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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, ' Oregon, Wednesday Morning, Joly 13, 1933
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Local News Briefs
Back From : East - Mr. and
Mn. VeiSlor M, ! Sackett. 1510
South I Winter: street, returned
yesterday from a two 'months'
pleasure trip east which took
them at far as Boston. Stops
going and coming were made at
the world's fair. Mid-western heat
was reported as "very real" and
western coolness was appreciat
ed. With the Sacketts returned
Miss Ruth Schenck, a cousin from
Springfield, Mass., who will Tisit
In Oregon for the, next month.
Madame Aasta Wold Dahr, "The
Lad With the Perfect Skin," will
make laclal analyses at Miller's
Beauty Shop all this week begin
ning today. Positively no charge!
Telephone. Mrs. Haley, 7553, for
an appointment. :"
Beechler Account In Dale X.
Beechler yesterday filed his final
account in probate court as exe
cutor of the estate of the late
Curtis I W. Beechler, , his father,
.who left assets appraised at $10,-.
. .785 In the estate were .$650 tf. in
t first mortgages, on Ssjejrn real es
' tate and S2090 ih. Libertybonds.
, 'Expenditures from -the estate dur
ing its; probate totaUe $1373.
- Draft, ! bottled beer and lunches;
; : MartoijL Hotel's 4'HQlhra.u"L ?
: JBale Set Aside A court order
, aettirig'asMe sheriff's sale' in the
: case of W. H.' lmour Ta'gainst
was issued in ' circuit
Tuesday." Judge L. Q. Lev
elling. in signing the order,. pro-
Tided I that the "plaintiff ; retains
his right to proceed again under
a sale action if he desires. . ,
Complete car wash - Body and
chassis, 69c. Doollttle's Serv. Sta.
Tost en son Estate Finished
Final fcccount was filed yesterday
in the estate pf the late Chris Tos:
tenson Karen. ToVtenson serTiij?
as executrix. ;'Aheqtiest of '$200
each was left "t'o four children.
The widow " is .'residuary . legatee
for the; property valued in total at
Bicycle shorts at Miller's. Special
$1.29, 2nd floor.
II uj;e Gooseberries Twelve
gooseberries, including one '314
inches around, were brought to
Salem yesterday by Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. I Bowler of near Orville.
The 12 weighed over four oun
ces. The berries hare met hearty
approval of one local canner. so
Bowler has now about 1200
bushes growing.
Complete car wash Body and
chassis!, 69c. Doolittle's Serv. Sta.
Improper Lights Charles S.
Bpperly was fined $5 and costs
in justice court yesterday for
Improper lights. He was unable
to pay the sum and commitment
was issued.
Bin. Calvin Sues Marjorie
Calvin brought suit for divorce
from Carl W. Calvin, : her hus
band, yesterday in circuit court
here. The couple married last
March In Yakima. She alleges
he failed to support her,- bor
rowed from her parents, got into
debt and caused the attachment
of her personal belongings. She
asks that her maiden name of
Marjorie McDonough be restored.
Vote 100X (yes) on city ballot.
uoes not legalise saloons nor tne
sale of hard liquor. It does per
mit the sale of beer as a non-
Intoxicating beverage. Pd. Adv.
Salem Men's Learue.
Final Account In A final
settlement has been made In the
estate of the late J. B. Peterson,
M. H. Stuhr and Byron McElhaney
acting as administrators. There
are five heirs.
Want 11273 Paid -B. B. Bey.
nolds yesterday filed suit for
11111 arilnit TAa TTatn utmln.
V mm 9 aaw t m whim
istratrix of the estate of the late
Arnold C - March, alleging - that
this sum was due - for service
rendered between 1926 and 1933.
Compensation at the. rate of $20
a month is asked.
Vote 100X (yes) on city ballot.
Does not legalize saloons nor the
sale of hard liquor. It does per
mit the sale of beer as a non
intoxicating beverage. Pd. Adv.
Salem Business Men's League.
Lacks Mirror; Fined Failure
to provide his car with a mirror
brought Arthur a. Kiiaayt into
Justice court yesterday. He ad
mitted the charge and was fined
$5 and costs, the fine being re
mitted. '
Get a $5 hat free with a $15 suit
at O. W Johnson & Co.
Says Not Guilty..- F. W. Dur-
bin,. Sr., charged with failing to
stop at an intersection following
an accident at Mitchell's corner
Monday morning, -pleaded .not
guilty In Justice court yesterday,
and the case will be sat later tor
trials. He was released on his own
National summer sale et Hole
proof Hosiery at 94c, 81c, $1 pair
with a box of Lux.' soap ' free!
Millers. -
Concert Tuesday - The Cher-
rlan band will give a coneert in
Wlllson park Tuesday, It was an
nounced at the repeal rally last
night. The - band played several
selections at the rally under di
rection of Oscar Steelhammer.
Dance every Wed. and Sat. Don
Woodry's band. Latest song hits
featured by Marie Stutesman, Sa
lem's popular singer.' Mellow
Agricultural Yearbook Ready
Congressman James W. Mott ad
vises that 1933 yearbooks of the
department of agriculture 'are
ready. He will send out copies to
persons desiring them as long as
his supply lasts.
Skipworth FehlJadgo Circuit
Judge Sklpworth of Lane county,
Tuesday was .aslgned . by Chief
Justice Rand of thestate supreme
court to go to Klamath county -to
preside at the trials of Earl H.
Fehl, . county Judge .of Jackson
county, and other persons, charg
ed with ballot thefts.
Enjoy the cool waters of the old
swimmin bole In a Jantzen
moulded - fit swimming suit.
Miller's. ;
Reckless Driving When Hugh
Webb drove into a piece of county
road under construction near
Turner, he didn't know it would
cost him Just $50. That's the fine
he was assessed when he pleaded
guilty to reckless driving when
haled before Justice of the Peace
Miller Hayden yesterday.
Wanted Lambert cherries for
cash. Phone SO 00. Claude McKen--ney.
- ,
Speeding la Charged Elmer
C. Boje pleaded not guilty before
Justice of the Peace Hayden yes
terday to a charge of speeding In
the city with, a truck, and will
stand trial Thursday, July 27, at
2 p. m ;
Electric fans, price. Eoff Elec
tric, Inc. 347 Court.
...... "
Officers on Vacation Latest
city policemen to go on vacation
are Patrolman Walter Thompson,
day shift, and Patrolman Marlon
Putnam, night shift. They will re
turn to duty July 29.
All wool suits $15, and a $5 hat
free. O. W. Johnson A Co.
Estate Closed Ruby Woare.
executrix, and Earl Phelps, exe
cutor, filed final accounts -yester
day in probate court in the estate
of the late Arabelle Phillips. In
come to the estate was $2474 and
outgo $574. Four children are to
share in the estate.
Auction today, 1:30. F. N. Wood
ry's Auction Mkt. Elec. washer.
mangle, sweeper, percolator, fur
niture, blankets, tools, etc.
Dont forget ' to attend Miller's
Mid-Tear Clearance Sale! . . :
Mishap Reported One minor
automobile sccident was reported
to city police yesterday. ' It in
volved Matt J. Do r k s, 1305
South 14th street,1 and an-unidentified
motorist,, at 785 South
Commercial street. No Injuries
were reported.
Free box of Lux soap flakes with
hosiery purchase amounting to
65e or more. Miller's.
Title Quieted Decree quiet
ing title in the case of Charles
Helns and Ella M. Heins against
Newton Shepherd and many oth
ers, was issued yesterday in cir
cuit court here.
Draft, bottled beer and lunehes.
Marion-Hotel's "Hofbrau."
Guardian Xamed August M.
Axley was named guardian Tues
day of Helen Marie Thompson, a
minor, who has personel property
valued at $1800 and is a legatee
in. the will of the late . A. P.
Thompson of Brown eounty, Kan
sas.-. .. . , : . r - ,'.
. SILVERTON, July 18. Emory.
L. Thomas, 60, died at his home
at ; 410 Jefferson street at Sll
verton Tuesday afternoon. He was
born near Monitor on July 1,
1873. His father, a pioneer, was
Louis Thomas.
Later Mr. Thomas moved - to
Scotts Mills and 17 years ago
he moved to Silverton. Het is
survived by the following ' chil
dren: John of Mist, Ore.; George
and Donald of Silverton; Mrs.
E 1 a 1 n Eggleston of Longview,
Wash. -
Funeral arrangements will bo
announced later from the Ek man
funeral home. .
... .-.-ocrf'W"'
C. Giesy,
" " ; I- . ' Buctianan "
Edwin L. Buchanan, died in
this city July 17, aged 65 years.
Survived by son Roy, Long Beach,
Cal.; daughter in California: sis
ter, Mrs. J. E. Ewing, St. Paul,
Kas.; and brother in Kansas.
Funeral services from the chapel
of the Clough-Barrick company,
Thursday, July 20, at 1:30 p. m.
Interment Independence, Orel
I . Buclianan
Candace A. Buchanan, died in
this city July 17, aged 69 years.
Survived by ; son Roy - of Long
Beach.jCai.; daughter in Califor
nia; sister, Jennie Robinson of
Salem ;i brother, -John H. Robin
son of Portlands Funeral 8er
vices jtrom the : chapel of the
uiougnruarricK company, inurs
day, July 20,. at 1:30 p. m. In
terment Independence, Ore.
Addico Raley passed away in
this city, July 18 at the age of
59 years. Remains -forwarded to j
Portland for services and inter
ment by the Clough-Barrick com-
O 1 . ' o
Messing To Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Edward Messing, route 6ix,
a boy, pary Lee, born July 11 at
the Bungalow maternity home.
Coming Events
July 21 ' Special state-
wiue ana city oi saiein elec
July 2a Illinois society
picnic, at Playmore park,
July 23 Picnic for
former teachers and pupils
of Evergreen school. Silver
ton park, v : .
July 23 Picnic and dedi
cation Silver Falls State
park. ...
. July 24-2V Annual En
campment, . Spanish War
July . SO .Michigan state
picnic at Paradise park on
Garden road.
August 6 Annual picnic
sponsored by the Orchard
Heights community. Luther
Stout farm.
August 0 Ohio state
annual picnic, Salem Muni
cipal auto park.
Sept. 4-9 Oregon state
Card Tables and
' Chairs to Rent
:::::: : (vr&i
L v vl
. . rsys.-yw.-.
o o
Today in the . tanks of Smiling Associated Dealers is a NEW
"FLYING A" a gasoline that is basically' 'dWerent from any
non-premium gasoline sold today. Vou can hear and feel the
Your car will prove this statement; No gallon of gasoline,
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of the NEW "FLYING A" none as quietfr f The NEWTLYINGA"
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perfect balance in all performance qualities; FIRST to champion
road-test as the only true measure of performance; FIRST to
point out the necessity of octane stability; FIRST to market a gas
oline "tailor-made" for the climatic conditions' of each locality.
Now Associated scores another FIRST. The NEW "FLYING A" b
the very latest development in gasolines. New to the Pacific
Coast. A definite, measurable improvement that makes mean
ingless the claims and tests of yesterday. The NEW "FLYING A"
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For a smoother quieter flowing power
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You, at individuals, as men who own your own business, taking the
principles of Smiling Associated Service as your guide, have deliv
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competition, and a program of mutual development of Smiling Asso
ciated Service that will build your own business in your community."
-" i
1. ; '
,. , '
- "
V 4
- '
x .
6010, Csed Furniture
ISi North High
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