared
that sterilization of the mentally
defective provided the only practi
cal solution of halting the propa
gation of Insane and feeble
Holman declared that as a mem
ber of the state board ot control
his attention had been called to
the material increase in popula
tion at both the Oregon state hos
pitals and the state home for the
feeble minded. All of these insti
tutions are now crowded to capacity.
Records of the board of control
show that the state's insane popu
lation now housed in the two hos
pitals has increased from 2403 to
3476 in the past 10 years while
the population at the state home
for the feeble minded has In
creased from 702 to 870 during
the same period.
Holman exhibited a chart, pre
pared by S. B. Laughlin of Wil
lamette university, which showed
that the care of a single family of
feeble minded persons already had
cost the state in excess of $12,000;
while another family bad cost the
taxpayers 921,000.
The Christian Endeavor of the
First Christian church will be' In
charge of a special public meet
ing tonight at 7:30 o'clock in; ob
servance Of Christian " Endeavor
week. January 28 to February 4.
This week' marks the 6 3rd anni
versary of Christian . Endeavor
whlchCwast founded" In 18$U47
Br: Francis curki Tae- tneme
ot the weekU "'I WilU Be -Christian.-'
. . v : i ''
Friday night the young : peo
ple are -sponsoring a C. E" pot'
luck supper to begin at 6:30 p.m.
nev. warner irom cinnTnw
will be the guest speaker. All
young people are invited.
Sunday, February 4, is unrip
tlan Endeavor day. The evening
service will be directed by the
young people. Rev. Guy Drill, the
pastor, will deliver a special mes
sage. Last Sunday was Denomina
tional day, featuring church '.loy
alty. In the afternoon the socie
ties carried appropriate programs
to several institutions In and
around Salem. The intermediate
society visited the Methodist
Home. The high, school society
gave a worship service at the
girls' industrial school. The
young people's society led in a
program at the tuberculosis hos-;
pitaL The girls' glee club, direct
ed by Loren Davidson, sang lor
two of the programs.
O. J. Hull, who is director of
young people's work In the
rhnrrh has nreoared Interesting
programs. Visitors are Invited to
attend the meetings Wednesday,
Friday and Sunday.
Their Program
Unemployed women of Salem
yesterday interviewed a large
I number of restaurant and hotel
owners in connection with their
campaign to replace married
women whose husbands are em-
are expected for the second ployed regularly at a living wage.
Enrollment Down Enroll
ment for the second semester at
Willamette university will prob
ably be slightly lower than for
the fall term of school, N. S. Sav
age, business manager, reported
yesterday. About 525 students
matriculated the first semester;
half of the school year. Classes in
second semester subjects began
Only two restaurant owners re
fused to cooperate, the Interview
ers reported. Governor Meier,
when Interviewed Monday by a
Doner to Portland Dr. Carl committee, expressed himself as
G. Doney, president of Willam- sympathetic and pledged his sup-
eue university, went to Ionian a Dort to not only the unemployed
yesterday on business for the women' of Salem but to those of
school. While there be conferred tha nntlra atate
January 81 Willamette
vs. Pacific, basketball.
February 1 Salem high
vs. Oorvallia high, basket-baIL--1
: . " -
. February 2?-4?oanty Fed
eration of Commnnity CSnba
meet at the West Stayton.
schoolhonse, 8 p. m.-
February fl District" Le
gion meeting and goed-wlll
.tourv; . '.,,.' ': ''.
r Febmary 6 Seriea NRA
pep talks by F. V. Fisher,
national field representative.
-?FrbuaiTr 15-Polk eotm
ty Rural Woman's Federal-,
ed dab at Bridgeport. "
February i . 1 5 Public ; in
itiation for county Veteran
of ,oilgai..Wara.,,.v.v!--,
lYbrnary Georfe JU
' Bakjer to addreee' Salem Gar.
dea club, chamber .of cota
'nserce, -s-t-f . , ,
' . February tfl -Reserve t
flcera association of Blarlon
and Polk! cootle, formal
military ' ball bonoring Ma
or General George A.
February 23-23 Midyear
Methodist Rally, First M. E.
will be given at the Open Door
Mission, to which all are Invited.
Robert J. Hendricks will be the
guest speaker. Fien Shelton and
Ruthin Thomas will give read
ings and violin music and Bui
Sneli will entertain with some
clever acts. A basket of groceries
will be given away. There will be
no charge or collection.
co mm
Builders to be
Here in March
Blackerby Estate In The
estate of the late A. F. Blacker
by, prominent Silverton man, was
admitted to probate here Tues
day. Sophia M. Blackerby, widow,
was named executrix of his will.
with Amedee Smith, chairman of
the board of trustees.. A mid-win
ter meeting of the board is sched
uled for February.
Payment Authorized An
interest payment oi 5976 was
Plans for entertaining a large
number of men Interested in the
building Industry here March 9
are being made by Salem chapter,
Oregon Building congress, which
will be host for the second annual
state convention of the organiza
tion. The program will Include a
luncheon at the Marion hotel at
noon, business sessions at the
chamber of commerce during the
afternoon and the convention ban
quet at the Marion at 6:30 p. m
When out of town solicitors
profess Tto be able to collect all
kinds of slow accounts, or soli
citors of any kind present spe
cial sales inducements, first ask
for a card from the Salem Busi
ness Men's leagne.
According to Howard H. -Hul-
sey, president of the league, ally
legitimate salesman or collection
agency can secure a card from
the Business Men's league, which
is a guarantee that the solicitor
has received the approval of a
special committee from the
Mr. Hulsey further says that
If business and professional men
will take the trouble to ask for
the endorsement ot the league,
there will be a lot of money sav
ed for Salem this year.
According to the state insur
ance commissioner's office, no
company is permitted to come
into the state to solicit collection
of accounts until a bond of $3000
has been filed.'
JTMEf Wlffl ':
The estate of Joseph Mannix,
who died. In Clatsop county, was .
responsible for the payment of
$1000 attorneys fees to N. E.
Harju, according to an- opinion
written by Justice" Rpssman and
handed down by - the state su
preme court Tuesday.
The record In the case showed
that the entire amonn't of $1000
previously was collected by Harju
and approximately 60 per cent of
the total-was- spent In appeal to
the- 'supreme, court. The. coott
ruled that . the entire amouBt
must- be paid.
The supreme court modified
and remanded the decree ot the
Clatsop county circuit court.
Other opinions handed down
by the ' supreme court Tuetday
California Western States Life
Insurance Company vs. Effa' L.
Marsters, respondents, and Hazel
Marsters Turnidge, et al, appel
lants. Appeal from Marlon coun
ty. Suit Involving the payment ot
insurance. Petition for rehearing
denied In opinion by Justice
Bartholomae Oil corporation,
plaintiff-appellant, vs. Courtland
L. Booth. Appeal from Multno
mah - county. Suit to recover
money for services performed.
Opinion by Justice Campbell. Jus
tice Louis P. Hewitt affirmed.
Break the Tyranny of
To PREVENT many colds
...Vicks Nose drops
At that first "stuffyfeIing, ns Vicks
Mom Drops, the new mid in prcrcnt
iag colds. Used in time, they help
you to avoid many colds altogether.
To RELIEVE a bad cold
At bedtime, massage throat and chest
with VapoRub, the modern method
of treating colds. AH night, its poultice-vapor
action gives soothing relief.
rules that are part of Vicks Plan for better Control of Colds. The
Plan, as proved in extensive clinical tests, greatly reduces the num
ber and darmtion of colds. Full details in each Vicks package.
Mission Program
Planned Tonight
Tonight at 7:30 o'clock an
other evening of entertainment
Guy R. Harper
announces the
Opening of a Temporary Office
on February 1, in the
Durbin-Hughes Building
Salem, Oregon
There are three heirs to personal j authorized here yesterday by the
property valued at 600 and
real property valued at $1000.
Clark Improving C. C. Clark,
"dean" of the Willamette univer
sity grounds and buildings, is
steadily Improving In health at
his home here. He was able to
sit up for a short time yester
day. His condition was very grave
a fortnight ago.
To Make Stipulation George
H. Graves, defendant In a suit
recently filed here by John J.
Rice, will make a stipulation in
the case in court here February
9, according to an order handed
down yesterday.
Slinnesotans to Meet The
Minnesota club will meet for pot-
luck dinner and program Satur
day at the Y. M. C. A. at 6:30
p.m. All Minesota friends are in
vited to come, bringing basket
lunch and table service.
Birth Announced Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Lewis of Ada are parents
of a seven and one-half pound
girl, Sally Doreene, born January
2 6. Mrs. Lewis will be remembered
here as Thelma Knapp.
estate of the late B. L. Steeves
on a $30,000 loan secured by real
property belonging to the estate.
From Turner Mrs. Ora Bear, a
resident ot Turner, was a Tuesday
business caller here.
' Charlie Chan
Chinese Medicine
: & Herb Co.
rfevr Method With-;
. out Operation ; ,
ftC B. Kt)XCL Herb Specialist
Eight yearsfcractfcV in China.
Uses all Chinese herbs for piles,
kidney, bladder, stomach, ca
tarrh, -eonsUpation, 1 a
rheumatism, tumor, asthma
headache, liver. male and fe
male troublea It .ye1. cl
service. , .,
t22 N. Cminerciai St, Salem
Of fke Heura 9 to P. M. ..
a Sandays 9 to 11 A. M. -
We wish to express our sincere
thanks and appreciation to neigh
bors and friends for beautiful tlor-
al offerings, sympathy and Kind
ness extended us during the Illness
and death of our beloved husband
and father.' Mrs. Blanche Cupp
and children.
Excellent opportunity for cap
able operator. For further In
formation address Box 111,
Statesman. tL : ir ,-"
Card Tables and
Chairs to Rent
Call1 CS10. Csed Furniture
15 1 North Hlgnc : r
Wed. Night, 7:30
at the
1610 N. Summer St.
1 Frigidaire,. like new; 1
homespun dav. and chair; 2
homespun overstuffed chaira,
1 Cabistan 0x13 Wilton rug,
seamless, .like new. 1 Ban
snore Seamless WUton rag,
0x9, like new;; 2 extra good
beds; springs and mattresses;
1 5-piece gray . ivory bed
room suite with spring and
mattress; 1 breakfast table
and 4 chairs; 1 waL Wind
sor rocker; 1 waL drop leaf
coffee table; S lovely floor
lamps; 1 waL davenport
tables 1 waL-finish end ta
ble; 1 unfinished breakfast
tablet 1 child's -tricycle. 1
9x12 rag pad; 1 lovely An
eora rag; 7 small rugs; 1
wal. finish chiffonier; 1 waL
finish ex. table and 4 chairs;
1 Ivorr dresser:- 1 - walnut
desk; 1 umbrella tent, like
new: 2 card tables; kiddies
toys bed ironing board: cur
tains; kitcb. utensils, dishes.
f.n: woodry
Auctioneer Phone 5-1-1-0
Cash Paid for TJsed Furni
ture, or I Win Sell It
Commission :.-
v- I s vX
' y,"
You know,
that means
By "balancing" 6 different types
of home-grown tobaccos
By adding just the right amount
of the right kinds of Turkish
By blending and cross-blending
"welding" these tobaccos together
: We believe we have in Chester
field a dgarette that's milder and
tastes better.
'They Satisfy ' has always seemed
to us the best way of describing
what we mean by this milder better
II I II A'v. - Ht- : -
0 Liocstt a Mrna Toaioco Co
the cigarette that's milder the cigarette that tastes better
r k