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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem : Oregon. Friday Morntrf. November 25, 1932
".Yo Favor Sways XJ$; N6 Fear Shall Ave
From First Statesman; JJarcb. 28, 1851 ' -
Charles A, SucwL.'vv:k" Editor-Manager
SiHXDOH F Sackett
aonajiaa. Editor
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. i ; . . - :. . r: :. v. . - , . . .. 7..: , . - -,-- - wquauui
-By R. il ilENDRICKS-
Charity-.Football Game Be
tween Alumni and Dallas
; f Sunday Event""'
The chamber of commerce met at
the Presbyterian ehureh Tuesday
night tor dinner and a- business
meeting:. The honor guest - u
Judge Harry Belt of Salem. Q. O.
Godfrey presided over the bus
iness meeting. Report! were giv
en by J, B. Hart M the charity
committee, t; stating that every-
. i i 4 , ... .
First : Congregational -church; father ;was7 Henrr Croiian, plo
8tth anniversary of founding: Ineer ot 1841. whose donation
claim . was om croisen erofti, on
what la now known, as the, river
road, the old homo ) being: about
fire miles from the center or Sa
JPIrst tchoolg Is city of Salem:
i-y, i-i 4 '".Tl -V.,' '-'.' "
' (Continuing from - yesterday:)
Wm, England had .bought lot No.
i i from Henry f Clark Sept. II",
1851. Clark had bought No. 1
from' Chloo A, Wilson Dec; 10,
181?. Thompson bad bought No
George . was born August . 16,
1141. When he was big enough to
2 from Chloe A. Wilson; erldant- J nde a horse, whlcn fox those days
ly under bond for a deed, for the
deed was not recorded until April
$,.1871."' -v. r -..v.Hf
S w
W. H. Wlllson and ChIoe&;
wnison, husband end wife, had
their title from the United States,
under the donation land law.
Thus there had been no deed from
did not. hare to be yery big, he
came to Salem, tire miles, on his
Indian pony, "Polly,!; and attend
ed school in that ; old school
bouse. He was accompanied by
lis older sister, Martha Ellxa,
also riding a pony, and they made
the round trip of 10 miles each
school day.vTae sister Is Mrs.' AI
thing is being 'well taken care of, ( the original owners to the lot on I bert Wilson, still liting.
Fixing Motor License Fee3
and -Crom T. D. Pomeroy on the
charity, football game which will
be played Sunday here between
the alumni and Dallas. The com
mittee in charge 'of the sale of
tickets at the game Is: C. H. Har
wood. Bob Craren, Jerry Kelley,
J. H. Hart, Glen Smith, An lnrl
tation waa extended to the cham
ber ot commerce to attend :. a
chicken dinner at Oak Grore.
The Parent . Teachers assocla-
which the school hoUse stood un
til almost the end of 1857.
s - ' - '
So It Is evident that the school
house, built according to good au
thority In 1 8 0, stood tor per
haps more, than seven years on
land 4he title ot which was, not
passed. Dr. W. H. wnison,. who
platted the mam Sal em towns lie.
died April 17, 1858, aged 51. His
widow made the transfers to the
property, as Indicated above, A
donation claim to a married cou
ple went to man and wife in"
dfrlduabK This land was on Mrs.
The Other Creisan children," in
order of their ages, were Caroline,
now Mrs. Bunnell, 217 S. Winter
street, Hon. E. M. Crolsan. TJ. 3
collector of customs at Portland,
and Mrs. Ray - Farmer of. Salem,
who was the baby of the family
There was a girl that died In In
fancy, born next between B. M.
Crolsan and Mrs. Farmer.
George remembers: very well
his school days. In that old school
home. He recalls two of the
teachers. They; were Sarella l
Prlngle and. Thomas Caton. He
-r. i
STN0PSX3 , , .
la iaSA t oOewW thedeatk el
Sir J aha IXarradlne, Captaln-Gen-aral
ai the Leeward Xslef, nia beae
tif el cangater, PrUdSa, leares tor
rplui mbamrt the "Centaur". ae
eaarpaBted by tha sompoos, saUdle
ara llaior Saada, ker ; father's
aide, whe aeaka FriscinVa hand and
fortune. The Malor resenU Pris-
cHla'a laterest In their fellow-pas-
aeager, Charles de Bends, fasci
nating and mysterieas Frenduaan,
and seeks in Tain to be&ttle hlam.
De Bends wanted to disembark at
Gendeleape. tat Captaia Branseme
refnses to ge to that firate-inf ested
port and offers , to drop him at
Saint Croix instead. This is the
"Catttasx" captain's last voyage; he
Is lookus? forward to' retirement
with hie family.
SENATOR SPAULDING of this city is quoted as favor- tlon heard an address by Judge
inz a cut of 50 in the motor license fees, with no Harry, Belt otsaiem,.at their
increase in the gas tax. Senator Burke of Yamhill county T.TodS'aT?ot TcJ
endorses a similar nrODOsaL and onnoses also
w rs w a tuvi t urrt a uv luwung wsan oa is e a ... v - - . . a a-sS5v BM1U. A SUUiM vVI XXw
. property tax on automobiles. Which is being revived in some jTlutaonal one, at-which repre-1-",.0, "VJ Jln.rlcnnot recall which of the .two
i I c t. -r . 1.. 7il-l M e MiititlTM frnm THcVtmIV Mnn-1 ale1 JUBO 2, 187. aged S. Tllll 1 tv, ,- M-v w. r-
quiuiets. vwuawt.jue xuuue, wu yersuuaiy iavura month Point and Greenwood would show that when, as Chloe
Xlat license fee and an increase of a cent in the gas tax, attended. Otier numbers on the A. Clark,; she started in isst on
reports that most of the. legislators favor a 50 cut in the program; were: saxophone,-cornet to iAusanne, : to become the
fee and an addition of 1 cent to the gas tax. and elarlnet solo, by Harvey and Sf'iJ -!Lffi ,i
. : Our. opinionJis that Spaulding and Burke are about on tkT ? x?Zi ibra-
the correct solution of the nroblem for the nresent time. A I tn Af Mnnmnntn irioa MttoTibii I ham academy. . She became the
fiftv iwr rpnt Mit is snhstnntial. vet hpfner rradnfitfA if. does I or the normal faenltr nlaTed two I first teacher of the Oregon Instl-
distrlbute the burden so the fellow with the fine, big car solos, nccompanied by Mrs.
doesn't get off so cheaply as the chap with a flivver. SZiSTim t
The gas tax is high enough now. The state gets '4 cents WJ?CJ tS7if on bSwwn
rents a gallon even on gas retaUing at 15 cents, which is a pendence higb school under the "Sh'fitt 'it Sected in
sales tax of one-third, an excessive proportion, it must be laSl i?50 But the writer cannot tin
admitted. . men defeated the juniors by an 5",lon,8 11 :.?L7 l.
What The Statesman wants b a reduction in the gross overwhelming score. Results of 5ld?ntiy' Mf ?LinSl
amount of money we spend on our roads. The sum now-is I had merely the consent
tute, by change of name Willam
ette, university.
That was the first school house
In down town Salem. The tact ts
was the , first teacher. Mr. Caton
became an attorney,' member of
the law firm of Curl k Caton, the
former prominent in! Marlon and
Linn counties. Sarella Prlngle
was the fourth child of the fa
mous pioneer family of early Ore
gon. Her grandmother was
"Grandma" Brown, one of the
founders of. Pacific university.
Forest Grove. She married Rev.
Chas. Northup, Methodist minis
ter, in Salem are two of her
grandchildren, Northup Waters
and Mrs. Willis Routhon.
-Sarella Prlngle, after her teach
ing days in the old school house,
was on the faculty of Wniamette
university. Other members of the
rnngie xamuy were leaders
Contentment made him more
than osdinarily loquacious, as he
sat there in shirt and drawers, a
borfy, jovial figure at the head of
his own table, with Sam, the white
jacketed Negro steward, in attend
ance and Monsieur de Bends ser
vant lending him assistance. A
feast was spread that evening,
There was fresh meat and turtle
and vegetables taken aboard that
day, and the roasted flesh ox a
grat albecore that Monsieur de
Bernia had caught in the course of
he afternoon: and in honour of
what to him "was a great occasion.
-Se that ye're jus . . . jast a daraed plratol And, stab
ye've the effrontery to confeas Hr
"Sir Henry Morgan. Yes. He that
Captain B ransoms regaled the mlia now Governor of Jamaica.
with n sweet Peruvian wine which I "But
" The Major paused,
snfiHlv itianvmnrfumofa 4-st fha nfnai emanriifiirai ftf (WV- I - - . In Tkv Xum.nTi nil wtf tn rn 1
: issssrsstsin ziTrzZriir.1? x: Rws
tice will start immediately.
be supplied by road work.
- Another,, factor we reiterate is the secular growth in
income from , licenses and gas taxes. This has. been inter
rupted, for two years but is bound to increase again. Thus
without change in rates the amount of funds produced will
again increase. ,
Never Satisfied
. . , Of Old Salem
Town Talks from The Statee
. ' man ott Earlier Days
. - - . a i ivrmiMTr a- a u a
OREGON CITY has the reputation oyer the state of hav- a Portland. Eugene 4 East
ine almost a model city government. It has a commis-1 era RaUway company, . racorpor
sion and; a dty. manager who have functioned admirably so yesterday by a. Welch and
Faen Koa was ucBuiaing u ( -imCZ
come back rrom tne caurornia . r . ""
mines. The pioneers were com- n..r. J
paratlvely rich. The survey was olJ 9"'" I"V .tte
made, the street, dedicated and "JS!? "J lmZ
the town plat filed that year r, ,,
(1860). and the town named: 1 fc' T
named Salem. But that first platl ffVtfe ..S-ur lamb?'
filed for the main Salem town- l'Y'f- 2va" min
1 . a a a a. i -J avw niiitui mi IBM. St Wf w
oig v v v
I street
fer of the land on which the old
tradition of the "old lor school
school house was erected, the de- " d-T "
aeHntton wonld have necessarUr I5?:nd .f" ry re-
beei by mete, and bounds. Later
-a vaenxxu MUU, WiierC,
-1. .11 . i. i-u. ....11 TV- 1 oiaexs. projects eiecinc rauway III 71 7-.v .
iar ns is at au autwicui iu me www wuwa. vi waiuww i p.rii. eatAm ..t on, me par wesi oi vnurcu eiroci. i ... . . '
Ar M fnrm Af nrlmfnlstration the citv has naid off nV". TV to the river was surveyed. Into "f"1
under this form of administration tne city nas paia on Eugene, .and from ,l Eugene to " v- .JLlt.
5200.000 of eeneral oblieation bonds and $13900 of water Prineville aad Taaulna Bay Greets end the plat neM J a jew
iw per mouia. Aaa uunng vue pcxioa mwc iaa iu uvlence, Cottage Grove, Corvallis,
Wendling, Mohama and Dallas.
increase in the millaee tax rate.
Yet the town tinkers are busy and wanting to reorganize
tie city government. " From this distance one cannot tell
Car. i will le run over the Ore-
whether it iS: merely a move by those hungry for jobs who 4 next Sunday, December 1. As the Pftions for the Mission saw
The old school house as above H.-lf" t0 thm' W
built In forest "" "w
It was not until the middle
tittles that School District vn
24, embracing the town of Salem,
his owsf rude taste accounted very frowning. "D'ye say that you, too,
choke, . sailed with him T With Morgan!"
In thin wine Monsieur de Bernia Monsieur de Bemis did not seem
miAmmA lit ,f. ntnm ani m,n ta remark the -incredulity in the
happy years in the bosom of that 1 other's voice. He answered simply
4mr thm Cantaln I and naturally.
had seen so little. I "Why, yes. And I marched with
"Seems queer," the Captain said, him, too. X was at Porto Bella with
"twt n ftViouM rmrr know I him. and at Panama. At Panama I
hi, own .niMrn- TlnnatnraLl was in command of the French eon-
There's four fine lads well-nigh tingent of his forces. We took a
grown to manhood, and all but proud vengeance then for the Mood
strangers to me that got Vm." A that was shed at Santa Catahna.
pensive smile lighted the broad Miss FrisciUa looked brightly
mdifv featnrea of his rood-hu- alert and. eager. Without knowl-
marmJ fa Tint th fntm-e ia I adre of West Indian affairs to per
ours now, and It'll have to makeleeive the implications that had
amends to me for 'the past. Aye, I snocxea tne major, sne was aware
mmd ta th.t mat n&tirat woman I oahr that here was another story
mine whe waits at Babbicombe. j of brave doings, and hoped that
rnfta bcalda her now ta show her I Monsieur de Bernis would be fai
ths! the Tears I've been nwayldueed to tell it. But the Major's
ka'nt han wasted. And this last I face was blank and seemed to have
voyage o mineH prove the meet) lost some of its high colour. He re
nrasnerotis of aS. There's a mort I fleeted with satisfaction upon bis
w moaav in. theaa hides when we I own shrewdness which had discern-
eomee to market them at homeJed this man's true quality under
OU TLafareha has served me well I his airs and graces, his swagger-
this trip." . I lug gallantry and his trounaaour
The mention of the old French J arts, in auDDing nun an aovenvurer
tfdn ahiftMl the enrrent of his I he had erred on the side of charity.
thoughts. He looked at Monsieur del There fell a long pause, during
Bernia, who sat alone en one aide I which Monsieur de Bernia helped
ta th hoanL his hack to the lirht. I himself to a slab ef.guava cheese
opposite the Major and the lady and poured himself another cup of
hft mTm ilU aide b the mas. I the Peruvian wine. He was setting
tar's right. Idown the squat bottle when at last
"Queer, your meeting the old the Major exploded.
leniMit itili lika that, bit "So that yere just . . . lust
ehanee. after all these years. And darned pirate I A darned pirate
indicated, was built in a'
primeval; or next to one-perhaps
there was s clearing, with
the stumps left, from the logging
vywi HV4wue v uwiiiva ww s , A--fceA-s ..... . w
agitate a -change, or whetiier there may : some real Ji . not yet set . JSJl county schr.uperiienSenrK
wua cars wui uo urnwu uy i lis 0-I " T TT V TY I recorded its boundarta T.n.
comotive used to haul tho work lem Directory of 1872. ev- t7a J" J"ua.I7
orlatmnM Trip TwnftinrW at the state has no desire to inter- ta will be drawn by the Io-
fere with Oregon City's right to run itself, but it does want
t emress a hone that there will be no blighting.of the fine
If success which the Oregon Ciftr experiment has wrought thus
idently furnished by Rev. L. H. It T.1?!11 "trict
Judson. who eame In 1848. reads I T nur7 18 .. nccordlng to
- e UUOU1L BW AAV fJCkUAO A Aft 101V OeTaSUaW I - - "
. W, A. Taylor ot Macleay yester- that the First XongregaUonal ZJZJK
far. A shift to the old form ofshiftiess government would SV.. dSW1
Budget Director
when a later plat was Died.
NoTember 25. 1023 I S U .
The total -nmnart-w valnatlAn m I Am n tit ' Tn?arw' Oft11aT
rP.MATOR BURKE is mixinsr medicine for the next legis-1 which the peoole and utilities of It the "district school house"
O lature. He announces he is working-out a new salary Jn.w taxes in mi is The reader perhaps jecaila that it
x Tt 7 rvi " ' 4. rtMAt a ft,- f.i nf 11,009, 498,110, which Is 811,- was referred to as the Centra
schedule: and will also move to .cnsoliaWtne oifice or u05 038 , th . t .ehool MnA tn. r.. nehttol Bnt
idget director with,the board Of Control. Having previously valuation in Marlon county Is $7,- It should not from this fact be
abolished Ben Wing's job an(L assigned the duties to the 09.505. confused with the "Big central"
i j MAMfwvl. rrt TMa,1ilo4i inh? it PPm nnite ' ad the "Little Central" school.
wt vVTv rZ:;AlAiA 7AA axjas dsiiu high school of a much later period. Tbey
reasonable to abolish the Office Of budget director and ada student body roted yesterday tbatl stood on the site of the present
ins duties to tnose Of tne secretary OI tne Doara oi cuniroi. its memoers were at liberty .to I high school building,
This is not, so far as this paper is concerned, any slap at wear ra or apparel they
the incumbent, but reiteration of views previously ex- '.everli bVwerePe"SedI
pressed in this column. I few days ago.
The present budget director has had a great deal of
vTork to do for the Kasothat U.Um fiUed the office of terdeat'ed U LinTe ? oC
.nKSisvaui guvetiiui a wcu. . rc uou v.. . yeaieraay oy a 33 to 0 score.
on tiuj jou ana leaaeu to tue buuc b mimcv, a juu nuu
he Is paid a very good salary, there would be no need for a
budget director. , ,
v (3 warn r T II t U .
which had a primary department,
taking even beginners in the low
est grades. Second, there was a
prejudice against public schools.
I continued tomorrow.)
And now what has become of the Rhea Luper case? The district
attorney and the circuit judge disclaimed responsibility for delaying
tne trial, and the judge passed the buck to the grand jury, which has
dene nothing with It tor months. Hare -the authorities ever heard
that when an indictment was returned the 'case should promptly be
tried? And where Is the Charles Archerd case which has been pend
,tag -for; months, and months? v ,
DALLAS More than 85 ner
cent of Polk county's taxes hare
been paid, according to figures
prepared br T. B. Hooker of the
collection department
What kind of a building was
that first school house? It has
often been referred to as the "old
log school house." The writer has
heretofore believed that was the
correct designation. But he Is in
clined to change his belief now.
Why? :
a S
Well, he has found a man who,
when a small boy, attended school
In that first down town school
house. He Is Geo. H. Crolsan. His
Daily Health
This Willis E. Mahoney. who has been elected mayor of Klam
ath Falls in spite ot the provision of the city charter which requires
a two-year residence, is a boy politician who flashed In the: pan a
Vhile back In Whitman county, Washington. He, will keep Klamath
, stirred up for awhile, and then may be sent to congress.
A Klamath judge was called out of bed at 1 a. m. to sentence
a man pleading guilty to crime.) The judge gave him two years.
That was a kindly judge. Our sentiment at that hour would have
been "life". 1 '
0. S. C teams Have the tantalizing experience of "nearly", wln
eiag their big football games. They got another discouraging defeat
with Fordham ; Saturday, 8 to 6. Now the alumns will call for a new
toactt sure.- i.; .--.'- :S' ;:,.f' -':- -f
Josephus Daniels started a controversy -over the idea of sub
sUtutlng the rooster tor the donkey as the democratic emblem. Why
not "Old Crow?? . . i
1 "The death rate is muchower now! than it was in days ct pros
perity, if the depression wilt-. Just continue and get worse maybe we
n starve our people Into- living a eantary.
Paul whitemanl says America is on the road to become muale
dumb.. Much t. the stuff labeled music Is enough to make one musle
df. r
: Six-shooter automatics substitute tor the old-fashioned ferrule
la school on the KHamath Indian resnrratioa. The teacher Vho used
them in selt-defensn may new pose an the "girl of the golden west".
The farmers are not washing the blood off tie turkey- ax. They
rill start using it iigaia right away cei the county budgets
Oar national guard row has reached the you're another" stage.
It has all the signs ot a fine kettle ot fish.'
United; States Senator from New York.
Former CommUttoner of He el t ht
York CUy. ?
X WITHIN : THE past decade tre
meodou. strides have been made ta
the study ,. ot goiter. At one time
goiter was regarded as a fatal ail
ment and UtUe
was known con
cerning a cure;
then came dls
covary at , the
value of Iodine
tn the drinking
.water as
mean, of
bating goiter.
4 Althengh great
benefit has been
derived from
this simple
edy, harm bae
been' dene by
unwise and usv
sdentifle setf
. medication. Not
every goiter la caused by a deficiency
ceV iodine ta the body, and. la that
ease the drug may work damage.
These cases require careful aad con
tinued medical attention. . -'
mere Water lUcks ledlae
' . Goiter is a commoa disorder ta
wttaerland. where an - th - water
lacks Iodine. . Xa this country tt Is
met la the Great Lake regtou, where
there ti little Iodine. This deficiency
has been overcame by adding a cer
tain amount of todlne to the water
reeervoSrs in districts where goiter t
prevalent, and this ts done under the
i-;,-T- ' ? -
Dr. Copetand
supervtatoa oC heatta antnutroea.
Goiter is really an enlargement of
the thyroid gland of the neck.
may be traced to ether eondltloae
than lack of iodin. Foe example, an. .
Inflammation of the thyroid may
cause Increase la its tissues. ,
This ferm of goiter differs from .
that caused by lack ef Iodine. ' It 8s
met ia childhood, bet is most com
mon m persona beyond forty yeam
of age. The treatment varies.- de
pending. na the cause. Operation '
may be Mectaary, but this need net ,
cause Tkndue ahuin, for when . per
fermea by a competent enrgeoa it Is
a simple and successful procedure.; , .
"f .-Nevee- Treat Yeeeaelf
'Any eniaxaemeat ef the thyield
gland should have hnwedtste eaase
Ination by a phyatataa. Be wiil de
termine definitely whether tee esv-
largemeat Is caused br lack ef ledlae.
by - ever-esoreUon ei the thyroid
gland, ay tumor or ether obnermai
tty; then he wil ptesortbe tee nsoss
sary maencaoon. jever arias yowr
self for thia diatarbsaoe, as yen are
tacsey to do mere hens than awed.
Kaay a person aware that he has
getter e?leeta tt fer fear of
kalte.- Thkt a nawlev beoai
cases of goiter, reader respond
proper aa4 earefel tries tnaMew.
Bear ta mind that m mesteoted goi
ter hseesaia mere and more otOcet
to cure. , Often eperaUiev that eenLJJ
haver: been ..avoided by early air)
proper medical attention. Is made
necessary by reason of neglect. "
(Copyright f Wit, X. F. .
DALLAS, Not. 24 The dedi
cation season of the Dallas Chris
tian church will begin Tuesday
night with a congregational meet
ing. The first public service will
be the chicken pie supper served
by the Sisterhood Wednesday
evenltg. Thursday at T:80 p. m.
the corner stone laying service
will be held In the social room of
tne enures, .
Messages will be brought to this
service by representatives of var
ious organizations of the city, Mr.
Burke, pastor of the church, will
explain the significance of the
various items which will be placed
in toe corner stone. Following
tne service inside the building
these attending will go outside
where the stones will be set. Two
members of , the congregation
whose relationship to the church
goes .back to its .beginning though
parents -, and - grandparents will
close the service with prayer.
. Sunday morning, December 4,
the first Bible school session will
be held la the new building.
At 11 o clock will occur the
dedication service with the keys
of the building being turned over
to the trustees. The dedication
sermon will be delivered by the
pastor K. E. Burke. R. R, Imbler
will lead the congregation in the
dedication tows.
Mrs. Rudin Leader
For 4-H Stitchers
- At Sidney School
SIDNEY, Nor,- 24. A 4-H sew
ing dub has been erganlxed at
the Sidney school. The local lead
er is the teacher, Mrs. Rodin. Of
ficers are: President, Louise Gfl-
moor; riee-presldent, - Anita GU-
mour; secretary, . Lois Gilmoar;
treasurer, Ruth. WOson; song
leader. lda Belknap.- ;t- r-a.'-i-;
1 Pupis on the honor roll In the
Sidney school tor last, month are:
Frank Gllmour, .Rth Wilson; An
na Gilmour, Dolly Wiederkeiir,
Loir Gilmour.' Annabelle Smith.
Shirley Gilmour, Lor en Wleder-
kehr, , Donald Gilmour, . Ida Bel-
queer, too, that I should not hare And, stab me, yeVe the effrontery
wnutnhcral who re were, for all I to confess It!"
that your name waa kind of famlM Miss Priseffla and the Captain
isr, until old Lafarche reminded I cried out upon him simultaneously
nis." I in aiarm.
"Tea." de Bernia ouietlv arreed.1 "Bartl" ejaculated the lady.
"Life is a matter ef queer chances. I "Major Sands, sir!" exclaimed
Tt made me feel old to meet him I the Captain.
and ta aa iata what ha has rrown.1 Condemnation was In the voice
That's the result of beginning life lot each. But Monsieur de Bernis
whilst most men are still at school." I showed no resentment. He smiled
The Major had pricked up his I upon their dismay and waved
am. Hera were tnterestinsr facta. 1 lonjr"fine hand to padfy them.
Yaiita ta be iHTestinted. " I TA pirate?" Almost he seemed
"D'ye say that French traderlemused. "Ah, no. A filibuater,
aa enee a buccaneer?" Inlease. A bnecaneer."
It was de Bernis who answered f The Major curled his heavy lip.
Urn. "Faith, we were little better I "And the difference?
at Santa Catalina. And after that
we sailed erith Morgan.'
"With Morgan?" The Major
could hardly believe bis ears. "D'ye
mean Henry Morgan?"
"The difference? Oh, but all the
difference in the world."
Captain Branseme came to the
rescue- with the explanation wh!h
Monsieur de Bernis seemed to dis
dain to offer. The buccaneers had
sort ef charter behind them. They
had been' encouraged by the Gov
ernments of both England and
France, because they had kept in
check the rapacity of Spain, con
fining their raids to Spanish ships
and Spanish settlements.
Monsieur de Bernis was moves
by this to take up the tale. "And
doing it as 111 swear none ethers
could have done it. Yea would not
sneer. Major Sands, had you cross
ed Darien with us."
He was launched upon remin
iscences. He began to tell them ol
that incredibly arduous journey
made -partly on foot and partiy by
water on the Chagres Rvrer. He
described the hardships they had
confronted and overcome: how foi .
eight days they had gone without
food, save an occasional evil-tast
ing musk-flavoured alligators egg;
how they had been constrained to
eat strips of hide, consuming even
their own belts to cheat their tarn
ished stomacjis; and how it was in
a spent condition that at last tney
had staggered into, sight of Pan
ama, which, forewarned, had mo
bilised to receive them, with guns
and horses, outnumbering them ia
men by three to one.
"If the Spaniards had only
driven in their cattle from the sa
vannah where we lay the night
before the battle, starvation must
have made us an easy prey to them.
I should not now be telling yen el
these things. But the cattle were
there, the steers and horses, anl
we took and killed what we re
quired, and ate the flesh almost
raw. And so, by the grace of God,
we found the strength to deliver
the attack, and carry the town ia
the teeth ef its defenders."
"By the grace of God!" said the
Major, scandalized. "It is'blae.
phemy, sir."
De Bernis was singularly pa
tient. "Tere intoterant, Major,"
was all he said.
"Of thieving rogues? To be sure,
I am, I call n thing by its proper
name. Ye can throw no glamour
ever the sack of Panama, sir. With
whatever arts yon tell the tale ef
it, it remains a thieving raid, and
the men who took part in it Mor
gan and his cut-throats were just
bloodthirsty, thieving scoundrels."
Cepyrarat. U. ay gaiad Saktial
DUtribatce br Xiaj rcatura. Syndicate. Ia.
Fox Story Grows
But Animal Still
Laughing at Men
LIBERTY, Nor. 24 The black
fox which has molested farmers
south of here Is still at large ac
cording to the news item from
Falrvlew in Sunday's Statesman.
Charles- Krauger maintains that
the Falrrlew correspondent has
him an wrong, as it wasn't he but
"the two other fellows" who did
the fox hunting mentioned. This
may or may not be a reason for
the fox being still at large.
Anyway what' happened on the
hunt mentioned turned out not to
be a very foxy story after all. It
seems .that a couple of hunters
started out with hounds to try to
pick up the fox's trail. This after
covering a good deal of Falrrlew
territory they tailed to do: prob
ably because the fox covers new
One of the dogs, the youngest
one, cornered something in a
hollow stump and to make s
long story short, that eomethlni
was one of those kitties with i
white stripe down Its back.
HUBBARD. Nor. 24 Ralpl
Dlmick, Lawrence Pulley, Raj
Rasnlck, Elvis .Pulley, Garfield
Voget, and Jack Moomaw an
spending the Thanksgiving boll
days hunting at Table Rock with
Frank Thompson and Ivan Pulley.
.United Stales
Providing a Reservoir
or liquid Resources ,
Our sound liquid position has enabled us to 4 ;
meet all legitimate loan requirements of our
v clients. The continuation of .this assistance
to community enterprise is assured - by our ...
affiliation with the large United States
National Bank of Portland. ." I ;.
. .7. 1 8ALEM, Oregon ; r t. -
' - . f : nTig Bakk that Service Builtr" " v : ' '
Knap ana Louise Gumour. -".