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Salem Oregon, Tuesday Morning, April 25, 1933
No. 25
Tydlngs Bolts Leaders and
Says Proposal to Mean
Isolated America
Borah Suggests new Money
Be Paid to Depositors :
Of Closed Banks v
3,000 Chinese Slain
(AP) -A democratic row over the
Roosevelt inflationary program
brought vast enjoyment to repub
lican opponents of the legislation
today but left unshaken the gen
eral confidence of senate passage
by. Wednesday night.
Senator Tydlngs, Maryland dem
ocrat, bolted his party; leaders to
take a determined stand against
the Inflation proposal, pending In
the senate as a rider to the farm
reuei dui. n meant, ne said, a
policy of isolation for America.
Meanwhile, Senator Borah (R.,
Ida.), an inflationist, suggested
Informally to a group of demo
crats that the new money that
could be issued under the legisla
tlon be used to pay oft 60 per cent
or the deposits of closed banks.
Constitutionality of ,
Measure Questioned
Earlier, Borah questioned , the
constitutionality of that phase of
the amendment which is Intended
by democratic leaders to tire
President Roosevelt an effective
weapon In his effort to obtain
worldwide currency stability. This
la the clause authorizing the chief
executive to reduce the gold con
tent of the dollar,
Chairman .Fletcher of the bank
ing committee, who had opposed
the gold clause alone with two
former democratic secretaries of
the treasury. Glass of Virginia.
and McAdoo of California, formal
ly announced be would eumun-t
the entire inflation program be
cause m his opinion, sufficient
safeguards had been added by the
Debtor Classes to
Benefit Says Thomas
Facing crowded galleries, the
tau, silver-haired Thomas official
ly started debate with a declara
tion his inflation amendment - to
me nrm bill Involved possible
transrer or two hundred billions
of dollars from undeserving cre
ditor to deserving debtor classes.
Trouble Center Moves Nearer to Peiping and
- Tientsin; Proposal That Manchukuo
Troops be Admitted Answered
TOKYO, April 24 (AP) The Japanese reported today
" that nearly 3,000 Chinese were slain in a week-end of
bitter fighting which has swung the Japanese war machine
to a point five miles southwest of Shangsuntze and fifty
miles northeast of Peiping.
Kengo dispatches said Japanese losses for the first two
.-' ody of fighting totaled 21 hilled
and 43 wounded.
Shangshuntze, nine miles below
Kupelkow, a pass In the great
wall was captured yesterday by
the Japanese after heavy infantry
and air attacks. Troops under
Major General Tadashi Kawahara,
captor of Jehol City, also were
reported to have driven the Chi
nese from the strategic strong-
Leaders of Two Big Nations Confer
r' V
Visit of Premier Bennett
Brings up Problem of
Accord on Tariff
f V
To Remove Tires
Silvermans are Linked ud how of Nantienmen.
By Orders to Garage Japanese war office Issued an an
nouncement that Japanese troops
had been ordered to halt their
oursult of the Chinese unless the
PORTLAND, Ore., April 24. latter started a counter-attack.
(AP)-What they described as Air bombers were said to have
new information was reported to-1 inflicted severe losses on the Chi-
day by police Investigating the nese hastening their retreat to
slaying of Jimmy Walker, 37, ward Mlyun, 25 'miles northeast
and Mrs. Edith McClain, 38, of Peiping. Japanese estimates
whose bodies were found Satur- were that 1,500 Chinese were
day beside the road at an Isolat
ed spot six miles west of Scap-
Til burn for this," Walker
was credited by police as having
said shortly after he had shot
and seriously wounded Frank
Kodat In the back at Eodat's
speakeasy here. Mrs. McClatn, the
officers stated, was the woman
over whom Kodat and Walker
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Reciprocity,. Broken off in
Civil war Time, may be
Instituted Again
(API Wheat production re
strictions on an international scale
were projected into the Washing
ton. economic discussions today by
the arrival here of Premier Rich
ard B. Bennett of Canada.
Canada, along with the United
States, Australia and Argentina,
the world's chief wheat growers,
is eager that some agreement may
be reached to guarantee better
world prices for breadstuffs-
Premier Bennett went to t'.ie
White House for tea with the
president Immediately after his
arrival. He was accompanied by
thA ranadlan minister. William D.
Herridge, who hag hsd a number
of talks with President Roosevelt
on tne economic nrooiems in
which the- United States and Can
ada are particularly interested.
Recriprocal Tariff
Policv Considered
Canadian and American offic
ials have been reviewing together
the fields in which they may enter
into reciprocal tariff agreements.
The Canadian premier will move
from the Canadian legation to tbe
White House Wednesday for a
star of three days during which
he and the president are to engage
Discuss "Everything" Say
French Envoy; Roosevelt
And MacDonald Pleased mf
At Result of Confab
Canadian Negotiator Also
At Washington, Will not
Visit White House Until
Wednesday; Debts Eyed
( AP) Happy over his conversa
tions with the British. Presidest
Roosevelt turned quickly tonight
to a parley with the emissaries
France at which he laid down a
complete and precise prograa.
touching among other things
f. i.ii- t- n.n... wuniMtU a CrMt itrifmln u at Washington for a conference with
rrwkWt Roosevelt last week, tneir aicu.s.ion eoim ui p,.,, I : . 7 .rw,i7";,"Vi:T.w
UUB DnllVW BUVTVVf IIVU " " ' V -" -
Roosevelt and Captain Vernon.
quarreled. Police expressed the I Members OwninQ Stations I with the experU of the two coun
belief that the two were killed
by underworld characters to
avenge the shooting of Kodat.
The investigators uncovered
evidence, they said,' that someone
had ordered garagemen to re-
May Give. Bulletins;
Chains get None
tries in devising methods by which
reciprocal trade may be develop
Recriprocal trade relations be
tween Canada and the united
States existed several years before
Demand That Warrants be
Cashed; Governor Says
Outlook Alarming
NEW YORK. April 24. (AP)
move a large maroon sedan reg- The membership of the Assoc!- the American .civil war and work-
istered to Mrs. Eva Silverman, ated Press, in annual session, to- I satisfactorily, but were broken
wife of Jake Silverman, Hotel day adopted a. resolution provia- I off as a result of contensious m
proprietor and one of three men Ing no news distributed by the As-J ddents between Great Britain CHICAGO, April 24 (AP)
hfiM withont bail for Questioning soeiated Press be given any radio nd this countrv rrowlnr out of mt, thouRand militant teachers.
concerning the slaylngs, from its chain, and outlining Its position the civil war. President Tsft and getting near the boiling point
narkins olace In front vt the on broadcasting by member pa- I Premier. Sir "Wilfred Larier en- I ? this business of working
building In which Kodat was shot I pen. I deavered to reestablish reciproc- I without pay, laid selge to the big
THrtuT The man who ordered its I Tha TMolntion stinnlated no I ltv. but Canadian narllament re-lioon banks todsy
nnitte aid thev learned. I fused to annrove the arrange- I Wearinar arm bands to show
Lad Rescued
On Cliff at
Rocky Butte
PORTLAND. April 14. (AP)
After clinging for more than
two hours to the Jagged lace oi
an almost perpendicular cliff at
Rocky butte here. Arthur Hoitz.
15, was reseued tonignt by re-
lnstructed the garagemen to re- ated Press shall be allowed to ment.
place the new cord tires with broadcast either its local or As
old ones. soclated Press news other than
District Attorney John I. Stor- orief bulletins
la of Columbia county and Port- The- membership further em-
Tvdins-B. aMftrf I. I lanfl oolice detectives said they Dowered the Associated Press
from the opposition leader, Reed Uearned f'0111 the garagemen that J board of directors to promulgate
(R., Pa.), then contended Amer
ica has enjoyed a thirty-six bil
lion dollar favorable trade bal
ance against the world in the last
30 years, adding:
"This Inflation means a policy --
or isolation. This is a policy of
America living unto herself. We
are saying goodbye to the rest of
the world in the face of the fact
that In the -last 30 years we sold
more by thirty-six billion dollars
to the world than it sold to us."
Tydlngs estimated inflation vn.i,.,, t thA annual Assocl-
would cause direct and indirect ted Press meeting today, Senator
unemployment for 22,000,000 peo- Rol)inson Qf Arkansas declared
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rules covering such member
broadcasts and to fix a schedule of
assessment to be paid by the mem
ber papers doing such broadcasting.
The revenue from these assess- roSEBURQ, April 24. (AP)
menu win ne appueu io a pro-rata county Clerk Roy Agee said to-
reduction of assessments paid by day tnat if reports that the federal
non-broadcasting members. apportionments to land grant
The resolution was written by counoes will be delayed are cor-
James G. Stahlman, publisher of Tnriam onntr will be torc-
vTc-ftr vnnir inrn 24 (AT) Nashville (Tenn.) Banner, and ed to default payment of the first
NEW YORKrAprll 24 l&r) presIdent of the Southern News- half of Its state tax totaling about
Before hundreds of newspaper p,,,,,,-. BaA,i.HOB half 01 its staje tax, towing a Dui
Pie who would have to be support
ea oy tne government.
rhtor authority is given Pres
ident Roosevelt by congress -will
be employed "with prudence and
caution, and, I trust, wnn prompt
ness." ' ' '
Tha democratic senate leader
said prompt action on the admin
I Istration program was necessary
thev were ten months behind In
salaries due from the Chicago
school board, they stormed the
doors oi tbe banks demanding
help toward the resumption of
regular paydays.
ktter leavine- the banks, sev
eral hundred of the marchers
shoved into the reception room at
the offices of Mayor Edward J.
Kelly where Governor Henry Hor
ner, city and county oinciais were
in conference over tne tax situa
In response to a chant of "We
Want Horner!" the governor ap
peared. -I can give you pretty nothings,
or the truth," he said, "which do
on want?"
"Thn truth!" shouted the
$72,000. . tpachers.
He said the county has not yet ..wn thon tha trnth is that
been notified officially of delay J e-aryona who knows the situation
in payment oi in cmiui wi ij9 extremely concerned," tne sot
000 In lieu of all taxes on Ore- "not only concerned
gon and California land grants, Dut aiarmed. The only way that
By permission of Stacy W- Nor-
but reports were that Congress
man Mott of Oregon, bad been
notified such claims will not be
paid unUl all counties have filed,
because of insufficient funds, and
then the money may be apportion-
we can get money is through tax
es and payments are xar over-
Doors of some banks rolled
shut and only customers with
naasbooks were allowed access
Officials Elected in Spain
Are However Divergent
In Affiliations "
MADRID, April 24. (AP)
Edouard Herrlot, the F rends
envoy, as he left the White Host
near midnight spoke enthusiasti
cally of his opening dlscnssioan
with the energetic chief executive,
declaring as he spread bis arms
in expression that between' thesn
they had discussed "everything."
The former French premier,
standing bareheaded upon ts
front portico of the executes
mansion, declared a wide program
had been placed in tbe hands eff
the Franco-American economic
experts, who were called into the
conference after he had sat ales
with Mr. Roosevelt more than an
Derision on Debts
Cp to Roosevelt
Asked If war debts had eoa
a - Tf Alia at
hack, but Holts climbed on. until
he encountered a Darner ieet
from the top that checked his
progress. He was unable to des
cend as he could not see neiow
himself to obtain safe footing,
He called his friends, who ob
tained a piece of rope and a length
! day's countrywide
: tiona Indicated an overwhelming
tide of antl - government public
opinion had struck the govern
mental parties.
Unofficial figures showed about
8500 eoundlmen who belonged to
various combinations opposing the
present regime had been elected.
of garden hose, skirted the cliff that the government parties
..K iimfci k h ton. rvlne mustered approximately 4000
rope and hose together they low
ered the strand to Holti- He
doubted the strength of the hose.
and his companions ran to a near
by rock plant and phoned the fire
A truck company raced to the
scene. Firemen climbed the butte.
lowered a strong rope to Holts.
and pulled him up over the top
of the cliff to safety.
"Well, you got to the top, all
right." one of the firemen ob
"Yes," Holts grinned, "but
missed my supper."
Virginia Leitch
To be Queen of
May at Normal nad 101
The opposition parties include
various elements rsnging from the
conservative republicans of Ale
jandro Lerroux. former foreign
minister, and Miguel Maura, one
time minister of the interior, to
Catholics, Agrarians, and three
branches of the monarchists.
The rightist group so far win
ning the largest number of seats
were the Agrarians, with zs:& ioi
lowed by the conservatives of
Maura, with 1117. and Lerrous'
conservative republicans with
The tabulation tonight showed
the socialists, with 1557 seats,
were the leaders among the pro
government groups. The radical
socialists won 1276. and premier
Manuel Axana's acdon republic-
. t . mi.. MAttt.ftfu ttnlrn I . . . . 111. ji.
so mat ----- man, raaio inspector ior mia u- . u bagl
have contrinutea so mncn , w- trlct, Salem police department i - - ntlon- AeM stat- IT ,vT Annrn. hnt made litUe et
haaitancies of our business world nnt it new transmitter into
may be ended, and a great dawn j operation for police work late this
of a new day may break on our afternoon, it was announced last
MONMOUTH. April 24 (Spe-
through the crowd. Police helped clal) Miss Virginia Leitch of
enraptured vision.'
night. The specUl order will per- I w 4g redempUoil fund
Days of '49 when gold flowed
freely and times were booming
will be revived here Wednesday
when the majority of Salem's
downtown merchants participate ana reviv- bb u. n v vi .v vllTT tains $240,000, enough to cover
In a general 49-cent sale day. The will prove fatal in the long run. tlon. probably will be heard Jn nsc, , ,nd lnterest on all out-
r . - . -mm afiMa Tnrlmntl tOAT I nAlliu unln tnr tna rlrt time 1 " V .
event replaces ooiiar nays oi ions-1 nuw.c ..i T " " V 1 v I standing bonds
r years, many mercnants reeling i may u, " - - - v -
h. A-Zrs .rti-ia oiiav 1 I ment is nermltted to pursue a Pol- Changes and adjustments made
equivalent in value tqu those of icy-ot spending more revenue than over the week end In the trans- - . Urn A
one dollar in recent years. lit receives, and this Is a funda- hnitter at headquarters and w-lfOVCr tteaCL OI
Through the cooperation of R. mental principle unaeriyms . ceivers in me w jww -.
Lemon and M. A. Reedl own- the policies that are being ad- insure dependable service 007212311166 I Of
ed, have not been sufficient to f0rt to force the teachers to move
meet its bond payment of $60,- 1 0n; -the police paychecks are in
000 due May 1, the county clerk arrears too.
"The measure, intended for the mft nse of the station pending re- SMrnv t
reUef of destitution and to guide celpt of the license from Washing- rJJZuSlltin. jf r a DaUnf
and revive business and industry ton, D C. KGZR, call of tbe sta- nlrt cover 00 Uet iXeiief
Work on Roads;
Normal school
junior, has been chosen by the
student body to rule as uueen Vir
ginia I over the annual May day
fete. Miss Leitch is an outstand
ing student, popular In many ac
tivities. She Is secretary of the
second floor dormitory group;
holds membership In Staff and
Patricide Gets
Life; Insanity
Plea Loses Out
Included this subject as he snos
of "discussing everything." How
ever, Undersecretary Phillips ef
the state department who Joined
in the general conference of eco
nomic experts said he bad net
heard this subject mentioned.
Apparently Mr. Roosevelt has
reserved to himself final Judg
ment on the British and French
pleas for war debt relief, pattisg
up to them In return his program
for economic recovery which the
experts are working out.
At the conclusion of four day
of parleys. President Roosevelt
and Prime Minister MacDonald ef
Great Britain earlier In the eve
ning Issued a joint statement ex-
pressing "deep satisfaction" in
their discussions.
Inflation Program
Being Pushed Ahead
They emphasited definite
agreements were reserved for the
world economic conference to he
held in June but they stated tae
explorations which were to map
out the program had been "ad
mirably served."
Even as the International par
leys progressed, with Prime Min
ister Bennett of Canada already
on the scene and prepared to ge
to the White House Wednesday,
congress pushed ahead toward
enactment of inflation legislation,
designed by democratic leaders te
strengthen Mr. Roosevelt's hand
in his discussions.
500 Next Week
ivanced." I throughout the city, according to
lee, free transportation downtown He said federal economies al- the builders. Salem police have re-
wlil ha afforded all shonners from ready "are witnm ugni wukb wiw soua rciw
9 a. m. to 11 a. m- Wednesday.
Ne tickets will be required of
shoppers, who are urged to board
the nearest bus.
Values will be prominently ad
vertised in today's and. tomorrow's
newspapers, and merchants will
give prominent display to tbe 49
cent specials in store windows.
A crowd Is anticipated tor the
49-eent event.
will reduce the federal budget by from Albany, Portland and Orand
nearly $1,000,000,000. Ronde..
"Triple Safe Foils Yeggs
Kick of Horse Kills Tot
Crash at Heppner Fatal
Fire Rages in Apartment
8 CATTLE. April 24 (AP)
Edwin Evans. 25 year old college
sraduate who killed his father.
Key; and In the Oregon Normal Timothy Evans,' was convicted of
school choir. first degree murder tonight, nut
It is of interest too, that her the lurr recommended mercy.
sister. Miss Margaret Leitchr was The verdict means sentence of
o. v.. jj .....i. man vara aueen of the May here in 1921. I Ufa imprisonment will be Imposed
nil UUUUl XTKk wvv.. I - - i - . . .
n work on county roads yes- . upon the young man wno snot nis
Urday it was reported at the CAR LOADINGS GAIN father last November on tneir
. . i iiu.i lurc&A. atai.. api i rancn at Auuurn. auer m uuutv
fi A K MfietinP--lLr?:Z. whether the elder man
ini K the cmw Jext car loadings of 21.859 for last lege for post graduate work.
T0.. 0Qt .wlUl 1116 reW " week, an Increase of 920 cars over The defense pleaded Insanity
- I v & & w a n . miiiirmi lrrnnoiuioiuiii
I.V. aaM TWrt I vw miwtiwuw mvvrn au "
men were placed at common la
bor and one on a farm. Today
Members of the general com
mittee for the state G. A. R. en
campment to be held here June
20. 21. and 22 met at the cnam-
her of commerce last night and foUf wjn D6 eent t0 nap
elected u. n. stover oi tne eons
of Union Veterans as enairman. I J CENSED TO WED
Mr. Stover succeeds the Ute C. A. l tACOMA. Aprfl 24. (AP)
Fessenden. I a ma-Tfas- rna was Issued
At the next meeting, to be call- h.r. ndav to Raymond Evans and
ed in about two weeks by the new yxAjt Zassenhaus, both of Sa- j
LONDON, April 24 (AP)
Foreign Secretary Sir John Slaev
today summoned the organlihn
committee of the world economkr
conference for a meeting her Sat
urday a move Interpreted hi
London as the first big result ef
the MacDonald-Roosevelt discis
sions in Washington.
London hailed the action as
meaning the gathering: of the n
tlorf to remedy the world's eco
nomic ills at last is under way
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Hugh Black Arraigned on
Foui Indictments, Dallas
Parents Finally
Allow Operation
Ore., April 24
(AP) The persistent safe crack
ers who undertook a "Job" In a
.lli.a " Mtiat
UDOn VaSCO Uirl have thought someone was play
f' r rr rr , 1 1. h i-fa.h!nned Christmas
vnvcrp! tst v Anril 24 gift box trick on them.
(AP)iSSu Vaslo: ihepar- UrS?eT?id thfouuS
eye operation necessary to -save smaller safe. In
ner life, wss riven tonight in the l??:.., .tm amaiiev
care of Judge George M. Smythe ' explogive merely
of the children s court. . ' Iwarped the "baby" strongbox. So
The two year old girl, hose. vw. nallv save up and
narents. Mr. and Mrs.' John Vascol Aa-ArtetA nicvine un a small
once barricaded their Hastings- J Mm of caxrency from a tin box in
on-Hudson bom to aeep out ww; i tne 0tnce on their way out, ; ;
tare workers, was placed in a hos- J w. ,: .1;;
.i. , Judge Smythe said this parents' I j HERMISTON, Ore, April 24
wishes would be learned tomor- (AP) Ruth
t h. .AiArtinn nf an eve soe-1 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. uugn
:r:;.:r .1,1 m0 ta nhpi t this citv. died m a hospi
remove a tumor from the left eye tar here Saturday .Jjg
that is gradually pressing against I suffered "hn he.was kicked by
nresldent. the committee will
elect a secretary. Mrs. C. A. Fes
senden resigned from that office
last night.
HEPPNER, Ore April 24
(AP) Vernon Dwight Salter, a
ranch hand, was killed near here
Sunday .when an automobile in
wmcn ne was riaing isit tne ugn- i j .
way and overturned several times. I iViailOn 1 11111
Lester Gemmeii, who was driv
ing the car, was brought to a hos
pital here for treatment to an in
jured back. Ed Craig escaped in
jury but Mrs. Craig sustained
bruises. They were passengers in
Gemmell car.
PORTLAND. Ore.. April 24
(AP) A fire which firemen said
lem. Ore.
And Affiliates
Report : Prptit
Late Sports
PORTLAND, Ore, April 24
(AP) Otis Klingman of Okla
homa Citv defeated Billy Powers
lot Denver, taking two straight
falls In the main event ot to
night's - wrestling - card here.
Kltnrmen welshed 1(0 pounds.
CHICAGO. April 24 (AP) tanr mare than Powers. Klingman
For the first time since ix was or-1 won the first tall in 12 minutes
ganlsed. the aviation corporation i -.v .eries of reverse chin locks.
and Its subsidiaries last month I and clinched tha match 'ten mln-
originated in an unoccupied base-I made a profit, In the amount of ttt uter by tt same "d.-
uicui, ireuiwu 7 ' I . ..u - xi . , I . ,IV. .11.
age estimated at $3,000 to a Port- 1 '"i a - ina, we., won ww
ti.Mat. l dav. Ita. take the semi-wlndap from
ened tbe lives of 26 tenanU. AH 1 uosses lor tne wn ww bum, "
to the
made ill by Inhaling the dense I comparea
DALLAS, April 24. (Special)
Four true bills aalnst Hugh G.
Black,, ex-county clerk of Polk
county, were returned by the
grand Jury here in a report made
public this morning. The Jury
met Friday and returned the re
port Saturday, but it was Held
secret until today in order to
investlrate discrepancies brought
forth in a recent audit of tne
county hooks.
The first Indictment charged
Black with .larceny of publle
money on January 20. 1931, la
the sum of $1(14.21. He was re
leased on his own recognisance
on that eharxe. Indictment no,
was a charge ot the violation of
action 27-605 of the Oregon
lawa of 1930 In, that Black had
in his nossesslon the sum ot
M nrVtaM ga'torV salTne ZSTtSU Smi. pre- i(0. Lo. Angeles, two falls out of 1
loss wis covered by insurance. - I vlous. : , ; - Ithree in the opener. - The Jhird Indictment ehargea.
larceny of public money on Sep
tember. 15. 1931. to the sum of
1(94.66. the amount of money
realised . from a gas ' refund to
the county from the state of Ore
gon. He was again released on
his own recognizance.
Indictment No. 4 -charged Buck
with larceny ot public money on
December 31. 1932, when he took
nossesslon of $2211.21 which he
received and collected as eounty
clerk, and which he allegedly
converted to his own nse. Bona
In this ease was set at $1800.
Black was arraigned la circuit
court this morning before Judge
Arlle O. Walker and given .until
1:30 p. so. Thursday to enter
pie. Judge Walker disqualified
htmaelf from taklnc the case and
Judge R. R Bagley of Hlllsboro
win continue Thursday.
. Black's bond of $2000 , was
furnished by Eugene Hayter and
He appeared before tbe gran a
Jury, at his own request.
The Day ia
By the Associated Press
- PreaideBt RooeeveU
ed economic dlssurmamcmt
f ereatcea with foreign state
tnclndina Prime Minister
Domald of Great Britain. Edaa
ard Herriott of France, and
Prime Minister Bennett of Caa
da, tho latest arrival.
Difference hetween President
Roosevelt and senate drafters of
banking legislation including de
posits Insurance, largely were re
moved at a White Bouse coauer-
- Senator Tydiags (D. Md.
posed adntimlstratiom lnflsHsss
ary program ia swaato deteta
but deaaocratlc leaders expertod
passage by Wednesday night.
American Red Cross received la
general session a message from
President Roosevelt saying it
might be asked to aid la national
relief program. .
New Ena-land f Lshermea
to ask relief for their in4aary
were afternoon sets at Whit
Hoase. "', " . '
: r
i -
the brain. " , " t uhuku