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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Sunday Morning, December 25, 1932
Christmas Season Occasion
For Many Happy Events
At Waconda
WACONDA, Dec. 24 Family
gatherings as sual are the order
of the day at Wacouda this Christ
mas time and those vho will en
tertain or be entertained are in
the majority.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lemery
will gerve Christmas dinner to
Mr. and Mrs. George Martin of
Seattle. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Lem
ery, Portland, Fred Lemery, O. S.
C, Corvallis, George Lemery, U.
of O., Eugene, Fred Schadewald
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Felton,
this community. Mr. and Mrs.
Fred VIesco and Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Jones will spend the day at
the T. B. Jones home in Salem.
At Russell's Home
A family dinner will be enjoyed
Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ward Russell in Keizer to
whic hare bidden Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Patterson, Mr. and Mrs.
Pearl Patterson and sons, Norman
and Charles, Mr. and Mrs. C. C
Russell, all of this place. Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Hansen of Norton and
Charles Russell and family of Sa
lem will also be guests of the Rus
sell's. Mr. -and Mrs. E. W. Manning
will spend Christmas -day at Cen
tral Howell with Mr. and Mrs.
Pearl Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Ward
Manning and children will be at
her aunt's home, Mr. and Mrs.
Carrie Fisher, Salem. Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Nusom will be week
end guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. R.
Nusom at Shaw.
(Jolng to Eagle Credit
Mr. and Mrs. William McGilch
rist and family plan to go to the
home of Mrs. McGilchrist's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Udell
at Eagle Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brown,
will be hosts Sunday for Mr. and
Mrs. Karl M. Brown, Waconda. i
Gladys Brown and Leslie Brown
of Cornelius. Mr. and Mrs. Mar
inus Schaap and sons Leroy and
Lelan of Labish and Mr. and "Mrs.
Bert Frohmader, Salem, will be
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth,
Present at the C. M. Hall home
will be Mr. and Mrs. Henry C.
Stafford, Waconda, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Tuve, North Howell.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Miller and
Bonnie Bell and Junior will mo
tor to McMinnville where they are
to be entertained at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Horton. Miss
Theta MePeek, post-graduate stu
dent at the deaf school, Salem,
will share the hospitality of her
sister's home here, Mrs. F. P.
BROOKS. Dec. 24 Principal
Clyde Hoffer has the following
pupils on the honor roll in the
eighth grade Irene Satter, John
Hutte, Minnie Ogura and Charles
Hutte; seventh grade, Maxlne
Gunter, Theodore Lowery, Gilford
Wright, Laverne Harris, Sumie
Ogura, Marie Beach, Gladys Ep
ley, Robert Fitts, Arleta Wood,
Francis Johnson; sixth grade
Viola Satter and Ada Hutto.
Intermediate room in charge of
Miss Alice Massey has the fol
lowing names on the roll of hon
or third grade. Jack Bosch,
Clem Moricka, Elmer Cutsinger
and Harmon Rickets; fourth
grade, Arthur Rickets, Kreta Fae
Ashbaugh, Minnie Cutsinger, Max
lne McKnight; fifth grade, Masoa
Tamiyasu, Carl Fitts, Fred Lav
tt, Glenn Coffindaffer, Genivere
Snyder, Robert Bailey, Dorothy
McKnlght and Ivan McCoy.
In the primary room under the
supervision of Mrs. Emily Van
Santen: first grade, Oral Lee
Fitts, Mickey Tamiyasu, and The
resa Johnson: second grade
Ruth Sldebottom, Norma Jean
Wright, Ronald Jones and Ernie
Influenza Strikes
Hard at Number of
Homes in Stay ton
STAYTON. Dec. 24 Dr. C. H.
Brewer and Dr. W. V. Adams are
both ill with flu. H. J. Rowe,
manager of the Mountain States
Power company here and R. G.
Wood also with the company are
among others who have it. Fred
Albus, local druggist is ill and
was obliged Thursday to get a
druggist from Salem to take his
place in the store. In fact half the
homes in town have one or more
who are ill, which does not speak
for a very Merry Christmas.
The Sister Superior at Sublim
ity, wha has been 111 with pleu
risy and lumbago was taken worse
on Wednesday and an ambulance
from St. Vincent's hospital, Port
land, was sent for and she was
removed there. Sister Roberta and
Sister Mercedes accompanied her.
The latter teaches music In the
parochial school here.
Eakins Return From
Journeys for Legion
DALLAS, Dec. 24 Jack and
Dorothy Eakin, state officers In
the American Legion, returned
home Monday from a trip through
Oregon which began on December
S. On this trip they visited several
Oregon c'tles and attended Legion
district conferences in these. At
the conferences, Jack talked on
the Legion program and spoke
particularly about the widows, or
phans, unemployed, and the leg
islative program. They visited The
Dalles, Arlington, Milton, La
Grande, Enterprise, Baker, Prair
ie City, Redmond, Klamath Falls,
Jjledford, Coquille and Roseburg.
: ..... v-
I V ' ssf .y a v - -4
v. A tx---
7n x Br
One of the greatest tasks undertaken
took the rebuilding of Russia was that of breaking down old superstitions
which flourished during the Czarist regime. Gradually, however, the
ancient barriers of sorcery and so-called witchcraft have been leveled,
even in the most barbaric sections of Eastern Russia. Novr the natives,
who once regarded a doctor is an agent of the evil one, calmly submit
to medical treatment by the skiiici emissaries of the Stalin-controlled
government. Here is a woman doctor vaccinating a peasant worker of
th cnlWtJv farm "Altairov." at Merv
Royal Neighbors
Hold Yule Party,
Campbell's Home
QUINABY, Dec. 24 The R. N.
A. held its Christmas party at the
home of Mrs. George Campbell.
Gifts were exchanged and the
evening was spent in visiting,
playing games and eating candy
and nuts. Those present were:
Elsie Bosten, Pearl Harris, Myrtle
Beckner, Verda Beckner, Georgia
Matthes, Eula Beckner, Myrtle
McClay and Mrs. R. B. McClay
teed! j
t i 11 T i yv '
i II in- .UI III .if
flip ILgQ
r r
: Ordered
' To Be
i USAlfM
457 State St.
W n m
by the Soviet leaders who under
and Mrs. Campbell, Margaret Zie
linskl 1b home to spend the hol
idays with her parents. She at
tends normal school at Mon
mouth. The new McClajinish fam
ily that have taken over the old
Alex Harold place are doing a lot
of Improving on the place and re
modeling the Inside of the house.
BETHEL, Dec. 24 Mrs. J. M.
Nichols left Thursday for Merrill
to visit her daughter Mrs. J. A.
Hain and her niece Mrs. Charles
Hammer of Klamath Falls
15 W
Tw Auctions Daily
jpo QQQo and jpo QDDo
In the History of Salem
Notice . . . !
We are not going oat of
business. Burnett Bros.
Event Postponed at Jeffer
son; Looney Butte
School has Party
JEFFERSON, Dec. 24 Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Luckenbien and son of
Salem; and Mr. and Mrs. Leedy
will be guests of their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Oleman over
Christmas. Guests at the Grace
Thurston home for Christmas will
be her sisters, Mrs. Belle Fletcher
of Salem; and Miss Ettie Reed of
Scio; and a brother W. D. Reed of
The Christmas program which
was to have been given at the
Evangelical church was postponed
until Sunday evening, owing to so
much illness.
Henry Hochspeler, son of Mrs.
Jake Hochspeier underwent a ma
jor operation Thursday morning
at the Deaconess hospital in Sa
lem. The Christmas program given
at the Looney Butte schoolhouse
Thursday evening was well at
tended, in spite of the inclement
weather. The children all gave
their parts well. The program
consisted of recitations, songs,
three playlets, and a solo, by R. S.
Bainter. Santa Claus distributed
the gifts, with the aid of several
helpers. Mrs. Ehtel Gulvin, teach
er of the school, arranged the fine
Loren Grannis of Peoria, Illi
nois, a student of Willamette un
iversity who has been a guest at
the country home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Pate, left for San Fran
cisco to spend the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Welter of
McNary, Arizona, arrived In Jef
ferson the first of the week to
spend the holidays with Mrs. Wel
ter's mother, Mrs. Emma Whed
bee. On their way here, they stop
ped in Phoenix, Ariz., and visited
the W. E. Smith family, who are
former Jefferson residents.
The condition of W. W. Warner,
. f
Dec. 31
TO) -S
West Salem News
WEST SALEM. Dec. 24 Mrs.
Garnet Smith will be hostess to
the homecoming of her children
and their families for an all-day
Christmas gathering Sunday with
covers laid for Mr. and Mrs. Har
ry Camebeer and daughter, Bar
bara, Mr. and Mrs. John V. Em
lin and son, Robert Leslie and
Jean. Leslie Delia and Maxlne
Smith besides the hostess.
Each gaily decorated school
room was the scene of happy faces
as the interesting programs, gift
exchanges and singing of Christ
mas carols was held Friday after
noon before the buildings were
closed for the ten day mid year
West Salem has been caught in
the wide wave of sickness and ep
idemic of mild cases of Influenza
and many are suffering from se
vere colds. John Baer passed
away at his home here Wednesday
leaving a family of five children
and his widow. Mrs. William
Bouffleur is on the sick list and
Rev. C. L. Dark Is still confined
to his home.
Teachers Scatter
Mrs. L. G. Richardson left the
last of the week for southern Ore
gon to spend about 10 days as
house guest at the home of her
mother. The teachers of the pub
lic school scattered to their sever
al homes to spend the holidays.
Miss Roberta Peterson going to
Independence, Miss Butler to Dal
las, Mrs. Dyer to Monmouth and.
several remaining here. Before
they left for their homes, they
were complimented by a Christ
mas party at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Gibson, Thursday even
ing. N. T. McCoy and his parents
left Saturday morning for a week- j
end with relatives at Newberg. i
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Miller will
entertain their daughters and
their families at their home
Christmas day. Those to spend the
day at the parental home include
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams and
who suffered a paralytic stroke
several weeks ago, remains about
the same.
We Are
Out Of
Salem, Ore.
sons, Robert and Danny of King)
wood, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark
and son of West Salem, and Mr.
and Mrs. George Adams of Prln-
Friday evening at their home,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Harry Wiedma
ier were hosts to the members of
the West Salem troup, No. 15 of
the Boy Scouts at a Jolly party.
Guest for Holidays
Dies at Malone's
Home at Hubbard
HUBBARD, Dec. 24 Mr. Leon
ard J. Pickens, 48, of Indiana,
died suddenly at the home of Mel
Malone Thursday night of a heart
attack. Mr. and Mrs. Pickens had
come from Independence to spend
the holidays with the Malone and
R. C. Painter families.
At 9:30 the doctor and R. C.
Painter were called from the
Christmas program; at 11:30 Mr.
Pickens was seemingly better, but
at 2:30 he died. The body was
taken to Rigdon's Mortuary In Sa
lem. Funeral arrangements have
not yet been made.
May 1933 Bring to You
Happiness, Prosperity
is our wish
833 Bute St,
ii ii
Regular $8.00 and $9.00 Shoes and
Oxfords, Call and Kid Leathers,
Brown and Black Go at
QjJ and
DALLAS, Dec. 24 Members of
the Dallas Kiwanis club held their
regular weekly meeting at the El
Centro cafe Friday noon with 18
members attending. Rev. James
A. Smith, or the local Presbyter
ian church, was the speaker at
this meeting. He gave an interest
ing talk, using as his topic, "If
Christ Had Not Come.".
It was announced at this meet
ing that the Kiwanis club would
sponsor the presentation of mov
ing pictures and lectures regard
Compliments of the Season
HAPPINESS, Health and Pros
perity to you all our loyal friends
and patrons! May the day be full to
overflowing with real Christmas
465 State Street
All $5.00
Shoes and Oxfords
508 State St.
ing Oregon and the forestry wor
at the Christian church t p. in,
December 29. The program will
be given by the well known team
of conservation lecturers, W. V.
Fuller of Dallas and George K.
Griffith of Portland.
Dinner will be served at 7:00
o'clock in the dining room of th
church. Olga Colberg-Grlffit h.
well known Portland vocalist, will
SHELBUR.V, Dec. 24 A
large number of the friends ci
Rev. and Mrs. Wilkerson gave
them a shower of Christmas gift i
at the H. O. Shillings homo
Thursday night. Mr. Wilkerson
has charge of the Shelburn an-1
North Santiam churh