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    The OREGON STATESMAN Salem, Oregoo, Thursday Blaralnisr, December 22, 1922
Local News Briefs
Five Accident Reported Fire
automobile accidents were report-
ed to city, police yesterday, as fol
lows: Andrew T. Jairl, 1678
North Broadway, and Clara Wil
lis, 23S0 Cherry, at Highland and
Fifth; Boy Williams, Shaw route
one, and Edgar Morris, 275 South
19th, at High and Marion; C.
Heyes. Reedsport, aad J. B. Rog
ers, 2 ISO North Fifth, at Commer
cial and Kearney; Mtreelrna Duo
tin, Brooks route one, and Wil
liam E. Turner, Seattle, Capitol
and Court; George R. Patterson,
1955 Fairground, and an uniden
tified motorist, at Marion and
Holiday Dance Fri.
Hazel Green,
John Doe Gets Hough John
Doe, the second person by that le
gal makeshift name arrested by
eity police yesterday, put up a bat
tie in the downtown billiard room
where a city officer attempted to
cart him off to Jail. "I'm a tax
payer," mumbled Doe No. 2, "and
you can't do anything to me." Ac
cording to the officer, the man,
charged with being drunk, choked
him and struck him. Finally John
Doe No. 2 calmed down and sub
mitted to arrest. The first John
Doe, whose residence was listed
as 1095 Garnet street, was being
held for investigation.
Open evenings until Christmas.
The Commercial Book Store.
Vets Need Relief Veterans
needing food and clothing for
themselves and families here are
being requested to communicate
with M. Clifford Moynihan of the
Associated Veterans organization
rather than with heads of the in-J
dividual veterans' groups. Calls
for relief have been taking up the
time of Commander Allan G. Car
son and Adjutant William BUven
of Capital Post, American Legion,
although the latter have no part
in administering the funds.
Free diamond ring with every pur
chase of 223.75 or over at Pomer-
ov S-. Kppnfl'i
Warning Scheme Worked
State police here are instituting a
call system for officers out on the
road. Serviee station operators are
being provided with red flags
which they will be asked to dis
play when an officer Is wanted.
By telephone connections with
many stations along the high
ways, local headquarters can then
more quickly contact an officer
when one is needed.
1 2 broadcloth shirts, Christmas
boxes, l. 35. G. . Johnson Co.
Returns to Office Mrs. Hannah
Martin is back in her office after
an absence of a week during
which time she has had flu. Mrss
Martin contracted it while nursing
Mr. Martin who has been ill for
the past two weeks and is still
confined to his bed. He is much
improved, however; and hopes
soon to be back in his office.
One Dollar o'f on each pair
shoes in our window, Frank E.
Chafer, 170 S. Commercial St.
Chops in Stew Kitchen Hab
itues of the Salvation Army stew
kitchen yesterday were given a
rare treat, pork chops. The un
usual item in the bill of fare was
contributed by one of the men
who had been eating there. He
yesterday received a soldier bonus
check of ?700.
Sweatee special! Regular 6 slip
over sweaters including brushed
wool now $2.43.- (1. W. Johnson
and Co.
Lfinge Wins Ad IVize Erwin
Lange, 416 Marion street, student
at Willamette university, was
awarded first place in the adver
tising layout contest sponsored re
cently by Alex Jones, men's store.
The series of advertisements ap
peared in The Statesman.
Flowers for Christmas gifts. Ad
ams, florist, 453 Court.
Rolof.son Leaving W. W. Rol
ofson of Salem expects to leave
here today for Powell, Mont.,
where he will spend Christmas
with his father.
Half Price on all ladies' purses
and hi lfolds. Frank E. Shafer,
170 S. Commercial St.
Speeding Charged City police
yesterday arrested Theodore
Lachr of West Salem on a charge
of speeding, headquarters records
Wanted, used furniture, Tel 5110
At the residence, 1090 Leslie
street, December 18, Naomi Fran
ces Cooper, aged 56 years. Mother
of Carl Cooper, of Salem, Lester
Cooper, of Salem. Also survived
ay the following brothers and sis
ters: James Clingenpeel, Milton
Clingenpeel, Amos Clingenpeel
and Will J. Clingenpeel, all of
Oklahoma, and Jane Flshburn, of
Canon City, Colo. Funeral ser
rices will be held Thursday at
1030 a. m., from Rigdon's mor
tuary. Interment I. O. O. F. ceme
tery. Bosholm
In this city, December 20, 1932,
Minnie Bosholm, wife of John
Boiiholm, mother of Mrs. Anna
Smith, Mrs. Minnie Menig, Wil
liam Bosholm, all of Sandy, Ore.
Ala survived by three grandchild
ren and one great-grandchild. Na
tive of Germany, aged 79 years,
funeral services will he held at
the M. E. church at Sandy, Thurs
day, December 22, at 1 p. ra. Ter
wllllxer Funeral home, 77 1 Chero
eketa street, conducting.
'ITltboat OprtiB er ban sf Tiaw
Ob ltuary
Cases Set Cases (or the
first two weeks of circuit court.
department one. have been set.
the first case starting January
3. The docket: January 3. Ran
dal) ts. Southern Pacific com
pany; 4th, Weathers vs. Kitchen;
5th, Kirishan ts. MeDoagal: Cth,
Brens tetter vs. Coffenberry: Sth,
Berbrlch vs. Burns; 10th, Canon.
vs. Liveslev: nth. Moaner ts.
Starker; 13 th, Ball ts. Associat
ed Oil; llth, Bronkey ts. Olson.
Atlas Book Store open evenings
until Christmas.
Code Change Planned A
meeting of the state reclamation
commission will be held here next
week, when a number of amend
ments to the existing reclamation
code will be drafted. These amend
ments will be presented to the
legislature when it convenes in
regular session January 9. C. E.
Stricklin, secretary of the commis
sion, said the amendments would
not be divulged until later in the
Free diamond ring with every
purchase of $23.75 or over at
Pomeroy A Keene's.
ShaaBle Had 93027 The estate
of the late Frank S. Shauble has
an appraised value of $3027, a re
port filed at the courthouse Wed
nesday shows. Twenty acres of
land in this county are valued at
$1200 while cash on hand was
$1827. Bertha Rodgers 1b admini
stratrix of the estate. Appraisers
were R. H. Basett, Gladys L.
Knapp and Chris J. Kowitz..
Atlas Book Store open evenings
until Christmas.
Heltzel Gets $25,000 The
estate of Charles H. Heltzel, 18,
has an estimated value of $25,
000, accord ingto papers filed yes
terday in probate court here
where Clara Heltzel, his mother,
was named the youth's guardian.
The estate of his father, the late
James G. Heltzel, attorney, who
lost bis life at sea, is thought to
be $150,000.
50c Christmas trees for sale, lie.
9 85 Broadway.
Distribution Approved Distri
bution of $250 to each of the six
heirs of the late William H.
Gretchell was approved In a pro
bate court order issued yesterday.
Myrta Hayes is executrix. The
heirs reside in the east. Other
property remains to be distrib
uted. Lucille Cummings soloist on Mill
er's program of Christmas carols
today at 8:45.
Hold Report in Error Final
report of Joseph Bartnick. admin
istrator of the estate of Christian
Engi, deceased, is incorrect, ac
cording to a statement made in
probate court Wednesday by the
Ladd A Bush Trust company
which points out alleged mlstikes
in the report.
Dry wood-coal. Tel. 5000, Salem
Fuel Co. Prompt serrice.
Tree Shines Decorations on
the large fir tree at the court
house were shining last night the
illumination having been provid
ed by the Salem Cherrian3. The
decorations will be lighted night
ly until after Christmas. This is
the 17th consecutive year the
Clierrians have lighted the tree.
Eleanor Moore will be featured
as soloist on Miller's Christmas
carol program today, 12:20 p.m.
Wet Succumbs O. P. West,
Boy Scout executive for Cascade
area council, fell ill with influen-
za yesterday, on the eve of the
scout dinner and the annual court
of honor at the state house. His
attending physician said he would
have to remain in bed for several
Insurance written
payments. Homer
Phone 9181.
Guardian Named The Ladd A
Bush Trust company has been
named guardian of the estate of
Anna Quent, insane, and order is
In nrnrMa In nav thft stAto S.376
... i' - -" J
said to be due for care in the
notyiMi "c
made at the rate of $20 a month.
Christmas shoppers! New loca-
tion A. A. Clothing Co. 335 State.
New Administratrix Named
Minnie M. Clark has been named
administratrix of the estate of the
late Ethel W. Sutton to succeed
C. L. Marsters, Rachel M. Knight
on having filed a petition of pro
test in probate court here.
Auction high grade furniture and
Christmas gifts. Woodry's Auc
tion Market, 1:30 today.
Judgment Granted A judg
ment for $86, to which interest
and costs are to be added, has
been granted in circuit court here
in behalf of Peter Kurner and
against Oscar and Edgar Hams.
Prime dressed turkeys for sale,
Pike To Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
E. Pike,. 912 South 12th street, a
boy, Leonard William, born on
December IS at the residence.
for stomach, liver, constipation,
bladder and female troubles.
Free Consultation. Hours 9-6
Sunday 9-12
Chinese Medicine Co.
122 N. Commercial St.
Card Table. and
CKairt to Rent
Call e 10, Used Fnmitnr
' Departmeat
1S1 North High
Bond Firm Paid Judge LvO.
Lewelling in a decision rendered
this week awarded $11,129 to th
Metropolitan Casualty Insurance
company and dismissed a decree
made by Judge L. Q. aiegmund or
dering that the money he paid
over to the estate of O. D. Wolfe,
deceased. The money had been
held by. the state highway depart
ment as final payment on C.41
miles of grading done on the Co
lumbia river highway by Wolfe
and his successor. The bonding
firm finished the job.
Sterling silver dlnnarware, ser
rice for tour $34.15, the former
price of platerware. Pomeroy
Keene. Tes, and jl diamond ' ring
Three Get Licenses .Marriage
licenses haue been Issued to the
following couples at the court
house here: Raymond Albert
Hoffman. 1334 North 19th street,
bank clerk, to Louise Caroline Al
len, 1405 Mission street, elerk;
John Enright, 45, .Gervals, labor
er, to Viola Campbell. 43, Gervals,
housekeeper; Harold L. Putnam,
23, Silverton, logger, to Eva M.
Barkhurst, 24, Silverton, house
keeper. Chinese herbs for Influenza.
Charlie Chan Med. Co. 122 N.
Commercial St.
Mrs. Sturgis Sues Suit for di
vorce has been filed In circuit
court here by Eunice Sturgis
against Charles A. Sturgis whom j
she claims falsely accused her and j
didn't contribute adequately to !
the support of their three chil
dren. The eouptd married in 1910
and threatened to separate in
1930 but were reconciled. Now
Mrs. Sturgis seeks a divorce, the
custody of their three children
and support money for them.
A gift in a Pomeroy A Keene box
is the recipient's guarantee of
Ask Care on Roads Members
of the county court yesterday is
sued a statement to all truck op
erators in the county asking them
if possible to refrain from using
county roads for a few days antil
the roads hardened after the thaw.
The cold weather froze the roads
a number of inches in depth and
the resulting thaw has made the
highways soft and easily pene
trated by heavy trucks.
Ladles' Coating A Suiting, new
fall shades, 5 s in. width at less
than cost of manufacturing, 50c,
75c and $1 yd. Thos. Kay Wool
en Mill, 260 S. 12th.
Foreign Bequests Made Five
hundred dollars to the old
peoples' home in Norway, and a
like amount to the town of Aals
Sogu, Norway, were allowed yes
terday in probate -court here in
connection with the estate of the
late Tosten T. Sorteberg. The be
quest to the town goes for a fund
to help needy people there.
Many people are taking advant
age of "The Giftry" room at
Pomeroy & Keene's.
Exams Going On Teachers' ex
aminations are In progress at the
courthouse here under supervision
of Mrs. Mary L. Fulkerson, coun
ty school superintendent. The ex
aminations last through Friday
Examinations for life certificates
nv i a vi ill.
will be given one day earlier this
Special Fancy Rainbow Stripe
Blanket, 4 pounds, 58 by 84, $3,
Thos. Kay Woolen Mill, 260 S
Report on Estute Income of
$1421 and outgo of $1404 has
been reported on the estate of the
late Matilda S. Wempole, Clarence
C. Wempole, executor, has report
ed in probate court here. Realty
valued at $4800 is yet owned by
the estate against which a Wood
burn bank has a $750 mortgage
Pictures for Christmas. Reduced
prices at Presnall's, 455 Court.
Peterson Estate In Mae McEl-
haney has been appointed execu
trix of the estate of the late Ida
B. Peterson, an estate which has
an estimated value of $6400
I ...
I IV a YtMah tn Ihonkr rn v nnw
friend3 and neighbora for thelr
kindness, help and sympathy in
onr recent beeavement and also
during the sickness of our dear
husband and father and the many
floral offerings. Mrs. D. J. Ray
mond and Mrs. Alice Schilberger.
Save on these Gifts . . ,
Desk Sets
i2 Price
Sets sit low as $1.50
Leather Goods
BUI Folds
Brie! Cases
Five Year
Locking Diaries
Large assortment aa sale
Wrappings Tags
Select your J
gifts at the j )
Commercial j .
Book Store J
163 North Commercial Street
Keckj Visitor Home for the
holidays Is Wendell Keck, WU
lamstta '10. who win be at his
parents' home, Mr. and Mrs. W.-C.
Keck. 1607 State street, until New
Year's. Keek Is working tor his
doctor's degree la English at Ire
land Stanford University.
Men's and Toung Men's tailor
made suits, ordinarily sell at $30
to $42, now only $11.7 and
$14.75. Thos. Kay Woolen Mill.
260 S. llth.
Thomas -Quite d Charles M.
Thomas, public utility commis
sioner, is ill at his home here with
a severe cold. Physicians said he
would not be able to return to his
office for sereral days. George
Dunsford, superintendent of state
buildings and grounds, also was
reported HI with influenza.
New Rayon Pajamas with coats.
Special $1.69; also new rayon pa
jamas, extra else. Howard Cor
set Shop, iff N. Liberty St
Gets Divorce Lola B. Conklin
has been granted a divorce from
Murray D. Conklin to whom she
was married in this county in
August. 1927. The plaintiff al
leged her husband deserted her.
She ' had the court' restore her
maiden name of Lela.B. Carruths.
Secure license A marriage li
cense was issued Wednesday to
Elza Loy Fisher, 24, route one,
Turner, fanner, and Frieda Mae
Campbell, 18, housekeeper. Miller
B. Hayden, justice of the peace,
performed the ceremony.
Free auto robes with each ov
ercoat a ad topcoat at $11.50 and
$15.50. Thos. Kay Woolen Mill.
260 S. 12th St.
Baker Sues Larmer Suit to
collect $3300 has been filed here
by H. L. Baker against D. A. Lar
mer, the former claiming Larmer
owes him that amount for goods
destroyed in a warehouse fire two
years ago.
Appraisers Picked F. E. Ful
ler, E. W. Kitchen and D. L.
Spauldlng have been named ap
praisers in probate court here of
the estate of the late Margaret C.
Dance, McElroy's Band, Mellow
Moon. Christmas night, Dec.
26th. Gents 40c. Ladies 35c.
Decree Granted A decree of
$6067 to which Interest and costs
are to be added has been awarded
the Columbia Mines Development
company against the Amalgamat
ed Mining corporation.
Lot is .Arrested W. A. Lotia of
Salem was arrested yesterday on
a charge of falling to stop at a
through street, according to police
Ladles' and Girls' Sports Coats,
while they last $6.50 coat for
$4.75. Thos Kay Woolen Mill.
260 S. 12th St.
Schulz To Mr. and Mrs. Max-
millian Frank Schuls, 2320 South
Commercial street, a boy, Theo
dore Sinclair, born on December
10 at the residence.
Dance, McElroy's Band, Mellow
Moon, Christmas night, Dec.
26th. Gents 40c, Ladies 23c.
Decree Final Final decree was
issued in probate court yesterday
in the estate of the late Marie L.
Jones for which W. L. Jones has
served as administrator.
Improving Friends of Mrs. B.
E. Robertson, 305 South 16th
street, will be pleased ta learn
that she is recovering from sev
eral days' serious Illness.
Ben Weinstein is
Held on Warrant
Ben Weinstein, charged with
larceny of embezzlement, was ar
rested In Portland yesterday on
warrant out ef justice court here.
Croqa I o I e
Ringlet Bad
$2.00 plete
Open Friday
Evenings by
307 First Natl Bank Bldg.
Tel. SltS
Branch of Castle Ploaeer
Permanent Wavers, Portland
These Make a
Welcome Gift...
Star and Bine Ribbon
formerly- sold at $20 to
Here are a few of the titles
Catherine the Great
Anthony. You Can't
Print That! Seldes.
New Worlds to Conquer
-Ralburton. What Can
a Man Believe Bar
ton. Mother India
Mayo. Why We Behave
Like Human Beings
Dorsey. Outline of His
tory Wells. Trader
Books for Boys
and Girls
of titles -
A. A. Gueff roy
LISS than two weeks remain
before the special session of
the state legislature will take
up in Salem,' and the building
crews are busy getting ready -for
the legislators and accompanying-
visitors. Walls an 'being wash
ed, show eases in the. lobby ef the
second, floor are slse being taken
eat to make room tor news re
porters. Several more were absent
from the capKol yesterday be
cause of fflneas, incnldirtg this
time Hal E. Hosa, secretary of
state. Who Is at home nursing
a bad cold, and Charles Good
win, of the corporation- depart
ment, who Is reported to have
tha fin. Many employes of tha
state bow HI. likewise have de
pleted the ranks reporting far
work daily.
Earl Snftll. who will he speaker
of the bouse in the coming legis
lative session, was here yesterday
looking for a place to live during
the session. He finally located at
the Royal Court apartments, and
said he would be here immediate
ly after Christmas. Earl is get
ting things lined up for the ses
Snell said he received about
50 letters a day from applicants
for work during the session and
there were about 30 people for
every job available. There will
be fewer clerks this year than
ever, he said, and the matter of
overtime will be watched close
ly. He wants an economical ses
sion. Committees for the house are
being lined up, but no announce
ments will be made until the spec
ial and regular sessions, Snell
said. Only a couple committees
will be used during the special
session. The new members, Snell
said, as a whole are a fine bunch
and very capable men. He added
that he expected a mighty busy
Other legislators eeen around
the capitol yesterday included
Karl HflL ef Lane connty, and
Complaint was made by AI Gold
man of the R. K. O. Orpheum,
who accuses Weinstein of embez
zling from him $68.75. Weinstein.
connected with a film house on
tha coast, is out on bond, accord
ing to advices received here.
FAST and
the drum he leads th parade
3 )S
arc U th AAA Official Report
"Standard" Start in 2.11 Second at lCTBloxo Zer
LTUa b to certify that a Freexe Starting Teat on Standard
GasoGne, purchased by as in the open market, resulted as
The teat was coodactad in a stock Model A Ford Engine
at tha followinf temperatureai
Combustion Chamber 10 F Below Zero
Atmeepkerk Temperature ... 10 F M M
Zerolene Motor OH in Crankcake . 6 F "
Zerolene Gear Grease, Winter . . 7 F
Starsdard Gasoline 7.5F "
The started and continued to run in 2.11 seconds
after first pressure on starting bntton.
TLk test is officially aanctionerl by the AAA and con
form in all respects to the regulations of that body; the
engine and all products being of the grade and consistency
regeJarfy ptMxhaeable. Temperatmee grren are Fahrenheit.
Try a tankfal today
W. E. Barke, of Yamhill
slow and said shy Haatlagtaa
wonld be with aha aatf McCorn
ack in the hawse frees Laa
comaty this time. Barks la a
holdover state senator aad la
lining my sane poignant legis
latioa. William Tugmaa, editor of the
Eugene Guard, was here also yes
terday. Tugman Is active In the
interests of the university aad
said he expected to he here sev
eral times during the session. The
Guard this year however will not
have an extra man covering the
session to augment other reports,
as was the case two years ago.
The bndget for the state leg
ialatnre is nearlng completion,
Henry Hanzen anoaaced. And
K was said araoad the lobby
that when the legislators,
pledged to cat expenses, sea this
bwdget they will reverse them
selves and spend their time
adding to it. The budget has
been trimmed to the nth degree,
it is declared.
Governor Meier may not be an
expert bridge player, but he can
show gamesters a lot of tricks in
the old and fascinating game of
dominoes. This Is the report heard
around the capitol after the gov
ernor and his wife had been in
vited out to dinner at several
places in Salem the past week.
They returned to Portland yes
terday for Christmas.
W. F. Hardesty, who was
reading clerk In the senate the
last few sessions, was at the
capitol yesterday looking like a
miner. He is expected to be in
line for the same Job again. A
real contest is being waged for
calendar clerk in the senate,
however, the position held be
fore by AJ Goddard, now with
the state police.
George Brown, many years
clerk of the state land board, was
ezpected to leave last night for
Oakland for his annual vacation.
George takes bis vacation each
Christmas rather than in the sum
mer. He visits a sister in Calif
ornia. He will be back shortly
after the first of the year while
the legislature is in session.
One casanlty among legisla
tors has already occurred. Ten
nis J. Wyers, of Hood River,
don't delay they're going fast.
. 'fa
Two Deaths Occur at Dallas
In as Many Days; one
Funeral Today
DALLAS. Dee, 11 (Special )
Ellsworth WIHiam Fall sr. S.
died at his home here Wednesday
morning about 11 o'clock from a
heart attack. Mr. Taller was at
work la his tarage at about 19
o'clock when he eomplataed of a
pain aroind his heart and return
ed to his home. A doctor was call
ed Immediately but Mr. Fuller
died a few minutes later.
He was born la Ontario. Vernon
county. Wisconsin, June 20. 1864.
He was the son of William and
Almeda J. Fuller. On April S,
1889. he married Almeda S. Olts
at Aitkin. Minn. The couple mov
ed to Dallas In 1900 aad have re
sided here since that date. Mr.
Fuller will be remembered by old
timers here as the proprietor of a
livery stable In the old days-and
also as a garage man. He operat
ed a garage herd for several years.
He was a. member of Jennings
lodge No. 9, A. F. ft A. M., since
1900, and was also a member of
the Eastern Star.
He is survived by his mother,
Mrs. Almeda J. Crowther; his wld-
young republican elected to the
session for the first time, may
not be able to attend the fore
part of the assembly. He was
quite badly injured in an auto
mobile accident there during
the past week and may not have
recovered fully by the time of
the session.
Another class of officials con
nected with the state but named
in counties had a larger tursover
than customary at the last elec
tion. Of the 36 counties school
superintendents in the state, 13,
or more than one-third, are- new
ones. A meeting of the new of
ficials was held by C. A. Howard
here recently and nine of them
were able to attend.
Toilot Oot
Solid cosnposrtioa amber with
sapcr-pearl finishl la doth
Caed gift box I Unusual value t
r i
- , ' Genuine. VvJ
Valued mf ts They're wtricasely m" ' ffl
tooled, and Jasaawarrs The ss 1 f '
side ttpeer closing's saost coa- j
r sua V - W. Jk 1
Cojnlng Events
December 28 S a I ese
high ts. AlnataL basket balL
December 3S5-38 Two
day Christmas holiday. -
December St Coaaty
C E. Watch party, Cewrt
Street Christian charch,
Jsnsary t-M Two day
Hew Tear's holiday.
ow; a daughter. Mrs, Almeda
Holts of " Eageae. aad a son.
George Faller of RickrealL
Faneral-arraagemeats wiU not
ha made antil other, relatives are
heard from.
Mrs. Fred Bird
Mrs. Fred Bird. 4S, of WlUa
mina. died Tuesday mar n lug at
tha home ef Mrs. Finley Whitney
oa Sheltoa street after aa Illness
of several weeks. Mrs. Bird was
taken to the Dallas hospital early
in November where she aaderweat
a major operation. She was la tha
hospital It days and was then
taken to the home of Mrs. Whlt
nsy where she had been from that
She was born in Illinois la It 17
aad moved to WOlamlaa la 111 C
where she had resided for IK
years. She is survived by her hus
band and two sons.
Funeral services will be held
st tha Hankie A Thomas under
taking parlors here1 Thursday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment
will be at the mausoleum in Salem.
Modeled after Guy's hospital in
London, the original building of
the New Orleans Charity hospital
became 109 years old this year.
Delicious pure hand roll
ed creams used exclu
sively in all our Christ
mas boxes
Are Sure to Please!
Yet, you 11 please her im
mensely with these semi
senrice weight, foil-fash
ioned hose I Mercerises
Attraettrery Boxed
Some aQ white otliers in tintj
with lined envelopes. Ia giij'
Ubcrtr SL
HIS Orfoa Bias.
Pksat ISO