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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem, Oregon, Saturday Morning. January 21 1938
AH Sections of Marion Coun
ty to be Presented at
Session Here
The J 4th annual contention of
the Marlon county Sunday school
council of Christian Education
will meet February 24 and 25 at
the First Presbyterian church
here. Rer. J. M. Hitchell of Port
land will preach the convention
sermon Saturday morning and 17
Salem pastors will appear on the
program, besides a number of
Sunday school workers.
The convention will begin Fri
day noon and close on Saturday
afternoon. Four sessions will be
held, Friday afternoon. Friday
evening, Saturday forenoon and
Saturday afternoon. The county
It divided Into seven districts,
Hayesville, Jefferson, North Mar
ion county. Red Hills, Salem, San?
tlam and Silverton district, with
president in charge of each.
Miss Gladys Brown has charge
of the work north of Salem to El
dridre. east to Pratum and Ma-
cleay, Mrs. J. Calavan has Talbot,
Jefferson and Marion, Rev. Carl
Blackler has charge of all the
northern part of the county with
Fairfield, Gervais, and Bethel be
ing his southern border. Geo. Hig
gins is taking care of the Red
Hills Sunday schools south of Sa
lem, Claude Kells is president of
the Salem district. C. 3. Jordan's
territory is all the way from
Turner to Gates including Mill
City and Lyons in Linn county;
Harvey Hallet is in charge of Sil
verton district north as far as
Monitor and east to Scotts Mills
Including Marauam in Clackamas
Butterfield New
Head of Woodburn
Fruit Association
mm in the Churches
Virion ud North Liberty. Brittoa
Rots, minister. Bible school, 9:45, Fre4
Broer, taperinteadent. Morning Worship,
11, "The Unruly Member"; special mm
sie by male chorus. Jsnior, latermediate
and senior B.Y.P.U., 6:30. Prayer Mat
ing. 8:30. Organ prelode, 7:10, kiss Mil
ler, organist. Evening service, 7:30, "The
Fear Winds of the Earth' ' ; special metis
by choir.
Church and Chemeketa. George H.
Swift, rector. Holy communion, 7:30
a. m. Church school, 9:45, Lynn T.
Cronemiller, superintendent. Morning
prayer and sermon, 11.
17th and Chemeketa. Sunday school,
10, C. C'reson, superintendent. Services
11 a. m.. 3 and 7:45 p. m.. Evangelist
R. T. Smith of Portland apeaking. Sub
ject for Sunday night, "My Call to the
Ministry"; last day of special meetings
conducted by Rev. Smith.
Highland and Church. C. Q. Rlnara.
pastor. Sanday school, 10, E. M. Beckett,
superintendent. Morning Worship, 11.
Junior Christian Endeavor, 5:30; inter
mediate, 6:30. Evangelistic service, 7:30.
Midweek prsyer meeting Thursday, 7:30.
849 North Commercial. Sanday school,
10. Lecture by Mr. Bailey st 3, "The
Golden Lsmpstand," in series on "The
Tabernacle in the Wilderness." Evangel
istic address, 7:45. "Storm Proof."
Meetings at tabernacle nightly during the
week except Monday and Saturday.
Hood and North Cottage. G. T. Keal,
pastor. Sunday school, 10. Morning wor
ship, 11. Evening worship, 7:30. Yaung
people's meeting, 6:30, Miss Claud ine
Gillespie, president. Prayer and testimony
meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.
Ferry and 13th. (Affiliated with the
Assemblies of God). C. O. Weston, pastor.
Sunday school. 1:45, R. C. Ferguson, su
perintendent. Church service, 3. Evangel
istic service, 7:45; selections by choir
and orchestra at eaoh service. Bible study
Tuesday, 7:45. Prayer meeting Wednes
day, 2. Devotional service Thursday 8.
Young people's meeting Saturday, 8.
WOODBURN, Jan. 20 H. F.
Butterfield was elected president
of the Woodburn Cooperative
Fruit Grower's association Thurs
day afternoon at a meeting of the
board of directors. B. L. Caroth
ers is the new vice president of
the organization; Ray Glatt con
tinues as secretary.
John Ramage, president of the
group for the last three years,
was reelected, but resigned. Mem
bers of the entire board are H. F.
Butterfield, B. L. Carothers, Jo
seph Nibler, Steve Scollard, W. J.
Wilson, John Ramage and Ray
Glatt, the secretary.
Market and Winter. J. R. Stewart,
pastor. Sunday school, 9:45, Emory
Goods, superintendent. Evangelist Elmer
McKay of Greenville, 111., who is conduct
ing a revival campaign, will bring three
messages; at 11, "Where are the lead";
at 2:30, mass meeting, "The Continuing
Weapon"; at 7:30, 'The Bible Under
Trial." Young people'a meeting, 6:30.
Revival meetings continue next week each
night at 7:30, afternoon meetings from
Tuesday till Friday at 2:30.
18th and State. Amos E. Minneman,
A.M., pastor. Sunday school, l:40, Mrs.
Minneman, superintendent. German serv
ices, 9:45, "The Glory of the BelieTer."
English services, 11, "Glorified Living."
Lather league, 7, Leonard Zamxow. leader.
Capitol and Marion. W. G. Lienkaemper,
pastor. Sunday school, 10, John Denny,
superintendent. German services, 10,
"The Beantitudes." English services, 11,
"Church Loyalty"; installation of church
officers; singing by male quartet.
Summer at Marion. Emory W. Petti cord,
D.D, minister. Sunday school, 9 :45, L. L.
Thornton, superintendent. Morning wor
ship, 11, "The Bestitudes in Practical
Form"; organ prelude and offertory by
Mrs. Ethel Poling Phelps. Christian En
deavor, 6:30. Evangelistic service, 7:30,
"The Holy Spirit"; song service led by
J. H. Frieeen. Bible study and prayer
Thursday, 7:30 p. m.
Haael and Academy. Bible school, 10,
lesson, I Samuel, 39th chapter. Mare
Kane jr. superintendent. Preaching by D. S.
Turner, 11. 0. D. Saucy will preach at
T:80. Midweek prayer and praise sen ice
Thursday. 7 :30 p. m.
Jefferson and Winter. H. G. Humphrey,
.,t, nhau 7107. Sunday school. 9:45.
It B. Carpenter, superintendent. Morning
worship, 11, "Growing in Grace ; chorus
hoir mnaie led by Prof. Herman Clsrk.
Ep worth leagues, senior and high school,
:S0. ,Eveaiig worship, 7:30, song srv
iee ledby junior eholr; sermon by pasw.
17th and Court. Hugh N. MeCallnm.
pastor, 1744 Chemeketa, phone 8104.
Bible school. 9:45, Mrs. Irene We Her. su
perintendent. Morning worship, 11, "The
Viae and Jerry Builder"; communion,
Christian Endeavor, 6:80, three societies.
Eveninc service. 7:30. "Marriages Pre
destined to Break." second of series on
"Better Homes." Midweek service Wed
mesday, 7:30.
O. H A.
655 Ferry.
W. H. Caldwell, pastor,
phone BSB3. Bunoay acnooi, :, otm"i
Sheets, superintendent. Morning worship,
11 R.rrlee at Old Peoole't home, 3. Evo
king avenge listio service. 7:30. Young
people's meeting, 6:80. Prsyer service at
tabernacle Tuesday night. Young people's
eottage prayer meeting mursoay nu;ni.
Cottage prayer meetings Wednesday nnd
Friday nights. Beginning Sunday nfrht,
January 80. Rev. Earl Gulbrandson of St.
Paul. Minn., will conduct a series of evan
gelistic meetings.
- Winter and Chemeketa. Grover C Birt
abet. D.D- castor. Church school. 9:30,
Ii. M. Bainage, superintendent. Morning
worshln. 11. "Awake. Thon Sleeper": an
them, "God of Israel" (Rossini); solo,
Wendell Bobinson, "God is My Shep
herd" (Dvorak); organ. "Chancel Radi
ance" (Kern) and "Emmaus" (Fry sing
er). Christian Endeavor, 6:80. Evening
praise. 7:30, "A Triple Alliance": an
them, "Hold Thon My Hand" (Briggs) ;
rgan, "Majesty of the Deep" (Hamcr).
Church street between Chemeketa and
Center. P. W. Eriksen, pastor. Sunday
school, 9:45, A. Kroger, superintendent.
Morning worship, 11, "How an Age-Ling
Prejudice Was Overcome" ; anthem,
"Take TSbu My Hand" ( Wildermere) ;
solo, Alvin Schirman: trombone srolo, Mr.
Rahut. Evening worship, 7:30. "Will the
Church Survive tn Evils of the Present
Age!" an open forum. Luther le
6:30. Tom A'.lport, president.
420 State. Sunday school. 10. Morn
ing worship, 11. Evangelistic service 7:45.
and every evening except .Monday, xoung
people and children's services Tuet-day,
Thursday and Saturday, 4:30.
loath Commercial street at Myers. 8.
Dariow Johnson, paster. 148 X. Myers
street, phone 9687. Chuck school at 9 :45,
T. MV Beckett. Sept. Mecaing worship
at-11 'lock. Rev. M. A. Marey, dla
trUs Bnpt, preaching. AaUens, "As the
Hart Paatetk" (Hey ear). Selo by Mr.
Eosvsell Wright. Threw league at 6:15.
Happy srveiUng honr, 1:10, with seag
leet, special sarnie by Junior choir and
ensM, ? np to Tow." Mid-week
nwap for prayer had study Thursday,
7:80, paraeaag. Choir rehearsal Thurs
day 1 Leslie hall. Mm, Marjori Rat
UU direetiag. Junior at 1:15. Admit
okoir at aas.
dT sehool t Svmmit church and
k chapel, 10; at Ford Memorial,
9:6 Morning worship at Summit, 11.
Life' Last Horisoa U ae loaded. " Eve
wag eerasoa at Ford Memorial. 1:80.
Cferistiaa' Mission la a Modern
people's meeting. Ford
World." Yeeng
Memerial, 6:80.
tLi nw,' VtttOT. Sunday
sehMl, 10. Ivan Hadley, superintendent.
Mania; worship, 11, "Strength sad
SSSiylLU1 d Eastern Star
wiU b Tests of the ehareh. Ep-
7?fn .P :9- E'n worship
T:j0. "Th. Iaformatioa Bureau."
presentative of various local or
ganizations and churches were
called together Wednesday night
to work out- soms means of ob
taining funds to carry th wel
fare work at Silverton.
The message from Mayor Gar
rer, who is chairman of tha com
mittee, explained that Silverton
had been very fortunate in the
past In not being greatly In need
of organized welfare work to any
great extent. There had al
ways been a surplus in the lo
cal community chest and this
year when things were more dif
ficult than formerly, the surplus
was gone and no assistance could
be expected from the county.
Need of help Is greater than ever
and, as Mayor Carver said, the
welfare committee feels that it is
the concern of all local organi
sations to give all the help pos
sible. Particularly Is there & call for
beans, sugar, rice, bacon, canned
milk, coffee and breakfast foods.
There Is also desperate .need for
clothing and shoes for boys and
girls from 12 to IB years of age.
Julius Aim, representing the
Masonic order, suggested that
perhaps the easiest and most rap
id way of answering the pres
ent immediate need was to go
out and take a systematic soli
citation of the city. Mr. Aim's
suggestion was acted upon and
he was made chairman of the
solicitation committee. Others
serving with him are C. Iu Bon
ney and Emll Loe. The three are
soliciting funds this week.
It was thought that around
1100 would care for the Imme
diate need of food. Churches re
presented Wednesday night were
Methodist, Christian, Immanuel
Lutheran and Adventlsta.
LINCOLN, Jan. 20 E. E.
Buckles was honor guest at a
birthday dinner given by his
MONMOUTH, Jan. 10-Tuneral
services were held here Wednes
day at Smith's chapel for Edward
Bidwell, 72. who died Sunday In
Salem. He had resided la Mon
mouth and vicinity most of his
lifetime. He was born July 1,
181. la Missouri, and came to
Yamhill when a small boy with
his parents. They soon removed to
Monmouth, where the family has
been actively identified with the
growth of the town.
He is survived by his widow,
Mrs. Edith Bidwell, and seven
children of a former marriage, a
of Salem,
ent were
Mrs. Elbert Bradford
this week. Those pres-
E. E. Buckles, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert
and sons, Bobby and
son Bernard Bidwell of Tillamook:
and six daughters: Mrs. Alice Gil
son, Salem; Mrs. Ethel Davis and
Mrs. Jeane Smith, TOlamdok;
Mrs. Ltllle Sletslnger, Albany;
Mrs. Walter Dawson, Peedee; and
Mrs. Edenele Helsel, Kansas also
one brother, Loren Bidwell, Port
land; and two sisters, Mrs. Mil
dred Rlggs, and Mrs. Mary B.
Hermann, both of Salem.
Rer. W. A. Elklns officiated,
and musle was in charge of Mrs.
r. E. Chambers. A. N. Poole and
Myrle Mulkey. Burial was la the
Knights of Pythias cemetery
south of Monmouth.
HUBBARD. Jan. 20 The Miss
es Hazel, Ruth, Bessie. Jessie, and
Gladys Ingalls entertained a
group of their young friends at a
snowball party Wednesday night
at their home. Present were Mar
ion McKensie, June and BlUie
Hecker, Henry Cooper, Ralph
Dlmick. Marshall McKee, Junior
Hlggenbotham, Frieda Voget,
Wayne and Wilbur Bevens, Beat
rice and Helen Claypool, Iris and
Jack Moomaw, Max Smollnsky,
Kate, Bill and Lee Hendry.
Couiity Agent is
Main Speaker at
Mte Pisga Confab'
PIONEER. Jan. 20 The
County Farmers' Union met at
the ML. pisga meeting house
Wednesday, with about 100 pres
ent A bountiful covered dish
dinner was enjoyed at noon.
Ralph Beck, the county agent
was the main speaker. Discussion
of present day problems was tha
main, feature.
ML, Pisga Union will hold a
basket social Saturday night,
Jan. 21. The next county meeting
will be with the ML. Pisga Union.
WALDO HILLS. Jan. 20 The
Waldo Hills Card elab held a most
enjoyable party at the club house
Wednesday night. Four tables
were in play, the women playing
against the men. The women won
by a large score. W. F. Krens held
high score. The next meeting will
he the third Wednesday In Febru
ary. J. M. Doerfler Is club president.
19th and Bteyman. J. H. Briscoe, pas
tor. Sunday school, 9: to, . O. Ander
son, superintendent. .Morning worsnip.
11, "The .Mark of the Beast," Kev. 13:
16-17. Evening worship, 7:30, "It Pays
to Be Righteous"; special musie at both
services. Young people's meeting, 6;80,
'Music, Its Place in Worship," Mrs. J.
H. Briscoe, leader. Prayer and Bible
study Thursday, 7:30.
H. R. Scheucrman, pastor, 1161 Union
street. Salem. MIDDLE GROVE Church
school. 10, T. P. Walker, superintendent.
Worship, 11. "God's Message to Man."
E.L.C.E., 6:30. Prayer service Wednesday.
30. in the home. LABIorl
CENTER Church school. 10, W. A. Star
ker, superintendent. Christian Endeavor,
7, "Dangers of Livinj Just for Things,"
Preaching service, 8. Midweek devotions
Thursday. 7:30. CLEAR LAKE Church
school, 10. W. P. Collard, superintendent.
Intermediate and junior E.L.C.E. follow
ing Sunday school. Bible study group
meets Thursday, 7:30.
Sujiday services began at 9:40 a.m.,
ith . graded church school, Mr. W, A.
Barkns, Supt. Preaching . services at
10:40 and 7:30 D.m. B. i . P. U.s 6:30
p.m. Morning subject: I he Ageless
Theme. Anthem: ' Christian, the Morn
Breaks Sweetly O'er Thee" Shelley.
Evening subject: "Power Without Cost."
Evening anthem: 1 Know i hat Jly re
deemer Lives." (Wilson). This week:
Wednesday Potlock aupper at 0:80.
Prayer meeting at 7:30. Thursday choir
rehearsal at 7:30. w. Earl Cochran, pas
North Cottage and Chemeketa. FYed
Alban Weil, minister. Church sehool a
10. Miles H. McKey. Supt. Service at 11.
Now." Mrs. Walter A. Denton, organ
Ellmore J. Gilstrap, pastor. Bible sehool
10 a. m .: morning worship 11 a. a
Sermon subject: ew Standards' and a
New Day." C. E. 6:30 p. m. Evening
sermon: "Still Whistling."
13th and Center. Fletcher Galloway,
pastor, 2025 Market, phone 9630. Sunday
sehool, 9:45, F. M. Litwiller. superintend
ent. Morning worship, 11. Evening wor
ship, 7:80, Rev. Edgar 8im preaches at
both services. N.Y.P.S. and junior society.
6:30, Mrs. Paul Hardy, president.
North Cottage and D. G. W. Rutsch,
minister, bandar school. 9:45, Sam bchir-
man, superintendent. Morning service, 11,
"Christ s Precionsness- to Believers
eholr sone. Evening service. 7:30. "Obs
Thing is Needful." Regular midweek
prayer service Wednesday, 8 p. m.
SUU and Church. B. Esrle ParkeT,
dss tor. Church school. 9:80. Publie wor
ship. 11. "Tha Perennial Watchword ef
the Reformation"; Inflanntus from Ros
sini's "Stabat Mater" will be sung. Uni
versity, high school and intermediate
leagues, 6:80, Prof. Herman Clark of
Willamette continuing the study of the
Sermon on the Monnt for the University
league. Young people s forum, 6, Wilburs
Swafford leading study on prayer. 8acred
concert by Philhannonlo choir, 7:80.
Chemeketa and Liberty. Sunday serv
ices 11 a. m. and 8 p. m., subject,
"Truth." Snndsy school, 9:45 and 11.
Testimony meeting Wednesday, 8 p.
Reading room, 405 Masonic temple, open
11 to 5:30 except Sundays and holidays.
(Missouri synod)
16th and A. H. W. Cross, pastor.
Sunday school, 9, VSiLUam U .Neill, sax
inteudent. English services. 9:45.
mas services, 11.
Center and Liberty. J. R. Simonds,
pastor. Sunday school, 9:45. Morning
is ' n n .4 . m nwii;... '
Evening worship, 7:30, "Hunger March
ers and Technocrats.
Commercial at Washington. Charles 0.
Eaworth, pastor. Sunday school, 10, E len
Joaee, superintendent. Morning worship,
11. Christian Endeavor, 6:80. "Dangers
f Living Just for Things." Evening er
ason. T:3Q; special musie by Joseph White
and his Iadiaa quartet, la several num
bers including spirituals and ether relig
ious songs. Prayer meeting and Bible
study Thursday, 7:30.
lth and Ferry. H. O. Stover, miailter.
Saa day aeheoL 10, C. C. Harris, superin
tendent. Morning worship, 11, "The Song
t Redemption" ; as them, "Fear Not Ye,
O Israel" (Leroy). Evening Mrviea, ttIO,
--f oane. wanting - antnem. "8arj
Breath an Evening Bleeains' (Krati
YeuDg people's meeting, :. Fellowship
f prayer Wednesday night with Mr. and
atrs. rraak Ertler. 709 Hey street.
Xfirh and Center. Guy L. Drill. mlnia
tar, 00 North Cottage. Church school,
9:80. E. W. Cooler, fuperiatendeat. Mora
big worship. 10:45, "The Weed of Vis
ion": Lord's Sapper. Young people'
meetings, 0:80. Evening evangelistic
saeeting, T:80, "Seven Deiocrs on the
Boad to Bell,1' Dr. A. B. Me Reynolds,
arrana-aliat: snuala directed by FroL Lore
Z. Davidson. Sorrioot every sight during
the week, T:10. Special semee lor emi-
815 North Commercial. H. W. Con-
Ion, castor. Sunday school, t a. m. Evan
gelistic service, 8. Bible study Saturday,
10 a. m. Meeting every airbt. 7:4a.
Young people's meeting Friday. 7:48. Be
lief department doora opea 9 a. at. to
11 p. m.
Free Methodist
Market e N. -Winter Bta.
Sunday, 11 A. M. Where
Are The Dead?
Mass Meeting, 2:30 P. II.
Conquering Weapon
Evening Service, 7:30 PJI.
Bible Under Fire
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