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Attorney Jakes Trip Attort
ney O. W. Emmons left this
morning for an extended bualnes
trip la the middle west. He yrili
stop r In JVestern Nebraska' t
look after the land. Interest, irt
ona ectlon with the ostate of Ci
A. Emmons and on the 13th will
try ease before the compens4
won , commissioner la Omaha
Neb., . concerning the' accidental
neath of Mr. Emmons' brother!
From 'there- he will go to Fort
Dodge, la., where he will be oc
cupies several days in looking
-5r estate interests and
mca on ,10 uarrington, N. D
jr aere r. - Kmraoos has large
iurem ana no will remain
about one week. He will return
me iasc or October.- Tha Stat
man will keep j him informed . as
to the doings in the nM hrtn.
town. During 'his absence, the
office will be In charge of his
on and partner, Clarence S. Em-
8p e c 1 a .1 communication
, Salem lodge No.: 4;"- A. F,
ana "A. M. today, 3 p.n
Funeral of brother Logan
By order of W. M.
At Mohney" Funeral -A num
ber of persons from here and Kel-
ser were in Portland Monday to
attend funeral sendees for Doug
las William Mohney, 15, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mohney. The
boy. who would' hare finished
Franklin high school In Portland
this year, was fatally Injured Fri
day when a car coming around Na
street car collided with his bi
cycle. His head was crushed,
death occurring after he was tak
en to a hospital. Those going
from Keizer where - the mother
formerly Jived were: Mr. and Mrs.
Arch Claggett and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Ben Claggett, Mr. and Mrs
Martin Miller; and from Salem,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Welch, Mr,
and Mrs. Cal Patton and Rita and
Lloyd Clagget, and , the lad's
grandfather, W. B. Mohney. Bur
lal was in the Lincoln memorial
park, Portland.
Those big black grapes at Fiala
Tinyards, cheaper than ever be
fore, 2 cents per lb. bring box
es. Tbree miles north in Polk
Meeting at Y. W. Th mem
bership committee of the T. W.
C. A. will meet at the association
building tonight at 7 o'clock to
make plans for the membership
dinner to be held sometime next
week, at which time Mrs. D. B.
MatNaughton of Portland, nation
al committee woman, and Miss
Grace Steinbeck, general secre
tary at Portland, will be the guest
speakers. The preliminary session
tonight will be in charge of the
membership chairman. Mrs. W. D.
Music Class First meeting to
organize an orchestra for senior,
junior high and grade school girls
will be held at the Y. W. C. A.
at 4 o'clock this afternoon, with
Mrs. Priscllla Meisinger, recently
of Medford. in charge. All girls
Interested are urged to attend.
Mrs. Meislngw is organizing sev
eral musical groups at nominal
fees and under sponsorship of the
Y. W.
Rummage Sale, 211 N. Com!.
Fri. and Sat., Oct. 7 and 8.
Lehman Explains N. J. Leh
man of Airlie, who visited in Sa
lem yesterday, reported that his
brother, C. J. Lehman of Airlie
was not committed to Jail here
several weeks ago on failure to
Pay a $2.50 fine, as published in
. The Statesman. His brother, he
aid. paid the fine, which was
levied for his not having side
lights on his truck.
Scout Leaders Meet Execu
tive committeemen of Cascade
area. Boy. Scouts, will meet at
the chamber of commerce here
at 7:30 next Monday night for
their first fall sssion, at the call
of President J. T. Delaney. A
number of scout affairs are. to be
'considered. The public is wel
come to attend. -
Wrong License Plate D. A.
Hart, alleged to be operating a
motor vehicle with a Washinxton
license although an Oregon resi
dent, asked 24 hours time in
which to enter plea when he was
brought Into justice court yester
day. He is out on his own recog
nisance, and will reappear at 2
o'cl today.
To &1 vert on O. P. West,
executive for Cascade area. Boy
Scouts, will go to Silverton to
; morrow night to' confer with the
: scoutmasters there. Next Wed
nesday night all area scoutmas-
m iw iuccv in aiem ior
a roundtable planning conference
en winter activities.
Less than one cent a day will -cay
your year's subscription to The
Statesman by mail durinit Bargain
f oiiuu. ii ij w 1 1 1 1 7nn in vnnv wi
DAtni wt Xaaa a .a.
toaay; limited time to this annual
offer which applies only to mail
subscriptions in Oregon.
LawrenCe Estate In ' The es
tate of the late' E. It. Lawrence
was" admitted to probate yester
day, Richard E. . Lawrence being
named administrator. Real es
tate is valued at $2000; personal,
property is placed at tue same
amount. - Appraisers named by
the court are George Haynes, Wil
liam Lawrence, Walter Smith. ,
Coming Events
- October 7 Salem high rm
Silverton. higb iXootbilLi
Ollnger. Jleld.'-: .v,V 'f-'Kiki
Oct.7 and Association
of American cojleses "wrets,
UTUIanwtte nniversity. . ?
f October S Final date for
registration for (eieril
election. ;;A,(3:.f. . j,;
i. v OctV 11-14 State conven
Atom ot W. C,.T. first
Presbytwlaa church. .V
: October Sl-SSOre g o n
Americaa . assorlatioa - ef
University WomeaC '
y - Nevembw- .a Genera.,
ews Briefs
in Wrong In an accident-report
filed at the sheriff's
office here . yesterday. Fred A.
declares that Le. pram ot jef:
tenon waa Antu.t. ... .
the crash that occurred north of
Jefferson Saturday aigiit, Wil-
liams, former city attorney de-
Clares that Lee Prultt of Jeffer-
u. waw Oliver, was en -
io oiame ror tne crash" that
occurred north of Jrrrnn .t.
"day ; night. WiUiams , asserts
Prultt, speeding, lest .control of
-..,, ain comsioa. Mr.l
nuiiams surrerea a ' painfully
bruised shoulder. Althourh hi.
tI VkS M1t dmd. one of
the otheri occupanta was tnlured.
H.-.. W"hhLm ;we" Pnl H.
" - eeanam, Mor -
gaa Olsea and B. W. Williams.
Carries Case Vp Appeal by
Mary Gilbertson to the circuit
CUBri was , niea . Here yesterday
against a deeisloa handed down
in county court September 8
where CM la cash was adJndsr-
ea. an asset of the estate nf tmL
eI, HenrT Gilbertson, deceased.
Appellant contends the full sum
is hers. If the mann htUnn.
the estate one-half will gY to her
and one-half will go to the estate
."-.deie. tk. sole
heir of which is Frances Bliss.
ravin Starts Rnnn -
rv r . vi
' Tenue oetween Highland
avenue and Locust utreat win
started by the end of thia wv
or the first of next, it was an-
"uUcea at tne city engineer's of
fice yesterday. The engineer's
crew began Monday lavin
curblngs. Grading and surfaelnr
will be done bv th wa
tractlng company, low bidders.
The county clerk's office will h
open to register voters from I a
in. to 8 p. m. each day to and, in-
eluding October 8, when registra-
"a cioses. 1
. A
stat Closed Final I
of the estate of Helena Lindeken.
deceased, was filed in probate
court Tuesday.. Helen Wageman
paa been named executrix. Cash
On hand for distribution
ported at $1822, real property at
12000 and personal notes and in-
terest due at about 811,000
. , .
Civic Club Meets Tint r.n
tnaaMn.-n , " .
rJ? wI" be heli ln the coun
v.. xuanr m an a f
cil hall tonight. President Ralph
Emmons atfnounced last nlghL
This club, organized last snrinr
sponsored Kenneth Perry for
school director.
wa nme aance Gervais City
wnijau uregon Haymakers
New Store 0nMi nr, I
Mrs. Oti, E. Rothbaek-r ,
erly operators of the Afc-tenT.
at 150 South Liberty .tree iW
hive remodeled their e n.7
LanktreW V u.ct.. I
ter Lanktree has assumed scout-
mastership of Boy Scout troop
six. sponsored by the Hollywood
commnnlty club. He sueee-d.
Gale FJelstrom. Lanktree has I
been interested with scout -v
e'er 8,DCO ne wa small boy. .
Ufe Company Win, Th r .
ion Central Life Inr
pany secured a decree Tuesday of
82257 from Arthur i' Tatma
and others in a mortgage fore
closure action. Interest and costs
are to be added to the principal
Now I3 the time to renew your
Statesman subscription, by mail
only $3 a year during the annual
bargain period. Offer good for
limited .lime, not rood mitsMo n
Oregon. a
state fair n " V! .51
iir Dy me flrv fnrpoo n
their booth is now in the show
window of the Salem W. c. T.
U., and is attracting much atten
tion. It will be kept in its pres
ent location only this week.
Dismissed The state's case
against F. R. Rosenberg, charged
who passing n. s. f. checks, was
dismissed injustice court yester-
day on motion of the private pros- I
j n consent of the
district attorney.
Vagrancy-Prowlihg around Sa
lem in the wee small hours of the
night In a car caused John Fits
hugh of Akron, 0. to be arrested
on vagrancy charge. He pleaded
guilty in justice court yesterday, I
and was given 15 days in jail
Licensed to Wed A marriage
license was Issued at Taconia
Wash., yesterday to William Prlg
ger of Portland and Gladys M.
Bevens of Salem, according to
""ut"ie rress reports. Miss
Bevens Is not if tort in th I
ccfcujry acre.
1 Ilfan
At Portland.
sf" Losan aged 70 years. Sur- I
15? Jao Mary K. Lo?an.
of Tualatin; stepmother, Mrs. W.
J. Logan, of Kansas; son, C K
Logan, of Salem; brothers, Ed
Logan, i Sam Logan and Will Lo
gan, all ot Holton, Kans.; sisters.
sua Aiacue, of Kanm..
V wa" ' taelwi of A.F. and
A.M Of HortMCansi w irai.t.
Templar and rPcottlsh Rite. Alio
uciunKea 10 xne order of Railroad '
Telegraphers. Funeral v service i
jveauesaay. October f, at 3 p. m.
from the ehaoel nf w t rx..J
and Son, under the auspices 'of !
the Masonic lodge Interment Bei-
cresc. Memorial park- 1
O ' '
--EllloU To- Mr. and Frank El
liott o 180 Lincoln street,; a
daughter, bora Taesdar at tie
jLwasoness Hospital.
Mrs. S. B. Walker Winner
I . i . . , w
Sweep Stakes J Variety
I Cyhftitarl ;
,S fcniDlteq '
' i
lwuENCE, OeL 4.
aw women's club sponsored i
I flower show TdmiIit in
" J1 tbv Many
oMtifuI exhibits were displayed.
nowers ana winners
I were: : '
I Groun l
Walker.. Group 2 asters. My ra
Montgomery, .eeand- t
Goup. S dahlU. first. rs. Willi
I4 -mpoeu. second, Mrs. M. W
Mix Group 4 flower arrangement
wnwp zinnia, rirst Mrs
S. B. Wslker.
Group 7 Japanese lantern plant.
Mrs. S. B- Walker. Group J mari-
EZ, ? Br WaMker,
fSJ' Jf": A V1??"?9
"l' H' ?
I . "oul" niu- O'oup
10. mixed boaquet. first- Mrs. a.
G. Walker, second. Vn aiia.
Robertson. Group 11 pestemion,
Mrs. 3. B. Walker. Group 12 Illy,
ii talker. Group 12 Illy,
anthfnm Un t1& r.-.i.
14 ha. nZtfJr'
begsnia. Mrs. G. G.
Mrs. ' B. b. Walker was thm
I Krana sweepstakes winner
Farmer's Shots
At Men in Yard
May Blind One
waen J. A. Colyer. farmer annth
?.f kre earlr Monday morn ins
ed "otgun in direction of
I?ea wnom a believed to be
1 088 wno hd rlbed his cab-
jnu several umes. bird-
snot "truck Robert Ramsay, Hal-
sey farmer. In th f. n..
cans Joss of his right eye
Ramsay and his companion
George Keyes. employed by Ram-
By wer arrested, and Keys Is
in Jail at Dallas. Rltnu waa
aUo rreted on petty larceny
hrse. hut is out for medical
attention. .
amsay denies intent to take
anvthin fi- ,
' "em.
7?ira 7)o-...
r "C UCStrOyS
Holman Home;
Owners Away
i Fire of un-
lv Iarm nome of Tom
".!ff4 . "ames t 10:30
nntll nearly 3 o'clock an
aged, to keeD it conffn tt..
vH't" AU the furniture, among
wcn ws number of oriental
C?' was Dred.
There is thought -to be some in-
Tryouts to be n.M r---
.f?rn,kp0.n 8.letT. dramatic elub
t"? e1.or "hool, will be
held all this week and nTt. Trr.
outs for boys will be tonight end
for girls next week. Miss Leila
Johnson, geometry instructor, Is
Ad Man 111 E. E. Thomas, ad
vertising assistant at the Capital
Jotfrnal, fa m with pneumonia at
the Salem general hospital. His
cdndition is reported not serious.
Thomas Is secretary of the Salem
Ad club.
First Paper Soon First Issue
n?W8Daer be out October
14. Francis Barnes Is editor thl-
year. with Martha Sprague man
aging editor and Linn Martin,
Household furniture for sale. See
Mr. Gheer, 212 Oregon Bldg..
10 to 8. Tel. 7783.
Guardian Named The Port-
land Trust and Savings bank was
named yesterday as guardian of
nanea J. Thomas, adjudged in
probate court here as Incompetent
10 nanaie ais affairs.
Bliss Sneed to Wed A mar
Tlage license was granted yester
day to Clarence E. Greig. 26, bank"
leuer nere, and Dortba Sneed, 23.
waItesa at The Spa. Rev. Biitton
Ross' is scheduled to marry the
couple October 5.
Tractor Alarm Answered
Firemen from North station an
swered a call from the Lablsh dis
trict at i:5 o'clock yesterday aft
ernoon, tractor traveling on
the Pacific blrhwuv
-O ' J VHUUt il4
CToqo iDoy
Ringlet End
'a- '
r - llirit ays
Open Friday &
Evenings by VJ
3d? First Nafl Bank Bldg.
.TeL 3C83 .
Branch or Castle Pioneer '
Permanent Wavers. Portland
Call 7 CIO. Used ; KHmiiarr
. 101 North tngb
STATESMAN. SHm Qgon, Wtd.r Man.W fi.
a -aaaaaaa--M,a,,a--w--. - - ' I
R. E. E.' LINDSAY, secrstary
of the state board of high
er education.' was announ
ced, as a member of the Saleta
chamber of commerce by Douglas
MCK.ay Monday. The chamber has
mi mMh.H :av . IV. a
eapitol -and most of them attend
the Monday forum meetings reg
ularly. And they are -most always
assured a good program.
The peculiar s&ernoosi sued!
evening atmosphere yesterday
reminded one of 4pprechl
cyclones in the middle west, or
would make one believe Salem
was virtually swrrandedL by
forest fires. Th . alraospbere
wae ceased by lieavy saeeke,
deUre4 roll lug ta f rosn Oolaisf
bia' cownty iwhere fires 'are raa
lag.- Many forest fires were re
ported. '
Charles MeCleese. formerly ot
Marshfleld, eastern Oregon points
and lately of, PortUnd, has now
become a Salem resident. He Is
captain of the stale police in
eharge of game law enforcement
and Pray has transCerrad blm to
the headquarter la Salem.. Ser
geant j. h. Price of Salem will
have charge ot the Portland game
Dispatches state Kin Carol
became peeved when his - son
Michael learned of his love af
fair which caused Carol's ex
pulsion from Rumania. And
King Carol had hoped to keep
It a secret from hie son. What
does the kins; expect ef mod
em youth especially when
newspapers have been broad
casting: the story for years T
Mrs. Sheldon Sackett. secretary
to the governor, left yesterday for
San Francisco to enjoy a vacation
from her duties in he executive
offices. During her absence Mrs.
Helen Tyson, next In command of
the outer offices, will take
charge. Mrs. Sackett expects to
remain absent about a week.
The state tmerd ef control
held Its weekly session vnstar.
day and outside- of a few snb-
tie phases, nothing excitlnsr oe
cured. About the first Mg
the governor did was to ex
press his pleasure. to Hal B.
Hoss for the fine telearam of
congratulations he sent to the
and Aro
Enough TuiIdsh ...
but not too much
You can smoke pack after pack of Chest
erfields . . . and never grow tired of the taste.
That's partly because Chesterfield uses just
the right iimount of Turkish tobacco to
"season" the mild, sweet Domestic tobacco.
Too much Turkish makes a heavy-smoking
cigarette ... too little takes something away
from taste and aroma. Just enough of the
right kinds of Turkish tobacco that's one
reason why Chesterfields SATISFY!
Chesterfield Radio Program Ererj night ex
cept Sunday, Columbia coast-to-coast fretwork.
governor on the occasion of the
T'0,rt! head dele
gation appearing hef am tkak.
?Le!P"rTrt!Ma'lbT on the la-
7TUM " t boiler at the
atatsKpenftentUfy. othira before
the board of . Control were John
Sehoa of the state lasuraaee de-
Prtu1 Tom Mahoney. ot
Portland, insuraace repressnU
gj trdlB state liabtttty pol-
The mtmtm n... . .
beef. foa 1? T
next tbiwa
prce ef Ml cents n
K""d,5 Bwttt Co. WO.
a, secretary of the
pd of control, said thi-, was
an , nnnsnally low price and only
three, meatha cosrtraet eenld ,
be -ecaredTb lmnrd award
4 about f20,ooo worth of meat
contracts yesterday.
Now that Rnrornni-' D-...
has finished hi, campaigatour
and President Hoover Is jirt
hutaehing hi, trip. Candidate Nor
maa Thomas. oai.i m . .
almoat unheralded ta Portland
and urged voters to Ignore both
the major party candidates, de-S?irln-
-oculists have the
only sensible program.
And speaking of candldnCes.
. C. Heffroa of Eugene, la so
has started conrt action to
force Hoaa to place his name
on Uu, election ballot. Hoss had
refused to do so because the
wtlHforM acceptlac the
certificate of nomination whioh
rrd three days late. Bat
M effron was not to be discoar
fta. It Is aow fa court.
Hal Hoss left lrt ht
Bend tpoa the reauest of nna
aor Meier. He will represent the
governor at the Irrigation con
gress there Thursday and Friday.
l.?TZ returala&- Hoss will also
visit the state tuberculosis hosptt
fl atv The Dalies. Hoss will drive,
the board of control car which
was placed la atorase bv nif.
C. Holman many months ago with
we request u be sold. The car
was not sold.
Fraak J. Lonergan, spenker
of the honse and. as each, liea
tenaat governor of Oregon now.
- - -.
Northwest Association may
Be Formed; Townspeople
Welcome to Attend 1
V Salem townineonu' ' tti 'kl
heartily welcomed at mv mu.
laS Of the VftrthTMf laaJ.4at.
of Colleges here Friday and Sat-
"II4:.' Dn M. Erfekson
of Willamette university announc
ed yesterday. The dean i v.nit.
ling arrangements for the gatber
Ing where delegates ot at least 18
northwest schools are expected to
The' catherinx onens Vru.
night with a meeting In Waller
hall en the campus. Meetings win
be continued throughout Saturday
ending with a banquet Saturday
night at 8:30 o'clock at th. v..
sonic temple.
Included la the schools Invited
to attend are Idaho college. Good
Jag college, - Intermeaataia - col
lege. Whitman. College of Paget
Sound.- Spokane college. Coo saga
university, Columbia university
a visitor at- th emMti
yesterday. While here on legal
business Frank stopped, to can
npon the governor. Loaergan
win be back in the legislative
again the coming session.
I-- "-l-----------a-aaaaa--..aaaiaaa------ZZ ...
I '
Merit, All Wool SuiU
Men's and Voting Men's Varictj of Patterns
All sizes. Entire slock, ralaes to $25.00
3o dJ0
' i . . I
?? !
Marylharst. Paclfle college.. Lla-
ueia . college," pacific university.
Reed college, Albany college.
The gathering here Is the first
regional meeting la the northwest
of representative, of the Associa-
uon or American colleges. It Is
expected that a northwest orgaa-
xsauoa wiu a perfected at the
gathering here this weekend.
James M. Arbersast u hlMt
before Justice ef the Peace Miller
Hay den yesterday oa chirr nf m-
sault. being armed with a dsager
oas weapon. Comnlalnt inimt
Arbergast was made by S. P. Ma
theny of SUver Creek Falls, who
alleges the defendant confronted
him with a pointed rifle and de
manded 818.
An affidavit of W. W. Sair or
ShbllmUy.esaJd to be a stranger
and disinterested spectator of th
Incident, was filed prior to Issuing
ot. me warrant
Arbergast pleaded not ralltr In
court yesterday and hearing Is
scheduled for Friday morning at
18 o'clock. He was released on
his own recognisance.
Another assault charra. nr.
f erred by Mathsav acatnst a man
by the name ot Jitscerald. weat
to the grand Jary from Justice
court eany this month.
141 N.COML. ST.
;::.'. V ' i"' !
wrm rn m, Wisssai ji i V a i i , 4s aWv:iaW. rs,- f. nW.
Response to recommendations
oa remedy of fire hasards made
by fire department Inspectors last
month was . excellent. Assistant
Chief William Iwaa and Captala
Bea Faught of the tire arereaUoa
bureau, announced yesterday. Of
88 hasards reported, 48 were re
moved. . . - ' . . . .
Altogether. 78 ball dings were
Inspected. Of these 12 were
sehooU. five apartments, two
hospitals, two stata lastitutiaaa
sad S3 mlscellaaeaas bnsiaess
Darlag the month, the fur
fire stations answered 48 alarms;
East station. 14. North, alas.
Soath 18 aad Central 18. six of
the alarms were for rural grass
tires, one for a prune dryer, aad
one for a farm house.
Twenty-three rrass and rahblah
fires occurred darlag the month.
eigai awsxung rires. five ehlmaar
biases, . four 'business . structure
fires and three automobile fires.
The fire department issue 20
permits for outdoor fires.
LEICESTER, England. Oct. 3
(AP The annual convention
ef the labor party today condemn
ed aay plaa to terminate the Brit-
lak trade treaty with soviet Rus
sia, as recommended at the Otta
wa imperial economic conference.
- i
t trr. "mrrr a Tfrrni Tftiama fa. ; r ..