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    PAcn six
u - ' ; , . . " . II
Scholarship Tea
' To be Given
: Today
THE annual scholarship loan
tea given by : the Woman's
lub will be held' this after
noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
- D. B. Jarman on S o n t h High
street, between the hours of 3 and
C o'clock. Business men are In
Tited to call after working; hours
as well as all . women of Salem
. and Tlclnity. :x "s, -: -"
- The Jarman home is exceeding
ly attractlTe for an affair of this
nature, being spacious and new.
Mrs. R. K. Meorhead will In
troduce to the line In which wilf
be Mrs. Clifton Mudd. president
of the Woman's club, Mrs. D. B.
Jarman; Mrs. J. H. Xauteman.
Mrs. C P. Bishop; Mrs. Fi-A.-. El
liott. Mrs. V. O. Shipley anjMrs
J. M. DeYers. rr V-.- ,.
- The tea table! will ' be cbrered
with a beautiful lace cloth and
: centered with a low bowl of mixed
spring flowers in shades - of yel
low, flanked by cream-colored, ta
kers in. carved wooden candle-
Presiding at the urns will be
Mrs. Percy Kelly. Mrs. J. N. Cham
bers, Mrs. George H. Swift and
Mrs. Dan Fry. Sr. Serving will be
Mrs. Albert Hunter, Mrs. Floyd
' White, Mrs. Laban Steeves, Mrs.
Roy Harland, Mrs. Oscar Cutler.
Mrs. Ray Schott and Mrs. Ralph
Jackson." 'x - v r 3 .
, Assisung aooui ine rooms win
be Mrs. William Fordyce Fargo,
Mrs; Milo Rasmussen, Mrs. C. K.
Snaaldlnr.Mrs. L. R. Clark. Mrs
William JIcGIkhrlst, Jr., Mrs. Da
vid Wright, Mrs. W. H.. Darby.
Mrs. R.- E. Carrier, Mrs. Parr,
Mrs. Ray, L. Farmer, Mrs. P. A.
Erixon, Mrs. Charles Galloway.
Mrs. Seymour Jones, Mrs. Grorer
C Bellinger. rs. Hal D. Patton.
Mrs. George Rossman and Mrs. W.
D. Smith, i
t ,Mrs. Percy R. Kelly is in charge
' of the music which wilt . include
vocal selections by Mrs. Harry
Barms and a trio of Miss Harriett
- Adams. Miss Margaret Magln and
Mrs. Roy Harland. 1
- .
..The Standard Bearer girls met
at the home of Miss Betty and
Miss Isabelle Stevens Monday
night. Miss OliTe Swingle presid
ed with Mrs. Lillian Hagman,
supervisor, assisting. Miss Eve
lyn Swingle led the devotions, and
Miss Barbara Jones gare the lee
son. Miss Loretta and Miss Wil-
letta Sneed played a piano, duet.
' Refreshments were served.
Independence New officers of.
the Stitch and Chatter club, ehos- ;
en at the last meeting at the
home of Mrs. Fred Marquis, are:
- President,! Mrs. Marquis; scribe,
Mrs. Karl Brers.
Hars is- a- atonninr new- frock
'designed for the woman whose fig
ure ia no longer slender, and, who j
,muft choose her frocks -wun-an
'eye to disguising bad, contours.
vTh .flattering eollaf - with ,f oft
.cowl" arap8,t ho d e p pobted
teaming and. pleat; in the skirt;
- and. the new sleeves wilt do won
ders. A mossy crepe, with daint
ty late vestee, makes excellent
fabric-'- medltrm -fiatin and; faille
'are equally good. Among the new
shades are plum, blackberry and
bottle greenwhile black; brown
- and- navy are. always smart and
correct;- c -;-"-'.'" ' i':
: Pattern,-1744 is available 1 n
' sixes 36, 38.. 40,, 42, 44.i4. 48
and,50. ' 8Ite 36 takes 4 t-i yards
39 .inch fabric, and 1-6- yard .6 H
Inch lace. - Illustrated teVby-tep
. ' sewing - instructions4 included.
IttM Wato tlSel ifeL Mtu
auapa (ootn pnttmdy ft tais
Asa AdsM vttra. WrlU . Jmiy
, addisM Sad styla inta. Bt
sars te stats sUa ;v-:r-.:.j:
. Tltsvsma'ttUoa f th Aaa
aaB-ptwiii book wmrhoiv r
mvs Bsy. Orsx. vow copy ty !
PrU-rt wUlog, is eeats. .-.Uatalog
aa4- sattsfa togctaer Z9 ecta, ; . -'
ASdross ordm to Tko r Orcgoa
SUtiimm fottora Dept, SIS Boata
CoaMoceUl attoot. : 8oiom -MaJto soo-Mary-
mcImum. row steor wiU M
fioatptiy ttoao4 ta.-..-
Oricra wtoourfly oro flBos witkt
(aa Sayo from tfeo Um toootvoa 1
IS atataoaua. .--;;-: : .
I- 1 Wmi M .h
News and Club
Jessie Steele,
j, Wednesday, January 10 . .
Salem high school P. T. - A. . evening , meeting -ln-school
library. Judge Rossman, speaker.
. W. F. M. S. of First M. E. church, 2:15 In church
-parlors. -- -.: " -
Woman's Missionary society of First Presbyterian,.
church, '2:20 p. m. in church parlors.
W. H. M. S.. Jason Lee church, at home Mrs. Walter
Barham. 1735 N. Fifth. 2:15 p. m. -
Scholarship loan tea at home Mrs. D, B. Jarman,
given: by Woman's club. - ' :
Philathean bible class. First Evangelical church, at
3 p. m. Hh Mrs. F. NIeswander, 1724 Chemeketa.
Carnation-club. Degree of Honor, at . home Mrs.
Fred O'Neil, 749 D, street, in afternoon.
Ladies guild, American Lutheran church, in social
rooms, installation of officers, 2:30 p. m.
W. H. M. S., Leslie Memorial church, at home Mrs.
T-Barkua, 2 pV m..K ' "' : : . . . .
Woman's Missionary society. Knight Memorial
church, 12:15 p. m. Luncheon at church.
- V. Thursday, January 11
Macabee Thimble club at home Mrs. Bertha Love
land, 405 S. 25th. 2 p. m.
-Westway club at home Mrs. Bertha Smart, 2475
Cherry street, 2 p. m.
Aid society, Women's Relief corps, at fairgrounds,
all day meeting. PoUuck dinner at noon.
Nile club luncheon and election of officers, 13
o'clock, Masonic temple.
Friday, January 12
Mother's study group, First Congregational church,
at home Mrs. Roger Myphing. 760 N. Summer, 2:30 p. m.
Public Installation of officers, Barbara Frietchie
camp No. 2, K. P. hall, 8 p. m.
Ladies of the Salem Dakota club, with Mrs. LcRoy
Harvey, 2396 N. Church, in afternoon.
Mother's Study group. First Congregational church,
at home Mrs. Roger E. Mything, 760N. Summer street,
2:30 p. m.
Neighbors of Woodcraft, public installation of offi
cers, fraternal temple, 8 p. m.
Woman's Missionary Society of the First Baptist
churcn meets with Mrs. Theo. Roth, 925 D street., 2 p. m.
; Saturday, January 13
Englewood Woman's club, at home Mrs. J. J. Nunn.
940 Nv 19th, 8 p. m. "
Irt lhe Valley
Social Realm
Silverton Scores of friends
called at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. E. Steen Friday after
noon And evening tcwish them
well on their 60th wedding anni
versary. Their two daughters.
Mrs. H. Gordon McCall of Port
land and Mrs. Elmer Johason of
Silverton gave a reception during
the afternoon and evening for
their parents.
Presiding at. the urns during
the afternoon were Mrs. C A.
Reynolds and Mrs. George Steel
hammer." Serving were Mrs. H. E.
Johns n, Mrs. Nelson Adams,
Mrs. E. Hotden and Mrs. Nels
Henjun. irsM. G. Gunderson
and Mrs. G. B. Bent on presided
during the evening and were as-
sisted by -Miss Kathryn McCall
of Portland; Mias Beverly. Bent-?
son, Mrs. E. Jay McCall of Sil
verton and Wallace McCall of
Mr. and Mrs. Steen were mar
ried at Brookings. Sooth Dakita
on January J, 1884. They moved
to Silverton on March 9, .1904
and have made their home here
Molalla. Honoring Dr. and
Mrs. J. V.' Robertson who have
j Just returned from a two weeks'
wedding trip to California. Mr.
E. G. Miller, an aunt, and Mrs.
Sidney Powers and Mrs. AUie
l Cutting, sisters of the bride, en
tertained Saturday night at a
large reception at the Miller
home. Over 80 guests called to
greet the young, couple. Mrs. Rob
ertson, formerly Vida Cole, is a
native daughter of this commun
ity and was, until her marriage
before Christmas, a teacher in tae
Portland schools. Dr. Robertson
has been in business in Molalla
about 10 years.
V Assisting the hostesses were
Mrs. William Masterton, Mrs. W.
W. Everhart and Mrs. F. M. Hen-
riksen, who served; Mrs. George
Case and Mrs. Everman Robbins,
who helped about the room, and
Virginia Shaver and Allen e Cut
ting,-who assisted in the dining
Music was furnished by Ben
Lindland and Mrs. Catherine
O'Connor, i - r
Special ' delivery letters and
telegrams, purporting to be from
such; people as Emily Post, Elea
nor Roosevelt and Molalla friends,
arrived during the evening filled
with good advice for Dr. and Mrs
After a abort trip to RIverton
to visit Dr. Robertson's parents,
the young couple will live at their
borne opposite tne.ntgn scneoi.
Parkersfille. An enjoyable
surprise party was given Satur
day night' In honor of Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Brown at their home.
The recently Observed; their 55th
wedding anniversary. '
At a late hour refreshments
were? served -to Mr. 'and Mrs.
W, B.-Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Ward
Manning, Mr. and- Mrs. George
Ramp, Mr. and Mrs, C. A. Hoover,
Rosalie Hoover, Mr. and. Mrs. C
M.-Vanzuyen, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Blaln Brown,
Mr. and Mrs.'. R. "Harrison,' Mr.'
H. Moore and Alva Morris of Sa
lem, N.iVansuy en- and . Mr. "and
Mr;? Ellis Stephens. . i
. . . O . . . J-i
Silverton, Mrs. E. W; Garret
was hostess at. bridge at her home
on Lewis- street- Saturday, ' Mrs,
Martin Waarvick scored high .and
Mrs Robert. Goets . second at the
three lab Its . which . were . in pis y.
Guests included ' Mrs. Waarvick,
Mrs. Goets,' Mrv E. Heald, Mrs,
Clarence Morley, Mrs. C I. Cooley.
Mrs. r J. Stayner. Mrs. F. M. Pow
ell. Mrs. E. Klimmek, Mrs. Clyde
Ramsby, Mrs.' Arthur Heater and
Mrsv Lv" n,. Tucker.
Society Editor
Methodist Missionary
Society Meets -
The W. F. M. S. of the First
Methodist church will meet this
afternoon in the church parlors at
2:15 o'clock. The business meet
ing will be followed by a program
and tea hour. All new, extension
and associate members of the so
ciety are special guests.
The rooms will be decorated
with greens and holly and 75
guests are anticipated.
mp. Koy Lrfcaenour s group
will have charge of the program.
Mrs. Roy Ohmart will lead the
devotions and Miss Gwen Gallaher
will appear in musical numbers.
Mrs. Lockenour will review "East
ern Women of Today and Tomor
Mrs. A. A. Schramm, "Mrs. B. L.
Steeves and Mrs.-E. C. Richards
will assist at the tea hour.
Waldo Hills At a quiet wed
ding performed In Salem Satur
day afternoon. Miss Veneta.Kaser
was married to Cleo McMorris.
The bride wore a gown of
Eleanor blue flat silk crepe. They
were accompanied by Mr. and
"Mrs. Johnny Brienner. . .
Mrs. McMorris Is the only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred D.
Kaser of the Evergreen district,
She was graduated .from the
Stayton high school and attended
Monmouth. For the past five
years she has been in the of flee
of the U. G. Shipley store and
has recently been made head of
the cashier department. Mr. Mc
Morris is a member of a bridge
crew and makes his home in Sa
The young couple returned to
the home of the bride and
reception was tendered them by
Mr. and Mrs. Kaser that evening
witn so guests in attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. McMorris are on
a short wedding trip and on their
return will reside in an apart
ment in Salem.
Brush Creek. Mr. and Mrs
Ole Hatteberg entertained at Sun
day night supper for the pleasure
of Mrs. John Isaacson, who has
been spending the holidays here
with.her mother, Mrs. Anna K.
Jensen and will leave here Thurs
day for her heme in Montana.
Make This
Somehow a" dachshund seems'
to be a jnirthrproYoklng dop. -Yea
can ; take your, choice in this' one
and make him 18 Inches long
a properly droll length for- a mas-
cottor LIS finches kng."for
more sedate pet or toy, - The pat
tern permits making him either
sise. His floppy ears add to His
rtattractiveaess;; whether ;,b-i
Mrs. Earl Cooley
Hostess to
vited members of her bridge
club to her home on Center
street for a dessert luncheon and
cards-this afternoon. " . '
The serving table will be cen
tered with a bowl.df. yellow "tor-
sythia and pussy willows. Mrs,
Carl Emmons is a special guest.
Bidden are Mrs. O. D. Adams,
Mrs. Keith Brown, Mrs. James
Burgess,: Mrs. . George Hug, Mrs.
Gardner Knapp, Mrs. Charles Mc
Elhinney, Mrs. Stephen Mergler,
Mrs: Oscar' Paulson. Mrs. Fred
Wolf, Mrs. Estill Brunk; Mrs.
George Rhotea, Mrs. Fred Dun
can, and hostess. Mrs. Earl Cooley.
Chemeteta PlajTs
Has Premiere -
"Heart Exchange," the current
production ' of the Chemeketa
Players, which opens tonight for
a week's run at the Nelson audi
torium, Chemeweta and Liberty
streets, is a three - act farce com
edy with action and laughs
throughout the entire two and
one-half hour of entertainment.
The action Involves a couple of
young men who become the op
erators of a matrimonial bureau
and before the final curtain comes
down they manage to indirectly
help in the -capture of a gang of
rum runners and succeed In get-
eing most of the friends and rela
tives all married to one another.
"Heart Exchange'' was written
by J. C. McMullen and is being
directed by Clifford Hurt. The
cast Includes many well - known
names in dramatic circles and
should guarantee a finished per-
formance. They are Arnold
Maizels, Keith MIddleton, "Pat
Peterson, Mike Panek, June Loch
ridge, "J a c q,u 1 e" H u g h e y
Mickey" Zerzan, Fred Remming
ton, "Tiny" Fraham, Jimmie Se-
hon and Katherine Barr.
Silverton A quiet family
dinner marked the 63rd wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A.
G. Steelhammer at their home on
Steelhammer road at Silverton
Friday night. Covers were placed
for the honor couple, for Mr. and
Mrs. John Steelhammer. Oscar
Steelhammer of Salem. Mrs. H
W. Steelhammer of Portland, and
Mr. and Mrs. George Steelhammer
and George Steelhammer Jr. Dr.
H. W. Steelhammer of Portland
was in eastern Oregon and was
unable to get away for the event.
Mr. and Mrs. Steelhammer were
married at Winona, Minn, in
1871. In 1882 they moved to
North Dakota and in 1891 they
came to Silverton where they
have since made their -home. Mr.
Steelhammer," who was born in
Sweden 87 years ago, has been
prominent in Marion county poli
tics ana - until the very recent
years, when he has not been as
strong as formerly, was in great
demand as a speaker. Mrs. Steel
hammer was born in Norway -83
years ago.
The children of Mr. and Mrs
Steelhammer are John, and
George of Silverton, Oscar of Salem;-
Dr. Steelhammer of Port
land, Louis Steelhammer and
Mrs. A. T. Allen of Palo Alto,
California and Arthur of San
Woodburn. -The Royal Neigh
bora of America, held their an
nual .Installation at the I.O.O.F.
hall Saturday night. Stella Galer
acted as Installing officer and
Rose Gibbens as ceremonial mar-j
shal. Those installed were: Mary
Gibson, oracle; Faye Dow, vice-
oracle; Rose Gibbens, past oracle
Stella Galer, chancellor; Minnie
Abraham, recorder; Laura Rice,
receiver; Anna Lichte, marshal
Agnes Jones, assistant marshal
Maude Sayre, inner sentinel; Dora
Gibbens, outer sentinel; Rose Gib
bens, manager.
Installation was followed by a
program in charge of Julia Brach
man. '
Labish Center Clyde Boehm
was complimented Thursday night
when his mother, Mrs. Harry
Boehm, entertained a group of
young folks in bono, of his 16th
Droll Dog
made of velvet 'of a cotton' print;
Pattern 617 comies to you wit hi
the- pattern for .the dog with ad
justment for either size; detailed
directions and -yardage - require-t
meets. -".' T." . i
Send Id cents for this pattern
to The Oregon Statesman Needle
craft Dept.. 216 South Commer
cial street. Salemi -
W.M.S;;Meets Friday,
At Roth Home : -
The Woman's Missionary soci
ety of the First Baptist eh arch
will meet with MrsT Theodore
Roth, 325 D street, next Friday
afternoon at 2 p. m. Mrs. Roth
will be assisted by u Mrs.- Mark
Skiff, Mrs. Will Morley Mrs. J.'
A. Gibson and Mrs. Marvin Roth.
Mrs. Floyd White is in charge
of the program on Alaska.' with
Mrs. W. L. Meeker. Mrs. C; D.
McCollough.- Mrs. J. A. Gibson
and Mrs. Floyd Starkey. Mrs. Mat
tie Clark Is to be devotional lead
er, .. - -
Special music,' a doet ''From
Greenland's- Icy Mountains," will
be sung by Mrs. A. A. Harms and
Mrs. Henry Turner,- Mrs. 'Clifton
Mudd will - give a n interesting-
book review, "People of the Twi
light." All women of the con
gregatlon are Invited to attend.
Alpha Phi Club
Meets Tuesday
The Alpha Phi Alpha. mother's
club met at .the chapter bouee
Tuesday afternoon. . Mrs. .J. D.
Foley presided at the short busi
ness meeting followed by a tea
hour and program. , ;1 ..4
Miss Jean McElhlnney sang, ac
companied by Miss Eva Cochran.
Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Ray
A. Yocum and Miss Margaret Mor
Present were Mrs. William E.
Kirk, Mrs. John B. Ulrich, Mrs.
James Taylor, Mrs. Lloyd Dror-
baugh, Mrs. C. F. Breithaupt,
Mrs. S. Dell Smith, Mrs. J. D.
Foley. Mrs. J. D, Odell, Mrs. Ma
son Bishop, Mrs. George Pearce,
Mrs. Charles B. Galloway, Mrs.
Charles McElhlnney, Mrs. Ray A.
Yocum, Mrs. Ruth Reed, Mrs. W.
A. Claudex. Mrs. B. A. Newman.
Mrs. David Drager, Mrs. Ray Oh
mart, Mrs. Mary Johnson, Mrs.
Rose Naef, Mrs. Pfenminge and
Mrs. C. E. Smith.
Hostesses for the next meeting
are Mrs. W. E. Kirk and -Mrs.
George Pearce.
The Mothers' Study group of
the First Congregational church
will meet Friday at 2:30 at the
home of Mrs. Roger E. Mything.
760 N. Summer St. Mrs. Ells
worth G. Ricketts and Mrs. R. H.
Stewart will be assisting hostess
es. G. H. Quigley will discuss
The Importance of Religious
Education for the Child."
The Nile club will meet for
luncheon at the Masonic temple
Thursday noon. Election of offi
cers will be held followed by a so
cial afternoon. The committee in
charge is Mrs. George H. Duns
ford, chairman, Mrs. Fred Crosby.
Mrs. Charles Pratt, Mrs. Fred Wil
liams and Mrs. John Imlab.
A limited amount of this
four hour dryinjr clear
varnish, made for sur
faces that receive hard
usage. Gives a tough
durable and lasting film
that will stand the
toughest use. A quart
for '
Assortment of good
grade round, flat, square
and half-round files in
lengths ranging from 12
to 18 inches. A real buy
at" .
flakes ; floor protection
economical. Put on a coat
or " two of this 7 Fisher
Thorsen -fkxr paint! and
then try to wear it Off .
YouTl find it the tough
'efitt .best; looking finish
you ever used. Buy-it at;
quartV - ' y '-
- r - -
Home With Notable Newlyweds ; 1
: -a
Both prominent figures m the public eye. James A. Reed, former United
States Senator from Missouri, and his bride of a few weeks, the
irM KT.ii n nAniwUv. r nictnred at the bride s home in Kansas
City, Mo- after they returned from their honeymoon. Mrs. Reed waa,
the heroine of a sensational kidnaping two years ago, when the ex-j
Senator played a prominent
Upset in Elks Tourney
Monday Night
A major npset marked the fin
ish of the third consecutive bridge
tournament conducted at the Elk's
club Monday night. There will be
five more in the series on suc
ceeding Monday nights.
Those placing first have never
attained that position in this tour
ney before, Mrs. Carl Armstrong
announced, and those who have
been ranking high fell down.
Awards were as follows:
North and south, first to Mrs.
Hollls Huntington and Mrs. Wal
ter Barsch; second to Earl Fisher
and Karl Corey.
East and west, first to Mrs.
Arthur Rahn and R. B. Taylor:
second to Mrs. T. A. Livesley and
Mrs. William Walton.
Turner. Mr. and Mrs. C. 0.
Bowman entertained at their
country home with a 1:30 o'clock
four-course luncheon, the occa
sion being their 29th wedding an
niversary. The table, beautiful in simpli
city of white linens, presented as
wedding gifts 29 years ago, was
further enhanced by candles of
- ,
We feel that present conditions jus
tify relieving our ' customers paying
for the unnecessary waste and ex
penses of a credit business.
Our savings through elimination of
waste and more economical operation
will be passed directly to our custom
ers in the form of lower prices.
Major items may be purchased on a
financing plan that we have success
fully used in the past. !
Pay Cash and Pay Less
Hardware -: Pmntir- Machinery ::. 7'
: - . and Plumbing -iV. ;
1 .
::: - :-'-SALEM,;0RE; : , vr;.-
: ' T -
lor the remainder or the week;
placed at your disposal. .. "
A 4
pan m odwuuob evvsb.
pastel shades in cut glass and sil
ver holders. Serving .were Miss
Ruth BowmaB, Glenn Bowman
and Mildred Lepley.
The guests: Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Weddle of Stayton. Mr. and Mrs
A. W. Stryker and son Raymond,
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Hollings worth,
Mr. and Mrs. Dave White and Mr.
and Mrs. L E. Lepley and son
Willard, al of Salem; little Char
lotte Carol-Lynn White of Turn
er, and the hosts.
Jefferson The Woman's Mis
sionary society of the Christian
church met Friday and heard an
Interesting program, led by Mrs.
Charles Loveland. Mrs. Charles
Hart told about beginning of the
Missionary work in India; Mrs. C.
Pratt gave a talk on the Burgess
National school; Mrs. Robert Ter-
hune gave a contrast of the mis
sionary work then and now; and
Mrs. McGilvary sang a solo.
The hosteses were Mrs., Guy
Aupperle, and Mrs. S. A. Pease.
Mrs. S. E. Hensen, Mrs. McGil
vary and Mrs. S. A. Pease were
special guests.
Roberts. The G. T. club will
be entertained January 18 instead
of Thursday at the home of Mrs.
1 Bud Stutsman.
, , .nmmmavtj UV1IUU'-J''-.'
Many astonishing bargains
, v
Salem Gamp Assists
At Installation -
',.- .
Members of Hal Hibbard camp
auxiliary of the U. S. W. V. as
sisted in the installation ceremon
ies of Ellas Hutcheson camp and
auxiliary of Woodburn Monday
night.,..- , s-:' .-!'--. -vr'".i v-
Department officers ; present
were Commander Harry V. Reed
Adjutant i George F. A. Walker,
President Elizabeth Reed, Corre
sponding Secretary and National
Musician, Myrtle Reed, an o i
Portland, - and Historian Crac
Mlckelson of Salem. : -
Lillian McKinley, tetlring pres
ident of thO-Hibbard auxiliary pre
sided for the. auxiliary nning th
natrlotic inaiuictox-and color team
from SaleaK-j Jilikabeth Reed act-
ed as lnsUlliag,fncer for th
auxiliary and ..Department Com.-
mander. Reed, assisted oy J..,B-
Chenoweth officer of the day,. in
stalled th officers of the camp.
A late supper and talks by de
partment heads featured the clou
of the evening. . f .M
Those making the trip from Sa
Jem were J. B. Chenoweth. E. 3.
Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Jotin sey
monr.- Mr. "and -.'Mrs. Charles Me
Kinley, M'.aod Mrs. Carle Ab;
rams, Mraj. Charles Greene, v Mr.
and Mrs.-John Beltelson and Mr
and Mrsj L. Miekelson. '-
Silverton Mrs. Ole Satern wit
hostess Monday, afternoon for Mrs
John Isaacson who will 1 e a v .
Thursday for her home in Mon
tana after spending the past thre
weeks here. Guests of Mrs. Saten.
Monday were Mrs. Isaacson. Mr
Oscar Satern, Mrs. Martin Hatte
berg, Mrs. Hans Jensen, Mrs. Vir
tor Madsen, Mrs. Anna K. Jensec
Mrs. Ben Funrue and Miss Lorec
Brush Creek. A no host sur
per party was enjoyed Sunda
night at the John Moe home whev
members of the Moe family gatb
ered in the middle Of the after
noon. Present Sunday were: Mr
and Mrs. Ben Funrue and family
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jensen an
family, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hai
teberg and family, and Mr. an
Mrs. Oscar Satern and family.
Dr. J. Vinton Scott
Office Phone . Home Phow S
0864 8559
S04-S 1st Katteval Bank Bldg. !
Salem, Oregon
o o o o
No. 8 Borne, all copper
heavy gauge wash boil-,
ers, with stationary
wood bandies, tight fit
ting covers and. heavy
steel rod. rim. Compare
quality! and price at
Gen uine-Bieed extra
heavy Noi ci tlvahized
.wash tubsfwith rigid
wood handles. A real spe
cial at
50 kegs of imported com
mon and box nails. Tp be
sold only m keg lots at
A" limited supply, of 26
inch round willow clothes
basket. Staunchly rein
forced rims at top and
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