The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 07, 1932, Page 7, Image 7

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Capitol Theatre Scene of
Event October 12 and.
13; Plans Made
Reports com to Th Statesman
tbat there, is mora Interest la
cooking schools than there erer
has been, la that caaa tha an
noancement of the gas cooking
school to be held at Capitol the
atre Wednesday and Thursday.
October It and IS, from t to 4
p. m., win Interest hundreds of
. women of Salem and vicinity. Tha
rich setting of the theatre, the
comfortable- seats and excellent
acoustics will attract many wom
en who are Interested la the new
est wrinkles In cookine-.
Miss Elisabeth Reger of Port
land won many friends when she
conducted the school here last
year. She Is practical, Is experi
enced and has a pleasing manner,
so the ladies like her: Thon nhn
gires them new Ideas which they
can use to adrantaza In the home.
Participating with The States
man in sponsoring the school are
the Portland Gas St Coke eompany,
which will feature gas stores and
gas refrigerators: Rnslrfa r.rrv-
cery and Market, featuring gro
ceries and meats; William Gahls
dorf, dishes; Miller Mercantile
company, linens; Capitol Dairies
milk, cream, butter; Bloch's Gold
en Rule Store, women' mnrk
Capital City Laundry, H. L: Stiff
nrniture company, George C
Will, K.C. Baking Powder com
pany, Pills bury 's flour, and oth
ers are exnected to loin.
The school will be free to all
the women Of th Cltr and fnnn-
try. Whether they use gas ranges
or other cooking, units they-will
Ufn .1 ..j.ijWAixw.. . """' .u,.i . . r ii imwww.ii.iw m
MJas Elizabeth Reger, demonstra
tor at the gas cooking school
Wlnesday and Thursday, Oc
tober 12 and 18.
find the school Interesting and
Cases of Infantile.
Paralysis on Wane
SILVERTON, Oct. 6. Infantile
paralysis, health authorities re
ported this morning, Is on the
wane at Sllverton. The- latest vic
tim, Harold Kuenzi, is much im
proved, according to his physi
cian, and if present improvement
continues 'ha will be permitted to
sit- up Friday or Saturday of this
Advertiser Distribution
otonia grange will bold Us second
annual Homecoming day Satur
day, October 8. The afternoon ses
sion win be open to the public,
and featured by a discussion, of
the - proposed suburban fir -dis
trict. This movement would etab
llin regular city tire protection
cor tamers living within a pos
sible five-mile radius ot town, and
has bean under consideration for
some time.
William Rlddell Is promoting
Interest of grange members la th
proposal, and Claud Boothby Is
working toward the sama plan In
representing farmers who are non-
grangers. For several. years the
local fire department has gener
ously answered emergency rural
Mrs. W. A. Hoekema Is criti
cally 111 at her home on South
College street Her daughter. Mrs.
P. O. Burbank la assisting In her
care. Mr. and Mrs. Hoekema took
a long motor. trip to the middle
west this summer to visit rela
tives, and Mrs. Hoekema seemed
improved for a time.
Fine Rural
Home Ready
MARION. Oct. 6. Joe Doer
tier and son Orvil are moving into
their new English home, built on
the sit of the old one destroyed
by fir early last spring. The
Doertlers have spared no expense
in erecting this modern and ele
gantly equipped two-story horn.
Th spacioua Uving room ex
tends across the front ot the house
and Is entered through a ball. The
fireplace, built between tw large
windows on th soother wall,
catches) one's y a entering. It
Is beautiful in design, with til
tac and 'hearth, and a bnilt-U
nlch fr an electric clock. Th
woodwork is stained la light oak.
The dining rm has two large
window t ta north overlooking
th town of Marion. Th kitchen,
with its colors of erag. deep
cream and green, has a breakfast
nook, with bvUt-lns across on.
side and a nice aw rang install
Th ra est room la In Ivory, with
roomy closets. The bathroom is
lorely la deep cream, wait and
black. Upstairs are two beautiful.
laTg bedrooms, with ample clos
ets and lavatory.
Th Doerflars nlaa to have the
grounds surrounding th horn
beautified and landscaped la th
coming winter and spring.
Rebekah Chapter
Celebrates 38th
Year of Endeavor
Th Clover Leaf Rebekah lodge
held a special meeting Tuesday
night to celebrate the 81st anni
versary ot the Rebekah degree.
This Is th Independence lodge's
38th year of work. Charter mem
bers present were Mr. and Mrs
J. E. Hubbard and Mrs. Sarah Ir
A short business meeting was
held, after which th following
program was presented: Piano and
violin duet, Mr. and Mrs. Valen
Guild; address, "Odd Fellowship
and Rebekahism." B. 1. 8wope;
jmIa .fMi SMwIpa Twin a m A A r-ti m
J1U( llllOi mtOkkA ws sva"aaw v wof
J. I Stockhold;. musical number.
Mr. and Mrs. Guild.
Refreshments wer served and
1 th rest of th evening was spent
in playing cards
Owned J
rfrfi MWffPtt r
iim lurmrai va yy y Yrrrracs tail
11 ' I .1. I I , al null. ,111 ' .11 I
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say, do you know? You do of course if you are one of the thousands; buying here,
the fact that we had doors put in convenient places has been a great boon to human
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Doin Our Part We hear quite a bit of
grumbling about there being a lotta fruit
goin to waste because folks havent any sugar
or nothin to sweeten it with. While we havent
the longest Purse in the world, we are offer
ing one 10-lb sack of sugar to each customer
for only 37c one to a customer. Doggoned if
that dosent sound more like Chain Store ad
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The Girls at the Coffee Shop asked
us to say something about the lunches
and Dinners they're serving esrJeci
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know us well enough to know we're
no gossip so we're not gona say a
word about those lunches bein about
the best we ever Partook of.
Ordinarily, we think very little about cooking, that is to say about our own cooking,
but we see by the paper, where we and some Gal are Gona Demonstrate to you folks
the fine arts of cooking. Now just to avoid confusion we're gona try and get the lady's
picture to print in the paper soes you'l know which one (aint us). So save Wednesday
and Thursday afternoons, 12th and 13h. (
Best Flour
49 lb. sack $1.19
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49 ib. .k :83c
Found Jars
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U tall cans : 25c
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in bulk, 3 lbs. jo. L
-Eagle Erand
We heard this at the fish
counter the other day
Goodie Goodie, this is a
month with an O in it. Now
we can enjoy those fresh
Willa point oysters, and I
see you folks sell em at
25c per pint. My . lands, ,
give me a pint before, you
raise the price, you know
I always paid a lot moren
that for those oysters. No
folks, we havent reused the
price yet, they're- still 25c
per pint at the Market. . :
Now folks, Dont forget to ask for us at the Cooking School.
21 5?('''Wsisi(i(j