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times today aad Friday;
Has. -Temp. Wed. 40, ftOn.
SO, river &a feet, rain jOI
tech, northeast wind.
Salem, Oregon, Thursday Morning, January 12, 1933
No. 249 ;.
... . . - .! - , ' 1
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1 . -
Veto Imminent, "Is General
Belief but no Official
Statement is Given
Legislature to Adjourn for
Rest of Week; Taxes on
Luxuries Proposed
Both . booses ot the legislature
will adjourn this afternoon until
Monday, many senators being 111
with Influents, a number of legis
lators desiring to attend the last
rites tor the late Congressman
Bntler at The Dalles on Friday
and an Interim being needed for
committee work on a grist of bills
which hare thus far been Intro
duced In each house.
Before adjournment, legislators
are expecting action by Governor
Meier on the three-mill tax repeal
Bill and the state warrant bill
which are on his desk. The gov
ernor has until Saturday, however
to approve or veto the measures.
Extended conferences with
Portland bankers Wednesday
morning followed by a series of
legislator conferences held in the
executive's offices later In the
dar. rm nasi for a reneral re-
port that an execuUve veto of
eotn measures impended, -mere
was no official statement, how
ever, on the governor's position.
Warrant Bill May
Not Receive Veto
It was deemed unlikely that the
warrant bill would be vetoed un
less the executive had assurance
trom Portland banker, that state
obligations would be financed un
HI a property tax could be collect
ed by the state Hay 5.
The conference with banker,
contrasted markedly with the
hunger march protests earlier In
the week when the plight of the
"forgotten man" was emphasized
and the position of bankers gen
erally criticized
The governor apparently heart-
Sly dislikes to be responsible for I
Telmposition ot the property tax I
and Is trying to effect tome ether war Tterans who are now witn
means ot providing revenue tor 01It fBnds to purchase the neces-
ine state wunout leiung ru duis
and payrolls go unpaid.
In the house yesterday morn
ing. Representative Oleen and a
race of other representatives in
troduced a new Income tax bill In
which present state Income tax
rates would be doubled
Existing exemptions would be
reduced $360 for a married or tor
single man.
Mrs. Martin Plans
Luxury Tax Bin
Mrs. Hannah Martin ot Marion
rlous luxury items Including to-
eacco, cigars, cigarettes, cosraet-
les, various drugs aad kindred ar-
wiea. nw u mya Bianiy
xax levy or ten per ceni on aii r-
un i u .hiuw.
umates in nw wuuiu would largely effectuate tne pur-
a laa ffl AAA AAA senna lie fit TnAl. . a
wo j.,wvv,vvV
A much more severe inherit-
knoA tm-m tfean i nna Tin-ar In af.
IT a n i, a m
.-i Ml V-
"""""l" 7" v J ,
21 t A . . 1
the bills that Income from these
levies wui go to onset property
taxes now levied or to be levied,
Bankers conferring with the
governor are understood to have
stood firm for a real property tax
levy until some other forms ot
revenue became law. Opinion was
divided on the warrant Issuing
bill, some counsellors holding
that the state should be empow
ered to Issue warrants until It be-
icu io issue warrants snui u utr-
came certain that it. credit, was
sufficiently good to. permit bank
B'f sim LISII 111
Changes In the' building and
loan association law. to be pro
posed at the present session ot
the legislature were discussed yes
terday by IS member, or the state
association ot building and loan
associations at an allday meeting
held at the chamber of commerce
Chief ef the revision, agreed
upon wa. a bill to make ft possi
ble for building and loan iirma to
operate with assistance of the zed
era! home loan banks. This meas-
are wfli be submitted to the leg-
mature nexx wee. - . ,
J. H. cananan. buuaing
loan supervisor xor ine smm r -
position department, addressed
the group.
Cut Hours Not
Waiges, Advised
: TTT . .
GENEVA, Jan.. 11. (AP)
The question of the maintenance
.a . . il ..MMit Mvm
reduclnr them, arose a a erucial
Issue at today, discussion of a
proposal tor a 40 sour working
week before " the international
conference on unemployment.
Leon Jouhanx, general secre
;tary ot the French Federation ot
Labor, declaring working ; hour.
tnust be reduced without " any
wage cuts.
S he ri ff's
Embattled Ones Agree
To be Foreclosed; Officers not Anxious
For Trouble, Judges try Mediation
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Jan. 11 (AP) Bank robbers, hi
jackers and killers no longer present the most ardu
ous duties facing Wisconsin sheriffs, or even legislators. A
simple matter of civil foreclosure sale of a farm presents a
hazard for which officers have increasing respect, and for
which law makers are seeking relief.
- ... For embattled farmers In nnm-
C..l;nM d.a a a a a -t I
OHouiuuiy riupucs U5c Ul
-I n . I
uiacKamas nine nange
To Shelter Needy
. .
ine . f"16 "6nate . anrtea
throneh two litl,. .hnrt . I
through two listless, short
sions yesterday and adjourned
sions yesterday and adjourned
early with the announced Inten
tion nt fHnnrafnv avaln tA
eariy wnn me announcea mien-
tion of adjourning again today
in ... i
The one hill Introdnced Wftdnmt-1
day was by Senator Franciseovich
ana proriaea zor tne ming ot M-
i v a u ... i i
rtvaaantflttvaa A aAflAflAl a..
VI dvuwm v v vi uvcaovu vu-l
Ana 1
Under the nroviaJon. of a
the nrovialona of a re.
introon fcl Lnfo
Baartdin? f 7,5 T
Spaulding of this city.
, solution
the Clackamas rifle ranre. to-
gether with M materIall
would be placed at the disposal
of the unemployed ot this .Ute. I
He declared that such action
would provide shelter tor thous
ands of needy men.
Payment by the federal gov
ernment of adjusted compensa
tion to world war veterans was
urged in a memorial introduced
by Senator booth. Booth said the
navmnt f thin eomnenaation
would go far toward relieving
th condition of thonaanda af
gitiet of life. Copies ot the mem-
orial were ordered tent to Ore
gon representatives In congress.
Senator Burke introduced a re
solution providing for the ap
I polntment of a committee of five
members to consider all bills at
the lerlalatlra session havinr to
do with th lasnanee and nae of
.crip. Burke said he had been
advised that serin was now being
used in many ot the larger east-1
I ern centers and that the results
naTe been Terr satisfactory.
A report of the interim com-1
mitter on old are nensions Was
adverse to the lew of any
ditlonal tax levy for this purpose
existing financial condi-
uona Members or tne committee
recommended a reallocation or
county runds, wmcn tney sua
i Dose ana snini ot ue sravuna
i old are nension law. i ne noon
I .imivt hv Bnrt W. Sleeman
I . rrr n a X C5
i inn junn w. liih luiu. ursnri
I . . .
ator Kad3r 01 KOD8 Preriona-
1 17 BerTea " memoer m m
committee nut resignea oexore
I the report was completed.
Car Thieves Get
$200 Worth of
flrkfo .vorrinJiOC
IsiUlJ O cf
' 1
ivi v Kaa
i ir iui -
working in Salem the last tew
week, hranched out J
loot last night They stole 1200
worth ot velour, tapestry and mo-
hair aamples from anVutomohlle
haiAiirina- to Walter1 J. Kirk, the
owner reported to city police. He
had left the goods In his car par
led In front of his residence, 185
South High street.
The Day in
By the Associated Press
President Hoover
mended to congress bankrupt
cy reforms and sponsors of
swda legislation agreed
sweeplna; revision.
Senator Robinson (D. Ark.). In-
Jbmtoald in r .morU
i Vt ""AT" .71 vT. TV rr
I rJr 1.
iuwwuwa inw,m,
I .
stock market tnquiry
by laearina ef Kreeger aad Toll
awttvmea before Bweoisn nsatcn
ktmg Wiled hintself.
Benator Lone (D. La.), eontin
I ued tUIbuster against banking re -
I -onB bIll 0- ganetor Glass ID.
Senate judiciary nbcommit
tee ; decided to rewrite bouse
M per cent beer bQl te avoid
qnestioa. of it. coiisllUitkmal-
John Thomas Taylor of Amer -
I lean Legion opposed . before Joint
i committee euu m benefit, te vevi Jack F. Jones, a salesman, be -
Sales no
are Wroth
That Mortgages are not
eroua communities have decided
uty with the papers" and the auc-
tloneer have met muttering farm-1
ers who have broken up sales I forced liquidation through fore
front the court house steps, enab-1 .i,.,,,,.. fv
ling numerous farmers to remain I
a IltUe longer on homesteads I
wnica creauors nave tned to I
seise. I
T, mAa tv. I
,r."to3S. -x:;n .T
round, of ammunition n .
farmer who mRlaTari innaMnn
r wo resuiea aupossession.
7 1 di n ft7r7r.Z
Tm 50Aen -Uier onnt .,eatl
ram d runnrii t mnrr ru 7a aiiak. i
' ' " ZuZItZa -I
f: f"mers have stored
hundred mile, to par-
"vipaie in a aemonsirauon wnen
' nioneer asu:
Jr "' ' ...
m roauHnLiT Tnctram ira nn mii i
w I
IOr urOSDeCUTa DllTSrl stlCA 11111111-1
- " " s- I
snerirfs, appreciating the
wor ao "eriKs, appreciating the
PuKht '"ner trying to pay
" 10.000 mortgage with 1
t , eenw:af
cent nd 5 nt wheat,
ror risking bloodshed to satisfy
6 , nw creouor.
Ji0"!8"1 ."
"" nomeiess ana
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Nine Subdivisions of State
Proposetby Woodward;
Question Deferred
The Joint wava and means earn.
mittee of the Oregon legislature
Wednesday nirht tabled a runln.
tion nrenared h Senator WamI.
I ward, authorising an investiga-
tion of the feasibnitr and deair.
ability ot consolidating counties.
Representatre Hess declared
I that more lmnortant mattera ton.
fronted the ways and means com
I mittee. and that eonntv ton Knit.
ad-ldation and all nthar anrh nrmmi.
als should be deferred. He said
the resolution could be revived at
any time the committee desired.
The resolution provided that the
investigation should be conducted
by three representatives and two
. . -
i ttnitari. vna nnui rtnort to tt
laint m ani meana rnmmitiM
I it i i iart.iai. .i..
I . - . . ..
I "
iimiuir wamwim aaia nil
proposal provided that the exist-
mg if. counUes should be consol-
idated Into nine counties. He de-
clared that this action would re
duce governmental expenses ma
terially, and save the taxpayers a
large amount of money annually.
Committees to Investigate all
state activities, by groups, with an
Idea of bringing about substantial
I savings In operating costs were
... tonlcht. These com-
mittees will launch upon their in
1 vestlratlons tomorrow, and a
I v. - ni m ttitjt
S?L2S e?mmU-
i J6""" w
v" , ' . v ZZ
WT" "4 means committee will
apply compensation reduction.
ranglng from seven to 40 , per
eent The original budget ap
proved by Governor Meier provid
ed for salary and wage reduction.
ranging from tive to IS per cent.
Queen of Clubs
Lucky Card for
Bandit Suspect
BIRMINGHAM. Ala., Jan. 11
(AP) The queen ot club, is Orr
Sprate's lucky card.
Borate, a negro, wa. arrested
on a burglary charge after a de-
J two deckirof card.
with lt in the
I burglary.
I The turglar la his Haste drop-
ped the queen of dub. from one
deck. The arresting officer said
one ot Sprats', deck, ot cards
also was mlnn. the queen of
elnha. -
Sprats faced a Jury today aad
both decks ot cards were Intro-
- 1 dueed aa evidence.
1 jerdict of ... acquittal was
I brought la quickly. The question-
ed deck contained S3 cards, in-
eluding two queens of clubs.
SPOKANE. Jan. 11 (API-
Three elty commissioners are to
be elected here la March, each job
navinr II00. - All the Snokane
1 roter. nave te do is nick the three
I from a ; list ot 10 0 candidate..
tame candidate No. 100.
Congressmen act Quickly on
Hoover Recommendation
To Protect Debtor
Reorganization Under Court
Supervision is Proposal
In McKeown's Bill -
On the strength of an urgent
" eoo WM isuncnea in
congress late today to end the
. ; . .
prenmeiii messar was
n immi,t.u
TU,ou '"- recommenaea
T Mr. Hoover. Two hUls, prerl-
"" Introduced by Represent
tive McKeown. in. nkla..t and
Owdta. (R.. N. T.) were made
tte UgU for th,B asreem.nt and
v,, I AV.
Cha'rman Sumnera of the house
Jud!-iary committee called
meetinr for Friday to aet nnon
- -r -
a uoooaaw uii icv
- commumcauon xo con-
onu special communicauon xo con-
sres in as many days suggested
that untold misery could be avert-
ed by altering existing law to al-
low both lndldual and corpor-
-7, 7- , T "
w.-w. v.
Bowse Leaders Say
Measure is liked
McKeown and La Guardla met
with Senator Hasting, (R., Del.),
author of another bankruptcy bill,
and Solicitor General Thacher,
who some time ago framed a re
port on the question which was
made the basis ot the presiden
tial recommendations. Whan th-r
fenc! r.:8,D"k"
wvvi awwaw iHin
said they favored some ef the ma
jor provisions Involved and In
dications were that the house
would pass the bill promptly when
I It comes up.
McKeown's bin would permit
I insolvent debtors to extend the
I time of reorganixln their affairs
nnder court supervision, while La
Guardia's provides for roluntarv
or Involuntary reorganisation of
insolvent railroads.
Intereets of Botb
Parties are Harmed
The present process ' of forced
liquidation through foreclosure
and bankruptcy sale, the president
said, is proving "utterly deatruct-
I ire or Ue In teres U of debtors and
creditors aHke.'
If this nrocess la allowed to
take Its usual course during the
nrcMnt umaTrtnn
I thnninii w4ii anrf iii
Iv4n... . v.
I ."?. w
1 oraiiitnH lui in.i.t .. 11
wvw. uf iwmmv uuut uirwu U'
ouldatlon and foreclosure la the
vain hope of collecting their
Under the president's plan and
McKeown's bill settlements would
be arranged with a majority of
the creditors, and with the appro
val or the protecting court would
be binding upon minority credit
1122 Cases Filed
In Justice Court
During Past Year
An average of nearly four eases
were filed and f 34. SO in fines col-
lected in Salem justice court each
day last year, the annual report
prepared by Judge Miller B. Hay
den shows. Altogether there were
1111 eases In the court, 740 ot
them criminal and 181 civil.
It would be a long "stretch- It
a single man had received the to
tal of Jail sentences assessed dur
ing ltsi. He would have had to
go to jail for slightly over 11
years. The total Jail term.
amounted to 403T days.
Tine, assessed during the year
total 110,154.80.
Firemen "on
All elty firemen were called
into the central station last night
to receive general instruction,
from the new council fire and wa
ter committee of which Dr. O. A.
Olson is chairman, T. B. Euhn
and S. A Dane other members.
Taking up his duties at once, Dr.
Olson announced his intention ot
seeing that affair, ot the depart
ment were conducted to the best
interest, ot the city. " v
One of the main order, given
the firemen was, that full eooper-
I atlon should be accorded the po-
I uce department, one regulation
I which Dr. Olson said would be
I strictly enforced is that- firemen
I .hall immediately inform the po-
1 lice department of ue location or
I fires so that the officers may di-
Famous Airman
Missing 5 Days
Search Party Organized for
Bert Hinkler, Missing
On Record Attempt
LONDON. Jan. 11. (AP)
Friends feared tonight that dis-
aster had overtaken Bert Hinkler,
famous Australian airman, who
nlgM by suge.6 fm reithlm:
mi h
England, to Australia. been put to flight, the legation de
Captain Hope, who Is organ is- clared.
ing a searching party, said he be- Foreign military observers here
lleved the aviator was dead. The did hot attach great significance
air ministry pointed out it was
Imposslble to determine what had
happened to him In view of the
fact he had not made public his
complete route and therefore to
check up was difficult
The airman took off before
dawn Saturday, expecting to
make Brindisi. Italy, his first
stop. He should have reached
there by Saturday nirht at the
lateet..Tbe distance Is 1400 miles,
Somes ef his friends said that per-
ana he' hail more t nel than he
had mnaetad and i triad tn maka
AtTitoa wftRr"a?'Mtnn. mahlna
la the Mediterranean.
Damage action brought by
Prank Monner as administrator of
estate ot Prances Monner against
John A. Starker will be continued
in circuit court today, and will
llVal 4a a 11 41ia ilaw wVa a aa
?T.V' a "i:.:
BUnLQ for
daiR w4n !Sl
!L f ,71 Mon?fr! nU
4anht la.t r.Krn.r. 11 a. a
:nHf .; .7; ..,;;;;
suit ot an automobile accident for
which 8tarker, driver ot the ear.
is allegedly responsible.
Judge L. G. Lewelllng of de
partment two of the circuit court
here is hearing the ease, anaffl
davit ot prejudice "Saving been
tiled some month, ago against
Judge L. H. McMahan.
During the trial yesterday, no
mention of liquor was made, al
though in preliminary hearing
and at the time of the accident,
there was considerable showing
and talk ot liquor being found in
the ear.
Shotgun Wound
Is Suffered by
Remote Citizen
ROSEBTJRG. Ore., Jan. 11
UP) Llovd Hale of Remote.
Coos county, was brought to a
nospitai nere last nignt suxienns
from a wound from a new shot
gun, which, according to Informa
tion given officer., was acciden
tally discharged while being test
ed by Hale and several compan
ions. One of the companions, B. C.
Loour. wu huidlUi tb. wmpob
at the time. JUOOney, it was re-
ported. Inadvertently tired the
nn aa ha atnmhled. and the
rharra of bnckshot struck Hale
ia tha left aide near the neart.
Hale is expected to recover.
Carpet" as
Starts Task
reet traffic at the scene of the
blase without delay. In the past,
tne policemen usuauy aavst naa w
run arouna to in mm stauoa
leara ot ore. ana .omeumes
alarms were not beard at all in
police beadquarters.. .
Dr. Olson said he wanted to iron
out certain difficulties that have
existed within; the tire depart-
ment. i , - ,
TXTm. waa I ha flHmi f A Mtl.
ise that they are working for the
city and that their time belong.
to the city," declared vr. ouoa
before the meeting. -We want to
carry tx the department effi-
elently- - V - - "
Jire: Chief Harry Hutton has
repeatedly voiced hie willingness
to work with the fire committee.
Claim Complete Control of
Ciumenkow but Other
Routes are Open
Chinese Protest Seizure of
Chanhaikwan, Reply is
l Counter Charge
TOKYO, Jan. 11. (AP)
Chins, protested to Japan today
against the occupation of Bnan-
halkwan and was miormea tne
Tokyo government "expressly re
serves the right to make ae-
man$s' la connection with any
settlement of the eonillct.
The Japanese reply asserted the
Chinese garrison at Shanhalkwan
was ' wholly responsible tor the
outbreak of hostilities there Jan
uary 1. ;
Informed that rumors were cur
rent that a formal declaration of
war between the two nations was
probable, Japanese officials de
clared It was Impossible for any
such action to be taken.
PEIPINO. Jan. 11. (AP)
In complete control of Clumen-
kow a pass through the Great
wall ef China about 14 miles
north ot shanhalkwan Chinese
thS atk a"n yesterday. hiTv
to the seixure ot the pass, assert-
I ing there were many others which
will imake it possible for Chang
Hsiab-Llahg, Chinese commander,
to maintain contact with the prov-
ince of Jehol. north ot the walL
I Tie Japanese do not intend to
I proceed Into China proper from
theLf positions at Ciumenkow,
I General Mlvake. their command-
I In officer, announced through
his national nrees. But they will
I keep the pass closed,
I pmmh a YrfiMli TV.fUra
I Trkair tnfantrv. artnierr and
I timMn nlanaa were naed hv the
Jsnaneee in onstlnr the Chinese
defenders from the passageway
through the ancient wall. morning as taey were ourg- oarres, snoreooats ana otner
The purpose ot the Japanese larlxing the Phlllppi store at Me- smaller official craft were wash
advance was to hinder communl- ham a. ed ashore by heavy seas aad
cations between China proper and The trio, apparently ready to aeveral private boats were p&ed
Jehol, where, they declare, about
10.900 Chinese troops aireaay
hate been stationed. Passage at
the; eastern end ot the Great wall
wa. prevented last week when,
after a three day battle, the Jap-
anese seized Shanhalkwan.
The United State, legation was
in formed that the seizure of that
ha4 resulted in a protest by
1 r . . .
thai. Nanking government to tne
It the Boxer protocol.
China eharged that the Japanese
nnlawful nse ot the protocol
I I. . . .V.i. ' ... .u
I Prorision. in mannj r.
tne government assenea it
would not take responsibility for
anytning wnicn migni result worn
the defense of Chinese territory.
How Could Noah
See More Water
Than Ah0rJ0tn
, Vt 1 waau.. jau. xx
(AP) The deluge that made
a at a -k Wa, ai a.O aa. . W 1 4
Noah a sailor does not impress a
young Sunday scnooi stuoent
here. When his teacher told the
story of how the world was flood
ed after 40 days and nights of
rain, the skeptic said: "Why it's
been raining here an the time for
more than three months and it's
not flooded yet."
Aberdeen's official rainfall tor
1133 was more than 111 inches,
i a recora.
Late Sports
DOBTT.lVn' rk . Tarn It
w" "
(XP) Id (Btiwlar) ot
I uexoawu n
I Kaplan of Portland, la two
straight fall, in the main event
tot tonight's wrestling card here.
I ivu wexxnea aw ana xkavyxM
Lewis gained the first tall tn
40 minute, with a body press. He
dnched the match eight minutes
later with a beadlock.
Sergeant ' Chet wiles, 171,
Portland, defeated Herman OH
son, IT 4, Portland, tn the five -
round preliminary, winning one
Jack Mitchell. 140. Chicago,
Won Ue opener from Bulldog
I UsJlory, Brmngham, Ala ea
I foal.
I TACOMA. Jan. 11 (AP)
The Unveralty of Washingtoa
basketball team turned back a
atubborn College of Pnget Sound
nv 43 to S3, here tonight in
I the final of a two game eenea.
I n. tTa.Vlai wa ta flraC raana
last week by a 01 to ai count.
I Carlson, Pnget Sound forward,
was high with li pointa, xouow-
ed by Pete Anioncich. Washing-
toa center, with 10. ,
- . ,'-, :
WALLA, WALLA, Wash., Jan.
1 11 (AP) Gonsaga SO,
I man it.
ensBssV sIbs sbs law
n a n. i
Two Lives Lost, Perhaps More, and Property Damage is
Over Million, Mostly to oil Industry and Growers cf
Citrus Fruits; Three Enlisted men are Missing Froni
Aircraft Carrier Saratoga; Shipping Damaged
Dust-Laden Gale From Desert Sweeps Coast; Eight Navy
Men Rescued After Being Adrift for Hours in Boats;
Officer of Cruiser Swept Overboard and Drowned;
Other Victim is Occupant of Wrecked Houseboat
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11 (AP) A vicious, peculiar
storm, fraught with fog-like dust from the desert re
gions, assailed southern California today, causing at least
two de&.'-is and upwards of a million dollars nroDertv damaee.
Both lives wore lost nlono
3SSf&S Wr
uu luuusury nuiierea
Citrus iruit growers were tne next heaviest losers and
several homes and buildings were burned.
ftf enlisted men from the aircraft carrier Saratoga
were unomcialiy reported rmssing tonight in a shore boat
Two men from the cruiser Chicago and six from the
Oerulser Pensaloca of the United
I -. . -, .... - . . .
1110 PieeS Wnen 1OnSiaOie
I ni..
appeal yet UIHJf
I r- : CMan nn.
I 8TATTOK, Jan. 11 Officer
I Henry Smith waa called to Me -
I nam eariy tan aonuni to neip
I searcn ior a trio 01 men wno
wer mrprised about 4 o'clock
jump Into a car laden with about
i sizk worth or goods from the
Phlllppi store, took oft np the
Fern Ridge road on a run when
Constable Everett Phlllppi and his
son Roy arrived on the scene,
thank, to a burglar alarm. Roy
operates the store. The consta-
I ble fired a shot, and thinks he
may have hit one of the men
The ur which the men were
for lelvV belong, to ElvJi
Burr of Albany, the license shows.
Bu however, was not Implicat-
I " "'". waa UI uj-u-
, M although officers are of the
opinion the car may have been
gtoien from him by a relative who
was recently released from prison,
Sheriff Herbert Shelton was
summoned from Albany, and with
Officers Smith and Phlllppi
searched today, but could find no
trace ot the men. - A heavy fog
early In the morning aided the
getaway. Shelton was also In
Mm CIt7 to investigate several
robberies which have occurred
there recently.
The men succeeded In getting
. with about 111 In cash.
NETV 'YORK. Jan "-(AP)
oacco inmions wui do maa. cn
lying in a Philadelphia hospital
-hot bed." Llbby Holman Rey-
nolds lawyer announced today.
I I n ir T 1 a V
I XX aara. nejuuiui auu w
la- V .V.I. V- V.V-
winsI umim
tor Hon to 111 lomB tortk
I auxaer jesicruay wui rauui vn
I ot the nation's wealthiest chU-
I dren.
I The baby, "doing nicely al
i tnougn ne weixns omy tnre sao
one-hair pounds, war born about
tlx month, after the death ef
his father. Smith Reynolds, aad
the only . will which has been
I found waa made before Reynold.
had married Llbby Holman.
Nevertheless. Mrs. Reynold. U
1 prepared to claim on behalf of
I herself and her ehlld not only
I the interest oa a trust fund eet-
tied by the late Joshua Reynold.
en hie son. Smitb Reynolds, but
a I the approximately 1 18,0 00.0 00
I trust fund itself.
Pf ArmTthtnr
-rVIIWC? fiyyiCUGUU.
n 1 D.rrriTrc
OI ZUUiiWciyi
- fv.,"
j the .UU school for the feeble
uxxbub xk
Within a abort time alter they
raa away, city police caught them
along the Southern Pacific tracks
here. They were Jtutb Ashley and
- 1 Irene .Berg, , girl, in , their late
teena. -
ihe mast wrhora mnra fhan
Mediome ruined.
neany nan me loss.
States navy In San Pedro harbor
were rescued after they had bea,
adrift for several hours In motor
boats after trying to rescue small
naval craft from ravages of a
nor'easter gale.
Lieut. Commander Carl Hupp
of the U. S. light cruiser Raleigh
at San Pedro was swept overboard
and drowned as he attempted te
and drowned as he attempted te
secure a boat attached to the ship,
lNo trace of his body wa found.
Theodore Rrog. Tl. retired
seamsn Uvlng in a houseboat at
Cabrillo beach, could not be
found today, and it was assumed
that he was drowned. Wreckage)
I of his boat was found.
Deverai persons were lajarea
i in ue gaie, wnicn in some ie-
been damaged seriously. Naval
ri. tocku or oeacnera
l" pee
San Pedro Streets
The streets of San Pedro ant
Long Beach were sprinkled witfc
debris. Hundreds of show wis
dows were shattered, goods swirl
ed about in the shops and In
some Instance, carried down
streets. A large amount of dam
age to mercantile stocks was
by the choking cloud.
fto.. M,
Tun to ' coL 1
mm mi for
An amendment tn tha a tat
I constitution providing managerial
wmmw w nut t me, w aka
be proposed to the legislature
soon, it was learned yeeterfar.
Alt county offices except those
or sheriff and school .uperlntaa
dent would be abolished under
the term, of the enactment.
The measure proposes con
solidation of county , functions
into an unpaid, elected com mis
sion of five ctlzens of each coun
ty. These would name a mana
ger, subject to their control and
TemoraL The manager would em
ploy necessary assistants to car-
'oat r;nn, ot coo,ty
bUrwonla .umtoate conk-
I uvnvivt, m vhiv av uav
i a
I "VW "VUiU uaw
mhhMm daatrln aaali MTaia.
in abort
Adjonrnment planned today to
I last until Monday.
BCI to wp income tax
100 pes? eent latrodnced
Sale, tax ea luxuries te be in-
troduced today.
Govermor Meier debatee em -a-aiia
levy end warrant bill
vetoes. - .... . j ....
'' Conference, held by chief, en
ecutire throuzhout day with
tankers and with, legislators,
I v
Way. and aneems ceansalttee
te continne night eeslnsi. ; a
througbottt remainder ef week. -,
Unemployment relief eommit- A
l tee - postpone.; wora tu nexs ;
' '