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    With Title at Stake
Loggers Favorites to win
But Margin is Believed
Not Overwhelming
Willamette Paget Sound
KftiserS LE.. 16 Pettibone
Jocklsch T. . . .LT 13 Akam
Felton 21 . . . . LG. . 17 Hurworth
Grannis 16. . . . C. . . . 21 Gagnon
Boyd 18. . . . . .RO. . . . 4 Hickcox
Weisser 14... RT . . . . 23 Slatter
Gribble 17. . . .RE. . . I Lindquist
Frants 1 Q.
Erickson 6. . . LH,
Oravec 2 RH
Olson 24. . F.
Willamette. Connors 3, Paul
4, Houck 8,1 Jones 9, Carson 10,
Emmel 13, Cannady 15, Wood
worth 19, Clarke 20, Adams 22,
McKerrow 23, Haley 26, Com
mons 28, Swanson 41, Williams
42, Carkln 47.
Paget Sound Bourke 2,
Johnson 3, Miller 6, Sprenger 7,
McConnell 8, Davidson 11, Kim
ball 12, Scbatz 14, Dunning 22,
Carlson 24, Briles f6.
" -iff-
19 Sterling
... 5 Ennis
15 Brunstad
. 13 Brooks
About noon today the "thun
dering herd" from College of Pu
get Sound will arrive in Salem,
Intent on clinching the first
Northwest conference champion
ship that school has ever been
close to winning. The issue as to
whether they achieve it or not will
be fought out against the Wil
lamette Bearcats on Sweetland
field, starting at 8 p.m.
From the past performances of
the Puget Sound Loggers, it is
apparent that they have an excel
lent chance to reach their goal.
They have defeated Pacific, Whit
man and College of Idaho in ra
pid succession and In impressive
fashion although the scores were
not large.
However there Is this to be
aid on the other side of the
picture: Willamette has lost just
three Northwest conference games
In the last three years, and those
defeats have been battles their
opponents have never forgotten
and probably will never forget.
If Puget Sound prevails tonight
' 1 I -
f i
0. C. TEAM B O
Chemawa Too Strong For
Sflverton, Wins 37 to 0;
Ends do Bulk of Scoring
Matteson Takes Pass Over
Goal Line for Only '
Score of Game
unlit miort SUnlord, but thij pboU ibon c .tUmpUd pal ttM MW ftwJ.
ShSito li. . .lb .topped b, D..O, SU.rd eDd. lhn CU f -rd
w cm. Stouter, ul Spullnl WTfOm to in. forerronnd, while GU, V. . C, rUjbW M
Beten. Itorb M M ra. V. 8. C wen th. run 13 to .
Did yau, perchtu.ce, notice
the crowd at Bweetl&nd field
last night? A neat aggregation
of spectators many or wnom
planked down real money for
their seats. It wan tbe first
night game Salem high ever
scheduled here, and It revealed
that people will tarn oat and
support the high school If games
are played at an fTJTbr when they
can attend. It wae considerably
bigger than crowds have been
at day gamee for the last sev
eral years.
On the other hand, there are
those who predict that tonight's
f.L:1 .1"1 rM"!181?0 crowd for the Wlllamett-Puget
meiuu VI liiej """l I Cnnl mamm will Via ti ht CrVOlt
"L IS" "WJZ. ever" congregated for V football
another such memorable strug
Both Teams at Their
Peak For This Game
Both teams are at their peak
for this game and there will be
no alibis. Willamette still has a
couple of cripples but it making
no mention of them; the team
right now is in the best shape
it has been this season. A great
deal may depend, however, on
whether that right ankle of Walt
Erlckson's, injured over a month
ago, will stand up under hard
That's about all there is to be
,sald In prediction, or lack of
prediction, as to the outcome. As
spectacle in Salem. Just at the
moment, we can't think of any
argument to refute that.
Getting back to Friday
night's game, it appeared that
"Honest John" Warren almost
lost the contest for his boys
when he sent Canesaa back in
there in the same quarter that
he was taken out. Of course
"Honest John" wouldn't be
guilty of trying to get away
with anything; he must have
Just slipped up. In the excite
ment of the fray. Even players
hare been known to do that.
Astoria and Parrish, in exactly
fM rfiA tam. itaAif it Vtoa atatv
iw.iMm nf Hrpinni, thA the same situation Friday, laid
greatest contest Salem has ever "ieir games on a nice platter and
witnMi a huvv on at th handed them to the opposition,
same time fast and always fight- the opponents dropped them
ing Puget Sound eleven will take the transfer e refer to pass
th ffeM with & chamninnahtn in "g on about their own 10-yard
eht at th clou., of thou fin lines, flat, unprotected passes at
minutes. A slightly smaller but that. wnen ahead b ODe touch-
desperate and determined crew aowj'
of Bearcats will be out there
battling to retain a toe-hold on
its less rosy prospects o,f regain
ing a title lost two years ago
In the Willamette team's
"drive" tonight may be reflected
some of the bitterness caused by
the manner in which the same
team failed to collect the gold
footballs a year ago; an achieve
ment which seemed on several
occasions to be in their grasp.
The Astoria boys in their
white Jersey looked neat and
well kept; Salem's starting
eleven had new-appearing jer
seys so tbe team didn't begin
to look like the "Salem raga
muffins' until several substi
tutes had gone in.
That'a three one-touchdown de-
i feats in a row, but never mind,
Even if the unexpected should Salem high, 11 you don't win many
haDnen and this Bearcats shnutd games this year you're building
gain a slight lead at some stage or next year, and we look for a
of the game, they will take noth- wnaie 01 a gooa team men
lnr for granted
The officials In Friday
night's game did noteworthy
Job, though it didn't suit every
body. At that we thought they
missed one, a question of Inter.
Democrats Rally
On Wednesday at
Armory, is Plan
flans are being made for a
democratic rally to be held Wed
nesday, November t, at 8 p.m.
at the armory here, at which time
Bert E. Haney of Portland will
be th main speaker.
The rally will be one of the
biggest in this section of the
state, democratic leaders say.
Final plans will be completed and
announced early in the week.
Bruins Aim
At Indians'
Scalp Today
At Salem: Astoria 7; Salem
high school 0
At Oregon City: Parrish junior
high 6; Oregon City junior high
At Woodburn: Qresham 0;
Woodburn 0 (tie).
At Dallas: Molalla 0; Dallas 13.
At Gervais: Amity 0; Gervais fi.
At Corvallis: West Coast Army
9; Oregon State college 20.
At Washington: University of
Iowa 6, George Washington 31.
At Lindsborg, Kas.: Kansas
Wesleyan33. Bethany 0,
At Liberty, Mo.: Missouri Val
ley 27; William Jewell 7.
At Waxahachie, Texas: How-
Meeting stiffer opposition than
had been expected, the Parrish
Junior high school football team
punched its way to one touch
down against Oregon City junior
high on dinger field Friday af
ternoon, then held on doggedly
to Its slim margin and won
to 0.
A pass from Phil Salstrom that
settled into the hands of Matte
son behind Oregon City's goal
line for an 18 yard gain, scored
the lone touchdown in the sec
ond period. A line plunge for the
extra point was short.
Parrish put Oregon City on
the defensive by means of a dar
ing play in which Salstrom, in
mldfield with fourth down and
five yards to go, elected to run
Instead of kicking, and crossing
up the opposition got away with
That started a march which
carried the local team into scor
ing territory. It was almost spoilt
ed by a penalty on the 13-yari
line, lust before the pass that
scored the touchdown.
Pass Almost Proves
Farrish's Undoing
Several times later In the game
Parrish played unorthodox foot
ball, sometimes with fair suc
cess: but with about four min
utes left to play, a flat pass into
unprotected territory -almost prov
ed the home boys' undoing, an
Oregon City man getting his
hands on the ball, but failing to
retain It. Another pass that would
have meant a Parrish touchdown
was dropped.
Oregon City demonstrated sur
prising power In view of its de
feat previously by Leslie Junior
high. A trio of ball carriers who
were difficult to bring down al
ternated in packing the oval, and
the visitors made two threaten
(AP) Football's main battle
front In the far west shifts to
the south tomorrow where the
undefeated, untied University of
California at Los Angelea Bru
ins will make a home town stand
against Stanford's Indians In a
game that will see their claim
to co-leadership of the Coast con
ference at stake.
On the outcome of the contest ard Payne 13; Trinity 0.
will determine whether Coach At St. Paul: Augsburg (Mlnne-
Bill Spauldlng's Bruins will cling spoils) 15; St. Paul Luther 0.
to a tie for top honors with the At Detroit: Georgetown 0; De-jln marcbes. one ending at the
irojans oi oouiaern vamoriua i iron id.
or Join eight other members oft At Dayton, O.: Morris Harvey
the big western circuit In the 0; Dayton 18
ranks of the defeated. I At Cincinnati: Loyola of South
Supporters of the U. C. L. A.I i; Xavier (tie)
gridiron cause are hopeful their At Bluefleld, W. Va.: Arm
team will add Stanford to the atronr college 7; Bluefleld 39
list of conference victims that! At Grand Forks. N. D.: South
includes Idaho and Oregon and! Dakota State 0; North Dakota
at the same time will give toe I unlversltr 13
Bruins their first victory over At Philadelphia: Carnegie 7;
the Indians since they opened Temple 7 (tie)
football relations a few years ago. At Cleveland: Kent State
California's activity this week John Carroll 28
end will consist of a non-confer- At Toledo: Ohio State "B" 6;
ence engagement with the Unl- Toledo university 0
At MInot, N. D.: Dickinson,
N. D. Teachers 6; Minot Teachers
At Latrobe, Pa.: Thlel ; St.
versity of Nevada
The University of Southern
California has an open date.
Washington State, at present In
second place in the conference Vincent 19
race with two games won and At Buckhannon. W. Va.: Sa-
one lost, will face Montana with hem 0; West Virginia Wesleyan
the former a strong favorite to 20.
boost its percentage standing. At Emporia, Kas.: Southwest-
Montana has not had much sue- era 0; College of Emporia 0 (tie)
cess. In or out of the conference At Due West, S. C: High Point
to date. 10: Erskine 9
The Washington Huskies and At Washington: Baltimore 43;
Oregon each take on non-confer-1 Gallaudet 0
ence opponents. Washington At York, Neb.: York 3; Neb-
meets Whitman, meanwhile pre-1 r ask a Wesleyan 13
paring for the game with Stan-1 At Oskaloosa, la.: Iowa Wesley-
ford a week later while Oregon an 20; Penn 13
lines up against Gonsaga. A week
later Oregon will meet Its old
rival, Oregon State, In the annu
al tilt for state honors.
22-yard line and the other, late
In the time, at the 11. The
second one might have succeeded
except that, with running plays
going for good gains. Oregon City
wasted a down on an unsuccess
ful pass attempt.
Parrish which had previously
been something of a one-man
team on offense, showed more
versatility in this contest, Hughey
and Hoffert alternating with Sal
strom in the ground gaining role,
Excellent defensive work by the
ends. Oglesby especially, and in
the middle of the line was largely
Instrumental in holding the dan
gerous Oregon City attack.
The lineups:
Oretron City Parrish
Mark LE Oglesby
Barnett LT Williams
Smith LO Hill
Buck C Willig
Leatherberry . . RG Damon
Roberts RT Porter
Whellng RE Matteson
Hellen Q Salstrom
McKeel LH Hughey
Taylor RH Hoffert
Baker F Dow
Referee, Andy Peterson; um
plre, Tom Drynan; head lins
man, James Nicholson, Jr.
DETROIT. Oct 28. (AP)
Two long runs, one for 75 yards
and the other for 51, gave the
University of Detroit a 13 to
victory over Georgetown univer
sity tonight.
Tulsa university Is operating
under the freshman rule in foot
ball this season for the first time.
ference with, a pass receiver;
lUt we were glad to see them
checking up on some of the
things that happen in close line
play. It's rather rare.
Molalla Taken to
Defeat by Dallas
To Tune oi 13 - 0
DALLAS, Oct. 28 Getting
one of those breaks, the Dallas
high school football team turned
a 7 to 0 victory over Molalla
high to a 13 to 0 count in the
game here today.
In the first quarter Lewis car
ried the ball over for Dallas first
touchdown. McMillan kicked for
the extra point.
No further scoring was done
until the third quarter when Ca
die of Dallas lost a Molalla punt
on the Molalla five-yard line.
The ball rolled over the goal line
and Frlesen of Dallas fell on It
for the second and final six
SILVERTON, Oct. 28 (Spe
cial) The Chemawa Indians
school football team proved just
too much for the Silver Foxes of
Silverton high here this afternoon,
and won 17 to 0. Scoring -was
evenly divided between three of
the Indians, Dogeagle, Olney and
Vivette getting two each. One of
Dogeagle's scores was made on a
5-yard run.
Chemawa piled up 17 first
downs to Silverton's one, which
came on a pass late In the game
when many of the "Chemawa first
stringers had retired from the
ably heavier' than the Foxes. Ru
dishauser and Meachem, the op
posing fullbacks, were outstand
ing along with Vivette.
This was a non-conference
game and did not disturb Silver-
ton's standing in that race. Sil
verton will play Lebanon, at pres- !
undefeated, at Lebanon next Fri
day. Chemawa Silverton
Vivette 1. . . Pettyjohn
Brunoe It Scott
Johns lg Ray
Teehee. ....... e. . . .E. Johnson
Baker rg Egan
Walters rt. .
Dogeagle re.
Olney ......... q . .
Churchill lh.
Cook rh.
Meachem f.".
. . Thornley
.A. Johnson
CHEMAWA. Oct. 28 The Che-
The Indians were consider-J mawa Indians, after defeating Sil
verton 37 to 0 today at Silverton.
have another game with Grand
Ronde here tomorrow. However,
the reserves and some members of
the older team will play this game
and those who played at Silverton
will not rush back into the fray.
Coach Lavelle s men will play
Soldiers Clash in First Min-.
ute for Touchdown; 20
To 9 Final Score
ent leading the conference and 1 at Hood River Armistice day.
, 2H
AUMSVILLE. Oct. 28. The
Aumsvllle football team defeated
a Silverton team by a score of
25-0 on the Aumsville field Wed
nesday afternoon. The first touch
down was made the first few min
utes of play and then the second
team was put in and another
touchdown was made in the sec
ond quarter and the last one was
made in the third quarter.
Two weeks ago Aumsville play
ed Silverton a tie game, 6-6, on
the latter's field. Clark from Sa
lem, refereed the game.
The Aumsville lineup was: Left
end, John Ogle; left tackle, Glenn
Ramsey; left guard, Parker Kam
inska; center, Henry Amos; right
guard, Roland Rhoades; right
tackle, Wilfred Ditter; right end.
Jack Corser; quarterback. Ed
Hankel; right halfback. Cloyd
Wigle; left halfback, Raymond
Morgan; fullback, Chester Trud
gon. Substitutes were: N. Bates, E.
Shaw, B. Tucker, C. Lebold, F.
Tripp, A. Foster, R. Hendry, D.
Berry, W. Cheffings. Outstanding
players were Ditter, Morgan,
Rhoades, Ramsey and Bates.
One of the Silverton boys suf
fered a broken nose.
Friday, November 4, the local
boys will play Parrish junior high,
here. The scorelast year was 19-0
for Parrish, but Coach Howard
Tong and the boys are planning
to get revenge Friday.
Woodburn Ties
Gresham 0 to 0
In Even Fight
WOODBURN. Oct. 28 Wood
burn and Gresham high school
elevens fought to a 0 to 0 tie In
their game here today.
Both squads held about even
through the first half. In the
third quarter, Gresham threat
ened on the seven-yard line but
Woodburn held, gained the ball
and punted out of the hot spot.
Woodburn came back in the
fourth to reach Gresham's 10-yard
line by a pass from Skiller to
Gearln but could not make it the
rest of the way.
GERVAIS, Oct. 28 The most
spectacular game ever to be play
ed on the Gervais gridiron was
that between Amity and Gervais
Friday afternoon when Gervais
defeated the heavy, fast, flashy
team from Amity by a score of
to 0.
Gervais received the opening
kick and Immediately started la
on the Amity left tackle and end.
These plays netted good gains.
Jake Thompklns of Amity show
ed much power and drive. The
local line averaged 135 pounds
with the backfleld going 140.
So far this year Gervais has
won three games and lost two.
The Gervais team scored early In
the first half with Becker going
around for gain of 15 yards and
a touchdown. An attempt to con
vert failed.
The second half. Amity came
back with plenty of firs and
played an offensive game
throughout, threatening the Ger
vais goal in the last few minutes
of play.
The Gervais lineup was: rh,
DeJardln; lh, Henney; f, Kuhn;
g, Schwab; re, Becker; rt, Hen
ney; rf, Lelack; c, Bowley; If,
Smith; It, Bliven; le, Riggs. Sub
stitutes, Orr for Bliven and
Schoms for Becker. Referee, Man
ning of the Marlon county ref
eree's association.
HUBBARD. Oct. 28. Frances
Friend, third and fourth grade
teacher, has been ill at her home
since Tuesday.
Buffalo Nichols
Loses to Heuser
BOSTON. Oct. 28 (AP) Aft
er being knocked down five times
in the opening round George
Nichols, courageous Buffalo vet
eran, gave Adolph Heuser, prom
ising German light heavyweight, a'
furious 10-round battle tonight at
the arena, but the Teuton's ox-like
strength wore down his rival in
the late rounds and he gained a
unanimous decision. Heuser
weighed 176 M and Nichols scal
ed 170.
This Week End's Grid Schedule
(Figures In parentheses Indicate scores last year)
Willamette (13) vs. College of Puget Sound (0) at Salem, 8 p.m.
Llnfleld (6) vs. Pacific (18) at Forest Grove.
Albany vs. Oregon Normal at Albany.
Stanford (12) vs. U. C. L. A. (6) at Los Angeles.
Goniaga vs. Oregon at Eugene.
Nevada (6) vs. California (25) at Berkeley.
Whitman (0) vs. Washington (77) at Seattle.
Montana (0) vs. Washington State (13) at Pullman.
Chicago (IS) vs. Illinois () at Chicago.
Georgla (33) vs. Florida (6) at Athens.
Harvard vs. Brown at Cambridge.
Michigan (21) vs. Princeton (0) at Ann Arbor.
Minnesota (14) vs. Northwestern (82) at Minneapolis.
Nebraska (6) vs. Kansas State (3) at Lincoln.
Ohio State (6) vs. Wisconsin (0) at Columbus.
Pittsburgh (12) vs. Notre Dame (26) at Pittsburgh.
Tolane vs. South Carolina at New Orleans.
Yale (33) vs. Dartmouth (38) at New Haven.
CORVALLIS. Ore.. Oct. 28
(AP) Coming up from behiri
after their tricky rivals had flav ti
ed over a touchdown In the first
minute of play, Oregon State ret.
lege defeated West Coast Army,
20 to 9, in their football ran e
here tonight.
The visitors, on the second play
after the opening klckoff, lashed
out with a sudden attack. Gilbert
passed on the dead run to Swart t,
who raced 60 yards to score. Am y'
A few minutes later Orerra.
State, playing second and third
string men, marched on straight
line plunges from their own 20 o
a touchdown, and converted to t.
the score. On another march from
midfleld the Beavers scored t
just before the period ended,
missed the extra point.
Late in the second period i .
Beavers earned their final tou a.
down when Mcintosh took a v- ii
on his own 32 and behind quirky
formed Interference ran 69 yar is
to a touchdown. Oregon State -on,
verted. Army gained two point-- .a
the third period, blocking a p .::i
behind the Oregon State goal In a.
The ball rolled out of the -:!
West Coast Army Oregon Si mis
Stemple le Mit..a
Price It Fi.!4
Arnold lg.... Stanfi. 4
Molnar.... e Devine
Orr rg Mi
Hill ..
Beaulieu. .
Swarts. . . ,
, . .rt. . ,
. . re .
. q . .
. . . lh . .
rh . .
. Achfv)U
. Mclnto h
. Bow m a a
. . Herman
Ralph Coleman, rf.
eree; Wade Williams, umpire,)
Bill Smyth, head linesman; V ; tt
Long, field judge.
Score by periods:
Army 7 0 2 01
OSC IS 7 0 029
Scoring for Army: Touchdown,'
Swarts; try for point, Gilb.rt
(place kick). Safety.
Scoring for Oregon Sta:e,
Touchdowns: Herman 2, Mc la
tosh. Try for point, Aeheson, Mo
Intosh (place kicks). ,
Camera Loses
Attachment on
NEW YORK, Oct. 28 (AP)
A $25,000 attachment whirl.
Prlmo Camera, Italian heavy
weight, obtained against Max
Schmeling, former world's heavy
weight champion, was dismissed
Camera obtained the attach
ment last June as a preliminary
step in his $100,000 damage suit
against the German boxer, who he
charged with breaking a contract
to box him In September 1931.
Appellate Justice James O'Mal
ley said he could not agree with
Camera's method of translating
Into terms of money the damages
he claims to have suffered. T ie
Italian's claim was based upon r e
12 per cent "cut" he was o
have received in the gate receip s
which he estimated at 1200,00".
Carnegie Blacks
Temple's Slate
(AP) Carnegie Tech's gridiron
machine tonight proved the Btore
wall against .which the hopes of
Temple university for an unbrok
en string of football victories this
season were shattered, the T..r
tans holding the Philadelphia ag
gregation to a 7 to T tie.
Girls' League Has
Annual Reception
For New Students
SILVERTON. Oct. 28. Mrs.
F. J. Roubal has called the first
meeting of her 4-H sewing club
to be held at her home on North
Church street Saturday afternoon. J
air, uou Dai s girls completed the
first division requirements last
year ana will take up the second
uiviBion tnu year.
mua Mrs. s. a. uay en-
lenainea members of the Loyal
r rienas class of the Christian
cuurcir at tneir home on Mill
street Friday night. The affair
was in the nature of a Hallowa'an
party. Clarence Reed is president
oi m ciass ana L. R. Neal 39 di
Duane Felton, age nine, son of
, Frank Felton, sustained bad in
juries to his back and foot Tues-
' day when he fell from the rafters
of the playshed at the scfeoo!-
- house. . ,
' itjr " V",
::o.-:vv... : i::--!.L-:.:,i.:-::.y:-: : f sr :- vtv.v
f-- - - - -.: ' r
Jesse DeBord Dies
In Iowa; Formerly
Lived in Aumsville
AUMSVILLE. Oct. 28. News
has just been received from Clear
field, la., of the death of Jesse
DeBord. He is a brother of Mrs.
J. Fuscn of Aumsville and George
8. DeBord of Portland. Mr. De
Bord spent one summer In Salem
and vicinity a number of years
ago. He died October 18, and was
past 80 years of age.
He was a member of the Meth
odist church and of the Odd Fel
lows lodge. He leaves two daugh
ters, Amy and Inez, who spent a'
few years at Salem and Aumsville
and now live at Clearfield, and
one son. of Creston, la.
Chemeketan Play.
Will be Given in
Woodburn Nov. 3
Still under the influence of the anesthetic, Travis Jackson, shortstop and
ptaja of the New York Giants baseball team, is shown Just after be
aaa underrona an snmfimi m. utm ina u.mvi. T.mi
758, ls. ?n,hand to soothe hubby when he wakes. The operation may
dde his i diamond career. A twisted cartilage in one knee and chipped
ne In the other kept Jackson on the bench through most ef the
183Z season.
WOODBURN, Oct. 2 r. "Back
Seat Drivers." a 'play written by
Laurence Johnson and to be given
by the Chemeketa players, will be
given In the Woodburn St- Luke's
community hall Thursday night.
November S at 8: IS o'clock.- The
locai, American Legion -post is
sponsoring the affair.
The Chemeketa players, under
the direction of Perry Prescott
Relgelman, are Salem residents.
Among the players are Frank Tor
gerson and "Pat" Peterson. Oth
er players have appeared In dra
matis works la Salem
"1-71- iX&J'-' -S7r :x ;. v fLr
V--rf VTV V A ' . Paw Cuba., m r
jjrrk: .PAiTLftEiPM Pitts ' , ' . ."
1 iniiTsrsnaiBsiiBSsniBni iii : '- - .No-mu Uam:: ' i J .ut&-
rrnmaaBBSsssssssssssssssssansnmssiinM n m . mi -
TkrQla alaty ara la tr!m Imm Am
t Ncra Damn's RaaUrs mm tke Paa
lftrgh kta tWy BMt at PaalWr Stada
test Satarday's.toocl. gasM eaT Ike achedaU. kavw kit saM
and U stars shewn above are 4m he the gass f thesr
wk Will wibatMA th eLuk
there of the Uaivanity ef Pitte-
Stadhna Satavday. Beth
ry. ,
grid eareere.
Pits U
the Pamthwa ka I
. LM A'ii: T a.-TT" .V
Dasae aaaad. If tV-- juT'. I taaJUrs ara stia
aasae HMC It they 4e t sw, the, wQ mm Satnrday.
iTTr-Sr' KWr aad HeQar. are Utter than aver a.J
J-fL. mT3T.V : with the lriah far U.t