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Simpson Clan Has
Annual Gathering
The annual
reunion of the de-
ecendants of
William and Mary
Simpson, -who crossed, the plaint
-with ox teams In 1816, and lo
cated In the! -Waldo Hills, was
held at.tho state fairgrounds at
Salem, Sunday.
The Simpson clan organized at
a meeting held at . Silver Creek
Falls park sbs years' ago, the first
president beltf John Simpson of
Carlton and Mrs, J. & Simpson of
Salem was secretary-treasurer. Of
ficers at thej present time are
Mrs. W. N. Crawford; (Lois Simp
son) Saiem, a great-granddaughter
of William and Mary Simpson
is president; Mrs. J. C. Simpson,
Salem secretary-treasurer; and
Mrs. Clyde BUvens. (Sybil Simp
son), Portland, another great
granddaughter la Clan Llstorian.
. The meeting next year will be
at SllTerton park and is expected
to be one of the largest ever held.
The oldest member present Sun
day was David Matthews. 78, of
Salem, and the youngest was Dar-
rel Bilvens. 51 son of Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Blivens of Portland. All of
those present were relatives of
the noted Oregon poet. Sam L.
Simpson, author -of "Beautiful
Willamette'1 (and other poems.
William Simpson was the first
Baptist minister In Oregon and
performed the first marriage cere
mony recorded at the Marlon
county court! house.
About 35 members enjoyed: the
excellent dinner and speeches and
reminiscences by various mem
bers. Those present were Mrs. Nan
Cherry and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Cherry, Dallas, Mrs. Phoeae Mc
Xinimons, Sajem, David Matthews,
Salem, J. B. Simpson. Salem,. Mr
and Mrs. J. Cf Simpson, Salem, Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Matlock and son
Robert, Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Ev
erett Service and son Curtis,
Aumsville. Mr. and - Mrs. Clyde
Blivens and three sons, Portland,
Mrs. Emma Simpson, Amity, Mrs.
Alic3 Simpson, Lincoln, Mr- and
Mrs. W. M. Retberford and
daughter Wilma, Lebanon, Wil
liam Udell,' Amity, Claude E.
Smith. Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. N.
Branch. Salem, Marian Shoemak
er, Shaw, Miss Rose Simpson,
Shaw. Mrs. E. Fendrick, Salem,
Mrs. Effie Hastings and son, Sa
lem, Robert Gould. Salem, Mr.
and Mrs- W. N. Crawford and
daughter?, Alice and Wilma, Sa
lt' in.
W. C. T. U. Hears
Interesting Program
Salem W. C. T. U. met for Its
rsular session Tuesday afternoon
a; its organization headquarters
on South Commercial street. At
tAii time an interesting program
of varied topics was presented.
Those taking part Included Mrs. Tooze, Mrs. Beulah Ratliff,
Mrs- Lena Lisle, Mrs. Lydia Leh
man. Matters of concern for the
coming election were topic centers
f jr discussion.
A special guest for the after
noon was Mrs. Mary Train, a for
mer member of the unit. She
briefly addressed the meeting.
Monmouth Miss Merle Miller,
Miss Pauline Morlan and -Miss
June Craven represented Mon
mouth's World Wide guild at the
annual house party held at Me
UlnnviUe on the Linfield college
campus this weekend. They con
tributed a skit to the banquet pro
gram Saturday night.
The auxiliary to the Veterans
of Foreign Wars will meet Mon
day at Hazel Green for the reg
ular meeting and this will be fol
lowed by a 6:30 o'clock poll nek
supper at which the auxiliary
will be joined by the Veterans.
Reports of the recent convention
will be given at this meeting.
Mrs. John Q. Hunter and son
Bobby of Long Beach Is spend
ing the month with Mr; and Mrs.
Roy Hurst. Several affairs are
being given for Mrs Hunter who
formerly made her home In Salem.
Versteeg Clan Holds Annual Meet
At Fairview; McFarlanes Meet Too
Roy Clark Honor Guest at Surprise Affair
At Waldo Hills; Morleys Entertain
Wheatland Fifty-six members
attended the second annual Mc
Farland family reunion held at
the Fred Bauer aquatic garden
picnic ground here Sunday.
Beside local people, from Salem
were: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pelley
and daughters Letha and Cecil,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Fitt and son
' Frank and daughter Edna and
Miss-Alice Massey, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Fitts and family, and from
Portland were Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Ott, also Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bay
llss and daughter and. Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Morgan of Lafayette-
- '
Waldo Hills A delightful sur
prise birthday party for Roy
Clark was held Saturday night at
the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Clark with Bliss Mil
dred Clark as hostess. Guests
were: Edna, Martha and Helen
Goodknecht, Beryl Ottoway, Lois
Riches, Mrs. Harold . Clark, Rob
I Moving
Larmer Transfer & Storage
We Also Handle Fuel Oil,
Diesel Oil for Tractor Engines and Oil Banters
------ ' - -.; v-; '-" - . ",' 1 -' : ,
ews and Club
Oliye M. Doax,
Wednesday, July 19
Birthday party for Rev. Thomas V. Keenan; bridge
and "500' in play at 8 o'clock. Mrs. A. E. Wickert,
chairman of general committee
Maccabees regular meeting at Women's club house,
8 o'clock; all members requested to be present.
'Thursday, July 20
All-day meeting of Ladles Aid of W. R. C. fair
grounds; quilting to be arranged.
Women's day at Salem Golf club; luncheon at noon
and rotation tournament arranged for play; for reser
vation call 4863.
Friday, July 21
Mrs. W. A. Barkus, hostess to Calvary Baptist mis
sionary society, 1115 North Winter street; 2:30 o'clock.
Saturday, July 22
Past Matrons association meet'for one o'clock lawn
picnic at Judge Percy Kelley home.
Attractive Tea
Honors Matrons
A charmingly arranged tea was
that of Tuesday afternoon be
tween the hours of 2 and 5
o'clock at the Charles Low home
at which time Mrs. Low was hos
tess in compliment to Mrs. Ada
line Remington, newly elected
state conductress of the auxiliary
to the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
and for Mrs. Marty Conley, sen
ior vice president of the Auxi
liary. The guest rooms were color
fully arranged in summer blos
soms. Mrs. Low was assisted in
serving by Mrs. Helen Sims and
Mrs. Sylvia Furlough.
Present were Mrs. Helen Sims,
Mrs. Dorothy Baker, Mrs. Edith
Mudd, Mrs. Ora Pettit, Mrs.
Claire. Mrs. Blanche Fournler.
Mrs. Eva Rush. Mrs. Effie Wet-
zel, Mrs. Hazel Kaiser, Mrs. Vera '
dram of Lebanon. Mrs. Anna
Borkman, Mrs. Sylvia Furlough
and Miss Martha Floer.
Salem Maid Makes
Musical Progress
Miss Julia Query, formerly a
popular Salem maid is making' in
teresting progress In her musical
work in Portland. Each Sunday
at 8 o'clock and Tuesday at 7
o'clock she appears over KXL.
Sunday night she is heard in voice
numbers and Tuesday night is ac
companied by Margaret St. Clair
of Jefferson, pianist and Mr
Schuff, violin.
Miss Query has also been ac
cepted as a member of the a cap
ello choir of the First Presbyter
ian church of Portland. This choir
was heard in Salem thl3 past win
ter. "
Mrs. W. E. Scandling of Port
land has been a guest in Salem
at the J. H. Callaghan home for
the past few days during which
time Mrs. Callaghan has been in
Salem General hospital. Mrs. Cal
laghan returned to her home
Tuesday night with her infant
The usual ladies' day will be
observed Friday at the Salem
Golf course. Mr3. F. C. Ritner,
president of the women's club,
announces a rotation tournament
for that day with the us-ual
luncheon at noon. Those desiring
to make reservations call Mrs.
Ritner at 48S3.
A delightful birthday party Is
being planned for tonight at St.
Vincent de Paul parish bouse in
compliment to Father Thomas V.
Keenan's birthday. Bridge and
500" will be the divertisement of
the evening hours. Playing will
begin at 8 o clock. Mrs. A. E.
Wickert is chairman of the gen
eral committee in charge.
A merry picnic among those
being planned for the hot days
was that sponsored by the .Hop
Growers association at the coun
try home of Mr. and Mrs. James
and Ted Riches, George and Jim
Gilham, Ernest and John Doer-
fler, Sam Wilson, Lewis and liar
old Clark. Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Clark, the honor guest, Roy Clark
and the hostess, Miss Mildred.
Dayton Sixty-four members of
the Versteeg family from Port
land. Salem, Newberg and local
people, attended the annual re
union held Sunday at the John
Versteeg farm in the Fairvlew
neighborhood near here.
John Versteeg was the eldest
member present. The next reunion
will be held at the Scott Edwards
home in Pleasantdale the third
Sunday In-July. The officers elect
ed last year hold over.
Pleasantdale Mrs. J. A. Mc-
Farlane entertained eight mem'
bers of the . Aloha Needle club
and one guest, Mrs. Fred Mor
gan of Lafayette, at her home
Thursday afternoon.
Coal and Briquets and High
Society Editor
Happy-Go-Lucky .
Club Entertained
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill enter
tained the Happy-Go-Lucky card
club Saturday evening.
Cards were in play till a late
hour when a luncheon was served.
High scores were held by Mr.
J. G- Stewart and Mrs. F. Slater
and low scores by Mrs. O. Turner
and Mr. M. Hart.
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Stewart. Mr. and Mrs
G. H. Bradford, Mrs. E. Vesper,
Mrs. T. Slater, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Cardley, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Cochrane, Mr. S.
Bradford, Miss Margaret Stewart,
Mr. Laurence Bradford, Mr. Jaek
Stewart. Guests from Portland
were Mr. and Mrs. M. Hart, Miss
Pearl Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Bradford and Miss Ruth Hart.
Farm Home Will be
Scene of Picnic
The Benton, Linn. Lane. Polk
and Marion county unions of the
w. v. T. U. will hold a general
basket picnic at the Children's
Farm Home Saturday. Julv 29.
Coffee will be furnished by the
nome. Tills Is in celebration of
the tenth anniversary of the
opening of the Willard and Ore
gon cottages, the first units of
tne borne of today. As this is the
regular quarterly meeting time of
the execntive board, there will
be a business session from 10 to
12 o clock.
C. L. Starr, president of the
board, will act as toastmaster at
the picnic luncheon which fol
lows. All friends of the Chil
dren's Farm Home are cordial
ly Invited to attend this nicnic
Mrs. Flora Thomas and her
daughter Mrs. E. J. Scellars re
turned recently from ,a 10 day
irip into northern California and
southern Oregon. The Oregon
caves. Crater Lake, and nther
scenic points of interest wera
Mrs. Charles G. Robertson and
Mrs. Bert Ford will motor to
Portland today to attend the
luncheon being given by Mrs. Mc-
uaniel Brown in compliment to
Miss Mary Evans of New York.
Mrs. Ben Baker of Santa Ana.
Cal., is the house guest of Mrs.
Edwin Viesko for this week. Mrs.
Baker will visit in Salem and
Portland until August 1.
Mrs. Edwin Viesko and child
ren will go to Neskowln this com
ing week where they will be
guests at the Fred Viesko cot
Mrs. F. M. Jordan of Seattle
13 the house guest of Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Charles Bauer and Mrs.
Charles Stldd of Portland were
visitors in Salem Sunday.
Mrs. B. F. Pound and son Bob
by, were guests In Portland Tues
Mrs. M. J. Coon of Cuba, N. Y.,
is the house guest of Mrs. W. C.
Mrs. Allan Bynon and children
were dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Low Monday night
Miss Edith Schryver Is spending
some time in New York City.
J,Wvii 'in n ! mii iiimi'i"' ' i" i i
. - . .... a -
Clayton Stoyer Wecls
Miss Myrene Lichty
Central Howell Miss Mvrene
Lichty and Clayton Stoyer were
married Sunday afternoon at 1
o'clock at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Llehty, with Rer. J. M. Fran
of the Pratum Mennonlte ehnrch
officiating. The single ring cere
mony was used. The rooms were
laviahly decorated.
The bride wai lovely, in a white
gown ol embroidered chiffon or
gandie and carried a bouquet of
lavendar . sweet peas and pink
rosebuds. Miss Nora Lichty at
tended her sister. Russell Lichty,
brother of the bride, attended
the groom. Miss Vale RoAr
played the" wedding march and
Lyle Krug sang "Because. "
Assisting about the rooms war
Misses Inez Welty, Gladyce Lich
ty. Ellen Steffen, Elda Her
Ruth Simmons, Mrs. Raleigh
Welty, Mrs. Fred Krug, Mrs.
Clarence Simmons, Mrs. John
Lichty, Mrs. . Alee Lkhty and
Mrs. Ted Welty.
Mr. and Mrs. Stover left for .
short wedding trin. Thev will
visit here with her parents and
other relatives until the first of
August when they plan to drive
back to Greenville, Penn., where
the groom's home is and where
he is assistant foreman In the
railroad shops.
Guests for the wedding and
informal reception following
were: Mr. and Mrs. Gid Welty,
Inex and Miles Welty, Mr. and
Mrs. Raleigh Welty, Mr. and Mrs.
Ted Welty. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Herr and Clifford, Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Herr, Vernetta and Dale,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krug. Lyle
Krug, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kreh
biel, Norman and Dorothy, Mr.
and Mrs. Vernon Van Cleave,
and Edris, Mr. and Mrs. John
Lichty and John, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Alec Lichty, Benlah Grover
and Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Rogers, Vale Rogers, Rev. and
Mrs. J. M. Frans, Rnfus, Arthur
and Landy Franz, Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Simmons, Ruth, Max,
Clarence. Bobby and Phillip Sim
mons, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stef
fen, Ellen Steffen, Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Ford, Thomas and Frank
lyn. Miss Gladyce Lichty, Miss
Frieda Franz, Miss Elda Herr,
Marvin Humphrey, Verle King.
Clifford Dougherty and Rexter
Mrs. George Guyles
Complimented Guest
One of the attractive affairs of
the week wa3 the dinner party
for which Miss Mabel Robertson
was hostess at Willamette lodge
Tuesday night in compliment to
Mrs. George B. Guyles of Tacoma
who has been her house guest for
the past fortnight.
Covers ware placed for Mrs.
Guyles. Mrs- L. H. McMahan. Mrs.
Sheldon Sackett," Mrs. Don Young,
Miss Elizabeth Putnam, Miss Win
ifred Byrd, Miss Elizabeth Lord,
mis3 uarrtett Long and Mrs.
Charles G. Robertson and Miss
SCIO, July 18. About 30
friends attended a farewell party
at V. F. W. hall in Scio Sunday
night for Mr. and Mrs. M. MulUn
of Lebanon. Cards and refesh
meats featured. The Mullins are
returning to Camas, Wash., after
several years spsnt in Lebanon,
where Mr. Mullin was superin
tendent of the paper mills.
R. H. F. Struckmeier of Clover-
dale superintended the harvesting
of 50 tons of hay on his farm in
trie rlverview section.
An eight and one-half pound
son was born to Mr. and Mrs. S.
S. Stuart at the farm near Sader
son bridge July 15.
Alfonso Kudrna was here a few
days ago from Minnesota looking
ior a rarm lor himself and his
father-in-law, who accompanied
Recent repair en the mill race
ana nume nave been made by the
local mill company.
Wilbur Johnston, who has been
with the Bryan garage for several
3 recently joined a conser
vation crew in the vicinity of De
troit, his orotner Ralph has been
similarly employed east of Casca-
dia for several weeks.
Your own
has that delicate
"just made" taste
FOR Mill
35 Precincts get Ballot
Boxes; Registration
Slightly Lowered
DALLAS. July 18. Prepara
tions for the special election on
Friday. July 21, are being made
throughout the county and bal
lot boxes have been delivered to
the 25 polling places. Registra
tion in Polk c o n n t y dropped
slightly from that for the gen
eral election but 7917 voters
have registered to cast their vote
at the special election.
Polling places for the 35 nre-
etnets in Polk county are: 1st
Dallas, city hall; 2nd Dallas,
court house; 3rd Dallas. Dallas
city water office; 4th Dallas, un
decided; 1st Independence, A. G.
Baker residence; 2nd Indepen
dence, city hall; 3rd Indepen
dence. Women's Club building:
4th Independence, Independence
Laundry building.
Southwest Monmouth, Christian
church; Southeast Monmouth,
Wedeking building; Northeast
Monmouth, W I n e g a r building;
Northwest Monmouth, Baptist
church; South Falls City. Chris
tian church; North Falls City,
city library; West Salem, base
ment of M. -E. church; Spring
Valley, basement of Zena school
house; Brush College, Brush Col
lege school house; Eola, Eola
school house; East Rickreali, Ma
sonic hall; West Rickreali,
Grange hall; McCoy, I. O. O. F.
hall; Salt Lake (Perrydale), hall
over Yocum store; Jackson (Ball
ston), I. O. O. F. hall; Salt
Creek, North Dallas school house.
Buell, Grange hall; Douglas
(Grand Ronde). New Grand
Ronde Community hall; Oakdale,
garage at H. S. Butz residence on
Uglow Avenue, Dallas; Bridge
port, Union hall; Lewlsville,
Lewisville church; Pedee, Union
high school house; Airlie, W. R.
Williams store; Suver, hall over
Larson store; Buena Vista, W. O.
W. hall; Rock Creek (Valsetz),
Valley and Siletz depot.
LYON'S. July 18. Lloyd Trask
of Mill City had what may prove
a very serious accident early Sun
day morning. He was drivln?
a sedan toward Mill City about
i.jv o ciock bunday morning.
After passing the deep fill just
west of the R. A. Comforth res
idence, hjs sedan left the high
way, and struck the culvert in
front of Comforth's house, pass
ing over it, plowing eastward up
me aucn, tearing out several
fence posts, wreckinr tha
fencing and finally the car land
ed upside down in the Comforth's
carrot patch.
Anotner man from Mill CitT
was with Trask but his name was
not given. The two men were bad
ly cut and bruised and Trask may
have a skull fracture, as he be
came unconscious during the af
ternoon. The car was badly demol
ished. They were obliged to leave
the wrecked car until a wrecker
came for it during the forenoon,
taking it to the repair shop. Trask
is the son of Mrs. Rhoda Trask of
Albany and former Lyons resi
dent. WEST STAYTON, July 18. r
Annual homecoming of the Pleas
ant Grove Presbyterian church.
held on the church grounds here
Sunday, drew the smallest atten
dance In years.
The pastor of the church. Rev.
J. T. Stewart of Albany nreached.
me morning sermon.
While the tables were being
n drive e r, s
ni is
f Semi-Annual Sale .
I 1
Phoenix The Famous
Custom Fit Top Gold Stripe
Both in Chiffon and Service
7Sc the pair
Jump-ins and Shorts
S9o ecch
Plain Pastel sad Printed Silks
a rsr J Jst rrfc
i CJ.OO Will iiUU H
I I .SHOES, I&93 -1
I Set thesa Items and the many .
. ether specials oa J
ss swsipi i i i in i '..., -i1 --ajijr"!.- . - . " , . i . ,
Arena for .West Salem's
Wrestling Matches Under
Construction This Week
, WEST 8ALEM, July If . Ac
tual constractlon work on the out
door arena that will be used for
seating the public attending the
boxing . and wrestling matches
that arc to be presented soon by
the Klngwood post of the Ameri
can Legion, started Tuesday. Mr.
Remington has charge of the erec
tion and the Beutler - Quistad Co.,
the contract for furnishing the
materials. The arena will be 64
feet square and will hare a seat
ing capacity of 1270 persons. It
Is expected that the first bout will
be held on July 28, and plans are
being formulated to have every
thing in readiness for that time.
1 The Milo Jensen grocery store
window will house an exhibit of
Borne of the work of the West Sa
lem Boy Scouts for the next week
or more. In the display will appear
a model signal tower, model min
iature bridge, plain table, three
nature boards showing specimens
of wood and knot boards and oth
er scouting equipment, au tnings
that the boys have made. The
scout leader, W. Harry Wied-
maier, has designed, eut from
heavy cardboard and artistically
painted an attractive Insignia to
grace the window and designate
the display. The troop has 23 ac
tive members.
State Highway Survey
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Felger were
hosts at a pleasant little farewell
dinner party Tuesday evening at
their home, complimenting their
daughter and husband, Mr. and
Mrs. William Headrick, who will
be leaving Salem to make their
home in Portland this week.'
Edward Underwood of south
Salem has had lumber hauled to
his property here. He will exca
vate tor a basement and remodel
the homo soon with the expecta
tion of moving his family in to
make their home here.
An engineering crew of four or
five men began the survey of the
highway beginning at the Polk
county end of the bridge and con
tinuing to Rickreali, Monday
morning. Widening and improving
of this much - used highway Is
expected to be begun soon and It
is estimated that an expenditure
of S135.000 will be used for it.
Vacationing at Newport and
other coast resorts for the week
end were the Edward Cochrans,
Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Baker
and their guests, Mrs. Floyd Sue
fert, James and Allen Seufert of
The Dalles, and Miss Barbara Lee
Whipple were beach tourists over
Hanscn-Stevens Reowio
Mrs. B. F. Felger was a hostess
to the Sunday reunion of the Han
prepared a group visited the cem
etery which joins the church
grounds. It is an interesting
place to these who have never
HftATi there. The markers and
tnmh stones, many of which are
snnVon and moss covered, date
back to the 1850's. It is kept
in condition by volunteer work
ers living near.
Aftr tha nienic lunch, which
was enjoyed in the shade of the
shady old evergreen trees, tne
fMinwIntr nrorram was given:
A short talk to the kiddies by
Mrs. Fred Nell, a late missionary
to Africa and formerly of this
Ylcinity: a vocal duet ty Mr. ana
Mrs. Calvan of Jefferson; a short
address on temperance by Mr.
Hatha wav of Salem: an interest
ing talk on the missionary work
in Africa by Mrs. Ken, maae spec
ial mention of the health condi
tions there, stating that the reg
tion in which she and her bus-
band work ia aald to be the most
nnhealthful place In the world.
Henry Porter of Aumsville,
pioneer of this section, gave
short talk, also.
. MOLALLA. July 18. Cleo
Foelesong. son of C. W. Fogle-
sonr. was a visitor at the Cent
urr of Progress fair in Cajcago
durine the oast week. He will
visit relatives in Oklahoma be
fore coming home. Cleo was a
member of the 1S33 high school
graduating class here.
sen-Stevens clan, held at the air
ground, with an attendance of
102. She was the oldest descend
ant of the Stevens clan present.
On the program were talks by Dr.
Guy Mount of Oregon City, Albyn
Esson of Albany, and harmonica
numbers by. Robert Groshong of
Albany, besides readings and
songs by numerous juvenile mem
bers. Mrs. Rebecca Mount of Sll
Terton, 14, was the oldest one
present, and Mrs. Sarah McCub
bln of Dayton, Wash., well up In
Miller V Mid - Year
Bring True
Kickernick cuff-knee, stepins
Women's good quality rayon gowns, 2 for l
Gossard, Nature's Rival, Bon Ton Girdles $2.98
Gossard fine quality Completes.
Fine silk dressing robes,
Pastel shades in tailored
French crepe, all silk, dance sets...
French crepe step-ins,
Combination bandeau,
Group of Silk Dresses
Group of Knit Dresses.
Group of Silk Dresses
Wool Swim Suits
Printed silk crepes. A big value. Per yard 69c
Odd lot of wide woolens. Reg. $2.00. Yd 41.19
One lot of neckwear, Organdie, pique, etc 39c
Ready-cut quilt blocks.
Salem made all linen huck towels. Five for.$ 1.00
Printed travel crepes. Reg. 95c vaL Yd 39e
Fringed plaid auto robes. All wool..
Hand made, cut-work pillow cases. Pair $1.89
Cotton meshes, suitings, crepes to 59c yd. 19c
Men's all wool swimming suits. Dark shades $1.48
Odd lot suit cases and travel bags. Choice 98c
Men's shirts. AU sizes 14 Vi to 17. VaL to $1.50 79c
Men's hand made ties.
One lot of men's straw
Reg. $1.50 Kaynee shirts for boys.
Boys' and men's white
Boys' sweaters. Sleeve
Boys' Munsingwear athletic union suits 49e
Men's golf knickers. Values to $5.00.
Men's initial handkerchiefs
Men's rayon union suits.
Table of boys' wear, shirts, knickers, etc 25c
Beverage sets. Tray, 6 glasses and coasters $1.00
Women's sport oxfords. Main floor. Choice, $1.93
Children's coats. Odds.
One big lot pumps, oxfords, ties, straps, pr..42.45
Women's white, blonde ties and straps, pr41.00
Men's black or tan oxfords. Odd lot, Pair $1.98
Special lot children's box to dose out at pair 15c
Women's fine rayon pantie bloomers. Reg. 69c, 39c
One lot of women's hats. VaL to $1.79. Choice..48c
Women's summer coats in sports or dress $4.98
Children's coats, sizes 10 and 12 years. 4$8
Children's fast color print dresses, 7 to 12 yrs2Sc
Women crepe, rayon and broadcloth pajamas 59c
1 lot women's khaki middles and gym bloomers 48c
1 lot children's play suits. Can't Bust 'Em 29c
1 lot men's union suits. Regularly to 8c now29c
One lot men's and boys' work shirts. Reg. 98cu48c
One lot men's and boys work shirts. Reg. 98c-49c
cn's A wool sweaters and boys, blazers- 98c
lot children's Yi, sox. Vat to 50c at pr. 10c
' Plain and figured curtain panels. Special, pr. 49c
Scrim and net curtain fabrics. Special, yd 10c
Dress materials, voiles, rayons, giutings, yd. .19e
Salem made linen toweling. Reg. 19c yd Now 12yc
Large cotton blankets. Singles in tan, grey etc 69c
, Afl wool camp blankets. Seconds, patched, ea. $1.98
the eighties, the second fa senior
Deaa Thompson, young high
school youth who was seriously
injured in an automobile accident
many weeks ago. Is now able to
stand and walk a little and Is do
ing nicely. ' '.
LYONS, July 18. Several wo
men of Lyons and vicinity-attended
the Thursday , afternoon
cooking school at the Hammond
hall in Mill City. Mrs. Humphreys
had charge of the school: Prizes
for having the largest number of '
guests present went to: ' First ,
Mrs. Alta Bodeker of Lyons; sec
ond, Mrs. Dellls Westenhouse,
Lyons; third, Mrs. J. H. Johnson
of Lyons; fourth, Mrs. C. D. John
son of Gates. : '
lace trimnu
silk robes..
vaL to $3
girdle, step-in.
Reg. 10c.
Excellent values.
hats.' Good quality 49c
linen caps l. 50c
or sleeveless-
Size 36 only.
Good values.