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Salem, Oregon, Tuesday Morning; October 25. 1932
No. 181
Prominent Prohl Workers'
.Names ; Booed by Crowd
At Bourbon Rally
President Prevented : Frank
Wet Plaink From G. 0. P.
;v Convention, Held -
Monarchy's Return
Not Imminent Say
German Chancellor
Nation has Enough Worries Already, Declares
yon Papen; Sees Propaganda in Claims
Circulated in Other Countries
Oct. 244-(At) Al Smith, be
fore a capacity crowd of -wildly
cheering men and women, took
the stamp tonight to deliver hia
first campaign speech for the
(Roosevelt Garner ticket.
A broad grin played across the
"happy warrior's" countenance as
be faced a battery ot flood lights
and frenihid throng to New Jer
sey, democrats, wh03 leaders had
supported him for the presiden
tial nomination in the Chicago
convention. -.J.. : -.'.'
It was several rninutes after
Smith stepped to the front of the
platform before the throng wonld
allow him to begin.-;
Speaking . ot hlsYt appearance
here four years ago, .be said:
"Well, we're four years older
and ' 40 yars wiser. We were
waging an Impossible fight then.
Hoover Prevented
Plank for Repeal
Speaking' , of the republican
platform en prohibition. Smith
said: ;
"He (President Hoover) tried
to make mp for that In his ac
ceptance speech. He wanted to
, get th liberal, the city golf fel
iie saia xr. Hoover naa "pre
vented" the republican conven-
, tion from "taking a clear cut
stand" on prohibition.
- "That convention," be continu-
- ed would have adopted . au out
and out repeal plank, but they
ran Into Hoover, himself the real
dry force In the country today."
Boos .came from the audience
as Smith read slowly through a
list of prominent jrpMbiifcBy or-
. ganlsation . officials - who. he said
were supporting the president for
Bays O. O. P. Plank
Binds no Candidate
He said the republican prohi
bition plan "was not Intended to
mean anything.
"It was written," he said, "so
any candidate in any congression
al district can say 'Oh, I'm not
bound by. that platform'."
He said this made it easy for
republican candidates to . receive
the support , of the "aggregation
of bigots that make up the dry
."The result of it all has been
just this," he continued, "the de
- mocratle plank has put the demo
crats in the bright lights and
the republicans are left, the party
of bigotry, deceit and hypocrisy."
Grain Growers
: Back Scheme to
Limit Planting
SPOKANE, Oct. 24 (AP)
Directors of North Pacific Grain
Growers Inc., at a special meeting
here today, predicted that north
western wheat men would sup
port the proposed acreage allot
ment plan for curtailing-production.
The directors were- called by
President A'. R. Shumway of Mil
ton, Ore., to discuss the proposed
sale of 15.000,000 bushels ot
whetLt to the Chinese government,
but none would comment on the
board's deliberations on this sub--
Ject, - ,
The wheat allotment plan is
embodied In a bill pending in con-
gress. "
BERLIN, Oct.24 (AP) Germany has enough to worry
her. Chancellor Von Papen said today in a speech here,
without haying to worry about plans to restore the old mon-.
arcny. . - .-. - - - '
- "There has been a lot of talk about restoration of the
monarchy," he said. 'TThe foreign press took up these reports
- -- r- Oand argued cleverly that sueh a
move would mean the danger of
unrest in Europe and that there
fore it was necessary to draw
tighter the tetters ot Versailles.
"We don't concede the right ot
anybody abroad to Judge what
form of state is most suitable for
Germany. That is tor the German
people alone to decide. Bat I
have emphasised and I want to re
peat unmistakably that we have
such a. multitude of problems to
solve that' we are glad If Ire don't
have, in addition, to worry about
questions of the form of the state.
That question is not an issue."
He discussed the economic out
look, asserting that common sense
Justified faith in more favorable
economic development. ,
'Improvement In the world eco
nomic situation has been contin
uing in recent weeks," he said
"Unless all signs mislead us, the
drop in prices for raw materials
from which the collapse ot world
economy emanated has reached
an end."
Championship Trio, Corps
Guests at Chamber, of
Commerce Banquet
issues to be
Law Takes Hand
Hoover Will ask Roosevelt
To Make Policies Clear
On Soviet Status
Incumbent Will Make new
Tour, Undecided About
West Coast Visit ;
Great Britain and United
States Agree, House of
; Commons Informed :
France Is Sympathetic but
At Outs With Germany;
- Japan Dark Horse
t -
"On to Chicago" and praise of
the national champion Capital
Post drum corps and Capital Unit
auxiliary trio were the themes
of the speakers at the banquet
tendered by the chamber ot com
merce last night in honor of these
two Salem musical organisations.
Both the corps and the trio are
planning to participate in the na
tional Legion convention at Chi
cago next September.
Considering the attention the
winning corps and trio have direct,
ed to Oregon and Salem, they
should be sent back to Chicago,
the speakers declared.
"Sending the trio and drum
corps to Chicago is not only a city
but a state wide advertising
scheme," declared Commander Al
lan Corson, ot Capital post. "It is
the plan of the local post to seek
IZZJZLI ! LT" S"1." Funrfc nnt Availahl- rin. tn decided against it
The tangled web woven by Elliott
B. Thomas, Redondo .Beacn,
OaL, school superlntendaat, has
not yet been entirely unraveled
though bis wife shown with him
tn this picture, waa reported
llonday to have forgiven bins
for hia wanderings. As if fak
ingr a desperate struggle and
kidnaping to screen hia disap
pearance and schemes to wed
a comely Seattle girl under an
! . By FRANK H, KING '
LONDON, Oct. 24-(AP Th.
United States and Great Britain,
were believed in official circles to
be eloser to complete agreement
on disarmament than at any time
in recent years today as a result
pockets in general."
Tribute Paid to .
Clifford Brown
Carson bespoke tribute to the
late Clifford W. . Brown, moving
spirit in organization of the drum
corpsand inspiration -to its
Jack Eakln, of
Legion commander, extolled the
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Tax Delay; Tuition to
Be Figured Anew
f fTASHINGTON, Oct. 24.
yy,! (AP) President Hoover
tvun jfvi u v w vi i i,iai
maps planning-a whirlwind Iln
isb for his re-election drive
but tonight the outline waa In
Secretary Mills and Postmaster
General Brown talked with the
chief executive for bonrs, then
reported that several decisions as
to Mr. Hoover's future speeches
bad yet to be made final.
Another White Hons conferee.
Representative ' Pish . ot New
York, emerged from - the presi
dent's office with what be term
ed a "challenge" to JVanklln D
Roosevelt "to state without eva
sion and further delay" his stand
upon recognition ot Soviet Rus
sia and other questions. He said
he had discussed these subjects
with Mr. Hoover.
Secretary Mills told newspa
permen the president may travel
to Indianapolis before 'speaking
next Monday in Newark and New
York. Should he. visit the Indiana
capital, he plans tentatively to go
on to Chicago before turning
eastward. 4
Both Mills and Brown said
they believed the chief executive
was not inclined to make-a pro
jected trans-continental trip that
would place him in bis borne
itita nt C.mMtnmim hfnr Nnwm.
ber 8, but added be had not yet ThOmaS Held After Telling tie circles to be more sympathetic
man in the past toward Anglo
American armament views. But
Higher Tribunal .Reverses Judge L. H- McMahan on Writ
To Compel City Recorder to . Prepare . Ballots, Koto"
. Of Election; Separate Action Against Boyer may rat
Be Pressed due to Shortness of Time'
ot conversations between Prime City Ordinance Does not Specifically Require Pouhtn
Minister. MacDonald and Norman I . . . .. .. . .
Davis. American disarmament to perform General tiection Functions, is uectyen
representative. I " . . . . . .
sir John Simon, foreign secre- uf supreme Justices; lime Kequired oy staie law o
dV'wltb ir;."r!avu and the ,S Lacking so Issue Goes by Default
mier. went before the bouse of
I fUHE state supreme court vesterdav afternoon nullified the
I M m I I A W
assmmed. name . were, not unps squareiy npon trance ana JL writ OI mandamus gran tea nere l&St weelC Dy JUdge Lv xx.
enough, Thomas, back home ?I7an' H "4 thege natl?n McMahan which ordered City Recorder Mark Poulsen to pre-
... 9 I fill srsnsvi ttna hia si reaa Aa OK a I . m
ana penitent ror uese wanaer- 1 -"- " " w -e
lnes. is now revorted to have ,or four-power emergency
confessed he embexaled $8000
of school district funds over a
period of two years. In order
to finance his love affair in the
north. He waa arrested last
disarmament conference proposed
to bring Germany into the gener
al conference called for Novem
ber .
The disarmament conversations
pare and distribute special ballots for a city-wide vote No
vember 8 on the question of repeal or continuance of the.
$2,500,000 water bond issue approved in Salem December
15, 1931.
By such action the court effectively Quashed the peti-
carried on by Mr. Davis were not tions of T. M. Hicks, August Huckestein and others, calling
of a conclusive character, it was for the election. i
Walter E. Keyes, representing the respondents, victors
in the circuit court here, said late yesterday that he would
consider carefully an appeal to the higher court on the man
damus writ against County Clerk Boyer, a mandamus
. -oquashed by Judge L. H. MeMaban. .
Keyes said he would make known
poimea out, ana any arrange
ments which may be reached here
I wUl be subject to concessions by
continental powers, particularly in
the realm of land armament.
Prospects of Prance and Italy
being brought within the frame
work of London naval treaty of
1130 were considered good.
FTanee was believed in diploma'
the president the itinerary for a
political swing which will take
the treasury bead to Cincinnati
tomorrow night, Toledo Wednes
day, Utica, New York, on Thurs
day, Worcester, Massachusetts,
Prosecutor he Misused
$8000 School Funds
Japan has continued to remain an
unknown factor.
LA GRANDE. Ore.. Oct 24
(AP) James Ellis, 35, ot TJklab,
Ore., died In a hospital .here
last night from a 'gunshot wound
suffered in a hunting, accident.
The man's companions, L. C
Johnson and a man named
I GaineST carried Ellis from the
mountains near Starkey. where
be was wounded, his left arm
being nearly torn from bis body.
Payment of 133,000 in trans-
nortAtlrin mni ta tit 131.11191
hnnt TPir . .nthnHu Friday, and Hartford, Connectl-
Dallas, state J "roar by the county Boundary J
Doara woicn consists 01 ue
county school superintendent and
the three members of the county
court. The ten ' participating dis
tricts will receive their payment
in warrants, stamped not paid for
want ot funds and bearing inter
est from Monday.
The boundary board said the
warrants would be paid as fast as
the transportation and tuition
taxes were paid by property own
ers. When the transportation and
Climaxing the recent outburst
of .dissension between the City
tuition law was made the subject Fire department and the civil ser-
of court action last spring, al-vice commission, John A. Olson,
most all taxpayers ceased pay- reinstated driver, yesterday sub-
men t of this item including delin-1 mitted - bis resignation effective
Elliott B. , Thomas, Redondo
beach school superintendent, who
last -week -perpetrated a sensa
tional hoax in fleeing to Seattle,
was arrested tonight on a charge
of stealing 18000 tn school funds.
District Attorney Buron FiHs
said Thomas had confessed . two
years of thievery almost as com
plex in its method as was the
school bead's already admitted
plan to desert bis wife and
young daughter and, as E. T.
Sherwood" marry Sylvia Wilson
of Seattle.
Pitts stated Thomas appeared
voluntarily at bis office and made
Mrs. John Ferguson, eastern
lecturer of national and interna
tional reputation, and national
committee woman, will address
a meeting of republican women
here this morning at 9:30 o'clock
in a party headquarters in the old
Bank of Commerce building, Mrs.
C. P. Bishop, president of the Sa-
his decision today. He pointed jt
that the lack of time before No
vember g made it doubtful if ho
would seek further recourse to tkw
Full Machinery Sot
1 Provided by City
In reversing the lower eoart.
the supreme court held that the
petitions for the repeal . election
had been filed short ot the
days provided tor by state lew
and since the city ordinance far
initiative and referendum m-oced-
A lively session Is promised to- nr d,d not provjde full machinery
ior m eiecuon, me siaie law nurse
govern. '
The mandamus writ Issued tn
the lower court here last Tuesday
ordered Poulsen t print ballet.
to print copies of the proposed
charter amendment, and to mail
them to all city voters 10 days
tore election, to deliver the bal
lots to the' Judges and clerka ef
the. general election, to furnish.
Debate Issues of Campaign
And Make Further Plans
ForState Conclave
night for the meeting of the Ma
rlon County Toung Republican
club which meets at 8 o'clock in
the circuit couhrt chambers of the
county courthouse.
. George Rhoten and Ralph Em
mons, of the young republicans'
speakers bureau, will debate the
issues of the campaign and answ
er questions on the republican
platform and record. Several
, tAja veal an J anty aiAss) vio ensaw auenwv i ., I w vs-wviwaap w kiMaaa
detailed admission of having I m republican women's organiza- workers In the local organisation ballot boxes and other materlala
forged pay check warrant since
ltlO. Some of them,. Fltta said
were made out to persons wno
quent taxes for transportation I Saturday, October 29. .-While 01- did not exist and all were, cashed
at the county auditor' office.
The confession said Thomas us-'-(Turn
to page 2, col. 4)
and tuition. As a result no funds I son has other employment in
are on hand tor Immediate I view, it is understood the recent
I nigh reeling in the department
transmittal to the various school
Payment by warrant will en
able districts to fund their in-1
They obtained transportation for I debtedness to the transportation
the wounded man to La Grande, I companies which have handled
then returned to the mountains j the hauling of high school stu-
to attempt to recover their car.
which had been, wrecked. They
were expected to give details of
the shooting accident upon their
return to LaGrande.
dents to and from school.
was a major factor In bis resign
lng. .
Olson' position will be taken
by Rollln O. Lewi, the driver
deposed upon Olson's reinstate
ment. Final action of the civil
service commission in the senior-
Another Victim
Oi Truck Crash
ROSEBURG, Ore., Oct. 24
(AP) James Carter of Riddle
was- beinz treated in a hospital
here for painful Injuries suffered
Sunday . when the gun held by
bis brother, Don Carter, was ac
cldentally discharged as be was
i loading it before going pheasant
hunting. The blrdshot lodged in
the calf of James' right leg.
George Rice of Myrtle Creek
was also being treated in a hos
pital here for wounds "in, both
legs, suffered when be. stepped
ito the line of fire as a com-
I pan Ion shot at a pheasant. , Hos
pital authorities said his wounds
were not serious. - . J .
Mrs. Mary Fulkerson, county I ity dispute was to reinstate Ol
son and place Lewis at the head
ot the re-employment list. Both
men are well-qualified as fire
truck drivers, according to As
sistant Chief William Iwan. '
The fire department row be
gan last Juno when Fire Chief
Harry Hutton, faced with the
council order to cut eight men
from the payroll, discharged Ol
son as one of them. Olson, claim
ing seniority from 1924, although
ho had been out of the depart
ment six months of that time, ob
tained his - reinstatement Lewis
and Homer Hulsey, another dis
charged fireman, recently filed
in circuit court for a review of
the commission' action.
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Finding of Body
Connected With
Oregon Slaying
Police were. warned last night
ito be on the lookout for Rose Dl-
UieS Of Injliry - bo escaped from the
! . ' (state Industrial school for girls at
PORTLAND, 6re., Oct. 24
( AP ) Fletcher W. Powers. 45,
of Tillamook. Ore., died In a hos-
7:30 o'clock.
PORTLAND. Ore., Oct. 24 '
( AP) Deputy Sheriff Christof-
ferson advanced the, theory here
today that the nude body of an
unidentified woman found in the
Mojave desert near San Bernar
dino, . Caw Saturday may nave
been that of the woman who was
with the man suspected of mur
dering Harold Francis O'Connor
of Brooklyn. N. Y., along the Co
lumbia river highway September
11. '
Chrlstoftersen said the woman's
description was similar to that of
the woman who was with the man
who sold -O'Connor's car in Boise,
Idaho, September .
of Tillamook, ore., died in a hos- rwv -sr-i
pltal ber today . from injuries I If H ftt TYI
suffered October 7 when afXC4'ff'
cheese truck went over an In
cline here. Hospital authorities
had first expressed ' belief that
Powers' injuries were not serious.
Dave Brown, 76, also ot Tilla
mook and a passenger in the
truck, was fatally injured In the
crash; dying the same day. Fred
Etryf feler, the driver, - escaped
with minor injuries. ;
. -
F. i? Advises
Berrie lury is
: Not Yet Agreed
MCSKOGEE.Okla., Oct. 24.
AP) Tho Jury debating the fate
of the Rev. Stephen Altbea Berrle,
; accused - of poisoning bis . first
wife, retired at 1 1 : 1 0 p. m. to
night without' having reached a
verdict and -without reporting to
Judge W J. Crump. '
: . SAN FRANCISCO, Oct, 24
(AP) A sharp earthquake was
felt hero at 5:08 p. m., today. No
damage was reported. The shock
was felt over the San Francisco
ATLANTA, Oct,. 24 (AP)
Franklin D. Roosevelt tonight
said the object of tho democratic
party must be "the rebuilding of
the rural civilization of America."
- Speaking to a crowd of south
erners that jammed the big Atlan
ta auditorium to the rafters, the
democratic presidential candidate
added: :.
. am, moreover, enough of an
American to believe that such a
restoration ot prosperity in this
country will do more to effectu
ate world recovery than all or the
promotional schemes of lending
money to backward and crippled
countries could do in generations.
"In this respect I am for Amer
ica - first," , -".,-'-'Y - -
Mr. Roosevelt reviewed three ot
tho. points In tho agricultural pro
gram ho laid down in hia Topeka
and later speeches and added - to
them the item of reforestation;
It is time for every one ot tho
older state to survey their entire
acreage for tho purpose ot deter
mining the best future use of tho
land," bo said. i ;i
In 1 most of the states east of
tho Mississippi It win undoubtedly
bo determined that somewhere be
tween 10 and .10 percent .of . ex
isting farm acreage now used for
agricultural crops should be aban
doned as such and converted Into
use for tree crops." ' r"
; "The use of the labor ot man
enters into, tbo .nieture when it
becomes . necessary to eliminate
the less valuable types ot trees
among tbo young growth, to cull
out tho crooked trees, the decayed
trees -or the nndergrowing trees
and to prevent ravages ot tiro in
the jnrowing forests,", be said a
few momenta later in explaining
that reforestation did not consist
of planting Needling .trees. ;
"These are things which any be
ginner -in agriculture, or -forestry
should know, and 1 may add, are
Springfield Man
Is FoundVictim
Of Heart Attack
PRTNEVILLE, Ore., Oct. 24
(AP) Tbo body ot Leighton
Laughton of Springfield, Ore., was
found by Sheriff Groff and State
Policeman Williams yesterday
near th torkr of Mill creek In the
Ochoco National forest. -
With Charles Wayne and Virgil
Clover, Laughton bad hiked part
ly up a mountainside. Suddenly
bo complained of ". nausea, and
started to leave for their camp.
When the others returned,' they
found no trace of tho man, and a
search .was started. It was be
lieved bo died from a heart attack.
(AP) J. T. Lyle ot Taeoma, ri m mi
Wash., was elected execuUve vice r lVe r TOm A niS
president and general manager
of the Federal Home Loan bans
of Portland, district No. 11, at
the meeting of the ten directors
here, today.
Lyle is president ot tho Pacific
Savings Loan association . of
Taeoma, and a director of the
Homo Loan bank. He said he ex
pect to move to Portland soon to
assume hi new duties.
Lyle was not a candidate for
th office, but Frank 8. McWil-
liams ot - Spokane, chairman ot
tho board - of tho district homo
People Insistent
On Change, Claim
' PORTLAND. Oct. 24-(AP)
People "from on end ot the
country to the -other are "im
patient for' a change ot adminis
tration and are determined no
have It Bainbridge .Colby, sec
retary of state under Present
Wilson.- declared la a campaign
address at the municipal auditor
ium hero tonight.
Tbo former cabinet member Is
things which my secretary of ag-1 touring tho west in the interest ot
rlculture win know."- I liooseveit ana uarner,
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct, 24
tion announced yesterday,
Mrs. Ferguson who is touring
tho country in the Interests of the
Hoover-Curtis campaign, will, ar
rive in Portland this morning,
and will be brought to Salem for
tho meeting here by Mrs. Pat Air
len and Mrs. Gabriel, state com
mitteewomen. Mrs. Ferguson will be here only
this morning, going back to Port
land for a state committee meet
ing luncheon at the Multnomah
hotel at 1 o'clock and an evening
rally. -
All women interested are urged
to attend the meeting this
will bo introduced and will speak
All young republican voters be
tween the ages of zl.and 35 years
are invited and a large attendance
1 anticipated. Those . Interested
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County to Serve
On Federal Jury
Seventy, names were drawn in fed
eral, court hero today for a new
trial Jury, to report Wednesday
arternoon, November 9.
The list includes: Guy M. Anp-
pene, jerrerson; J. M. Coburn, Sa
lem; H. W. Dickinson, Indepen
dence; Paul R. Hendricks, Salem:
C. A. Mulkey, Salem; E. V. Penee,
Announcing J. T. Delaney as
drive chairman. Adjutant William
Bllven of Capital Post No. 9,
American Legion, and M. Clifford
Moynlhan last night stated that
the . veteran ' relief campaign
could be started as quickly as
possible. Only ex-service men and
their immediate friends will be
solicited for funds, they said.
Other members of tho drive initiative measures.
for the election boards.
Tho higher court held that Or
dinance 14(4 of Salem did not set
forth these duties for the re
The petitioner is entitled to
the writ only for the enforcements
of a plain legal tight. We find no
provision of the ordinance making
it the duty of the recorder to
provide ballot boxes for such a
general election," the court held.
"Neither do we think It his daty
to print ballots for measures sub
mitted at a general election."
"It is elementary that the ex
traordinary remedy of mandamus
cannot bo Invoked to compel an
officer to do somethlnx which the
law does not make it his duty to
ao, me court belL
Matter Apparently -1
Left to State Law
"It is clear that the common
council did not undertake in such .
ordinance to provide a complete
procedure for tho submission ?
It no doubt
committee are Carle Abrams. I bad In mind that th general stat-.
Carl D. Gahrielson, Jerrold Owen, I utory provisions in reference to
Christian Floer and Dr. George I the exercise of the initiative
Lewi. I should bo followed to supplement
Organizations participating are I the procedure enacted by tbo city.
United Spanish War veterans. I Tho court held that City Re
Disabled - American Veterans ot I eorder Mark Poulsen bad done his
the World' War, Veterans of For-1 full duty under - the - ordinance
loan bank said. "But we elected .'"i "
him ' anvwav" McWllllama said . uu w- - epocx, m- eign war. American Legion, ana l when ho checked the nam of v4-
inere were x applicants lor in
'auxiliaries of these posts.
One of Lyle's first tasks. It waa
said, will bo to consider amend
ments to tho state law is the
11th district, which includes Ore-.
gon, Washington, Idaho, Monta
na, Utah,-Wyoming and Alaska.
that will give building and loan
association the legal right to
Join tho system. - - .
Police Radio Calls Scott
Claire Windsor Huntress
Pacific U. Professor Dies
Oregon Native Passes Away
Hikers Believed
PORTLAND, Oct, 24. (AP)
Th Portlinif tvoTI radio broad.
Victims ofFireiism
H UVI W kVU VI uvm n va W M
; MONROVIA, Calif.. Oct. 24
(AP) Two men, lost and appar
ently , disabled, are believed to
have perished in a forest fire
which late today awept tho aid
ot r Monrovia peak. . eight miles
north of here.' - - -'
Tbo victim were P. R, Lundy, a
Junior bank executive of Monrov
ia, and Lloyd Nelson, a teacher In
an Arcadia school. 4 -" ,? -
Attack oh Dry
Amendment Due
sent out over tho state tor Leslie
M. Scott, chairman of the state
highway commission, to arrange
with the city council . on tho
Fourth street project.
Chairman Scott had declared In
a statement that th elty council
bad been guilty of "horse play"
in failing to sign a contract with
I tho state before acking voters to
approve a bond Issue of 1195,000.
Tho . commissioners and mayor
, expressed their willingness to exe
cute the contract.
. PORTLAND. Ore., Oct. 21
(AP) Senator. Charles L. Me
Nary of Salem, said tonight bet or
leaving Portland that a resolution
asking for resubmission of the
18 th amendment will undoubtedly
be passed at tho next session ot Klamath lake apd took a number
l congress. -- - - -: 05 vrauv huu a.w
' MEDFORD. Oct. 24 (AP)
Clair Windsor, movie star. likes
her. hunting and fishing a well
as anybody, and sh was not hesi
tant In admitting hero today that
ber efforts In Oregon this autumn
were successtuL
She got tho limit of ducks on
Homer Charles Atwell, 71. Instruc
tor In Greek, Latin and German
at Pacific university, died at bis
ers and certified the ballot title
to tho county clerk. . i--.
It Is dear that. If a municipal
ity desire to invoke th legal ma-'
ehlnery provided by the stat for
tho exercise of the machinery, it
must conform to tho provisions of
section 21-1401 , specifying the
time within which the names ef
candidates must be certified.' .ho
courx ruieo.
The - decision was written v
Justice Belt. There was no dis
senting opinion by the court.
City Attorney Trindle pointed
out that contrary to a statement
made her last week, the city had
not been put to large costs In ap
honia hero yesterday. He had lived pealing its ease. Total costs were
hero 41 year.
Atwell was city postmaster for
eight years, was director ot Port
land' earwig campaign, tor six
yeards, and for 12 years was
member of the state board of hor
He was born In Cambridge,. Vt
821, ho said, and inasmuch aa tbe
city won. these charges will be
I paid by tho respondent. Had the
ease not been appealed,' th city
would hav been forced to spend
several hundred dollars of extra .
expense to conduct tho election
which might readily hav been up-
uly 29. 1841. H Is .urvived by ?et ubiequently in the courts for
his wife.
- ALBANY, Oct, 24. (AP)
J. D. Wood. t. died at his home
hero today, on, .bis 28th wedding'
anniversary. He had been CI after
suffering injuries in an automo
bile accident September ,2. 1931.
: :Wood was born in Benton coun
ty, Oregon, July 23. 1863. and bad"
lived in this state an bis life. He
1 survived by his widow and a
daughter, Margaret. - " -
lack ot legal authority.
.'NEW YORK. Oct. 21 (AP)
An ' increase of about eight pr "
cent In the third quarter over t're
second three month period ot the : -year,
was announced today by C
C. MengeL president of the Men-,
gel company, in a . letter to stock
holders. .The company uianufac- ,
tare, wood, fibre and box board,
containers tor tobacco, soap ar&
food product manufacturers.