The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 22, 1933, Page 9, Image 9

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    j ' ' ' . - Hie OREGON STATESMAN. Saleau Oregon, ganday Morning, October 22. 1933 ' - ': r '"T
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TEST PEflKBF 1 378 Families Now Get
OF ffl BATTERIES ! . w5n' aiem:
ouurce; r malices uuuu
- "It you stand tlx well-known
batteries aids'' by aide, they will
lok as much alike as peas in a
pod except for the names," said
lr. Joe Williams, distributor of
Willard batteries for this section.
"But that's where the similarity
ends. When you put them tinder
test , , , when you measure their
life . , their, performance,, the
tremendous difference Ih batteries
becomes apparent. J
v "The yillard laboratories in
Cleveland recently ran a test of
six of the more popular batteries
on the market and the results
were astonishing. These batter
ies. Mr. Williams continued,
"were stock batteries bought from
various dealers. They were put
on a 'six hour cycle test (five
hours charging, one hous dischars
tng) which crowds one month of
normal life Into a tew days
' "The first battery tailed after
70 such cycles of testing, another
At 100, one at 144 and one at ISC
V' flat
' V "
r ' ,
WEST SALEM. Oct 21. An
Interesting story is embraced in
the metamorphosis of the West
Salem Water company. Prior to
1910 those liTing here used their
own i open wells but that year
Col. -C. A. Robertson sunk a test
well on the lot now housing the
cit7 halL and beneath the present
building. It was not very satisfac
tory, bearing a highly mineralized
content and others were driven
and bored, one as deep as 170
feet, In an endeavor to strike an
Hayesville Has
Community Meet
With a Program
HAYESVILLE, Oct. 21. The
first meeting of the Hayesriile
community club met at the
schoolhouse Friday night with
cycles. It took 305 cycles of this the new President, Frank Mar-
rigorous test to wear out a WU- 8na"' m tne cnair.
lard lattM-v rf Mim nam n I During the business session an
xapacity as the other ftre makes. Mne of the year's work was
I have neTer handled a prod- w e
net at our station, added Mr.
Williams, "which has given as
The program
was in charge
rj 9 -much service and satisfaction for ?' Cl Ramsey er. president of
the dollar as my line of Willard
batteries. It's a real pleasure to
sell them."
the Ad club.
The Home Town male quartet
composed of Leander. Elvin and
Henry Quiring and Sol Ediger
gave several very pleasing num
.Hd I MtapQ3e.d i of 4 Georgia
fctaii IVo r 1 ft Ttarridtt und
l . . I : I I r
Kenneth Robinson presented
delightful number,
State Representative Hannah
Martin presented the problems of
the next legislature before the
members. The relief -measure.
The Firestone Tire and Rubber i regulation of liquor traffic, the
company was the only tire man- DOS "a true iaW, and a means
nfacturer participating In the Cen- rawing iunus oy wnicn tne
turv at Prosrress fair at Chlcaeo. cnoois or tne state might be
nrnHl from tfin-dav -visit there Al OI e session the
In company with other managers
of Firestone Service stores from
the northwest.
I In the Hall of Sclence,-the Fire,
stone company demonstrated the
members were served light refreshments.
Mrs. Elwin Barham was great
ly surprised Tuesday on visiting
Mrs. N. W. Barham to find a
.wLrrrii. TCrJ roup of friends and relatives
r 1 v 1 who had gathered to present her
with a shower. Sht received
ires outsunamg in auraDimy
and mileage, has been shown to
nearly 10.000,000 visitors, Mr,
ara saia. i
"Judging from the interest
Firestone also operates a com- "7" 7 'Z L
pit. tire factory in Its own , b uUd- " ciea V
lug. The complete steps to tire. Mra Dora Dewey, Mrs. J.
manufacturing, Including the ta- A Koppnoanf Mrs. Elkabeth Kel
mous Firestone gum-dipping pro- Gf . Portland, Erma Comp-
Mrs. Brilla Halburt, Mrs. L P.
Shanakow of Hillsboro. Mrs,
! Lena Barham, Mrs. Earl Barham,
Mrs. Jessie Barham and Mrs.
Wayne W. Barham. and the hon-
f shown In the Firestone tire manu-J ored guest, Mrs. Elwin Barham.
factttring process, the exhibit is
. t. . m a. a . Ji M a.
one oi me ouistanaing. ieaiure m m . n
at the Century of Progress," Mr. I CSt OUlt Bx JDBT
vara aeciarea. i r n TT n' t .
WW w V 1 I w
rick Wood burn rligjb
1 I J T I a. vtiroa, wflo was arrestee
OtOCK JUagmg 1 eftm Friday for violation of jthe P.TJ.C,
tag requirement win appear
WOODBURN, October 21. 1 in justice court Monday morning
The stock Judging team which at 10 o clock to enter plea. Glrod
will represent Woodburn high claims he went to the utility com
sctiool at the Pacific .International mlssloners' office Thursday but
Livestock exposition Judging con-1 nianxs were noi given 10 aim
aef hnu hoAn elted am follows: pending the mass meeting held
inrent Bartos. Howard Kellow. Tnursoay. ins arrest was maae
Philbert Hunt and Hubert Seely. Z ronceman r nej ms
- Selections were made by the boys'
vocational agriculture instructor,
Kirby E. Brumfield
Robert Stauffer is-president qf
artesian well. Four were used and
as there was no electricity here
at that time, CoL Robertson, at
his own expense, had a power line
brought over from Salem that he
might Install a three horse-power
pump to draw this water -- from
these wells to supply some of the
homes in Klngwood and West Sa
Later these holdings were used
by a corporation, which sold out
to the city after they had been pt
service for 16 or 17 years. -No
Chlorlnatlon Used v
Since the city has owned the
water business It has dug one
large well which Is encased in ce
ment and drilled and driven two
others. Ail have a silicate seal be
tween the wells and the river, the
water entering through hollow
tiles from the hills above and no
chlorlnatlon Is used.
Installed In the wells are elec
trie pumps, one and 8 by 5 Meyers
buldozer type of plunger ' pump
having a capacity of 115 gallons
per minute and the others Fairbanks-Morse
modern centrifugal
pumps with capacity of 245 gal
lons per minute.
Through about 10 miles of
Inch, 0 inch, 4 inch and 2 inch
water mains, the fluid goes to the
homes and to the fine storage
reservoirs in Kingwood Heights.
These tanks, one with an eleva
tion of 277 feet4 diameter, ft 27
feet and depth of 12 feet; laaja
capacity of 60,000 gallons -and
the other elevation 211 feet, .41
feet diameter and depth 15 feet,
with a capacity of 100,000 gal
lons, are strictly modern with
sanitary covers, are reinforced
concrete and give a good reserve
of gravity feed -and storage force
as the water is constantly pumped
Into the mains."
Weekly and other analysis show
an invariable test of very. satis
factory water with no harmful
bacteria content.
Income Substantial
To an original 130,000 bonded
program, has been added a subse
quent $10,000, and later $5000
bonding and the present bonded
indebtedness Is $32,000 which Is
retiring at the rate of $1000 per
annum. There is a decided in
crease in business. Within the last
three years the Income has gone
from $2500 to between $5000 and
$6000, or an Increase of 60 per
cent In collection and the water
company has had no tax levy for
the past two years for water. In
1930 there were $14,052 out
standing warrants and now there
Mark Schneller is suffering, from
m VihiIIm onun iv sf anil 4k
the Woodburn high school . chap- lnjnrleTare"
ter of the Future Farmers of Am
erica. Other officers elected re
cently are:- Philbert Hunt, vice
president; Torlef Nelson, secre
tary; Lyman Seely. treasurer;
Howard Kellow, reported. The
election was held at this time of
year because several officers did
not return to school this falL
Vincent Bartos took first place
In a Judging contest held recent
ly at Corvallis, competition being
with other, members of the .Wood-
burn agriculture classes. Those
who went to Corvallis are: Jack
Hill, Wilbert Homtn, Vincent
Bartos, Lloyd Clark, Bill Fobert.
Hubert Seely, Robert Koenig,
Howard Kellow, Arlie Skiller and
Robert Stauffer.
the result of a fall while erect
ing -a silo on the R. W. Clarke
Your pres
ent battery
may per
form satis
rieht now.
But wffl It
stand on un
der the se
vere strain
of cold wea-!
ther start.
If. there la a.
possibility et
vour r needing
a new battery
during tbe-
e o 1 d winter
mouths Just
ahead . . take
advantage of
oar'' present
prices on gen
uine . wuiaxa
batteries .
and buy now.
All New Tires
1928 Do4?0
Victory 6
-Wheel sedan
Center at High Tet $000
'; tic KAY
333 Center SU
are no outstanding warrants and
all bills ara paid. More than halt
of ' the . town - Is - metered and in
September 7, 101,280 galons were
pumped, 23 new accounts were
opened bringing the total number
ot families now being supplied to
Members ot the water board in
clude MayorGuy O. Newgent,
chairman, -.Robert ;Pttison,r sec
retary, Thomas j Randies, : . clerk;
William L. La Dne, superinten
dent, and Eugene Krebs."
From the modest beginning has
grown a g re at? Industry- that
serves humanity with a daily, nec-etfitr.?-
$?:r: - -I-
in tad weather!
TWe tk f4 V-wMi h4w,i, mmmid. mgMtoe est Is tm tlarjtieri S 4 Imm
IFra V-s take first seven
aces in Ao& Ao l&ise
O Ford V-8 dramatically proved and gravel these Fords took
Its superiority in speed and en- more punishment in minutes
durance, by averaging &0.22 than you would give your car
miles an hour for 203 miles In months,
with a maximum speed of 1003 It b much safer and tar mora
I w " . -i . r . . '
mues an nour ui ine ramous . nnnmil r el KA nt ak .
miles an hourin the famous , economical to trawl
Elgin Natfonal aM.lM fjr UdoZ fa V
stock cars The event was run
underrules and personal super
vision of the American Auto
mobile Assn contest board.
Fifteen cars, of four different
makes (including the "other
two in the low price field)
were entered. Seven Ford V-8s
finished in the first seven places.
Only one competitive car fin
ishedin eighth, place.
Over a treacherous course of
concrete, bituminous macadam
do 80, than it Is to travel at the
same speed in a car built to do
65 or 7a
fr- ro--o
I III II mjmtmm-rrr-.,
New Ford V-SOhnf CoMpe-groce-hA
Ir tine, rich In fWsH cm4 eppolntment
Daraat CoaA II
1 Thoroughly . U
r Becoudltioned I
$145 .1
I WS0 Caevrolet 1
. itandard Sedta J
. "$365 )
. i
. V.e With THn, Worn Tires
.. With Weak Batteries
WitK Worn Brake Lining
. i . - .
7 Accidents, costly delays, untold incon
veniences often result f rqm taking
chances with unsafe equipment. The
time to check over your car is NOW,
while "costs are still low.
LOCDorroD Heuacaeo
oa yooff old tires
fy N 4.50-21
I VDlll" , (j Trade-in
Cr Allowance
JIM" Smith
"BILL" Watkins
! 4
" ft
1 .
: 7
r 7 - .ft'
"We Go A Long Way
to Make Friends
Help Us Keep Them
When you think of tires think of Jim and Bill and the
New General. Greater safety, mileage that reduces your
The General Jumbo Streamline carrying only 14 pounds
pressure is an innovation in tire construction. Let us show
In General Plate-Lock Batteries, hard rubber keys lock all
the plates rigidly in place as if cast in one piece. The plates
cannot vibrate and chafe. Plate buckling and short circuit-
in? are substantially eliminated. The result is greater
power and much longer battery life.
Shell "Certified" LUBRICATION
Shell "Certified" Lubrication follows exactly the specifi
cations of lubrication laid down by the manufacturer of
your car. That's why it's the correct method for Your car.
;.. ... . .
Certainly Reason Pays to Put Your Car
r in the Hands of
TEL. 3412
ONLY ONE LOCATION - Chemelteta at Libertj;
Car Wash
Firestone Gum-Dipped Tire for
yean hare won the 500-mile lm
din polls speed classic the most
gruelling tire test known. That's
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your car. Firestone offers not only
higher quality, but GREATER
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5.50x19 11.50
Our Best Tire
High-Speed Type
Extra Power to
meet every demand,
longer life, greater
dependability . . .
these are only a few
of the extra values
yon get in Firestone
Batteries. Replace
yokr battery bow
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liberal: allowance
for your old battery.
As Low as
aad Your
Old Battery
Ttretoae LINING
The new Firestone Anoannif Brake,
t tIy Uinniitwm nwwifin
. a a
ISBW sjnawy
useether braking
poaltlve braking
itrnl.Wewa test
AiLow C
It's not a bit too early to flush transmis
sion and differential and refill with win
ter grease. Well do the job right an4d at
a minimum of cost to yon.
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