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    The OREGON STATESJIAN, Salem, Oregon, Wednesday Morning, Noveinber 23, 1932
Society N
ews an
Ouv M. Deux, Society Editor
Ion& Club'Will
m EntT
8aiem Womta'i dab will en
tertain with aa attractive program
and tea at to clubhouse Saturday
afternoon with . teaehers from
: Cheuawa Indian acbool aa special
guests. -.' .'r' -
. Richard a Moatgomery will
give a lecture which . promisee to
bo of unusual interest.. The lecture
will bo on his owa book, "Pe
chuck." a story of the north lands.
Mrs. Jessie . Singleton, chairman
of the - literature division is la
charge of the program.
t Mrs. Max Pago aad her com
mittee were to bare been in
'( charge of the tea hour bat illness
has: prevented Mrs. Page from
serving,, therefore Mrs. MHo Ras-
f mussen and - her .February eom-
- mlttee have changed places with
' the November committee. ;
r Mra..Rasmassea will be assist-
- ed by Mrs. D. A. Hodge, Mrs. C. T.
4aisoB.rMrs: O. E." Allan, Mrs. F.
- W Bailey aad Miss Mary Fake. '
- -
Garden Pictures
Are Displayed
! One of those Interesting "mo
tion picture' OTeaiags for which
Miss Kathryn Gunnel is becoming
i- known, was enjoyed . Tuesday
'sight at her studio when she dls-
played a group of. prominent gar
dens of the city and nearby rural
' homes. A large number, families
- whose gardens were being shown,
and Invited friends, were present
for the charming display of sum
, mer and fall beauty which came
it i delightful memory oa the
cold wintery night
Among the gardens shown were
those of the Senator Charles Mc-
' Nary rural home; Jonesmere, the
home of Mrs. W. Al Jones and
Miss Mabel Crelghton, R. P. Boise
; and other distinguished garden
" and bom scenes.
Miss Gunnel is forwarding the
McNary reel to Senator and Mrs
McNary la Washington, D. C.
Jefferson The Woman's For
eign Missionary society of the
- Methodist church met at the home
of Mrs. Earl Lynes. Mrs. Blanche
Libby led the devotional, and the
program was in charge of Mrs. J
G. Fontaine. Mrs. Fontaine gave a
summary of 'the new text book
1 "Lady y Fourth Daughter" and
Mrs. DaTls gave a talk on its an
thor, Mary Bruce Holliater.
' others . assisting with the pro
gram were Mrs. R. C. Thomas.
' Mrs. Chas. McKee, Mrs. Ginn and
" Mrs. HammilL At the close of the
afternoon, ; refreshments were
- serred. Guests for the afternoon
were Miss E. Roland, Mrs. Guy
j Roland, Mrs. A. B. Hins and Mrs
i J. A." Richardson.
Friday, Novmbtr $5
W. W. G. of First Baptist church,.7:10 o'clock din
ner ia ehurch; discussloa topic, "Defenders of Liberty .
The General Aid of First Methodist chureh meeU
at ! o'clock rather thaa oa the regular date of. Wednesday.
Day Centers
rnHANKSGIYlNG X What ft heap of it there will be tomor
X row as cars drive in, and trains are , met and "the chil
dren" dash in from right here in town. One lucky family naa
only to so next door to be with the rest of the family that is,
ail DUt motner ana sne is arriving uvm uub ww uuuuib iwmw
, It is a grand day for it Is a truly "family day in the
United States and to the families who gather this day, and
there are thousands of them, it bears a significance the in
fluence of which would be hard to analyze by one of those
scientific people who always want to reduce things to curves
and graphs. k :
Jt means an undefinable
"savoriness" to home and all
' Toa need not consider it a
plight if you're a matronly figure
for stylists are designing many of
their smartest frocks especially
for yon. The model shown illus
trates this perfectly. Jnst see how
.- a coat frock; with becoming rarer,
new sleeres, pointed seaming and
smart use of contrast can create
. aa illusion of sllmness for milady
Pattern 345T may . be ordered
only In sites S 4 to 44. Sise 14 re-
; quires t 7-S yards 3 Inch fabric.
1-X yard contrasting and 1-8 yard
inch lace. Illustrated step-by
step sewing instructions included
wiia uu pattern.
the gay activities in the home
that day. Fenfire, lujrarious eren
though the fare be frugal and the
home be poor something about'
the spirit of this day that guilds
in richness the poor and elegant
One disappointment about to
day for many Oregon homes is the
unrelenting college and university
ruling this year which takes away
Friday following Thanksgiving
day as a holiday and therefore
many a youth will not be able to
come home for Thanksgiving '.
Those living near enough and not
having classes Friday or Saturday
will be the fortunate ones.
Among the many family dinners
will be that at the George Waters
home at which time covers will be
placed lor Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.
Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N.
Waters and two children, Mr. and
Mrs. Willis Roughton and daugh
ter, Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Knighton, of Portland. Mrs. Fred
Waters, and Mr. and Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hussey will
have Thanksgiving dinner at their
home and additional guests will be
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Locke and Mrs.
L. Damon of Independence, moth
er of Mrs. Locke and Mrs. Hussey.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Evans and
son Billle will spend Thanksgiv
ing in Portland as the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Harrington.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hamll
ton will entertain with the usual
family Thanksgiving dinner as
will the Llvesley family. Mrs. Con
rad Paulus will be hostess for the
Llvesley fsmily dinner with cov
ers placed for Mr. and Mrs. Lives
ley. Patsy, .Roderick, and Tommy
Llvesley - and for Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Marie Templeton of Seat
tle will be a special guest at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Scel-
lers for Thanksgiving.
Dr. and Mrs. Burton Myers will
entertain with an 18 cover family
dinner at their home
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Young and
family will be guests of Dr. and
Mrs. F. B. Blackerby in Silver
ton; the Roy S. Keene home will
be the scene of a Thanksgiving
dinner "vith Mr. and Mrs. Keene
and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Maple
as hosts.
Mrs. A. F. Knox of Grants Pass
will be a Thanksgiving ruest of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur" Knox. Mr.
Knox is the son of the visitor.
And so the story goes with
guests coming and going in num
bers, and gay plans making: the
day one to be anticipated with
glee. ;
In being thankful however.
there are those -to be remembered
who are not able this Thanksgiv
ing through illness to be among
the active participants. A note or
a flower would not be amiss and
there are always those at thiB
season who are to be remembered
with a bit of food cheer that will
take away the sting of hunger and
Salem women in clubs and or
ganisations have been doing mneh
in cooperation with charity organ
izations tne past weeks in seeing
to It that remembrances shall be
ready Thursday morning for the
The Salem Women's Press club
was entertained Tuesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Fred
Zimmerman, $73 Statesman street.
The rooms were tastefully decor
ated with fall flowers and a
Keller and family. Johnie Keller
and family,' Roy Klnion and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blodgette,
Will Klaion and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Curtiss, Roy Black and
family, Marie Thless, and the chil
dren, Louie, Frank, Richard, Al
fred and families, Mrs. Will Dom
aschofsky and children, Clara and
Oscar Domaschofsky, and Mr. and
Mrs. John Nightingale of Dallas,
Mr. and Mrs. F. Dornhecker and
Jean Roley of Eugene, Mr. and
M Clarence Dornhecker and
Ml., and Curtiss of Albany, and
Mrs. Ruby Johnson of San Fran
Saturday afternoon a tea was
held in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Domaschofsky. Many of their
friends called. Sunday was spent
with Just the family gathering
alone. There are 10 children and
10 grandchildren. Eight of the
children are married and all but
Chris of Junction City and Robert
at Tillamook live near here.
MacDdwell Chorus
Program Date is
December 13
. ,. - , ... .
The first two' weeks In Decem
ber claim mack attention, for the
devotees of music, v for daring
those two weeka will be a group of
interesting' musical offerings.
; Salem MacDoweii club Has a&d
ed to the list with the announce
ment that the first appearance of
the chorus this year under the di
rection of Lena Belle Tartar will
be December H, at the Grand the
atre. ';'.; ' . K .
Farther interest in this pro
gram is made by the announce
ment that Miss Mary Schulti will
be guest artist on the program.
Miss Schults' prominent violinist
of the. city, has been heard only
once in concert since 'her return
to Salem and at her onlyappear
ance she .made aa . enviable place
la .the beam of her audience.; It
is to be . expected that the ' aa
nouncement of her appearance
will be met with much enthus
iasm. . Excellent reports are forthcom
ing concerning .the work of the
chorus this year and ail ia au tne
program is one to be anticipated.
Aurora The Pythian Sisters
gave a very pleasant evening of
cards In the I. O. O. F. hall Fri
day, with 14 Ubles of cards In in
play. High scores were won by
Mrs. George wurster and A- w.
Keil. and low scores by Mrs. A. W.
Kraus and Melvin Evans. The
committee on arrangements were
Mrs. Lester Reed, Mrs. Geo. Wurs
ter, Mrs. Walter Fry, Logan Sny
der and Sam Miller.
The fraternal organizations will
soon be without a home as they
all meet in the I. O. O. F. build
ing, a corner of which stands on
the new highway right of way,
and it is a question if it wonld
pay to move that type of building.
Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Roy J.
Rice entertained with six tables
of 500 at their home Saturday
Guests were Mr. and Mrs. N. P.
Kugel, Mr. and: Mrs. Albert Blan
keship, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jud
son, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Davenport,
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Higgns, Mr.
and Mrs. E. A. Goodrich, Mr. and
Mrs. Forest Edwards, Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Pettyjohn, Mr. and
Mrs. Bliss Fidler, Mrs. Ester
Query, Mr. and Mrs. Gorden Bow
man, Mrs. Kathem Woodward,
Mrs. Alice Coolidge, Mrs. Lou
Lainsen, James Buchan, Mrs.
Flora Holley, and the hosts, Mr
and Mrs. Roy J. Rice and daugh
ter Miss Dorothy Rice.
Miss Janice Higgens gave a par
ty Saturday night at her home for
a group of the younger set. Guests
wereNeomla Crouser, Maxine Pet
tyjohn, Florence Wright, Dorothy
Salchenberg, Bob Goodrich, Roy
Rice, Jr., Wesley Goodrich, Math
ias. Crouser, Marlon Shorey.
Qulnaby Mrs. Dave Korb
surprised her husband with a card
party Saturday night. Four tables
of 500 were in play. Mrs. Chloe
Holden and Albert GIrod held
high score, and Mrs. Reese Jones
and Willard Matthes
consolation prizes.
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. WUlard Matthes, Mr. and
Mrs. F. Barnick, Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thurn Girod, Mr. and Mrs. Reese
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Sunborg, Mr.
and Mrs. Glen. Morred, Mr. Bill
Nusbanm, and the host and host
ess, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Korb.
Cloverdale Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Wlpper entertained the
members of their club and a
few additional friends at their
home Saturday night. Four table
of 500 were in play during the
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Jarman, Mr. and Mrs.
Karl Wlpper, Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dra-
ger, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hennies,
Mr. andsMrs. Schaefer, Mrs. Tom
McMahan, Fred Miller, Robert
Hunsaker, Gene Shilling and the
hosts, Mr. aad Mrs. Ben Wlpper.
East Woodburn Mrs. Ste
phen Bauman was hostess to an
all-day social meeting of the
Woman's Relief corps at her
country home Thursday after
noon. Mrs. Laverne Otjen of
Woodburn assisted during the
serving hour. Those present were:
Mrs. W. H. Brovles. Mrs. F. F,
Wright. "Mrs. Mary Hershberger
Mrs. J. A. Thomas, ' Bars. Louise
Blust. Mrs. C. C. Commack, Mrs
Mabel Nendel, Mrs. James Live-
say. Mrs. Nancy Carpenter, Mrs
W. C. Miller, Mrs. S. W. Harpex
Mrs. Carrie Finch, "Mrs. Martha
Gore, Mrs. C. R. Faulconer, Mrs
George Beach, Mrs. Laverne Ot
len. and the hostess, Mrs. Ste
phen Bauman.
Sterling World Wide Guild of
Calvary Baptist ehurch held
covered dish dinner in the church
dining room Monday night. Fol
lowing the dinner the group ad'
jonrned to the guild room where
a business meeting was held un
der the direction of Mildred Tay
lor and following this a program
was presented under the direction
of Jean MeElhinny. A "homecom
ing" breakfast, annual affair of
the guild, was planned for Sunday
morning complimenting members
home from college for the holiday
William Einzig, 250 East Lin
coln,, street, entertained at dinner
and cards Monday night. The af
fair was "stag" while Mrs. Einzig
was In Portland to attend the
symphony orchestra concert.
received (Guests a dinner included Colonel
Kay uison, Clayton Hern hard and
Sheldon F. Sackett. Later in the
evening Bernard G. Burke and
Roy King, Los Angeles business
men, dropped in and took part in
an auction bridge game. Burke
and King, 'long-time friends of
Einzig, were on their way south
from a trip into western Wash
Victor Point Carl Jones was
honor guest Saturday night at a
birthday dinner arranged as . a
surprise for him by his mother
and sister .at his home here. Cov
ers were placed for the honor
guest, Carl Jones, Miss Alice
Brown, Miss Myrtle Rabens, Mar
ion Fischer, Miss Bernita Jones
and Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
Mrs; Henry Hahzen
Charming la Its Informality aad:
a its "surprise" element was the
nine-table bridge party planned by
Mrs. Henry Hansen Tuesday night
complimenting the birthday of Mr.
Hansen and Mrs. John A. Kissel.
For many years Mr. Haasen aad
Mrs. Kissel have celebrated their
birthdays and the party Tuesday
night was a dntinuation of tali
Custom ..." t - ;- ;
Mrs. Hansen planned the party
as a surprise and so complete in-
iormuiy . rcigaeu. . j ut. nawwi
were used about the guest rooms
where bridge was in play until 11
o'clock-at which time a cleverly
arranged supper was serred. ,
Mrs. victor 8. Bovelle and Mrs.
L. B. Courtrlght of Portland, sis
ter of Mr. Hansen, assisted Mrs.
Hanzen in serving.
Intimated friends and business
associates of the Hansens made
ap the guest list.
Matinee Program
Eagerlyl Anticipated .
One .hoar' of glorious musical
entertainment, with nine numbers
on - the. program, awaits Sunday
afternoon concert-goers who at
tend . the second : program of the
Portland Symphony orchestra's
matinee series. November IT. Into
so short a time, it would be diffi
cult to offer more beauty to a
music-loving audience. These Sun
day afternoon concerts are at
tracting .wide interest, 'particular
ly for young people who may not
so conveniently attend the orcbes
tra's Monday evening concert series.
The concert the afternoon of
November 27, starting at 3
o'clock, will present Wagner's
prelude to Act 3, Lohengrin:
Welsmann's Dance Fantasia;
Schumann's Traumerei (strings);
Tschaikovsky's Italian Caprice;
Weber's Oberon overture; BoJio-
ni's Minuet for strings: Saint
Saens' Dense Macabre (Dance of
Death); Grainger's Molly on the
Shore, a British folk song, and
Strauss' Waits, The Emperor.
Perhaps the most colorful num
ber on the program Is the Danse
Macabre, which is a symphonic
poem most realistic in treatment.
It symbolizes death as a fiddler
who comes forth at midnight and
plays a Jig that summons skele
tons from their tombs, to Join the
uncanny dance until the cock
crows at dawn. The xvloDhone is
employed to Imitate the rattling
of bones.
The minuet for strings is a
most charming number, and
Grainger's "Molly on the Shore"
is a lovely thing, a typical exam
ple of the real "fiddle tune"
style of music Italian Caprice and
1L . a A
tee uDeron" overture are
sprightly and provide fine balance
lor tne program.
Nuptials Observed
Independence The home ot
Mr. . and Mrs. ..W. H. Cockle was
the scene ot a -beantlfnl and Im
pressive wedding ' Sunday after
noon at which Miss Sadie Cockle;
niecer of , W. H. Cockle, .became
the bride of Mr. Robert Thorn
linson, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.
Thomllneoi .of Vancouver, Wash.
The room of the Cockle home
were lavishly decorated with yel
low chrysanthemums and green
ery, forming, aa Ideal setting for
the ceremony. . ,
Preceding the ceremony Miss
Rata .Allen ot Independence play
ed on the violla, Cadman's "At
Dawning," ..aad Carrie Jacobs
Bond'a I Love Toa Tmly." She
was ; accompanied by Mrs. Lottie
Promptly at 4 o'clock Lohen
grin's wedding march was softly
played while Miss Cockle entered
on the arm of her uncle to stand
with her. maid ot honor, Miss Vi
ola MeFadden before a gorgeous
Improvised , altar of chrysanthe-
mams and . fernery, where Mr.
Tnomunson and his nest man,
Floyde Wetteland -of Portland,
awaited their "coming. Rev. H. G.
Hanson read the Impressive ring
eeremony which made the young
couple man and wife.
The bride was charming la a
Silverton. Mrs. Harry Wells
entertained at luncheon Saturday
noon tor tne pleasure of Miss
Stella Dybevlk, the occasion being
Miss Dybevlk's birthday. Covers
were placed for Miss Dybevlk,
Miss Blanche Hubbs. Mrs. Irma
LeRlche, Mrs. Laura Hubbs and
Miss Olivia DeQulre.
flfteM wts (1S) fa
eo!a r timmv (oia prafama).
for aaefe itUra. Writ pUlnly
faav , addrata aad atria ma-
. Tka fall aad vlnlar aditlas af
r Aaaa Adama Pattern aatalag
U taadyl Ckamlag, fUttarieg Med-
.? 3? - aa atVNl aad
'ht koua. traat aad formal
frarka claverly Jailraad stylaa
for larra flgaiaa ad aaaatifaL
practiea) model for Jaatara aad
kldiiica. Laralf listeria aattaraa,
aad mrraetioni for gj(u that a
b aaiil jr aad taaxpanilxaty aiada,
ara alsa laeladad. gead for tha
- aaw aaUlog. Prlca af catalog, fif
teen eanta. Catalog aad aattera ta
rtkr. frwenty-fiTa cents. Addreta
all auu ardera ta Stateamaa Pat.
; ero -aepartmenv' SS W.
treat, Tark aitr.
ltta atraat. Vw Tort City.
by Mrs. Zimmerman with Mrs. E.
A. Brown and Mrs. A. L. Llnd-
beck assisting. The afternoon was
spent in sewing for Christmas.
At the business session, plans
were made for a banquet to which
husbands of the members will be
invited. Details of the arrange
ments will be announced later.
Present were Mrs. Don Upjohn,
Mrs. uai K. hoss. Mrs. C
Spragne Mrs. Dennis Landry,
Mrs. S. A. Stone, Mrs. E. A.
Brown, Mrs. W. C. Conner, Mrs.
R. C. Curtis, Mrs. A. L. Llndbeck
ana airs, zommermaa. -
Pioneer Mr. and Mrs. C Dom
aschofsky celebrated their golden
wedding this weekend with three
special occasions.- November If
wag the day on which they took
tneir wedding tows SO Tears ago.
jmaay night the neighbors went
in and : gave their old neighbors
ana mends a surprise.
Those present were Frank
Dornhecker and famllT. Orie Har
rington, and family, Mr. and -Mrs.
Geo. Cooper, Mrs. C. Cooper, Law
rence , Dornhecker and family.
utara uuy, Mary Douglas and son
Bud, Mrs. Francis Guy. Anna Lad-
stock, Mrs,',Anna ,Brock,.T. B.
rall-aad-shfp service from
the Pacific Northwest direct
to the Old Country via
Canadian Pacific trains and
ILaers - the ideal holiday for'
yon this year. Sailings from
Saint John, N. Bn to Cher
bourg, Southampton, Clat
tow, Belfast, Liverpool. Get
information ' at the office '
below. . '
SoUhtg Dotos:
Net. M ? V toefceat of Tort ;
oa Ctaagow, Batfaot, Uvorseof.;
(gajuej ffoan Qmaac) ;
DacTt Ts. SDoSaaaolUcbBioed
aa OiareoaBg, Saaithaeaa4aai:
Dec. S. 8. Moetcalas St Ctaa
fow, Balfaot, Ufarpoot. ...
uoc u a. s. uncnaaa at amoa a .
Cifw, Bflfattf LMrpooL w0fH-.
- in
,"w. K (macom. omrf Amm run aw.
Why not Dine at 8
Luncheon 35c
Turkey Dinner 50c
toll length gown and train of
white satin, a wreath of orange
blossoms about her head, and
carried a bouquet of white rose
buds and gardenias. Her only or
nament . was a beautiful pearl
necklace, a gift of her uncle.
The maid of honor. Miss Viola
MeFadden of Portland, was be
comingly gowned In pink satin.
d carried a bouquet of pink
An Informal reception followed
the ceremony and in the dining
room attractively decorated with
pink chrysanthemums and green
try t two course buffet luncheon
was served. At the table, on which
burned tall white tapers Mrs. H.
Smith of Portland poured, and
Mrs. C. O. Allen of 'Independence
cut ices.
The guest list Included: Mr.
and Mrs. Floyde Wetteland, Mr.
and Mrs. H. Smith; Mr. Daniel
Holsapple, Miss Grace Rupp, Mrs.
B. Barber, Mr. T. Hackney, Miss
Helen Harriald, Miss Anna
Krantx, Miss Anna Buzzelll, Miss
Mane Leicnner, Mrs. Laura Van
Valck. Miss Viola MeFadden, Mr.
Carter Richards, Miss Velma Mer
rill, Mr. and Mrs. Bell McCready,
Mr. and Mrs. B. MeCarnley, Miss
Louise Cartlldge and Miss Lucille
Cartlidge, i all of Portland. Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Cockle, Mr. Del-
hert Taylor, Mr. Nerval. Taylor,
Mlaa 1 Helen Hoover, Miss ; Rath
Allen, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Allen,
Mlaa Gladys Murphy, Mr. and Mrs.
AlTla VWlnn, Mr. and Mrs. J.- O.
Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robbie,
Mr. aad Mrs. C. O. Sloper. all of
Independence.. Mr. .and Mrs. F.
Thomlinson. Mlaa Basel Thomlin
son, Mr. Junior Thomlinson. Mlaa
Lily Johnson. Mrs. R. Johnson.
all of Vancouver, Wash., and Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Jett of Waahougal,
Wash. .
Sorority Alumnae
Miss Muriel White and Mlas
Helen Brelthaupt were hostesses
for the Alpha Phi Alpha Alumnae
association meeting on Monday
evening at the chapter house on
North Summer street.
New officers for the organisa
tion were elected, Dorothy East-
ridge, president; and Velleda Oh
mart, secretary.
Plans were formulated for sev
eral social events for the near fu
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ahrens en
tertained their card club Satur
day evening, November II. Dur
ing the evening bridge was In
play at three tables. High soorea
were held by Mrs. Clarice Batter-
man and John Propp. Present
were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Zeller, Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Edwards, Mr.
and Mrs. John Propp, Miss Mina
Ott, Mr. Frank Ritchie, Mr. and
Mrs. Erwln Batterman and the
hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ahrens.
Gay. Darice Eyent I
Of Tonight:;C .;7' -
The first sodal gesture at the
week la bservatloa of Thaakew
gi via g -will be the annual formar
Thanksgiving ; ball . for whleJ
Chad wick : chapter ot Order of
Rainbow will be hostesses tonight
in ..the ballroom of the Masonic
temple.' ; r.v
To this dance will go the kirk
school aad college friends of the
order and the DeMolay, especially
Invited guests for . the dance.
Unique deeoratlonn and featarea
wnt five added ; eolor to this
smart event In ' the younger cir
cles of tha.elty.o.
Mr. and Mrs.Chartea Pratt. Mr
and Mrs. Wayna Henry, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Hauer,' Mr. aad Mrs.
E. B. Millard and Mr. and Mrs.
David Wright are patrons and pa
tronesses for the, ball. Mlas .Ma
rie Stutesmaa hag had charge of
the general plana, and rice chair
man has been Miss Betty Beanell.
Assisting are Miss Ruth John
son, Miss Kathryn Ellis. Miss Iris
Jorgensen, Mixa Doris Drager.
Miss Jeanne .Tattoh. Mlse Margar
et Beel, Mlaa Helen Worth and
Mlaa Margaret Hanaer.
- e e
Special attention Is called y
the president fit the General AM.
of the rtrst Methodist church,
concerning the change of meeting
date. The group will meet Friday
afternoon at S o'clock rather than
O : . o
(Additional Society )
on Page 7
o . c
Thanksgiving Dinner
11:45 A. M. to 2 P. M. 5 :45 P. M. U Pw, M.
fa Wl
P sixth no maim
I - '
IP (5) EL IT E, A:?HD
Dally until December 15 we .will drastically reduce
one-way and roundtrip fares tor local trips. Good
for travel la chair cars and tourist sleeping cars.,
New Train service now provides four trains each way
dally between Portland, Salem and Eugene.
One-Way Roundtrip
I .75 11.50
West Coast No. 112 . Cascade Klamath-Shasta'
Lt. Salem 1:41A.M. I:lfi A.M. 1:2 P.M. :10 P.M.
AT. Portland 7:3ft A.M. 11:4! A.M.S:20 P.M. i:20P.M.
' - KUmath No. Ill No SSI
- Da. Ex. Sun. Sun. Only West Coast ; Cascade
Lt, Portland -' ' . .
f :00 A.M. 4:10 P.M. I:f 0 P.M. S:00 P.M. :50 P.M.
Lt. Salem , -"'.. - - . n
:87 A.M. CIS p.M. , t;0S P.M. t :17 P.M.
11:17 P.M.
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' . - - "! - A. F. NOTH, Agent - . :'L ,
you ever think this
could happen to POPEYE?
Tsk, ItSc, has the grtatast hfnn
of all time fallen too? Vah until
you sta the gal who did it Dinah
Mowl What a woman and what
a drama of tho human heart this
Is going to be I It will fcnoc! your
eye out I
. i :
OPEYE. every
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