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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon, Thursday Maming. Mmuxy 23, 1933
Only two Official so far
But Others Certain of
Appointment, Word
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Agriculture Henry A. Wallace
of Iowa.
Commerce Daniel 0. Roper of
South Carolina.
Labor Miss France Perkins
of New York.
Woodia and Ickes
Former Republic r.n
One of the angle., to attract Im
mediate attention on Capitol HOI
was the political division of that
list, Woodla and Ickes In past
years having been identified In
republican causes and Wallace be
ing a son of the secretary of ag
riculture In the Harding adminis
The chorus of praite for selec
tion of Hull and Wood In was
broken fn the house this after
noon by Representative Horr (R.,
Wash.), who said the financier
"has the same business record as
Mellon." He suggested that Rep
resentative Patman (D., Tex.).
proceed against Woodln with the
Impeachment charges which he
drought unsuccessfully to prose
cute against Andrew Mellon when
be headed the treasury.
Horr was defeated for reelect
Informed of the cabinet disclos
ures here, Mr. Roosevelt declined
' to speak on the list; but he ack
nowledged having conferred with
Ickes In the last 24 hours. In that
time, also, he was In touch with
Roper, who expect3 to talk with
him again this weekend.
i Ir a p ra t a a
"A iV
Squadron 1eader WLFisffl J
i r ' - ""I Vl Jf
. .'i I WV-B IVW1TI I W I
o f
war- . y
Giant Ark Bombing P&ot tj3S& in PfrxGHOL
la making a non-stop flight from CraawelL England, to Walfish Bay, Sowtfc Africa, a distance ef 8,141 Bailee.
Sqnadron Loader O. R. Gayford and kia M-pUot, Flight Li a tenant G. E. Niekeletta, not eeJr ntdiatanood
tko previous mark ef RbsmII Boardmaa and John rolande, Amaricaa Qlors, by 327 miles, mil also realised
a load dreaa
of tka British Air Ministry that ef linking ontposU ef tko Empir with tke mo tk or land in a
aadartoek the Bight m the regalar
forced their daaeent jast 750
25 minutes. The slana asad
la tha groat flight was a Fairoy bomber similar to tke machine that crashed ea the Atlas MonnUias ia 1929
whilo attempting a fiigat to Cape Town. However, many improvements have boon made fas the craft st
single jump. The British fliers, both officers ef the Royal Afar Force. anderU
course of service doty. Their original goal was Cape Town, bat lack of fael
miles short of their objective after they had boon ia the air for 87 hoare aad
gora iie
the tragedy. Good weather was encountered for the greater part ef the flight, bat a sand storm ever the
Sahara Desert forced the fliers 300 miles off their coarse. At the take-esT from CranwelL the plane carried
mere than l,ooo gallons et met in tanks set in her BZ-toot wings, bat whoa she leaded at Walfiaa Bay, there
remained only enough for two more hears of flying. Boardmaa aad Polaade, the previous distance record
holders, announced that they probably weald make another attempt to regain the record for the United
States, possibly this year.
The Call
Board. .
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ing a spirited debate yesterday
afternoon. The measure provides
that before any petition demand
ing recall of a public officer Is
circulated for signatures, one or
more sponsors of the petition
shall file a sworn statement of
all contributors of $10 or more
toward the recall.
Every such recall petition
would be void unless completed
and filed within 90 days after fil
ing of the original itemized state-
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capes unscathed from battles in
the Revolution.
Dr. Doney found "three other
deciding events In the career of
Washington giving evidence of an
overruling hand": 1, When his
mother persuaded him not to
take a commission in the British mont
navy, saving him for service to The measure was supported as
the colonies: 2. his dlnlomatie a means of removing a never end
successes In negotiations with the lnS threat of recall through pro
French and failure to obtain an "ted circulation of petitions
fnrnintnmnt tn tha Rrttiih against public officers. Grange
and. 3, Ms unsuccessful suit for and labor elements desired a 120
tho hand of Mary Phillips, w "nm xor recau circuianou.
thmi.vh hnn. wm The emergency clause of the mea-
become connected with a family sure was struck out prIor to flnal
of intense loyalists. passage. .
r ..A- House bill 224, by Paulus and
f. , L Wvers. to regulate and license
.uov tu IU, Hint Vt, . , , .
w.h(.n. 0i small loan companies, was referr-
wasnington were mere accl- . . . , ; t , '
j i jt t- -n ,., ed to the committee on revision or
ii o v v . . I laws
he :ould have made himself a
vroinweu or a jaiser. wnen nis o . y-i .
ee'-ond term expired, he could oSLTltlSLW. r OTGSt
navo been a king.
Today Barbara Stan- 9
wyck In "Ladies They Talk
Friday Nancy Carroll la
"Child of Manhatten."
Today Warren William
and Loretta Young In "Em
ployes' Entrance."
Saturday Double bill: "Man
Against Woman", and "No
Greater Love".
Today Ann Dvorak and
Lee Tracy in "Strange Love
of Molly Louvain".
Friday Vaudeville and screen
feature, William Collier Jr.
and Joan Marsh in "Speed
Today George Arliss in
"A aucrAMfiil HalamUv"
Friday Ken Maynard in "Dy-
namite Ranch."
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should require evidence to be pro
duced in all such mortgage or
conditional contract of sale fore
closure suits before entering a
decree of foreclosure, and If from
such evidence so produced. It Is
apparent to the court that there
has been an honest though una
vailing effort to meet the terms
of the mortgage or conditional
contract of sale, the court should
give due consideration to the
facts and attempt an amicable ad
justment of the default between
"Be it further resolved that It
is the consensus of this thirty
seventh legislative assembly that
this resolution become effective
immediately upon its adoption."
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prove harmful you should not de
stroy a largo Industry oa the up
per stream. Much of this haran
gue against tha fish wheels Is po
litical aad Is not based oa facts.
Senator Frandicorkh -warned
that tha fish wheel measure had
to do with the third largest la
dustry in the state of Oregon.
"Nothing should be done to in
jure or curb the expansion of this
Industry," rranciicovich declared.
"This Is not a fish wheel bill but
It goes farther and authorises the
construction of a f lshway. The leg
islature, by Its consideration of
this measure. Is attempting to
override a vote of the people la
192S when the fish wheels were
banned from the Columbia river,"
be said.
Senator Hulett said he was not
Interested In Suefert or Warren
but that he was concerned In the
welfare of the men and women of
Wasco and Hood River counties.
"This Is not a selfish bill." Has
lett said, "but it Is wanted by the
workers and business Interests of
tha upper Columbia district.'
Senator Goes declared that he
eonid see nothing sportsmanlike
In the operation of fish wheels
and he Intended to rote against
the measure.
The vote on indefinite postpone
ment of the bills was:
Yes: Allen, Booth, Brown
Burke, Chlnnock, Dickson, Dunn,
Dunne, P I s h e r, Franeiscovlch,
Goes, Hess, Eee, McFadden,
Spanldlnr, 8 tray or, Wheeler.
Woodward, Zimmerman and
President Kiddle.
No: Bynon, Corbett, Duncan,
Haslett, Jonue, Mann, Staples,
Upton, Williamson and Yates.
Unanimous approval was giv
en a bill originally introduced by
Senator Woodward, reducing the
salaries of Multnomah county of
ficials in amounts ranging from
I to 30 per cent. This Is the sal
ary reduction scale applied to all
state officers and employes by the
Joint ways and means committee.
A bill by Senator Dickson pro-
Tiding that a second conviction
i or carrying concealed weapons
shall bo a felony also received
favorable consideration. Senator
Diekson said this measure had
been requested by the Portland
police department.
Tha senate passed Senator Mc
Fadden s bill providing relief In
the amount of 1993.45 for BernN.
Hafenfeld, who was Injured seri
ously In the crash of the Marys
River bridge in Benton county
several months ago. The money
would be paid out of the funds of
the state highway commission.
Senator Brown's bill providing
for a 60 per cent reduction In the
annual license fees for Itinerant
vendors was indefinitely postpon
ed following a brief debate. An
adverse report on the measure
was returned by the Judiciary
able) committee report
bronchi la. Moat Important
H. B. STt introduced at tha ya-
quest of Senator Ummermaa aad
celling- tor a capital levy ia if si
oa an property hell la the state ta
Ills. Rates ran from 1 to per
cent with a gtMtf minimum
exemption. H. B. If to eliminate
charge for Investigations of man
borrowers was Indefinitely post
poned along with H. B. f doubl
ing Inheritance tax rates, and H.
B. 77 providing counties pay for
roads run through public lands.
22 (AP). England's dominance
in the realm of speed was sky
rocketed to new heights today by
Sir Malcolm Campbell who in two
blistering runs over the hard-
packed beach here streamed to a
new world automobile speed
mark of 272.108 miles an hour
ine record was made over a
measured mile route.
Ho also established a new re
cord of 272.462 miles an hour
over a five kilometer course on
the same trials.
Driving a long, streamlined
Bluebird car, equipped with a
2S0t horsepower airplane motor,
the 48-year-old Campbell clipped
.94 of a second off his own pre
vious record of 253.9(8 for the
mile and increased the mark by
18.149 miles an hour.
On his first run the British
driver attained the astounding:
speed of 373.558 miles an hour
as ho roared over the beach.
paralleled oa one side by a
amased senate Investigating
committee learned today that
while tha National City bank, was
selling out its customers la the
frensied days following tha mar
ket crash of 1939, It set aside 32.
490.009 for Interest-free loans to
protect its own hard pressed of
ficers. While this was being establish
ed by the banking committee Sen
ator Wheeler, democrat, of Mon
tana, on the senate floor scathing
ly arraigned Charles EL Mitchell,
chairman of the National City's
board of directors, as a result of
the letter's testimony that to
avo'2 scylng an income tax in
19'-9 he took a loss of nearly $2,
800,000 by selling back stock to a
member of his family, to be re
bought later.
The hest way to restore confi
dence In the banks," Wheeler
said, "would be to take these
croojcea presidents out of the
banks and treat them the same as
we treated Al Capone when he
failed to pay his Income tax."
debt to this nation passed here
Wednesday morning with only
two dissenting; votes. "Out of all
the dlscnssloa of the war debts,
one factor la dear, commented
Representative Dammasch, author
of the memorial. "IX the European
countries do not pay us, the
American taxpayer must pay."
Representatives Kelly and Price
voted In opposition to the memorial.
Action Soon on
Silver Coinage
Asked in House
The coinage committee voted
today to demand house action be
fore March 4 oa legislation that
would tap the world's silver sup
ply for 325.000.090 In new money.
It approved 9 to 1 the silver
coinage bill It rejected yesterday
8 to 3 and Instructed Chairman
Somen to make every effort to
place the measure before the
house between now and the end
of the present session.
Aid for Cotton
Grower on Top
Of Relief Pile
(AP) An emergency plan for
helping the cotton-growing south
tonight topped the heap of farm
aid bills that are piled up at the
capitol awaiting a chance to let
on the statute books before the
March 4 deadline.
The measure, already passed by
the senate, has the approval of
the house agriculture committee
and is scheduled by democratic
leaders for consideration on the
floor. It would offer participa
tion In a government cotton pool
as an Incentive to farmers to cur
tail their 1933 production.
Professor James T. Matthew.
oldest member of the Willamette
university faculty in point of
Tears or imttIm tw. m v.
pounding surf and on the other .peker at commencement next
by high. Irregular sand dunes ,prlns and oa thu mtlou
from which thousands of specta- narkinr th. ..mi-fi. i.
tors looked on. His time for the 40th yer as professor of mathe-
mue on xnai run was sec- matlCB be ,warded th9 hon.
vnu.9. l nrirr rl msrvavm. T.T T"i
This was announced Wednes
day following the decision of the
executive committee of the board
of trustees meeting la Portland
Ten years ago the James T.
Matthews professorship in mathe
matics was established by the
classes of 1923-24-25-21. Profes
sor Matthews holds two degrees
front Willamette university, hav
ing received his A B. here In
1889 and his master's degree sev
eral years later.
The honorary degree, doctor of
divinity, will be conferred upon
Bishop Juan E. Gattinonl of the
central conference of Latin Amer
ica at the June commencement
"When I woke up ia the morning I
would have such a becrtacho I could
cream. My back ached, too, peritxS
cally, and I felt miserable aad tired oat.
I had heard aboot Jydia E. Pmiham's
Vegetable Compound since I was a little
cbJU, so X decided to try H. I feel
stronger now, not so tired, and tLa
headarhre ere better."
That Washington was guided
not to yield to these temptations
of usurping power and diverting
the young nation from its des
tiny of serving as t 1 example of
And Cascade to
There are a host of people who
are going to fall in love at the
Hollvwood torlav. Tha nhlant nf
TTnitetJ Plan I their affection will be one small
uc KJiiiLu., x tan b . ht . . . .
"Nifty" by name, whose lmmedl-
nM-mT-o JV W7 V. ts A a T1
new freedom wu 1 because Tof the 5 , ; ure . tV ate famlly were m n
new rreeaom was oeeause or me Q T Buck regional forester at
man ae was. -aoie 10 now an Portiand annoiniCed here today mTght havrieen wvthln
unalterable course," opined Dr. t. t 1f , 0 beforft the na- t,. . ,1 nyuung.
Doney. and Washington "was ZtLZtll. X!
v o.M.m lBB pnae ana joy or ueorge
approved, the Santiam BlatM, w wh' wt11 .h
what he was because of a life
time devoted to God."
The next lecture-recital pro
gram at Waller hall will be held
March 7, with P-. Helen Pearce
the sneaker, aad Frank E.
Churcldll the organist.
Gordon Declares
He Doesn't Want
Corporation Job
tional forester
D. C, are
forest will hereafter be a division
of the Cascade national forest
with headquarters, in Eugene.
Buck said the plan would not
Involve any large shifting of per
sonnel from the present headquar
ters of the Santiam forest in Al
bany to Eugene. O. C. Hall, super-
hlm In about 18 tricks on the
stage of the Hollywood theatre
"He Is an educated dog, not a
'trained" one, said Mr. Blood.
'He has never been punished In
his training; all has been done
by patience and persistence. His
turn forest at Albany, i, retiring dd T automaton."
!!2Si!:.!!,.USi: him Is my guess.
I . - J V t
owl, A HQ
Ronreaentntive Gordon of Mult
noraah county has not been oft- Thompson. Cascade forest snper
red nor would he accent the of- or ai r.ugen
fice of state corporation commis
aioher, he told friends Wednes
Reports have been current here
for several days that Represen
tative Gordon was slated to suc
ceed James W. Mott who on
March 4 will assume his duties
as representative in congress
from the first congressional dis
Gordon said the salary
$3600 attached to the office was
not attractive.
said, the Santiam would be placed a,-, " T " vTnl V5.'.-..-
under the supervision of Perry A. -tfrr ae Tcn by Firrt
Thnmnimn. Cascade forest inner- I . '
ixauonai Pictures, with Lee Tracy
and Ann Dvorak in the leading
roies, opens at tne Grand theatre
"The strange Love of Molly
Louvain' is a modern story, said
to be as swiftly-paced as the au
thor s successful stage play, "Chi
Pendleton Bank
Reopening Plan
f M aubvoaa.u BUlgo Play, UIU-
UlVen ApprOVal S0 " " concerns the progress of
.. T young small-town girl who is
PKNnTRTfW. Or Vah 22 betrayed by her youthful lover
fAPl nffieAr of the B"irat in- n then begins a hectic career
of land National bank of Pendleton wltl kard-boUed newspaper re-
W' I ...... ...I nnwf A ena m . . -
announced mat tney receivei or- w w wuu unwimngiy
firlal annroval from tha Rncon- causea ner great unhanDineas.
structlon Finance corporation to- ABn DTorak Is seen as the girl
dav of clans for reoneninz the I nd Lee Tracy, famous for hta
institution, closed since Oct IS. I characterizations of reporters, is
Although the bank ODened its seen as mo newshound who die.
doors two days ago only to fcllow covers love la spite of bin skep-
access to earety oeposit ooxes, uciam.
Grange Officer
Is Killed When
Big Rock Falls
GRANTS PASS, Ore., Feb. 28.
(AP) Leroy Brubaker, 39,
master of the Wimer grange, was
killed today when he was crushed
by a 300-pound rock at the Jack-
eon mine near here where he ana Ap) Ensign and Mrs. C. W.
his brother-in-law, C. W. Ringer, sugarman of San Pedro, Calif,
It will not be ready for regular
business until necessary clerical
work and other formalities have
been completed.
THE DALLES, Ore.. Feb. 22.
CHICAGO, Feb. 23 (AP)
Harold L. Ickes, who is expected
to bo the sew secretary of the in
terior, pronounces his name la
two syllables, as "Ick-ns."
Around 125 was stolen from
the Wieder laundry. 263 South
High street, by yeggs who entered
the place sometime Tuesday night
with a pass key, it Is believed,
and punched the combination of
the safe. The exact amount of
cash and checks taken was unde
Patrolman Frank Winslow dis
covered the burglary at 5:15 a. m.
yesterday. The laundry door had
been left open. Harry Rowa, mer
chants patrolman, noted nothing
amiss when he entered the place
at 4:45 a. m. to turn out the night
This was the second safe crack'
House Approves
Bill to Create
Architect Board
The house Tuesday approved
ia bill. 36 to 17, which creates a
state board of architecture and
compels architects practicing In
the state to pass a board examina
tion. The measure was debated for
nearly an hour.
The house decisively killed a
bill which would have empowered
a city to license such professioaa
and trades as It saw fit to tax.
members agreeing the bill con
veyed too mueh power to cities.
Routine business occupied the
rWn aV tSAsl B1lAnr ttlan IM fkVl (fla
in m 4 aV nnlial lam f na a and avn Kan. I
I i VT ,a a . 1. I session, many senate amendment
iSSi .Jf?: to house bill, being concurred In.
obuio vr v 01 few a as, vesroua . uui suv
lffaalara rioAMow AAfneiatkor 999 vi
across the street several days age. Land Bank Relief
Asked of Congress
Academy Squad
Defeats Canby
Capital Levy Bill,
3 Others Defeated
The house of representatives
yesterday gave unanimous ap-
r -tf ri prova 10 congreaa asxing ma
Dy 20-19 OCOre federal land banks grant a three-
farms held by the bank. Represen
MT. ANGEL. Feb. 22 Mt. tative Paget said he understood
Angel Academy basketeers were I legislation sought by the mem-
again victorious. A return game orial was almost certain to pass
was played with the Canby girls the present congees.
on the Canby floor last night.
The final score was 19 to 30.
The first half was rather slow
with Canby leading throughout.
Score at the finish was 15 to
3. In the second half, fcowever.
the academy played a fast and Four bills died the death la the
exciting game, caught up with I house Wednesday when unfavor-
thelr opponents lead and passed
them. The Academy lineup: for
wards, Sehledler and 8chwab;
jumping center, Saalfeld; run
ning center, Simon; guards, Wei
ton and Bourbonnals; subs. Ban
man, Zo liner and Keber. Lake-
fish refereed.
A preliminary game between
the second teams of Canby and
Mt. Angel ended in a tie. Both
sides agreed to play three min
utes longer and Canby won by
one basket. The score 18 to li.
Marion County's
Auto Fatalities
Meat Handlers
Entertain With
Annual Program
Members of the Salem local of
the Meat Cutters and Butcher
Wnrkrrnan'a nalnrt entertained
Fewer This YearlJjtiJti1
iu. rcAFUu uuuai pwiai (.1 uci
lr f TTnlnn iatl W,i4hmi1i
Fatal automobile accidents have
fEr tW,1,M0,l. CUtt H. B. Barker, president of the
i.'ia m0nsh "ion. PPealed to members to
and a half of 1933, Dr. Vernon A. Wj?
Douglas, county health officer, re. tCZ "A ,
av avysj uioyioj tuR aev ena 1 we.
ports. Last month one person died
as the result of a car crash. In
January 1933 the death list total
led seven.
union. The program included
Scotch songs by William McGll
christ. Sr., readings by Mrs. Wil
liam McGllehrlst, harmonica se
lections by Gus Erlckson of the
union, aad music by the Salem
Kiltie band, whose members are
Robert Hutcheon. Jim McOil-
are Z.CDOrted cnon. Andrew Henderson and B.
' r R. Strausbaugh.
A sharp increase In the num-l , !fr?vm"nl' ad dla
More Indigents
Needing Medical
bar of county dependents requir
ing medical care is being noted
closed the entertainment.
this winter, according to Dr. Ver- HotlSP OnnDSPfl fn
non A. Douglas, county health of- IIWUW LU
War Debt Default
fleer. He announced that last
month Tl new cases of this clas
sification came to his attention.
and Increase of 57 over January
1933. Visits were paid to 85 In
digent patients, 68 more than last
A house memorial to congress
asking that body to remit no por
tion of tha foreign government
Bond ior Gasoline W AltaOwncdl!at Tft
Dealers Advocated lllOLLYVJOOP
Gasoline dealers hereafter will
have to post a bond ranging
from I10DO to. $100,009 If a bill
passed by tha house Wednesday
afternoon becomes a law. The
bond aims to prevent evasion of
the tax. Tha high scale provided
for was explained as necessary.
due to tha largo amount of gaso-1
una taxes collected monthly.
had been placer mining.
were seriously Injured today when
The two were working with their automobile skidded off the
sluice boxes when a slide of earth Columbia River highway near I
suddenly hurtled down. Brubaker ker and crashed over a high em-
was all but burled by the debris, bankment.
but Ringer escaped uninjured.
Brubaker Is survived by his par
ents, Mr. and Mm James J. Bru
baker of Los Angeles.
Nominee List of
Elks Club Here
Grows Steadily
The list of nominees for otflcs
- in tha Salem Elks' lodge Is steadi
ly Increasing'. The following mem
bers have been named:
' Exalted ruler. Warren Jones
, nd Laban A. Steeves; leading
knight, Frank Lynch; loyal
- knight. Axmla Berger: lecturing
. knight, Ted Paulus and R. O. Ap
ple by; secretary, Harry Weidmer
, mud A. B. Hansen; trustee, H. H.
Olinger: tiler, B. Qj Ammann: al
behind tho counters yoa shop over? Her's the great
est moral problem of the age!
r -
Her One Honest Love Alitor
Mode Her Life a PcbUc Scandal!
hleWho BliAekl
Preston Foster
Lillian Roth
Wi Zoo in Africa-
Home of SSo Talkies
Last Times Today
rrn nCr
Friday etc Saturday
On the Stage
the Wonder Dog ,
2S31 Cass Ave., Detroit, Michigan
Try this medirine yourself. Its took
action may be just what yoa need. SoU
by druggists everywhere. 98 out of 100
women report benefit.
. Cn Cv':
1 - I. Hi 1
-flnn DVORAK
Pal Ticket
whew presented
with owe S5c
paid admission
Good Toalte Only
Feb. 3
Sinner . Siren . . . Sweetheart
Which was she?
SA,- Hill
k 3k. II I II
Well Folks, Its Coining
a wsr n w oil- -
Jtaxujh queens'
Oar Gang Comedy
' 'Tree
lime 25c
ternate r representative, L e R o y
Also Jack Pearl (Baron Mtmehasxtn
wara. ' ,