The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 10, 1933, Page 5, Image 5

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    fhe OUCCON STATESMAN, Saieo Oregon, Friday Morning; March 10; 1S23
V) ,
California Guest
Is Entertained
- ' lira. W- Con&ell Dyer enter
tained with a charming tea Wed
nesday afternoon at her homo fa
compliment to Miss' Orytha Gatch
of Oakland, Cal., who has been a
guest her for Uxe past sereral
days at tae.bome of Mias Sally
Boah.-i :-va -:t v ;
Invited to meet MU Gatch vera
Mrs. Print Byrd, Mrs. Curtis B.
, Cross, Mrs. Fran. Spears, Mrs.
Asa Fisher, Mrs. Clifford Browa.
Mrs Chester Cox, - Mrs. W, Earl
Sbaf er of : 8a Francisco, Mrs.
Bert Haney of Portland, Mrs.
Keith Powell of Wbodburn, Miss
Elizabeth Lord, Miss Edith Schry
r. Miss Mabel Robertson, Dr.
Helen Pearce, Miss Nell Thielsen,
Miss Dorothy Pearce. Miss Wini
fred Byrd, Mrs. Dan Fry, Jr., and
Miss Rovena Eyre.
Miss Maxine Myers
Feted Tonight
Mrs. H..H. Winterstein will en
tertain at her homo on Virginia
street in compliment to Miss Max
ine Myers bride-elect of Charles
Claggett whose wedding will be
solemnised March 24 at the Myers
home. i
A uniqne shower is being plan
ned tor Miss Myers as part of the
festivities of the evening. Bridge
will bo in play. A color scheme of
silver and pale green will be used
for the guest room decorations
and for the sen-lee table at the
late coffee hour.
Bidden In compliment to Miss
Myers. are Mrs. Deryl F. Myers,
Mrs. Alden Adolph, Miss Marmion
Connor, Miss Yvonne Smith, Miss
Frances Martin, Miss Kreta Jans,
and Miss Rita Claggett.
Members of Chemeketa players
were special guests for an in
formal evening at the Frank Tor
gerson home Wednesday evening.
Present were Mr. and Mrs. EL J.
Peterson, Miss Marguerite Zer
san. Miss Hasel Shatt, Miss Lil
lian Potter, Mrs. Nellie Rowland
Green, Erwln Potter, Arnold Tay
lor, Johnny Nathman, Victor Wll
llams, Vernon Stohl, Perry Relg
el man and Frank Tor gerson.
Home Nursing Course is
" . Planned by Aid Society
Grange Group Entertained; Mrs. Alta Foren
Honored by Past Noble Grand Club
Woodbura The Federated
women of the Methodist Episcopal
church "held Its regular business
meeting at the church Tuesday
afternoon, when plans were mad
for a silrer tea to be held at the
chureh parlors Tuesday March 28.
Mrs. Paul Pern ber ton, pres
ident, appointed the following, Mrs. W. D. Simmons
general chairman, program, Mrs.
Pemberton and Mrs. V. D. Bain,
decorating, Mrs. B: O. Brown,
Miss Ina Bonney and Mrs. Oscar
Allen. Kitchen, Mrs. Ida Parr,
Mrs. James Llvesay and Mrs. E.
N. Hall. Those on the receiving
committee are Mrs. Pearle L.
Love, Mrs. Glenn S. Hartong and
Mrs. Ivan C. Beers; Mrs. A. E.
Austin, Mrs. F. W. Settlemier,
Mrs. Florence Goulet and Mrs.
Corrie Young will preside at the
tea Urns and the Misses Beatrice
Brown, Pearl Tulsdorf and. Miss
swiaier woi assist with the serv
Woodbura The Presbyterian
Ladles' Aid society ' observed its
43rd anniversary Wednesday aft
ernoon when it met in the church
parlor, with Mrs. B. H. Hicks,
Mrs. Ellrun Sims, Mrs. Clyde
Whitman and Mrs. C. C. Cam
mack at hostesses. The devotions
were conducted by Mrs. Mude
The annual election of officers
resulted: Mrs. Henry Layman, re
elected president; Mrs. Frank
Wright, vice-president; Mrs. E. J,
Allen, re-elected treasurer; Mrs.
Fern Hasbrook, secretary and
Miss Martha Ratclitt, pianist
Plans were made for serving the
dinner for the annual Congrega
tional meeting to bo held in the
dining room of the church March
Committees appointed are din
ner: Mesdames Butterfleld, White
Maupin, Hall, Wompole; dining
room, Allen, Gibbens. and Faul
coner. A program and social time
Pioneer. Mrs. Roy Kinion en
tertained 'in honor of Mrs. Cecil
Dell with a shower Wednesday af
ternoon at her home. Joint, host
esses were Mrs. Ray Slater and
Mrs. Howard Coy. Others present
were Mrs. John Keller, Sr.. Mrs.
Chet Neswald. Mrs. Roy Black.
Mrs. Clyde Robbins. Mrs. Leo
Hughes and baby, Mrs. Will Kin
ion and children, Mrs. Lawrence
Dornhecker, Mrs. Tom and Mrs.
Johnnie Keller, Mrs. Frank Dom-
aschofsky. Mrs. Frank Dornheck
er ' and daughter. Mrs. Mark
Blodgett. Mrs. Homer Conley, An
na Ladstock. Elsie. Fay and Shir
ley Keller. Mrs. Darel Bird and
son and Lois Slater. Refreshments
were served by the hostess.
Liberty. The Younsr oeonle of
the Red Hills )t ranee wer enter
tained Tuesday night at the A. B.
Browning home. Cards and Bu
sies were enjoyed.
Present Were Dorothr Becklev.
Orpha Dasch, Cathrine Dallas,
Ruth Dougherty, Mildred Zosel,
wuma westennoase. La Verne
Oakman, Pearl Scott, Dale Dasch.
Mervln and Chester Seeger, Blli
Berndt, Harlan Judd, Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Pruitt, Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Dallas, Robert Dallas, Peggy
Browning, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.
Browning and Dorothy and Lester
Independence. The Women's
dab held its bi-monthly meeting
at the clubhouse Tuesday after
noon. Tho program consisted of a
book report on "Our Yesterdays"
by Wright, by Miss MIngors of
the Oregon Normal school. Mrs.
H. G. Hanson gave current events.
A trio, Mrs. M. J. Butter, Mrs.
Ellen Davis and Mrs. Dwight
Haag, sang, accompanied by Mrs.
R. D. Elliott of Monmouth.
Hostesses for th meeting were
Mrs. Guy Walker, Mrs. S. B. Wal
ker and Mrs. Nick Versteeg. Tho
next meeting will be a silrer tea
; ' Hasel Green. Mrs. Joseph
Cook and Mrs. Arch McCarfcla
war -hostess to th sunshine
Sewing slab Wednesday afternoon
at Mrs. Cook'a hom. Mrs. Bar
nick and Mrs. Georg Boyd f Sa
lem were guests.- Th club fat spon
soring ja course in home nursing
to d given by Mrs. Boyd. The
first meeting win b at tho school
March IS at Site o'clock.
Members ot tho sewing clab
ar urged to b present at the
first meeting with notebooks and
pencils. There will bo demonstra
tion of first aid and nursing. .
Mrs. Joseph. Zielinskl and Mrs.
Charles ZlelinskL Jr., will bo
hostesses at Mrs. Joseph Zielin
ski's home March 22.
West Salem Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Stevens wer hosts to tho mem
bers of their Plnoehl club at
their home Wednesday night.
Members include Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Kitchen, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Boles and daughters, Eve
lyn and Norma June, Mr. and
Mrs. Saady, Mr. and Mrs. Effen
barger and son, Duano of Dallas,
and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevens
and son, Leo and daughter, Miss
Bertha ot .Wt Salami
" Brooks. The regular meeting'
of th Brooks Ladles Aid society
was held In the Methodist church
Thursday afternoon. Mrs. N. P.
Vlnyard, president, led the devo
tions and conducted the business.
Plans wero made for a group to
attend th Ladles' Aid rally In
Salem, March' IS, at the First
Methodist church. A feature of the
afternoon was th gift shower for
Mrs. William Hall.
Brooks Mrs. Alta Forea was
guest of honor at a farewell par
ty given by tho Past Noble Grand
club at the homo ot Mrs. William
Alsup. Mr. and Mrs. Foren are
moving to Sweet Home where
they will make their home.
Lincoln Tho Misses Mary and
Lucille Hackett entertained the
Young People's Christian Endea
vor with a party at their home at
Lincoln recently.
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