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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon, Sunday Morning, December 31, 1933
'Trattic Bfen Active Salem's i
; traffic officers yesterday arrested
fire motorists on traffic law vlola-
tions. Those arrested ana charges'
. against them were; Robert B.
. Brennan; 740 ferry 'street, and"
Owea GUstrap, route 2,' speeding.
f Willie Stalnke, It 96 Mission driT-
Ing with cutout open; John. Henry
- Lunn, Corvallis, failing to stop,;
Witten Shaw. 170. North- Sum
mer, passing on an Intersection. In
. municipal court. Gilatrap, pleaded.
guMy and ' Judge Mark Poufcen
suspended his. driving. license for
. one week.- --, - - 1- '"" v-
. Old time ani modern r Dancing
Mellow Moon starting Wed.- Niter
ainC Music f by Gordon We
ley'4 popular orchestra, Adm. 25e.
Ladies free till :30: Tr :
Make 'Answer XTlhet
s Kummel and" . Mildred . Rosalie
- Kummel Arvidson; execqtriees of
the estata of th lata TTnn TTnm-
ineL; filed answer yesterdav In clr-
iuu cuuf i a suit recenuy that plaintiff Is not entitled.
,. to foreclose- a. mortgage, against;
the estate Inasmuch as she.agreed!
Auguat21S3.4.'provided taxes were-
. paid. Defendants allege their part'
v of the .contract was fulfilled. , '
: H. Brown Ontario: baafiled.
with the state engineer appuca-
uon 10 annroDriate 4& mcnes oi
; water from Sherwood lake; trlb-
ntary of -Snake river, for the ir-
i - . a tr . a t M a
TisLtou si it acres oi iaaa i n
Malheur county.1 A. W. Johnson
of- Wallowa seeks to appropriate
four second feet of water from
Boyd creek,, tributary of Wallowa
rlTer, for the Irrigation of 10 acres
tn Wallowa county.
Wanted furniture phone 5110.
' Stamps Securities Stamps
which the Stafford Plan, I n c,
proposes to sell to merchants for
the relief of needy citizens are
securities wltrin the meaning of
the law, and subject to supervis
ion by the state corporation de
partment. Attorney General Van
Winkle held in an opinion hand
ed down Saturday. The opinion
was requested "by Charles H. Car
ey, state corporation commission
er. Dane old time and modern at j
Mellow Moon Wed. Nite. Music
everyone can dance to by Gor-
don Wesley's orchestra. Adm. 25c.
Ladies free till 9:30.'
Simmeral Held Wayne Sim
mer al, charged with non-support
. of his wife and children at Silver
ton, was held in the couD'r jail
last night after he had waived re-
- liminary hearing and had been
bound to the Marion county grand
Jury. " Simmeral was arrested by
' Marion county officers Saturday
near Turner where he was cottinr
. wood. He is said to have left his
family last May.
To Issue Licenses First 1934
dog licenses were applied for Sat
urday at the county clerk's office.
No licenses, will be officially is
sued until the new year. Under
existing laws, all dogn over eight
months of age must be registered
and the license moneys paid not
later than March 1. 1934. One
dollar Is the charge for males, $2
for females.
Remember the Argo Sunday and
New Tear's Day for that famous
. toast turkey, goose, duck or chick
en dinner. Only 60c.
Amends Complaint - Leon V.
r Childs filed an amended complaint
In circuit court here yesterday
k against O. H. Brougher and sev
eral others. Plaintiff -asks for $145
allegedly due on a mortgage along
' with costs and accrued interest.
After handling trusses many"
years we have decided the';
is the best on the market, and
is the answer to all rupture suf
f (mill, efficient.
L-no steel to rust, no elastic, no
. a ltla
pressure on me Daca or
no leg straps, weight ox. No
matter how good your truss Is
If interested In the newest and
best see this one. Free demon
stration. All work done subject
to your Doctor's approval.
405 State, Corner Liberty
j I- '-Telephone 3118 v
; Shanzhai Cafe
Chinese an American' Dishes
5 Draught .Beer r 5
Saturday open It a.ns. to S a.m.
r Sunda 1 1 a.m. ta 1 a.m. ;
tA2U ; N. Coo1 - , Tel- a??
' When you have a 5 pre
scription Tto fill ; ' .
when, you needisome
- "thing in an emergency
. don't hesitate to
, cab on us. , . "
' t ' Only, registered phar-;
rnacists f ill yqiirphy
.; r- 'sician'aiprescrjption.
" YouTcan i.'rely i oif its
accuracy. - - f ; . , -
; ,vOrgf.,-;:;;V
, Prescriptions: :
135 N. Comsnerelal "- Dlnl 1W
Th Original r Tellnw Front
Candy Special Stor of Salens
Three ', Mishaps Reported
Three minor automobile collisions
were - reported to city police yes
terday, involving the following:
Arthurs Eld,, 1065 . Eriison street,
driylnf a street bus, and Warren
Butleri 135 North Liberty, at
High and Rural; C. . B. McCul
longbV 285 West Lefelle, and Ed
die Pbmeroy; Independence, at
Marlon and Higjfj; Edna Head
rlck, Monmouth, and Mrs. M. A.
Cable, on Commercial near State.
Schett Posts Bond George
Schett, route 2, posted a property
bond for 500 In municipal court
yesterday to obtain his release
from rtho city JaU where' he was
lodged Friday night-on a charge
of drunken driving. He was arrest
ed at 18 th and State streets toU
lowing a collision between his car
and one driven by Homer Worth
Ington, 705 ferry street.
55c Turkey Dinner New Tear's
Day, Knight's Memorial church.
Ellis to Pay S3 - Edwin H.
Ellis. 2030 Xorth Commercial
Street, pleaded guilty In munici
pal eour yesterday - to a charge
of reckless driving and then
promised to pay the $5 penalty
assessed by Judge MarkPoulsen
within two weeks. Selchl " Yama
giushi; 445 Ferry, admitting fail
are to stop at a through street,
paid a 12.50 fine.
Bicycle Condition "Bad" Mel
vin Symmonds. 994 South 21st
street, in reporting to city police
yesterday that his bicycle had
been run over by a car driven
by H. P. Welter, Stayton, at 911
Oak street, stated, "condition of
bicycle bad." The bicycle was
lying in the street when hit by
the car, Welter reported.
Time and money invested in a
usable education is a safe in
vestment something unusual
these days. The Capital Business
college is the place to secure It.
Enroll this week.
Extra Papers Available Addi
tional copies of today's issue of
The Oregon Statesman are avail
able for mailing to friends in the
state or elsewhere. The price Is
five cents a copy. Orders will be
taken by the circulation depart-
ment of the paper and extra copies
j mailed direct to any address eiven
by the Purchaser.
Extra Papers Available Addi
tional copies of today's issue of
The Oregon Statesman are avail
able for mailing to friends in the
state or elsewhere. The price is
five cents a copy. Orders will be
taken by the circulation depart
ment of the paper and extra copies
mailed direct to any address given
by the purchaser.
Turkey Dinner 40c. Presbyterian
church. Jan. 1st, 5 to 7 p.m. Tel.
Burreil Fined 3 Pleading
guilty , in municipal court yester
day to a charge of reckless driving
on a turn, James Burreil, 500
North 20th street, promised with
in ten days to pay the $5 fine 're
posed by Judge Mark Poulsen. He
was arrested Thursday.
Estate Appraised The es
tate of the late Emma W. Rod
gerg has assets valued at $390",
according to an appraisal filed in
probate court Saturday. Preferred
stock of the Oregon Pu,p &
Paper company is appraised at
50 cents on the dollar of par
Scrumptious New Year's Dinner.
60c. Spa.
No Monday Luncheon Be
cause of the New Year's holiday,
no Monday luncheon will be held
at the chamber of commerce. The
regular weekly gatherings will be
resumed Monday, January 8.
In this city, Saturday, December
30, Ella Bowman, resident of In
dependence. Survived by daughter,
Mrs. L.. F. Weisse of Hebo. and
son, Peter Maydole of Palisade,
Minn. Funeral announcements lat
er from W. T. RIgdon it Son mor
tuary. Robertson
Benjamin E. Robertson, at the
residence, 105 East Miller street.
Saturday, December 30, at the
age of 77 years. Survived by wid
ow, Ida Robertson of Salem ; three
daughters, Mrs. M. A. Nicely and
Mrs. Lena Comeron of Portland
and Mrs. E. L. Ashford of Scio;
two sons. A. E. Robertson of Tur
ner and H. H. Robertson of Salem;
one stepson, Claude Lyons of
Portland, 12 grandchildren and
two gTeat-grandchildren. Funeral
announcements later by dough
Barflck company.
Dr. B. H. White '
No Charge for Consultation
Night and Day Calls ..,;
Osteopathic Physician and
Office: 855 North Capitol St -Telephone
5030, Salem, Oregon
Ringlet Ends
r Complete1
Castle - Permanent Wavers Co
807 Est Kat'l Dank Bid?.. 3663
Vacuum Cleaners;
"arid Rbor Waxers;
-.' to Rent
Call ' 11 0, ' Used Faraltnr
151 North High
McNary Investigates Reason
Fop Setting Value at ;
Only $75 an Acre ;
Alleged discrimination on part
of the Federal Land bank of Spo
kane against the Marion county
prune industry- Is being - given
careful attention of Senator
Charles L. McNary, the senator
has indicated in a telegram to
the chamber of commerce here.1
. The. chamber outlined to Sena
tor McNary the situation recent
ly brought to light, In which It
is alleged local appraisers have
instructions from ' the Spokane
federal land bank to disregard
the value of prune lands and to
appraise only on the basis of
what the bare land will yield in
wheat, potatoes and alfalfa; '
' The appraisers' claim Is that
bearing prune orchards are ' of
no value. This Is In the face of a
short crop last season and heavy
exports which are giving the 1934
prune outlook the most healthy
tone Jn years. Prune experts, hold
that prospects were never better
and that prune trees 'were never
in better condition than right
now. '
Apparently the maximum al
lowed on bearing prune orchards
now by the federal land bank
loan is $75 an acre, despite the
fact that the same orchards cost
around $200 per acre to bring
to production and in " normal
times sell for $250 per acre or
Pleasant View Gets
Share of Good Roads
The county roads in this district
are being wonderfully Improved
by the road workers under the di
rection of L. E. Hennies. All un
sightly brush and trees are being
removed, ditches are being dug to
carry off all excess water,' o n d
new bridges put in where needed.
Mrs. Harold Smith (Babe
Cook) is spending the holidays at
Sedro Woolley, Wash., with her
mother and aunt, Mrs. Oscar Bu
Mrs. Loren Mort is confined to
the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. G. Irvine, with scarlet
fever. The case is very light and
the only one in town.
Miss Armold HI Little I m -provement
was noted yesterday In
the condition of Miss Harriet Arm
old, who has been seriously 111
since Sunday morning at the fam
ily home, 407 South 18th. Miss
Armold is teaching at Yamhill,
and became 111 shortly after com
ing here to spend the holidays
with her mother, Mrs., Jessie Arm
old and other relatives.
Scrumptious New Year's Dinner,
60c. Spa.
More AffklaTit8 In Addition
al and reply affidavits in the case
of Sam C. Looney vs. Joan Looney
were inea in circuit court Satur
day. Plaintiff in his affidavit al
leges defendant showed little in
terest In their child and was in
capable of caring for it. Similar
declarations are made in the af
fidavit filed by Emma M. Looney.
Lemley Estate Valued The
late William Lemley letf an estate
valued at 14479 according to an
appraisal rued In probate court
Saturday. Principal asset consists
of 65 sections In Belcrest Memor
ial park, appraised at $1825. Sev
eral accounts In local banks are
included in the appraisal. Halla
D. Gillespie is administratrix.
Motions to be Heard Tues
day, January 2, will be motion
day for Judge L. G. Le welling
who will hear counsel on various
pending cases in addition to fur
ther proceedings in the Klamath
Falls vs the state liquor commis
sion suit.
Seek License One Applica
tion for a marriage license was
filed Saturday with the county
clerk. Math M. Gllles. 23. Wood
burn, a laborer, asks permission
to wed Lucille M. Welsenberg, 23,
wooaburn, a domestic.
Police Find Skiff City police
yesterday were seeking the owner
of a skiff found on the Willam
ette river. Discovery of the runa
way or stolen boat was reported
to them late in the day.
Goes to Lo Angeles J a m e s
Robert Prultt, who has been em
ployed at Kerfnell-Ellls here, left
Saturday for Los Angeles, where
he hopes to obtain a position.
Going to Beach Mr. and Mr.
Hal Patton will leave Salem to
day to Bpend a week or 10 dara
at their cottage at Agate beach. .
. Without Oparttloa ar Loaa sTtaM '
S3 Oracoa BIS.
Phaaa S50
Federal Farm Loan
Applications Should Be Filed
with I.-:, ,
. E. K. Piasecki -
Ladd A Bush Bank' Building '
Chinese Medicina
- Company ,
or kidney bladder
S. B Kong stomach, catarrh,
constipation, glands.
Every Ailment Disorder '
. 122 N. Commerclmal St.
Over Salem Hardware Store
Daily t to Sunday 9 to 11
Consultation Free -
Eddie Cantor, In tThe Kid
from, Spain." begins Its engage
ment at the State theatre. today.
It Is Samuel Ooldwyn's annual
presentation of Cantor songand
dance, following last year's "Pal
my ' Days' ' and "Whoopee the
year before.
In ."The Kid from Spain," Ed
die inarches out, neither bravely
nor willingly, to show his skill
and grace as a matador. Escape
from the police who are. pursuing
him, protection from the Mexican
thugs about to put him on the
spot, the adoring eyes of the elon
gated blonde menace, and solving
his roommate's difficult love af
fairs are all among. the reasons
that bolt Eddie into the arena in
the thrilling, colorful climax to
the story.
Cantor tops himself as the
bouncing, bubbling minstrel. He
has never been better. Lyda Rob
ert! is a wonder as a refrain for
his song and as a second for his
comedy. Robert Young and Ruth
HaU have the romantic leads and
John Miljan and Carroll Kalsh
are more than properly menacing
as the Mexican bad men.
DALLAS, Dec. 30 Three true
bills, one secret, and two not true
bills were returned by the Polk
county grand Jury last night fol
lowing a two-day session, rnoi
true bills were returned in the
cases of Carl Frakes, charged
with threatening to commit a
felony, and Ernest Phillips, charg
ed with concealing stolen prop
Russell Henry of North Dallas,
was indicted on a charge of driv
ing a car on the highway, while
under the Influence of liquor. He
was arrested at Independence on
December 10 and is in jail here.
Ray Martin was Indicted on a
forgery charge, r.e is in Jail here.
Dates for trials have not been
set but the Jury is ordered to re
port for duty on January 15.
Coming Events
January 4 Dairy Coop
erative association meets
chamber of commerce, 1:30
p. in.
January 5 - Municipal
league, chamber of com.
merce, 8 p.m.
January 5 Willamette
vs. Terrible Swedes, basket
ball. January fl Marlon coun
ty convention of Farmers
Union meets at Mt. Angel.
January 0 -Joint meet
lng, Marion . nd Polk coun
ty nut growers, chamber of
January 8 Monthly meet
ing Salem Garden club at
chamber of commerce, 8 p.
January 9 Willamette
vs. Celtics, basketball.
January 11 Willamette
vs. Oregon Normal, basket
ball. January 15 Salem school
district election on 825,000
bond issue.
January 16 Salem vs.
Albany high, basketball.
January 10 Eaieii
February 1ft Reserve Of
ficers association of Marion
and Polk Com. ties, formal
military ball honoring Ma
Jor General George A
Dancers Attention!
will b riven at Mellow
Wednesday Night starting sharp at 9 o'clock; Music;
will be famished by that well known and popular
orchestra under the direction of GORDON4 WESLEY.!
Admission 25c i-
F. N.
.. .
ClEirimns Needy Children at Christmas
Clnb xnemben of the Salem den
in being hosts to 14 needy boys
ner, candy, note and gifts consisting mainly of articles of clothing
such as It had been determined each child was In need of. The wheel
chair pictured was purchased by the club and reconditioned for
loaning oat to persons needing one bat m liable to pay the naoal rent.
Prospects of Capital Post No. 9,
American Legion, for 1934 appear
better than a year ago since the
post now has 256 members who
have paid their 1934 fees in con
trast with 147 at this time in
1932, Adjutant William Bllven
stated yesterday. Legion member
ship is being stressed for 1934 as
veterans seek restoration of bene
fits cut out by President Roose
velt's economy program.
In Bliven's opinion the out
standing achievement of the post
in 1933 has been the taking over
of the management of boxing
matches here. Since the Legion
undertook the mat show supervi
sion, the game has returned S385
in profits to the post treasury
After ten years of winning high
honors, the Capital Post drum
corps was officially disbanded fol
lowing the 1933 Armistice day
celebration. This and the July 4
celebrations and the drum corps
trip to Chicago were other high
lights of the Legion's year.
James Nutter, assistant In the
Associated Press bureau here for
the last 16 months, leaves today
for Portland where he will be
advanced to editor of the night
wire for upstate Associated Press
Nutter came to Salem from
Ashland, entering Willamette uni
versity. Subsequently he worked
on The Statesman and In 1932
took the local A. P. position. Nut
ter takes the place in Portland
of William Warren, also a former
Willamette student, who goes to
the Associated Press bureau 1 n
San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. Nutter are to
remove to Portland this weekend
His successor here has not been
LYONS. Dec. 30. Kenneth
Westenhouse of Scio was a bus!
ness caller at the John Neal farm
Wednesday. Mr. Westenhouse Is
teaching in Washington this year,
LYONS, Dec. 30. Quite a few
Lyons folks attended the Chris
tian church Christmas pageant at
Stayton. It waa given two eve
nings in order . that everyone
might see it.
Moon Dance PavlHion each
Ladies Free tin 9:30
Mgr.- : -' '
" i ' - r -'.
. - , 'it.; i'n
and their wives Joined December 21
and girls, providing them with din
Bids Up Slowly
To Little Slam
Statesman Tournament
Mrs. William H. Qulnn, Culbert
son associate, today explains the
bidding and play of hand 14, one
played at the recent Statesman
The hand: ,
4 A 6 5
V AKQ J 8 6
A J 10 9 3 2
V 10 2
10 9 8
Q7 6
A 7
V 9 3
A KT J 5 4 3
4b J 10 9 8
4 K Q 8 4
V 7 5 4
Q7 2
5 4 2
East, dealer.
Suggested bidding:
Analysis of the bidding accord
ing to the Culbertson system:
(1) Forcing bid nine tricas
are a certainty.
(2) An encouraging response
shows at least 1 plus honor tricks
or South would have bid 2 no-
f 3) North Is trying not to crowd
the bidding. He wants t- get more
information while the adding Is
at a low level.
(4) South has already given the
full strength of his hand.
(5) Many of the teams used tno
no-trnmn connection here 10
show three aces and a partnership
king the bid Is correct but Is not
necessary, as it is apparent tnai
South will bid the 6 hearts so
North might Just as well make the
bid himself.
The play:
Ouening lead. 10 of diamonds.
North sluffs , the second diamond,
then leads five rounds of trumps.
He leaves in during tour spades
one club and the Queen of dia
monds. East must discard one or
his clubs to protect his spades. De
clarer leads three rounds of spades
(the suit will not break) but West
will have to discard the high dia
mond or club. This was one of the
world Olympic hands illustrating
the triple squeeze.
, .f. ,:,:v.i-a.op-i.o-.
r - k
age Timing the past months Jias made our new station a success.'
We hope . . . and we shaH make every effort; ; . to merit your ;
patronage dunng
CHemeketa at Liberty
' Not content Srlth hating nf-
ready set an all-time rain Tecord
for any month s la Salem; the raio-t
jnaser last, night; tipped ' another
cloud over' Salem and 'promised;
according to the, weather bureau,
to supply more precipitation to
dayr " The 17.58 Inches of rain record
ed here la December exceeds the
bid record for any month since
1880 by 0.89 Inch. The former
record of 16.69 Inches waa set in
November; 189 C. The previous top
December for rain came in 1917
when 14.03 inches of precipitation
was recorded. The average mean
rainiau lor December is only 5.51
Five other Decembers have bad
rainfall exceeding ten inches:
11.18 Inches In 1895 and 1890,
10.41 inches In 192J, and 10.48
inches 1931. December, 1932,
brought 7.77 inches of rain and
December, 1930, 3.30 inches.
Over an Inch of rain fell on five
days of the present month: 4.30
inches on the sixth. 2.10 inches
on the 18th, 1.20 inches on the
istn, 1.03 inches on the 21st and
1.86 inches on the- 22nd.
Floor Finished
At Fire Station
Working for 12 hours Satnrda
the civil works crew employed at
central fire station in the city hall
finished pouring concrete for the
new floor costing 12800 of which
the city will contribute approxi
mately $700. If test samples of
the mix prove satisfactory, the
floor will be ready for use by
January 27 and the Engine Com
pany No. 1 crew will move back
from Its present temporary quar
ters on High street across from
the city hall.
CHICAGO, Dec. 30. 6F Dean
Marlon R. KIrkwood. of Stan
ford university law school was
elected president today of the
Association of American Law
We sell and service all makes. Special prices on fam
ous Easy, Maytag and Automatic
These are new washers
Guaranteed used Maytag square tub
cast aluminum washer
Grunow, Crosley and Frlgidaire.
Tew left at the old low price
White Rotary Walnut Console
Model Electric
Guaranteed Used
Phone 6013
take this opportun
ity to wish every .
one a mighty -
, T
We" especially .'wish
. to thank those of .
. you, whose . patron-
- DALLAS. Dec. 30 Ruth Ada
line Embree, 85, passed away at
the home of her son at. Lewis-. ;
villLabout 2:30 Friday afternoon ,
She was a daughter , of a pioneer!
family and" hadHved in Polk
county , since ? she was 13 years
old- - -v
I She wa born near Des Moines,
Iowa, on May 13, 1845, and
crossed' the plains .with her par
ents In -1861, . settling Mn Polk
county;, 0.a July;! 3, 1865 she waa
nnited in.marriage toMarcus Em
hteei -tev. which, unloV eight, chil
dren ? were born: Mr Embree
passed away: in: 1912.: and .Mrs.
Embree- had made her home with
her son, Cecil, . at - Lewlsvlll for
the past 13 .years.
-' She . is survived by one- sister. '
Tabitha Simpson of Portland ; a
brother; C. L. iiorrison ot Elk
City; two sons, 'Cecil f Lewis-,
ville, and Elton - of .'Woodland, i
California;': a' grandchild, Arthur '
Hardiaon of Dallis whom she. rais
ed ' front infancy; and 13. tbfcr
grtjadchliffreB. ;: ' . ' .-. : . .
i.- -.ruaeralf services' will be held -
I at. theEvangtlfca! church In Dal
las at -Z, p-.m. Sunday, with Rev.
C. P. Gates of Portland officiat
ing, assisted , by Rev. M" B.
Young. The body Is at the Hec
kle and Thomas Funeral. Homo
here.' Interment ''will be-in the
Smith cemetery at Lewlsville.
New Year,$
Turkey and many
other entrees to se
lect from, with all
the holiday trim
mings. Served
12 to 9 P. M.
The New
Gray -Belle
$49.50 up
. $99.95
$11.50 ,
456 State St.
Telephone 341 2
12; u a a
- - . . .
1 i