The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 23, 1932, Page 6, Image 6

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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon, Friday Morning, December 23. 1932
it i'
President and Successor are
Unable to Agree on way
To Meet Situation
(Continued frorr 1)
in niy inside pocket. Sit down and
I'll road them to you."
At the White House there was
little drama In the release of the
Interchange, although a wild!
scramble enued among newspa
permen after one of the presi
dent's secretaries handed out
mimeographed copies. Pinned to
them wa, this statement by the
"I M ill Rupert Hi
Wish" Comment Hoover
"GOTeriur Roosevelt considers
that It is undesirable for him to
assent to my suggestions for co
operative action on the foreign
problems outlined in my recent
messages to congress. I will re
spect his wishes.
"Situations will tto doubt devel
op and will be dealt with by the
administration as they arise, but
of course no committments will
be made for the next administra
tion." At Albany, the president-elect
confined his remarks to a brisk
reading of the messages and the
added line:
"Weil, that's about all. I have
no comment to make."
In his first telegram, dispatched
Saturday afternoon, the president
said, that "If It were not for the
urgency of the situation both at
home and abroad" he would con
sider it "normal' to allow the
debt, disarmament and world ec
onomic conference problems to
re3t until March 4.
"But in tut emergency such a
exists at the moment,'' he added.
"I would be neglectful of mj
duty if I did. not facilitate in ev
ery way the earliest possible deal-
a . m m n p mv.
Safeguarding Christmas Against Fire
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5. DONT permit paper to accumulate.
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8. DOXT keep the Christmas tree op aftT Dereniber SI. It
becomes dried ont very quickly and Ignites with mart ling sudden
ness and ferocity.
. DOXT, if there mnst be a Santa Claus, tires the genial fel
low up in long, flowing whiskers and allow hint to get near lights
or open fire. .
10. DOXT allow anyone whose clothing becomes ignited to
ralT about, thus fanning the flames to a high degree.
10 DO'S
1. IK) use strings of electric bulb.
2. DO nse decorations that are alow-burning or incombus
tible. S. DO keep matches away from wrapped gift.
4. DO dispose of discarded wrappings at once.
5. DO see that there is ample insulation about the wires.
0. DO see that there is adult supervision in handling where
the child's gift constitutes a fire hazard.
7. DO uae only "safety" film, known a acetate film, which
provides the maximum of protection.
8. DO have readily available buckets of water or a fire ex
tinguisher with which to nip an incipient blaze.
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Combination .
ing with these questions. It is ob-
viojs that no conclusions would
be reached from such discussions
prior to March 4th but a great
deal of ime could be saved if the
machinery could be created at
once by the appointment of the
delegates as I have mentioned."
On Monday night in a telegram
dated 8:50 p. m., the president
elect replied:
"I think you will -recognise that
it would be unwise for me to ac
cept an apparent joint responsibil
ity with you when, as a matter of
constitutional fact. I would be
wholly lacking in any attendant
Disarmament and Debts
Xot Liked by Itoosevelt
As to disarmament, Mr. Roose
velt said ha felt the present ad
ministration's policy was ''clear
and satisfactory," but he differed
decisively with the president con
cerning the treatment of war
The president-elect asserted his
belief that any nation desiring to
approach the United States should
be given the earliest ppportnnlty
to do so, but contended that in
the preliminary conversations the
chief executive has full authority
to work through diplomatic chan
nels or appointed agents in mak
ing the basic investigation.
"I am impelled to suggest, how
ever," he added, "that these sur
veys should be limited to deter
mining facts and exploring possi
bilities rather than fixing policies
binding on the incoming adminis
tration. I wholly approve and
would in no way hinder such sur
veys." As to the economic conference,
Mr. Roosevelt said it was "clear
that a permanent economic pro
gram for the world should not be
submerged in conversations relat
ing to disarmament or debts." He
said he could recognize a rela
tionship but not an identity
among the three problems, and
could not agree to the same per
sonnel conducting ail the conver
sations. Tuesday afternoon President
Hoover dispatched another tele
gram saying he was "unwilling to
admit that cooperation can not be
established between the outgoing
and incoming administrations
which will give earlier solution
the administration, however, he
said, would go beyond fact find
ing and would "suggest the pre
sumption that sack representa
tives were empowered te exchange
views on matters ot large and
binding policy."
Ho added that current press dis
patches front abroad have Indi
cated that the proposed joint ac
tion would be Interpreted as
"mora of a policy commitment
than either you or I actually con
template." Ha theaoiugg&sted that the pres
ident proceed with the selection
of a commission, to review war
debts where advisable end to dis
cuss the agenda of tke world ec
onomic conference.
"If this bo done," ho concluded,
"let me repeat that I shall be hap
py to receive their information
and their expressions of "opinion. "
Lelghton Ewell, Jr.. a 4-H club
boy, was awarded the grand prize
at tha second annual Louislaua
MisslsHippi market hog show at
New Orleans.
Resistance to efforts to remove
him as administrator of the es
tate of the late George 3. Moore
la made by John Edward Bar
ry, Portland insurance mas. in
an answer filed this week in
circuit court in Clackamas coun
ty. Barry says he has acted faith
fully as executor of the estate,
has advised beneficiaries on all
matters, and objects to removal
on the grounds the administra
tion of Moore's wftl is not com
plete. In court this year Grace It.
Tayler, Clara H. Lewis and Alice
H. Duffy, Moore's nieces living
In New York, were declared sole
heirs under a contract between
Moore and his wife In which
1 Mooro Inherited her property.
These heirs are new seeking
Barry's removal. They clafoa' he
has to some extent dissipated tke
Moore's wife was murdered
when they lived near Jefferson.
Subsequently Moore removed to
Clackamas county and died 'there
in 1120, leaving an estate' esti
mated at $7.O09 la value. He
was known as an eccentrie man.
a lam i i IS i iiiMiwii hi ii mni mm ia l
ami recovery from these difficul
ties." .
The president said it was obvi
ous the solutions of these prob
lems could not be attained during
ilis own administration. Baying he
wished especially "to avoid any
ombarrassmont to your work,"
and he had no intention of com
mitting tha incoming administra
tion to any particulary policy, he
added he wished to facilitate the
exploratory work.
Hoover Wants Facts
Heady for His Sneeessor
"What I deem of the utmost
importance." the president said,
"is that when yon assume respon
nibility on March 4 machinery of
?our approval will be here, fully
nformed and ready to function
according to the policies yon may
The president said he agreed
with his successor-elect that the
three problems concerned re
quired selective treatment, and he
lad no thought of submerging the
world economic conference with
Dther questions. It was then he
added his suggestion that Owen
D. Young or Colonel House, fa
tuous as an aide to President Wil-
on, be designated to sit in with
the present administration.
The concluding telegram in the
exchange was dispatched from Al
bany last night at 9:45 p. m.
"I think perhaps the difficul
ties to which you refer." Mr.
Roosevelt began, "are not in find
ing the means or the willingness
for cooperation, but. rather, in de
nning clearly those things con
cerning which cooperation be
tween us is possible.
"We are agreed that commit
ments to any particular policy
prior to March 4th are for many
reasons inadvisable and indeed
impossible. There remains, there
fore, before that date only the"
possibility of exploratory work
and preliminary surveys."
Mr. Roosevelt said that he, too.
would be glad to avoid delay in
starting the preliminaries and
would welcome any information
and opinion concerning interna
tional problems that could be
passed on to him.
For him to appoint a member or
the democratic party to sit in with
171 S. Commercial St. - Salem, Ore.
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