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Social Activities of Year
Seen in Retrospect
By Scribe
mTTP! a
X well as new day inborn.
f illprf f n triA Virim with sAf?jl
did musical and dramatic presentations which have been
chronicled in these pages.
Social affairs may be termed the bubbles of last year's
cup. iney are cere iou-j auu
gone tomorrow. We snail let them
pass as pleasant memories with
out recalling specific areata.
Musical affairs hare been so
outstanding that they scarcely
need reminders. The thrill of the
Salem Philharmonic, the Port
land 8ymphony with Winifred
Bird, the MacDowell club con
certs and many more too numer
ous to mention is still fresh in the
- memories of 8alem music lovers.
Club activities are perhaps not
so well known. Many projects are
carried out year after year with
out general knowledge.
Salem has fire clubs whose rec
ords are of interest. The Zontas,
Business and Professional Wom
en, A. A. U. W., Woman's club
and Art's league.
Zonta Club
The Salem club of Zonta Inter
national Is a classified club of
business and professional women.
.Its objects are to encourage high
ethical standards of work, to
quicken interest of its members in
community welfare and to pro
mote good fellowship as an oppor
tunity to service. The Salem Zon
tlans hare cooperated in the past
year with other organizations in
civic and social enterprises and In
addition carried on a special pro
gram of assistance to high school
girls. Dr. Helen Pearce is pres
ident of the groy.
B. P. W. Club
The Business and Professional
Women's club launched and suc
cessfully put over a comprehen
sive program of education con
cerning underlying economic con
ditions contributing to the depres
sion. Co-operation 'with the NRA pro
gram was pledged and later the
"Buy Now" campaign. Activities
sponsored by the Salem chamber
of .commerce were heartily sup
ported. The dedication of Silver
Falls park and community pro
grams were among those to which
the Salem club contributed. The
Oregon Red Cross conference was
. attended by representatives! A
suggestion by the club looking to
ward civic improvement was the
installation of traffic signals in
Salem. A scholarship loan fund is
maintained by the club and the
education of the under-privileged
child is stressed. Mrs. Winifred
Herrick heads the group.
iA. A. r. w.
The American Association of
University Women raised funds
for their contribution to a nation
al fellowship, a state scholarship
and a local fund of over $1006 to
be lent to Willamette university
girls. The purpose of the organiz
. ation is to further educational
and legislative projects. Miss Le
lia Johnson is the president.
Woman's Club
The Woman's club, one of Sa
lem's largest and most active or
ganizations, has a membership of
209 and has as its object to se
cure action in intellectual philan
thropic and social tivitles.
Besides the , bi-monthly meet
ings of the specialized groups
z within the club, there are held
monthly social meetings which
this year centered around the mo
tif of "Women of the World"
They were in the nature of trav
elogues and exhibits of art, Liter
ature and costumes together with
music made them both interesting
and instructive.
The clubhouse is also used as a
home for many other organlza
tions and the use of the building
Is often donated for worthwhile
, occasions. This year regular class
es In hygiene will be held there
" under the guidance of a Marion
county health nurse.
Special benefit programs, mu-
aicales, art exhibits and teas are
- given each year for the Children's
; Farm Home, hospitals and instl
' tutions, and for the T. W. C. A.
, scholarship loan fund. A special
; prize is being offered this year by
t the club to the school child writ
ing the best composition on the
N. R. A. Mrs. Clifton B. Mudd la
: president of the Woman'icltnf:''
. Arts League -
V The Salem Arts league or
ganized in' 1911, strives to de
; velop the creative powers of Its
members and to promote an ac
tive Interest In and appreciation
' of the fine arts and literature.
Open, meetings of the league are
: held each month at the public
library and section or classes are
conducted under the direction of
the league which meets oftener.
. Any five or more members of
.. the league desiring to form a
. new section may do so, subject
to the approval of the league.
The. sections differ from year
to year according to the general
aemana. only one section has
, - - " i
since the organization of the
league, the modern writers sec-
; 520 Slate St. -
The past 12 months have been
vpnt. nhth artivifipa sinrl KnTen-
tion, which always has a waiting
list. ' Tt would be desirable to
have a new section to Include
eligible members.
Programs presented this year
included nir.tnres and lectures
from the state forestry depart
ment under the rtlrArtlnn of the
state forester, Lynn F. Cronemill-
er; original writing presented oy
memcers or. the writers ciuo;
travelogues and lectures: togeth
er With reviews of th books
given to the city library during
tne past six months.
One or more art exhibits are
held each year under the direc
tion of the league. These are in
charge of the art director who
tnlA Tear la Hr R T? Lsnrhlln.
A recent exhibit of paintings by
Rev. Melville T. Wire was held
and a second exhibit will be
given in the spring by a local
artist, Ralph Gilbert.
Mrs. William Fordyce Fargo
is president of the league.
Bridge Supper
at Craven
late supper were riven by
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Craven
Thursday night in their home on
Kingwood Heights.
Four tables were in play and
guests were seated at one long
table at the supper hour. The
rooms were festive with Christ
mas decorations including a bean.
tlfully decorated tree and liehted
wreaths in the windows.
Bidden were Miss Loraine
Has?. Miss Bertha Preul. Mis
Hazel Shutt, Miss Jessie Steele,
Miss Lois Steinke. Miss Roberta
Varley, Miss Alma McDonald. Dr.
Louis Schoel, Henry Rorlg, Arn
old Taylor, Cecil Espy, Paul Ty
ler, Martin Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Vic Jones and hosts, Mr. and
Mrs. Ronald Craven.
Mrs. Mabel Powers
Has Party
Mrs. Mabel S. Powers enter
tained her junior students with
a studio party last week. Greens
and lighten Christmas tapers pro
vided the decorative note.
Musical games were played and
presents distributed following a
short program. Reireshments
were served by the hostess assist
ed by Jewell Minier, Marie Cow
den, and Jack Powers.
Present in addition to the
above were Jerry Wolf, Mojesku
Goetlng, Harriet Hawkins, Dor
othy Cady, Mirzel Mohr, Edith
Mohr, Jean Busick, Stuart Comp
ton, Laura Kate Griffith, Jean
Myers, Janice Myers and Ruth
Van Orsdal, Robert Van Orsdal,
Jack Crider and Jane Crlder from
Swimming Party Gay
Affair Friday
A swimming party at the T. M.
C. A. followed by a late supper at
the hosts' home was given by Mr.
and Mrs. Marion Curry Friday
The table was centered with
holly and green tapers. The eve
ning was spent informally follow
ing the dinner.
Bidden were Mr. and Mrs. Paul
ActonMr. and Mrs. Ralph Kletz
lng, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Marsters,
Harold McMillan, Mr. and Mrs
F. D. Volght, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
A. Lee, Miss Jeannette Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. John Marr, Jr., Mr.
and Mrs. Emmett Welling, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Scott and hosts,
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Curry.
Stayton Fernando Smith
and Walter Bell were hosts at a
large dancing party in the For
ester hall, which had been at
tractively decorated in keeping
with the holiday season. About
100 of the younger set attended.
In keeping with the holiday
season, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Ha
gen entertained a few friends
Thursday evening. Bridge was
played with prizes for high score
going to Mrs. Geo. Duncan and
Harry Humphreys. Guests were
Mr. and Mrs. V. Tuel. Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Humphreys, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs.
Sim Etzel and Dr. and Mrs. G. F.
Miss Edythe Britton, Sacramen
to, Miss Alma Anderson and
Ralph Wickle of T.n. An-1.
"-o vk me aaagnus swan-
"?? fm"r elr homeon Fair-
house guests of the Magnus Swan-
mont hill. Thar vr all fm .
friends In the east.
Han today to let us take a set
of portrait studies in your
home. Youll be delighted with
the naturalness of pose and ex
pression when taken amid home
GunneD-Robb Studio
Phone 5572
Concert to be
Tuesday which la attracting
mucli favorable comment la
the choral concert by the Salem
Madrigal club and the Civic Male
chorus, assisted by Mary Tal-
maage ueaaricK, violinist.
The concert will be given In
Waller hall at 8 o'clock. Pro-
ceeds will go to further tubercu
losis work in Marlon county un
der the sponsorship of the Mar
ion county public health associ
ation. Prof, E. W. Hobsoa conduct
the groups and Mrs. Kenneth
Kicn and Ruth Bedford are the
The program la as follows:
Chan We Hrma GrtekIaoli
uuifu nmo iaa urns u U-orma
PrmUa Tha Lord Raehmaaiaofi
M.drij.l Club tad Civie Male C-oru
Violin ZifaaaenraaMm . BaraMt
Mary Tabaada Baaariek
Dear Land of Horn Jeaa SDxUas
via Mala Caero
Kerry Tnlatioa (from "Ckriataas
Right") 1 Bteaky-Konakott
Bataiii Carol (tram "tffcrUtnaa
Nisht') Slmaky-Kmakatf
vrrio. saia uooras ana Maartni tiaa
From tka rxert . Fretaana
C1t1 Mala Caoraa
Pata Mooa - . Lotaa-Kralflar
ucoeiirsaa KMUlaf
Marr Talma dra Haadrutlc
Waaderia' Calaaa
Dar'i Kwlna to ba a Landilide, Strleklaai
R IV RartAn anil fHwiM VTat- nk. .
John Feel Old English Boating1 Soar
jrr. by Sydor
The nersonnel of the nivla Mai
chorus includes the following:
First tenors: Wendal Robinson.
Ronald Craven, Dan Schreiber,
Homer Smith, Jr., LowaU Will,
C. E. HallowelL Second tennra?
Arnold Taylor, Manville Petteys,
O. K. DeWitt, H. B. Glalsyer,
Dan Berkemeier, Flrat bass:
RonaM Hewitt, Herbert Hobson,
u. u. Barton. Earl Neal. Carl
Lansing. R07 Warren, Second
bass: J I. Teed. Fref I" ir t?-
Warren, Paul Silke. Rols Glad
Those in the Madrigal chorus
are: First soprano: Aldeane
Smith, Lillian Scott, Lucille Miles
Lra A. Butler, Marlon Wilbur,
Charlotte Fake. Maraarette Mav
Thompson, Eleanor Henderson.
Mrs. O. D. Adams. Second so
prano: Ruth Bedford. Franre-
Nelson. Marie Patton. Ja-'ea Dim.
nican, Dorria Turrell, Earnest Ar-
aeue, Elizabeth Loone-. Grace Tia-
Harpport, Lois Scott. First alto:
KUtn Douglas. Mina Ott. Hasel
Schutt, Bertha Preul. Ada Lee.
Arbutus Rudy. Second alto-
Grace Fawk, Louise A. Milton
berger Erma Swadell, Pearl Eyre,
Anna Powell. Esther Ferguson.
Evangelical Church
Has Meet
Members of the Evangelical
church had an interesting meeting
Friday night. The opening service
consisted of devotlonals led by the
pastor, Dr. E. W. Petticord. Under
his chairmanship, different active
organizations of the church re
ported on their year's activities.
Progressive reports were given by
the Sunday school, board of trus
tees, class leader, budget treasur
er, commissary department. La
dies' Aid, Woman's Missionary so
ciety, Intercessory Prayer groups,
Christian Endeavor, and Mission
Officers were elected as follows:
For the Sunday school, L. L.
Thornton, superintendent; Leroy
Rudin, assistant superintendent;
LaVerne Hewitt, secretary, and
Dr. Lloyd Hockett, treasurer. J.
A. Remington and William Rot
tlnk were elected as trustees.
Dr. Petticord gave a detailed re
port concerning things that had
been done and labor that had been
donated during the year and out
lined a program of activity for the
year 1934. At the close of his re
port he was presented with a fine
gift by the congregation and with
a list of signatures pledging their
support and cooperation in the
work of the church for the coming
Miss Mable Dotson
Is Hostess
Miss Mable Dotson invited a
group of young friends to her
home Friday for an evening b f
bridge. A buffet supper was serv
bridge. A buffet supper was
served late.
Honors at cards went to Miss
Kay Croier and Miss Frances.
Bidden were Miss Lola Schulx,
Miss Clara Homyer, Miss Ruth
Kolbe, Miss Kay Croser, Miss
Frances Graham. Miss Clarice
Kolbe, Miss Bette Dotson and the
hostess, Miss Mable Dotson.
m is Kf "a if n 8
Directed by Mrs.
Reservations May be ftlade at The Oregon Statesman,
9101 Admission 50c
Studio at the Marion Hotel Closed until Jan. 9, 1934
i i
Tournament Conductor
V s
. 1
' s"t it
-i- L
Mrs. IViUiam H. Quinn wUl greet the many friends she made
aunng ner recent ormge activities tn the capital city next
Tuesday night when she directs the benefit card party for
the Oregon branch of the American society foi the control
of cancer. Miss Bette Harrild is assisting her. The affair
begins at 8 o'clock in the Elks temple. Reservations may be
made at the temple.
Brass Family Examined
In Orchestra Series
THE brass family is the loudest section of the symphony or
chestra. Its four members are like a quartet of soprano,
alto, tenor and bass voices. The instruments are made of
metal, not always brass colored, and are blown upon to pro
duce sound.
The trumpet, looking somewhat like a bugle, is the so
prano and has a commanding and
brilliant tone. It is often used in I Jessie Morley, George C. Mourer
martial, warlike music.
The alto voice the solemn, pa
thetic, or romantic French horn, is
a difficult instrument to play. It is
Identified by its many feet of tub
ing, all colled around and around
into various shaped curlicues.
The person who plays the slide
trombone, the noble tenor voieed
instrument of the brass family,
must have a perfect ear to slide
the long tubes of the instrument
to the correct places for the notes,
detected only by the ear. If he
slides them too far, or not quite
far enough, he would create great
discord in the music.
Lastly, the dignified and power
ful toned tuba la the bass instru
ment of the brass quartet, To see
what it looks like, watch for the
largest metal horn in the next con
cert of the Salem Philharmonic or
chestra. (Note: This is the second of a
series on the four families of a
symphony orchestra. The next will
appear in an early issue.)
Two Anniversaries
To Be Feted
Fifty years ago the following
article appeared in the Abiline
Chronicle: "Of course we expect
Kansas to lead the world. Other
states do their best and then Kan
sas goes several better. That is
what Kansas is for. We read of
double weddings In other places,
but In our banner county, we can
report five weddings in one day
in oh house, and it was a very
cold day, too. If we had had our
usually bright sunny weather, we
don't know where the end would
have been, for our stock, of old
bachelors is still large and var
ied, and during the next 12
months will be closed out for less
than cost. The pleasant ceremon
ies were performed by the Rev.
F. S. Allman at the residence of
A. C. Snook, in Newbern township
and the 'happy couples' were Bur-
ton Beamer and Laura B. Bene-
dlok, Harmon Snook and Emma
Morley, George B. Roloson and
January 2,
8 o'clock
Wm. H, Quinn
(ft -
: ,C TO.V v.J -X- .' .
'1 -Cj' 3 1
and Mary Jane Morley and David
Mathena and Hulda Morley. The
best wishes of the Abiline Chron
icle go with them."
Emma, Mary Jane and Jessie
Morley were all sisters. Hulda
Morley and Harmon Snook were
brother and sister.
All the men are living. Two
couples are complete and will
celebrate their golden wedding
New Year's day. They are Mr. and
Mrs. Harmon Snook, residents of
this city for the past 41 years,
and Mr. and Mrs. George C.
Mourer, now residing in Eugene.
Mr. and Mrs. Snook are hav
ing a homecoming for their sev
en children and families who are
aa follows: Mr. , and Mrs. Lou
(Ella) Traver of Corvallls, Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse (Fay) Traver and
three children of Albany, Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. (Ada) Ireland and
son of Forest Grove, Mr. and Mrs.
Oral (Emma) Lemmon and two
children of Salem, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Snook and three children
of La Grande, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn
Snook of Eugene and Lolus 8nook
of -Corvallls. Among those pres
ent will be four great-grandchildren.
0 0 0
Independence. Miss Wanda
Messinger was the hostess for a
delightful party for the music
class of Miss Margaret Hogg of
Silverton fThe Auxiliary sew
ing club will meet Wednesday ev
ening at the home of Mrs. Harry
Bentson on East Main street.
Jim n&jjjb.
Formal Event
Held Before
II were hosts -Saturday night
for a beautifully appointed
formal dinner. preceding the Sub
scription club dance.
The table was centered with
polnsetlas guarded by. tall green
Covers were laid for Mr. and
Mrs. E. T. Pierce, Mr. and Mrs.
Karl O. Becke, Dr. and Mrs. C.
C. Newcastle of Portland, Mr. and
Mrs. V. R. Griggs. Mias Judith
Walen and John MacDowell of
Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Locke, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Lam
port, Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Edwards,
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLelland. Dr.
and Mrs. Prince Byrd, Mr. and
Mrs. D. A. Toung, Mr. and Mrs.
Curtis Cross, Dr. and Mrs. W. H.
Lytle and hosts, Dr. and Mrs.
David B. Hill.
0 0 0
Mrs. Wright Hostess
At Bridge Tea
Mn. David Wright presided at
a bridge tea Saturday afternoon
in compliment to her daughter,
Mrs. Willis Danforth of Corvallls.
Poinsettias and holly provided
the decorative note.
Bidden were the honor guest,
Mrs. Danforth, Miss Margaret
Wagner, Miss Esther Glbbard,
Miss Dorothy Moore, Miss Kay
Goulet, Miss Myra Belt, Miss
Peggy Goodfellow, Miss Virginia
Holt, Mrs. Gordon Bennett of Al
bany, Miss Margaret Heltzel, Mrs. j
Marvin Headrick, Miss Margaret
Engel of Portland, Mrs. Frank
Shafer, Miss Roberta Mills, Miss
Ruth Flck, Miss Ruthlta Hoffnell,
Miss Jeanne Wilson, Miss Margar
et Wilson.
Miss Louise Cook, Miss Mar
garet, Miss Kay and Miss Dothea
Corey, Miss Margaret Brown of
Baker, Miss Henriette White, Mrs.
George Emigh of Burns, Mrs.
Charles Claggett, Mrs. Robert
Ramsden, - Mrs. Hubert Ashby,
Mrs. Homer Smith, Jr., Miss Cyn
thia Delano, Miss Yvonne Smith,
Miss Billie Cupper, Miss Mary
Cupper, Mrs. George Beechler of
Woodburn, Miss Margaret Drag
er, Miss Iris Jorgenson, Miss
Josephine McGllchrist, Miss Mar
garet Burdette, Miss Margaret
SImm8, Miss Hattte Ramp, Miss
Esther Wood, Miss Jean and Miss
Dorothy Eastridge, Miss Kay
Laughridge, Miss Margaret Sav
age, Miss Hazel Johnson, Miss
Eloise Wright and hostess, Mrs.
David Wright.
o o -.0
Buffet Luncheon Fetes
Miss Hoffnell
A smart buffet luncheon Friday
afternoon at the George A. White
residence was given in compliment
to Miss Ruthla Hoffnell, who will
leave for the orient this coming
Miss Henriette White and her
sister, Mrs. George E. Emigh of
Burns, were hostesses. An after
noon of bridge followed the lunch
eon hour.
Present to wish Miss Hoffnell a
pleasant Journey were Miss Myra
Belt, Miss Barbara Delschneider,
Miss Margaret Wagner, Miss Mar
garet Wilson Miss Jeanne Wilson,
Miss Kay Corey, Miss Peggy Good
fellow, Miss Kay Laughridge, Miss
Prise ilia Fry, Miss Margaret Dra
ger, Miss Louise McDougall, Miss
Margaret Engel, Miss Dorothy
Moore, Mrs. Frank Shafer, Mrs.
Clayton Foreman, Mrs. Vernon
Perr, Mrs. WlUis Danforth of Cor
vallls and the hostesses. Miss
White and Mrs. Emigh.
Orchard Heights Mrs. Ray
Barker and Mrs. Frank Wilson
entertained Thursday afternoon
from 1:30 to 4 o'clock at the
Barker hour tor the small mem
bers of the Sunday school classes
of which they are teachers. Pres
ent were Shirley and Ammon
Adams. Irene Grice, Barbara Jean
knd Virginia Lee Cox, Donald
Wilson, Norma Jean and Calvin
Kennedy, Armon McDowell, Mil
ton Southwick. Ruth and Fern
Wilson, Lona May and Jeanette
Babe of 1934 to Rece me.
Joyous Welcome in 4
' Salem Sets
NEW YEAR'S weekend is always a time of social celebra-
tion and this one is no exception. Dances, informal "at
homes," Sunday night suppers and gay Monday dinners are
all scheduled to take place. '
Two of the largest affairs were given last night The
Tillicum dancing club enjoyed a formally appointed dinner'
at the Marlon followed by an eve-
sing of dancing. Holly wreaths In
the windows and garlands of ever
green entwined with colored lights
made the rooms festive. Special
favors were distributed following
the 7:30 o'clock dinner.
Many out-of-town guests were
Invited by club members to the af
fair. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Piasecki
has aa guests Mr. and Mrs. Erie
Fulgham of Dallas; Captain and
Mrs. W. E. Vincent Invited Cap
tain and Mrs. Lee Merrill from
Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Good
man had as guests Mr. and Mrs.
James Goodman of Portland; "Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Crlder of Dallas
brought with them Dr. and Mrs.
A. B. Starbuck of that city; Mr.
and Mrs. Leif Bergsvik invited
their house guests, Mr. and Mrs.
E. R. Merrill of Portland; and
Mr and Mrs. Harry Weldmer
were hosts to Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Frlesen of Portland.
The Subscription club danced at
the Masonic temple Saturday night
in a beautiful formal yet holiday
atmosphere. Many small affairs
preceded the-dance and a large
no-host buffet dinner was given
in the banquet hall of the Marion
for 45 couples.
Mr. and Mrs. Wolcott Buren
have Invited a small group of
friends to call Sunday night.
Bridge and dancing will be en
Joyed. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Fidler will
entertain 12 couples tonight with
a buffet supper and evening of
Mrs. Clifford Brown will be at
home to the friends who are in
vited annually to call on New
Tear's eve. She has In addition
four house guests from Roseburg.
Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Stewart and
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Donnelly.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Livesley will
have as dinner guests Monday Mrs.
M. V. McDonald from San Fran
cisco and Robert Livesley of Yaki
ma, sister and brother of Mr.
Livesley, Leighton Gee of Hollis
ter, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Pauius and family and Tom, Rod
dy and Miss Patsy Livesley.
Mrs. Margaret LeFurgy has in
.vited 14 to dine with her and
members of her family Monday
compUmenting Mrs. Homer Smith.
Sr., on her birthday anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Johnson
and Captain and Mrs. W. E. Vin
cent wUl be Joint hosts at the Vin
cent home Monday afternoon and
evening. Thirty-five couples have
been invited to call Informally in
cluding the following out-of-town
guests: Captain and Mrs. A. Lee
MerrUl, Captain and Mrs. Gordon
Stryker, Captain and Mrs. Karl
Glof and Lieutenant and Mrs. T.
A. Davis, all of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bates will
entertain 16 family guests Mon
day at dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Griggs will
be at home this afternoon in hon
or of their house guests. Miss Ju
dith Walen and John MacDowell
of Seattle.
Major-General and Mrs. George
A- White will hold their annual
open house for officers and wives
Complete with
shart pbo, finger
wave and haircut.
Genuine $5.00 Wavart
i-ermanent Wave
Finger Wave.. .25
Marceli .25
Shwnpooi ,15
"ST a t P u g e n gH I fc a "j
127137 New P BM
. .
. of the national guard and reserve ,
corps stationed In Salem and vi
cinity Monday afternoon from 1
to 3 o'clock.
New Year WM
be Greeted
A SUNDAY night supper and
watch party will be given
tonight by Mr. and Mrs. J.
T. Delaney in their home on
North Summer. Guests will be '
served at small tables and Talis
man roses and red tapers will be ,
about the rooms.
Bidden are Major and Mrs. E.
V. Wooton, Mr. and Sirs. Curtis
H. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
Endicott, Mr, and Mrs. Joseph .
Hermann, Mr. and Mrs. Willis
Vincent', Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mer
rill of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Hurst, Mr. aand Mrs. Reed RowJ
land, Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Thom
as, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hulsey,
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Lambeth, Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. Woodrow, Mr. f
and Mrs. V. E. Hockett, Mr. and
Mrs. Leif Bergsvik.
Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Benson, A
Mr. aand Mrs. E. R. Merrill of
Portland, Mr. and Mrst V. P. Mc
Namara of Olympia, Wash., Mr.
and Mrs. T. L. Kuhns, Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Eakin of Dallas. Mr. 1
and Mrs. Erie Fulgham of Dal
las, Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Owen,
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Carson, Mr. '
and Mrs. Harris Lietz, Mr. and
Mrs. Dean Adams of Salt Lake v
City, Utih, and the hosts, Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Delaney.
o o o
Y Organizations Have ,
Party Friday
The Y's Menettes entertairied
the Y Breakfast club Friday night
at the home of Dr. and Mrs. V. A. ,
Douglas. Games were the diver
sion of the evening and refresh
ments were served late. Mrs.
Floyd Miller, Mrs. Glen Holman
and Mrs. Arthur Bates assisted
with serving.
Those present included Dr. and
Mrs. C. A. Downs. Mr. and Mrs. .
J. E. Blinkhorn, Dr. and Mrs. V.
A. Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Tink
ham Gilbert, Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd
Hockett, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hol
man, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. George Rhoten. Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Scott, Dr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Waters, Mike Pan
ek, Mrs. Floyd Miner. Mrs. Floyd "
Bates and Mr. and Mrs. Ross
Miles, special guests.
Dii. J.
Vinton Scott
Office Phone Home Phone
6964 8559
804-5 1st National Bank BIdg.
Salem. Oregon j
Genuine $3.50 Mod
ernistic or Tulip Oil
perm, ae;
Complete with Shampoo)
Finger Wave and Haircut
Practice Finger
Wave 15
Practice Comb
! Waves L..L... .15
Practice Marcels Free
Endura Oil Croq.
(2nd Floor)
Phone 8141