The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 27, 1932, Page 8, Image 8

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Realize They're Facing big
Jest; Offense Will be
At Season's Peak
Coach "Spec- Keen of the
Willamette Bearcat la not finding
necessary to "point" hia squad
- menuuiy ror;
: - Toe uouegeori
Vnnl . Ci A T
ram whfh la
e o m 1 n up
8 a t a r d a y
' a -a. a. . ...
11X11 ODi
Sweet land
field. They
are attending
to- that them
selves, realis-l-'V
lng that they
are facing the '
big test of the
season sndX
" from all lndl-""""
' cations, con- Qrf Cans?
aiderable odds.
defeat Saturday night but from
me manner in wnicn iney are ap
proaching the contest, the Log
gers wui earn a victory ir tney
achieve it. Keene's men will go
Into the game with everything
I tney have, and the squad will be
-at its peak strength of the sea
One factor to be reckoned with
Is that for the first time, except
for a brief period in the College
of Idaho game, the Walt Erick-on-Johnny
Oravec ball toting
combination will be working to
gether. On that previous occasion
Erickson was not in the best of
Fans Wonder Which
Halfback Speediest
Ever since little Oravec arrived
on the campus and began demon
strating his ability to go places
with the pigskin, there has been
speculation as to whether he
might not be almost as good or
Just as good or potentially a
. tiny bit better than Erickson.
Yet when these two the vet
eran winding np four years of col
orful participation and the fresh
man Just starting his career get
out there on the gridiron together
"Saturday night, there will be no
thought of rivalry; neither of
these boys happens to be put to
gether that way.
Strange as it seems, both Er
ickson and Oravec are Just as
good at clearing 'a path for the
other fellow, as they are at toting
the oval. Both are fierce blockers,
and there are those who predict
they will team together to out
shine any pair of halfbacks Wil
lamette has ever sent onto the
field. They have not played to
gether, except briefly in the Col
lege of Idaho game, so these
claims remain to be proven. At
any rate, they'll be out there try
ing to smooth the way for each
It also remains to be seen
whether, with all their speed, this
pair will be able to go places
against the College of Puget
Sound defense. The Loggers have
been scored on Just twice this
season, once by Pacific and once
by Whitman. The Whitman touch
down was a fluke, resulting frpm
a break and then a wobbly, rain
bow pass that was caught by a
man for whom it was not in
tended. Other Ball Packers
Are Showing Speed
Erickson and Oravec are not
the only threats in Willamette's
backfleld. George Cannady, a
speedy and elusive runner even
last season, is showing a lot more
this year and is steadily acquir
ing blocking ability. He played
an outstanding game against Al
bany college. Manford Olson fired
np in the College of Idaho game
and bowled over evervthinv tio
got In his way, but did not show j
so much against Albany. He may
get an Inspiration again when the
Loggers arrive in town.
Gordon Williams Is also avail
able for the fullback position and
" , yf..,Te8 Kood account of
himself. Ed Prantx. quarterback,
figured in the ground gaining
role against Albany. Keith Jones
will be in the wing half position
.E? ,,bar of tbe Sm n
Fred Paul may be sent in to pep
per, up the offense at most any
moment. -: -
It ,1a thus apparent that Wil
lamette has available for the first
time this season, backfleld talent
comparable to that which figured
In capturing the 1S29 champion
ship, though not yet ao experien
ced. But this may not be suffl-
2ll ?ope- wIth tne gers
who. Judging from their perform
ances to date, are somewhat
stronger than the average top
ranking teams in the Northwest
conference have been in the past.
Father and Son
Eastmans Play
In Golf Finals
r and son, L. C. Eastman and
Norman Eastman, will pFay off
the flnala at the Silverton rolf
nf?m v nndlcn elimination
golf tournament has been under
Z 7 t0T tome tlm Sunday
Norman Eastman . defeated r
JyV M2.nt 5 and
E"tman defeated
Dr. A W, Simmons 4 and S. ,
The possibility of a volleyball
match ; between the northwest
champion, Salem Y team and the
'Lot Angules champions la being
Investigated by Keith Brown, lo
cal building supply dealer, who la
vacationing . in southern Califor
nia. , - . .
1 " i i. - ' " ' ' .
Astoria Fishermen Eveine-s
Salem WitiYRespect; View
Friday Game as Major; One
From the metropolis of Clatsop
county comes information that
the Fishermen of Astoria high are
viewing me saiem high gam here
Friday night in much the same
attitude that prevails in the red
and black camp. "Respect" is the
most descriptive word for the
Fishermen's viewpoint as they
prepare to meet Hollis Hunting
ton's squad.
Astoria has not forgotten the
manner in which Salem, slid the
Fishermen's state championship
hopes into the ditch through a
scoreless tie game a year ago
when John Warren's squad had
reason for such aspirations. Sa
lem at that time had Just been
pushed out of ' the undefeated
class, by a dark horse Corvallla
eleven. This year, both teams hav
ing already fallen from among the
elect In lntersectlonal games, the
two teams have nothing on their
collective minds except the pros
pect of beatlngeach other.
Astoria is situated at such a die-
Several of the Xeium-t
boys have been practicing that
xtr point kicking stunt as
siduously this week. It may
ome in handy. If the Bearcats
have a chance to win at all. It
may le by one of those 7 to
scores we've been reading about
so much lately. Bat the 7 to 8
might very well be the other
way, for Puget Sound has an ef
ficient point converter In the
person of Jimmy Ennls.
The tell n th iiin. ,!...
touchdown, which defeated Salem
high for the first tima in
years, came largely as a result of
rainer questionable ruling,
something like this: An Albany
punt rolled to about the two-foot
line, where it i.
Albany player, then rolled across
the goal line. The officials gave
it to Salem at the spot where the
Aioany man touched it which,
you probably imae-in. wa th.
proper ruling.
Now technically speaking, it
la a violation of the rules for
player on the kicking side to
touch the ball before it has been
touched by an opponent. That
may surprise you, because they
are always doing it. Bat pen
alty is merely that the receiv
ing team may put the ball Is
play where It was so illegally
But ret this.- "If thv
choose to exercise this privilege
(after the ball hecom
touching of the ball shall be dls-
regaraea. this refers principal
ly to the receiving side running
with the hall after th vivn-
side has touched It. But It's clear
mai u also applies to any other
Case in Which dinrpenrrltno- tfc
violation would benefit the receiv
ing team, in this case, Salem
could have had a tmchhv t,a
the ball 20 yards out Instead of
Salem fans who attended
that game were mystified y
some other decisions. Including
two contradictory ones on ap
parently identical plays, block
ed punts, the decision each time
favoring Albany. We were not
there and cant say.
Incidentally th
Just when Albany defeated Salem
last, prior to last Friday, hasn't
u ciearea up so rar as we
know, though the enterprising
sports columnist of the Albany
Democrat-Herald Is on the trail
of the mystery.
Albany fans who attended the
college game here had a hoUer;
. they thought they were treated
rudely when denied seats in the
grandstand at Sweetland field
when entering at student rates.
Somebody told them the federal
tax had something to do with It. ;
That wasn't the Case; tt was
merely a matter of a higher ad
mission price for the grand
stand. ,
Buddy Ambrose
Beaten in Wild
Roseburg Bout
. ROSEBURG. Ore.. Oct. 28
(AP) In one of the wildest box
ing exhibitions stated here tht.
season,' Austin Pender grass of
Roseburg last - night defeated
Buddy Ambrose of Salem. They
fought as lightweights.
Claiming an Injured hand Am
brose failed to answer tti halt .
the sixth round after absorbing a
stinging body attack In the fourth
and fifth.
Walton League
Places 50 flOO Fish
;.. SILVERTON, Oct 2. Flfty
thousand fish have bean liberated
in the streams In the Silverton
community during the past 10
days. The liberation, was made
under the sponsorship of the local
Isaak Walton league and the fish
were brought here from the Will
amette hatchery near Westflr.
Of these, 25,000 were planted
between the city limits and the
power house while the remaind
er were freed on Butto creek. -
tanc from Salem, that it 'la a lit
tle strange that one of those dead
ly rivalries . -which endure from
one season to the next has sprung
np; but such- la the ease, despite
the fact that Eugene and Albany
figure as slmiliar "enemies' of
Salem high. j; -
' . The circumstances Vhlch have
matched Salem and- Astoria
against each other In state bas
ketball flnala twice in the last
three years, have added to the
schools' healthy and friendly riv
alry in other sports, so that Fri
day night'a game assumes the pro
portions of the "big" game of the
season here.
In addition to Mackey and Can
easa, known to Salem fans because
of their major roles In the basket
ball finals here last year, Astoria
will present a hard driving, f leree
tackling collection of grldmen
who Include Wilson at the oppos
ite wing from Mackey, BJork and
Elfvlng at tackle, Becken and El
liott guards, Urell center, Wil
liamson at quarter, Utter team
ing with Canessa at half, and Kos
kela, fullback. -
DETROIT, Oct. 21 (AP)
Oregon State ! college 'football
team will stop of f ' enroute home
from New York to play. Univer
sity" cjt Detroit Thanksgiving day.
university of Detroit athletic
official arrsed.thla altam AAn tA
the nroposal advanced hv Paul -y
Schissler, Oregon State coach.
The Oregon team engages Ford
ham in. New York- Nov. If in
what was to have been th
eluding game' of Its schedule.,
university of Detroit meets
Michigan State college Nor. If
and has no other came nntu Da.
cember I. when the .Titans meet
Loyola at New Orleans. Athletic
officials explained that the sched
ules and rivalry which has ex.
isted between the two schools
since 1120 made the came No
vember 24 a "naturaL".
It was Oreeon State which anan.
ped the longest " winning streak
a Titan football team ever com
piled. The Titan bad won 20
camea and tliwl nn wiion nnm
came to Detroit and skidded to a
14 to 7 Tictory on a slippery
Dallas Hopes
To Straddle
Molalla Jinx
DALLAS, Oct. 21. Dallas
high and Molalla high will tangle
here Friday afternoon in their an
nual football game. The game will
be played on the new field at the
fairgrounds and will be the open
ing game here.
Coach Shreeve will probably
start the same team Friday as
started against Newport last week.
The probable lineup is: Ends, L.
Frlesen and D. Cadle; tackles, E.
Peters and Koelfgen; guards. E.
Hockett and Senter; center, Ret
ser; quarter, B. Cadle; halfbacks,
Frack and McMillan; fullback,
So far this season Dallas has
piayed three games and has won
all of these. It has scored 33
points and has kept all opponents
from crossing its goal line. Mo
lalla has always beat Dallas dur
ing the three years the two teams
have met, but Coach Shreeve
hopes to change Dallas' luck this
year and give the visitors a beat
ing. Dallas' schedule for the rest
of the season is: Friday, October
28, Molalla, here; Friday, Novem
ber 4. Gerrais, hsre; Friday, No
vember 11, Independence, here;
Friday, November it, Canby,
there; . Thursday, November 24.
Amity, thtraw J k
- Robert Kutch, second string
coach;- has ' developed " a . fairly
strong team thle . year and still
has two games for them to play..
The Dallas seconds played a score
less tie last WeeV aralnut 1 TH
Junior high at Salem. On Novem-
neri z, Katcn will take his team
to McMlnnviUe to play the Junior
hirh there, and m Nsumiu, k
they will play Independence's sec-
vuu team ai inaependence.
Grid Ducats Go
On Sale Today
X concentrated drive will h
made by Salem high school stu-
aents Thursday and Friday to sell
tickets to the Salem-Astoria foot
ball game on Sweetland field here
Friday night, br about ft etn.
dents, and will be in charge of
cen i nomas, forensic manager.
A pep rally and serpentine will
be conducted br sthdenta
the streets Thursday night and
an auiomoDiie noise parade will
oe neia Tiaay night.
c uv in
CHEMAWA. Oct. 21 After
a weekend of no competitive
activities and ar week of compar
ative reaL tbe'-Chemawa Bravea
are . settling - down to . business
again to prepare for the Silver
Foxes. Nearly all of the players
are In shaoe. "Shine' Willis hurt
his toot . and - ankle la scrim-
mace came held Fridar. hat will
discard hia crutches soon, how
ever and report for practice. Big
Jim waiters, tackle, hurt his
shoulder In Monday'a workout,
but It IS thoucht thfa Will nr
prevent hia playing next Friday.
. Tne enure team has improved
creatlr , in the blokinr ai
charcinc fundamentala. Work fiaa
also been stressed on pass de
fense for the first time this year.
In Silverton. Chemawa hliM
they have a very worthy oppon
ent, ii seems tne Silver Foxes
take great delight in winning
from the Redskin. riimin i
not underestimating Its oppon
ents and is out to keep the ball
all the game If possible. The
Braves realise that Kolln. Silver
ton's big fullback, must be stop
ped In order to do this.-
Alter " Silverton comes Hood
RlTer on Not- 11. a team that
Chemawa wishes to reckon with.
Chemawa Is suit wishing for a
game, practice or otherwise for
November 4 or S. -
Seniors Ahead, .
In Soccer Series
At Dallas High
DALLAS. Oft. 5 T- v.
second game of the interclaas soc
cer series played Tuesday after
noon the seniors scored a 2 to 0
victory over the Inninr tm.
games remain to be played be-
ore me winner is decided. The
winner will receive in nAfttea aNva
the competition for the lnterclsss
The games which remain to be
Played are: freh malt V innfAM
sophomores vs. senior, frotkm.n
ts. seniors and sophomores vs.
Juniors. Present standings are:
Seniors"..... l a inao
Sophomores ........ 1 1.S00
Freshmen ...0 1 .too
Juniors 0 1 .000
Word was received here last
night of the death of Mrs. Nola
Skiff In Portland. She was the wi
dow of Dr. Frank Skiff, brother
of Dr. Mark Skiff of Salem, who
died about a year ago.
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