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    The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem, Oregon Wednesflay Morning. Fetrnai 8, 1831
Society News and Club Affairs
Oliye M. Doak, Society Editor
Tryouts for Short
Plays Tonight
Of more than ordinary interest
Is the announcement ot try-outs
for the two three minute plays
which will be a part of the pro
gram which Is being planned as
the second interesting offering ot
the Salem Philharmonic orchestra
The plays will be coached by
Lucille Paulus and characters will
be picked at the try-out which
will be held tonight beginning at
7:30 o'cloek In the chamber of
commerce rooms.
Any one who desires to try out
may do so and the more the bet-
ter for at least one of the men
characters will be a very difficult
one to find. The cast for the two
plays will include three men and
two women.
The plays are original and out
of the usual and the shortness of
them will make of them a sharp
diversion from the ordinary.
Tea Compliments
Corvallis Guest
Miss Grace Elizabeth Holman
entertained at her home Sunday
afternoon with a delightfully In
formal tea compllmentng Miss
Ruth Mispley. guest lh the city
over the weekend and president
of Miss Holman's sorority. Alpha
Gamma Delta, in Oregon State
Miss Lois Stelnie assisted Miss
Holman in receiving and serving.
Guests asked in to meet Miss
Mispley Included Miss Margaret
Gallagher, Miss Lois Steinke. Miss
Margaret Heltzel, Miss Betty Dar
ley. Miss Virginia Gallagher, Miss
Virginia Richardson, Miss Faye
Barber, Miss Lois Gallagher, Miss
Elizabeth Gallagher, Miss Orma
Mclntyre, and Miss "Pauline Scott.
Dinner Meeting for
Church Group
Wednesday, February 8
Dorcas society of Christ Lutheran church, I: SO
o'clock in church.
Women's Home Missionary society of Jason Lee
church, 2:30 o'clock at home ot -Mrs. Margaret Erp,
1380 North Winter street.
Parent-Teacher-Student council meeting, 8 o'clock
in auditorium of high school; program planned.
Women's Foreign Missionary society of First Meth
odist chureh, special Chinese luncheon, 12:30 o'clock;
guest day.
Ladies Guild of American Lutheran church, in
church parlors.
Progressive Health dub in Nelson's hall, 8 o'clock;
any one interested may attend.
Knight Memorial church Missionary tea at home
of Mrs. W. F. Neptune, 785 North Capitol street.
Sweet Briar cjub with Mrs. Ralph Allan.
Family dinner meeting, (:30 o'clock in social
rooms of First Congregational church, 8:30 o'clock.
Thursday, February 9 ,
Thursday club with Mrs. George J. Pearce at her
home. 267 North Winter street.
Salem MacDowell club presents at Grand theatre
Apollo club of Portland; William Van Hoogstraten di
recting; reception to follow at Roberts studio.
Daughters of Nile, regular meeting; IX o'clock
luncheon; sewing planned.
Mrs. A. L. Brown, hostess at her home, 1759 South
Commercial street, to Priscllla Needle club for one
o'clock luncheon.
Maccabee Thimble club, with Mrs. Bertha Loveland,
405 South 25th street; 2 o'clock.
All-Day meeting of Ladles Aid of W. R. C, at fair
grounds; potluck luncheon at noon.
All-day quilting and sewing for Ladies Aid of Jason
Lee church. Potluck lunch at noon.
Brush College Helpers with Mrs. John Schindler.
Friday, February 10
Annual Japanese program presented as lobby offer
ing at T. M. C. A., 8 o'clock.
Mrs. Millard Doughton, hostess to Auxiliary to Na
tional Letter Carriers association at her home, 1820
North 19th street; all-day meeting.
High school girl's Glee club tea at home of Dr. and
Mrs. C. A. Downs, hours 3 to 6 o'clock; invitation to at
tend by way of the press.
Women's Missionary society of First Baptist church,
. 2 o'clock with Mrs. F. M. Hoyt, 753 North Winter
Brush College community club at school house.
Card Event Sponsored
By Eastern Star
flilverton One of the lovely
winter card parties was held Sat
urday afternoon by the Eastern
Star, in the Masonic temple. Four
teen tables of bridge and "500
were played. Colonial Lady tallies
carried out the February idea.
Mrs. T. W. Tominson, Mrs.
leorge Hubbs and Mrs. Roy
Skalfe were in the receiving line.
The hostess for each table was:
Mrs. Frank Syring. Mrs. Ed
Banks, Miss Bertha Aim, Miss
Blanche Hubbs, Mrs. Cal Schlad
or, Mrs. Errol Ross, Miss -Olivia
DeGuire, Miss Elaine Clower, Mrs
Robert Goeti, Mrs. Lee Alfred,
Mrs. George Hubbs, Mrs. F. E.
Sylvester, Mrs. L. C. Eastman and
Mrs. J. Stranlx.
The committee in charge. Mrs
Errol Ross, Mrs. Lee Alfred and
Mrs. Scott McPike, was assisted in
serving the luncheon, which was
carried out in a yellow and Kreen
color -scheme, by Miss Olivia De
Guire, Miss Bertha Aim, Miss
Elaine Clower, Mrs. T. W. Tomin
son, Mrs. Roy Skaife ana Mrs.
Bert Meyers.
High score in bridge was won
I by Miss Rose Specht, and second
Dy Mrs. Ed Heald. Mrs. E. E.
Taylor won first In five hundred.
Chemeketa Players
Members of the First Congre- Macrcrini-Ravne
gational church are anticipating maggini Dayne
the regular monthly family sup- Nuptials DOiemniZed
yet uiOTwiig iu ut3 uuicricu m me
chureh social rooms at 8:30
Following the dinner hour an
interesting program has been ar
ranged concerning the Philliplne
Islands and illustrated pictures
will accompany the discussion.
Members of the committee in
charge include Mrs. J. M. Mar
tin, Mrs. E. W. Meyers, and
Mrs. J. R. Slmond8.
Each family is asked to bring
own table service, a covered dish,
and sandwiches.
The wedding of Miss Nina
Maggini, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Maggini of Sheri
dan, to Albert Bayne, son of
Mrs. George Bayne of Salem, was
solemnized Saturday night at the
parish house by Father Thomas
V. Keenan. Only members f the
two families were present for the
simple service.
Miss Estella Maggtni of Wood
land, Cal., and James Smith were
the only attendants.
Mr. and Mrs. Bayne are both
Mr'. Millard Doughton will en-
graduate of the Oregon state
1 n nharmarv. Mrs.
tertain niembers of the auxiliary 6 afflllated with Kappa
Delta sorority and Mr. uayne
to the National Association of
Letter Carriers at her home for
an all-day meeting Friday. Sew
ing will be done for the Red
Cross. A potluck luncheon will
be served at noon and a business
meeting will be held in the afternoon.
with Krfppa Psi fraternity.
Dlaconal lines tend to slender
ize because they add height and
detract from the width of the fig
ure. The attractive home . frock
sketched today follows this close
ly and accents further Ita slender
izing lines with contrasting bind
ing. Buttons add a neat note of
trim. Ideal for the gay cotton
Prints in vogue.
Pattern 2541 may be ordered
only In sizes 38, 38, 40, 42, 44,
48, 48 and 50. Size 38 requires
yards 39-inch fabric and SVs
rards . binding. Illustrated step-by-step
sewing; Instructions includ
ed with pattern.
Send IS eeoU la Mint or rUmpt
CeoiM jrtof.rrod). for thlt pattora.
Writ plainly yow mbm, idim
ad style nombr. Be nn to ltU
iso wBtd. 8enS or tte
sprlar Mhk book. CoUlmint SS
ooloWvl pages of loroly PrU-l-pirot
odels fov rrory rta
aood, this bowtifol book aowo
how U bo ebie rrry .bour of
t&o toy. Ivory stylo la practical,
ad oaay to mk. Tboro aro moi
la for tba larger f ifara, ad para
f daurbtfal iualor sad kiddio
atyloa. Prteo of eatalosY oeata.
Catalog and pattcra togothr:95
oats. Addrota all mil ardors to
, Statoaawa Pattora Department,
94S Woai 17th atroot, Kaw Tork
lty. - - v. -,
Aurora A meeting of much in
terest to the Aurora club women,
-art that for which Mrs. Veve
Bradtl and Mrs. Diana Snyder
were hostesses at the home ot
Mra. Bradtl recently. Mrs. Francis
irrana. Mrs. Aurelia Grim and
Mrs. Hannah Hunt had charge of
the program. The larger part of
ha aftomonn was elven to the
hiatorr of the greatest English
classic, the Bible. A number of
souvenirs from the holy land,
among them a replica of David's
sling were shown. Pictures or un
coin were shown by Mrs. Ottoway
Preceding the urogram Lois
Manneck eave two vocal numbers
A benefit card party for the
Scholarship Loan Fund and other
nledees was voted upon, to be
held at the home of Mrs. J. W
Sadler. In years past these parties
have been very popular. It is de
sired reservations be made In ad
vance to insure accommodations
At the tea hour the hostesses
were assisted by Mrs. Ottoway
and Mrs. Strickland.
Brilliant plans are being made
for the Oriental tea Jor which the
members of the Women's Foreign
Missionary society will be hostess
at 12:30 o'clock today In the
church social rooms. An outstand
ing program will be given con
cerning China under the direction
ot Mrs. John Vinton Scott. Many
objects of Interest will be on dis
play that will have a bearing on
the remarks of Mrs. Scott.
A St. Valentine's dance is being
planned by members of the Wis
teria dancing club by the commit
tee appointed to take charge of
the February dance. The dance
will be Friday night and the com
mittee in charged includes Dr.
and Mrs. Leon Barrick, Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Tumbleson, Mr. and
Mrs. William E. Moses, Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Adolphson, and Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Mercer.
Aumsville The marriage of
Miss Mable V. Hall to Everett V.
Kaiser, was solemnized at 8 p. m.
Saturday, by T. C. Mountain, be
fore a group ot close relations.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs.
M. V. Hall of Albany, and the
groom is the son ot Mrs. Hoyt
Both were students ot Aums
ville high and were graduated
here. They will Teslde In their
new home at North Santiam.
Brush Creek Mr.- and Mrs.
George Elton entertained at four
tables of cards Saturday night
for the pleasure of their daugh
ter, Miss Ellen Elton. Three ta
bles were in play at which Wilma
S torts won high score and the
consolation prize went to Harold
Kniesse. Present were Miss Storts
ot Salem, Mr. Kniesse, Oriet-Mo-en,
Charlotte Goplerud, Walter
Goplerud, Lyle vKrug, Robert
Haage, MIlo Grace, Robert and
Harland Moe, and Earl Scharr.
The Missionary tea ot the
Knight Memorial church will be
held Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. W. F. Neptune, 785 North
Capitol street. Mra. Neptune, Mrs.
Avis Perrine and Mrs. H. C. Sto
ver will be hostesses.
Chemeketa Players wither
aionaay wgnt at the home of
Fran u. Torgerson and Harold
Mnhs on Statesman mtrmt fn
discussion of production plans for
ine spring season and to review
we results er the first three
months of production activity
uratirying reports from the head a
of the various departments were
made. Business details were dis
posed of and the scope of prodnc
tlon enlarged.
Chemeketa Players nlan durlnr
the next three months to produce
six piays, presenting two each
month In Nelson auditorium. To
accomplish this, it was decided
to enlarge the group by five men
and rive women.
Present were Mr. and Mra. E.
J. Peterson, Perry Preecott Rei
gelman. Vernon Stohl, Victor Wil
liams, Howard Cross, Lee Schea
erman. Ervin Potter, Greta Seho-
neid, Lillian Potter, Maxlne Pet
tyjohn, Margaret Mary Zerzan
and the hosts. Mrs. Muhs served
Mrs. Necia Buck. Mrs. Fred
Tooze, Mrs. Lydia Lehman. Mrs.
Olive Goodrich and Mrs. Jessie
Cole, county team of the W. C.
T. TJ., will motor to Woodburn
la Lansing, Mary Pugh, Mary Friday to attend the all-day in
stitute to t-e neid there.
Miss Orma Mclntyre entertain
ed as her week-end guest, Miss
Ruth Mispley of Oregon State
college. Miss Mispley Is a soror
ity sister of Miss Mclntyre, a
member of Alpha Gamma Delta.
Ace High" Club Enjoys
r .v n ...
casement airy
One of the most original ot the
many original parties for which
members ot the Ac High dub has
been hostess in the past winter
months. was that tor which Mrs.
A. E. TJllman was hostess Tues
day afternoon at her home.
Spider webs and "spiders adorn
ed the living rooms. Members
were told to select a web and
start winding it Into a ball which
act directed them to the basement
where all was in readiness for a
gay afternoon In the environs ot
the basement. No luxury was at
tached to the basement room and
even at the lunch hour burlap was
used for attractive lunch cloths,
Cards were In play tor several
hours with Mrs. Gall Jones and
Mrs. Murray Wade receiving win
ning scores.
Mrs. Gall Jones was a special
guest tor the afternoon. The next
meeting will be an evening affair
for which the husbands will bo
guests and will be held-at the
Lor en Howe home. I
Bridge Evening at
Cannon Home o
Miss Dorotha Cannon and Miss
Honora Reldy entertained at the
C. C. Cannon home Monday night
with an attractive bridge evening
complimenting Mrs. Clark Jack
Cards were In play at four ta
bles and following this a late sup
per was served by the hostesses
assisted by Mrs. C. C. Cannon.
Pioneer. Sunday a birthday
dinner was enjoyed at the How
ard Coy home in honor ot their
son Jimmie Ray. ' Among the
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Coy and Children, Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Dell and daughter. Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Slater and daughters.
Maxlne and Lois, Mr. and Mrs.
Lee Hughess and son, Muriell
Dornhecker and Mrs. James Coy
of Cottage Grove.
".": V
-. . v " - v
, : ' r j' ,.. f T !
';Vte ..y, . Mf .:.. '
- ' "-I --M
v Tsii -,11"'
State Commander Jones of the
Grand Army of the Republic, and
Comrade Kellogg, commander of
the fife and drum corps of the
G. A. R., both of Portland, were
Selected as the girl most closely
apDroachinff the description of Ana
Rutledge, the boyhood sweetheart
of Abraham Lincoln, Miss Katha
rine Peterson (above), of Chicago,
will act as model for Paul Von Klit
ben, celebrated artist who will paint
the picture to hang in the Lincoln
exhibit at the Chicago Century of
Progress Exposition. Miss Peter
son is red-haired and weighs 11?
The community club .met at the
school house Friday night. It was
decided to hare a pie social at the
school house, Friday night, Feb
ruary 17.
After the business meeting, a
Program was given by women as
Musical number, by a violin
trio. Miss Gladys Burgess. Miss
Mabel Kullander and Charlotte
Martin all ot Aumsville, accom
panied at the piano by Mrs. Seth
Davidson; reading by Carvel Gib
son; song by doable trio, Mrs.
Fred Dlckman, Miss Butcher, Mrs. 1
Fred Denham, Mrs. Seth Down
er, Miss Antoinette Irish. Mrs.
Verne Irish and Miss Joyce Hen
dry, accompanied by Mrs. Edla
England ot Salem; reading by
Marlon Hetzel; speech by Mrs. Ar
thur Forette; play The Burgler,"
by Mrs. Seth Downer, Ms. Harry
Rlshel, Mrs. William Rayse, Miss
Butcher and Miss Una Lewis;
musical number, by an orchestra
composed of Mrs. Harry Rishet.
Mrs. Seth Downer, Miss Gladys
Burgess, Charlotte Martin and
Dorothy Ashe; reading by Miss
Mabel walker; vocal duet by Mrs.
Hull aa Itru Ela , Engl.
a jlaymie Sweet raxniU.":thr
east Including Mrs. Benjamin,. '
Chamberltn, Miss Antoinette Irish, : :
Bonnie Crane, Velma Rayse, June '
Rlshel. Hazel Comstock, J- .
phlne Snoddy and Marion HetxeL
v The Judges Toted the men's pro
gram the best, so tho women will
give a dinner for them.
Chicken Dinner is
Held for Bandsmen '
By Farmers Union
PIONEER, Feb. T. Friday
night the Mt. Pisga local enter
tained the Salt Creek band with a
chicken supper. After the bus
iness meeting, at which time four
new members were received, the
17-ptece band directed by Charley
Ross, entertained with several
band selections. The Salt Creek
supper was an impromptu pro
gram ot songs and, readings were
also enjoyed.
A basket social, sponsored by the
young people, was held at the
Baptist ehurh Friday night, when
814.50 was raised to apply on the
back Indebtedness ot the church.
Preceding the sale of baskets, the
young people presented a program.
o oo
Commander Gideon Stols and
Mrs. Florence Shlpp, department
president of the Women's Relief
Corps, concerning the G. A. R.
encampment which will be held
In Salem in June.
o o
Mrs. Keith Pdwell entertained
at her home in Wood burn Tues
day with an attractive luncheon
for her club members and for
Mrs. Roy Simmons and Mrs. J. H.
We mean just that and if yoa are not entirely satis
fied with your purchase bring It back on the same
or following day and we win refund your money.
Just a few of the many bar gains to be found at
Former Price .
Sale Price
in Salem Tuesday conferring with Callaghan as special guests.
P. L. E. and F. Club
Elects Officers
An interesting afternoon of
business and social affairs enter
tained members of the P. L, E
and F. clnb at the Knights ot
Pythias hall Tuesday afternoon
Officers were elected and plans
were made for the coming year's
work. Following this informal
conversation and refreshments
were enjoyed. President for year
is Lettle Hansen; vice-president,
Laura Johnson; treasurer, Axsel
Htxson; press correspondent, Cora
Present were Lettie Hansen,
Laura Johnson, Dell Shellbey,
Mamie Calloway, Mary Aplln, El
Vicks Antiseptic Opens
A New Way to Economy
New Mouthwash and Gargle By the Makers of Vicks Yapo-
Rub Does Everything An Oral Antiseptic Can
And Should Do At Half the Usual Cost!
Local Druggists Have Special
Trial SUe a 23c Valve for
Only 10c While Supply
Marshall, Delia Bushnell, Maggie
Knighton, Cora Church, Mabel
Erickson, Myrtle Burk, Atsel
Hlxson and Susie Pannenteer.
The next meeting will be Feb
ruary 21.
o o o
Woodburn The women of the
Presbyterian Aid society will hold
their next meeting at the church
Wednesday afternoon. There will
be a program in charge of Mrs.
H. F. Butterfleld. Hostesses for
the afternoon are Mrs. R. L. Free-
burg, Mrs. C. R. Faulconer, Mrs.
Frank Wright and Mrs. A. C. Nel
son. Mrs. F. E. Morrison will enter
tain the Woodburn Rural club at
her home on the Pacific highway
Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs.
Elmer Mattson, Mrs. M. B. Myers
and Miss Wilma Morrison as Joint
hostesses. During the afternoon
Mrs. Hiram Overton will give a
talk on "Health".
Qulnaby. Fftends of Boyd
Panther surprised him on his
birthday Friday. The evening was
spent in dancing and games.
Those present were the Misses
Evelyn Working, Evelyn Beckner,
Pearl Jones, Maud Kephart, Izor
ah Kephart, Alta Panther and Or
vllle Malm, Ralph Wagus. Richard
Blaire, Ernest Savage, Dennla and
Leonard Kephart, Edward Hamil
ton, Albert Koehler, Boyd Pan
ther, Richard and Hubert Pan
ther and the hosts Mr. and Mrs.
(Watch for
To the millions who use a
wouth-wash or gargle for halito
sis (bad breath), oral hygiene,
and other antiseptic uses--here Is
news, Indeed, ot unusual' savings.
The makers ot Vicks VapoRnb
have produced a quality oral an
tiseptic Vicks Voratone Antisep
tic at actually less than half
prevailing prices. The regular
sise, large 10-ounce bottle a
usual 7 Be value Is only 35c.
This answer to the public's
problem of antiseptic costs Is
made possible by the record low
prices of raw materials, combined
with Vicks facilities for mass pro
duction. Born in a depression year
and priced accordingly. Vicks Vo
ratone Antiseptic brings a new
revelation of economy in an arti
cle widely accepted as a modern
household necessity,
Vicks Quality, Of Conrae
Quality in keeping with the
Vicks name and reputation is, of
course, maintained in this new
product. It is the best oral anti
septic Vicks Chemists could pro
duce . . . and they were aided in
their research by the chemists.
bacteriologists, and pharmacolo
gists ot their 11 allied organisa
tions, both here and abroad.
Vicks Voratone is a balanced
antiseptic Mild enough for dally
use without risk to delicate mem
branes. Strong enough to do ev
erything an oral antiseptic can
and should do. It is designed for
all usual uses In the customary
TJausaal Trial Offer
Of course, the only real proof
of Its Quality and Its economy
Is in actual use. To furnish such
proof, the makers hsve supplied
druggists with five million bot
tles of a special trial else at less
than cost of manufacture. Each
bottle contains 2 ounces a
25e value. The price while the
supply lasts Is only 10c Adv.
141 N. Commercial SU, Salem
A $2.00 FACIAL
Through the
Courtesy of
All This Week!
Cosmetic Section
phone sm
EVERY year your family, and every family of your acquaintance,
tpends about 0 per cent of its income just for living, exclusive of
rent so economic experts tell us. Think what this means e.ven
'dollars out of every ten invested in food, clothing, household utilities
and all the multitude of things that keep a family comfortable and
That part of spending is readily understood. Butxlo you realize
that every manufacturer and'retaler of these necessities is planning
how HE can get your dollar?
It's a big job to spend so much money wisely and well. It re
guires careful business methods to get the best 'possible returns
from each dollar that leaves the family purse.
The clever woman goes for help to the advertisements in her
daily paper. There she finds a directory of buying and selling. She
learns about the offerings of merchants and manufacturers. She
compares values. She weighs quality and price. She takes this op
portunity of judging and selecting almost everything she needs to
feed, clothe, amuse, instruct and generally bring up her family.
The Friday morning Statesman carries the food advertising of
Salem. By using this paper as a guide to your buying you can not
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