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    The UUflUUN STATESMAN. Salary Oregon. Saturday Morning. November 25, 1932
i'Local News Briefs IFOX BREEDERS
' " fin Riff" nn : mnif
bvAA t .Liu. pu - ariaik
awVW W vu.rW T fc ' " W W e V I
taua tu listed at applying for '
county and . state, road work' at
the U. S.-Y. M. fVA. employment
fcureaa . her . yesterday. Tn Hat
goes? back to the. start-, of emer
gency road work registration one.
year ago. While registrations con
tinue to come in. few' men are be
lns tent out on the road projects,
according to D. D. .Dotson, as
sistant manager of the bureau.
About town a tew odd Jobs' are
being found- and a mattering of
workers are being sent to farms
to earn only their board and room.
.Wanted, used furnture..Tel. 5110
Four Accident Reported Ac
cidents reported yesterday werer
C. F. Patton, 4 South High
street, and - Roy Burton. 8475
Broadway at Bellerue and High
K. L. Grnbb, 710 North High, and
an unidentified driver, three miles
from Salem off- the SUverton
Toad ; Bertha Loske, route six,
and Frank Doerf ler's sons, on
Penitentiary road four miles east
of' Salem; H. C. Hanford, Salem,
and X L Robe. Brownsville, one
mile north of Jefferson.
Key; Specials at Miller's
Start Foreclosure 'i- Suit to
foreclose & first mortgage on real
property on South Commercial
street was filed Friday In circuit
court here by the Mutual Barings
and - Loan association - against
Margaret Montgomery Shafer and
a number of other defendants.
Frinelpal of $5055 is sought in
the suit along with two years' de
linquent taxes and certain Inter
est items. j
Miller's are featuring a special
table of giftwarea for particular
hoppers. Stop and shop for ideas.
This table near Liberty street en
Asserts Negligence In an
swering a damage suit complaint
recently filed by Mrs. Elizabeth
Cheney, William A. Rosenthal,
defendant, holds negligence on
the part of the plaintiff's daugh
ter, Laura Cheney, who was drir
lng tor the plaintiff when the
accident occurred. Rosenthal filed
his answer Friday In circuit court
here. The mishap took place six
miles north of Tillamook July 3
Correction: Brogues advertised as
key special in Miller's ad should
hare read $2.19 Instead of $1.19
To Hike Sunday Members of
the Chemeketan club will leare
the Senator hotel at 9 a.m. to
morrow for the start of a nine-
mile round trip hike up Mill creek
canyon In Polk county. Cars will
conrey the party for S miles orer
the Salt creek cut off and the
bike will be taken up the Mill
creek canyon. Coffee will; be pro-
Tided tor lunch. The transports
tion tee for -persons without cars
will be CO cents
Training Classes Beginning
Monday, a series or leaaersnip
training classes will be conducted
during the-week at the Calvary
Baptist church. T. H. Hagen, di
rector of christian education of
the Oregon state conrentlon, and
his associate. Miss Louise Hunder
up, will be In charge. The classes
will close Friday, and are open to
anyone Interested.
Key Specials at Miller's
Exposition, Planned Plans
for the Boy Scout merit badge ex
position to be held here Febru
ary 8 and 9 will be started today
noon at a meeting of J. T. De
laney. Cascade Area council pre
sident, A. C. Haag and W. L.
Phillips, scout commissioner. The
exposition, to be held probably at
the armory, will show the scouts
In action doing the rarlous tasks
for merit badges.
Drunkenness Charged Two
men, Ilugh Wllkerson and A. W.
Coffey,- were arrested by city po
lice last night on charges of be
ing drunk, police records show.
Collins C. Chapman, transient,
who was arrested on a similar
charge Wednesday, was released
from Jail yesterday and ordered
to leare the city, according to
municipal court records.
IS Coses RepoitexL Thirteen
new cases of communicable dis
ease were reported In Marion
county last week, according to the
state department of health bullet
in. Of these, three were measles.
larev moercuiosi, two mumps,
and one each of diptheria, influ
enza, pneumonia, chickenpox and
Postpone Programs No lob
by program was held at the T
M. C. A. last night, nor has any
entertainment been planned for
next week. Thaaksglrlng actiri
ties held up the program this
.week, and plans were dropped for
next week so as not to interfere
with the concert by the Salem
Pallharmonie orchestra to be held
in the armory next Friday night.
Lnrsea Arrested A. A. Larsen
was haled before Justice of the
Peace Miller Hayden yesterday on
charge of selling short, measure,
to which he pleaded not "guilty,
and trial is slated tor December 1
at I p. m. Complaint was made by
Deputy Jones of the state weights
and measures office. j
: Fined $10 Gene Sarty was
fined $10 In justice court yester- I
without a license. He was unable
to pay the fine, and committment
.- ' was issued.
Reckless Dri ring Albert Hop
Lee Low left $10 and costs with
. '. the Justice court cotters yesterday
. after admitting charge of reckless
- drlrlng. , -,
; CoirdTtg Events
Norember gg-gO-Oregosi
SUtm Fox Breeders asuocta
tion first annual pelt show,
chamber of commerce. T.
r December Wester
Not Growers association an
nual meeting, chamber of
commerce. v'i-
December T-tl Oregoa
State noTtics&aral society
annual meeting, chamber of
Store Overheated Fire badly
damaged v furniture,- floor rand
woodwork in the apartment 1 of
Fred Rouse on the second floor ot
the business building at 1(5 North
Commercial street at 1220 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. . Fire Chief
Harry Hutton said the blase was
eaused by aa overheated store.
The flames were quickly extin
guished with chemicals.
Northwestern Runnlnsr With
the Willamette rirer lerel I well
abore the two-toot mark, the Sa
lem Narlgation company has plac
ed its 200-ton boat. Northwestern,
back on the? Portland-Salem run.
The big packet is making three
trips each way erery week, carry
ing miscellaneous cargo.
No Fatalities Told There
were 215. industrial accidents in
Oregon "during the week ending
Norember. 14, according to a re
port prepared by the state indus
trial accident commission. No fa
talities were reported.
Key Specials at Miller's 9
Jewett Estate In The Will of
the late Frances Herren Jewett
was admitted to probate here Fri
day. O. W. Jewett, sole heir and
the widower, is to be executor.
Real property has an estimated
ralue of $4000 find personal prop
erty of $300.
Child is Hit Lindley Edmund-
son, 2140 South Church street, re
ported to city, police last sight
that his automobile had struck a
small child on North Broadway
street. The tot'a injuries consist
ed only of bruises and abrasions.
He did not learn its name.
V. F. W. Card Party. Woman's
Club House. Mon. Ere, Nor. 28.
Tickets and display at Stiffs.
Corrallls Man Arrested How
ard H. Newton of Corrallls was
arrested by city police yesterday
on a charge of speeding. Munlc
ipal Judge Mark Poulsen suspend'
ed his driver's license tor 10 days.
MONMOUTH, Nor. 25 Harriet
Ann Phillips Hockema, 71, died at
the family home here this morn
ing. Funeral rites will be held
Sunday at 1:30 o'clock at the
Erangellcal church here, Rer. A.
L. Lons berry officiating and Kee
ney funeral home of Independence
In charge. Burial will be In the
K. of P. cemetery
Mrs. Hokema was born in Can
ada Norember 2, 1861, and at the
age of eight, mored to Michigan,
where she spent her early life. She
was married in LaPerr county,
April 12. 1881, to Willard Phil
lips. They came to Oregon 42
years ago,, settling first at Salem,
going to Airlie, and then making
their permanent home here 2S
years ago,
Mr. Phillips died In 1922. In
January, 1927, his widow was
married to W. P. Hokema, who
surrlres her, as do two children,
Mrs. P. O. Burbank and Robert
Phillips of Monmouth; a sister,
Mrs. Martha Crocker ot Detroit,
Mich.; tiro grand children, and
two great grandchildren.
Mrs. Hokema had long been a
member of the Erangellcal
Foreign Plates,
Vote in Oregon,
Cause Him Grief
When is a Washington resident
not a Washington resident? When
he rotes in Oregon! Which is a
prelude to trial in justice court
yesterday of D. E. Englehart,
charged with operating a motor
rehicle with a Waslngton license,
while a resident of Oregon.
Englehart, haled before Justice
of the Peace Miller Hayden fol
lowing arrest by sttte police,
pleaded not guilty to the charge,
and trial was started at once. En
glehart claimed he lired in Wash
ington, but testimony showed that
he roted in Oregon at the last elec
tion, and registered as an Oregon
cltisen. a.
Judge Hayden Miked defendant
$20 and costs, tue sum being
about equal to a nine months' li
cense. Meier to Return
Here on Monday
Gorernor Meier telephoned
from San Francisco Friday that
he would return to Oregon early
next Monday instead ot on De
cember 5, as previously announc
ed. Gorernor and Mrs. Meier
spent Thaaksglrlng day in San
Francisco visiting with their two
daughters, who are residents
At the residence, 381 North
Cottage, Norember 23, Mrs. Era
M. Betser. Surrtred by husband,
Peter Betser; sons, Ralph and
Lyle of Salem. Funeral serrices
from the Clongh-Barrlck chapel
Saturday, NoTember 28, at 1 p.m.
Interment at Betcrest Memorial
park with the Rer. Frank Betzer
officiating. Musie by Clough-Bar-rick
Clark .'
. Henrietta Clark, at . the resi
dence, Stl K. 14th St, November
24. Born in Salem and spent her
entire Ufa Iters. Surrtred by two
sisters, lira, Q. H. Crolsan and Ga
brieile Clark aad one brother
James E. Clark, all of Salem.
Serrices from the Clourh-Barrick
ahapal Eturday;NoT. II. tan.
Bar. 8wift oZSclsttnf . Interment
L O. Ov P, cemetery Pletao otott
Ob ltuarv
lit mm
Stacey and Gibson, Large
Local fur Farmers, to
Display at Show
' - By J, JUDD
LIBERTY. Nor. 25 Fur farm
ing has maintained a steady in
crease the last year or two with
also ft general lmprorement of
methods. The two largest sllrer
fox farms within a 15-mile radius
of Salem are the ranches ot R. D.
Gibson on route three and of C
W. Stacey on route four, both In
the Liberty district. Both farms
are Increasing their stock for the
coming year.
The Gibson ranch began the
season last year with 82 breeders
and from this start raised 70 puds.
Eighty-lire pelts are being taken
this year. Eren with this heary
pelting the ranch will go Into the
next breeding season with four
more foxes than last year as some
outside stock has been brought In.
air. Gibspn also cares for foxes be
longing to Mr. Ledgerwood of Ma
nama fish hatchery and those of
Joseph Smith of Salem.
Mink Also Oalsed
Interesting at this farm alio
are the mink belonging to - Dr.
Fred Ellis of Salem. From three
adults 18 kittens were raised this
year, and all will be added to the
original breeding stock. The Gib
son ranch will receive risltors up
to the first of the year.
The Stacey ranch began last
season with 45 foxes and from
these raised 96 pups; 75 foxes are
being pelted here and S3 will be
carried orer into the next breed
ing season. The Staceys will ranch
only their own animals this com
ing year. They hare also a few
pens of German fitch. Visitors
will be welcomed at this time as
the foxes are at their best at this
Look What Foxes Eat
A thriving fox industry has a
heary consumption ot a rariety of
foodstuffs. For example the fol
lowing food was consumed on the
Stacey ranch the last year: three
tons cereal, 15 hundred dosen
eggs, 50 (Mall calves, 10 horses
and cows, two tons chicken offals,
1000 pounds regetables and fruit.
10 gallons cod lirer oil, and other
foodstuffs in smaller quantities.
Fox ranches also demand a great
supply of wire, lumber, sand, and
other materials.
The sate of fox skins brings a
large amount of eastern money to
Oregon as New York City is the
big pelt market, and pelts hare
remained abore the- cost of pro
duction while most other produce
has gone below.'
Exhibit at Show
Pelts from the Liberty ranches
win be on display at the fur show
sponsored by the Oregon Fox
Breeders association in the Salem
chamber of commerce rooms No
rember SO. Sereral hundred Ore
gon pelts will be shown and -of
fered for sale. This display is to
educate the public on Oregon pelts
as well as to gire the fur buyers
a chance to bid on the furs assem
bled. The display is open to the
public without charge.
The age limits for recruits to
the city police department here
after will be 27 to 40 years, the
civil service commission decided
yesterday at its Norember meet
ing postponed from earlier in the
month. Provision was Included
that world war reterans applying
for positions should be glren cred
it for the time they served in the
war, to be deducted from their
age if this would bring them
within the limit
The commission also certifed
its recently published list of po
licemen in the order of their
seniority. The list shows three
officers as sergeants. It is expect
ed that unless the one sergeaney
is replaced in the estimates, the
police Inspector will - be rellered
ot his sergeaney.
Norman Mellis
Faces Another
Larceny Count
Norman Mellis, who was last
week sentenced to 60 days in the
county jail for theft of sheep from
A-Savage, of near Salem, has an
other larceny charge hanging orer
his head. The second charge, an
Information filed yesterday with
T. W. Smith ot Turner as the
private prosecutor, accuses Mellis
of stealing a radio from the Smith
He will face this charge as soon
as he serres the fi 0-day sentence.
On the first count, criminal infor
mation was treated as a complaint
at request of the district attor
ney's office.
110 Political
Speeches Made
By Mrs. Pierce
Mrs. Walter M. Pierce gare 11$
political addresses on behalf of
her husband, who recently was
elected represeatatire in congress
from the second congressional
district, Mr. Tierce defeated Ro
bert R, Butler, his republican op
ponent, ny mora than ioeo rotes.
Mrs. Fierce Is spendlnx a fe
days In Salem rlsltlnc with
friends. In ; confiding her . cam
paign actirities to friends here
Friday, Mrs, Pierce said aha en
joyed her speech-makings tours
which took her Into the most
remote sections of th eongres-
Crown Mining:
Hold High Hopes as New
Development is Hastened
8CIO, Nor. 25 More than 50
stockholders attended the annual
meeting ot the Crown Mining and
Milling company in Scio a. few
days ago. A. E. ChUcote ot Leban
on was elected a member of the
board ot directors to succeed the
late. A. T. Powell. The exeeutlre
officers of the company wero re
elected aa follows: president, Joe
Boyanorsky; secretary-treasurer,
R. E. Peery. Peary was also con
tinued as manager of the com
pany. The exeeutlre officers are
residents ot Scio and Ttclnity.
A report of1 the work at the
mine was made by the secretary.
who also exhibited late 'samples
ot the best ore encountered in the
tunnel. Peery also read a letter
from W. X. Elmendorf, the com
pany engineer, in which it was
stated that erery indication was
encouraging and that late ores
were exceptionally promising.
Samples Show Promise
"Some of the samples are esti
mated in a new Tela run from 10
to 25 per cent copper in metallic
form, and are bellered to be the
product of the leaching of a much
more extensrre bodr of ore."
Peery said. Zinc and lead hare
been noted lately and these ores
seem to be more plentiful as , the
junction area Is neared, according
to Peery.
"Preparations are being made
to hasten derelopment work, and
more men are being taken into
(Tax for 1024)
Department No. Two
MARION COUNTY, a Body Politic
and Corporate ot the State ot
Oregon, Plaintiff,
Smith, Mary Franklin and Clara
Franklin, Flora M. Murphy. Fe
lix Verhoeven, F. LaPlante, L.
Campbell and B. Campbell.
(Julius Aim) A. E. Fronk and
Nettle Fronk, H. O. Woare and
M. L. Woare. Simon Sny r,
Garrett H. Templeton, Mrs.
Mary Richardson, Edwin K.
White, G. T. RIsley, F. O.
Doyle, Benj. M. Price. A. H.
Cornelius and L, Cornelius,
John Waibel and B. Walbel.
J. F. Minker and S. E. Mlnk
er. Elizabeth Kinser. Albert F.
Dilley, John Daly, L. M. Her
ren, F. J. Lafky, Nettie L.
Peck. A. W." Carberry, R. J.
Hendricks and Carle Abrams
-(W. C. Conner) W. C. Conner,
H. C. Olsen and W. J. Linfoot.
Frank Ewing, Will Carrer,
Wm. McGilchrist, Jr., a S.
Dickenson, H. Steinboek. E. E.
Tanner, (E. Edwin Tanner)
Mary E. Osborn Est., Mary
Jackson, Heirs, W. M. Welch.
C. T. Johnston and J. Johns
ton. T. W. Sharps and Era F,
Sharpe, F. S. Thompson and
Lucy Thompson. Citr of Hub
bard, J. R. Brown and. Louise
urown, o. Gigax. Tom Golem
is, Everett Crabtree. Chas. A.
Robertson, Capital Trust Co.,
Helena Jaquenod, Emma Wen-
genroth. City of Woodbum and
each and erery person, firm
and corporation named in the
following list as being the own
er, or owners, according to the
tax rolls of Marlon County.
Oregon, of tracts and parcels
of land, lots and blocks there
in described and following
their respective names, and to
each and erery person, firm
and corporation owning, Or
claiming to own, or baring, or
claiming to hare, any interest.
lien or claim therein, and also
ail other persons aad parties
unknown claiming any right,
title, estate, lien or interest in
the real estate hereinstter de
scribed. Defendants.
To each of the abore named
defendants, and each and every
person, firm- and corporation
named in the abore list, as being
the owner, or owners, according
to tne tax roils or Marion Coun
ty, Oregon, of tracts and parcels
ot land, lots and blocks therein
described and following their re
spective names, and to each and
every person, firm and corpora
tion owning or claiming to own.
or having or claiming to hare
any interest, lien, or claim there
in, and, also, all other persons
and parties unknown, claiming
any right, title, estate, lien or
interest in the real estate here
inafter described, and described
in the Complaint and Application
for Judgment and Decree herein.
OF OREGON, You and each of
yon as owners, claimants or hold
ers Of an interest, lien, claim or
estate Id and to the hereinafter
described property, situated in
Marion County. State Of Oregon.
and all persons interested in the
property hereinafter described,
are- hereby notified that Marion
County, a duly organised County
and body politic and corporate
under and by rlrtue of the Con
stitution and Laws ot the State
of Oregon, the plaintiff abore
named, is the owner and holder
of certain Certificates of Delin
quency bound In 'book form, as
required by law, issued to Mar
ion County, Oregon, the plaintiff
herein, on the 12 th day of Aug
ust, 1321, by the Sheriff and Tag
Collector ot Marion County, Ore
gon, and filed by him on the 14th
day of August, 1921. In the office
ot the County Clerk of Marion
County, State ot Oregon, tor the
delinquent taxes for the year
1324 upon and including all the
property on the tax roQa In said
Sheriff and Tax Collector's office
for said, year, upon which no Cer
tificate ot Delinquency had pre
rloualy been issued, and contain
ing all the property npoa which
taxes are delinquent tor said
That ' the descriptloa of the
property included in said Cer
tificates of Delinquency, the name
of the person or persons -on the
tax : rolls 2a - the hands of the
Sheriff and Tax CoHector of
the. mine this week. It is expected
that the black wan rein wCl bo
reached within the next tew days,
this being the area which Engin
eer Elmendorf bel teres may prore
the most important yet opened,
Peery declared. r '
i Build Depot at Oaee
: Material for the construction of
a depot and store room for the
storing ot supplies and equipment
will be taken to the end of the
road this week, with building to
start at once. Transportation fa
cilities in that locality win bo
greatly enhanced with the com
pletion of the road abore Mehe
ma to the Lewis hilL The right
ot way on this project;. recently
has b.en cleared of the merchant
able timber and the logs hare
been sold to the Hammond Lum
ber company. This timber is es
timated to aggregate 300,000 feet
and the road district will profit
about $3 per thousand, it is
A huge truck from the Amal
gamated mine was on the road re
cently and doing some good work
with a grader. The road is said to
be in good condition at this time.
The old prospect known as the
"John Dyke," located about a
mile north of the Crown mine,
has been located by two men who
are doing some exploration work
on the property. Lead and sine
ore ot encouraging content is said
to hare been encountered.
at the date of the first publica
tion ot this Notice and Summons,
as the owner or owners of said
property, if known, and so stat
ing if unknown, and the' total
tax. Interest, penslty and costs
one to the 12th dar of AuxnsL
1929, the date ot the issuance of
said Certificates of Delinquency
are as touows. to-wit:
ent owner. w Lot 9. Blk. C.
Fargo Orchard Tracts, located in
sec. 9, Tp. 4. S.R. 1 W. of the
Willamette Meridian, in Marion
county, Oregon, containing fire
acres ot land, a more particular
description of which appears in
Deed Records for Marlon Coun
ty, Oregon, in Vol. 164, at pages
7S. and 474 tnereof; D.C. No.
34 issued to Marion County, Ore
gon, August 12, 1929, for 1924
taxes, amount due $17.3, with
12 int. per annum from said
J. P. SMITH, present owner.
Coffee Island, located in Sac. 25
Tp. 4. S.R. 3 W. of the Willam
ette Meridian, in Marlon County,
uregon, containing 25 acres of
land, a more particular descrip
tion of which appears in Deed
Records for Marion County. Ore
gon, in Vol. 137, at page 47
thereof; D.C. No. 34 Issued to
Marion County, Oregon, August
12, 1929, for 1924 taxes, amount
dne $37.91, with 12 int. per
annum from said date;
FRANKLIN, present owners. 1
acre in Sec. 13, Tp. 5. 8.R. 1 W.
ot the Willamette Meridian, in
Marlon County, Oregon, a more
particular description of which
ers, 2.25 acres in Sec. 34, Tp.
appears la Deed Records for
Marion County, Oregon, in VoL
132, at page 377 thereof: D. O.
No. 34 issued to Marion County,
uregon, August 11, 1929, for
1924 taxes, amount due $12.05
with 12 int. per annum from
said date;
FLORA M. MURPHY, present
owner, Fr. of acre In Sec. 1$. Tp.
a, B.R. l w. of the Willamette
Meridian, in Marion County, Ore
gon, a more particular descrip
tion of which appears is Deed
Records for Marlon County, Ore
gon, in Vol. 141, at page 511
thereof; D.C. No. 34 Issued to
Marion County, Oregon, August
12, 1929. for 1924 tsxes, amount
dne $2.57. with 12 Int. per an
num from said date;
owner, 5.42 acres in Sec. 23. Tp.
K, SJl. 2 W. of the Willamette
Meridian, in Marlon County, Ore
gon, a mor particular descrip
tion ot which appears in Deed
Records for Marion County, Ore
gon, in Vol. 117, at page 33T
thereof; D.O. No. 34 issued to
Marion County, Oregon, August
12, l2, for 1924 taxes: amount
due $14.23. with 12 int. per
annum from said date;
l F. LA PLANTE, present owner.
6.75 acres in See. 28, Tp. 5, S.R.
2 W. of the Willamette Meridian.
in Marion County. Orexon. a
more particular description of
which appears in Deed Records
for Marion County, Oregon, in
Vol. 187. at page 162 thereof;
D.C. No. 34 issued to Marlon
County. Oregon. August 12. 1929.
for 1924 taxes, amount due
$11.19. with 12 int. per an
num from said date;
BELL, (Julius Aim) present own-
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Definitely planning on a big
Boy Scout rally dinner for the
public on December 21, members
of the Cascade area council exe
cutive board this week appointed
committees for the affair aad de
cided that the . program ahoald
include both entertainment and
election ot of fleers. . The dinner
will precede the annual scout
court of honor bald in the nail
of ' representatires at which 150
boys are expected to appear for
adraacemeata, - .-.--"
O. XL Palmateer is general
ehnlrmasL Others, are: A. J. Ar
ntftt, food; C. W. Bartlett. cooks;
Gardner Knapa, adrertislng; Dr.
George Lewis, finances aad ticket
sales; F. Howard ZInser, . enter
tainment, vi - - - - r j-; : : - , V " -' ; -
A smaH admission. : will be
charged to cover the cost of the
dinner. The location Is yet to he
Portion of State is Almost
Lacking in V Facilities;
: Officials Hopeful
CAP) With banks In La Grande.
The Danes, Heppner and Pendle
ton stin dosed through a series of
"holidays,- eastern Oregoa J at
present Is rirtually without bank
ing raciutiea. ;
Plans are under way. however,
by which it is hoped reorganiza
tion will be effected that will en
able all the institutions to reopen.
Officials ot the several banks are
reticent to discass the derelop
ment ot , their plans, but admit
that erery effort is being made to
rcTire the institutions.
The moratorium declared by
the First Inland National bank ot
Pendleton will last nhtil Decem
ber 1. It resulted from a bank
holiday first declared by Mayor
George R. Lewis October 18, and
twice extended. It is understood
officials of the bank are endearor
ing to get waivers signed and a
re-organization effected by the
time the moratorium is scheduled
to end.
A plan that may result in the
re-opening ot the First National
bank of La Grande, which closed
voluntarily October 19, has been
offered to the stockholders. It
would, prorlde for control by a
new organization. Present stock
holders, would relinquish their
stock so that the new organiza
tion could be formed, and It is
understood they hare roted unan
imously to take this step. They
also rated to support the re-or-gaaization
and the re-opening of
the institution under a plan of the
National bank examiner and a lo
cal re-organization committee. I
Plans being taken to re-open
the banks at The Dalles and Hepp
ner hare not been disclosed, but
it is understood officials are con
centrating their efforts to bring
about the revival ot the institu
J.' J. Thompson's string of
Shropshire from Mackleay. now
on the eastern fair circuit, made
exceptional winnings at the Ak
sarben, Omaha, Nebraska, show,
according to record of winnings
received from E. F. Hubbard ot
Corrallls, who has charge of the
Thompson sheep, which are now
at the Kansas City fair, and are
next to Tie for national honors at
the Chicago show.
Winnings at .Omaha, where
Hubbard saps competition was
stiff, were: aged ram, second;
yearling ram, fourth; ram lamb,
first and second; yearling ewe.
tint; ewe lamb, second and
lounn; uock, seoona; pen ewe
lambs, second; pen- ram lambs
first; Pen three year ewes, sec
ond; pen four lambs, first. All
other firsts and seconds, except
one, were taken by McCarroll,
eastern breeder.
Thompson has had some Of his
sheep on the show circuits since
summer. One pen of Shropshire
lambs has been defeated but once
during the entire time, and that
placed second.
A conference hss been called
here for December 6, when educa
tors from many parts of Oregon
will assemble in Salem to consider
the advisability of establishing a
free reading course in connection
with the state library. The meet
lng was arranged for by Miss
Harriet Long, state librarian.
miss liong said such a course
would be of -great ralue to stu
dents who hare been compelled
to drop out ot college because of
the financial situation. Many let
ters already hare been receired
by Miss Long asking tor Informs
tion regarding the proposed read
lag course.
The state librarian declared
that the presidents of sereral of
Oregon's outstanding educational
institutions had promised to at
tend the conference.
Case Under Way
A suit inrolring disputed claims
for rent and for damages growing
rrom alleged misrepresentations
was in progress Friday in circuit
court hero and had little possibili
ty of reaching the jury until this
morning. W. 3. Fltts, plaintiff,
seeks $275 rent alleged past due
from Nina L. Olmstead. proprie
tor of the Rose cafe. 8he has pre
sented a counter-claim for $581
She alleges misrepresentations
made to her about possible profits
from the restaurant led her into
the business. She also claims Fitts
readjusted her original rent to a
peymeat-on-earnings basis. The
plaiatlff owns a North Commer
cial street building where the res
taurant ran by Mrs. Olmstead was
conducted on the aecoad noor.
Card Tables and
Chairs -to Rent
Qatt 910, Csed ' Farnltera
on nifi6 course
ASl ort !
t . -'
West Salem News
WEST SALEM, Nor. - S fl .
Charles Wurm is in Walla Walla,
WaslL, tor medical treatment and
obserTalloa. . ' V:..'; - ;
Mr. and'Mrs. Ray Hisel of Ma-
cleay hare mored with their bahr
soa, Gary Ray, into a residence on
8ixth aad Kingwood la West Sa
lem, ; Mrs. Hisel was formerly
Miss Era Arnold and attended the
West Salem school a few years
ago,:'-" - " r ' ...
A Jolly Thanksgirlng day din
ner party combined with a family
reunion .-was held at the AI C
Henningsea homo Thursday, with
the guests incladlag Mrs. - Julia
Henningsen, mother and Howard
Henningsen, brother of Roberts,
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Henningsen
and M. ' Spillman of Jefferson..
Wallace and Howard Johnson of
Corrallls, Miss Barbara Arm
strong of Roberta. Eleanor Ma-
eeiak ot West Salem and the
hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Al C. Hen
ningsen. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Phil
lips and their family hare mored
into the residence on Third. and
McNary recently racated by the
Phil Hathaway family and had a
hoasewarmiag and dinner party
Thursday with covers laid tor Mr.
and Mrs. Emmett A. Dickson, Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Rierson, Mr. and
Mrs. George Lathrop, Mrs. W. D.
Phillips, Mrs. Martha Rierson,
Western . Association Will
Convene in This City
December 6 and 7
Program for the 18th annual
meeting of the Western Nut Grow.
ers association, which meets at
the chamber ot commerce here
December and 7, has been re
ceired. The conrentlon procedes
the annual gathering of the state
horticultural society, tc- be held
at the chamber ot commerce here
December 7 and 8.
W. G. Brown, ot Portland,
president ot the nut growers, will
preside, and a special feature will
be the competitive walnuts, Chest
nuts aad filbert displays, in
charge of R. G. Doege, of Salem.
The opening program Tuesday
morning features the president'
address, welcome by Douglas Mc
Kay, Salem mayor-elect, and talks
by C. E. Schuster, of Corrallls.
snd C W. Nobel, of Skyline or
ehsrds, Salem.
In the afternoon, speakers will
be Charles Trunk, of Dundee.
Fred Groner ot Hlllsboro and Paul
W. Miller. Of Corrallls. The an
nual banquet will be held Tues
day night. ,
Wednesday morning speakers
will be Sam Brown, of Gerrais;
A. S. Burrler, of Corrallls; Lee
Turner, of Eugene. The after will
be glren te joint meeting with the
state horticultural society, when
speakers will be Eugene Courtney
of Woodburn. Arthur S. King, R.
Jfi. stepnenson and C. V. Rusek.
all of Corrallls.
C. E. Schuster, of Corrallls. is
secretary - treasurer of the nut
growers' association, and rice
presidents are Manning Leonard.
of Eugene, and H. E. Altman, of
rnooKsaK, Wash.
A throng of eager buyers which
kept the F. A W. Grand store
crowded throughout the business
hours yesterdsy greeted the open
ing ot the new store on North Lib
erty street in the Roth building.
A completely new stock with ar
ticles ranging from 5 cents to
$1.00 la price, along -with scores
of specially advertised bargains
attracted the buyers. Many peo
ple from the countryside were no
ticed In the crowds.
H. O, Lincoln, manager of the
new store, and L. D. Bendure of
Seattle, district manager, both ex
pressed marked satisfaction with
the opening day response.
Bendure is to return north to
day after spending a week hero
helping arrange for the opening.
Salem girls Jisre been hired as
I 3
BY V . ; . ; .
Gabriel lewder
Hi F. ButUrfielp
L p. Lennon, "A";' : ' v :" : Momtcr, OreV
Boscbler lxMnCif ML: Ansel, Ore.
riL E. DeGulre. ' r ; f SflvertcnrOre.
E. D.: Kenenbereiv-Lebanon, Ore
Shirley. Bobhr and Bannla THV- '
son, Harry and Arthur-Phnilps,-
woe ana ssiaiyne Rierson, Wil
son, Aadrey and Ray Phillips,
Kenneth and Wayne' Lathrop. -Iris,
Roy, John and. Holland Phil
lips and the hosts, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Phillips. i
. Guests from away at the hom
of Mr. aad Mrs. B. A. Shotf for the
holidays included Mrs. 8botfs sis- .
tar. If r TV r - vaMkm, ..j v
nitjce, str. ana Mrs. Charles Sax
ton, Newlyweds whose marriage
at Kelso, Wash., was a social'
eTent'ot last week, their brother,?
Paul Saxtoa from Hilt, Calif., who
came hero t see them, Edward)
McDonald of Portland and Victor
Saxton, uncle of the young men,
who has operated the Capital
Tourist Auto camp on rarlous oc
casions. 'Charles' Saxtoa, the
bridegroom.; formerly was a resi
dent ot West 8alenu Others at the i
Shoffs this week were A. F. Keith
ot Modesto. Calif., G. A. Felch of
Spokane, and j; Henry Wright f
from Tacoma.
Miss Doretha Lehman of Port
land, granddaughter ot Mrs. D."
Bell of Rosemont. is her guest for
a few days orer the holidays, and
two of her daughters. Mrs. Noreno
Carlson and Mrs. Lou LIringgood
also of Portland came Friday eve
ning for a few days' rlsit here
with their sister, snd brother, Mr.
Amputation Necessitated by
Wound Suffered in Thurs-
day Duck Hunt
Accidental discharge ot his own
shotgun into the left forearm ot
Dewayne Duncan, 17. 648 Union
street. Thursday at 11 a. m. up
the Willamette rirer near Roberta:
station, necessitated the amputa
tion ot the lad's forearm later in
the day at a local hospital.
Misfortune has stalked the Dun
can family. Tears ago a brother
died as a result of injuries sus
tained in football. The lad's fath-.
er also was killed accidentally in
a mishap in the local paper mill
where he was working.
Thursday's accident occurred as
Duncan, Charles Lapschies and Al
fred Laue were pulling into shore
in a row boat in which they had
been duck hunting. As the boat
touched shore, Lapschies thought
he saw a squirrel moving in the
brush. He prepared to shoot.
Duncan called to him to wait un
til he had his gun ready so they
both could hare a shot.
Duncan took his shotgun by the
barrel, the safety being on. As
he pulled the gun towards him,
the muzzle touching his left fore
arm, the gun s hammer caught on
the boat, drew back and as the
lad pulled the shotgun, it dis
charged into his arm.
He did not faint as his compan
ions got him from the boat and
into their car near the river's
bank. He was rushed to a local
hospital where the amputation
was made. He was resting easily
last night.
Duncan was a former carrier for
The Oregon Statesman. He bad
been promised a job at the local
paper mill soon, his place being
top on the waiting list.
Keyes Oratory
Tryout Slateu
Preliminaries in the annual
Keves oratorical contest will bo
held in the Little theatre. Wal
ler hall. Willamette university.
next Monday at 4 p.m.. Professor
E. Rahe. head of the department
ot public speaking, announced
yesterday. Finals are scheduled
for the chspel hour Thursday be
fore the entire student body. A
cash prize is glren annually to the
student showing the greatest ora
torical ability la the university.
... All you're hoped for in a
Cough Drop medicated with ,
i -
4KUe(i--up0' -by- j the "hoard; :
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