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    The OREGON STATES31AN. Salem. Oregon, Thursday MorairijivNovember 3, 1932
Dallas Women set Tentative
1 Reception Date - for
November 14- -
, DALLAS, Not. 2. Member of
the Dallas Woman's cluh held
their regular meeting In the club
roams' '.at the library Tuesday af
ternoon, with.; 4 5 persons attend
ing.' Mrs. . Hannah Martin, presi
dent of th Salem club, was the
speaker fdr the afternoon and was
introduced by Mrt. Harry Webb,
chairman of the program committee-
Mrs. Martin gave an Interest
ing talk tn the various ballot
measures.' '' j
.Other numbers on the program
were .two solos by Miss Rachel
Uglow. -Spirit Flower": ' and
"March Wind 'She was accom
panied, by' Mrs. Bernard Petre.
-Miss 'Margaret Spencer gave sev
eral readings including "Loet'Op
rortnnltIes,,r " Too Young to
Know." "Ye That Have Faith,"
and ;it Isn't Any Fun."
. Tentative plans lor the teach
ers reception Monday night, No
vember were made and com
mittees were appointed by the
president, i Mrs. R. Ys Morrison.
Mrs. C. Wi Henkle was named as
general chairman for the reception.-
The; reception committee
named was Mrs. Henkle, Mrs. C.
N. Bilyen, Mrs. W. V. Fuller, Mrs.
J O.'Vaa Orsdel .Mrs. F. H. Mor
rison. Mrs. H. B. Gosper, Mrs. I.
M. Glen. Other committees were:
Entertainment.. Mrs. Ivan Warner,
Mrs. C. L. Crider. Mrs. A. B. Star
buck; refreshment, Mrs. Erie Fnl
gham. Mrs. Eugene Hayter, Mrs.
E. W. Cruson, Mrs. J.-If. Allgood,
Mrs. Maurice Dalton and Mrs. Roy
A committee was named to
take charge of the sale of Christ
mas seals during the month of De
cember. This was Airs: Oramel
Shreeve, Mrs. V. G. Bolton, Mrs.
George Cooper, Mrs. E. W. Cru
son. Mrs. A. J. Cleveland and Mrs.
H. D. Peterson.
Hostesses at the meeting Tues
day were Mrs. A. J. Cleveland,
Mrs. L. A. Bollman, Mrs. Harvey
Carpenter and Mrs. George Coop
er. Mrs. W. V. Fuller and Mrs.
Vera Smith poured at the tea
; - f l
.? r 1 .! ? , . if . - "
, 1 7' ; J
; " " ' - ! n
$. V " a A .-. :: X-..; :-. ' . J
' 1 ' S
t ' ' x - 4 : 4
Here are two interesting camera studies of Arthur Barry so-caHe
modem Baffles, whose cantor in the Ro Seville mountains of New Jerscv
ended the hunt that has bees in progress since the notorious Jewel tbieJ
escaped from . uborn Prison during the jail break of 1929. At left Barn
is shown, youthful, vigorous and aebonnaire as he was five years ago,
when he stole $99,000 worth of jewels from Jess Iivsrmore, of Long
Island. At right is Barry as he is today, worn and prematurely aged as
a result of the constant-strain of dodging the law.' Barry was quizzed
at Newark; N. Jn in connection with the Lindbergh baby Udnapins; en
, the chance that be might have torn knowledge of the perpetrators of
i thatcrim. '
The inclement weather kept the
usual mischief .Monday night. A
group of youngTeople gathered
at the - Simmons.- home Monday
night and played games. 'Present
were Lucille Wood, Jean Lauder
back, Emmellne, Eveline and Ed
gar Nafzsiger, James Uchty, Hoi
lis Ramsden, Ruth. Simmons, Max,
Clarence and Bobby Simmons.
The next community clab meet
ing has been postponed., until No
vember It, as i the regular date
falls on Armistice day. Mrs. Sehon
and Miss Brantl plan to have num
bers given by the school at each
meeting and will use SO minutes
of the entertainment time at the
next meeting. , "
, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lauder
back, parents of J. L. Lauderback
Tuesday - moved . Into tb new
home built for them on tb Ji L.
Lauderback plac. ' :'. ,....
Loyal Berean to 7
Make Donation to v
Fund For Kitchen
al Bereans met Tuesday afternoon
at th bom of Mrs. L L. Stewart
for their regular meeting. Thirty
seven wer present Reports wer
mad from th party-held Monday
night at which the Loyal Berean
class was hostess to members of
tb Christian church. - The group
voted Tuesday to glv SIS of the
money mads Monday night toward
th building of th kitchen at th
Christian church., Mrs. LI Stew
art is president t the group.
Host eases; Tuesday were Mrs.
Stewart,' Mrs. J. Staynor,' Mrs.' C
Specht, Mls Ros Specht, Mrs. C.
Schuster, Mrs. L. Sawyer, Mrs. B.
Terry... . - , v
- The group will hold Its next
meeting with Mrs. J. Kircher.
eniK fes
LIBERTY, Nov. l--The regular
meeting of the Red Kills Grange
was held Tuesday night preceded
by a potluck dinner. During the
dinner hour campaign speeches
weref given by A. C. Burk and
Judge L.' O. Lewelllng, also an
informal talk by Mr. Baldwin of
saiem., .
As part of th lectur hour Po
mona master of Lane-county. Mr.
Wheeler; and his son gave reviews
of the consolidation bin. A short
skit by Mrs. A. A. Taylor and
Pearl Scott "conclude4 the pro
gram."' Ten . candidates received
the workf th third iand fourth
degrees. The next meeting will be
November. 22. T
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Barling and
three sons formerly of. Woodburn
have purchased the Berle Bureh
place. ;
Lesjter - Rain - has - moved onto
the ten acr place vacated by the
Roger Lambert's some time ago.
Th Joseph Schotthoef er family is
moving into Salem due to Mr.
Schotthoef er's poor health. His
son Bill and - his wif will ha v
charge of th farm. : : ; 2
Scotch Program is
Slated for Labfsh
r ; Gathering Friday
Entertainment characteristic of
the land of th heather will be
riven at the community club meet
ing Friday night at th school-
hous,- announces th . entertain
ment committee, Mrs. A. M. Boyn
ton and Mrs. W. A. Starker. Th
Scotch entertainers, whose per
sonnel has. not been announced,
are from Salem.
J.jFred Pngh will preside, and
It Is expected that a number of
prooiems 01 community interest 1
will be presented for action. Re-I
treshments will be served, in
charge of Mrs. H. M. Blbby and
Mrs. J. F. Pugh. :i, ; .r 1
- T i
HOLLYWOOD, Nov.: 2 Mrs. J.
Brennan of Hollywood has as her
guest her, brother, Frank H. Dlbb
of Salt Lake City, UUh. Mr. Dlbb
Is here for only a short visit and
Intends- to divide his time be
tween Mrs. Brennan and! another
sister, Mrs. Albert Miller of Mon
itor ; V''V:." ;
Put If antholatum In the 1
Bostrils to relieve
congestion and clear the
r breathing passages.
Good News!
NEW YORK, Nov. 2. (AP)
F. M. Melius, president of the
United States Freight company, a
forwarding concern, today said
salary and wage cuts totaling 16
per cent taken by employes last
spring were restored September 1.
Tonnage in September was about
equal to the same month of the
previous year, he said.
CHICAGO. Nov. i. (AP)
The Chicago & Northwestern rail
road reported today October
freight loadings amounting to
105,758 cars; the largest month
since the same month a year ago.
In September loadings amounted
to 97,480 it was said.
Newlyweds Moving
To Overlund Farm
In Hills Section
WALDO HILLS. Nov. 2. Mr.
and Mrs. scar Koloen have mov
ed into the home vacated by Mr.
and Mrs. John Overlund on the O.
Overlundf farm and will make
their home there at least for the
Oscar Koloen and Miss Anna
Overlund were married at' Oregon
City la( Thursday. They were
accompanied by Joan Koloen of
Marquam and Randall Haugen of
Yoder. Mrs. Koloen, who has
been the inspiration of many love
ly little parties at Silverton, was
graduated from the Sllverton high
school last June. Mr. Koloen is
from Marquam.
Jack Newhouse Dies
On Job at Corvallis
. SILVERTON, -Nov. 2 The
news of Jack Newhouse's death.
occurring at Corvallis Saturday
might, came as a shock to Silver
ton friends. According to the
story reaching here, Newhouse
was at his work as a barber all
day Saturday and apparently In
good health. Death was pro
nounced heart failure. Newhouse
was formerly employed with E. E.
Taylor as barber at Sllverton. He
cam here from Minnesota and
made his borne at the Graden
home while at Sllverton.
SANDUSKY, O.. Nov. 2. (AP)
Officials of the Hinde A Dauch
Paper company today announced
reopening of their No. 3 plant
within three weeks for the first
time In five years.
CHICAGO, Nov. 2. (AP)
Band MeNally ft Co. report de
posit tie-ups of closed banks show
a big decrease. The amount tied
up by suspensions in the week
ended today is the lowest of any
week since September, 1929. The
number of new suspensions is 22,
Whereas the corresponding week
last year 79 banks suspended with
average deposits seven times as
much as the eurrent week.
joe in
Shoe production, with 33,688,
461 pairs in September, showed a
sizeable Increase over both the
preceding month and the same
month for 1931, the department
of commerce announced today.
(AP) Production, sale and in
stallation of the new General Elec
tric oil furnace and other- air con
ditioning products of the company
have resulted in the employment
of 2500 men, officials announced
STAYTON, Nov. 2 Relatives
and friends here and at Sublimity
were shocked late Tuesday after
noon when word reached them of
the sudden death of Joe Zimmer
man at his home in Sublimity. He
was sitting In a ehalr on the porch
at his horn in conversation with
his brother, George, when tire end
came. He had been in poor health
for some time and Is said to have
had a bad spell' about two weeks
He was born March 18, 1867
in Minnesota and at the time of
his death was 65 years, 7 months
and 13 days of age. He had lived
at Sublimity for more than 40
years. He is survived by his wi
dow, and two children, Carl at
home and Mrs. Agatha Jung worth
of Scio. Also three brothers, F. A.
and George of Sublimity and John
of Stayton, and one sister Mrs.
Rose VanHandel, also of Stayton.
Requiem masB will be held at
the Catholic church at Sublimity
at 9 a. m. on Thursday morning,
conducted by Rev. F. Scherbring
and Interment will be In the ceme
tery there.
Broyles, Livesay
Left in Mayoralty
Race at Woodburn
WOODBURN, Nov. 2. Wood
burn's mayoralty ; race was nar
rowed down to two candidates this
week when Mike Koch, the last
candidate to file, withdrew his
name from the official ballot. This
leaves only two names, those of
W. H. Broyles, Incumbent, and J.
IL Livesay, on the ticket.
Rumors to the effect that J. N.
Haugen will run for councilman
from the east side of the city were
confirmed when petitions in his
favor were filed.
ABIQTJA, Nov. 2 Kenneth
Sahl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto A.
Dahl. Isj on his way to attend live
stock expositions at Omaha, Ne
braska, Wichita, Kansas, and at
Chlcagoi Dahl ts in the employ of
Harry- Crandall a sheep man. He
plans to return to Sllverton In December;
ROBERTS, Nov. 2 F 1 o y d
Query and Gordon Greenstreet
Just returned from a deer hunting
trip la southern Oregon. They
were lucky and brought home a
ig deer.
Vandals Destroy
Gift of 1932 Class
To Stayton High
STAYTON. Nov. 2. Probably
one of the most despicable things
perpetrated here Hallowe'en night
was th destruction of the attrac
tive cement seat, the gift to the
high school from the senior class
of 1932.
This bench, placed on the lawn
at the high school during the sum
mer vacation, is said to have cost
the senior class $25, quite a sum
when one takes into consideration
that th class money was tied up
in the bank of Stayton, then dos
ed. Broken into small bits, it Is
a sad sight as a moniment to those
who generously selected and plac
ed it there.
i - - V
' ' .Li
rr M .11., .1 -i 11 sa -
Two Men Held in
South Wanted as
Fugitives, Word
PORTLAND. Nov. 2. (AP)
Police Finger Print Expert Sidney
Payne, of Portland, said a cheek
of his records today disclosed that
Ernest Lampier, 26. alias Donal
M. Albright, being held by the
sheriff's office at San Rafael, Cal.,
Is wanted In Vancouver, Wash.,
where he escaped from the city
Jail by sawing his wsy out May
J. Ludwell Smith. 23, aliaa Bob
Gay, also held at San Rafael, Is
wanted here, where he escaped
from the Multnomah county Jail
recently .Payne said.
Ruby Ro well Named
For Cooper Estate
DALLAS, Nov. 2 Ruby Row- !
ell was appointed administrator
of the estate of Joseph S. Cooper,
deceased, snd Mrs. Zena Cooper,
Llewelen Rowell and Alice Avery
were chosen as appraisers'. Coo
per's heirs are: daughters, Edna
Plckruler, Minnesota ; Aim ira
Knutson. Viscount. Sask.: Elsie
McFarland Saratoga, Iowa; Lu
cille Wilmot. Salem: Ruby Row
ell, Dallas; Fern Johnston, Dal
las. Sons, Summer C. Cooper, De
lano, Minn.; and Mellon Cooper,
Cnown t th t&a family f radio
torn as Li 'Street Einesr . Asthux
Vxmej wii da Lis singing home
from sow. on. II Is shown Just
' aftiv 14a muvIim If la TtMtrta
if arcel at th ifttTfol Bu&iinc.
Msw Yerk. Mrs. Tracy was for
merly her husban seustary,
Delightful Holiday
Program at School
LAKE LABISH. Nov. 2 A de
lightful program of Hallowe'en
sketches,, playlets, and music wis
njoyed at Lake Labish school
district. Monday afternoon. Twen
ty patrons of the school were pres
ent to enjoy the program, deliv
red in a charming setting of
corn, pumpkins and! many hued
flowers. Twenty five children are
In dally attendance at this school
which is taught by Miss Rosemary
Compeau. graduate of Willamette
university and of Monmouth wor
final aohnnl. - i
EXLVERTON. Nov. 2. Norman
Eastman 'defeated his father.
Mayor 1. C. Eastman. 2 asd 1 In
26 holes, at tb : finals of th au
tumn handicap match play at the
Sllverton Country- clubi This end
ed the four match tournament of
the autumn. The son's scor was
79.7lwhlle the fsther's was S0-
7 fefe
CostTime-rSee the . "BiillFiht,wf "A Night in SpajnM Charity ; Ball . Dancing andEterUimncnt 5alm
NV--- -
as r 1
The Salem Lions i Club Presents
Dancing - Entertainment - Gay Concessions
Bull Fight
Program Starts at 6:30 Dancing 9:00
Music By Woodry'g Mellow Moon Band and Entertainers
1000 Balloons used in decorations Serenade
Admission $1.00 per couple, extra ladies 50c 500 spectator seats
in the balcony at a very low price
Prizes for costumes. Come dressed in costume formal or informal
These New
Quality and value we never
thought possible! Fashion high
lights you'd expect to see in mueh
higher priced coats.
Genuine fur of beaver, fox, wolf,
lynx, caracul and squirrel. New
colors such as Rhum brown, Bron
seen, wine, navy, blue, and grey.
2nd. Floor Today
Dine at
After the Dance
Open 'til 2 a, m.
Friday and
Featuring from. 9 p. m.
to I a. m.
Roast Young.
Sandwiches with IP
Fresh Fruit Salad IOC
The Bohemian
162 State
Salem's Finest Restaurant
The Accepted Fashions in-
Dinner and Formal
1 . i
We don't remember when we're ever
had dresses so fine as these for so little.
Accepted ag suitable to wear to VX
Night in Spain." Fancy crepes and vel
vets. Velvet shlrrin gs . . . velvet sleeves
... bows. In the popular shades.
Formal Velvet Wraps $9.98
Montgomery Ward & Co.
27S K. Liberty
Salem, Ore.
Tel. 87T4
Things Electrical
Tel. 9146 6S7 Court
wurufi. i
PLAN now to spend the holi
dayt la the Old Country -you
can do It conveniently and
more economically than ever
via Canadian Pacific Cross the
continent front Vancouver, B.
C on a fast transcontinental
train. ..tben t Eur a a
knorlou ttaer. SeJlinis frotn
Saint John, N. B. ts Clasdew,
Belfast, Liverpool, Cherbourg,
Southampton. J
Sailing Dates:
Nov. 30-S.S. puchessof York
ta Claegow, Belfast, Liverpool.
(Sailing from Quebec) ,
Dec. t S. S. Duchess f Rkk-
mon4 to Cherbourg, South
nmpten. ;
Dec 9 - S. S. fontcaln to
Glaowf Belfast, LtvcrpooL
' Doe. 15 S. S. Duchess of Atholt
t Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool.
Our Corsages
Will Express
Your Personality
667 Court Tel. 6904
BAY aimd
Cor. ChemekeU at Bigh
TeL 6192
Invite You to Park
Your Car at Our
Station During
This Dance.
No charge will be made
for this service. An at
tendant oil duty all night
She Wiil Appreciate a
Corsage for the
Dance From
TeL 7166
Open After- the
Special Menu
9 to Closing
A Night in
and that means
A Smart New
Dress to make
look and feel
your very best
Our selection Is
beautiful and
complete. Both
Dinner and'
Evening Dresses
5.95 to 19.76
at the
Smart Shop
115 H. Liberty :
Let UsCet Your
Car Ready-
to take you to the
Lion's Ball !
" ft
Gas, Oil ;
A Shell Station
Court Capitol Streets
'- j
Telephon S04f j '-
We Congratulate
The Lions Club
On Presenting
A Charity Ball
Salem, Oregon'
Established 1868 - Commercial & Savings Dept.;
r ' i
- for th
ight in Spain?'
147 X. Hlffh
Be Comfortable
, ' . . and
Dance Gracefully,
Achlin Bcctery
The Whole Night Thru
In Comfort
If You Wear
Satin Sandals or
Sile Pumps
From 1
Art -VZIZ. I
S l : ! See The MbuU fight tA .Wight in Spwn" Chanty BaU--Uancinar and tntertamment f 54Km Armory
hit. fuii.: a$