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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Tuesday Morning, December 6. 1932
Society News and Club Affairs
: Olive M. Doak, Society Editor
Wisteria Club Will
Hold Dance
An Anticipated event in this
week is the December dance of the
Wisteria club which will come Fri
day night at Castillian hall and
which will be the annual Christ
man dance.
The committee In charge, Mr.
and Mrs. E. H. Kennedy, Mr. and
Mrs. E. B. Gabriel, Mr. and Mrs.
Ira Pilcher, and Mr. and Mrs.
Emll Halik, have elaborate plans
worked out for the success of the
The orchestra pit is to be an an
cient city on the order of Jerusa
lem shown in silhouette. A large
star will blaze over this scene. The
opposite end of the room will be
decorated by a semi-circle of
Christmas trees covered with rain
and just emerging from this will
be Santa Claus. Green trees and
polnsettas will decorate the re
mainder of the room. The punch
room will be candle lighted and
much evergreen will be used to
enhance the effect of a color
scheme for the serving table of
black, silver and green with a
touch of red.
Officers of the club this year
Include William P. Ellis, presi
dent; E. H. Kenneay, vice presi
dent, and Mrs. Estill L. Brunk,
Club membership includes Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Adolphson, Mr. and
Mrs. Max Alfred, Mr. and Mrs.
Phillip E. Barrett, Dr. and Mrs.
Leon E, Barrick, Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Beutler, Mr. and Mrs. B.
L. Bradley, Dr. and Mrs. Estill L.
Brunk. Mr. and Mrs. M. Earl Can
field, Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Car
son, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Curtis,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Ellis, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Feldman, Mr and
Mrs. C. C. Gabriel, Mr. and Mrs.
E. B. Gabriel. Mr. and Mrs. Claude
II. Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Romeo
Gouley, Mr. 'and Mrs. Albert
Gragg, Mr and Mrs. Harry Gravis,
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hartwell, Mi.
and Mrs. Glen Holman, Mr. ana
Mrs. "Emll T. Halik, Mr. and Mrs.
Frani Halik. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hudkins, Mr. and Mrs.
Alex Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Gail
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. E. IT. Ken
nedy, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Macken
zie, Mr and Mrs. Lyman McDon
ald, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. McElhin
ney, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer McK-e,
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Mercer, Mr.
and Mrs. E. L. Miller, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry J. Mohr, Mr. and Mrs.
John J. Moritz, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
. Ham Moses, Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Panek, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Pear
mine, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Pease,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Phillippi. Mr.
and Mrs. Ira Pilcher, Mr. arid Mrs.
Humphrey Robinson, Judge and
Mrs. George Rossman, Mr . and
Mrs. Floyd L. Siegmund, Mr. and
Tuesday, December 6
Bible study class of Mrs. C. A. Park at her resi
dence, 2 o'clock; all women interested in studying bible
invited to attend.
American War Mothers, regular meeting at Amer
ican Luthern church, 2 o'clock.
South division of First Presbyterian church with
Mrs. Harold G. Fairhurst, 764 South Commercial street,
2 o'clock.
P. L. E. and F. club with Mrs. C. J. Pugh, 234
North 24th street; handkerchief shower for children's
Chi Delta chapter of Delphians, with Mrs. George
Lewis, 1180 North Summer street; 9:30 o'clock.
Wednesday, December 7
Woman's Missionary society of First Congregation
al church with Mrs. Dan Fry, 606 South High street.
Women's Missionary society of First Christian
church, regular monthly meeting church parlors, 2
Salem Dakota club. W. C. T. U. organization hall,
Ferry and South Commercial street; 6:30 o'clock pot
luck dinner; bring own table service; all Dakotlans in
vited. Regular meeting of Ladies Aid of Leslie Methodist
church, in church parlors. Tea meeting. .
W. H. M. S. of First Methodist church 2:30 o'clock
In church parlors; Mrs. C. F. Wilson devotional leader;
tea meeting to follow program.
St. Paul's Episcopal guild, with Mrs. N. ?. Kafoury,
805 North Church street, 2:30 o'clock.
Thursday, December 8
Mrs. E. C. Cross, hostess to Thursday club with
Mrs. Russell Catlln and Mrs. R. B. Fleming assistant
hostess; bring thimbles for charity sewing.
Mrs. Ronald Glover hostess to Yomarco club at her
home, 635 North Commercial street.
Friday, December 9
Y. M. C. A. lobby program, U o'clock; one act play.
Irish, to be presented by Miss Genevieve Thayer and
Bruce Spaulding; special music by Miss Rosalind Van
Winkle and Miss Josephine Albert.
Woman's Missionary society of First Baptist church,
S25 North 15th street, 2 o'clock.
Mrs. W. L. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Glen Slentz, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Tumbleson, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Ullman, Mr. and Mrs. Van Seller
Weider, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wil
bur, Mr. and Airs. David Wright,
Mr. and Mrs. William Zosel.
State President
Will Visit
Members of the Mi-io:iary so
ciety of the First Christian
church will meet in the church
parlors at 2 o'clock Wednesday
Yrs. A. D. Wagner and her
group will hae charge of the pro
gram; Mrs. Irene Wirt and her
gToup will have charge of the de
votions, and Mrs. J. C. Perry's
group will act as hostesses for
the afternoon tea hour.
A special guest for the after
noon will be Mrs. Thomas Bailey,
state president. She will address
the group informally. All women
of the church are Invited.
Nimble Thimble 4-H rttrt)
members were entertained at the
home of Miss Lucille Boehringer
-nd Miss Doris Harrington at the
Boehringer home Friday evening.
Special guests for the evening
cwre Gertrude Logsdon, Doris
Taylor, Jerry Simmons, Joan Sim
mons, Reva Fisher, and Clarrle
. iarshall. Club members present
included Carol Copper, Jean Har
: ington, Margaret Upjohn, Doris
Harrington, Florence Upjohn,
Mary Esther Pemberton, Rowena
I'pjohn, and Lucille Boehringer.
Mrs. Boehringer and Mrs. Har
rington assisted at the tea hour.
Silverton. George Barr was
the inspiration of a birthday sur
prise party at his home Saturday
night. Those present, besides Mr.
and Mrs. Barr, were Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Hubbs, Mr. and Mrs. I. L.
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Ek
man, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Banks.
Mr. and Wrs. F. Syring, Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Stranix, Mr. and Mrs.
Eroll Ross, Mr. and Mrs. W. Swift.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Brown, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Stamey, Miss" Eve
lyn Barr andA. Johnson.
Mrs. Dan Fry
Will be Hostess
Mrs. Dan Fry will entertaju
member of the Women's Mission
ary society at her home on South
High street, Wednesday after
noon, beginning at 2:30 o'clock.
Rev. J. Rupert Simonds will be
the speaker for the afternoon and
Rev. W. C. Kantner will lead the
devotions. There will be special
Christmas music and following
the business and program hour re
freshments and a social afternoon
will be enjoyed.
Hostesses who will assist Mrs.
Fry include Mrs. Kitty Graver,
Mrs. R. J. Hendricks, Mrs. Don
Upjohn, Mrs. John Bayn, Mrs. M.
C. Petteys, Mrs. Byron Matlock.
Mrs. J. Morris, and Mrs. S. W.
Stayton. What started out to
be a quiet evening for Mr. and
Mrs. Grant Murphy and family was
suddenly changed to a lively party
Tnujsday night in celebration of
their 25th wedding anniversary.
A group of friends called upon
them and gave them an old-time
charivari, after which a solemn
ceremony was performed.
Games appropriate for this kind
of occasion were then enjoyed. A
wedding breakfast was served at
12 o'clock. Jacob Spanlol, In be
half of the friends present, pre
sented Mr. and Mrs. Murphy with
a beautiful silver fruit basket.
Present besides the host and
hostess were Mr. and Mrs. H. E.
Toble, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schaefer.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Wright, Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Spanlol, Lillian,
Othilia and Eugene Spanlol, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Wood, Ellen Rey
nolds, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gardner,
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Burmester, Mr.
and Mrs. W. V. Adams, Mrs Edna
Sloper, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rowe,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bell, Lanora
Sandman and Gertrude and Mar
cel Murphy.
Mrs. Rose Babcock who has
been confir.ed to her home ser-.
iously ill for the past two weeks
is reported as improving slowly.
Friends may call.
Auxiliary to Veterans
Appoint Committees
The Auxiliary to Marlon Post,
Veterans of Foreign Wars an
nounced committee chairman and
committee women at its regular
meeting Friday night at the Wom
en's clubhouse.
Mrs. Lydia Floer will serve as
chairman for relief work and will
be assisted by Mrs. Margaret Mil
lett. Mrs. Martie Conley is chair
man of national home commit
tee; Mrs. Thelma Wetzel, Amer
icanization chairman assisted by
Anna Borkman and Katherlne
Mrs. Adeline Remington will
serve as publicity director and
Mrs. Martie Conley will be chair
man of the memorial committee
assisted by Myrtle Abrams and
Eva Rush. Entertainment chair
man is Mrs. Edith Mudd assisted
by Margaret Lewis and Gertrude
Sanders. Mrs. Sylvia Furlough is
hospitalization chairman and is
being assisted by Mrs. Vera Gram
and Mrs. Rena Betzer.
Afternoon finance chairman is
Mrs. B. Aarons, assisted by Miss
Martha Floer, and Mrs. Christie
Moorman. Sewing chairman is
Mrs. B. Davis assisted by Mary
Woelke, Lois Moorman, Blanche
Fournler, Ada Woelke and Nan
Clare. Monthly refreshment com
mittee chairman Is Mrs. Lois
Moorman assisted by Mrs. Ora
Plans were made at this meet
ing for the initiation ceremony
December 12, at which time Mrs.
William Rogers. Mrs. H. L. Wat
son, and Mrs. Charles Low will
be admitted to membership.
At this meeting plans were also
made for the annual Christmas
One Act Play Will
Be Given Friday
A program which will appeal to
a large number of Salem residents
will be the Friday night lobby pro
gram of this Friday night.
A one act play, Irish and gay,
will be presented by Miss Gene
vieve Thayer and Bruce Spauld
ing. Mrs. C. A. Kells is assisting
with directing the dialect. Don
Poujade Is acting as stage man
ager. The play is from the pen of
Oliphant Downs.
Preceding the play Miss Jose
phine Albert will sing and Miss
Rosalind Van WinWe will play.
The public is Invited to these
weekly programs which are be
coming something of splendid cus
tom in Salem.
Salem Music Teachers j
Plan Christmas Party
The annual 5vristinas party
which is observed with much gaity
by the Salem Music Teachers' as
sociation will he an event of to
night at the home of Mrs. Joy
Turner Moses, beginning at 8
o'clock. Mies Margaret Hogg will
assist Mrs. Moses.
The theme of the program
meeting will be "Legends of
Christmas on Other Lands." Miss
Elam Weller is program chairman
for this year and had charge of
arranging this special evening.
Mrs. Moses will tell of Christ
mas in Germany; Mrs. P. F.
Thomas of Christmas In Sweden;
Prof. T. S. Roberts will speak of
Christmas In England; French
Christmas will be discussed by
Mrs. Robey Ratcliffe, and Mrs.
Frank Churchill will speak of the
American celebration of Christ
mas. There will be a Christmas tree
arranged and while Mrs. Ratcliffe
reads "The Night Before Christ
mas," Santa Claus will arrive with
gifts for each member and then
the coffee hour will be enjoyed.
Women's Club Dinner
December 14
Salem Women's club members
will entertain for husbands of the
club December 14. This will be
an event of next week and will
be .one of the enticing innovations
which have been inaugerated in
this year's club program.
The,,aj:falr will be a 6:30
o'clock dinner in the attractive
dining room of the clubhouse and
will be specially planned to please
the guests of the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Jorgensen.
Portland, entertained Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Albert. Miss Joseph
ine Albert, Bruce Spaulding, Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Eoff, Mr. and Mrs.
John Griffith. Miss Genevieve
Thayer, and Mrs. J. C. Griffith at
dinner Sunday. The party at
which covers were placed for
guests, followed the 1:45 o'clock
broadcast of Miss Albert over sta
tion KOIN.
The Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society of the Jason Lee
church will meet Wednesday at
2:30 at the home of Mrs. Phil As
pinwall. 645 Market street. Mrs.
(Jies Is to bring the lesson and
Mrs. DeLapp will lead devotions.
Tea will be served. All women of
the community are cordially In
vited. Aurora. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
McAllister haTe as their house
guests Mrs. J. H. McAllister and
daughter Dora, mother and sister
of McAllister. Their home Is in
Spokane. Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Coyle and Ivan Bleeser, of St.
5 .
You've Got Me in the Palm ot
four Hand," might be the theme
sons; for this picture, showing Paul
Whiteman, King of Jaxz, as h
flayfully assists his wife, the
ormer Margaret Livingston from
the train on their arrival at New
York from the Coast. If yon think
Paul has reduced his tonnage, all
the credit goes to wine, who keeps
Sim on a diet.
Paul, and Miss Virginia Sawtell,
of Molalla, have been visitors at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Mrs. E. C. Cross w ill receive
members of the Thursday club at
her home Thursday. Mrs. R. B.
Fleming and Mrs. Russell Catlin
will be assisting hostesses. The
afternoon will be spent In sewing
for charity and members are ask
ed to bring their own sewing
Mrs. E. L. Miller will entertain
for members of the Ace High club
at her home In West Salem this
afternoon. Luncheon will precede
Pratum. The monthly meeting
of the Missionary society will be
held at the home of Miriam de
Vries Wednesday afternoon.
Story of Mutual Friends
Fails to get by two
Shop Keepers
SLIVERTON, Dec. 5. Mrs. C,
Schlador, manager of the Wom
en's Specialty shop, has a peculiar
experience Friday afternoon when
a woman tried to pass a check,
which Mrs. Schlador took to be
The woman, good looking and
well dressed, appeared in the
store abou. 1 o'clock and speak
ing In an affected manner, said
she bad come from Lebanon at
the recommendation of a friend
of Mrs. Sch lad or 's.
The woman said that the "Doc
tor," who was evidently supposed
to be her husband, gaveher an
allowance of $50 a month and
that she was trying to get some
thing "very nice" for her "dear
little niece" who was staying with
her. She finally chose a frock,
hose and handkerchiefs amount
ing to $9 95. She Informed Mrs.
Schlador that she was a little
short of cash and was in a hurry
to get back to Roseburg. Before
offering her check, which was
made out for $20.95, she told Mrs.
Schlador that she had played
bridge at a large party at Rose
burg recentjy and in the group
was a friend of Mrs. Schlador's
whose name was Mrs. Foster. Mrs.
Schlador explained that she re
called no one by that name and
the purchaser said that she believ
ed Mrs. Foster was but recently
married and had lived here before
her marriage.
Mrs. Schlador offered to take
the proffered check to the bank to
cash it but the stranger said that
she herself would take it out to
cash it and would return In a half
hour. She never returned.
It was learned later that she
had been at Peggy's shop and be
gan the same story but when Mrs.
W. E. Davis, manager, remarked
that she had a sister at Lebanon,
the woman seemingly lost interest
and left.
cently tried here over the legal
ity of the court's paying money
for a deputy district attorney and
a stenographer. The ease was de
cided favorably to the county's
position by Circuit Judge Arlie
G. Walker bat the county court
wants the case carried before the
supreme court to obtain a final
Estimated cost of the appeal Is
$450. Counties asked to join In
clude Polk, Benton, Linn, Lane,
Yamhill, Tillamook and Clacka
mas. In his letter to the county
Judges In the seven counties.
Judge Siegmand pointed out that
all counties paring deputies is
the district attorney's offices
have a yltai. Xalerest In a su
preme coort, decision on the le
gality of the' action.
The county court's actions
were bitterly criticized by Judge
L. H. McMahan before the tent
case was brought. After Judge
Walker's decision, McMahan fol
lowed with criticism of the man
ner in which the test case was
IN M l C
Seven counties of Oregon were
asked yesterday by Judge John
Siegmund of this county to Join
In an appeal of the test case re-
to feel fit!
Everybody bas days when
very waking hour is packed
with zest of living. Why sot
make every day like this?
A frequent drawback to fitness
Is constipation. It may dull your
energy, steal your appetite,
lower your vitality. Yet it is so
easy to overcome.
Try eating; Kellogg'a All
Bran. Science shows this deli
cious cereal supplies "bulk'' to
exercise the intestines, and vita
min B to promote appetite, and
tone the intestinal tract.
The "bulk" in All-Bran is
much like that of lettuce. How
much safer than taking patent
medicines so often harmful.
Two tablespoonfuls daily will
correct most types of constipa
tion. If not relieved this way. see
jour doctor,
All-Bran Has
iron for the blood.
At all grocers. In
the red-and-green
package. Made by
Kellogg in Battle
Arranged by TOM O'XEIL of the Associated Press
A frock must be just right to
create the "can't-do-without-it"
feeling as this one does. Pointed
seamings that always achieve a
graceful silhouette are ever so
smart here. Other important new
notes are the low armholes with
full sleeves, a fluttering higher
sowl neckline and tucked details
on both bodice and sleeves. You
might use a new crepey silk or
satin for smart results.
Pattern 2475 may be ordered
only in sizes IS to 20 and 34 to
42. Sixe 16 requires 3 yards 39
Inch fabric. Illustrated step-by-step
sewing Instructions Included
with this pattern.
Suit Values Per Trick
Spades Hearts Diamonds Clubs
30 30 20 20
No-Trunip Trick Valuation
Thirty for each odd-numbered
trick; 40 for each even-numbered
trick; same for tricks over
Total Score BIow Line
1 30 5 170
70 6 210
100 7 240
Success at doubled or redoubl
ed contracts, doubles or quad
ruples the score below the line.
There is no other nremlum for
exactly fulfilling doubled or re
doubled contracts.
TJndertricks Not Vulnerable
Tricks Total Penalty
Send flfteea eenla (15) la
eoiaa er stamps (coiae preferred),
for each patters. Writ plainly
your name, eddrtte and etyle Ban
The fall and winter edition at
tha Anna Adams PatUra eaulog
ii ready I Charming, flatter! a f mod
el! 3? pagaa of tha newaat nod
beat honae, afreet and formal
frock e!Ter y deaigned style
to lTg fijrarta and beaotifaL
practical models for juniora and
kiddies. Lovely lingerie pattern,
aad anggeatioaa tor gifta that eaa
be eaaily and inaxpenairely made,
are alio inclndod. Send for the
ae tataleg. Price ot catalog, fif
toea eenta. Catalog aad pattern to
gether, twenty-five cent a. Addreaa
all mail orders to 8ta4emaa Pat.
tsra department, 23 W. 17th
street. New Tork eity.
17 th street, Hew Tork City.
1 ..
2 ..
3 ..
4 ..
5 . .
. . 50
. .100
. .150
. .200
. . 250
1 100 200 400
2 250 600 1000
450 900 1200
4 700 1400 2800
5 1000 2000 4000
Penalties for not vulnerable
doubled undertricks increase 50
per trick. To determine the pen
alty for a particular undertrick
add one to the number I of the
trick and multiply by 50. For in
stance, the penalty for the sixth
undertrick doubled and not vul
nerable would be 250 or' 50
times (6 plus 1), and" the to
tal penalty for six undertricks
would be 1350. Doubled not vul
nerable penalties are the same as
undoubted vulnerable penalties
KeaouDled penalties are twice
Undoubled, not vulnerable or
vulnerable, same as suit value
that It, one who contracted for
three hearts and made four
would score 90 below the line
and 30 above.
Each Overtrlck
Doubled and not vulnerable 100
Redoubled, not vulnerable 200
Redoubled and vulnerable .400
Little Not vulnerable. 600:
vulnerable, 750,
Grand Not vulnerable. 1500:
vulnerable, 2250.
Suit four in one hand. 100:
Five in one hand. 150.
No trump Four aces In one
hand, 150.
Robber Premium
Two-game rubber, 700.
Three-game rubber, 600.
Silverton The Just Folks
class of the Methodist church en-
Joyed a "Kids" party at the so
cial rooms of the church Sat
urday night. Games were in play
during the evening and a "pre-
nristmas was enjoyed. Among
tnose present were Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Baker, Mr. and Mrs
Lee Alfred, Mr. and Mrs. Fer-
rin, Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Hall,
Mrs. Feme Davenport, Miss
Christenson, Miss Catualeene
Cuddy, Miss Katherlne Morlson,
Miss Diana Moore, Ralph Langly,
Rudy Schank. Norman Naegli
and Harry Riches.
Friday night the Intermediate
league of which Mrs. C. J. Hall
Is the leader, held a party. The
purpose of the party was to
make books which contain the
songs and devotional readings
which this group particularly
likes. The books are being made
oui or wrapping paper and sev
eral were made at the Friday
Aurora. Mr. and Mrs. Cris i
Zlegler were hosts at a YecePtlon
given at the home, Sunday night
in honor bf their son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
iegier, wnose marriage was an
event of recent date at the home
of the brides parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Mandeville. of Portland. Dur
ing the reception, Mrs. Mande-
ville and daughter Clara, assisted
the hostess about the rooms. The
bridal couple were the the receiv
ers of many beautiful gifts.
Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
Ziegler; Mr. and Mrs. J. Mande
ville and daughter Clara: Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Dental and daughters.
Mr. and Mrs.- H. G. Zlegler. Mar
shal Ziegler, Mr. and Mrs. George
ziegler, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Zim
merman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zim
merman, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Zim
merman and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Noman Hurst, Grandma
Dental and George Rausage. The
young couple are now at home to
their friends at 615 Deleware av
enue, Portland.
e e
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Peterson
have Just returned from Glendale.
Cal., where they have SDent the
past two weeks visiting friends I
and relatives. This part of Callfor- I
nia is the former home of Mrs.
Peterson. The travelers returned
to be present for "The Ghost
Bird," presentation of Chemeketa !
Players which begins tonight.
Mrs. Peterson is associate director '
and Mr. Peterson Is business man- '
A silver tea will be held at the ;
regular meeting of the Leslie La- !
dies' Aid society in the church
parlors Wednesday at 2 p. m. An
Interesting program will follow
the business meeting. Hostesses
are Mrs. C. T. Mclntire, Mrs. Ma
son Bishop, Mrs. Ralph Thompson
and Mrs. J. L. Heidler. AH mem
bers and friends invited.
Mrs. N. O. Bales entertained for
her bridge club Thursday after
noon at her home. Present Includ
ed Mrs. O. W. Medley. Mrs. F. A.
Smith. Mrs. George Schuli. Mrs.
C. E. Kertson, Mrs. E. Rutherford,
Mrs. Will Albright. Mrs. Cecil
Walker, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs.
N. O. Bales.
Beginning Today
Our annual clearance of discontinued numbers of famous ENNA JETTICK footwear begins this
Sharp reductions are offered as a means of quic k clearance . . . and, as Enna Jettick footwear sel
dom goes on sale, we predict a very busy depart ment during these days. Come early and get your
size . . . don't be disappointed this time.
Black and brown kid, black suede, calf, etc., in pu mps, ties, straps, oxfords. MAIN FLOOR.
500 PAIRS!
Regular $5.00 Enna Jetticks 2o6
Tsm tmrm In wing
H. Vmmmlyltmifm
nkH an b re i wired
a. w a aw - w . a;
Regular $4.40 Enna Jetticks $2o9S
One Group Broken Sizes $JUf5
doubled penalties.
nignt meeting.