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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Sunday Morning, Sunt 4. 1953
Local News Brief
Lrnlie Awards Given- At Jhe j
fiaal student assembly of the sem-
ester at Leslie Junior high school
Friday, awards and prizes were
announced. Frances French receiv
ed the Dr. "W. H. Byrd memorial
, award et -singling hr oat as1
leading La scholarship, serrice and
- general cooperation To .Dorothy.
E. Williams went the Leslie sn
perior scholarship Award. The win
ner -l has been honor, student
throughout her threeyears la the;
Junior high sad -holds four, high
honors and two regular honors, a
record tor the school. The second
Leslie service award was present
ed to Jean Doege, for service and
cooperation throughout her Junior
high course. She also is an honor
Hot lunches serf. Sat. and San. at
VtL How. show hy Cong, women.
, Xrw Tote Necessary Because
no candid ate. received, a majority
. of student body votes, a new elec
, tlon! will 'be ecesltated;:,thi
"week- at Willamette . university.
V Anna" Fleming; and . QWea : Htmt
will contest for song nueen; Max
' Blgby and Joe Hoe. will run off
their race tot yelt king. . In the
newi Tote for the Albert prise,
Mylte Lawyer and Kenneth Oliver
will! be opponents while Enoch
Dumas and Rafus Franc will eon-
test j for the Willis prise.
Rural Routine Changed Ar
rangements are being completed
through the local poatoffJce for a
complete renumbering of R. F. D.
route 6 as the result of changes
which will he mad In Macleay
rural mail routes. "Route 1, Macleay-,
will be entirely eliminated,
its patrons transferred to routes
5 aud out of Salem and a num
ber of patrons of route 6, Salem,
transfered to route 7, Salem. The
changes in routing will go into ef
fect June 16.
Classes Elect Piercy Sweet
will head next year's senior
class, members of that group at
Willamette nuiversity decided
Friday. Other officers elected in
clude Naoma HCwett, yice - Presi
dout; Rpberta Mills, secretary;
Milo Ross, treasurer. Sophomores
elected Garfield Barnett, presi
dent: Dorothy McDonald, vice
president: Nell Marie Perrlne,
secretary; Norman S w a n s o n,
Decree Signed A decree for the
defendant in the cause of J. II.
McDonald against the Globe &
Rutgers Fire Insurance company
was handed down by Judge L. H.
McMahan yesterday. He held that
an agreement to arbitrate and to
abide by the decision of the ar
biters had not been made as the
plaintiff contended. McDonald
claimed a $1609 payment was due
turn for a bouse he lost near Salem
last year.
Private tutoring Limited num
ber Junior high school pupils.
Registration Jnne 5-9. Ruby H.
Kennedy, 694 . N.. High.
Wants Divorce Margaret C.
Muellhaupt filed suit for divorce
yesterday from M. O. Muellhaupt
to whom she was married in Sa
lem in 1931. She asserts he de
serted her that year and since
that time has not lived at her
home. She says property rights
have been adjusted out of court.
The plaintiff asks the return of
her maiden name of Margaret C.
Given Certificate A certificate
of merit has been given Leona
Burrieht. eight-year-old second
Child Hit, Unhurt A small
child escaped injury though it ran
Into the fender of a car driven
by P. S. DeWitt, 10 30 Norway
street, on a downtown, street yes
terday, city police reported.': De
Witt said the child, broke away
from , Its mother, Mrs, . O. E.
Downing of Lyons, and ran. Jnto
the street. One other mishap' re
ported yesterday was between ears
operated by L M. Flagg.- 788
North Liberty, arid O. R. Strasu
baugh, J130 Broadway! at 467
Court street. No injuries were
Answer . Filed Answer was
filed gin circuit court Saturday in
the else of William C. Miller
against the Goodyear Tire and
Rubber company and C. Roy Dun
can. Defendants claim that the
plaintiff was at fault in an acci
dent which occurred October 18.
1932, and for which the plaintiff
now seeks damages from: the de
fendants, the latter hold Miller
was driving .too .fast and did not
have the right of way. , ;
County Gets $10,000 fetate re
lief . officials have apportioned
810.000 to Marion county as its
share ef federal relief funds and
relief committee members are
hopeful that $$000 more can be
made available if it becomes nec
essary that this amount be had. In
May the federal government ap
portioned $ 23,(00 to. Marion
county. The state's allotment for
June has been measurably cur
Minier Pet it km Filed Three
petitions nominating Walter B.
Minier as candidate for Salem
school director were filed with the
school clerk. W, H. Burghardt,
yesterday. Altogether the peti
tions contained 127 signatures,
nearly four times as many as re
quired. Minier has not yet filed
his acceptance. The school elec
tion, at which two directors will
be chosen, will be held June 19.
Ellis to Speak William P. El
lis, attorney, who recently repre
sented chambers of commerce up
and down the river in a hearing
before the board of army engin
eers at Washington will speak to
the chamber f commerce tomor
row at noon. His topic will be:
"What I Saw in Washington."
Ice, prompt residence delivery.
Phone 5603. Also new modern
all steel refrigerators at low
prices. Capital Ice & Cold Stor
age Co., 560 Trade street. i
Protests Dismissed The state
utility commissioner" dismissed
protests filed against the discon
tinuance of Oregon electric pas
senger trains No's. 9 and 12, pre
viously operating between Port
land and Eugene. These trains
were discontinued early in May.
Files for Water The Elk
Creek Light & Power company
has filed application with the
state engineer here for permis
sion .to appropriate 5.6 second feet
of water from an unnamed
springs for domestic use in Clat
sop county.
Salem Couple Weds A mar
riage license was Issued at Port
land yesterday to Ralph R. Parker
of Portland and Carolyn F. Car
roll of Salem, according to an As
sociated Press dispatch. Both gave
their ages as legal.
Estate Filed The estate of the
late D. Vanderbilt was admitted
to probate yesterday and Ruth
Coates was named executrix. The
That Many so in Effect on
That day; License act
Is Important one
Not Much Required to Create
Special Interest in Affairs
By D. H. Talmadge. Sage of Salem
OT much la required to create
pecial Interest. I have
read this week in the Amer
icas, magazine- for June a tribute
to "The Mother of the Smiths."
I was but -mildly v interested in
the story in the beginning, but
suddenly I perked up. Mrs. Smith
was born in Fayette county, Iowa,
and it happened , that Fayette
county, Iowa, was the heme of
my people for many years. Where
fore I went at -once onto a friend
ly basis with Mrs. Smith, although
I had neltfr seen her nor heard of
her. She' was the mother of nine
children, the youngest of whom
Is the redoubtable Ernie, famed
football star of the University of
Southern California. A well told
story of a grand woman.
Now and then I 'see on Salem
streets a big and high-priced ear
filled with prosperous looking
folks from the depression-desolated
middle west. Perhaps the de
pression in the middle west Is
somewhat similar to Dan Gilli
gan's Insomnia. Mrs. Gilllgan
said to one of the neighbor la
dles: "Sure, poor Dan suffers ter
rible, but 'tis a bit putzlln' to me
why he snores as he does."
(Continued from paga 1
these laws were enacted with a
view-of obtaining; additional rev
enue and providing; increased re
gulatory powers.
Fishing, Hunting;
Laws Are Changed
Another series of laws have to
do with changes in the fishing
and hunting seasons in various
sections of the state. An open
season on elk has been estab
lished for the eastern Oregon
Abolishment of the office of,
secretary or. the state board of
higher education is "provided in
another, law of the,19J session.
Df. E. E. Lindsay, secretary since
the inception of .the board three
years' ago, will retire ..July 1.
More than 40 laws are correc
tive and deal with the workmen's
compensation act. Other amend
ments approved by the 1933 leg
islature strengthen the blue sky
The legislature changed the
date of holding the state fair
from the third Monday in Sep
tember to any time in the fall
that may be deemed most suit
able to the state fair director.
Greater protection will be ac
corded patrons of public grsin
warehouses under acts intended
to increase the responsibility of
warehousemen and bondholders.
Three of these new laws regu
late potato grading while others
assist in the refinancing of irri
gation and drainage districts.
Milk inspection also is made
more drastic under a new law.
Insurance Code
Is Much Changed
Approximately 30 other laws
have to do with changes In the
state insurance code. Educational
laws include the teachers tenure
act, make it compulsory for
school busses to carry signs, and
protect Jeachers with relation
to positions and salaries.
Two laws having to do with
gasoline sales safeguard dealers
against so-called unfair compe
tition in the sale of gasoline and
make evasion of gasoline
payments more serious. The leg
islature increased the penalty for
kidnaping in line with the stat
utes of several other states.
The name of the state home
for the feeble minded will be
changed to "Oregon Fairview
Home," while the Oregon em-1 empty handed from a search of
ployment institution for the adult I the Ozark hills in northwest Ar
blind in Portland will be known I kansas for two men believed to
as the "Oregon Blind Trade be companions of Lewis Bechtel,
An ordinarily reliant and active
person and this is particularly
true of children can cross a busy
street with less risk alone than
with a solicitous escort, unless the
escort be a police officer. There
is in Salem a man who has had
occasion many times to cross
through traffic with his five-year-old
grandson, and the child has
broken away many times and
caused his grandfather quite ser
ious at least, very uncomfort-
able attacks of Jitters. Yester
day, however, acquaintances ob
served that the child was acting
like a lamb . He clung to the old
gentleman much after the manner
wf a kind-hearted policeman es
corting an old lady who resembles
his mother. "The idea Just pop
per lnt my head," explained the
grandfather; "Instead of using
my customary strong-arm system
I asked Buddy meekly if he would
please see that I crossed the street
safely, and well, you saw how
nicely he did It." I reckon it was
small pop-ideas of this sort that
gave Solomon his reputation.
PORTLAND, Jane 3. (AP)
The preservation of a 1009 foot
strip of virgin timber along a
fonr - mil stretch of the Crater
Lake highway narJ Prospect
rests with the forest service rath
er than with the state, A. R. Wat
sek, acting chairman of & special
park commission recently ap
pointed by . Governor Julias L
Meier, reported .here. today to the
state highway commission. Wat
zek added that in his opinion the
strip should be preserved.
Watxek pointed out that the
fate of the 8000 acre tract becamo
a. state wide Issue when the Rogue
River Timber company, present
owner announced it planned to
log oft the timber. The strip lie
between Prospect and the boun
dary ef the Rogue River national
forest, ;.. . . .
Civic and fraternal organiza
tions throughout the state.' led hy
Mrs, Jessie M. Hoaeyman, presi
dent of the Oregon Council for
Protection of Roadside Beauty,
moved te save the timber in the
interests of the beautifies tion of
the highway.
1 4 '
-7 ;
j . v - -
A northwest breeze and speedy
action by the fire department
saved the Bohemian restaurant.
362 SUte street, and other build
ings in the block from what might .
save proved a disastrous fire at
4:45 o'clock yesterday aftcrnoon.-
-Flames which firemen ssid start-1:
ed front the kitchen stack, over-
heated by grease burning out,';
quickly spread to surrounding-;
walls and celling. '
- - Using chemicals and a small
quantity of water firemen suc
ceeded in checking the flames be
fore more than minor damages
were done. The restaurant propri
etors, f. E. Scheel and E. W.
0Neil. were forced to that ap
shop because of the smoke , and
ruining of food by chemicals, but
they announced they would be
open for business today.
The building housing the res
taurant is owned by Ladd 9c. Bush
bank: Its only other tenant. Com-
mercial Printing Service, waavu
harmed. 1
According to authentic
former Governor James M. Ox. ef
Ohio, is the "one man" mentioned in
the Morgan investigation, who re
fused to accept the offer of the
House of Morgan to buy stock at
cut-rate "for ethical reasonA."
Cox is shown leaving the inquiry.
MALVERN.' Ark., June 3
(AP) The trail of a second
group of escaped Kansas convicts
was picked up in Arkansas today
as a search was started for two
men, one of them identified as
tax Kenneth Conn, who kidnaped a
man and his young woman com
panion at the Pine Bluff last
night and stole their car after re
leasing them at the railroad sta
tion here with enough fare to
take them home.
Meanwhile, posses returned
Still another new law makes
one of the fugitives captured yes
terday at Dripping Springs, Okla
It possible for the governor to 1 near the Arkansas line.
parole persons incarcerated in
the state penitentiary for murder.
The existing criminal syndicalism
law was amended.
grader of the Highland school. estImated TaIue ot property left
mis was Kiren oy ius """am
foundation of Oakland, Calif., in
' - t f
a poster coniesi paruciyaieu ui
by pupils all over the country. I
The contest featured "Kindness '
to Animals" and was made dur
ing a regular drawing lesson in
Sues; Attaches Suit to collect
$1253 allegedly due on a note
signed in 1927 was begun yester
dav by S. L. Day against C. B.
O'Neill. At the same time an at
tachment was granted on 50 acres
of land owned by the defendant.
Plaintiff claims the note is past
due and asserts interest has not
been paid'-sinee 1931.
Brewery. FUee The Eastern
Oregon 'Brewing company. La
Grande, file articles of incor
poration Saturday. The capital
' stock Is $2 5 Incorporators
' are William Mcintosh, George W.
" Singer and P. J. Lilly. This is the
. fifth brewery to be incorporsted
''I since 3.2 beer was legalized by the
federal government. "
by the deceased was $3998.
Austin Adams, 39, and Miss Be
atrice Garner, 23, were released
here shortly before noon today
after being forced to accompany
two men on a wild 12-hour ride
that took them through half a
dozen cities in south Arkansas.
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tance or direction from the rec
At the residence. Rt. t, box 12,
Salem, June 2, Effie A. Smith,
mother of W. A. Smith of Turner,
A. H. Smith of Salem, Mrs. W. H.
Miner of Elgin. Nebr Mrs. C. L.
Miller of Salem and Mrs. F. N.
Andrews. Aumsville. Sister of
Mrs. U. M. Lambert of Philomath,
Wlnfield Siocum of Diller, Nebr.,
LeRoy Siocum and Mrs. Emma
Runner of Salem. Also survived
by 2 grandchildren and one great
grandchild. Aged 72 years 4
months 28 days. A native of Illi
nois. Mrs. Smith was a member of
the Royal Neighbors of Elgin,
Nebr. Friends are Invited to at
tend the funeral services to be
held Mondsy, June 5 at 1:30 p. m
from the Terwilliger Funral Home
110 Chemeketa street. Interment
Macleay cemetery.
Vi - 1 ' A. I
Special fried chicken dinners
today, 50c and 75c.
lien's Cafe, 158 8. Com'l
Chicken dinners, special 30c,
Cowing Events
June -Beer, sale or
dinances before 'city coun
cil. June 7 Marion county
Jersey Cattle clab, fair
grounds. June 9 Final day te re
new driver's licenses mt low
June 10 Willamette uni
versity law college atwamt in
banquet here.
Juno 17-19 Class-day,
baccalaureate and tpm
mencement exercises 1 at
Willamette university.
June 30-22 G. A. R. and
affiliating bodies annual en
campment. June 25 Missouri An
nual picnic. Municipal auto,
July 24-26 Annual F.n
rampment, Spanish War
Sept. 4-9 Oregon.; state
fair. "
At the residence, 641 Center
street. May 31, Elmer C. Plank,
aged 69 years. He leaves the fol
lowing brothers and sister: Arth
ur O; Plank of Salem, Leland H
Plank ot McLaughlin, S. D., Roy
L. Plank of Plalnview, Minn., and
Mrs. Clara I. Bullis of Payette.
Idaho. Funeral services Tuesday,
June 6 at 1:30 p. m. from Rig
don's mortuary. Interment Bel
crest Memorial park.
Senator Frederick Steiwer is at
tempting to obtain clarification
of the action of the United
States senate Friday in voting to
limit to 25 per cent reductions
in World war service connected
disability compensation and pen
sions of veterans of earlier wars,
he telegraphed Bryan H. Conley
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
here yesterday. The senate
amendment. Senator Steiwer stat
ed, read as follows:
"In no event shall World war
serrice connected disability com
pensatlon of any veteran or the
riCf- . "iv"Vi! "l " Tir Newlln. director ot the Richard
i ' ' ' " Memorial observatory at the un
SAN JOSE, Calif., June 3
AP) A slight earthquake, cal
culated by the University of San
ta Clara to be centered on the
San Andreas fault, SO miles
northwest ot here, was felt here
at 6:43 o'clock tonight.
The selsmographlc record last
ed about one and one half min
utes according to Dr. Albert J.
Willamette university leads in
the choice of Salem high grads as
to the school at which they wil1
continue their higher education,
with 32 out of 50 indicating that
they plan to enter Willamette, ac
cording to records in the office
of Principal Fred Wolfe. This
list of 50 who are planning to go
on with hher education is not
complete, as there is no require
ment asking them to make their
preference or applications known.
Those planning to enter Willam
ette include Nadean McWain, Mar
lon Mlnthorn. Victor Ballantyne,
Jr., Phillip Gille, Charlotte Eyre,
Alvin Reed, Geo. M. McLeod, Lau
rence Morley, Lucile Kelty, Jane
Fisher. Frances Jensen, Samuel
Saunders, Milo Mathews. Jr.,
Guineveve Wood, Harriet Pointer.
Margaret Doege, Lillian Potter,
Roberta Johnson. Donald Ellis,
Lucy Klein. Cathryn Eaton. Dor
othy Rice, Harry Mosher, William
Bush, Albert Bo are man. Minnie
Neufeld. Jeanne Cladek, Harry J.
Mohr. Frances Ellis, Elwood Ray
mond. Doris Hiday and Rachae.1
Twelve naming Oregon State as
their choice are Mark Gehlar,
Dorothea Corey, Mildred Ander
son, Edwin A. Fronk, Joe Ber
nard!, Orpha Dasch. Cleo Rltner,
Elwood Raymond. David Shepard,
VrinVKn V.nPalt TariA T onlov ! K
and Loraine Willing. j
Jack Price, Joo Darby Ned Hale
and Marian Hill are the students ,
planning to enter Oregon. Zollie j
Volchok, University of Washing
ton and Rachel Pemberton, Paclt
lc college.
(Continued from pas 1)
Idan, grand chef de guerre of the
Oregon 40 et 8; Major General
George A. White of the national
guard: Gideon Stolz of Bed wick
post, G. A. R.: Mrs. Alice George,
state president of the legion aux
iliary: Mayor-elect Joseph K. Car
son, Jr..)f Portland, Mayor Doug
las McKay of Salem, who welcom
ed Commander Johnson to Salem;
Earl Snell, representing Governor
Meier in welcoming the national
commander; and Fred H. Paulus,
representing State Treasurer Hol
raan. The preliminary program in
cluded presentation of colors, with
the Capital post cadet band play
ing "The Star Spangled Banner":
numbers by the Salem drum corps, I
announcement of the 1933 state i
legion convention at Klamath I
Falls by Commander William Ken-
ton of Klamath post; numbers by I
the Rose Cltv anxillarv nnlt t- I
tional champion glee club; and se
lections by the Capital unit aux
iliary national champion trio.
highway department oiling crew,
was working on Hay Creek, north
of Madras when the truck backed
into him and hurled him to the
ground. Several years ago he
pitched in the mid-Columbia base
ball league.
Fire Alarms Fewer
In Recent Month
Fewer fire alarms were sound
ed in Salem the past month than
during any of the preceding
months of 1933. Assistant Fire
Chief William Iwan announced
yesterday. During May there were
24 alarms in the city and three
rural ones. Of the city calls. Cen
tral station responded to eight.
North ststion to five. East sta
tion to six and South station to
five. Last April 41 alarms were
turned in.
None of the May fires was of a
serious nature, the assistant chief
Kev "Tri-rcaes" With A
New EDeal Foj? You!
Dallas Athlete
Injured; Truck
Rolls Over Him
BEND. Ore.. June 3 CAP)
Clyde Bramlette, formerly The
Dalles high school baseball star,
was in a hospital here today re
covering from serious injuries
suffered yesterday when he was
crushed under a backing truck.
His right leg was fractured in
several places and his left leg was
badly bruised.
Bramlette, member of the state
pension or the dependants of
sueh war veterans bo reduced
more than 21 per cent of the
rate being paid prior to March
13, 1932."
"Regardless ot final form.1
Stei war's message went on, "it
represents an enormous victory
In behalf of a square deal for
the disabled veterans and their
. Steal Gas Found guilty et the
theft of gag from the R. Wollery
service station tn the White build-
In, ill QftntK Crtn n am4.I Mnt
t t' nnKM. ,.. ... corpa stated here today,
125 by Justice of the Peace Hay- WI" " lta, "'
den. DuBois is from Washington. Sla KlTe tne rest ot tho state
(Continued from pas 1)
the last eight years to develop
the drum corps." J. T. Delaney,
business manager for the drum
where he claims to be the opera
tor of a state game farm near
White Salmon.
Guardian Reports The First
an equal opportunity to advertise
"The drum corps hss been prac
ticing new and intricate drills
three nights each week and Radio
Central Oregon
Hit by Heaviest
Rain in Months
BEND, Ore.. June 3 (AP)
Central Oregon last night and
early today was soaked by the
heaviest rain in six months. The
precipitation in eBnd amounted
to .84 of an Inch In 24 hours. An
electric storm preceded the rain.
The Jefferson county wheat
belt was soaked by rain which
started this morning and continu
ed tor several hours, drenching
farm lands and reviving parched
range areas. The June rain was
said .to have practically assured
a good wheat crop in the Madras
country. The Deschutes national
forest and the plateau region to
the east also got some rain.
National bank, guardian of the Schults of Portland musical dl-
Welnheimer :
Louise L. Welnheimer, in this
city June 3, lata resident of 7S4
North High street, aged 62 years.
Survived by widower, E. L. Weln
heimer of Salem and two sisters,
Mrs. Agnes Corkish. of Long
Beach. Calif., and Mrs. E. A. Boyd
of Reno, Nev. Services will be
held at Grants Pass, Ore., Monday
June 5 under the direction, of
Ciough-Barrick company.
McCalllstcr -
Ralph MeCalllster at San Jose,
California. Survived by his father,
H. J. McCanister and three broth
ers, H. M. MeCalllster of Astoria,
11. Q. MjcCalllster of San Francis
co and J. W. MeCallister-of Salem.
Funeral announcement later by
Ciough-Barrick company.
o o
I Births I
o o
Wells To Mr. and Mrs. Vern
Wells. 1307 Fairmount. a 10
pound boy, born June 2 at the
Bungalow maternity home.
Van Sickle To Mr. and Mrs.
F. A. Van Sickle, 1242 SUte, an
elght-po'hnd'boy", born" - June 3 at
the Bungalow maternity home.
estate of Walter E. Keyes, a min
or, yesterday reported income of
S171S and outgo of 11320 to the
estate dnring the year. Property
held in trust Includes SI 32.0 in
cash and totals 35470.
Mod. Dance Mon. U. Park 10, 15c
Bank Sues The Bank of Wood-
burn filed suit yesterday in circuit
court seeking collection ot a pote
for $650 due from Fred Schwek
endick and others. The note was
made in 1929; interest is due from
mid-year 1932.
rector, has written new music to
be played at Chicago In October
Without Ojuntloo r Lost st Tnae
320 Oregon Bids. Psoas SS0
Too Late to Classify
WANTED used nen'a salt easts.
bats, and aboea In too coition. High-1
eat prices paM. Star Exchange, III XT.
vonuaerctat tfc none -
JX-C aspuus 'g-ff na B-iuOH
S L"0 "K III
00 oupipsjt, 9niq3
uapiosip ipsmois nuT(3
'poojq paw ino "silPlpuodds
mnemnaqi 'uonudnsnoo . joj
sau3H asasno
200,000 Pounds Wanted
Highest Cash Price Paid
Junk, Hides, Telia,' Wool .
Z -145 Onter Street
By tho Bridge
Invalid Chairs
to Rent
Call 09 lO. L'sed Furnit
,. 151 North High
For Better
7ou may be sure that glasses
wlu be recommended and fit
ted only when necessary. And
the cost win be small.
German or American Hecotite with Gold Pin Teeth
Consaltatioa FREE
Silver Filling 50c, SIM
Poreelaln FIHiag 1M
Plate Repair $L5o
Kellne Plate (4-M
Cleaa Teeth IL09
Other PUtes f7.M - $23
PsJnleas Extraction ef Teeth
a Specialty- fn
Per Teeth ....OUl'
lf It Hurt, Don't Pay"
Over J. C. Peauey's Store Telephone 6834
II iH I J-r- . II
in ?,
Dr. B. H. White
No Charge for Consultation
Night and Day Calls
Osteopathic Physician and
Office: 355 North Capitol St.
Telephone 5036, Salens, Oregon
Kinglet Ends
Open rrf. Cvenlnas
stf in Tisn Bank BUftta
r Cnstle rtanaer
Wavesa, Portland
Our tactory-financed pajmeot
plan makes it easier to buy Skid
safe, Blowout-Proof Generals thaa
to buy cheap-grade tires for exsiu
No inconvenience. Weekly or
monthly payments arranged to suit
ever income. With Tire prices so ;
low, NOW is the time to buy .
Quality tires n i gad pay LATER
Chmehetn nt LlbeHy
Tel. S41S
Do You Know . . .
that more than. 10,000
persons are in jail for
, expressing political
ideas all over the
Do You Know . . .
that the prescription
department is by far
the most important
part of our business?
That three registered
pharmacists are 'on
duty all the time?
That prices of pre
scriptions are down?
Let us serve you.
Drug Store
IU.V Commerrial - Dial 5107
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Candy Special Store of Baten
Are You Interested in a
mum cootest?
8 to 10 miles
Which Will Take Place in Salem
About June 23rd
If so fill out the following blank:
If the event is held, substantial cash prizes will be awarded.
. The Oregon Statesman, .
I Salem, Oregon, j
I I am interested in a walking contest to be held In Salem about i
June 23rd, and would consider entering, I would prefer the distince to
be miles. t -.
I Phone I
L ' J