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    The OREGON STATESMAN Salem, Xrcgon. Friday Blorninr. December 2. 1932
lli! J. HILL
WOOD BURN. Dec. 1. Funer
al senrlces for John. J. Bid well,
who died at his home Tuesday af
ternoon t i o'clock following a
long Illness, .win be held Friday
afternoon at 2 p. m. from the
Woodburn Christian church,' with
Rev. Long officiating. Rer. Merlin
HIll wIU agsist. Burial will b at
the Belle Paasl cemetery.- -
J. J. Bidwell died Tuesday after
a long Illness,, the exact cause of
which no one could determine. He
first became ill early in the earn
mer. John J. Bidwell was born 64
years ago, November S3, in Plym
outh, 111. He lired in Illinois a
great part of his youth. He also
lired in Missouri and Idaho be
fore coming to Oregon. He had
lired on his farm east of Wood
burn oTer 12 years. Mr. Bidwell
was known as a hard working and
conscientious man, and there are
a -host, of trienda to ntoim his
death. H J survived by a.wldowi
Mrs. Emma Bidwell of Wood burn;
daughter, Mrs.' Margaret Bartlett
of Santa Rosa, CaL; sons, Hugh of
Clatakanie and Herbert of Chi
cago. A younger, 'son, John,' was
killed two years ago wbile serv
ing with. navy, i
Bert Gwiri to Manage
McLaughlin's Ranch
OAK POINT, , Dec. 1 Bert
Gwin bas accepted, the position as
manager of. the . McLaughlin : hop
ranch of 400 acres. MrGwin has
been manager of the Dean Walker
yard nearly seven years. He haa
already assumed charge but will
Watches Cleaned $1.00
Wrist Watches ....$1.50
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clock repairing
Buslck'a Market
Marion and Com'l
not more hie familr until ait
Christmas, as (be house 1a being. I
remodeled. Ey Flake Vwhe has
been .manager there ae Bored' to
Independence. - - '
Boys Sunday School
Class Forging Ahead!
1 !
HAZEL GREEN, Dec. l; -Rot.
Clark M. Smith will preach Sun
day at ii o'clock, snbject, "Part
nership." using summary from the
book, "The Three Ta,' In the con
test of the Sunday school the boys'
class is ahead. Christian Endeav
or is at 7:30, with. Lucille Wood
leader. t
Dr. Rath f,L Boserty
'ggH Phone 5858
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Claaaea Fitted
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10 cloths
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