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Tht OREGON STATESMAN; Salem, Oregon, Satnrday Morning, December 3, 1932
raay and Navy Clmhffoday
. Navy's Hopes However are
Highest in Years; old
. Rivalry Renewed
(AP) Football forces of tha
1 J , united States military and natal
; s academies will bring their sea
I sobs to a climax tomorrow oa iieia Deiore a sellout
crowd of 78,000,'-in a setting
fully reminiscent of this ancient
rivalry s most , colorful and pro
porous times.
With assurances that their
backfield ace, "Pick" Vidal
would be In condition to play
most of the game, Army ruled an
I to 6 favorite, despite the bat
tering the soldiers received from
Notre Dame last Saturday and
the fact that at least two regu
. lata will not be In the starting
, lineup. Navy's hopes, based main
ly on her team's strong defense,
nevertheless were higher than in
Tears in anticipation of achievinc
victory for the first time since
The return of the service class
ic to old. familiar scenes for its
J 3rd renewal, after a lapse of
10 years, struck a particularly
responsive note among the rival
forces. Although the Army and
Navy have played for the last
two years in special charity
games, this is the first contest
antler the new agreement, ending
their five-year-old break In rela
tions. All the old color and enthu
siasm will mark the occasion.
Official Washington, led by Vice
President Curtis, Secretaries
Hurley and Adams, will be well
represented among the box-holders.
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt
and her son, Elliott, will see the
game. A round-the-world broad
east will carry details to the
most remote outposvs of the two
services. The kickofl is at 1 p.m.,
(eastern time.)
(AP) Alabama's Crimson tide,
one of Dixie's favorite teams, and
those rip-roaring son of the gold
en west, St. Mary's galloping
Gaels will meet here tomorrow In
a touchdown scramble marking
the season's first big intersection
al clash on the coast.
There is no mythical national
football championship in store for
the winner and neither can point
to a remarkable seasonal record
but a victory on either side will
make up for earlier defeats and
The boys from the old south are
Charged with the duty of main
taining the record established by
ether Alabama teams on intersec
tion al sorties into the far west. It
1s a record of-two victories and
ne tie. Alabama defeated Wash
ington. 20-19 In 192S; tied Stan
ford, 7-7, in 1924, and won from
Washington State, 24-0 in 1930,
all Rose bowl games at Pasadena.
Coach Jimmy Phelan sent 35
ausky Huskies of Washington
through a short workout at Mem
orial Coliseum (nee Olympic sta
dium) today, a bit fretful over
the outcome of their crowning Pa
cific Coast conference football
Cam tomorrow with the Univer
sity of California at Los Angeles.
The Invaders, who held the
Blighty Trojans of Southern Cali
fornia to the closest score of the
season, looked Impressive to ev
eryone but Coach Phelan.
"There they are," he said. "The
sipping, tearing Huskies from the
treat northwest! Don't make me
laugh! Physical condition not so
good, mental condition even
Coach Phelan said the lnflu
ensa had sapped a number of the
flayers' strength, and that the
team as a whole still was playing
that second half against the Tro
jans. Golfers? Feed
Is Slated for
Thursday Eve
.woooDurn uoir club will hold Its
nnual banauet ThnraAav inn.
Ing, December 8. In St. Luke's
community nail, it has been an
nounced by those In charge of
arrangements. The prizes won
by the members In the fall tour
nament will b awarded at that
Interesting movie shots of
wme oi me golfers disturbing
the turf will be shown by Wayne
Supervised Play
Planned at W.U.
An ODOOrtunltV fnr innant.
J lay tori large groups of students
i the gymnasium has been pro
vided oy me physical education
: alub of . Willamette university.
Tonight,, the entire freshman
class of men and" women has
been Invited to engage In group
) Plar. snnerrlaed hr mmhra
the - physical . education dejZart-
- Bent, other .classes will meet as
9 group uirougnout the winter.
Mid-Willamette Hoopers to
Start Season December 14;
18 Teams Ready to Compete
Playing schedules for the Mld-
"WUlamette Valley Basketball as
sociation were drawn up at a
meeting held this week and play
will start Wednesday, December
14, for all of the 18 teams, divid
ed up into three leagues.
Bob Board man was elected
president of the association and
Frank Bashor secretary. Each di
vision will have a manager but
only one of these, Peetz of Turner
in the southern division, has been
cho3en so far.
In the northern division, it Is
not yet certain whether Chemawa
or Silverton will be the entry.
Chemawa was tentatively chosen
but authorization by the Indian
school authorities has not yet
been given. The group which
would play would be the older
athletes at the school, not eligible
for high school competition. Sil
verton wants a place in the league
and will be admitted if Chemawa
declines. Tangent was voted into
the southern division instead of a
second Salem team. One Salem
team, directed by Glenn Nash, Is
entered in the northern division.
The schedule for the first half
of the season follows. The second
half will be the same with the
places where games will be played,
West Division
December 14: Perrydale at
Bethel. Falls City at Dallas. Sher-idan-Willamina
at Grand Ronde.
December 21: Grand Ronde at
Perrydale, Bethel at Falls City,
Juniors Win
Swim Honors
At Salem Hi
The juniors swam away with
the honors in the Salem high
school interclass swimming meet
held at the Y. M. C. A. yesterday,
scoring a total of 30 points, to
26 for the seniors and 16 for the
First, second and third place
winners, with classes they repre
sent and time for each event are
as follows:
Forty-yard free style First,
Perry, senior; second, Elliot, jun
ior; third, Wiper, sophomore;
time 21.1.
Forty-yard back stroke First,
Matherly, sophomore; second,
Causey, Junior; third, Chapel, sen
ior; time 28.2.
Forty-yard breast itrok e-
First, Sexton, junior; second.
Chapel, senior; third, Hill, sopho
more; time 29.4.
One hundred-yard dash First,
Perry, senior; second. Waltz,
sophomore; third. Smith, Junior;
time 1:08.1.
Plunge for distance First,
Smith, junior; second, Perry, sen
ior; third, Matherly, sophomore;
distance 42 feet.
One hundred and sixty-yard re
lay, four men First. Juniors;
second, sophomores; third, sen
iors; time 1:35.
Medley relay First, Juniors;
second, seniors; third, sopho
mores; time 1:21.
Diving first. Bob Ramage;
second, Chuck Perry; third, Mc
Dowell. Meet was in charge of R. R.
Boardman, physical director. Of
ficials were In charge of Bob
Needham, with Win Needham
first Judge, Laurence Orwig, sec
ond Judge, and Don Clark, third
Judge. Diving judges were Bob
Hauge and Mack Serdotz.
Senior Class
Matmen Win
H.S. Tourney
The senior class a-rannlara af
Salem high school won the Inter
class wrestling meet which
wound op Friday, taking five ef
the championships to the juniors'
four and the sonhomorea' nn
The tournament, directed by
vernon Ullmore, Involved SO
entries In the 10 weight divi
Results of the final matches
100-pound class Ray Griffin,
junior, defeated Darr Mennia.
110 - pound class George
ciara, sophomore, defeated Bill
HS-POUnd Class . TwrmM
Morley, senior, defeated Marvin
126-nound elaaa Kim a Wv
Junior, defeated Homer DeMaude,
135-pound Class Glenn Tr.
rles, senior, defeated Parnell
supper, decision.
146-pound class Bob Cannon,
senior, defeated JTed Tinhr
ICS-pound class Orval Shew
ey, senior, defeated Don Moore.
i 7 6-pound class Glen Looney,
Junior, defeated fnnV Rnltn.
Heavyweight das fiUn
dy, junior, defeated Paul Bur
Sophomores Win
Interclass Hood
Contest at W. U.
The sophomores won tha
ter-elaaa haairMtKaii ..i..
ship at Willamette university this
week, defeating the Juniors in
ft fast game, 20 to 7. Northrop,
a stronr candidate tnr ....,-
berth, led In the scoring for the
second rear men. The game was
the final one In a short elimlna-
uva.iutususenL me regular
. . - - . . .. ......
uut league pij starting
Dallas at Willamlna.
December 23: Falls City at Per
ry d a 1 e, Sheridan-WIllamlna at
Bethel, Dallas at Grand Ronde.
January 3: Perrydale at Sheridan-Willamlna,
Grand Ronde at
Falls City. Bethel at Dallas.
January 10: Dallas at Perry
dale, Sheiidan-Willamiha at Falls
City. Grand Ronde at Bethel.
Sooth Division
December 14: Mill City at Sclo,
Tangent at Turner, Gates at
December 21: Stayton at Mill
City, Sclo at Tangent, Turner at
December 28: Tangent at Mill
City, Gates at Sclo, Turner at
January 3: Mill City at Gates,
Stayton at Tangent, Sclo at
January 10: Turner at Mill
City. Gates at Tangent, Stayton
at Sclo.
North Division
December 14: Gervais at Salem.
Chemawa at Woodburn, Mt. Angel
at Scotts Mills.
December 21: Scotts Mills at
Gervais, Salem at Chemawa,
Woodburn at Mt. Angel.
December 28: Chemawa at Ger
vais, Mt. Angel at Salem, Wood
burn at Scotts Mills.
January 3: Gervais at Mt. An
gel, Scotts Mills at Chemawa, Sa
lem at Woodburn.
January 10: Woodburn at Ger
vais, Mt. Angel at Chemawa,
Scotts Mills at Salem.
Those basketball fans who
think "Honest John" Warren of
Astoria is the only coach who
causes his men to run miles and
miles every day, should drop in
on one of Hollls Huntington's
sessions with his Salem high
boys. They might learn how it
happened that the supposedly
less thoroughly trained Salem
boys kept going and scored six
field goals to Astoria's three, in
the closing minntes of that
great state championship game
last March.
Holly had his first utrlrxr hnvn
loping in a circle, firing basket-
nans back and forth between
them, for something like 10 min
utes at the close of Friday's prac
tice period; they must have cov
ered close to two miles in that
time, but of course thev didn't
notice that because they had to
keep going after the ball. Away
back in history somebody disrnT-
ered how much easier it is to run
atter a Dan than to Just run.
And after it was all over.
Holly broad-mindedly advised
the boys that they could go to
the student body dance that
night. If they felt like It!
Hollv has tentatively aoinctAd a
first squad of 10 players, with
iwo more to come when Perrine
and Engie recover from their foot
ball wounds sufficiently to turn
out. Those now in his squad in
clude Kelly. Brownell. Mosher.
Vera DeJardin, Vic DeJardin.
Pickens, Wlntermute, Morley,
Whittington and Hale. Coach Ver
non Qilmore of the "B" squad has
cut bis list down to 17.
Later la the afternoon we
witnessed some equally strenu
ous tactics in the Bearcat train
ing camp, the Willamette gym,
but Spec Eeene didat tell Ids
boys they could go to a dance.
We notice that Glenn Sanford.
Salem high three-year all-state
noopster, is turning out for the
frosh team at Oreron. and that
Fletcher Johnson, another Salem
nigh product, la also out there;
likewise Dwight Webb from Dal
las. Stew Milligan and Pete Buck
from the University hith team
which made a good showing in
the tournament here last spring,
are other candidates.
While over at the Oregon
State rook camp, the list of last
year's high school stars Includes
a trio from Astoria; Palmberg,
Bergstrom and Makeia. There
may be others; we haven't sees
the complete Use.
'CHIMPS' Willi
Two undefeated and Untied high
school grid squads will clash here
tomorrow in an attempt to Prove
superiority, no titia fcainr at
stake. The Democrats of Jeffer
son, Portland nren league cham
pions, will be hosts to a scrappy
Moscow. Idaho, eleven.
The visitors, champions of the
Inland Empire, will arrive here
oaiuraay morning 22 strong with
their coach. Gale Mix. anvion to
prove that their style of football,
wnien downed leading Spokane
teams, la too much for the Oregon
Vancouver High
Goiters Coming
Vancouver hfcfc annv mii
team will come to Salem today to
um eaiem nign six-man
Squad OH tha fialAm tlrAt rln-h'm
coarse. Salem defeated Vancouver
wane on a trip into Washington
Ex-Welter Champion Back
Home; Scissors Artist
Ready to go Again
Robin Reed, who lost his world
welterweight belt to Henry Jones
last summer, has returned from
a new tour of conquest in the east
and middle west, and will remind
Salem fans of his speed and
cleverness again next Tuesday
night after an absence of several
Reed will meet Bobby Novak,
who lost his chance to take away
that belt when he was defeated
in spectacular fashion by Jones
last week. Novak suffered a spin
al Injury and aoent several days
in the hospital, but is now report
ed to be ready for more hostilities.
Novak is considered to be the
most logical onoonent for Rmm!
when the ex-champln renews his
campaign here, , for the Cleveland
boy. thOUEh defeated koDt on
even terms or better with Jones
throughout thej.r bout. Over an-
xiousness to fasten on his famed
figure-four hook scissors in a
dangerous position led to his
For the past several months
Jteei has been proving to fans
halfway across the continent and
further, that loss of his cham
pionship through a decision did
not deprive him of anv of hi
ning. It is thought probable that
before termination of his
visit to his home state, Reed will
oe in the market for a chance to
regain the diamond-studded belt.
Is Keen For
Team Berths
With One week of nrnHa k
hind them, the Willamette univer
sity hoopsters showed consider
able progress toward tha ncwos-
sary physical condition for a
strenuous season s campaign on
the maple court in their Friday
workout. Coach "SDec" Kn
was also getting some idea of the
relative abilities of the various
candidates, but so far has given
no indication as to what he ex
pects his first string group to
look like, other than evincing a
generally pessimistic attitude.
Some players have already been
shifted back and forth between
the group presumed to include
the more promising candidates,
under the personal direction of
Coach Keene, and the second
groun which worked Aiit VHdav
with Dwight Adams, four-year
ietterman,, in barge. But that is
as far as the job of selecting a
first string group has gone.
Some of the "sideline coaches"
have picked Bill Lemmon and
Jim Burdett as the nair of for
wards likely to be given the task
of filling the roles held last year
Dy Roy Benjamin and Don Faber.
However, Walt Erickson is show
ing a lot of speed and class and
there are a number of other can
didates who must be taken into
consideration before any final se
lecting is done. Jack Connors is
also exhibiting great improve
ment ana is expected to make
Bud Rleke step lively to clinch
the center job.
Referee and
Umpire Flee
Mob of Fans
(AP) A police riot squad was
cajjea out nere today to protect
two officials whose decisions in a
Class B football game mo Ineensad
the spectators that several hun
dred of them stormed the playing
The El Monte hlrb school class
B team won the game, 7 to 0, from
the Santa Monica B's.
At the end of the same, stu
dents and non-stndenta rnsho.d on
the field. Faculty members and
players aided R. C. Jelllson. ref
eree, and S. R. Rorbaugh, umpire,
in reaenmg tne gymnasium.
wnen u was rouna mat the of
ficials eould not be taken from
the buildlnc. a riot call was sent
to the police station.
Arrival of the oollce onieted
down the angry crowd bnt some
body deflated the tires of the po
nce automobiles before the foot
ball officials could be escorted to
Rorbaugh was knocked down
and trampled in the melee, bat
he said he was uninjured.
Louisiana Eleven
Will Start Work
For Oregon Fray
BATON ROUGE, La., Dec. z
(AP) Louisiana State univer
sity's football team, Its regular
Southern conference season com
pleted, will start work Monday
after a week's rest for the Uni
versity of Oregon post-season con
test here December IT.
Coach .Lawrence 'Biff Jones,
after the Louisiana State-Tulane
game last' Saturday, gave bis men
a week's practice lay-off to guard
against possible stalenesa and be
cause be thought they bad earned
it. His orders are for them to re
port next week for renewed train
ing, fed it la expected he.will give
them some plain and fancy plays
to use against the Oregonien not
used In any game this year, since
the L.S.U. stalwarts mar "shoot
the works" without need of with.
(Continued from Page I)
which appears ta ,Deed Records
for Marion County, Oregon, in
Vol. 171, at page 128 thereof;
D.C. No. 40 issued to Marion
County,-Oregon, August 11, 1S11.
for 2124 taxes, amount due 17.74.
with 11 int. per annum from
said date;
TOM GOLEMIS, present owner.
Lot 5, Blk. "O." North Side Add.
to the City of Silverton. in Mar
ion County, Oregon, a more par
ticular description of which ap
pears in VoL 2, at page 172, Reg
istration of Titles In the Office of
the County Recorder for Marion
County, Oregon; D.C. No. 40 Is
sued to Marion County. Oregon.
August 12. 1929, for 1924 taxes,
amount due f 11.41, with 12
Int. per annum from said date;
ent owner. Lota 5 and 6, Blk. 11,
Whitney's Add. to the Town of
Stayton, in Marion County, Ore
gon, a more particular descrip
tion of which appears in Deed
Records for Marion County, Ore
gon, in Vol. 154, at page 304
thereof; D.C. No. 40 Issued to
Marlon County, Oregon. August
12, 1929. for one-half 1924 taxes,
amount due 5.93, with 12 int.
per annum from said date;
ent owner, Lota 1, 2, 0 and 11.
Blk. 1, St. Louis New Piatt to
St. Louis, in Marion County, Ore
gon, a more particular descrip
tion of which appears in Deed
Records for Marion County, Ore
gon, in Vol. 135, at pag 650
thereof; D.O. No. 40 issued to
Marion County, Oregon. August
12, 1929, for 1924 taxes, amount
due .97, with 12 int. per
annum from said date;
owner. Lot 9, Blk. 1, St. Louis
New Piatt to St. Louis, in Marlon
County, Oregon; D. C. No. 40 is
sued to Marion County, Oregon,
August 12, 1929. for 1924 taxes,
amount due 2.32, with 12 int.
per annum from said date;
me ir
Hundreds of pairs Broken
Lines of Men's Sjhoes
All High Grade Shoes and Oxfords -- Black' and
Brown, Kid, Calf and Scotch Grain Leathers
Regular $8, $9 and $10 Values go al
sLL i
owner. Lot 1, Blk. 1. West Wa
conda. In Marion County, Oregon,
a more particular description of
which appears in Deed Records
for Marlon County, Oregon, in
Vol. 201,- at page - 83 thereof;
D.C. No. 40 issued to Marion
County. Oregon, August 11. 1929,
for 1924 taxes, amount due 15.65.
with 12 Int. per annum from
said date;
ent owner. Lots 1 to 5, Bradley's
Add. to the City of Woodburn. in
Marion County. Oregon; D.C. No.
40 Issued to Marion County, Ore
gon, August 12. 1921. for 1924
taxes, amount due $21.27, with
12 int per annum from said
ent owner, Lots 38 to 40. Brad
ley's Add to the City of Wood
burn, in Marion County, Oregon;
D.C. No. 40 issued to Marion
County. Oregon. August 12, 1929,
for 1924 taxes, amount due
334.03, with 12 int. per annum
from said date;
ent owner. Lots 5 and 6. Blk. 2.
Whitman's Add. to the City of
Woodburn. in Marion County,
Oregon; D.C. No. 41 Issued to
Marion County, Oregon, August
12, 1929, for 1924 taxes, amount
due $21.27, with 12. int per
annum from said date;
SHARPE. present owners, Lots
1. 2 and 3. Blk. "G" and Lots 9
and 10, Blk. "G", in the Town
site of Fargo, in Marion County,
Oregon, a more particular de
scription of which appears in
Deed Records for Marion Coun
ty, Oregon, in Vol. 183, at page
278 thereof; D.C. No. 41 issued
to Marion County, Oregon, Aug
ust 12, 1929, for 1924 taxes,
amount due $2.53, with 12 int.
per annum from said date;
ent owner, Lots 5 to 8, Blk. 9,
Chappelle's Add. to the City of
Woodburn, in Marion County,
Oregon; D.C. No. 41 issued to
Regular. $5 and $6 Value
and Brown, Calf and Scotch
$1.50 and $2 Values
Sale Price
Tl o
426 State Street
Marion County, Oregon, August
12. 1929, for 1924 taxes, amonnt
due $8.51, with 12 Int. per an
sum from said date;
That the respective plats and
additions above mentioned re
spectively, refer to the plats and
additions, on file and of record in
the office of the ;Coanty Record
er for Marion County, Oregon.
That the several sums herein
above set forth bear Interest at
the rate of twelve per cent per
annum from the date of the Is
suance of said certificates, towlt:
the 12th day of August. 1929.
And you. and each of you. as
such owners, claimants or - hold
ers of an interest or estate in
and to the hereinabove describ
ed real property, and each and
every person, firm and corpora
tion named In the foregoing list
as being the owner or owners, ac
cording to the tax rolls of Mar
ion County, Oregon, of tracts and
parcels of land, lots and blocks
above described and following
your respective names, and each
and every person, firm and cor
poration, owning or claiming to
own, or having or claiming to
have any interest. Hen or claim
therein, and also all other per
sons or parties unknown, claim
ing any right, title, estate. Hen
or interest in the real estate
above described, and all persons
Interested therein, are hereby
further notified to be and ap
pear within sixty days after the
date of the first publication of
this notice, exclusive of the day
of said first publication, and de
fend the action or pay the amount
due, as shown above, together
with accrued Interest from the
date of the issuance of said Cer
tificates of Delinquency at the
rate of twelve per cent per an
num and costs, and you are fur
ther notified to serve a copy of
your appearance or answer on the
undersigned attorney for plain
tiff at his office and post office
address below stated.
And you are notified that in
case of your failure so to do.
HOSE for
judgment and decree will be ren
dered herein, foreclosing the lien
of said taxes, interest,' penalty
and . costs against-each tract and
parcel of land, lot, and block of
the real property above described
for the sums and amounts due
apon and eharged - against the
same for said taxes as herein
above set forth, and penalties, in
terest and costs, and ordering the
sale of each tract and parcel of
land, lot and block of real prop
erty for the satisfaction of the
sums eharged and found against
it, respectively, as provided by
law, and as prayed for In plain
tiff's Complaint and . Application
for Judgment and Decree now on
file In this Court and cause, and
reference to which is hereby
You are hereby notified that
plaintiff will apply to the Court
for such other relief as may be
Just, proper, meet and equitable
in the premises.
This Summons Is published
pursuant to the provisions of the
law and the statutes of the State
of Oregon, in such - cases made
and provided, and' the date of
the first publication of this Sum
mons is the 19th day of Novem-.
ber. 1932. and the date of the
last publication thereof la the
17th day of December, 1932; and
It is published! pursuant to an
Order of the Honorable L. G.
Lewelling, Judge of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon, for
Marion County, made and entered
in the above entitled cause on
the 14th day of November, 1932.
All processes and- papers in
this proceeding may be served
upon the undersigned attorney
for plaintiff, residing within the
State of Oregon, at the office and
post office address hereinafter
Sheriff of Marion County, Oregon.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Residence and Post Office Ad
dress: Masonic Building, Salem
Oregon. N-19-26 D-8-10-17
receuuy, h 10 IH,
holding anything.