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-Oregon, tiato rday Morning. November 5, 1932
fcocal News Briefs;
Ministers to Meet The Salem
Ministerial association -will have
tw matters -op tor consideration
at .it meeting Monday, morning.
These are the exchange of auipits
an4 teacher reception, both of
which vera inaugurated last year
la addition there will he a diaeus
lon on the place ot the church tn
depression, the subject to bo con
sidered from the epiritnat angle.
The pastor meet at the T. M.
C.La at 19 . m." -j '
Opening!!! Cot Rate Floral Dept.
Metropolitan Chain Store, US If.
Llhertyt. rirethorn, paphne, Ca
melias, Atallaa & other hrbbry;
Three tor llv Frn Ite g ;up,
Cycleraen 3k primroses In bloom.
To Tie Knot Rev. P. W." Erlki
sen, pastor of the American I.utb.4
eran church here,,wm be- is; Caija
as, Wash.; Sunday hlght to- per
form the ceremony at the wed
ding of Rev. Andrew Engeset bt
the Zion Jjutheran ehurch at.Cara
as and Mrs. f Mary Markart ot
Portlands Both bride and groom
are friends ot Rev. Eriksen. The
. 111 l. .JIAV VWt A A (n IAV
Eageset's church. . : I; V
Given licenses Two licenses
to marry were secured yesterday
at the county clerk's office. They
went to Cecil A. Edwards, 11,
2315 Fairgrounds road, Salem, a
Bhdemaket, and Margaret McCoy,
19, 2345 Fairgrounds road; Salem,
a stenographer; Oscar F. Beet
man, 21. 1060 Erixon atreet, Sa
lem a Janitor, and Ruth Rockile,
18, 840 Hood street, Salem, a
One Death Reported There
ias one fatality in Oregon due to
ir.Hn.trUl accidents during the.
week ending November 3, aecord-
lnt to a report prepared oy tne
ttate industrial accident commis
sion today. The victim was vu
liam W. Fleming, edgerman, of
Lakh Grove. There were' 454 ac
cidents reported to the' eommw
. sion during the week.
.Special prices on all Shrubs Sat
urday. Warren's Nursery, 24
Court St.
Pep Up AttendanceA series ot
programs being glvelL at the Che
meketa f lodge ot Odd Fellow
meetings ax doing a great deal
to build up Vegular attendance, of
ficials aay. ; Wednesday et next
week u Rehekah will be Invited
guests, and the Oregon Loggers
will put en a snappy program.
Last Wednesday 'Tandy ; VUMna
tarnished the entertainment .
Wanted; used furnitwe.Tel.5 UM
V Dentists go to Y Members ot
the Uarton-Folk-TamhiU Dental
society gaTe up their usual meet
ing time last night to attend the
meeting at the T. TttV C. AT where
Dr. Charles A. Sweet, child special
ist from Oakland, Calif.; delivered
fcn address. The dentists regular
bnslhess session was ' postponed
untn next month's meeting1. '
DOuEY opposed to
Willamette President Says
, State Institutions Al
ready too big
Grand-Silver to
Reopen in Salem
In Near Future
A reorganization of the F. W.
Grand-Silver stores and the Me
tropolitan Stores of Delaware has
been effected, and a branch of
the new .organization will open in
a short time In the Roth building
on Liberty street. This was the
location of the F. W. Grand-Sil
ver store in Salem, but the goods
were closed out under the receiv
ership which caught the former
organization. The fixtures how
ever were not disturbed and the
new store will open up for busi
ness as soon as merchandise now
oa hand and in transit may be
opened np and displayed. The
new manager of the local store
win be a Mr. Lincoln
The national chain has been re
organised with fresh capital, and
with new operating policies and
agreements which are expected
to enable the store te carry on
under changed conditions.
i Form New Triangle A new I
Cjirl Reserve group has been or
ganized at Englewood school, with
about 30 members. Officers are
Virginia Watson, president; Pat
ricia Ryan, ice-president; Shirley
Watson, secretary - treasurer.
Helen Ralph is advisor. The elub
will start a world fellowship pro
ject, climax of which will be a
playlet. ,
Kays Not Resident John W.
Smith, arrested for operating a
motor vehicle with Improper lic
ense plates, pleaded not guilty in
Justice court yesterday and trial
will be November 17, at 2 p. m.
His car is held as ball Smith
claims he Is a resident ot Wash
ington, and for that reason Is us
ing Washington plates on his ear.
Case Under Advisement Judge
L. G. Le welling yesterday after
noon took under advisement the
case of Lamour against Giese.
which concerns the foreclosure ot
a mortgage. Counsel for both
sides held up argument on the
partition suit of Giese against
Moshberger, pending determina
tion of the first case.
A. A! Clothing Co. Inc. announce
openinr new store 335 State. Fea
turing Wilson Bros, Haberdash
Bound Over Myrtle Arneson
was bound over to the .grand jury
after a hearing In justice eourt
yesterday afternoon. She Is accus
ed ot obtaining property under
false pretenses. She is said to have
floated a number of bad checks,
one of which, caused her appear
ance 4a justice court. She furnish
ed 1 2 5 0 property .ball.
O'Hara Explains
Measures to be
Voted Next Week
David O'Hara spoke te the Sa
lem Ad club yesterday, expound'
tag the various legislative meas
ures to be voted on Tuesday. He
also told something ot the work
of his division in the secretary
ot state's office wftich handles all
the election work.
President Newmeyer of the LI
on's club introduced the mystery
girl, Madame Who. as publicity
tor the Lion's club's charity
event of last night.
Dr. Carl O. Donsy. president ot
Willamette mnlversity bore Thurs
day added his protest te scores
of ethers issued ia. opposition to
the Zorn-Macpherson merger bill.
He termed the proposed shaken?
in higher education ; "extremely,
expensive and educationally less
efficient Dr, Doneyaald his state
menl was made as an educator
and not Jn hi official capacity-as
head of Willamette. ... : -.X, ...
The statement follows:
"I believe that had Oregon or
iginally centered its work in high
er education in one institution. It
would have been wise. Under the
present conditions, I think It
i would be extremely expensive and
! educationally less efficient to eon
solidate the university! and the
college. I do hot think the union
of the two schools on one campus
would reduce expenses land I am
strongly convinced that it would
not -be to the educational adran
tage of the students. Under the
direction of a wise chancellor, ad
vised by a careful board, the two
institutions can be gradually
brought together in policy and or
ganization and made to function
as an organic unit. To throw them
together forcibly, expecting there
by to create a unity of efforUand
objective is simply impossible.
A number of other states have
two or more Institutions ot higher
learning that are operating under
arrangements which are eeonom
leal and educationally satisfac
tory. I mention Pennsylvania!
Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Mon
tana. Moreover, most -of, the In
stitutions with very large enroll
ments are forced to recognize a
definite weaTtness in their educa
tional program because of the sla
of the student group. They are
seeking to overcome this serious
defect by breaking the student
body into small grous, employing
something like the preceptorial
system of Princeton, the freshmen
group of Harvard, of Yale, etc.
Why should we in Oregon make
matters worse by placing two
large groups upon the same cam
pus when they now are too large
for the best educational results?''
TODAT is .the tost; day ot the
series ot holidays tor Novem
V.. VI. -,vtn
A 1 Ct&jJi mxv&& Ccssfj
iii - war i
game at cervaius. rouncuas.
who now are coasting - toward
election , day should swen .. the
crowd at tbe gtme if not the gate
receipts. CorraUis is so clow, that
the half holiday at the stateaouse
will, permit many te go. ';;
; The. game wW be played dev
sjiU the otorm . wunlng;.
wblclz went up along, the Ore- j,
goa and Washington ooasts last '
night. And football fans are
fanny that way, too. As long
ne they can get ticket and go
to the game, anything like a
storm 1 too insignificant to
stop them. The team that wins
will be the best muddlers or
surpass a real Oregonianv
Governor Julius L. Meier add
ed his forces toward the election
of Hoover last night. Speaking at
10:45, he presented a clear pic
ture of why the president should
be re-elected. The governor spoke
ia those terms for "tbe interests
of Oregon, her people, their wel
fare and prosperity. And tne
governor is no novice In business
And still Oregonians nave
not forgotten moratoriwns.
Now it has been suggested an
election day moratorium on li
cense plates be issued. The
governor shonld grant it If
they vote intelligently 1 and
naturally Hal Boss, wonld
agree, because that would saean
bis name wonld be tncladed in
that list.
years. When", tne . tenravaatten
canto to the pain ot, ssktatf
whom to veto for, ea cbJ9Ul
aid to th other: Tni gtrtaj
to rote for Ho. The other
earn back with Mthoa I'm ge,
lag vote tor cow.
Homecoming ProgramJo-
day! Includes big: Game
And Banquet Affairs
The . paper continue to com'
mnt 'Is that chUd Z a, - ceaiusT
What this country need is more
hoeees and cow and 'for a small
child to realize it while the rest
of u rav and rant around about
intangible economio iafluences
that rule the world. Ought we
to be ashamed . of - ourselves.'
Hal no doubt would suggest the
word hosses be capitalized.
A New York dispatch yester
day was of vital interest In
Salem. Earl Saade, famous
jockey, was operated on for
appendicitis, and was getting
along well, the dispatch stated
Sande's toother resides here
and he also hae a sister tn the
employ . of Hawkins and Roberts.
The budget commissioner be
lieves in going the board of con
trol one better. After' the board
had reduced the estimates of ; the
11 state institution million
dollars under two years ago. Hen
ry Hansen worked on it and; cut
It almost $300,009 more for con
sideration by the legislature.
These cut were all mad ia con
formity with the . recommenda
tions of Governor Meier.
Corvallls, Nor, 4 -An elaborate
Hemeeomlag dish with the annual
O. 8. CvOregeu football classic the
sin ingredient bat User ally fla
vored with. ' other " entertaining
events, 1 ready to serve to up
ward ot 35,00 visitor and local
student and townspeople expected
here for this traditional celebra
tion tomorrow.
Heavy, late ticket reservation
for the gam Indicate that a good-
l-r nnmhar af Mr. and Mrs. Oreroa
and the kids are preparing to for
get bitter bickering ot a strenu
ous political campaign for a day
and enjoy a brief pre-election re
spite by renewing acquaintances
and participating in the many
camsus activities here prepared by
a host of hardworking student ana
alumni committeemen.
Headed by Merritt Nash ot
Marshfleld, these Homecoming
worker have arranged a compre
hensive round of events designed
to appeal to all visitors whether
or not they are graduates or ex
students ot the institution. One
special group for which provision
has been made is the editors of
the state, many of whom wilt gath
er for a no-host dinner in the
Memorial Union building Saturday
noon, and later be seated in a
body to rlew the football struggle.
The executive committee ot the
state editorial association will
hold Its semi-annual meeting here
in the forenoon.
Here are a few of the other
highlight ot th week ni for the
guidance ot those, who can arrive
somewhat in advance or stay a
while after the big game;
v'-.-. Saturday
10:00 Crew racing . on Wilhtm-
otto river..,
1:1 0 Xlckott O. 9. C.-U. of O.
football game. -:20Alumal
banquet followed
by annual. balL . -.
r smnday -
0:00 Annual phi Kappa Phi
- Homecoming breakfast.
; Open house at- frateral
Y.tles. sororities, club and
. chmrehe all day.
That the city charter amend
ment providing, civil service for
the police department,; which will
be voted on here next Tuesday, is
desired and sponsored by the po
licemen was asserted by Chief
Fraank Minto yesterday. He is
sued the following statement: ,
"City police officers working
tor the amendment to place, them
under civil service have met many
persons who did not know the of
ficers themselves want it and are
promoting it. They are seeking
civil service because they believe
It will improve efficiency of the
department, and take them out of
The officers have been waging
a vigorous campaign -in favor ot
the civil service measure, which is
identical to that voted for the fire
department last May. They have
been speaking at meetings wher
ever possible, handing out cam
paign cards and posting placards,
bearing their slogan, "Take the
police department out ot politics.-
Extracting a Tooth
Ip Surgery Matter
Avers Zimmerman
- - , . -v
Extractlng teeth should be con-'
sldered a surgical operation, to-.
oirlag surgical precautions, and :
net a mere ryanungl. tae tootn ,
out with ' forceps," asserted DrN. -.
u. Zimmerman or Fortiaaa n ao
dressing members of the Polk-
TamhiU-Marion Medical and Mar-
ion-Polk-Tamhill Dental societies ;
at their Joint meeting In the Ma
soale temple lodge rooms bere ;
Tbursday. .rirty practitioners at--. ';
tended the lively meeting. Dr.-W;
W.- Baum, secretary Of the medleal : -'
group, reperted.
other speakers were Dr. Lyte S. '
Klegery et Portland and Dr. C.X
Sweet of Oakland, CaL, whole in
Oregon under auspices ot the state
board ' of dental examiner eon
ducting a campaign in. preventa
tive dentistry tor children.
! SBnfrralbo I;
I Camellias t
each ..
J . Saturday Only
J Erergreen
! rearcy Bros, i
207 K. Chnreh St. .
Between Chess. A Cesrt, ,
. Zimmerman
At the residence in Hayesville,
Thursday, Nov. S, W. H. Zimmer
man, aged 72 years. Survived by
widow, Henrietta Zimmerman of
Salem; daughters, Mrs. C. D. Dan
iels of Rlaeda, CaL. Miss Bertha
Zimmermann of Los Angeles, Mrs.
H. L. Stoy of Spokane, Miss Hen
rietta Zimmermann of Waverly,
Iowa, Mrs. Elsa Trey of Salem;
sons, T. H. of Tacoma, Fred of
Oceanslde. Cal., F. W. of Port
land: brother, Jacob Zimmermann
of Minnesota; sisters, Mrs. F. Os
termann of Philadelphia, Mrs.
Christine Ahl of Amboy, Minn.,
Mrs. Bertha Fritzchel of Minne
sota; nine grandchildren. Funeral
services Monday, Nov. 7, at 1 p
mC .at Christ Lutheran church un
dt direction of ciough-Barncx
company with Rev. MInneman of
ficiating. Interment Belcrest Me
morial park.
Material Going -Out Material
on the republican side ot the na
tional campaign is to be distribut
ed this week end throughout the
city under the auspices of the
county organization. Pictures ot
the candidates, pamphlets and of
ficial statements are included in
the material.
W 3. Pictures for Church At the
Amlerlcan Lutheran church Sun
day at 7:30 o'clock. Dr. J. Vinton
Scott, who spent many ylars in
the! Orient, wfll show a series ot
special, pictures on China, tbe
showing to be accompanied by ex
planatory lecture. .
Xon-Support Arthur Bcran of
the Gervals section pleaded not
guilty in Justice-court here yester
day to a non-upport charge, and
will b glren preliminary hearing
November ft at i p. n, He fur
nUhed l00tcash ball.
Petersen alstato In The estate
ot the late Andrew Peterson wa
admitted ft j probata here yester
day. AndrW: Pederaen i to be ad
ministrator. J Jteal property left
has an estimated value of f 2500;
personal broperty 500. . :-
ImoroiMer ilJghte--George Jack
son, arretted for operating a mo
tor vehicle with but one headlight,
stated in fjuatlce court that he was
10 years old, and o wa certi
fied to the juvenile court.'
Drake HereJune Drake, Sil
verton photographer who has a
state-wide reputation tor nis ex
cellent photogrph ot the Silver
Creek fall area, was a. business
. visitor in Salem Friday.
At the residence on Rt. 9, box
69B, Newton Woodward at the
are of 83 years. He was an Oregon
pioneer having crossed the plains
In 1859. Survived by two ennaren
Ruby L. Woodward, route 9, and
L.;T. Woodward of Orenco, Ore
Funeral services will be held from
the chapel of W. T. Rigdon and
Sou Sunday at 2 p. m. with Kev.
S. E. Long officiating. Graveside
services at Dallas cemetery at
3:30 p. m.
There are 35.000 less licenses
this year than lastf If all ot these
were nut in use on election day
&d oaeh bring three voters to me
noils, what a tremendous power
rauid be wielded br the one who
would declare the moratorium u
he should do s. But tf there is a
moratorium, there will be no
strings attached to it.
An article ta the aregow
City Enterprise proves defin
itely that interee tn polities
fa spreading, even o little tot.
A Canby resident, ao the story
goes, was discussing politic
within the hearing of his two
children, aged two and three
ry zv
vross jDienainq :
Corvallls, Nov. 4 Winning of the
Oregon section of the Atwater
Kent radio foundation vocal con
test by Ted Gilbert, Albany, senior
in commerce here, gives the col
lege department of music a record
of three state winners, a regional
winner and one second place na
tional winner in the six years these
music contests have been eon-ducted.
Young Gilbert has been training
under Professor Paul Petri, head
of the music department here,
ever since he entered college, and
has gained a high reputation for
his work in operettas, concert ap
pearances and as glee club soloist.
The first student ot Professor
Petri's to win state honors in this
contest wa Ted Roy, t ""singing
blacksmith" from PilotL ;ck, who
placed first in 1927. Helater won
the western Btates regional con
test, and took the $2000 second
place prize in the national finals.
He is now in California in radio
work and is heard regularly over
the Shell Happy Time hour.
Gilbert's victory entitles him to
compete in the regional finals at
San Francisco in the middle ot
dedicated to the Salem corps. The i
Miami organization has been na
tional champion tour times, occa
sion for the broadcast wan th
third anniversary ot Miami sta
tion WIOD.
Drum Corps Honor
Program Reported
Not Heard Locally
Toxoid Treatment
Value is Proven by
Tests Given Here
The worth of the toxoid treat-
meat for Immunising persons to
diphtheria wa demonstrated in
tests made this week by health de-
nattmeat worker and Dr. wn-
Ham Leven ei tne state uepsn-
meat ot health. Dr. Vernon A.
Douglas, county health officer re- ;
ported yesterday on receipt or a
preliminary report of ur. jueven-s
All but one of the non-toxoll
treated persons given the .Schick
test to determine whetner or not
they were immune were found
uscentlble to diphtheria. Ot those
who had received toxoid, all
showed a negative reaction to
Health nurse and Dr. Leven
gave the Schick tests to 210 per
Davis Will Case
Occupies Court
Here Thursday
; Comng Events
'November: Oenem.
l November 10-ll-Armi-tice
day celebration: in
charge of American Lgioo. ,
November 18 Willam
ette vs. Pacific night
football j-ame.
November 19 WllUm
cite vt. a Whitman - college,
afternoon football -game.
. December -7 Western
Nut Growers' association an
nual me tins, chamber of
commerce. .
December, T- Oregon
CtatA Horticultural society
conference, chamber" cona-
Many Salem citizens were dis
appointed last night at not being
able to- pick up the radio program
expected to have been broadcast
on the Pacific coast by the Miami,
Fla.; Legion drum corps In honor
ot the champion Salem corps. As
: far as is known, the program was
not heard here at all.
M. Clifford Moynihan. former
At the home on route 1, Shaw,
November 4, Peter A. Burghardt,
axed IS. Beloved husband of Anna
Burghardt; father of Mrs. Kath- U,; corpg manager and at pres
erlne Schabb of Shaw, Mrs. Agnes 1 an th rrmbiii wiarars.
Schell of Montana, Mrs. Barbara yesterday received a letter from
scaneiaer oi oaiem, mn. i MlamL statin that the corn
Dash of Portland, Mrs, France
Dash of Portland, Alva Burghardt
of Salem. Edwin .Burghardt of
Shaw: brother ot Mrs. Georg Et-
zel of Stayton, Mr. Barbara Haf
ner ot Portland, John Burghardt
ot Kansas, Casper Burghardt of
Portland; also 21 grandchildren.
Recitation of Rosary at the home,
Saturday, November a, at S p. m
Funeral service Monday, Novem
ber 7 at a. m. from St. Boniface
ehurch at Sublimity under th di
rection ot ; the Salem mortuary.
S4S North Capitol street.
O un -- - i O
there wonld broadcast programs
Wednesday night and last night
Contest of the will involving
the $135,000 estate of the late I
Cornelia A. Davis of Turner, ana
whether the money shall go to
create a home for the needy or go
to J. M. Sharp of California, sole
survlvlnr relative, occupied th
attention of Judge Lewelllng ot
the Marion county circuit court
here Thursday.
The contest hinges around the
matter of a i trustee. Mrs. Davis
had provided that the estate
shonld co to create the horn,
but in drawing the will sh fail-
ed to nam a trusts. Th coat-
tant allege that the will 1 In
valid because ot : tbl omission.
""- ."." " "X
I m V 's j .,.y.: vv.!j.Sv.v.'A.v,
lain it tni
s wot. . .
Brewer To Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Brewer of 1230 State street, a
seven-pound daughter, born No
vember 4 at the Bungalow Mater
nity horn.
Myers -To Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ceorze Myers. Salem rural route,.
a girl; born October 2 3, at Salem
genera hospital. Mv
The price of Buddy Ward's" Boys' SulU was, through
a typographical error, incorrectly quoted at 14.95 ta
the Montgomery Ward advertisement in Friday morn
ing's Statesman. 4
Ward's "Buddy Ward"
: Hospital Beds
to Rent-x.
f. -- it'- i .- . ' "? , . - , ,-, ji," jf."--, .-'rat y
CuU 0910, sed Faraltare
j Department "
; ISi tforta Ulih .
IS f
tetfe rjr yonVo painting cloud.
Twiire got yowpr!ffleJoT her -m
the peiettav. But joe hnren't tho
clouds tmtil joahlend certain colore
Into the tpecial tone you want i
frThl le yery gnach what happen
ta xaakiaj a good et-trette. And
I gather that what Cherterfleld
racani bj Cro-Dlcnt!lng la what aa
artist does yrka colon. Their Do
mestic and Turkish tohaixoe ninny
wejrietlee ef eeh--rw the primary
colore. They blend and cro-Wml
these tobaccos until they get the
tpecial tone they wantIn other
words, the Chesterfield flavor.
And just as each color yon nse
act os the others .to change and
enrich them, o each Chesterfidd
tobacco partake of the e qualities
of erery other.
Tou Sreld different kinds to get
a better kind. That' Croaa-Blcnd-
. Extra LonsieslLOO
- . Ia gray, tan or Woe
We've examined and studied suits . hoa
dred ot them . . . then we wont 1 work to
produce on that would out-value them atll
We'v succeeded! The Buddy Ward suit la
tho anwrl Mt will glv longer wear . . .
look smarter . . C sad It price is unmatched
for. equal quality. Sites to If, .
:r;o;iTGOLinY vard. a co.v
275 N. Liberty St. ; , Salem; Oregon. Tel fi774
r ............ ...... .-. . p -. - -.
- -
..... -' .... ... .... ... .
" ; ' .. :- " ' ' r't
- ' - ' " ' . j ;' V !
k . . . - .
.... .. ... : s". . . . ' . . .
-- . - v - - ..'. ,".v .. . - ' i ; ,
thofswit tic: TASTE DETTE
a tiocrrr
Uvu ToMCbeCOto.
merce ':-tLmi! fv-
4rasjj"Vjrfe"'' r'
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