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The OREGON STATESMAN, Calery Oregon, Friday Morniar. January 13, IS S3
Vole is Decisive, 44 to 13
h After Bitter Battle on
Delaying Decision
(Ooathroad from page t)
traded that there tu likelihood
: that It tli three-mill tx vss re
stored, no suhstltute means of
revenue trould le found. The mo
tion: -to lay oa the was de
feated. 19 ayes to 17 naya,
A brans Fights . For
PostpontBx Action v -
. Representative 'Abrams of this
county then took ap the fight
for postponement, urging the tax
repeal measure be referred to the
committeo oa taxation and as
: "I think haste Is unnecessary,"
asid Abrams. "I do not blame
the goTernor for his veto: he
had to act. But I think It true
that restoration of this realty
Ipvt means the bankruptcy of
some of our counties. I think
it Is a reflection on. our ability
as a legislature to say we can't
. pass other means of revenue.
Personally I do not think either
a general realty levy or a gener
al" sales tax should be approved
y this legislature."
Mr. Lonergan, replying to
Abrams, said he thought the
legislature was rightfully sub
ject to criticism for passing the
millage repeal without ascertain
ing it the sales tax had passed
the senate. "If members want
state and county securities to
kill I IOMCI l
tii mm m-M a
:J, T MMiya UM MUU-
. '4 aW RlltKleSS miltT
ox woman uzuu one
'k 1.- . J
- which rocked
the worldl
Sunday "Silver Dollar"
I ,11 ?fZw--.l ' I
- f
tth: 25c -.
keep oa dropping, let this hill be
held p; If they want state cred
it preserved, let repeal be made
no," Lonergan cried., i , -
The motion to refer lost, 25
ayes, to 32 nays. Representative
Oleen demanded more time and
Introduced a motion to adjourn
until t p.m., but the motion , was
cried; down. :.-. ... .
Sworn' Duties of
Legislature Citra
Lonergan took up the tight for
sustaining the governor's veto.
Ho cited constitutional mandates
for the levy of the realty tax and
declared that legislative nullifi
cation of the tax Is a "strong de
parture from oar sworn duties as
legislators bound to uphold the
constitution." Lonergan said he
earnestly hoped the real property
levy would not need to f tay but
pending a time, when substitutes
were provided- he insisted the
tax remain and that the gover
nor's veto be sustained.
Representative Winslow of Til
lamook county sided with Loner
gan and contended that reenact
ment of the property levy would
be a strong inducement for the
legislature to stay in session un
til a substitute levy was provid
ed. "I doubt If any revenue bills
will pass the people this year
unless they are sugar-coated with
the inducement of taking off the
property tax," Winslow declared.
Winslow scored the stated prop
erty tax as one which did not col
lect three but six or seven mills
from counties, since money had
to come in cash to Salem where
as tax payments generally were
not being made on more than a
50 per cent basis.
Representative Hilton then
pleaded for more time to consid
er the veto. He said he was sor
ry to hear of the veto and want
ed more time to consider the con
stitutionality of the tax repeal
Doors Open 2:15
Slarlt Torror Dreks
q lbrouejli a rCoM af
Scrtamtno Thrills!
t.o .ad w.......
asrsd So ! ef
" fc.ts... will Fear treU
lMe eed played fcevest
MMster el TrMUiwteM .
rata laitf Mae
Micannrs ciiaihty
' Wcterial Vrws
17 i
- XT
r The houso Quickly laid oa the
table the governors message and
houso bill seven prpovtding for
Issuance of warrants. Represen
tative Abrams moved that the
bill be placed oa the table. Ho
was Its author. Consideration 'on
the bill, and the veto can come
up at any subsequent date.
(Continue from pur 11
press that they were dissatisfied.
The high spot of the day polit
ically was the release shortly aft
er the veto message of aa unslrfv
ed communication containing
mainly thinly veiled pokes atthe
administration. The release was
made from State Treasurer Hol
man's office by his secretary and
distributed to numerous legislat
ors. While no signature was con
tained on the statement legislat
ors commonly ascribed the docu
ment to Mr. Holman.
The statements that "secretlve
ness" and a "reign of terror" ex
isted in the office of the board of
control were considered Holman's
latest attack on William Elnslg
whom he unsuccessfully sought to
have removed as secretary of the
board of control.
The pronouncement was consid
ered another development in the
open warfare between Meier and
Holman. The latter urged passage
of the warrant bill In the special
session and was supposedly slight
ed when the governor yesterday
vetoed the bfll and stated In his
message that "the bill was not aa
administration measure."
The unsigned communication
from the Holman office follows:
"Get copy of state payroll and
standardise before reducing sal
aries and wages by percentage
cuts. Cut salary of state purchas
ing agent.
"Inquire Into traveling and
transportation expenses of state
officials and employees.
"Study excellent methods of
C. H. Gram, labor commissioner,
for control of transportation costs
and purchase of automobiles.
"Remedy auditing methods of
state which la my opinion seem
to bo satisfied with checking ar
ithmetic and legality without ef
fectively testing the necessity and
reasons Dlen ess of claims.
"Analyse the state budget. It
was submitted to the legislature
hurriedly and without consulta
tion with department heads and
contains Inaccuracies.
"Eliminate budget director's de
partment and governor's secret
"Control expense of private au
tomobile use (points reached by
rail or bus).
"Office of board of control: se-
cretiveness. reign of terror.
"Board of control: there is no
regular place or time of meetings.
(Neither public nor members ad
vised in sufficient time for prep
Penlto. lntarnstionsllv fa
down, and other bis- tfma acta
from the RKO Orpheum theatre
In Portland arrived here last
night In readiness for the new
vaudeviUs season which opens at
the Grand theatre today and
"Wo are not onlv brinrlnr tha
greatest show from the stand
point of talent but also the most
expensive show to play Salem la
me past several years," declared
Ott Schmidt of the Grand, when
telling of the big Ume vaudeville
"Mr. Daniels Is the man who
booked the Fanchnn and
Ideas in Salem in days gone by
ana me snows that he Is produc
ing today are the best now off
ered on tne pacific Coast," said
Schmidt. "We have on our opening-
bill a traralinr Hrmlt nr.
chestra of fire beautiful and ca
pable girls. Wells and flllmnra
in their comedy and dancing skit
enuuea rne Boob and his Girl;
The Snyder Brothers In what Is
considered the rrestest acrobatta
act of its kind; Rens and Rath-
ourn whose billing Is The Sober
Enebrlates' who were only three
weeks ago headlined at the big
paramount theatre In Lot An-
geies; pius of course Peplto and
This bis star show will h
seen loaay ana Saturday In coa-
jmicuon wun me feature screen
program at popular prices.
DALLAS. Jan. IS T rwi
las town basketball team squees
ed out a victory. 11 ta c ,
the Turn Verein anintat r inr.
iana nere tonight after lagging
on vum snort ena of the score
throughout a big portion of the
Dallas started at a fast pace
and led 10 to t at the end of
the first Period, but the Gorman
boys rallied in spectacular fash
ion aoioing the homo squad to
two points la the second aerlod
and moTinx- Into a IS to is ad.
vantage at half time.
Portland Judge
Speaker on YM. I
Program Tonighi
Judge 'Fred Stadter. Portia r.
municipal juage, preuaeai at tut?
Cascade Skiing dab aad tot three
years president of the Manama,
win speak at the weekly lobby
rogram at the T. U. C. a, to
ight. With his talk ha will show
&tures of mountain climbing aad
skiing activities takea la coun
tries all over the world. ,
an ma
Ml Mill 29-26
Board; v
Warner Bros. Xlsteocw
Today Warren William la
"The Mateh King."
Warner Bros. Capitol
Today Karloff, Motrin
Douglas In The Old Dark
Today Vaudeville, and Boa-
coo Ates and Tom Eeene la
"Renegades of the West."
Today Bob Steele la "The
Man from Hell's Edges."
For the first time In the history
of motion pictures one great act
ress is seriously playing a role
that la strongly reminiscent of an
other great contemporary screen
The role played by Lily Damlta
in the First National picture "The
Match King," which opens at the
Elsinore theatre today is said to
be a thinly disguised Impersona
tion of a. very wen known Swedish-born
actress, for whom (
late financial baron Is popularl)
supposed to hare had a romantic,
but unrequited, attachment.
The ehlef character of the pic
ture, a part portrayed by Warren
William, Is Inspired by newspaper
headlines that revealed a start
ling fraud following the suicide of
a financial wizard. The character
Is drawn In vivid coloring by Eln
ar Thorvaldson in her novel 'and
from which the screen play was
adapted by Houston Branch and
Sidney Sutherland.
The play touches on a romantic
phase in high financing and mon
umental swindles that are almost
unbelievable unless it were based
upon the facts as shown in the
business life of the man who In
spired the story.
One of the most tense scenes
ever staged for a motion picture
marks the climax of "The Men
From Hell's Edges," which feat-
ares Bob Steele and is now show
ing at the Hollywood theatre.
The story builds up to a show
down between Bob Steele, in the
role of "Flash" Manning and Ju
lian Rlvero as "Lobo," both of.
whom are famous for gun-play.
With the exception of a few in
terior scenes, "Renegades of the
West," RKO-Radio Pictures' col
orful outdoor romance starring
Tom Eeene coming to the Grand
today, was photographed and re
corded in its natural locale.
"Renegades of the West," from
a story by Frank Richardson
Pearce, Is a sweeping romance of
Arizona and the southwest when
cattle rustling flourished. Sup
porting the youthful star, Tom
Keene, are Betty Furness, Roscoe
Ates, Rockcllffe Ftellowes, Carl
Miller, Jack Pennlck, Max Wag
ner, Roland Southern, James Ma
son and Josephine Ramous.
Today at the Capitol will open
the long awaited engagement of
Universale tense, electric drama
of one terrifying night, "The Old
Dark House," hailed everywhere
as a masterpiece of frenzied ex
citement and gripping suspense,
produced by the makers of the
greatest thrill-producing pictures
ever filmed, "Phantom of the Op
era," "Dracula." "Murders la the
Direct from Orpheum, Portland
World Famous down with
Thrilb fa ttt Air" .
, KEN A and
"A Pair of Tights"
"A Public Nuisance"
Hollywood Rythm Girls
Matinee) v Evening
ChUdrca lOe A artiste ...
E1G 3 CO
cf tho WEST - -
cni topic
Heeling Called Here Today
AtChamber'to Discuss 2
K Possible Relief
AH branches - of arrleulture.
dairy interests and the stock rais
ing business and virtually every
aiMn ttt thm atata rf11 ha renraW
seated at the farm mortgage con
ference to be held at the cham
ber of commerce today. The group
will taia over legislation aeaung
with farm mort saxes and .seek
some sort of relief scheme for the
fanner hard pressed to keep up
his mortgage payments.
Men Invited include the fol
Rav W. Gill, master Oregon
state grange, Portland; I. H. Me
Bee, Oregon Farmers' union, Dal
las: C. F. Emerson, president
Eastern Oregon Wheat league.
The Dalles: Herman Oliver, pres
ident Oregon cattle ana Horse
Raisers association: John Dar:
George Fullenwider, president
Oregon Dairymen's association.
Carton; Dean H. waixer, presi
dent Ore r on hon rrowers. Inde
pendence: Fred Cockell, president
Oregon Ponltrymen's association.
MHwaukle; B. W. Carlton, presi
dent Orecon State Horticultural
society, Carlton: Fred A. PhUlips,
president Oregon wool growers.
Baker: E. W. Woodford, presi
dent Western Nut Growers asso
ciation. Forest Grove; Max Gehl-
har, director state department ox
arrlenltnre. Salem: O. M. Pin tu
rner, general manager Paclfie In
ternational Livestock exposition,
Portland: Glenn B. Marsh, presi
dent Oregon Cooperative council.
Hood River; Robert W. Sawyer,
nrAftidant Orecron Reclamation
eongress. Bend: John N. Edlefson,
chairman Portland sub-commu-tee,
banking and Industrial cora
tnittMi of the 12th reserve district.
Portland ; Eugene Courtney,
chairman executive committee,
nraron Rankers' association.
Woodburn; Clif Clarkson, chair
man agricultural committee, Ore
gon Bankers' association, Port
land; Theo. P. Cramer, secretary
nraran Rankers' association.
Portland: L. R. Brelthaupt. econ
omics. O. S. C. extension service;
F. L. Ballard, state leader county
agricultural agents.
niahae elnbhonse will be the
scene tonight for one of the Fra-
ternis club's social afiairs. Tne
members and their friends will
gather there for a general good
time with dancing as the main
Item an the nrorram. Many guests
will be present. Dr. Verden E.
Hockett is chairman in cnarge.
Rue Morgue" and the never to be
forgotten "Frankenstein."
"The Old Dark House," Uni
versal' supreme effort In start
ling drama, wfll.hold yon breath
less throughout Its swift sequen
ces. Tou'U never as long as yon
live forget this night of terrors
which five travelers lived through
in an ancient echoing house In
the lonely mountains of Wales,
trapped by a shrieking storm with
a family of insane people, men
aced by a sinister giant and a
murder mad maniac!
Karloff. Charles Laughtoa,
Melrya Douglas, Gloria Stuart,
Lilian Bond, Ernest Thestger,
Raymond Massey, Brember Wills,
Eva Moore and a brilliant cast un
der the master director, James
11 v.
5 1
8 9 PI
Battlefrbnt . .
DON RYAN, member at the
lower house, la a former Sa
lem boy. He was a star de
bater a decade past whea Salem
high, school woa national
cognition tor Its teams. Since
those days Ryan has moved to
Oregon City and has served two
terms aa county clerk. Ho did not
seek reelection last year to that
position bat Instead contested tor
the house aad won.' Ryan wants
all state departments with a
very few exceptions, to come be
fore the ways aad means com
mittee to get their budgets ap
proved and to compel all these
"self-sustaining" boards and com
missions to pat all their moneys
Into the general fund. When Ry
es starts to talk, his hands be
gin to wave la the air in the
good old debate style. His father
was once state treasurer of Ore
ton. Depression .made Itself frit
along; newspaper , row at the
capital this week when cart
slips in payroll envelopes an
nounced another redaction in
pay by Portland newspapers.
For some of the news work
ers the redactions were the
fourth received making a to
tal of 40 per cent cat la pay
since the good old days.
Otto K. Paul us, new member
of the lower house from Mar
ion county, is oao of a family
of many brothers. One trere la
deputy state treasurer and knows
his state finances. Three other
brothers are in the canning busi
ness la Salem aad pat up aU
manner products irom squash
to cherries. All the brothers are
good looking and most of them
hare beautiful curly hair. Otto K.
Is graduate of the Willamette
university law school and a for
mer post-graduate student at the
Harvard law school. He topped
the county ticket last November
when he sought legislative office.
What is the difference be
tween a joint and concurrent
resolution? Few senators
seemed to know so informa
tion was aonght from the vet
eran Fred Drager, clerk of the
house. Ho explained that Joint
resolutions concern subjects of
Importance only to the two
houses: concurrent resolutions
refer to topics outside the ac
tual work of the legislature
such as decisions on soldiers
Not a single adverse Tote was
east by the house Thursday oa
the ratification of the "lame
duck" amendment to the federal
eons tit-tl n. The legislative mHls
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Incliezta PcrtorallUea
Mora or Less Connected With
' the SUte Le-islatcre and ,IU
AeMeremeats ., -
grind exceedingly alow but la the
course of time needed changes
do coma," For yean reformers of
government have urged abolition
of the carryover sessions ot con
tress and tte oarlier Inaugura
tion of the president It Is assum
ed the ', state sonata hero will
quickly adopt the resolution and
that O.'egoa wiU soon bo num
bered with the dosea states
which hare already passed the
Norris amendment. Within the
year the constitutional it states
are almost certain to have pass
ed the amendment. The present
out-of-gear congress and the In
ability of a defeated president
to function after election Is gra
phic proof ot the wisdom of the
Ten, even five years ago,
women smoking in the lobby
at the capital would have,
aroused much comment and
furious protest. Nowadays
women smoke, but de not rolL
'their own with the men. CU
garette smoking is especially
prevalent . among newspaper
women and among the wives
of the yoanger members of the
house. A number of the latter
hail front state schools where
cigarette smoking amon wom
en is very prevalent. Inciden
tally, Bin. Mart. . who yester
day introduced a luxury tax
In the bouse nnd .lndnded ci
garettes, does not smoke. .
It was like old times la the
house Thursday whea Frank
Lonergan : wung into action.
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lvian. s
Salem a Best Nothing
Starting slowly "wltk avodalttsd
volte, tt was ealy a fsw momenta
aatn , the boUowiar saUlgeranL
forceful Lonergaa ' attack was) U
fall swing. His piak Irish cheeks .
Cared rod, his now white hair
became unraly, V. the Lonergaa
arms . and fists began to go. '
Aa astut page '-oy carried oa;'
he rushed to the water jar and
saw that the ex-speaker had a
Class oa his desk when the de
fense ot the governor's veto was
concluded. And the rote in the
house decisively for the gover
nor and Lonergan showed the
ex-speaker was still a leader.
Looergam got out of his
sick bed last weekend to use
the telephone to whip legisla
tors fc-tc line for the sales tax.
Ho told Snell there was no
chance for him to bo speaker
of the regular session if the
special sessloa adjourned with
out doing anything for the
sales tax. Within two hours
lower house sentiment had
changed, the leaders decided
to test the sales tax. aad lo
and behold: it passed Ss to
20. What was It the college
boys used" to slag: "AH we
need's a lead erf Lonergaa is
one whether it is on the leg
islative floor, before the su
preme com1, or a head of the
Portland boxing . commission.
If yen wfl take aae Liquid or
Tablets aad place eod Salve in
nostras .every - soorning until
March 1. less, aad yon rot sick
daring the tines, roar Druggist
tout Teetlmoalal.
We Present
Dance Review"
of Song and Dance
I Also Comedy, News
la Final Chapter
No Raise la Prices
- 5 :
. i