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    . ! The. OREGON r7TATES31ANr Salem, Oregon, Friday Morning, September 30,1932 ?
Fall Plowing Held Back or
-Done Under Handicap;
. Harvests Closing
Mrs Alice Pattoh Guest
At Each State Fair Since
First One Was Held Here
7.ENA, Sept. 29. PolkTcounty
farmers are beginning to think
that Indian lammer Is here, with
its brilliant sunshine and mild
lovely nights. Usually at this time
of year the fields hare been pre
pared by rains for fall plowing
and in some Instances farmers
hare had all of their fall plow
lag and seeding done by the mid
dle of October.
"Dry Farming" Tried
This fall the farmers are look
ing in rain for rain clouds. When
dry farming, a It is called when
the farmer plows in molstureless
ground, the horses lose in flesh
and th,e driver, who Is working
- In a cloud of dust from early
morning until sundown, is cov
ered with a fine dirt which, when
mingled with perspiration, makes
him a muddy looking object in
deed. Farmers who work with trac
tors hare done some plowing but
generally most of the fall plow
ing is done after the first hard
Prune orchardists, on the con
trary, have watched weather tore
casts closely, fearing they would
MACLEAY, Sept. 29. Mrs.
Alice Pat ton, who is attending
the state fair, has spent her en
tire Ufe in the Waldo Hills and
has attended the fair every year was organized.
The first year of the fair Mrs.
Patton was just a baby and with
her parents, John and Temper
ance Hunt Downing, came with
their camping outfit in a lum
ber wagon from their Waldo
Hills farm to attend the opening,
which was a great event for the
Though in attendance every
year, the last few years Mrs. Pat
ton has not always camped; but
for about the first 30 years of
her life she never missed a year
of camping during the state fair.
Farmers Former Kings
Mrs. Patton says that in the
early days the fair was more of a
farmers' fair than at present, and
one thing that made it so enjoy
able wa3 that all of the heigh
bors went and camped.
She Bald -that the farmers
"took " the best they had" and
i , , ,
cioL nra
lose a portion of their crops
through brown rot should It rain.
Prune picking is no laughing
matter when it rains. Imagine
getting down on one's knees on
muddy plowed ground to gather
prunes covered with mud.
turned ! everything out "and when
they came back everything was
She said that in her family one
of the boys used to go home
once during the week to look af
ter the stock.
Draft Horsee Shows
Mrs.: Patton's father used to
exhibit draft horses and her
mother showed jams and jellies.
While attending the fair this
year Mrs. Patton will be a guest
of her son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jones, who
are among the state fair campers.
Endeavor Puts
Off Business
Until Sunday
The Christian Endeavor business
and social meeting scheduled for
Friday night at the w. R. Dangn
ertv home has been ' cancelled.
Instead,' a short meeting will be
held Sunday night at the school
house -
A number of 'people from this
community attended the funeral
services for A. Welnert at Leb
anon Saturday. Mr. Welnert is
the father of Frank Welnert, for
merly of this place but now Hv
lnc near Aurora, and Walter
Welnert, here.
The McKee school has 17 pupils
enrolled at the present time bnt
this will be increased by three
with" the return of the Albln fam
ily from Hood River after the ap
ple picking season is over. New
first graders are: Emma Erwert,
Ernest Beyer, Joyce Johnson, Jo
seph Vlstlca, and Junior Johnson.
There is no eighth grade class this
year. All of last year's eighth
grade graduated and there being
no seventh grade last year with
no new ones moving in the dis
trict there Is consequently no
eighth grade this year. This
school In the north end of the
county and Fairview school in the
south end were the first two
schools la the county to use the
new reorganised Fulkerson plan
This was first used during the
school year of 1930-31.
This new plan has proved
great success ia this school and
has been one of the main inspire'
ttons for other schools trying it
Miss Grayce Dunagan, teacher of
the Noble school, near Scotts Mills
and two of her pupils visited the
school recently to observe some of
the new work as the Noble school
intends to try this method this
year. Other recent visitors were
Mrs. Irma LeRiehe, county school
nurse for this section, and Mrs
B. D. Cannon.
1 1
I : i
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SWEGLE. Sept. 29 School
closed all day Wednesday to al
low children to attend the state
Constance Fowler won first
prize on both cartoon and maga-
sine cover at the fair.
The following persons were
elected to serve on the student
body in the primary room: pres
ident. Ruby West and secretary,
Lorraine Meyers; vice-president,
Mary Whitehead, treasurer. Laura
Dalke and librarian, Velra Silvers.
A visit to the O. P. Bond dryer
revealed the fact that he la ex
periencing an unusually long run
of prune drying and the quality
is extra good. Pears and apples
are also being dried in quantities.
More seats for the primary
room were purchased this week
to accommodate the beginners.
Dallas Improves House
Theodore Dalke Is remodeling
his house and will make it a two
story building.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoffman en
tered their twin boys In the pho
tographer's contest at the fair.
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Staceys Make
In Fox Farm
LIBERTY, Sept. 29 The C. L.
Staceys are putting In some more
improvements in their box farm.
A cement floor in the feed house
is being laid and all the fox pens
being sanded. They now have 13S
in their pens.
Howard Musteen had quite a
spill" from his motorcycle early
this week, resulting in a broken
collar bone.
Mrs. L. R. Winkler of Park
way, Wash., is here to spend some
time visiting her mother, Mrs. R.
Tromble. The Trombles have an
apartment in the Zosel home. The
Ralph Warnock family are mov
ing from their place on the high
way to a place they purchased on
13th street in Salem.
Hazel Green's
School Enrolls
63 First Week
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HAZEL GREEN. Sept. 29.
School began Monday with an en
rollment of 63: 33 in the advanc
ed room and 30 in the primary.
New pupils in the advanced room
are Ralph Smith andCarollne Kas-
pev, seventh grade; Merle Smith,
sixth ; James Schneider, fifth.
Howard and Yirgil Burnett are
staying with the Thomas Yarmans
on the Parmentler place. Quentin
and Helen Zieiinskl, children of
B. C. Zieiinskl; Mildred. Charlotte
and Eileen, daughters of Charles
Zieiinskl. Jr.; Miss Ina Zieiinskl.
daughter of Joseph Zieiinskl, are
attending parochial school, St.
! Vincents in Salem. Children of
Max Wood will enter St. Vincents
Miss Thelma Barnett began
school at Mission Bottom Monday.
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Shower is Given
For Newlyweds
HAZEL GREEN, Sept. 29 Ed
ward Zieiinskl, formerly of this
place, and bride were surprised
with a shower at their home in
Sheridan Sunday. Three brothers
and their families from here, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Zellnski and chil
dren, Lawrence, Clarence, Ins,
Gertrude, Ronald and Gladys, Mr.
and Mrs. B. C. Zieiinskl and chil
dren, Louis, Quentin and Helen,
Mr. and . Mrs. Charles - Zieiinskl
and children, Mildred, Charlotte,
Eileen and Earnest. They -were
joined at Salem by his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zieiinskl Sr.
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