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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salea. Oregon, Satcrday Morning, December 16, 1933
,' Mrs. Minnie Misster Heads
k i Stayton Rebekahs; Day
" ton, Amity Elect
DAYTON. Dec. 15. -The an
' jiul election Jot officers of El
eeta chapter. No. 29, Eastern
SUr of Dayton waa held Tues
day night as follows: -- Mrs. Erma
Webster, worthy matron; W. S.
. URen, wo.thy patron ; Mrs.; Wil
- va Loals, associate matron ; Har
ry - Sherman, associate -patron i
. Mrs.; Delia , U'Ren, conductress;
Mrs. Irene Sean, . associate con
dactress; Mrs.. Eva Baxter, sec-
rotary1; Mrs. Gwendolyn Cooper,
treasurer. Installation will be
January 9. j .
, Members of Ramona Camp No.
10253 Royal Neighbors of Am
erica of Dayton were entertained
at the Lloyd Goodrich home at
a Christmas party and the an
nual election of officers as fol
low: Oracle, Mrs. Leslie Du
xan; rice-oracle, Mrs. Lloyd
Goodrich; chancellor, Mrs. Aaron
Johnson; conductor, Mrs. Mar
lon Boulden; assistant conduct-
or,' Mrs. Glenn McFarlane; re-1
corder,' Mrs. Carl Mitchell; re
ceives, Mrs. Ralph Hadley.
BIrs. Torbert Star Head
AMITY, Dec -15. The Amity
Eastern Star has elected offi
cers for the coming year as fol
lows: Mrs. Gladys, Torbert, wor
thy matron; Hiram "orbert, wor
thy;, patron; Mrs. Clara Broad-
well, associate matt on; S o r e n
Sorenson, associate patron; Mrs
Julia Latimer, conductress;; Mrs.
Maud - Royal, associate conduct
ress; Mrs. Bessie Sorenson, sec
retary; and Mrs. Maud Strout,
Name Mrs. Hiltebrand
At the regular meeting of the
Estern Star Friday night offi
cers were elected. The ceremony
of initiating new candidates oc
cupied a part of the evening.
Those elected were: Worthy mat
ron, Mrs. M. G. Hiltebrand; wor
thy natron, P. M. Schweizer; as
sociate matron, Mrs. O. A. Wol
verton; associate patron, 6. A.
WolTerton; secretary, Mrs. Stel
la Calbreath; treasure, Mrs.
Robert White; conductress, Mrs.
Altine Dickson; associate con
ductress, Mrs. P. M. Schweizer.
Candidates initiated were:- ..Mrs.
Myrtle Lougheed and Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh Van Loan.
The Knights of Pythias at
their regu'ar meeting held ini
tiation for a closs t eleven into
the rank of Page. There were
many visitors coming from Dal
las, Silverton, Salem and Leba
non. The Pythian fisters served
a banquet after the meeting and
toasts were giTen by members
nd guests.
Staytob Groups Elect
STAYTON, Dec. 15. Members
of Era Rebekah lodge enjoyed
a pot luck dinner at their hall
Tuesday night, followed by the
regular lodge session, at which
time officers were elected as fol
lows: Noble Grand, Mrs. Min
nie Missler; vice-grand, Mrs.
Worthy Burmester; secretary,
.Mrs. Grace Neibert; treasurer,
Mrs. Maude Beauchamp. Offi
cers nill be Installed at a joint
! Installation with Santiam lodge,
! I. O. O. P., January 11.
Acacia chapter, O. E. S., hare
elected new officers also and
they are Mrs. Clara Brown, W.
M.; W. A. Weddle, W. P.; Mrs.
Emma Brown, secretary, and Mrs.
Grace Neibert, treasurer. , They
will hold a joint installation with
the Masons, December 27.
Scott Camp 6112, Royal Neigh
bors, elected these officers for
the eoming year Wednesday: Or
acle, Reva Moberg; rice oracle,
Margarath Rry; chancellor, Mol
ly Wyland; recorder, Pauline
Swart out; receiver, Nellie Am
nndson; marshal!, Mary Gros
nong; assistant marshal!, Ada
Geren; inner sentinel, Annette
Hicks; outer sentinel, Blondina
Sanders; musician, Dora Geren;
past oracle, Cora Whitlock; man
ager, Flva Land wing, and phy
sician, Dr. Hume.
SWEGLE, Dec. 15. Invita
' tlong hare been extended to all
the people In the district to at
tend the Christmas program to
be put on by the teachers, Mrs.
Margaret 3rcswell and Miss Clara
Siebers, at 8 o'clock, December.
-22 at the .school bouse.
'.' Those on the honor roll this
' month are: . Primary room
- - John Dolke, Gloria Kroeplin, Ir
' ene Sizemore, Dorothy Bond, Lon-
- lse . Whitehead, - Virginia Aid
. rich, Margaret Smith, Gladys
Dolke, Mary Whitehead and Dor
:' othy .Dolke; - upper room, Paul
- Burson, Carol Schaffer, Ruby
West and Generere Thomas.
Ted Hoffman is spending a
couple ef weeks in California vis
iting his sister, Mrs. Mary Elk
,1ns. f , !
Holiday Vacation
For Grade Pupils
On at Rickreall
HICKREALL, Dec 15. The
practice teachers from the Mon
mouth " Normal . school finished
their three ..months teaching
course at Rickreall center Thurs
day and Christmas Vacation Tor
the ' grade ' school pupils . begins
Friday. School wont resume work
until January- 2. and a new group
of , practice teachers will . come at
that time, vacation for the high
chool will not begin until Decern
er 22.
Vandals Riiin
Land That Is
Town's Pride
MOLALLA, Dec. 15. Damage
done to the high school lawn Sat
urday night when a car was driv
en up and down the lawn and over
the Bhrubs has not yet been re
paired, although , provisions hare
been made, for payment of dam
ages. The lawn is well corered
with ruts from the wheels of the
car and several shrubs were ruin
ed by being bent to the ground
as the car passed over them.
The culprits, one high school
boy and two minors, were sen-i
tenced In Oregon City Monday
morning to a year in jail and then
paroled. Drivers' licenses were
taken away and they were furth
er asked to pay all expenses of re
pair. The seriousness of the offense
in the eyes of Molalla people can
be judged from the fact that the
high school building and grounds
are - the particular pride of this
community.- The high school has
the reputation of being one of the
finest and most beautiful school
plants in Oregon and special care
has been taken to have the build
ing and the wide, sloping, carefully-landscaped
lawn kept in splen
did condition.
. JM G
press dispatch from Washington,
D. C, announces the appointment
of Dr. A. S. Jensen, of the Oregon
Normal school's faculty, as mem
ber of a national committee on
the administration of teacher
training. Paul C. Stetson, super
intendent of schools Indianapo
lis, Indiana, and president of the
department of Superintendence of
the National Education associa
tion, made the announcement. The
committee, of which Dr. Jensen
is now a member will meet and
report at the Cleveland conven
tion of the department of Superin
tendence, February 24 to March
1, 1934.
. Quoting from the dispatch:
"The appointment of this com
mittee is an important item in a
fundamental reorganization of the
convention plan followed by tbe
educational leaders in their na
tional professional organization
for many years. The change 'was
made to extend greater responsi
bility to individual members in
the department's attempt to plan
more effectively for meeting tne
current crisis in education.
"Seven such committees have
been appointed by President Stet
son. These groups will give their
attention respectively to problems
of teacher training, a comprehen
sive program of public education.
financing the schools, education
for the new America, a national
outlook on education, the inter-
nretation of the schools to the
public, and public education and
public welfare."
Men's Class at
Silverton May
Sponsor Sports
SILVERTON. Dee. 15. The
men's bible class of the Christian
church at its recent meeting dis
cussed sponsoring "clean athlet
ic sports" for the boys, to be
conducted by men of the church.
While no definite plans were
made It was understood that the
subject would be further dis
cussed at a future meeting.
Methodist Choir
Offers Cantata
SILVERTON. Dee. 15. The
Methodist senior choir will pre
sent its Christmas cantata, "The
HnlT Child." br Carrie B. Ad
ams, Sunday night, December 17.
beginning at 7:45 o'clock. Solo
parts will be taken by Mrs. Wil
liam Scarth, Miss Cathaleene
fTnddr. Mrs. F. E. Sylvester. B.
Day, Miss Eleanor Jan Ballan-
tyne, Miss Ethyl Smith, A. H.
Smith, W. E. Satchwell. The
cantata will also contain quar
tets and duets.
Science Lecture
Over Air Sunday
Christian Scientists in this vi
cinity will be interested to know
that two authorized - Christian
Science electrical transcription
programs will be radiocast from
Portland over station KEX con
secutive . 8nnday. afternoons at
2:30 to 2:45, December 17 and
December 24. The first program
will be an interview with a for
mer doctor and the second with
a former minister.
WEST SALEM, Dec, 15. J.
T. Hunt who recently underwent
a major operation, is recuperat
ing nicely at his home here.
Rev. Clark Smith of The Dalles,
was a visitor at the Methodist
parsonage Wednesday, renewing
old acquaintances with Rer.' and
Mrs. K. K. Clark, with whom .he
formerly associated, "
At a called business meeting of
the Ladles' Aid society, Mesdames
J, A. Gosser, W. I LaDue, J, I,
Miller and E. A. Dickson were
named to take charge of the 'pur
chases and sacking of Christmas
candles for the community tree.
: Mrs. Homer Harrison entertain
ed the members of the Jolly Time
quilting dub at her home Wednes
day afternoon and the matrons
completed the unfinished quilt
West Salem News
High Pupils at Monmouth
Continue Studies' Until
December 22
MONMOUTH, Dec. 15 - The
Oregon Normal school and train
ing school will close today for the
Christmas vacation.' Monmouth
high school will continue in ses
ssion until December 22. :
Numerous activities mark the
approach of the holidays at the
training school, where an attrac
tive tree has been arranged in the
entrance hall. The first; graders
are entertaining their mothers and
others to visit their, room where
furniture they hare made for a
block bouse is on display. Today,
programs will be presented In all
the grades, including dramatiza
tion, musical numbers and stories.'
Parties, also are the order of the
day. The eighth grade presents a
dramatization of Dickens Christ
mas Carol for the 10 o'clock as
sembly. Thimble Club Meets
Mrs. A. J. Haley was hostess .to
the Thimble club of the Circle at
her home Wednesday afternoon.
Christmas decorations and farors
rade the rooms attractive, and a
short program of popular numbers
was enjoyed. Mrs. Haley present
ed each guest with a packet , of
double clarkla seed gleaned from
her own flower garden.
A total of 25 men is now at
work on the city and school work
under CWA. It is expected that
four more men will be given work
soon for the city, and the jobs will
continue until March 1.
The Messiah, Handel's most
successful oratorio, will be pre
sented at the armory here, Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock by
the Oratorio chorus, conducted
by Loren Davidson, assisted by
E. D. Llndburg. Accompanists
will be Lois Plnmmer and Mar
jorie O'Dell. The event 4s open
to the public without charge.
The Messiah tells the story of
man's redemption. It is divided
into three parts. The first sets
forth the promise of the Redeem
er, the birth of Christ, and His
mission of healing and comfort;
tbe second is devcted to His
Passion, resurrection and ascen
sion, the discomfiture of the
heathen, and the establishment
of the Kingdom of God upon
the earth; the third part deals
with the Christian belief in the
resurrection of the body and
ends with the triumphy of the
redeemed, and the glory of
The officers and executive
committee of the Oratorio chor
us are: President, A. J. Flem
ing; vice-president, James Helt-
rel ; secretarr - treasurer, Lois
Stein ke; executive committee:
Lindburg, John Friesan, Hugh
McCallum, Fleming and David
Service of Yule
Will be Given
Sunday Morning
Sunday, December 17, the
Presbyterian church is celebrat
ing its annual Christmas service
at 11 o'clock In the morning.
The Christmas cantata by the
choir is to be presented on Sun
day morning, the ?4th, so the
Christmas sermon is placed on
week earlier.
The program consists of spe
cial music by the choir: An
them: "Brightest and Best,"
(Coombs) with violin and piano
accompaniments; violins. Miss
Jeanette Scott and Mrs. Mary
Talmadge Headrick; piano, Miss
Dorothy Pearce. Incidental so
los by Miss Mildred Mulkey and
George Dinwittle. Anthem:
"Sleeps Judea Fair," (Mackln-
non). Also Christmas message:
The Unseen Savlvur.
Scott Twins to
Give Mission
Program Sunday
Vernon and Vinton Scott, twin
sons of Dr. and Mrs. J. Vinton
Scott, are to give a short mis
sionary program in the opening
period of the Sunday school at
the Church of the Nazarene to
morrow. The program will - be
mainly, musical and will; feature
the music of Mexico. . -
Frank M. Lit wilier is superin
tendent of the Sunday school and
Rev. Fletcher Galloway is pas
tor of , the church. -Two new
classes hare recently been or
ganised to care for -the unusual
growth of this school this fall. '
that had been begun at the pro
ceeding meeting, Plans for the an
nual Christmas party to be held
at the home of Mrs. Edith Warm
next week were made. .
First Snow Seen I
It Is expected that the bids will
be opened and' the contracts let
for, the .extensive hi jhway im
provement to go through West Sa
lem, tne last of tne montn. tws
was. to hare been done a. month
ago out there hare been to many
preliminaries that it .was not .pos
sible to do it before. It Is now
hoped that 1 actual work;' on-the
project may. commence early in
the new "year, -: --
West Salem taw its first snow
flakes this' winter Friday morn
ing, interspersed with a chilly
rain. -
- Fifteenth tad Kill streets. - goads?
school, 10-. -m. Preaching at 3 p. m.
Sabjeet, "iM Thlnn." &opel neetiag
1:80 . m. Area OJetoa speaking.
Bible study elan on Tuesday veainff at
7 p. m. Children's aieetinf following
V 7:45. .
ST. PAUXt'S CHtraOH Episcopal)
Charca and Cneaeketa streets; Bar.
Geo. H. Swift Teeter. Holy Commnaien,
7:!0 a. as. Cburth school, t:4S a. m.
Lyaa 1", CrosemUler, superintendent.
Horning prayer and sermon, .11:00 a.
Vinter and Itsrket. Paste, If. H.
Pitcher, pastor. 8erviees, 11 a. in. and
7:80 p. n. Samoa topies : . "The Re
ward oi the Inheritance, and "Limiting
God." .Sunday school, 9:45. Superin
tendent. Emory Good. T. P. M. S.
meets at 6:90 p. ." Sunday. prayer
nd praise serrice Thursday, 7,: 30 p. m.
msT chxtbch or chsist
ChemekeU and Liberty . streets. San
day school. 9:45 and H a. m. Berrices
11 a. in. and 8 p. m. Subject of lessen
sermon, "Is the Universe, Inelading Man,
Erolred by Atomic Force t" . Testimony
meeting, 'Wednesday, 8 pm. Reading
room in Masonic temple open 11 i. m.
to 6:80 p. m., except Sundays and holi
days. -
10th and Ferry streets. B. C. Stover,
minister. Church school at 10 a. m.
O. C. Herris, superintendent. Horn log
worship at 11 a.'m. 8erraon, "Start
of Expectation." The ministry of ma
lic Toang People's meeting at 6:80
p. m. Evening serrice at 7 :30. Christ
mse drama, "A Sign Unto Ton." Trio,
"O Holy Kight" (Adam), violin solo
by Helen Pnrviae.
Center and Liberty streets. J. B. Si
monds, pastor. Snaday school, 9 :45 a.
m. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Sub
ject, '.'The Olory of. Bethlehem."
655 Ferry street. W. H. Caldwell, pas
tor. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., Oranvel
Sheets, inpertntendent. Horning worship
at 11 a. m. Theme, "Who Will Be
Saved t" Rev. Pat 14 alone, noted evan
gelist from Minneapolis, will speak at
every service during the day. Special
service at 2:30 p. m. Sabjeet, "The
Fountain in the. Desert." Yonng Peo
ple's meeting at 6:80. Clarence Franke,
leader. Evening service at 7:80 p. m.,
"The Second Coming ef Christ." Satur
day the evangelist speaks on "Christ
Crowded Out" Next week the rgnlar
weekly meetings will be held as na
Capitol and Marion streets. W. G.
Lienksemper, pastor. Sunday school, 10
m. m. John Penny, superintendent. Ger
man services, 10 a. m. Sabjeet: "He
is Faithful that Promised." English ser
vices, 11 o'clock. Subject, "The Day
spring From on High." Special music,
choir anthem, "O Night so Calm and
Holy," by X. S. Lorens.
Corner N. 17th and Nebraska streets.
Sev. E. V. Wilson, vaster. Sunday school.
9:45 a m. Morning worship, 11 o'clock;
subject, "Live Without Religion If Ton
Dare" "Evening worship, 7:80 o'clock;
snhject, "Two Things That Build a Great
Life." Toung People'a meeting, 6:30
Chemeketa and Winter streets. G rover
C. Eritchet, D. D., pastor. 9:80 a m.
Church school, Ralph Scott, superintend
ent. 11 o'clock, morning worship.
unrutmaa sermon, 'The Unseen bsv-
lour. Anthem: Brightest and Best
(Coombs). Incidental solos. Mildred Mul
key and George Dlawittie. Violins, Misi
Jeanette Scott and Mrs. Mary Talmadge
Headrick. riano. Miss Dorothy Pearce.
Offertory anthem, "Sleeps Jndea Fair,"
(MacKinnon). 0:30 p .m., v. . C so
cieties. 7:30 p. m., evening praise. "The
Unchangeable God." Anthem. "Sleep
Judea Fair."
Center and High streets. Guy L. Drill,
paitor. Church school, each Lord's day
at 9:30 a. m. Morning worship, 10:45.
Weekly observance of the Lord's Sap
per. Sermon by Evangelist Teddy Leav-
ltt on "The family of God." Young
people in four groups at 6:80 p. m.
Eveninr evsncrelistie service under the
leadership of Evangelist Leavitt, theme.
Christ at th Door. ' Saturday eve
ning of this week the evangelist will
apeak on his experience as an evangelist
in the out-of-the-wsy places.
Corner of Haxel and Academy streets.
Bible school at 10 m. Mare Saucy,
superintendent. Preaching by Capt. G.
L. Hall at 11 a. m. and Brother O. D.
Saucy at 7:80 p. m. The male Quartet
will sing. Mid-Week prayer and praise
service, inursday evening, at 7:30,
Stste and Church street. B. Earle Par
ker, pastor. Floyd -8. Bailey, director of
religious education. Robert M. Gatke, sup
erintendent of church school. Church
school, 9:45 a. m., classes for all ages.
Publio worship, 11a. m.. the pre-Christ-
ross sermon: "The Continuing Desire."
loung people a forum and Epworth
leagues. 6:30. for university, hlch school
and intermediates. Gospel serrice. 7:30,
featuring Christmas; hymns. Sermoa by
the pastor.
Highland avenue and Church street. T.
Clio Brow, pastor, Bible school, 10 a. m.,
Lester DeLapp, superintendent. Message
service, 11 a. m.; subject: "Light." Ia
termediate C. E., 6:80 p. m Mary Jane
McLeod. leader Evan relist ic service a, 7:80
p. m. Thursdsv. 7:80 p. tn- prayer and
bible study. The lesson this week, the
third in the study of th Queries. Christ
mas program to be given Saturday night,
December 28.
South Commercial and Myers street.
8. Daxlow Johnson, pastor, 848 East
Myers street. Church school. 9:45 a. m..
Y. M. Saekett, superintendent. ' Morning
worship, 11 a m., anthem, "Shine, O
Wonderful 8 tar," (Soeehttg). Sermon by
pastor: "Chriitmai; Pagan or Christian."
Epworth league devotional aervieee t
v:so p. m. Happy evening hour at 7:30V
with gospel message in sermon and song.
Gospel solo by MI Lillian Gernjobst.
Mid-week prayer and Study hour featur
ing "The Christmas Hope," Thursday,
7:15 p. so. Choir rehearsal, Thursday,
8:15 p. m. Christmas pageant: "The Hop
of the Ages," will be given by a large
namber ef th children of the church
school Friday sight, 7:30 o'clock.
Biver road near Roberta station. Com
bined church and Snaday school service,
10 a. ns W. A. Carer: superintendent.
Th . pastor, -Laurane Eurdette, .will tell
th beautiful Christmas story of "Th
Lost Word."
Twe forty Karta Commercial street, np
stsirs, L. M. La Valley, paster. Moots Son.
J A . . far -J: . Tl.
Ad vanUges.". Circle after. W. A. DelreU I
will assist. .
- sicsbeall EVAJTGELICAL
John 3. Rodin, psstor. Sunday aeheol,'
10 a. ssu, Mrs. Adasss, snperiatandeat.
Morning church service, 11 a. as. Mis
Heseltine, long lesxler.
8. Commercial and Washington streets.
Charles) C. Ha worth, pastor. Sunday
school, 10 s. m., Mr. Bertha Baworth,
superintendent. Morning worship, 11a.
topic: "Tho Association." C E. wjet
ing, 6:80 p. topie: Bnppon th World
Was Without Christ.' Evening worship,
7 :80 a. as. Tharsday. 7 :80 p. ni-. mid
week . meeting for prayer, praise and
DiDie tnay.
18th and Center streets. Kev. Pieteher
Galloway, pastor. Two terle ef ermona
leading np to the birth of Cnrist, Th
second in esch aerie will he give to-
aaorroiv. II s. n. TBe Promised Mes
siah." 7:80 p. m. "Preparing the Way.'
Snaday school 9:45 a. sn. T. M. LitwiUar.
snperinteB Jent, A mtsaiosary program by
ta Bcott twtns wiu pe a part of tfc
session. NJT.P.S. gronps ;80 p. m.
Seventeenth and Court streets. Hagh IT.
McCallum, pastor. 1744 Chemeketa street.
Bible chool at 0:45 a. aa. Classes graded
and for all agea. Morning worship and
Lord' Snpper t 11 a. m. Sermon theme.
'"Th Propnctio Messiah." Afternoon ser
vl o at armory when tho "Meiak" will
bo giviat S p. as. Christian Endeavor
at 6:15 p. m. Three ocirtiee. E range lis
tie service at 1:80 p. m. Special hymn
sermoa on "0, Little Town of Bthl
hem. Jnnior chorus will sing with Mr.
North Cottage and D streeta. G. W.
Butaeh, snisister. Baa stay school 9:45
a. an. Sam Sc airman, saperinteadsnt. A
short English service after th Sunday
school. Regular service at 10 a, m. Ser
mon, "Fullness of Time." B.Y.F.U. at
6:45 p. as. Miaa H. Winkelmaa, p resi
dent. Dr. A. A. Tasskas, dean of lan
guages at Willamette university, will be
th speaker.-Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Sermon topic. "A Greatly Beloved Man."
Regular midweek prayer service at 8 p. m.
Eighteenth and State streets. Rev.
Amos E. Minnemaa, A. M pastor. Ger
man 9:30 a. as. Subject, ''Comfort Te,
Comfort To My People." EngUsk Us.iv,
Sabjeet. "Joy for Ashes for Thee Whe
are God' Own." Sunday school 9:80
a. m. Mr. Amos E. Minneman, superin
tendent. Practice with Sundsy school S
p. m. for Christmas serf ices.
. Corner . Jefferson and North Winter
street. H. C. Humphrey, pastor. 8unday
ecbool 9:45 a. m. Morning worship 11
a. m. Subject, "Our Spiritual Resources.' 1
Chorus ehoir music led by Prof. Hermsa
Clark. Evening worship 7:30 p. n. Sab
jeet, "Lest We- Forget." Address by
Charles Haffke. Young People's meeting
6:30 p. m.
Ferry and 18th streets. C G. Weston,
pastor. Sundsy school at 9:43 a. m. C. A.
Wilson, superintendent. Church service at
11 a. m. Subject, "Looking for That
Blessed Hope." Evangelistic service at
7:45 p. nr. Subject, "God' Appoint
ment With Hen." Special vocal and in
strumental music. Toung People' service
at 6:30 p. m. Bible study at 8 p. m. Tues
day on subject, "The Remedy for Sin."
Prayer meeting1 at 3 :30 p. ra. . Wednes
day. Devotional service at 8 p. in. Thurs
day. ;
K. K. Clark, pastor. Church school,
9:45 a. m. Epworth League, 6:30 p. m.
The league will begin a new aeries of
subjects "Knowing Ourselves." Even
ing worship, 7:30 p. m. The pastor
will have for hit subject "Why Christ
Came." Miss Ruth Bedford of the Bedford
Piano studio in Salem and Mrs. Roy
Barker, teacher of musie in Salem, will
sing a solo. The ehoir will provide
special Christmas music
420 State street. Sunday school at 10
a. m. Morning worship at 1L Evangel
istic service at 7:45 p. m. Mid-week
services Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Young people's service Saturday night.
Sunday school at 10:60 a. m., Mrs. W.
A. Bark us, supt. Preaching at 10:50
o'clock. Subject: "Come to Bethle
hem." Anthem by chorus choir. B. Y.
P. V.'t st 6:80 p. m. Sunday night at
7:45 o'clock th A Cappella choir of Lin
field eoliere will give a program of
Christmaa carols. Tne ehoir will be as
sisted by a boys' ehoir of IS voices,
singing a carol processional and one
number with th senior choir. Dan Gold
en, violin, and Miss Evyln Gibson, so
prano accompanied by a male quartette.
Christmas program by th church school
will be held Friday night, December
28. Wednesday evening, prayer service.
Thursday evening, choir rehearsal. W.
Earl Cochran, pastor.
Church street, between Chemeketa and
Center. Rev. P. W. Eriksen, pastor.
9:45 Sunday school, A. A. Krueger, su
perintendent. 11 a. m.. The Day of
Anticipation. Anthem, directed by Wm.
MeGilchrist. Solo by Alvin Sehirman.
6:30 the Young People' leagues. 7:30
an open forum for the discussion of the
planning of the year'a work as present
ed by speeial committee. Aa open meet
ing. Young people's chorus will furnish
the musie. Young People's Christmas
party Wednesday at 8:30 p. m.
N. Sherman Hawk, pastor. Sunday
school, 10 a. m. Ivan Hadley, superin
tendent. Worship, 11 a. m. Epworth
league, 6:30. The Brotherhood will
sponsor the service at 7:30. The pas
tor's subject will be "Are Christiana
Crasy." Mid-Week service, Thursday
night, 7:30.
Ladies Leather and
Cottage and Shipping street. C.iT.
Springs, minister, bible study, 10 a. as.
Preaching at Topie: "Progrea in
Religion." Communion following th ser
mon. Evening Bible study at 7- o'clock.
Song practice Wednesday and Friday,
7:80 p. as.
Milo Clifton. Boas, pastor. Sunday
school, 10 o'clock; T. D. Trick, super
intendent. Morning worship. 11 a. m. on
"The Jadgmeat of God." 7 p. nu.
Christian Endeavor, -Was. HoffnelL- lead"
er. At th Christmas masicsl at S o clock,
th choir will offer a group of Christ
mas carols. Mis Jeannett Scott, vio
linist, and " Mis Doryce Ross, pianist,
will nlav. .Sermon by ih pastor. "Star
Trails to th Chrit.'f Prayer and study.
Thursday Bight.
Marion and North Liberty streets.
Brit ton Rosa, minister. Bible school at
8:45. .Fred - Broer, superintendent.' A
das tor all ages. Morning worship at
11 a'clock. Sermon, "Jecus, Christ th
Foundation." Prayer -meeting before the
evening service at 6:30. 1 Intermediate
and snior B. Y. P. U.'s will meet at 6:30
o'clock. All you g people ar invited to
this service. Orgsn prelude at 7:10 p.
m. Mis Minnie Miller, organist. Eve
ning service at 7:30. Sermon, "Th
Jewish Temple in Jerusalem." Speeial
musie st both morning and evening aerv
Services at 7:30 p. m., at Nelson halL
Chemeketa street between Commercial and
Liberty strets. Rev. Orlen Richard Kring
will speak, "The Mystie 9." Private
readinga between 6 p. m. and 7:30 p.
m. Healing concentration. Harvey Gas
tafeson,. the Swedish medium, wilL as
Chemeketa and North Cottage streets.
Services, 11 a. m. Rev. Wi G. Eliot ef
Portland will preach. Subject, "The An
cient War-cry of Positivism." Church
school, 10 a. m. Miles McKey, super
intendent. Mrs. Walter A. Denton, organ
North Sumner at Canon street. Em
ory W. Petticord, D. D, minister. Sun
dsy school at 9:45 a. m. L. L. Thornton,
superintendent. Morning worship at 1L
Organ prelade and offertory by Mrs.
Ethel Poling Phelp. Sermon, "A Man
Greater Than Man." Evangelistic serv
ice at 7:80 p. m. Song service led by
Linden Launer. Sermon: "Marriage of
the Church with the World." Prayer
meeting and Bible study, Thursday at
7:30 p. m.
Hood and N. Cottage streeta. G. T.
Neal, pastor, 1591 Broadway. Services,
11 a. m. and 7:30 p m. Sermons top
ic "Sunday School Work," in tbe morn
ing and "The Seven Reformations," in
th evening. Special tinging at each ser
vice. Sunday school, 10 o. m. Super
intendent, Lyl Knox. Yonng people'
meeting, 6:30 p. m. Lyio n.nox, president.
Prayer and testimony meeting, Wednes
day, 7 :80 p. m.
Moving Picture
Illustates Talk
An address Illustrated -with
moving Pictures showing the evils
of the old saloon ('ays will be
given by Charles Haffke, super
intendent of the Anti-Saloon
league, at the Jason Lee church
Sunday 1 "?ht at 7:30 o'clock.
The subject of tbe pictures and
address is "Lest We Forget".
Regular Service
Will be Resumed
HAYES VIL L E, Dec. 15-
Preachinsj services will be held at
the church here every Sunday fol
lowing Sunday school. Rev. Baer
gen will conduct the services. Mr
Bixel of Salem will .furnish spe
cial violin numbers Sunday.
,We Have made a fortunate purchase of house slip
pers and we are going to place the entire lot on
sale at two prices. We have hundreds of pairs and
every size in each lot, Boft soles and hard soles.
Considering the change in'price every pair of these
slippers is a wonderful bargain.
51 .95
. iT
At Dallas Church Sunday Af
- ternoon at 4 O'clock,
Honoring Noel
DALLAS, Dec. 15. The Pres
byterian church here will pre
sent the following . Christmas
concert Sun lay afternoon, De
cember 17, at 4 o'clock under
I direction . of Miss Alise. Mac-
uriae: m
' t Prelude Cello end Piano l
"Heavenly Dreams"
- J. G. Cglow and Joe Hartley
Christmas Carols ' . '
"Joy to th World," "O Com AU T
Faithful," "Hark the Herald Angels"
' Choir - -
Girls' .Trio "Lo How .a Boss E'er
Mary Stssts, Beverly Bales, Arlen Voth
Mixed quartet "Good Tidings"
Mrs. Ivan Warner, Mise Elisabeth Sedg
wick, J. M. Leitch, Joseph Hartley
Duet "Angels are Singing in th Star
light" Mrs. Arthur Fink, Hist Genevieve Co ad
Intrnmentsl Trio "Elegy by Massent"
"Sanctna From St. Celia Mass"
Mis Edri Green, Cello, Miss Dorothy
Palmer, Violin, Mrs. Joe Hartley, Pisa
Scripture and Prayer by Pastor
Jamea A. Smith
Mrs. Howard Fleming Panl Launer
Solo "Continue do Noel"
Mrs. Ivan Warner
Mala Quartet "What a Savior" "Silent
Leander Quiring, Alvin Quiring, Henry
Quiring, Sol Ediger
Closing 'Chorus (by request) "Hail Mes
siah' Benediction by th Pastor
Personnel of choir follows:
Pianist, Joveph Hartley; : assistant
pianist. Miss Katherine Leitch ; cello. Miss
Edri Green and J. C Uglow; violin,
Miss Dorothy Palmer.
Sopranos, Mrs. Marcella Middleton,
Mary Staats, Mrs. Laura Cleveland, Mrs.
Margaret Wicks, Mrs. Jane Whitworth.
Genevieve Coad, Mrs. Ivan Warner, Mrs.
Howsrd Fleming, Mr. W. L. Pember
ton, Mr. Robert Kutch, Mrs. James A.
Bmith and Margaret Jackson.
Altos, Mrs Arthur Fink, Mrs. Myra
Starbock, Beverly Bsles, Arlene Voth,
Mrs. George Knrre, Elisabeth Sedgwick,
Edri Green and Margaret Spencer.
Basses, J. M. Leitch, I. N. Goodell, &
E. Whitworth, Ivan Warner. Henry Quir
ing. Sol Ediger and Bob McMillan
Tenor, John Cerny, George Cooper,
Leander Quiring, Alvin Quiring, Paul
Launer, George DeGraff and Lloyd Whit
ten : '
Malohe Revival
Clewing; Draws
Lkrge Audience
Evangelist Pat Malone, now
closing a revival at the Gospel
tabernacle, 655 Ferry, last night
drew a capacity house to hear
his unique sermon on "Love".
The sermon was a response to
many local definitions given in
a question box. Tonight he will
discuss "Christ Crowded Out,"
and the Gideon quartet will sing.
Three services will be held
Sunday, at 11 a. m., 2:30 and
7:30 p. m.
Cantata Slated
For Evening at
A Christmas drama, "A Sign
Unto You," by Jean Lee Latham,
will be presented Sunday night
at thr Knight Memorial church.
A drama Oi. modern times with
a vivid portrayal of contrasts of
our modern social orCer. ;
Characters are" Edward IJal
loway, ' broker, Lloyd Pepper;
Margaret, wife, Dora Morley; Pa
tricia, daughter, " Yvonne A u -franc;.
; Janice, daughter, Betty
Taylor; -Howard;- son, Ralph
Eyre;- newsboy r- Neill R. Wil
liams; maid, Marion Williams.
. The a cappella choir of Lin
field college under the direction
of Mrs. Virginia Ward Elliott
will appear in - concert at th
Calvary Baptist church in Salem
eunaay nignr. The chorus of 32
voices will present a program of
Christmas carols.
Following- the appearance in
Salem the singers will leave on
a tonr of four Washington cities
during the holidays. Monday
morning they are scheduled to
give a radio broadcast from KGW
in Portland from 8:45 to :00.
The group will sing at various
churches in Centralla, Taeoma,
Seattle and Everett. In Taeo
ma and Seattle the choir will
present fonr radio broadcasts.
Cromley Takes
Woodburn Post
Sunday Morning
WOODBtJRN", Dec. 15. Rev.
George Cromley, new pastor of
the Woodburn Presbyterian
church, vcill take over the local
pulpit officially Sunday when he
preaches his first sermon there.
The services will begin at 11
o'clock. Rev. Cromley has Justi
completed 13 years' service at
the Creswell church. When he
preached his farewell sermon
there the Methodist and Chris
tian church pastors did not preach
and urged that their congrega
tions pay respects to Rev. Crom
ley. Rev. Cromley will also have
charge of services at the Bethel
Presbyterian church, holding ser
vices in Woodburn Sunday morn
ings and at Bethel in the eve
nings. First Baptist
Marion & N. Liberty Sts.
11 a. m. "Jesus Christ
the Foundation."
7:30 p. m. "The Jewish
' Temple in Jerusalem. I
Plan to keep open Sunday
Night, Dec, 24th. Attend the
Christmas Exercises at this
Watch Night Service Dec,
31st. A Cordial Invitation
extended to all to worship
with us.
Wi s