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    Tfc OREGON STATESMAN, Salea, Oregon, Saturday Morning,. DecemW 10, 1932
. s ,
ra m host
College Formals I
Smart Events
Of Tonight
Tonight the sororities of Wil
lamette university will entertain
with charmingly smart affairs.
These are the annual "formals,"
always outstanding social events
of the college year.
Delta Phi sorority will enter
tain with a formal banquet in the
banquet room of the Marion ho
tel at 7:30 o'clock tonight. Color
ful decorations, an attractive pro-1
gram and the splendidness of for
mats will make the affair a mem
orable one.
Mrs. Lillian R. Hagman, house
mother of the sorority, Mr. and
Mrs. R. S. Keene and Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Jones will be patrons
and patronesses for the banquet.
The guest list, sorority mem
bers and pledges include:
Sorority member and pledges: Dorothy
DurVee, Wanda Landon, Mary Banning,
lorothy Minnieh, Jeanette Smith, Faith
Bherburne, Lou Wilkes, Mildred Ke,ter,
Buth Gillette, Frances Stewart. Pauline
Livey, Cynthia Del.ano, Phyllis Deni
eon, Eliiaheth Clement, Margaret Haight,
Margaret Hagg, Alene Birkford, Bea Har
tung, Ruth Young, Loia Underwood, Rath
Chapman, Frances Laws, Winifred Gard
ner, Hetty Martin, Betty-Mae -Hartung,
There Ulrirh, Alice Speck, Doris Cn
mh. Ruth Mort, Mildred Miller, Betty
Badley, Janet Weil, Virginia Durkee, Al
vis Love, Elaine Chaney, MidCe Hewitt,
Gwendolyn Hunt, Esther Black, Pauline
Mod re, Ruth Chaney and Lillian Scott.
Ouettt: Prank Haley, Kenneth Man
ning, David Moser, Clarence EUison, Bob
Hoack, Piercy Sweet, Keith Jones, Carl
Marcy, Dwight Adams, Don Kgar, Phil
Armstrong, Tho flatten, Kalph Fofter,
Charles Campbell. Bill Thome, Louis Ma
gin, Bob Logan, Ous Moore, David John
son, Garfield Barnett. Edward Franti,
Forrets Rieke, Tom Goyne, Chester Ban
ta. Ronald Hudklns, James Burdette, Er
rol Walling, Karle Potter, Richard Up
john, Kenneth Fleming, Wayne Dough
ton, Charles West, Joe Felton, Warren
Crow, Milea Woodworth, Earl Carkin,
Talbot Bennett, Keo Young, John nelson,
Wesley Roeder and Hal Bolinger.
Beta Chi sorority will entertain
with a smart 9 o'clock supper at
the Masonic temple tonight. An
unusual program has been plan
ned and the evening la being an
ticipated as a brilliant one.
Alpha phi Alpha sorority will
take this opportunity to entertain
in charming and formal manner
In the new home of the sorority on
North Summer street. Elaborate
plans are made for this red letter
Informal Dinner
Observes Birthday
A delightfully small informal
dinner Sunday will observe the
birthday of Miss Josephine Corn
oyer at which time Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Cornoyer will be hosts at
the Cornoyer home.
Guests will include Dr. and
Mrs. T. J. Rederich and Miss
Margaret Rederich of Vancouver,
Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mc
Clelland and Ralph Stearns.
Will there be a complete ward
robe for the new doll that Santa
Is bringing little sister? There can
be, for here's some, darling things
... a coat, a hat, frock with cape,
and undies . . . can be made In a
Jiffy for little or no expense if
you've some left over pieces of
fabric. Twice as gratifying will be
the happy smile of the happy tot
when she sees dolly all dressed up.
Pattern 2432 may be ordered
only for dolls measuring 10, 18,
22 and 24 inches. Slie 18 requires
6- 8 yard 8 6 Inch fabric for pantle
and slip, 5-8 yard tor dress, and
7- 8 yard for coat and hat. Illus
trated step-by-step sewing Instruc
tions Included with, this pattern.
sod fifteen eests (lSe) la
coins or stsmps (coins preferred),
for ssch psttcra. Writs plainly
your name, address and stylo nom
Tho fsH and winter edition of
tho Anno Adams Pattern catalog
Is ready I Cbsrtning, flattering mod
els S3 psgsa of tho newest and
host house, ttreet snd : formal
frocks clsverly designed styles
tor largo figures and beautiful,
practical models for Juniors snd
kiddles. Lovely lingerie patterns,
aad suggestions for gifts that can
bo easily snd Inexpensively msda.
ere also Included. Send for tho
aw catalog. Price of estslog. fit
tees cents. Catalog and pattern to
gether, twenty -five cents. Address
all aaatl orders to Statesman Pat
tern department, S4S W. 17th
street. New Tork city.
17th street. Kew Tork City.
News and Club
eOuve M. Doak,
M - R- P. Boise
O. T. Club Hostess
Mrs. R. P. Boise entertained
members of the O. T. club at her
delightful home on North Sum
mer street Friday. A oae o'clock
luncheon preceded an afternoon
of bridge. Mrs. Russell Catlin re
ceived winning score for the
club members and Mrs. J. Bever
ldge held winning score for
In addition to the club mem
bership special guests included
Mrs. Frank Snedecor, Mrs. Henry
Cornoyer, Mrs. Homer Smith, Sr.,
Mrs. Margaret Le Furgy and
Mrs. J. Beveridge.
Merry -Go- Round
Club Begins
The first meeting of the winter
season of the Merry-Go-Round
club was held Friday night with
Mr. and Mrs. Max Buren and
Frank Lovell as hosts.
The regular dinner was enjoyed
at a beautifully arranged and
Chrismasy table at the home of
Mrs. Ida Godfrey. Following the
dinner hour cards were in play at
the Buren home on Court street.
This is one of the most promi
nent as well as one of the oldest
clubs in point of organization of
the many clubs of Salem. Includ
ed in its membership are Judge
and Mrs. John McNary, Judge and
Mrs. John Rand, Mr. and Mrs.
Rollin K. Page, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. R.
B. Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. D. O.
Shipley, Mr. and Mrs. Ruben
Boise, Mrs. T. B. Kay, Mr. and
Mrs. A. N. MooreB, Mr. and Mrs.
William Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Thielsen, Dr. and Mrs. Charles
Robertson, Mrs. J. N. Smith, Mrs.
Russell Catlin, Mrs. Frank Sned
ecor, Mrs. E. C. Cross, and Frank
Jolly Time
Club Entertained
Mrs. Reynolds Schuett enter
tained for her bridge club at her
home in the country Wednesday
night. Holly, ferns and candles
were the decorations used.
Members present were Mrs. Al
bert Cutler, Mrs. Frank Clark,
Mrs. Maurice Hayes, Mrs. Ray
Smith, Mrs. B. G. Crowe, Mrs. W.
J. Smith and the hostess. Mrs.
George Manning was a special
The club will next meet at the
home of Mrs. Hayes, for a real
Christmas party, with the hus
bands as guests.
e o e
Aurora, Dec. 9 Each year the
December meeting of the Aurora
Woman's club, takes on a Christ
mas atmosphere. Gifts are ex
changed and the day Is looked for
ward to with the most pleasant
anticipation. Mrs. Walter Grim
and Mrs. E. P. MIchell were host
esses for the club Wednesday aft
ernoon at the home of Mrs. Grim.
Mrs. Logan Snyder, vice president,
presided at a brief business ses
The splendid program was ar
ranged by Mrs. Lester Reed, chair
man of the program committee.
Mrs. Diana Snyder read two
Christmas poems. The outstanding
feature of the afternoon was an
original Christmas story, written
by Mrs. Reed and read by Mrs.
Ben Stoner. A tableau, changing
with the unfolding of the beauti
ful story of the star In the east
with carols, was given by Mrs
Melvin Evans, Mrs. U. Eiler, Mrs
Lester Reed and her little daugh
one group of carolers were a
number of little lads whose child
ish voices in the distance were es
pecially enjoyed. Mrs. E. C. Dil
ler led in appropriate songs, and
Santa's helpers were featured In
a contribution by Mrs. Harry Ev
ans. Mrs. Edith Carpenter and
Mrs. A. W. Kraus assisted the
hostess at the attractive serring
table, centered by a diminutive
Christmas tree. Red tapers In sli
ver holders gave an additional
yuletlde air. A number of special
guests were present.
o o o
Monmouth Mrs. R. E. Derby
and Mrs. B. C. Cole entertained
the Social hour club Wednesday
afternoon at the Derby home. A
large attendance enjoyed the af
fair despite the very cold wea
ther. F. M. Roth, principal of the
high school, addressed the group
on American Indians. Mr. Roth
spent several years in Alaska and
northern Canada about 30 years
ago, and was able to give some
interesting facts from his contact
with Indians while there. An
angle of the topic which he
stressed was the deference ac
corded women In many Indian
The hostesses, assisted by the
program committee, Mrs. Cora
Riddell and Mrs. J. B. Lopence,
served seasonal refreshments,
o a
Woodburn The Woodburn
Woman's club is sponsoring the
Christmas seal sale this year. The
seals are to be used to prevent tu
berculosis. The sale lasta till
Those on the committee selling
the seals are Mrs. Maude Mochel,
chairman; Mrs. H. Overton, Mrs.
A. Simons, Mrs. E. T. Sims, Mrs.
W. J. Wihion, Mrs. Elfa Lytle,
Mrs. Henry Layman, Mrs. "Paul
Pemberton, Mrs. Margaret Hale,
Mrs. Arista Kendel, Mrs. C. F.
Whitman,. Mrs. A. E. Austin and
Miss Carrie Waterbury.
Hubbard Mrs. A. J. Smith
was complimented with a lovely
dinner Wednesday night by her
son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Lyle Hill at their
home in Woodburn, the occasion
being her birthday anniversary.
Covers were placed for Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Smith, Mildred Smith
Mra. Augusta Riener, Esther
Dtrkson, Eilene Rlemer and Mr.
Society Editor
Subscription List
For MacDowell
Club Given
Interest runs high this year In
the first program to be presented
by the Salem MacDowell club
chorus, an event scheduled for
December 13 at the Grand theatre.
Miss Mary Schults, violinist of
distinction, is the guest soloist for
the program and this together
with the rare beauty of Christmas
music presented by aa chorus of
both men's and women's voices
promises much, and from the ex
tent of the subscription list keen
interest is evident.
The subscription list Includes:
Governor Julius L. Meier, Mrs. J. T.
Delaney. Mrs. W. P. Watkins, Mrs. Anna
M. Junk, Mrs. Bertha Junk Darby, Dr.
W. L. Mercer, Mra. Emma Hinx, Mary
Burns, Floyd Ellis, Oscar Price, French
Shop. Mrs. Robin D. Day, Mrs. W. Carl
ton Smith, Mrs. Ira Jorgenson, Mrs. L. B.
Endiott, Mrs. David Adolph, Mra. Rich
ard Kriesel, Mr. Carl Armstrong, Mrs.
Elisabeth Watson, Mra. Deliah Dry nan,
Mrs. Leon M, Brown, Mrs. Jack Johnson,
Mr. and Mra. C. P. Bishop, Mirpah Blair,
R. P. Boise, H. P. Chase, Mra. B. E. Car
rier, Mra. O. L. Clark, F G. Deckebach,
Mrs. Carl G. Doney, Mrs. F. M. Erickson,
Mrs. Ronald Glover.
Mildred Lenoir, Margaret J. MeFadden,
Cameron Marshall. Nellie Schwab, U. G.
Shipley, Mrs. William 8. Walton, Julia
Webster, Rev. B. E. Parker. Charles Sher
man, Mrs. L. M. Thompson, Dr. C. B.
O'Neill, Harold Eakin, Dr. and Mra. Vin
ton Scott, Mrs. George M. King, John
Friesan, Dr. D. B. Hill. Dr. A. D. Wood
mansee, Gladys Miller, Gretchen Rinehart,
Dr. and Mrs. George Lewis, Dr. L. R.
Springer, George E. Waters, O. W. Paul us,
E. F. Slade. W. W. Moore. Frank Myera,
George Arbuckle, Fae Lienallen, Rer. and
Mrs. W. E. Cochrane, Roy Simmons, Dr.
Ruby Morris, Helen Purv'.ne, Dr. E. F.
Pound, Mildred E. Wyatt, P. J. Chapman,
Ola L. Clark. I
Mrs. George J. Pesrce, Mist Dorothy
Pearce, Susan Varty, Mrs. M. L. Meyers, I
Martha Fuhrer, Mrs. Fannie Bowes, Mrs. I
W. A. Denton. Roth Ruenitt. Gertrude
Ssvsge, Mrs. John Rand, Mrs. Henry
Besn, Mrs. Percy Kelly, Judge Campbell,
Mrs. Thomas McBride, Mrs. Paul B. Wal
lace. Mrs. H. K. Stockwe'.l, Mrs. A. R.
Tarter, Marjorie O'Dell, Bern ice Riek
man. Dr. Mary C. Rowland, Mrs. C. B.
Prstt. Miss Mary Eyre, J. Frank Hughes,
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hanson, Mrs. E. A.
Chapman, Mrs. J. M. Sehon, Mrs. Emil
Carlson, Mra. David Eason, Mrs. W. H.
Esst. Mrs. Mary C. Fletcher. Miss Clara
Trotter, Miss Mary Schults, Lew C. Dry,
Mrs. John H. Carkin. Mrs. Clsrs Patter
son. Dr. snd Mrs. B. E. Lee Steiner, Mrs.
W. L. Phillips.
Mrs. Hsl Hosa, Gretchen Kreamer. P.
D. Quisenberry, Mrs. R. L. Edwsrds, Am
anda Schwabbauer, 0. K. Wilson, Ore Mc
Intire, Msvbelle Burch, Mrs. H. A. Zosel,
Dr. and Mrs. Franak E. Brown, Bland N.
Spur, William Hamilton, Mrs. Winnie
Pettyjohn, Hoy Hewitt, Madeline Manna,
Mrs. William Brown. Gretchen Thielsen,
Margaret Hogg, Elma Weller. Lillian R.
Hagman. Frank Churchill, Mrs. G. W.
Allen, Miss Mickey, Mrs. D. A. Hodge,
Nona Welch, Elisabeth Weleh, Mra. Sin
gleton, Ann Jnrsnek, Bemadine Ledfors,
Mr. adn Mrs. J. R. Bedford, A. P. Speer,
W. T. Jenks.
Hollsnd Bakery, Hoffman's Heat Msr
ket, Kruae s Watch snd Jewelry Shop,
Safeway Stores, Inc., Benson Baking com
pany. Capital Drug Store, Clongh-Bamek
company. Price Shoe company. Buster
Brown Shoe company, Hartman Bros.,
TJ. 8. National Bank, Portland Gas 4
Coke company, First National Bank, Joe
Roque's Brake Hospital, Elliott Drygoods
company, Morris Optical company, Horaer
H. Smith Insurance Agency, Day A Nilee,
Inc., Little Lady's Store, Texsco Super
Service Station, Texas company, Wills
Mntic Sioro.
Valley Motor company, Roberta Music
Studio, Margaret's Baby Shop, Kimball
Piano company, William Gahlsdorf, Inc.,
Howard Corset Shop, Adele's Beauty
Shop, Greene's Purity Store, Adams, Flor
ist, Commercial Book Store, Salem Laun
dry company, Terwilliger Funeral Home,
South Salem Pharmacy, A. C. Smith Serv
ice Station, Leslie Springer Shyne Sboppe,
Eoff Electric company, Guunell Robb
0 0 0
Monmouth Mrs. A. E. Teth
erow and Mrs. George Cooper
entertained a large group of
friends at cards Thursday nlgnt
at the Tetherow home. Mistletoe
ana nouy leni a xesiiTe soiling i
to the rooms where nine tables
were In play, with honors going
to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Graham.
Guests were: Dr. and Mrs. B.
F. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Con key, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Courier, Mr. and Mrs. Charlee
Calbreatb, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
Craven, Mrs. Mlna Cornelius, Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. DeArmond, Paul
Doughty, Mr. and Mrs. James
riantU an4 f TXT V rtre
t. v- lr.Ax.t-. 'r.,'.,.
xt, -fM vf
Vni Mrs. Ed Rogers M Cora
t.M4.n .-2 Vf v.a
O'Rourke, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Smith, Mrs. Velma Smith, Carl
Tetherow, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Smith, Mrs. Velma Smith, Carl
Tetherow, Mr. and Mrs. O. A.
Wolverton, Mr. and Mrs. Teth
erow and Mr. and Mrs. Cooper,
Brush Creek Mrs. L. H.
Meyer was hostess at a surprise
party Wednesday night for Mr,
The occasion was the
27th weddin- anniver-
sary. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer were
married at Trinity church at 811
verton December 7, 1905.
Among those who were present
Wednesday night who were
present at the wedding 27 years
ago were Mrs. M. J. Madsen,
Hans Hansen, who was best man
at the wedding, Mra. Christine
Hansen, Miss Lillie Madsen, Mr.
and Mrs. Victor Madsen. Others
present at the Wednesday night
affair were Miss Margaret Gelsik,
Miss Althea Meyer, Ludvig Mey-
er, Colleen Madsen and Roger ran, pastor, announces. Tne eon
Madsen. cert will he open to the public
Mra. Clarence P. Morgan en-
tertained with a surprise party pearance or tne string trio, com
Wednesday night in compliment posed of Delmar Maybee, Tlolin
tr th hirthriaT of h,r husband. it; Alice Clement, flean of the
The nartv waa given at the home
of Mrs. Morgan's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Persey. Christmas
was used as the decorative note
for the guet rooms. Cards were
In play for several hours and re
freshments wero served. Present,
In compliment to Mr. Morgan,
were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Watson,
of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Stuemke, of Corona, Cal Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Laue, Miss Henrietta
Koehler, George Casebeer and
Mrs. Morgan.
Silverton Mra. Sadie Orr
Dunbar, executive secretary of
the state tuberculosis association
from :. ortland, Dr. V. A. Douglas
of Salem and Mrs. Irma LeRiche,
county nurse at Silverton, will be
the speakers at the Monday af
ternoon meeting of the Silver
ton Woman's club. The topic of
discussion will be "Child Wel
fare." Members have been asked to
bring their contributions of rel-
ish for the local hospital at this
Paul Staley
Married in East
The many Salem friends will be
agreeably surprised to learn of the
marriage of Paul 8taley, son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Staley. Mr.
Staley married Miss Shirley John
son of Providence, R. I. The wed
ding was an event of November 2
at the home of the bride. Mr. and
Mrs. Staley are now at borne In
New York City at 122 Seaman
avenue, apartment C 2.
Mr. Staley, who la well known
in Salem where he attended grade
and graduated from high school,
is connected with one-of the large
shoe houses of New Tork. He
graduated from the University of
Oregon before going east where
he has spent most of his time
since his graduation.
Officers Will
Be Elected
The Ladle' Guild of the Ameri
can Lutheran church will meet in
the church parlors Wednesday aft
ernoon at 2:30 o'clock for the an-
nual business meeting. At this
lme officers are to be .elected.
Mrs. P. W. Erixon, present pres
ident, is urging all members to be
present. A musical program will
be included in the afternoon
hours. Mrs. Gordon McGUchrist
will be vocalist.
Hostesses will
George N. Fake,
Include Mrs.
Mrs. Claude
Glenn, and Mrs. C
C. White,
i WT
nOUSe Warminff
- ,
lollV r VPnt
J"". UYC"1'
One of the Joys of a new home
la the interest which friends
show In It. The home of Miss Eli
sabeth Lord and Miss Edith
Schryrer is one that is attract
ing much compliment from their
many friends.
One such compliment was the
surprise "house warming" which
a group of if of their most in
timate friends paid them Friday
night. The guests called and an
informal evening of cards was
followed by a delightful re
freshment hour.
e o o
Rocky Point Mrs. Jessie
Boedighiemer entertained with a
shower complimenting her
daughter - In - law, Mrs. Louis
Knapke. Those present were Mrs.
J. T. Hofner and daughter Lou
ise, Mrs. Ida Corn. Mrs. Pounds.
Mrs. S. Axman, Mrs. J. Stohr,
and daughter Dorothy, Mrs. J,
P. Worms and daughter Marie,
Mrs. Ed Doerfler, Mrs. N. E.
Hunt, Miss D. Darst, Mrs. D. Ges
ner, Mrs. Herman Hassler, Miss
A. Klnty, Mrs. J. J. Halfman
and daughter Leona. Miss Grace
Knapke, Mrs. Jessie Boedigiemer
and honor guest, Mrs. Louis
Mrs. Chester Cox will speak be
fore the Independence club next
Monday, concerning Christmas
decorations and the following
week will speak before the Mc-
Minnville Garden club on the
same topic.
Woodburn Deputy President
Mrs. Florence Shipp of Salem vis
ited the Woodburn Woman's Re-
n-f Corns Thursday afternoon. A
potluck dinner was served by the
Fellowship Day
To be Observed,
tn ay f
McCallum Says
Sunday will be Fellowship day
at the Court street Christian
church, Seventeenth and Court.
The whole day's program will ear
nr out that theme. At the morn-
rl P"t". "ugh N.
McCallum will speak on "Fellow-
CbrW. following the
morning service a basket dinner
will be held in the Bungalow of
the church.
The afternoon service will he
unique in that the Inside working
of many organizations will be the
feature of an "Open House Serv
ice". A primary class will demon
strate its work, the Ladies' Aid
will quilt and display some of
tnelr work- the SilTer 8trln J
cnestra win practice as wm me
Linlield Choir
To Appear Here.
Friday Dec. 16
The Linfield college A Capella
choir, of McMlnnrllle, will pre-
sent a concert at the Calvary
Baptist church here Friday night,
December 16, ReT. W. Earl Coch-
without admission.
A special feature will be ap-
Linfield conservatory, cellist;
na Margaret itamsey, pianist,
Mission Open
All Night for
Homeless Ones
Starting Thursday night and
continuing through the eold spell,
the Open Door mission will keep
its doors open all night to those
who have no home. While there
are not beds for all, fire Is kept
going In the large fireplace.
Thursday 140 persons were giv
en food, and 28 lodging. Women
are meeting daily at the mission
to guilt for the needy, says Pastor
H. W. Coulon.
and Mrs. William Dietzman of
near Liberty hare moved onto
the farm- owned by Max Lytle.
I They hare two children In school
10 CHURCH MEEnrffi
Quarterly Conference
Hayesville Group Schools
Will be Dec. 18
BROOKS, Dec. S Clear Lake
Sunday school will be host Sun
day, December 18th to the 158th
Quarterly convention of the
Hayesville district. Convention
officers axe Mlse Gladys Brown,
president; W. A. Starker, vice
president: and Miss Alice Mas-
sey, secretary. Mrs. H. F. Shanks
will lead the junior program, as
sisted by Lunella Chapin as pian
ist, and Glen Savage song leader.
R. G. Miller will be song leader
for the seniors and Miss Alice
Massey pianist.
At 10 o'clock the program for
the day will begin with the juniors
and seniors united for devotional
service. The program is as fol
lows: Junior program Morning,
10:30 Classes, Cradle Roll and be
ginners, Miss Cora Talklngton,
Primary, Daisy Lambert, Junior,
Mr!. Arthur Cummings, and
Christmas tree, Katherine Schark
in charge; 12:00 Basket dinner.
Afternoon Song service; violin
solo by five year old Geraldine
Schmoker; Roll call and offering;
Exercise, Roberts Sunday school;
quartet, girls from Pratum;
"God's Gift and Mine ". Mllo Ross;
exercise, Hazel Green; music, Da
vid and Bobby Olson.
Senior program 10 a. m.,
Christmas Carols; devotional talk,
Ernest 8avage; prayer and medi
tation, Mrs. H. F. Shanks in
charge; review of past quarters
lessons for adults by O. O. Epley
and for young people, Mrs. C. A.
Kells; solo, R. J. Miller; address.
Her. John Rudin. Basket dinner
Afternoon program Song service,
business session; readings, 'Mam
my's Omrden" and "A Christmas
Story", Kreta Fae Ashbaugh; pa
geant. Clear Lake; duet. Rev. and
Mrs. C. L. Dark; pantomime, "Si-
lent Night", Labish Center; male
quartet, Clough-Barrick; address,
Dr. Emory Pettlcord of Salem.
Scout Troop to
Receive Colors
Sunday Evening
Troup four of the Salem Boy
Scouts will be guests of the First
Christian church Sunday night,
This is one of the outstanding
troops of Salem, and is sponsored
by the First Christian church.
During the evening service of the
church the troop will be present
ed a standard Boy Scout American
flag by the local chapter of the
American Legion and a troop flag
by their sponsorers. The troop
will be honored with the presence
of many of the local scouts, as
well as ranking officers in scout-
The pastor, Guy L. Drill, will
have for hie theme "A Good
Scout." The public is invited to
participate in this service.
Special League
Service Will be
Held on Sunday
A candlelight worship service
will be held at the First Methodist
church Sunday evening at 7:30
o'clock under the auspices of the
University chapter of the Epworth
T -A ssTTI A Tai ?lk Vsv tnIJ., A'thiyu fVBLOl, yi QCJUCU
ot 't'V016
who will participate will be Ross
ri1!0"1 ar
garet Steyenson, advisor, and Tom
Hall who will read the Christmas
story, 'The Man Who Waa too
Busy to Visit the Child", and
Jeanette Smith and Jeanette
Scott who will give violin selec
tions from the Christmas carols.
Following the worship service
the choir of the church under the
direction of Cameron Marshall
will give a concert of sacred mu
sic. Professor T. S. Roberta Is
George T. Swift, rector. Church school.
0:84. Moraing prayer and sermon, 11.
xoung people s leuowsnip, o:ov.
tumors J. Giletrsn. sastor. linJ,,
school. 10. Moraine warahln 11 "Tk
immity or CUnn"; special nueie. Eve
ning worship, s, 'The Three Angels at
Ills Resurrection." Tonng people's meet
ing. 7:80, "Practicing Brotherhood In
fur vwa neighborhood, ' Anna Johnson
Look for Your
Copy of
Six Page RotoGravure
in the Churches
Boats. Ceaaaaercial ' at Washington,
Charles C. Hawwrth, pastor. hsaiy
cheat, 10, Helen Fs Joaes, anperiatemd
ent. Morning warship, 11. Christian la
s' eaver, S:S0, "Practicing World Broth
erhood la Oar Vws. Neighborhood-- Jtve
IbsT worship. 7:10. Goo4 Thosghts soar.
Meeting far prayer, praise and Bible:
stmdy Tharsday. 1:80 a. aa.
S&S retry. W. B. Caldwell, pastor, 456
Ralsaaat- ahaaa S69S. 8nadav school.
0:45. Mrs. Gilbert White. snDerintenoeat. I
Morniag worship. 11. "Tho Message to I
the Charts at Philadelphia," eoauaaaioa I
service following, evening evangeiuue I
service. 7:80. Prsrer service Tuesday eve-
5!i&ti& Hs'Sow' oK
rx&sT xnmAMiAX
North Cottage and Chemeketa. Trad
Albaa Weil, minister. Church school, 10,
Miles H. McKay, superintendent. Church
service, 11. "Good ror nothing or
Something." Mrs. Wslter A. Denton, or
Missouri Synod
A sad 16th. Kev. H W. Gross, pastor.
Sunday school, 9. William O'Neill, au-
penntendent. English services, 8 :45, cele
bration of holy communion; preparatory
service, 9:15: special music.
Msrket snd North Winter. J. B. Stew-
rt, pastor. Sunday school, 0:45, Emory
Goods, superintendent. Morning sermon.
The Precious eons of Zion. Junior
church. 11, led by Mrs. Elisabeth Barn
ett. Evangelistic service, 7:30. Tonng
eople'f meeting, 6:30. Prayer meeting
Thursday, 7 :30 p. m.
Chnrch street between Chemeketa and
Center. P. W. Erik sen, pastor. Sunday
chool. 0:45, preparing for Christmas snd
the pageant. Morning worship. 11. "Five
Stepa in Deliverance"; anthem, "O Wor-
htp the Lord ' ( Kieserling) ; aolo, llow
.ong Wilt Thou Forget Me" (Pflueger),
Mra. 3. A. Sholaet. Evening service, 7:30,
'Soviet Russia and World Peace," by C.
A. Robertson, Lt. Col. M. I. Res.; special
music by choir. Lutber league. 6:30. de
votionala and preparatioha for annual
meeting. Ladies' guild Wednesday, 2:80,
musical program, annnal meeting; host
esses for the day Mrs. George M. rake.
Mrs. Clsude H. Glenn, Mrs. C. C.White.
and Chemeketa.
Grover C.
30, L. M. Ramage. superintendent.
Morning worship. 11, "Threefold Convic
tion ; anthem. Holy Art Thou ' (Han
del): solo, Mrs. H. J. Millie, "The Trum
pet Shell Sound" (Hcott). Christisn En
desvor, 6:30. Evening praise. 7:30, "The
Test of Life"; snthem. "Tsrry With Ms,
O My Savior" (Bsldwin). Or an prelude,
1 .ly, TV. Ul.
Kelson ball. Chemeketa between Lib
erty and Commercial. Gordon Fleming,
sstor. Services. 7:30 p. as., lecture aab-
ct, "The Prodigal Son." followed by
messages. Midweek lecture and aeeesage
services, 153 D street, Thursday 8 p. m.
Highland and Chnrch. Glen Sinard.
pastor. Bible school, 10, Z. M. Beckett,
superintendent. Morning worship, 11.
Yonr Choice." Junior Christian En
deavor, 5:80. aanior snd intermediate.
6:39. Evangelistic service, 7:30, "The
Pries of Him." Prayer meeting Tburs-
dsy, 7:80 p. m.
Church school. 9:45. Public worship.
11, "The Necesssry Christ," a pre
Christmss message; special musical num
bers. Young people's forum, 6. Epworth
leagues, 6:80. Evening worshlip. 7:80.
in rhsrge of members University lesgue
ndlelight worship setting: reading of
the story, "The Man Who Waa Too Busy
to Visit the Child," by Tom Hall; con
cert of Christmas music by vested choir.
Eood snd North Cottage. G. T. Heal,
pastor. Sunday school. 10, James Davis,
ouperintendenl. Morning worship, 11.
Evening service, 7:30. Tonng people's
meeting. 6:30, Miss Clsudime Gillespie,
president. Prayer snd testimony meeting
Wednesdsy, 7:30 p. m.
North 17th and Nebrssks. R. V. Wilson,
paator. Sunday school. 9:45. Morning
worship. 11, "Rejoicing in Hope." Eve
ning worship, 7:80, "The Home as a
Base for Religion." Young people's
meeting, 6:30. ''Why Have I Been Given
So Much I" Frances Christ en en, leader.
840 North Commercial. Sunday school,
snd adult Bible class, 10. Sunday after
noon meeting, 8. "The Cross of Christ
Wss Foreknown of God." Gospel service.
7:45. Services tn charge of Olson snd
North Cottage snd D. G. W. Rutsch.
minister Sundsy school. 0:45, Sam Sohir
man, superintendent. Morning service, 11,
"Glory to the Lamb"; choir selections.
Women's Missioasry society, 3:80. Eve
ning service, 7:80, "John the Baptist
and His Testimony." Midweek prayer
service Wedneaday, 8 p. m.
Haiel snd Academy. Bible schooT. 10.
lesson, I Samuel, 24th chapter; bring
Bibles; Tatars Saner, superintendent.
Preaching by D. 8. Turner, 11. C. D.
Saucy will preach st 7:80. Midweek
prayer and praise service Thursdsy, 7:80.
High snd Center. Guy L, Drill pastor,
660 North Cottage. Church school. 0:45.
Morning worship, 11, "The Tie That
Binds"; Lord's Supper. Christian En
deavor, four groups, 6:80. Evening fel
lowship ssrviee. 7:80, "A Good Scout,"
Boy Scouts will be guests, honoring troop
4; community singing directed by Prof.
Center and 18th. Fletcher Galloway,
pastor, 2025 Market, phone 0630. Bun-
day school, 0:45, T. M. Lit wilier, snper
rateadeat. Meraiag -worship, ill "Tho
Holy Spirit ana tho Cnareh. ' Evening
aervioe, 7:80, "Hassan Need aad Piviao
Beepease." N.T.P.S. and jaaior society,
0:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:80.
Terry sn4 18th. C. G. Weston, pastor.
8aaday school, 1:45 p. m.. K. C. Far fa
san, superintendent. Chares service. 8,
Rev. C L. Hoffmen ef Olysspia, Wash.,
special speaker. Evangelistic service,
7:45. "Tho City and Its Watchmen," by
pastor. B.ble staay on evangelism Teee-
4ey. T:44. Prayer aseetiaf Wednesday. .
Devotional service Thorsdsy. 7:45 Young
peepis service eawoay, l
Jefferson and Winter
W. aUBswajrasrVe
pastor. Sandsy school. 9 :45. Moraing
worship, 11, "Venturing with God";
chores choir music led by Prof. Herman
Clark. Evening worship, 7:30. "Tho Test
of a Christian Life. Young people's
meeting, 6:30, senior, high school and
intermediate divisions.
Capitol and Marion. W. U. Lienkaemper,
pastor. Sunday school, 10, P. . Kruse,
superintendent. German service, 10, "The
Beginning of the Gospel." English serv
ice. 11, "The Residue ef His People,"
an advent sermon ; special music, anthem
by male quartet, "The Mercy Seat"
Chemeketa and Liberty. Sunday serv
ices, 11 s. m. snd 8 p. m., "God the
Preserver of Man." Sunday school, 9:45
and 11. Testimony meeting Wednesday,
8 p. m. Reading room, 406 Masonic tem
ple, open 11 to 3:30 except Hands ya and
420 ft State. Sunday school. 10. Mora
ing worship, 11. Services every night.
7:45, except Monday.
Center and Liberty. J. R. Simonds,
pastor. Sunday school, 8:45. Morning
worshin. 11. "The Hod T of Christ. tve
ning worship. 7:30, "There are Other
Waya of Keeping Cp Courage Besidea
Whistling," third ni series of talks based
on Christian sychology.
State aad 18th. Amos E. Miuneman
A.M- pastor. German service 0:45, 'What
ia Demanded of Servants of God. Reg
lish service. 11, "Faithful Stewards of
God." Sunday school, 9:40, Mrs. Mtnne
io an, superintendent. Luther league, 7,
Msrths Eattermann. chairman; John Mm
ncmsn, leader in discussion, "Lutheran
Church Music"
Marion and North Liberty. Britton
Ross, minister. Bible school, 9 :45. Fred
Broer, superintendent. Morning worship.
11, "Pure snd Undefiled Religion"; spo-
eisl music by male chorus. Junior, inter
mediate snd senior B.Y.P.IL, 0:30. Prayer
meeting, 6:30. Organ prelude, 7:10, Miss
Miller, organist. Evening worship. 7:30
"The Crystal Sea The Worship at the
Throne and the Four Beasts," chspter 4,
verses 6 to 11. Book of Revelation, mi
er meeting and Bible study Wednesday,
Terry snd 19th. H. C. Stover, minister,
Church school. 10. C. C. Hsrris. superin
tendent. Morning worship, 11, "Tho
Word Become Flesh." Evening service,
7:30. "The Recovered Rapture"; at both
services choir sines selections from tho
cantata "The Holy Nativity" (Wilder-
mere). Tonng pcople'o nee tings, 6:45
Annual church meeting Wednesday, 7.
8151 North Commercial. H. W. Coulon
paator. Sunday servicea, 8 and 7:45
p. m. Regular service every night, 7:45
Saturday. 10 a. m . 7:45 p. m. ; apecia
music and song. Morning prayer service
daily, 10. Relief department open daily
9 a. m. to 11 p. m.
Uorth Summer st Marion. Emory W
Pettieord. D.D.. minister. Sundsy school,
9:45. L. L. Thornton, superintendent.
Morning worship. 11. "The Divine Call
to Service." organ prelude and offertory
by Mrs. Ethel Poling Phelps. Christian
Endeavor. 6:80. Evangelistic service
7:30. "The Degeneracy of a Soul": son
service led by J. H. Friesen; rpeeisl ma
sic by male quartet. Bible' study and
prayer Thursday, 7:30 p. m.
Court and 17th. Hugh N. McCallum,
pastor, 1744 Chemeketa. Eible school,
9:45, Mrs. Irene Weller. superintendent.
Fellowship dsy begins 11 s. a. with spe
cial sermon. "Fellowship with Christ,"
at which time Miss Haiel Ward snd La
von Morgan will sing a duet. Basket din
ner st ths Bungalow, 1 p. sa. "Open
house" service. 2:30, when the Inaide of
church organised work will be demon
strated. Christian Endesvor, 6:80, three
groups. Evening service, musie by large
chorus eholr. Midweek services Wednes
day, spselsl Bible study on "The Holy
Spirit and Laying on of Hands."
Clark If. 8mith. pastor. Sunday school,
10, Mrs. Howard Stephens, superintend
ent. Morning sermon. 11. "Time, Tal
ent. Things. Young people's meeting,
7:80. Ladies' Aid each week, Mrs. Rose
Wood, president.
. . . All you've hoped for in a
Cough Drop medicated with
V VapoRo-
Y r
An average of 100 persons per week buy, sell, trade, or
rent, or find employment or employees through the
classified advertising columns of THE OREGON
hid ran
WOODBURN. Dec. 9 John
Ramage waa chosen president of
the Woodburn chamber of com
merce Wednesday night at a
meeting held at the Woodburn
hotel. Dr. Gerald B. Smith whe
has headed the group for two
years, waa given a rising vote of
thanks. Ramage has served as
vice president of the group, and
active In civic affairs. Blaine
MeCord is the new vice president
and Rodney Alden secretary. P.
Vlckers and Dr. Smith were
named members of the board of
There was some discussion
about the removal of the famous
Woodburn Berry Center arch over
the Pacific highway. The arch
must be moved. However, nothing
definite was done about the mat
On the suggestion of A. R.
Leary, a committee to investigate
the possibility of putting on a
one day poultry convention in
Woodburn some time in January,
is to be appointed.
Herrigstad Services
Will be Held Today
8ILVERTON, Dec. 9 Funeral
services will be held here Satur
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from
Calvary Lutheran church for Carl
Herigstad, 78, who died at Port
land December 7. The Rev. B.
Borrevik, former pastor of Cal
vary Lutheran cnurcn win orri
ciate at the services. Mr. Herrig
stad was a former Silvertonian
but left here about 15 years ago.
He is survived by his widow. B. P.
Herrigstad of Silverton is a neph
ew and Mrs. Frank Lund is a sis
ter. Larson Installation
Rites to be Sunday
SILVERTON, Dec. 9 The Rev.
Ernest O. Larson, who was called
as pastor of Calvary Lutheran
church 'from Owatonna, Minneso
ta will be installed at the Sunday
services. The Rev. M. J. Olsen,
pastor of the Portland Bethel La
theran church will officiate. The
Rev. Mr. Larson is a graduate of
Augsburg seminary at Minneap
olis, Minnesota and was ordained
a minister in August at Ellen
dale, Minnesota.
sen and William Hatteberg have
returned from a fishing trip on
the Salmon river. The two re
turned with "the limit" and said
that fishing was very good the
first of this week. They 'ished
from the banks of the Salmon
LARWOOD, Dec. g.The cars
of Wade Pyle of Lacomb and the
milk truck belonging to E. Mc
Donald of Scio collided in dense
fog Monday morning at the cor
ner between the John Shanks and
Lee Gaines residences. No one waa
injured, although the car and
truck were rather badly damaged.
First Baptist
Cer. Marios If. liberty lit.
Brtttwn , SOmkUaT
11 A. M. Pure and Un
defiled Religion.
7:30 P3I "The Cry-Ul
Sea The Worship at
the Throne The Four
BereUttoa 4:f-ll Real tale
Portion ef The Book ef
1116 "imsTiest, wildest ani-
mal will never even touch a
and Mrs. Lyle Hill.
meeting. - - 'here, -