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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salcra. Oregon, Tuesday Morning, March 7,-IMS' -
i t
:: 1 .Local News Briep"iii Sfe
gW Bet Paid- Tha annual ,
spectacle or. ludicrously dr eased
tndents conducting themselves to
various extraordinary manners
started on tlje Willamette snlrer
slty campus yesterday as payment
of Freshman Gleo beta began. On
young man, garbed In brignt-eol-ored
beach pajamas, was expelled
from a! classroom -with the order
not to return dressed In that fa
shioa, 1 Several atedents contrib
uted pennies and nickels to a
young wpman who was paying off
a bet by carrying a 'pleas help
the dumb" alga In one of the
balls. Men of tae fourth-placa
junior elaaa braved a dousing in
the miUrace after tha chapel pro
gram which devoted to parodying
the losing Glee tongs. N .
Liability Not Assumed City
Attorney Chris J. Kowitx last
night reported to the city council
that in bis opinion the city could
not be , held liable for injuries
Mrs. R. G. Mnie claims to have
received as the result of stepping
in a bole in the sidewalk at 460
North High btreet. She had filed
a claim for "ISO at the last Febru
ary meeting. Kowita held that un
der provisions of its charter the
city cannot be held liable and
that none of the employes in the
responsible city departments was
cognizant of the defect in the
sidewalk at time of the accident.
Daily Milk Record Sheets, printed
on heavy tag board good for IS
cow records each day of the
month; for sale' at Statesman
Business Slow While bustaess
at the county clerk's office con
tinues at a minimum because of
the bank holidays, deputy elerks
find plenty ot routine matters to
keep them busy. The first chattel
lien filed in five days was accept
ed yesterday because filers urged
that It be recorded. No other legal
documents were filed. Scores of
dog license applications that came
in by mail before the deadline are
nearly ready to send out, but
there may be a question on
whether they shall be mailed un
til checks can be cashed.
Ma and Pa free Wed. night at
Mellow Moon dance it accompan
ied by son or daughter. A dm. 25c.
Ballden Meeting The Salem
Builders and Employes associa
tion has reserved a room for a
meeting at the chamber of com
merce tonight. No other meet
ings are scheduled there today.
At a local hospital, March 6,
John J. Curran. aged 56 years, a
late resident ot 10CO North 14th
street. Survived by widow, Carol
J. Curran; son, John Rollln Cur
ran; sister. Miss Anna Curran;
brothers, William. Frank Edward
and Daniel Curran of Cincinnati!,
O. Funeral announcements later
by Clough-Barrlck company.
At a local Hospital, Sunday,
ir.rrh e rrHT, Ann Mnn mA
" -I '
46, late resident of 157 South
Winter street. Survived by widow
er. C. E. Moon; one sister, Mrs.
Walter Brophy of Montana; two
brothers, William Holefelder of
Montana, and Frank Holefelder ot
of Kansas. Funeral services from
the cathedral at 17th and Coach
streets, Portland, Tuesday, March
7, at 10 a. m. interment Mount
Calvary cemetery.
At the residence, 1409 North
Church street, Mrs. Rinnie C.
Clay, 74 years old, Sunday, March
5. Survived by three sons, Charles
a. Kaymona oi canton, Fran u.
Kaymond oi Mt. Holly, is. j., ana
Walter E. Raymond of Mexico;
lour orotners, Kay k. snyaer or
Oakland. CaL. John Snyder of
.w icnita, Kan?, Arthur snyaer oi
Sioux Fall. S. D.. and George sny- I
der of Stockton. Cal. Nine grand-
children also survive. Services
will be held from the chapel ot
the Clough - Barrick company,
Tuesday. March 7. at 2 d. m.. Rer.
Humphreys officiating. The do-
ceased had lived in Salem since
1914. She waa a member of the
Jiann f .hiir.1i tha Wnmm'l I
ww. v.. U "
Relief corps and the W. C. T. TJ.
trout Hit?
At the residence, six miles east
of Salem near FrultUnd. March
, uyamia Ann jvesung, wne oi
M ... m w ma t m .mi
Ob ltuary
J. p. of Salem. Mother of George at WilUrd aad Qakridge were vis
and sister , ol Jin Mary Ellen lted yegterd4y by Rnral School Sa.
"''7"u"' X"."''?:r
Mrs. Bertha Muckey of Alton, la..
Eum Lambert of saiem ana uavei Oj. D2
of Philomath. Also surTlved byOej7c2f6 KCJCCtS
nine granaemiaren. a. nauve
Indiana. Aged S3 years. 7 montns
and 13 days. Friends are invited
to attend the funeral services
Tuesday. March 7. at 2 p. m.
from the Terwllliger funeral
home, 770 Chemeketa street. In-
terment Macleay cemetery.
in thU ettv Sunday. March
Dan Smith, aged 65. Funeral an-
' . '
nouneements later by W. T. Rlg-
don Son.
1 -o
Abbott To Mr. and Mrs. Ken
neth Abbott ot 1590 Cherry
street, an elrht-nound daughter.
born Sunday at the Bungalow
Maternity home.
Vacuum Cleaners
and Floor Waxers
to Rent
Call 6910, Used raraitare
mK-t.,! iky n h m rn
Nameroas Eight au
tomobile collisions, an of them at
minor nature, vera reported to
city police oyer tha weekend, as
follows: Gust Peterson. Dallas
route one, , and an unidentified
motorist, at Marios and Capital
streets; Mrs. G. IX. Smith. 1140
Center, and EL K. Byrne, 94S Cen
ter,, at Church and Hood; W. C.
Mangum, 454 State, aad a. motor
ist named Coons. - 1329 Fair
ground road, at 1025 Grant; C.
B. Smith, state hospital, and Lau
rine Bates. CIO North Commer
cial,, at State and High; a McAl
lister 1TTS Lee, and P. D. Ren
nmgs, 19?f Water, at High and
Ferry; Harry Erlckson. 198 South
21st, and an unidentified driver,
at 12th and State; A. a Miller,
680 South 12th. and an unidenti
fied motorist, at 12th and Leslie.
Old time dance, Castillian hall.
Nelson bldg. Thurs., 2 5-1 5c.
Sooths Bound Over Claude H.
South, 44. and his son, Roy C.
seutn, 21, were taken to Port
land over the weekend by federal
officers to face the federal grand
jury on charges of possessing
mash and manufacturing intoxi
cating liquor. Before they left.
V. 8. Commissioner Lars Bergs vik
set bait for the elder South at
$2500 and for his son, at $1000.
The pair were planning to post a
Dona upon their arrival at Port
Light Bill Disallowed The
city council last night accepted
recommendations of the lights
and signs committee against al
lowing bills for $4.75 and $3.03
for electricity consumed at tha
municipal auto park thia winter
by destitute families housed there
by the Red Cross. Red Cross-Community
service officials claim to
haT obtained permission from
the park board to make use of the
auto park cabins.
Mod. dance, U-Park tonight. 15c.
City Buying Tires At the sug
gestion of a local service station
proprietor, the eity council last
night decided to call for bids in
the near future for tires to be
used this year on city automo
biles, thus taking advantage of
low prices. Chairmen of the com
mittees affected were Instructed
to submit estimates ot the tire
needs of their departments for the
remainder of the year.
Bestead Arrested! City police
made one arrest over tha week
end, that ot Hilton Halstead of
Gervais route two on a charge ot
railing to atop at a through traf
fic street, according to police rec
ords. Halstead was cited to as-
pear in municipal court on March
Co-op Permit f 10.000 The
producers Cooperative Packing
company yesterday took out a
1 building permit for Its new can-
nary building at 1695 North Com
mercial street, to cost $10,000.
Prult Brothers bts the contrac
Wanted, used furn. Tel. 5110.
license Suspended When Wil
liam L. Elliott of Salem pleaded
Uullty In municipal court yester
I J . . .V ....Jl..
Judge Mark Poulsen ordered him
to give up his driver's license for
10 days. No other cases were re
ported during the day,
Two Eeiaer Meets In the Kei-
r district north of town t.n
meetings are scheduled for the
wefk Thursday the Ladies'' Aid
Thursday the Ladies' Aid
society will hold an all day meet
ing with Mrs. Howard Bilven. Fri
day night the community club
will be in session, with a special
program promised.
To Give Pageant A water pag
eant entitled "How Swimminr
Grew Up." will be given br 25
boys and girls of the Junior life
saving corns Monday. March IS.
at the Salem T. M. C. A. pool
The nrorram is In charea of Minn
Helen Ralph
I Lodges in JH - Julius Beck-
man was arrested by snerur nunc
I yesterday and lodged In the conn
I ty jail on a etarge of being drunk
Arrest followed complaint that
the man was beating his wife, and
i had also threatened to beat the
I . . " '9 . . i MM.. .
" , t ! mp"
i axis league win meet at me nome
' a M. 111 M. A
.f Elsa Ebf e?- .n. s.tate
aiSui. ucioo.
i xcm-- qiv. -..-.i ..lfti.
I Perrisor Wayne Harding
oil XTJt. 1 MM
rf Ucf IC Ul Cd&Ul C
I The senate Monday reiused to
approve a house bill by Represen-
j tatlve Dech which would have
I placed title with the state in all
whales landed on the Oregon
1 coast. The bill was a postiude to
S. I the Ethelbert" whale incident In
I -n A M . A X A.M
i-oruano, which aiiracieu aauonai
attenton. Senator Franciscovlcb
opposed passage of the bill
WUboat Opratlos n Lom f Tlai
tS9 Ortcra Blag.
" la Alley at rear of 253 Chemtketa St, '
18 Crews Befog Organized
Hiring Five to 40 men
Each, Road jobs
.Machinery for starting men to
work en various reads thxoujch-
out Maris county waa hi work-
in- order yesterday, aad mem
vera being: lined up. but wheth
er any work, waa actually dona
naa not heea reported lata fa the
afternoon, County Engineer
Swart, is charge of allocation et
work, said.
Eighteen, crews of men are
being organized, with all tha way
from five to 40 men on a crew.
Swart did not know yesterday
how many men had bean signed
up, as key men in the county had
made no reports.
The program Is being carried
on under the relief funds bor
rowed by Marlon county from tha
Reconstruction Finance corn ora
tion, and Is entailing county ex
penses only for wages of tha key
men. Work will be limited to
widening, grubbing, digging ditch
es or other jobs whera no outlay
lor la&or Is necessary.
With transfer of moneys stop-
pea by the presidential bank
proclamation, the question of
when Marlon county win receive
the funds borrowed was par
mount yesterday. The county
court, however, was preparing to
o ahead with Its announced di
rect relief work road program..
Final details on administration
of the R. F. C fan da were work
ed out yesterday at conference
of the county court and other
members of the county committee
with Iran White, field represen
tative of the state relief com
ma ttee.
The 18 road men named as key
men for the relief Jobs, which
will be rotated, are:
O. D. Needham, RosedaTe: Jo
seph Zuber, Sublimity; Theodore
Fisher. Victor Point; C. C. Stay-
ton, Stayton; Leonard Walker.
Stayton; B. J. Be-ttencourt, Rob-
PATTERN 2564 ..
erts; Lester Van Cleave, Salem:
W. W. Westenhouse, Liberty; Ray
Keeves, Ankeny; Bert Iverson,
suverton; M. N. Magee, Macleay;
jonn urleaenauer. ML Ansel:
Grant Jones. Hubbard; Peter Jen
sen, Gervais; Jim McCormick.
West Woodburn; Jim Cook. St.
Paul; Bob Cole, Wheatland: L.
E. Hennles, Turner.
Tho annual missionary conven
tion or the Salem Christian and
Missionary alliance will open
Wednesday night at 7:45 o'elock.
and continue through Sunday,
with two sessions daily at 2:30
and 7:45 o'elock, except for Sun
day when there will be three, at
li a. m., 3 and 7:30 p. m.
The opening address will be
given by Rev. C. T. Carlson, who
has been In the fields at Ecua
dor. Other speakers will be Rev
W. I. McGarvey of Seattle, dis
trict superintendent of the alii
ance, and John R. Turnbull, mis
sionary field evangelist who made
three expeditions Into wild Ara
bia and who was honored for
them by the Royal Geographical
society of London.
Turnbull has an exceptional
collection of colored slides with
which he will Illustrate his lec
tures on Arabia and what ha
found there.
The convention here and the
annual local meet at Stlverton is
being carried on at the same
time, with the same set ot
speakers interchanging, says the
local pastor, Rev. W. H. Cald
well. Parent-Teacher
Group to Meet
Tomorrow Night
The Salem parent-teacher-stu
dent association will meet at the
high school auditorium Wednes
day night, with business consider
ations to open at 7: SO o'clock.
The program, beginning at 1
o'clock, will Include a 20-mInute
concert by the high school band, a
talk. "What We Should Know
About New Automobile Legisla
tion", by Hal Hoss, secretary of
state: and music by Dr. Leon B.
Barrlck's male quartet. .
We wish to thank all our
friends for their kindness during
our sorrow. Mr. B. C. Andersson
& family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. But
ler, Frank & Louis.
Do not neglect your eyes te
do so caases headache and
discomfort. Oar optical
lee Is ready te serve yea..
j r. ,-t y .
Ccziiag Evesit
tra. ' '
. Hare 10-11 State high
school wrestling trarumeat
at Seles high. ,
lfMcfc 10-ll-DJstxici IS
basketball towaaaseat.
March lSH-Begfoual
ton oouf create.
Inatiowal. First Presbyterlaa
ebwKb. '
IfareBi 1 prtegr Open,
March 15-18 State high
basketball toon.
Marsh 20 Minnesota clu
winter naeettac T. M. C A.
Harrh 28-24 Greaom
BaUding Congress Show.
Salem Armory.
Juno 2-4 Fourth Annas!
Willamette Valley Flower
July 24-28 Annual Ea
p eaaapmentt Spanish War
Dr. Helen Pearce to Reveal
Age of "Best Sellers";
Churchill to Play
The truth of fh old epigram.
There's nothine new t. ti
m IX..?' " la
" J LJT-
aiscusses m i
o m , c J " L vtTZ
- Mvaaa m atu naa utfbmv i
use of the same baste sterfes and
to WerAUf oi
ii kI fuw"uoM- mim Parce
ai w nmi. i. s una
"7. " .tTirl nn,TersUT o'-
.f 'fcrK" concerts
? audltorrum in
Dr. Pearce has a renutarion as
a scnoiar in the field of conrpar-
uv liters cures. Having done con-1
ueraDia wotk in that field at
tie Uaiverslty of CaUf ornla where
sae attained the Pa.D. desree.
Tracing the development of the
Homerle story of Trov snd the
Trojans, Helen, Ulysses, Achilles
and tho other figures of legend
ary Greek history has been a par
ticular hobby of Miss Pearce and
will undoubtedly receive soma at
tentlon Tuesday nirht.
The organ concert at 7:45 will !
d resent Frank E Phurrhtn .n. I
of the best known organists in senate bills, all of a special or
Oregon. Mr. Churchill has the mmor nature, kept the lower as
happy facility of combining tha sembly rn session until V late
old masterpieces and tha more bour Monday but provoked little
modern popular numbers In a
program and his program for
Tuesday night is esoeciallv well-
balanced. I
Mr. Chnrehill la beln BRitl
In a group of numbers by Miss
Josephine Albert, popular young
Salem contralto whoa rDiit-
Man as in ATCfmHnnaiw nmm-
islng young vocalist Is spreading I
throughout the entire northwest.
M!rh Allvtrt for on m of har num. I
bers has chosen Burleigh's ar -
rangement of the "Deep River"
Just another rainy day would
characterize Monday in Salem, the
second day ot the tight closing of
banks due to legal holidays. Bust-
ness houses did a fair volume, ea-1
peclally those dealing 4n grocer- I
tee, meats, etc. Stores many of I
them shut down on taking checks;
but shoppers seemed te be wall
provided with currency te make 1
ine neeaea yucnuet. uieau
stores of course continued sales
on credit to their regular cus
The universal expression
that tha flurry would soon be ever
and that provision would be made
so business could continue to car
ry on either limited withdrawals
from banks or with some form ot
new circulating medium. Soma 1
placea had run short ot change,
bat when tho banks arranged a
place to provide change this diffi
culty was overcome.
When you're away from home
Say ugoodnight,,
to tie little fellow
by telephone!
. Son DAThewilltWnkabultbeiniracleof bcr
Daddy roico from miles away. But bow ita enough
to just hear that roicc From any of eighteen milliom
telephones in this country yon cam talk homeward- -ewifdy,
dearly, at low cost. ,
- -' ".''
Tux Pacific Telepho and Telegraki Com? akt
Bnsiitess off iev 740 SUte Street, Phont S101
nil-: HI
Conduct of Forme Justlcs
Of Peaca Attacked at 1
Committee Session
ta a. tense c iaaT before the
aia commitaee ea revision of laws,
tqe long atending McMahan vs.
Carson, et al, feud flared up Mon
day morning, .the. battle being oc
ctstened by d aearlag ea seaate
bill Sl which, provides that sen
lgr judges In this district shall
s4rve In the cufty court and jun
ior judges In the law court. If
tie bill becomes law. Judge McMa
han- will relinquish his present
work to Judge Levelling sad the
former win take- eharge of the
etulty court.
Waltes C. Wlnslow. local attor
ney, asked the committee to ap
prove the bill holding Judge Mc
. Mahaa was Incompetent to handle
tie law department of the court.
Jehn H, Carson, former district
attorney, told the committee
Jtdge McMahan had written a
ptcsenal letter to the grand jury
asking, that body to Indict James
Smith county commissioner, for
2? tewiihan.
gee, attacked the conduct of Bra-
sfer Small, former justice of the
peace here who was at tha hear
fnig. declaring Small acted illegally
whila holding his Jptx McMahan
alio aacused Carson of. employing
a staae graphs r at 150 a month
ou ol funds not permitted for
such purposes and when Carson
.i t . ip.ji. -xri,--
candidate, was doing tha same the
x fl a a. .m a K .-m
iWit - . i ,
8o aUon. McMahan told the
cojmmittee the bill was purely a
nautical maUsr.
Late Monday tha revision ot
uW8 oommiUee reported tha bUl
out without recommendation.
tt and thraa. osnoaln It- Tha bill
will ptobably be on the house ci-
eddar today,
Passage of a brace of appropTt-
at ion bills and approval of IP
debate. Roll call rouowed roil can
ia tedious monotony and at times
attendance of house members was
decimated by attendance of mem-
bers at the senate debate which
waged throughout the bulk ot the
afternoon on tha Gouley bin for a
state constitutional convention on
the 18th amendment vote. The
house held up Senator Bynon's
or consideration today;
killed by an unfavorable vote
S. B. ( and a B. 14. It passed
t& approprtataon tuis with few
dissenting rotes. Including a
measure to give tha state emer
gency board 1 150, 00 for emer
gencies which may arise during
the next bleunlum. The moneys
revert to the general fund If not
Wage Cut Applied
By Paper Firm
The Oregon Pulp a Paper corn-
paay yesterday applied a ten per
cent wage reduction to all its lo-
cal employes. The salary eut wi
the fifth ten per cent reduction
lie ems me
at HALT tktf II
usual pstee ol
Mourn I0"
OAMXi Afldseptks...
made by tha company. Officials
said that tha operating losses ef J
tha null vera aa heavy daring!
1131. tha slash was imperative if
tha mill . was t eoattnaa . ta
Participation in )
World Court is
. Plea Made Here
Several thousand postal cards
pledging support of Salem dtlsess
to tha Roosevelt administration in
a program of adherence to tha
world court ara to ba sent east
this week, under tha leadership
ot a local committee for disarma
ment and Improved foreign rela
tkms. The movement hero la being
pushed by Dr. S. B. Laughtte ot
THlamette university, who Sun
day saw that the blank eards were
distributed through local church
es. The messages going east ask
the president -to urge adherence to
tie world court rto fulfill the
spirit of the Paris pact to which
tha United States senate pledged
our nation on January li. 1129."
The movement to urge adherence
te the court is nationwide-, Langb
Im said yesterday, peaee- lovers in
all state cooperating to urge this
Goveraor Meier Monday sigaed
a Mil Introduced by Senator Dun
can authorising an appropriation
14 pay the costs incident to a suit
fled by the United States govern
ment against tha state of Oregon,
involving title to the beds and
waters of Malheur, Mud aad Har
aey lakes. Another bill signed by
the governor abolishes the office !
ol secretary of the state board of
higher education. The office was
held by Dr. . EL Lindsay, who
received a salary of $7500 a year.
Ma and Pa's
Mellow Moon
Wed. Nite, Mar. 8
Yoang folks brlag your par
ents to Mellow Mooa Wed
nesday Kite and eajoy
spending the evening with
Mellow Moon
Dance Band
and Entertainers
Admission for the youag
folks is 25c All parents ad
mitted free if accompanied
by a son or daaghter.
Geo. Strang's
Lj30 P. M.
1565 S. Church
bed davenpert.
rag txU, 1 linate-
1 heater, Universal
a-hoU raage, eak ex-taUe
aad I dmera, 1 Morris chair,
1 sat Ivory beds, 1 Dehrae eeB
spring, 1 Ivory dresser, 1 tvery
oMrffeur, 1 ehBaTs bed aad
mattress, 1 aatoaaatls eleetrk
r, 1 wabsat rockt
dishes, K. atensfls
other artieles.
F. N. Woodry
I. sS-nA l . . rr i
Wise Travelers
stop at thtj
Downtown Location.
. Comfortable Rooms and
Good Beds at Special
Low Rates.
' Oppssus TeraWasl Sales Bciliiag
to. tne ftmount of purchase taken
" at Johnson, ,
Tuesday -Wednesday
Full Silk Lined
Regular Values $12.75
to $18.75
Tuesday and
A shipment just unpacked
from the eastern market.
Most all colors and sizes.
We've been selling these reg
ular for 69c
Today and Wednesday
Regular $1.95
All Pure Wool
Buy with Confidence at
Tht Store for Lau.
4$4468 State
Your Check "Accepted to the Amount f
of Your
im V? ..V.
' i 1
5 I
n 1
ft ii
i !
& t
181 North Qigh
Cherretet Employees