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    t- i .- i
lant at West.Stayton Does
Eight Times Business" '
- Of Last Year
.WEST: STAYTON., Oct. ' 1 0.
An Industry in this community
which -was started last year has
grown to about eight, times Its size
when tart fed, This Is the sorghum
industry, quite new in Oregon.
HV If. Crane ef this community in
troduced 4t to the growers here.
He grew cane a number of years
ago in the east. ,
The arerage yield of finished
product la 75 to 80 gallons an
ere. More than four-fifths of the
Juice boll away, and it takes
bout seven eight gallons of
JnIi to make one gallon of syrup.
The process for making the syr
up Is simple. The cane is pressed
through a large group of rollers,
leaving the stalks like pulp. The
Juice la then placed in a rat and
boiled about three hours. When
this has been -finished it is ready
to put in containers.
There are three men working at
the mill, and It is run br horse
power. An average of 30 to S&
gallons of the syrup Is finished
Next year the growers hope to
Improye their mill by haying an
electric motor installed. With this
they. plan to turn out about 100
gallons of syjnp a day.
Mr.-Crane, who has had much
experience with cane, says it does
better on irrigated land. The mill
is located on the Crane place.
Efi n 131
Oregon hop markets held steady
last week, with prevailing quota
tions practically unchanged from
those of a week ago, lt32 crop
Choice Clusters were netting
growers 15c to 16c per pound, for
the few hundred bales which
changed hands during the period.
These prices are about one cent
higher than those at this time last
Purchases during the week
were confined to small lots in
scattered areas, since the larger
growers continued to hold firmly
lor nigner values, with many not
placing a price on their holdings
at this time. Demand was good
from domestic buyers, who were
taking the light offerings readily
at current prices, although re
luctant to advance their bids. No
new foreign sales were reported
in Oregon markets this week.
Baling is nearlng completion In
Oregon, but it is still too early to
a aeiinue production figure, such
as win be available later when
dealers have had time to complete
the check of all yards. Trade es
timates still place this year's Ore
gon crop at from 65,000 to 68,000
bales, as compared with last
year's production of 85,000 bales
. M. a . . .
aboui cwo-imrqs or tnis year s
crop is reported still unsold in
growers hands. The light and un
der-normal business for the sea
son to date In Oregon, is in con
trast to the unusually free selling
by California and Washington
growers tnis season.
Stocks of old hops remaining in
growers hands October 5, in Ore
gon, according to trade figures.
were as iouows: 1931 crop, 2140
bales; 1930 crop, 678 bales; 1929
erop, 342 bales; 1928 crop, 169
Portland onion buyers, both W: I.
Swank and H. I. Anderson, have
purcnasea onions In toe past week
zor s-ipment to China.
Both buyers are attempting to
obtain the oriental market for La-
bish onions,; a market which has
been filled by California growers
in the past, it is reported. The
quality of the California crop this
yeaff seems : not to warrant the
risks of shipping to China, and if
tne local onions prove satisfac
tory, it is hoped the market may
be held permanently. Approxi
mately 200 carloads or about 1-4
01 me locai crop may find an
opening In the new market.
Growers hare received from 21
cents to 40 cents a cwt. for recent
purchases. The onions are being
hauled by truck to Portland for
loading on the vessels.
XOW Portland 620 So
8:40 Mrs. Skeel' Better Entfish Talk.
uiui vrpoaa abbis, aaU.
8:45 Croeeetite intra the Lm ef tha
Day, NBC.
8;30 Cooklaf school.
10 :0O Martha l(t4 seeieir.
10:15 Throe., the Looking 61mC
10.-J0 Wom'i HiKasin f tfe Air.
13:13 Wntcn Trm a4 Host ltsr.
lJOO Kelly's Mk areliMtre. -1S45
Harlbnrt't PiBoln.
9 :0O Tea Tim Bssaar.
f:4S Back at th Hava la Waaalactaa,
- 4:15 Timcl Oaxdeaa, JTBOL
S:O0 BaUadett, KBO.
S:80 ETaratt Foettr. KBa
:00 8amM Ialaadara. J.
S?1S Mas txtm tha Soatt.
:00 Asm aady. NBQL
:5 Maraorr tana, KEa " .
k:45 Book Obat, BfeharS KeatfMiarr.
0:10 Baa Barai aid His Bloa &ibboa
,'. . , prkttra. BO. -
11:15 Tha Bvaaiaf Stan
gOrg FortTind- 9t Ks,
..',.:00 KOUT4 KJoak.
845 Gold lfidia. -'if
Herrod'a rrkaatni. CBS,
:529,,In,DW cbs.
iJ?J2rS!,n?bJS5 ,0 CB9L I .
11:80 Frank Wotphal's araiuttra. tUS. 8
its 110
un ii
. Radio 1 I
Wool, Tomatoes x Fall
Celery Hearts are
Selling at 25c
Butterfat started the week
19 cents on sour, and 21 cents on
sweet, a one-cent gain oyer the
previous week's market.
nwi uroppea a cent on me
dium, to 14 cents a pound, while
tu continued at 10 cents.
eiers conunue to report
market on mohair.
Tomatoes dropped 10 cents
ousnei, to 3Q cents paid to the
grower. Isle of pine grapefruit
coming onto the local markets,
wim we retail figure running
about two for 25 cents.
Celery hearts are weaker and
more plentiful, at 25 cents a dosen
to we grower.
General Markets
PORTLAND, Ore.. Oct. 10. (AP)
f.V . ,M Pne: Butter,
in- i- . . ' -u C prim linta
Portland Grain
PORTLAND, Or.. Oct. 10. (AP)
yvr 'f iw cio
December 50 50 40 ?
Mfl whr 47- .-;--- a-- . . .T
era ntiit VMltn white, 40; weotora
Oate Xe. 1 white $1T.
Cora Ho. 3E yellow $19.2$.
MUlrwa States rd 818.50.
Portland Livestock
rwTUiRD, ore., Oct 10. (AP)
throuch, calret 100; alow, wtuk.
00-800 pounds, medium $4.50-
, f i.DO-a.z j ; 800-1100
pauada, medium 84.SS-5.50. toman
. rieiiers, 630-850 pound m.
diaa 83.35-4.50. en mm on tl asls k
Cw , CAM. 2-S.2S; low enttar and eat
tar, S1.Z5-S. Bnlle, yearliasa eidadad,
feod and ahoica (beet), 82.50-3: cotter.
common and median, 81.50-2.50. Veal
. k Seod and choice, 85.50-
..., nranmi,; CD II and COa
mon, 82.50-4. Calves, 250-500 poonda,
goa and choice, 4-6; common and me
iloa BeceipU 1700, iacludinr 854
wniwoj nr3o lower. ,
i.isat lifhtm, 140-100 pounds, good and, .a-.jj. Uflitweights, 1S0
18 Doanda. S4.2S-4.a5- lao.snn nn.j.
f-25-4.S5. Median weisht, 200-220
pound, f 3.85-4.85; 220-250 ponnds,
8S.50-4.25. Hearyveishte, 250 to 290
Fvoaoa, poonda, 8S
l-arunf aow, 275-500 poondc
medium aad eood. 82.75-8.25. Feedera
JSe!' 7"-130 PnoI. goQi and choice,
SlaughUr aheep and Iambi Receipt
uv, mvmmnuj l ea a J.
Lmi, 90 poands down, rood and
caoic.; medium. 83.50-4.25:
an weights, common, 82.50-8.50. Tear
lias wether, 90-110 ponnds, medium te
moica, tt.ia-3.85. twee, 120 pound,
medinm to choice, 75e-Sl; 120-150
penaas, medium to choice, 75e-Sl; ah
wciuu, cnu H common, 50-75e.
Portland Produce
roKTLAND, Ore., Oct. 10. (AP)
x-rini, 3 Boor or better, 88-
sianaara. H'J-aac
Eg?s Pacific Poultry Producer aell-
tog price; jreiti extra 28c, standard
ic. meaiume sc, pnileU 16e.
Country meta Selling price to r
tailera: countrr-kllled hcxr. k-t vn.i..
150 poands. 6Ji-6e; realera.
80-100 nonnd. SV-9e: lamba
yearlings 5e. heary ewes 2U-3c. cannar
cew 8c, boll 4-5e.
Nnt Oregon walnuts 15-10e. naa.
nata 10c. Braiils 12-14. almonds 15-1 8c.
&uuv&(a ,v-c, pecans uo
Cacara bark Buying; price 1913 peeL
3e pound. . ;
Hop Kominal. 1932. 15-16 niJ
Butterfat Direct to (nippers, atatioa,
16c Portland delivery pries, charniag
cream 18-20e pound, aweet cream sirker.
Lire poultry Ket bayiaf priea; heary
tmreu, powaaa, lee; aa sae
diums. 10c; lights, 8c; springs, colored,
16c; all weights, white, 18-lSe; old oa
ter. 7e; Dueks, Pekia, 10-Ue.
Oniens Selling pric te retailers; Ore
son. 70-7Sc cental; Walla Walla, 50-8Oe
cental; Takima, 45-70 cental; .
Potatoes Local, 76e orange box; Dea
ekntes Gem 81.10; Takima Gems, 60e-l
Wool 1932 clip, nominal; WlllametU
12-15e pound; eastern Oregon,
Hay Baying priea from producer; al
falfa 813-12.50 ton, ctorer 89-9.50, oast
ern Orejen timothy 817-17.50, oaU and
Tetck 810-10.50.
Fruits, Vegetables
PORTLAND. Ore.. Oct. 10. (AP)
Applet Jonathans far anl fill n. .
Winter Banana. 40e; SpiUenbargs, 0
TOc jumblo pack; other Tirleties, 80 40
Turnips Stw, 20 S0c dotea baaebea.
Beets New crop, 20e dosea buneha.
Carrot Bunched, 15e doxea.
Onions Ore ro a 65-75 i.rV
60-70c, boiler 60.
Kaduhet New erop 13c doz-a bnnchee.
Cabba re Local mil n, n.n..
60-SOe crate: red 70-7 Se csntaloap crate.
Souath Daniah. SO Hililomu .
Hnbbard -lHe peaad, MarblehesA
oav, a-Q it c pouaa.
Besot Green lV.lUc m.
8-4e, shell 4c. limss 40c Inf.
- Celery Jumbo. 50e dnzra mrm t.
esl. 65-75c dozen bunches.
8uembers TMe size 25e, piekim 38
40e box. .. ..
Ptams Itsltaa prnnes, 20-25o box.
Peaches ElWtaa iA-n r tt tt.i.
18-20l Orsnce Clinn af-55- (ulm an.
CaatalonDea MeUlnnrtna 0.1 1 R-1 c
Graasl Island SOc-81; mnsfaaaeloa 70-75.
aeaaatoea e. zoc oox. o. 3 10-15c
Pamokiaa H. l grade. 1-1 He box.
Ratabagaa Local, 40e lag.
Cauliflower Na 1 s.wo mf, V
10 3OO. " "
Oiapes Concord tvo. rasa. 31-SAa?
rates, 80 85e; Zinfsndel. SOe tag.
Strawberries Ka. 1 81.15-1 45
- - '
1 :00 The Book at Ufa.
8:00 FeaUaiaa Fancies, DLBS.
S:00 Steamboat BiU.
1:13 Skippy.
rS?"7 9 uPr-cis; CBS.
T:30 Chaada taa KagleUa.
Columbia rrmaao-r are-eitra.
: oa Bdaaaa'a areaeatra, CBS.
8 :00 Band ceaecrt.
8:SO Mldwaak JuK!1. rtTTtB
18:80 Tha SUamW lt - -
11:00 kfeKlrar'a Ar-ata- A ..(... . .
U:00 Jack as JUl'i Tarara are.estra.
m KOAO Corraia--8 kc.
T:00KrBMedks, M Vy Xt.
8:00 Hosm Kni -
lt:lS Matt Cerriraa. ehsirmaa ea
11:15 L a J.
aetec .
lt:U -Isrket and crops reports, aad
. ' weather ieretast.
1 KS Kctaaaee Isle.
9:88 Better Health aad. La-fee Ufa.
:0e YearseU Mrs. Sara Watt lreV
tlsa, s-reasaer f a.ild deralaa-
!"t and paraal eduratloau .
Jtar-et aad area reports.
T:10 ktun Xlarrt Car el tha Haw
T:I0 Tbe Cttlsea aad his School: "D-
r iwreeaai.
: terKiaina a Cnnti MMtu,i
T:5t The Hamsa Side ef Baakiaa -
ir. Job. r ,
The BTorld ia e-Iw TT
lO-WinsmwWe salrsrslty pngnm.
Grade R raw 4 mUk
co-op pool price, S1.2S per
baindrecLr -Surplus
(bink based oa Aagast better
rat aTerage.)
Butterfat, sweet, tie.
Butterfat, sour, 19c
lea paid to grewara by Salem barer.
- October 10
(TA prices below, snppUe4 by a local
poeor. are indicative of tha daily ssarket
sniee ny vaa etateemaa)
cncBmoers, m
Hothouse cucumber. Jw. ,
Carrots, dos. ; , in
Beet. locaL daa
.10 t
Turnip, local, do.
Green pepper, in.
Local cabbage, lb, top
Radishes, dos. bunehel
Beattle cm h bags
Onions, do, bnaebes
new potatoes
.75 to L00
Sweet potato, 100 lbs. ,
Celery hearts, dos.
Local celery, do.
Lettaea. erata
Sweet corn. dos.
Spinach, crate
Apples, bo.
.05 to J01k
- ... 35
01 -
Pears. ba local
String bean a. lb.
Aprieota (retail)
Peacbea, Salwaye, lag
rm, eoasi
Tomatoes, lug
Tomatoes, ba. .
Cantalonpea. erata
Onion. Walla Walla
ubiobs, lWsn, 25 lb. . 20
Sowdlasa grapes. CaBt. (wholesale) JB9
ioo cream melotta . ,,, , "li
Pickling onioaa (wholesale) nsiT
Danish squash, dos. .
Local maskmelons. Ib. of
Rackjeberriea, retail. lo. .13W
Fiala grapes
Strawberries, crate s 84
Islea ( Piae grapefrnit, retail 1 for 25e
Ton. 1931. la n
Top. 1931, lb. if
Baying r rices
Uedinma .
Colored beaa
bfediam hens
Light hens
. 13 and
Wheat, western red -e
White. No. 1 ka
Barley, ton, top 15 00
Oats, white, ton . 15.00
Oats, gray. toa. top 18.00 to 18.00
nay. aayrag prices ' .
Oats 1 aa4 etek. toa T.00 to t.50
Alfalfa, valley, lit euttiag9.00-10.00
Lambs, top . 4 00
Ewea 01
nogs, toa . a
Hogs, first cats ,, s 88
oteers ,, 09 t- o
-01 to .03
-.03 to .08
Dressed real ton
Dreseed bogs
-aa market
Salem fjarhets
1 1
-Tii,r i miu5i -. TOJ ; . l .
rw ar r bl r aai sar ar at ai ar -
r -"c wiaow enurenmouse's Husband
I EElTN. f SO AM T ta.1 rr t?i . .--AI j " r '
m . . . . - a -mm m r a a a k. arwi - t if e si ' . -aa -
TH MBLE THFATrV T- W'ZZZZ jfifi& .fp --
rJi otarnngr fopere Vow,. Hfwcrl .-t-- TT-a - 1 '
- . - a , lujoHtivua uiCc 1
,.00K;wtACi j Hvjell 1 , .
LirT roonct L: ll li)
! -. , " Cash on Delivery j nAPPCI I
. :Vsa-r: VSsassssMissssasnSSi Ss-. .
1' f ; v-t Cl.epHAAr " aAiair-v. -. c ' --" -vf. i &if v ew we. y: uustabsoomas S-1
V lfelL 7 iGOMr4AlwrrAU3RC ,w. i V'lrnr TXT t TMCAMoJj'j NfU trA003TO fef
t'rrjr -
wk-j 1U YCSJ A IJTTLE. M3111 1:
ft. fB - - , .
iWtKmg F-nm SrxLoite.Inc, Cl
ATJIAIC Balm,, OreTHBioridr ktiir 'ill iivt
Corn and Oats Change
T al - r . fc
jl-luc; i5umates
Prove Bearish
CHICAGO, Oct. . 10 (AP) '
07 pnsattlenient of seeart.
les. tne wneat rnarket -leagred
ao wnwarfl today, an deli-eriea
ouiuoia arrwli te season's bot
tom price record. .
rrospeeure bis; .arrlrala oC
wneac ut Europe, togetber with
bearish, croo reports from Armn.
tlna, and Australia were a disturb-
ios factor.
Gorernment crop estimates is-
suea at Washington after trading
Ban enuea were construed as bear
ish in regard to corn aad oats, the
new official figures oa JSSI corn
production being 31,000.000 bush
els in excess of those of a month
back, although 27,000.000 bushels
under the arerage of recent nrl-
vate returns.
Wheat elosed nervous at almost
the day's bottom lerels 7-8 to 1
1-8 cents lower than 8t-rrfa-
finish, corn unchanged to 3-S
down, oats unchanged to 1-8 oft
loaay's closing- quotations:
Wheat: De. 48 5-8 to 8-4: May
58 8-4 to 7-8; Jly. 54 7-8 to 65.
Corn: Dec 20 1-8 to 5-8; May
31 3-8; Jly. 32 3-4.
Oats: Dec 15 7-8 to 10; May
18 5-8 to 3-4.
Honey Supplies
Eound Abundant
Honey supplies are abundant ta
many parts of tha Paciflo north
west, while hi others one of the
poorest seasons oa record has
been experienced, renort. t the,
Oregon State eoller exte-atnn
serric show. Oregon sections re
port. crop good to aTerasra with
quality generally high. Prices are
so low that mora than nanai
being sold to bakers. Some grow
ers are bartering their honey,
mora Is being left ia tha hires,
and some beekeepers are holding
iur Doner prices.
400-BaIe Sale of
Hops Reported
Sale of 400 bales of bona at
Mt. Angel Saturday at 15 -10 U
is reported nere. with Hart the
buyer. The largest nurchasa waa
from John Morley. who sold 250
oaies at the top figure.
t him .to
Briaie n j-lm tnrrrd.
i if ' tnn nAirwvf i .. vi i --a p , -
If rJ3M5N4KJ5HEiL5lN THAlYCJl 11 1 Vi i ' 'f "WERE HEROES WTO
ahew vcatisrt N1 llli Arc actually
III f-trsrra tret a . . I fJ - --- rs I V . . ,A I t I r fra TPFa i W--I uwe aeurr-
Bt - , , TO MAKE OOO TOR V JiUTl " '.r B 'fJj"'
fS3-- vi , MA8ELS SAKE I 1 i- f I CH I OUT TO FACE A
-y7rj tv-- i iii r. ( i Scsm nr. i r--jvrirt.1, i 1 1 i ,1 c" -ikhui
NEW TOBK. Oct. 10 (AP) J
stoc-s broke through last week's
resistance letela today coincident
wua losses of a cent bushel la
waeat aad a sofr boa4 market.
Prtssura was most proencel
against so-called plrotal shares,
especially rails and a few miscel
laneous issues, which were feebly
supported against tha. Increased
liquidation and professional sen
lag mat followed aubUeatton at
United States Steel's back leer im
port, prior to this announcement
the market had been doing fairly
weu, up ii to 2 points or so. but
the amount of increase in nanriaw
orders seemed to hare disappoint
ed traders; it was well under
most estimates.
-U lOn Pacifist bad a arlrama
- .
loss of more than 8 point aad San
ta Pe, at the worst, was off &,
New York Central. Southern Pa-
ciric, Northern Pacific and Penn
sylranla skidded 2 to 3 or so be
fore a flurry of short co-erlna- at
the close generally reduced losses.
American Telephone arts con
spicuously heary. breaking under
par. it xuusned at 100. down 2
net. tj. S. Steel, Preferred, drop
ped nearly 4. although the com
mon net loss waa onlr a rlnr Al
lied Chemical. Westlnghouse,
Case, Consolidated Gas. North
American. Pabllc Serrlcai of New
Jersey and Bethlehem Preferred
gare op 2 to 3, and a largo assort
ment of others was down at least
a point.. Sales totaled 2, 211.940
shares of which rouchrr 8 80.08 a
shares changed hands in the last
nour. .
The gain in steel corDorslien
tonnage amonnded to 15.495 tons.
Business Phases
Community Club's
Meeting Postponed
8WEOLJ2. Oct. 10 Swerle eon.
nranity elab held its first meeting
Friday night. The busineaa -art
of the meeting was postponed un-
m next month on account ef the
O. P. Bond tire. Howerer. a short
program was enjoyed. The pri
mary room put on a clererlr ar
ranged costume Chinese song. A
poem oy Howard Whitehead, ne
per room, in honor of Columbus
day, swegle school sons; composed
by Mrs. GreweU and Miss Slebeas.
teachers, was a pleasant and wel
come surprise to the elab. Re
freshments were serred.
Mr. aad Mrs. William Rnrr-
of Red Bluff, Calif., hare been rls
itlng in the neighborhood for the
pasc week. Mrs. Boixman waa a
teacher here two years age.
"Aa Ordeal for
,1, -amaaaaMa. .v- -- -. a. n M J M M - w . 1, - im-B W . t - ! ::a . . B m rn .
.. . - " ' " ini " r .1 II 1 l"u" I I K'lv-.- 8:1 1 II- . J'f
1 k .-. fc.. 4a7. I IT-' 111 ler-T K Z fM VvVV-I III 1 JIM Ufa .aJ ' . 1
-wi,.r T-TT- rVrVLlJI itll Jli 11' PlfA 1
- - - : : .. . o
. - -V ' '" ''.:T"'.'v-
, JL. , : I j
',A t. - jty .
' I .'
.J '
.4k fc .4 ' -
. former 8aa Wnatiatm xmbtte cf eader. Is sJaewn here
with Warden Jaaaes B. Belea fkA) aa? Ram Omemtim iri-i. .t
Kg-n mast aerra a life sie-ce aeca-M be was e-rlcted ef flr-t dcrree
murder tar the dcaOh Mrs. Iwate Seett Hushes.
Sheep Sales
By Breeders
Held Hopeful
MONMOUTH, Oct. 10 Stock
men of this section are feeling
gratified orer recent sales of reg
istered rams both to coast and
alley buyers and to eastern Ore
gon, Washington and Idaho range
sbeepmen. Most of the earry-orer
of 19 SI and of the present crop
has either been disposed of or will
be, it Is belle-red. br the end of
October. The sales made ta dis
tant range breeders were largely
maae possieie through persistent
efforts of County Agent J. R."
Beck who made a personal trip to
Pendleton and adjacent regions to
contact buyers and promote the
Those from this section who
bar been selling are: C J. DeAr
mond, ZJncolns; MeCrae Broeu,
Romneys; McCaleb Bros.. Rom-
neys; Monmouth bank, Romneys;
Edward Riddell, Llncolns and
Cot rolds: James Riddell. Lin-
coins; John Clow. Llncolns: Wil
liam Riddell. Rimaeys; J. B.
Stamp 4k Son. Llncolns; and J. B.
Lorenee, Cotswolds. Many of
these went to Pendleton and way
points. A. H. Craren and George
Carroll aold most of their Rom
neys to coast and ralley buyers
early La the season and at the
state fair.
The prices receired varied con
siderably, bat all agree that rea
sonable returns hare been achiev
ed which seems to indicate a more
prosperous ontlook for sheepmen
next year. A final carload went to
Baker prior to the state fair open
ing, and it is hoped that these will
all be sold. This would bring the
total sales of local rams to sround
Harvesting of Nuts
Started on Bottom
A- L. Lamb has finished with his
Clbert harrest. Miss Hattie Skel
ton on the new Wheatland Ferry
market road is harrestlng about
17 acres of Alberts, employing a
number of local people. In about
at Miss Skelton s farm.
WlF harTe8t '-'r crop of
both walants aad fllberU this
J WaVg e
PORTl-Ainj, Oct. 10 (AP) '
Market for batter reflects two
eoaditlons. the decreasing local
ojply. which is seasonable and
the Increasing stocks from out-
state points. Prices are uniform
and generally unchanged. Butter
fat Is steady to firm.
' Zgr trading" continues to rtv."
fleet more or. less firmness. Ka '
Chang, U. current ralues Is sar-
gested. RecelpU showed a frac
tional Increase last week bat the
chief trading is in cooler offer-
Leading cash, burera hare raw-
daeed the buying price en spring
chickens here with an weights of
lire birds as low as 12e lb. aw '
though some operators bar not
yet lowered their price to that
farther carload matcmMt of
Deschutes poUtoes is renortl in
this direction. A car came to the
Pacific rrnlt and waa nrir-t
31.10 or but A dime aber that H-r
Owing to the lateness ef Initial
delirerles of Oregon stock, which
is not yet aratlable. California
new crop walnuts are finding a
rather fair aale. Three carloads
hare already anired from ta
Restricted tradinr La renart
ia the onion market at Willamette
ralley sources.' The oriental bus
iness has dwindled and buyers are -not
keen seekers while growers '
are-not anxious to sen at current-
Poultry, Eggs
Are. Active in
Last Few Weeks
Poultrr and ere- mart-eta
been showinr considerable arM -ir
is the last few weeks as seasonal
a .ranees in egg prices carried
quotations to within two cents of
list year's figure on Oregon ex
tras, reports to the extension econ
omist at the state college sho-r.
Trading la futures contracts at
Chicago for Korember delirery
was quite heary the past month.
ss failure of production to show
the gain expected lent encourage-
-icu, iu usio laii markets.
Both the size of farm" Uylns;
flocks and the number of eggs
produced per florviarA vn fi.
ing behind the comparable figures
of a year ago. Should prices ad
Tance much further, howerer. It is
considered probable that flocks
will be coiled less closely this fall
and a larger proportion of pullets
wfll be held back for laying pur
poses. By WALT 'DISNEY
Tirsvnunf n
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