The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 06, 1933, Page 16, Image 16

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Friday Morning; October 6V 1933
B, ' Merer, A. i k' T'auxtn, Guy
Johnston and; HL T, Taylor. "
Mrs Mary 'if McMenomy, 17,
died, at ; her home la Aberdeen,
Wash, September 23. She-was
daughter of Mr. and rMs. Young
er Smelser and! ! was . born ; and
reared la the Ecto commnnlty.
She bad been CI 1 of cancer for
some time, and bar sister, Mrs.
Maud Piatt, t was "with her dur
ing bar illness. Her husband and
son, . Richard, anrrive; also her
sisters; Mrs. Ahbif : Klphart of
Show :
The roles for the flower show
are; Any Individual not profes
sional , may participate;- all : ex
hibitors shall furnish their own
contain srs, 'wlth "i entries to be
entered between 1 - and .' p. in.
October. I, and left ontil 4 pi m.
October 10. Bulbs will be award
ed as prizes and sweepstakes for
dahlias ttivislon will be a Miss
Annie Lyle dahlia bulb. tin sec
tion A, containers are not to be
considered in the' Judging.
Wednesday October 11. Friends
are welcome from 1 to ( la the
afternoon The 1 0 th. anniversary
of the marriage of Mr. 'Arnold's
brother, J. .1; Arnold of West
Scio, . was commemorated Janu
ary, 1111.. - . -
In addition to the IT. farmers
previously reported a having ap
plied for wheat contracts, CY B.
Brlgga, " emergency a a- e n t in
charge, ropo rta the following
names in the Scio Bock Ceek
districts Huffman Brothers, A.
Deer .Island,' Ore., and Mrs. Hand
Piatt of Hoqniam, ? Wash-, and
her brothers,-John, William and
Jake ot.Sclo, and George, whose
address ,1a unknown. - Mrs. McMenomy-
was a! member of the
Scio Baptist church, with which
she -united many years ago.
- n . i &
iSCIO,.Oct. S. The new city
reservoir is now installed at a
cost of about $149. The recep
tacle which, it displaced served
the city for 40 years.,. The new ;
structure is expected to do equal-
Iy aa weU "and , then ' It will j
owe the city nothing,' is" the . 1
opinion generally expressed. ' , 4
To be Monday
LYONS, Octl 8.. 'Charlea
Abele and ton, Edward, vef Lea.
Angeles, and Mr. and Mrs. Loris . .
Trask and two children of Al- -bany,
arrived bere Monday night ;
for. a surprit visit with Mr. and
Mrs. William Swank. -
The" Independence Ga
a club
Will hold its annual fall flower
show Monday f night, Ootober 9,
and "Tuesday t afternoon. October
10, in the Woman's club build
ing. -
, SCIO, Oct. - 8. i The golden
wedding anniversary of ' Mr. and
Mrs." G. W. Arnold, venerable
pioneers of the Sdo region, la to
be observed at their homo on
V esnBnsnss , i it T- i r
i " - ? r J
- mmmmmmmmm .
Declares fcr Regulation; Jn
1 dustry Brought Oregon 11
. " Eight Millions
MONMOCTH, 1 Oct. 5. Dean
Walker of Independence,"; presi
dent of the-Oregon Hop Grower'
. association, and member t the
lower house of state lerrlaUtare
from this district, spoke to Men
month and .Independence 14 on a
here Tuesday at the weekly
, luncheon, .presented the hop
growers side of the repeal meat
sure In a spirited and entertain
ing manner. : . : :
-While : he cannot, a? a --hop
grower, desire to seethe sale of
' beer or any other malt product
, decline, Mr. Walker is emphatl
cally. in favor of regulated sales
of liqnorj of no debancnery, and
to prohfbit return of the saloon.
Too high a Manor: tax is also not
economically profitable.,, . ,
Asked Abont Prices
r Since the hop harrest Is bring
ing .Into the Willamette Talley
about 48.000,000 this year, it is
of course- an agricultural crop
of 'firs; importance, SeTeral ques
tions were': fired afc Mr.!; Walker
' , from various Lions as to the why
of low prices paid- for picking
this season. He replied that many
growers are held to term con
tracts of sal J at 14 to. 16 cents
per pound: also that SI. 20 per
hundred is the high record price
paid for picking heretofore,
which price Was slightly increas
ed before the close of the pres
, ent 'picking ' season. ' ' 1 '
; On." the 5 economic situation of
. the Mate he expressed hope that.
no measures would become pre
valent to encourage any one to
lose his personal s ambition for
self- ,ependence. "
WOOLBURN, Oct. 5. The
Woodhurn Garden club is to hold
Its annual flower show Friday and
Saturday, of this week in the Set
tlemler building.- Prises for win
ners in the children's displays
hare been donated by local mer
chants. President George Tlmm
and Mrs. Frank Corey hare been
named as a committee to arrange
fora musical entertainment Fri
day night.- y '-i '.
Any person in the community
may participate in the show. Oth
er rules are that all Garden cloh.
members regardless of officer are
entitled to enter; all flowers must
be grown in the- exhibitor's own
garden and the exhibitor mast
furnish his own containers; ex
hibits must be entered by 10
o'clock Friday. : ,---:--
There Is a horticultural class
containing ten classifications, and
sections for rock plants, trees and
foliage, fruit arrangements, minia
ture gardens, and shadow box ar
rangements. There will be on ex
hibition a collection of interesting
antiques and relics. i ; ;"
County Gathering
: Of Farmers Unions
Slated Tomorrow
. BETHEL, Oct. 5. The Mar
lon county convention Of the.
Fanners union will be held at
Central Howell, on the Salem
SUverton highway, Saturday, Oc
tober. T. t V ' ; ." I ' ' '
- President Warren Gray of Mar
lon, will preside.' Sidney-Talbot
local, will lead the music. Max
Cehlhar and-James Mott will be
the speakers. Backet dinner at
noon. The contention opens at
It o'clock. - 'j -
All :" Farmers nnlon members
from other coanties are Invited
to attend. - .
Horse Spills Girls
But. Injuries Minor
... LYONS, Oct 6. Miss Agnes
fcenratfl and little Helen freak,
small daughter of - Lawrence
Trask," were both - quite : painf al
ly cat , and braised : by falling
from a -horse Monday .night.
. They both were badly braised
by falling on the gravel road,
and Mtes Keurstil - caught on" a,
barb wire which eut 'some deep
gashes in he rhand and arm.
Tags NRA Prices
r .xier Eeercri former newspper
t "a snd economist, of Brookland-
' I the Consumers Advisory Board.
3 u pictured at his desk in NRA
1 -atlqaarters, Washington. - His
duty will be the study of price
- . - - - raises.
New PrixxTts
.Ward fuKNM Saraaia'
fall pattens and color, U
tab-faatl S6 mches. Buy dow
tat Mr wash frocks!
:v.Xfax Soap
Here it is, the soap that i fahs
ea for H beneficial effect
aQ skiiis--fte matte bo
lithre ihey may be!
OI xOOSbeets
79c each
"LoBglrear", braad.
Bleached white,
hand tons, aetraga ;
sides. Long wear-
Ufcbnoy Soap
StedMfe Omtm wW Wost . -
.fj bars for 29c
Nationally known as the soap
that ends all offensive body odors! "
Here it is specially priced tar
' Ward Week Oolyl v ;
Pillow Cases
X0C ea.
"Xongwear" qtal
hty. Sana . 42x36.
w-bit bleacbed.
Police Shoes
WwrfWrwnT Print
i pair
Centsiae can" am. '
ssorni wek. Area
All Motudr! Priced 30
lew than taxiaj rauirfcet!
With mohair prices as high as they
arc, we cannot repeat this Ward Week
value. Both pieces have comfortable
high backs and roll arms. And the
cushions, backs, and seats are epring
fiHed. Carved f!i
I TWTTWfT. i ,,M. .
A Ward Wk Smptr Vmlm
In Amtrtemm Wmtmut Vmmwrt
4 DP5E(K(3?S
$5 down, ViSO monthly, plus carrying
Prices are up 50fo since we bought
this suite for Ward Week. We cant
repeat this aluc Four big pieces In
American Walnut veneerrubbed to
a rich, satiny finish. Genuine plate
glass mirrors, and elaborate wood
carvings are other costly details!
Speciai Price For Ward Week Onigt
Waurffl Matt Walin IPanimtf
Dries Overnights. Lasts For Years I
Oct 29
-Li gal.
Apply this wall paint at night and it's dry by morn-'
tn. You can wash it with mild soap and water and
it will lasi for Tears. ' In IS attractivp colors.
NU-COTE VARNISH. Dries in 4 hrs. g- .00
Inside use 'J. ,,' . X gaL
BRUSH SPECIAL. A 4T Wall Brush and
a 2" Varnish Brush, pure Chinese bristles
IV 1 - ' ..
V: rM ir-
Save $6.00 during Ward Weefe
Washing for Family of
4 Don h 30 Minutes
- 140ow,S4AWV
plrs small carrying charg
Think of itWard Week price sayes
yon $6. And 30 minutes after you
. start this Washer a whole week's
wash for a family of 4 is done.
Ward's gentle washboard action gets
clothes fax whiter. Lasts longer, too,
- r --"-.
shades and Uacfc.
' ' 38 aneW
aWnf4aast WstfSLf
Fancy etriped
ton flannel. 36
bxlies wide.. For
Wart Week eaiyt
www aftiitis-
25C ea.
Tailored raynat
iea also lac trisn-
Work Sox
Coaabed cotton
with reinforced
heels sad tees.
Dark eolors only.
Ward Week
Sacinost Bug
"Golden Crest99'
59c pair
beer, even weave! Bat m new
fast nriei Jmr Word WmU FuB.
bed aad toes. Boy now to save.
earn saakes tads
stardy. Ami see
Qaady Oust Mop
Felly rcrersibla.
Of spoeUOy spna
twa-ply dnst absae
yarn. Oval.
It Ward
Woiih Doiler
Oenai Ui valne!
Copper with tanned
Interior Stardy
hook handle.
Cushion Dote
ftswfCWf ro4aslf
tW At fi tk
? cartains would b
f alrgaia!
bc weara.
Window Shades
- ' $4 Ymimmt
1 39c mv
mce gees ay after
Tatd Week. Llrht
tested far pinbelea.
Heavily eselei"
it3 n 7 n n i .' ' ; :-.n
I . - U' I -
Work Shoes
mU pair
Super work hoe, black dk, plain
toe, double oak leather eater.
Men! Save on
Dress Shirts
A Word Wee Valve I
Tbet thirts are worth twice this
price 1 CoIqt fatt. New whites,
plains and fancies I
Word Wool
Wesson's Full
If VOn'm tLimM. . a .
Ha iitzz: ,wm.r.rpr w.
nWortVVWJtOnfy ,
30 less Than Last Year!
We've lowered oar already low
price. Bern ia year chance to
ewa the gm 150,000 banters kava
feand 'safest, tastest, ; smoothest.
Osraaae vanadiaaa steel parts,
black walaat stock. Sboots f sfss
ia five seeeeds! Easy takedown,
it Has New Air Cishhn tollocitst
.-vi'd down, S3 monthly
Sunateas steal snndgaarda
and chrossinni plated f.
ring, Snper stnrdy aastsr.
bik trass lock and
ebjease plated steal ar
laTfV Jb
mtJ lfL IT ftt
m sat
Yard Week enjyt
Spsdal Ward. Week Price on Words Fbmous Riverside
27S N; Uberty;
r r r-i
. In yowr own contofiter
Ward Week is another Break for
motorists. Bring your own con
tainer" is all we ask to pv you the
benefit of this tremendous value
oloney can't buy better oil It it
expertly refined tprx Wards from
the finest, most expensive Penn
aylranla crude out of the top price
Bradford District.
13-Plate Batteiy, 12 1
Months. Guarantee
Riverside Spark' PIuss,:
4 or more, each