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Salem, Oregon, Saturday Morning, September 24, 1932
No. 155
Guthrie and McDougall of
Portland low Bidders.
V On Grading Task
County Court Is Pleased at
Outcome arid Promise of
Another Project
PORTLAND, Ore., Sept 23
(AP) Proposals on three Oregon
highway projects were opened
here today by W. H. Lynch, dis
trict engineer for the bureau of
public roads. Two of the projects
are on the forest highway system
and the third is In Crater lake
National park.
Guthrie and McDougall of Port
land submitted a low bid of $148,
851 for about six and one-half
miles, of grading and ten miles of
sub-grade reinforcement on the
North Santiam highway. The pro
jected grading extends from
White Water creek southeasterly
to about one mile above Marion
creek in the east end of Linn
county. Other bids submitted on
this project Included: Southern
California Construction company
and A. C. Goerig, Inc., $152,
195.75; and Colonial Building
company, Spokane, $158,168.
For grading two and one-half
miles of the Siletz highway along
the north bank of the Siletz river
Earl L. McNutt of Portland was
low with a bid of $56,293.50. Sec
ond low bid, $58,663.50, Was sub
mitted by Young and Son of
Berkeley, Calif., while Fred H.
Slate of Portland was third low
with $59,540.
Homer T. Johnson of Portland,
with a proposal of $119,434, was
low bidder for surfacing 13.7
miles of the road connecting with
the road to Diamond lake. Dunn
and Baker of Klamath Falls was
second low with $122,224 and
Kern and Kibbe of Portland bid
Lieutenant Governor" Resigns
And Lonegran is Next in Line
- , -
i - ? .. -
V ?
I - , '
I -
- A .
:- ' ' Xfi V
Members of the county court
upon their return from Portland
yesterday said they thought some
work would be pushed through
this fall on the North Santiam
selves as pleased with the con
tracts awarded in Portland yesterday.
The court was also well pleased
Lonergan to be Governor if
Vacancy Occurs Before
Next Legislature
Wlllard Marks, president of the
state senate, in 1931, and acting
They expressed them- sions ln the fMi tw0 year,t re
signed from the senate yesterday.
Simultaneously he accepted the
office of referee in bankrupcy for
with the announcement by the bu- Oregon district.
reau of public roads that a con
tract would be awarded Wednes
day, October 5, at 10 a. m. for
eight miles of grading north from
the Junction of the Santiam to
wards Whitewater creek.
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Frank Lonergran of Portland,
speaker of the house, will act as
governor in case of Governor
Meier s absence from the state,
until the new senate president and
house speaker are elected.
Mark's resignation also will
make it necessary to fill the va
cancy by election in November.
Nominations of candidates to fill
out the unexpired term will be
j made by the Linn county republi
can and democratic central committees.
"Though legislative service en
tails a great deal of hard work
and has occasional unpleasant fea-
KLAMATH FALLS, Sept. 23. tures, I have enjoyed it," Marks
Disapproval of the Zorn-McPher- said in a statement released here
son initiative measure which Frldav "I have anDreciated very
would consolidate Oregon's instl- much the opportunity to serve as
tutions or higher learning, was a member of the senate and as
voted by delegates to the Oregon president of that body
State Medical society convention "But while a reasonable amount
here today. of Dublre service is an obligation
The action, which described the of citizenship no man not of n-
bill as harmful to the best inter- deDendent means can make the
ests of education in Oregon, was
proposed by Dr. E. L. Zimmer-
financial sacrifice of devoting too
much of his energy to that type
man, of Eugene, president of the 0f pubiic work. It requires more
or less attention and time the year
around and in addition to aU one's
Withdrawal and limitation by
tfle federal government of military time" during the legislative ses-
meaicine anc surgical courses at sions
tne university or uregon meaicat "political honors purchase no
school was greeted with both fav- shos or beefsteak. So while I sin-
or and disfavor by the doctors to- cerely regret to retire from the
aay, inougn me general senumeni 8enate, I feel that it is the proper
appeared to be that the society I c0ur8e f0r me to take under the
snouid support tne Oregon con- circumstances
gressionai delegation in us errort .j am deeply grateful for the
to retain this instruction. tnanv Unrf .Tnro!nn in th
newsnaners in various parts of the
ThanfTt Hac K 1 r (Turn to page 2. col. 2)
Hubert-Robert to put Down
On Canvas-Some Scenes
Of This Vicinity
Making Salem one of his stops
in his world travels, Marlus Hu
bert-Robert, noted Parisian nalat
er, wfth his wife, Regine, regis
tered at the Marion hotel here
Friday. They will be ln Salem
all day today and the artist plans
to draw sketches of scenes in the
city and vicinity.
He has painted scenes ln a large
number of the countries of the
world, and has grouped the paint
ings from each one into books
which are finished by a Paris pub
lishing company. The couple have
just completed a Canadian tour
for a volume dealing with that
country of snow covered moun
Madame Hubert-Robert Is i
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Coolidge Will be its Head
Says "Report; Study of
Troblems Planned
Large Financial Firms are
Behind Move; Carriers
To Have no Part
Rodeo Queen
Mildred Has
Busy Day
It was a busy day for Queen
Mildred and her court. Friday.
Mildred Zehner as queen and Paul
ine Marnach and Augusta Not
tturft as princesses found they had
stepped out of private life Into
the spotlight of public promin
ence. The morning was spent la
outfitting th queen from local
stores; and in the afternoon the
princesses shopped for dreesee
which were the awards of the Sa
lem Ad club popularity contest.
At noon there was the luncheon
of the Ad elub; and talking over
plans with Director Gehlhar and
with Douglas McKay, president of
the chamber of commerce and in
charge ef parades next week.
Director Gehlhar announced
Queen Mildred woald be present
ed as Queen of Television. He haa
closed a contract with the Sana
bria Television company for a tele
vision installation at the fair
grounds; and Queen Mildred will
be the first to apear on the tele
vision screen. This will be on Mon
day, Lane County day at the fair
and Director Gehlhar announced
that . Chancellor Kerr, "Lane
county's newest citizen," will be
n&vited to introduce QTTeen Mild
red as Queen of Television.
The television display will be In
the former automobile pavilion at
the fair grounds.
NEW YORK. Sept. 23 fAP)
Formation of a national rail
way commission headed by for
mer president, Calvin Coolidge,
was understood in Wall street
today to have been virtually
completed and a formal an
nouneement was expected with
la the next few days.
The' commission, which is to
make a thorough study of the
national transportation problem
with the view of later recom
mending congressional action to
eradicate the existing sore spots,
Is to be sponsored, it was said,
by the National Asstoclatlon of
Mutual Savings banks, other
large financial institutions. In
surance companies and important
pubIc organizations.
While the details of the pro
posed inquiry are being rather
closely guarded, it was variously
reported that agreement had
been reached on the following:
1 The commission will be
nnn.nirtloln nrf fra. In ..ari? A-
spect and win act upon its own Three More. Groups to be
imitative in conducting tne rail
way inquiry.
2 The commissioners will re
ceive no salaries or other com-
nensation for their work, but will
contribute thctir service as a Members or tne Ktwanis ciud
public duty. w ho will serve on tne reception
3 The railroads themselves committee ot loo being organixea
will have no part In the forma- to welcome Lane county and Ben
tlon of the commission nor its ac- ton county delegations to tne state
tlvitles and will be asked to fair Monday and Thursday, re
furnish information only, through spectively, .were announced yes-
testimony and statistics.
Appointed; Eugene
Comes Monday
frii mini;. uiuur LflunuriLo
Nausea, and Giddiness Mark
His Condition; Friends
Make Hurried Visit
Leaders in Opposition to
New Electoral Plan
Hope for Truce
Meeting all but Unanimous for Scrapping Amendment,
Letting Company po Ahead With Improvements, Then
Purchased Desired; Will Rush Petitions Hoping to get
Matter on November BaUot
POONA, .India, Sept. 23 (AP)
Disquieting news that the Ma-
hatma M. K. Gandhi had taken a
sharp turn for the worse came
from Teroda Jail tonight after
the nationalist leader had gone
for 82 hours without food In pro
test against the electoral system
devised for Indian legislature by
the British government.
The mahatma was afflicted
with nausea and giddiness. His
voice was becoming more feeble
and H was with difficulty he kept
his eyes open. Physically he was
Th TlMr tit ! MinAIHnn m.
suited in a sudden frightened XX expenditure of $2,500,000 for a water system for Safem
dash to the jail by political lead- was launched at a meeting: held Friday afternoon in the
en i representing the caste Hindus chamber of commerce rooms. A committee consisting of F.
conferring T abouT an electoral Vff J?. tenan was delegated
rbmA f ,ir in , to prepare initiative petitions and have them circnlatpd.
it might prove acceptable to the It requires approximately 1500 names to cret the initia-
mahatma. - tive measure on the ballot and an attempt will be made to
British electoral scheme to which
Senator Spaulding Objects to Nature of Movement but
Agrees With others Proposed City Investment too
Large; 1500 Names Wanted; Dancy's Suggestion of
Alternative Program is Spurned
A MOVE to repeal the charter amendment authorizing the
the flip thp nptltinn a vo Ceror H en I Via maoe-iton V. ,.t.J
r w-. j v v in. uivaoui c uu uc uil
nn in 4Via VnvAmKAv lat!itn Tli t : a a -1. i .
the mahatma nb1irtAH U th- m 1 " nc uiutiuii iu mse sucn action
tabiishment of separate elector- carried itn but one dissenting vote, though some did not
ates for the depressed classes, vote.
O The group was a selected on.
Fred Thlelsen doing the paging
n in
terday by W. M Hamilton, chair
man of the chamber of commerce
fair committee.
The Klwanians to serve are:
Douglas McKay, Henry Morris,
Willis Clark, Ben Ramseyer, E.
H. Blngenhelmer, W. E. Feldman.
Charles Wiper, George King, E.
F. Slade, David B. Hill, Harry
Collins. David A. Wright. Paul
Rasmussen, W. W. Chadwlck and
Pete Behr.
GEARHART. Ore., Sept. 23 I ."-.VA
and their families from all part. ?&I?
of Oregon gathered here today , 6 , , , , Z.-.i,
.v. , , ,vl special train, and all will rrarch
nm. ct.tM tttm ...u.i.tinn r, I through Salem business ectlon in
Oregon State Bar association na- " . ,, . Vr,A.v
Tne representatives ot tne un
touchables and the caste Hindus
had reached a point when they
went to the prison tonight at
which the mahatma'a advice was
The feeble and wasted mystic
received them, heard their stor
ies and made suggestions. The
meeting took place under a man
go tree In the prison yard and
lasted 40 minutes. The negotia
tions will be resumed tomorrow.
Strong hopes were expressed it
would be possible tomorrow to
sign an agreement and cable it
to Prime Minister Ramsay Mac-
tional convention
Immediately delving into prob
lems confronting the association,
the first day's session saw the ap
pointment of a committee to
the parade line-up giver, ln Friday
morning's Statesman.
Names of the reception groups
to be appointed by the chamber of
commerce, university or uregon
NEW YORK, Sept. 23 (AP)
Eighteen boys ln a football
"huddle" on the athletic field ot
Woodmere academy were felled
by lightning today. One never
regained consciousness and died a
few hours later.
The boys were holding "skull
practice" with Thomas N. Bar
rows, head master of their school
on Long Island and also their
coach. Some were backed up
against a wire screen and they all
had their heads together, their
arms around each other, forming
a perfectNcircuit tor electric shock.
Ambulance surgeons Tevived
Barrows and all the boys but Ed
ward Fox. 18, and John Jacobs,
17. Toung Fox died but Jacobs
was expected to recover.
v a,-. I alumni, Central labor council and
on a plan for redistribution ot - - r- W,U be jounced to-
work of the circuit Judges of Ore-
gon. On the committee are Frank
M. Franciscovlch of Astoria,
Judge Arlie G. Walker of McMinn-
vllle and F. M. Phelps of Port
A proposal to Incorporate the
association as a public corpora
tlon which would control ad mis
sion to the bar and assert disci
pline over the lawyer members
was discussed. THE DALLES. Ore., Sept. 23
Three new members of the ex- (AP) Justice of the Peace Mer-
ecutive committee were elected edlth today rebuked state police
today. They were: Oscar Hayter for allegedly "importing" outside
or Danas. a. a. smitn or uaxer booueKjrers" to The Dalles ln or
and E. K. Oppenheimer of Port- Ljer to add to their arrest records.
State Police
Create Their
Work, Claim
Hollywood Gains
Half Game Upon
Leading Beavers
(AP) Hollywood advanced
SSS J?k Se venteen Independent
Candidacies are Filed
City fire fighting equipment
was rushed to the Elsinore the-
fttpa t A n'MntV loot nlslit
trt Kft ,trnrf im m a a Namesot 17 Independent can-
taMnn didates along with nominees of
no trace of flames. fl political parties, will appear
The alarm was turned in by on the ballot at the ele-
nersons who said ther saw a "on iMOvemoer b. ii was announ
i brilliant flash, like an electric ced at the state department when
arc. which was followed by a the time for filing expired Frl-
nuneent odor ln the air. The I day night.
1000 neraons in the theatre an- The political parties include re-
dlence watched the show, un- publican, democratic, socialist, so-
aware of the excitement "behind cialist-labor and communist. Norn
the building. inees of the three latter parties
: Power company workmen were are confined ln most cases to ma-
Enable to explain the origin of jor offices
the flash.
Mrs, Borah Has
! Turn for.Worse
Records of the state depart
ment show that independent fil
ings tor this year's election are
more numerous than' ever before.
This was attributed to certain po
litical upsets in the primary elec
tion, and the trend of the times
BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 23 (AP) which, has made public office at-
Mrs. William E. Borah, suffer-1 tractive. '
ing from psittacosis or parrot f e-I F. E. Coulter ot 'Portland, the
ver. took a turn for the worse to-1 first of the independent ' candi
slght. her physician reported. dates to file, seeks the office of
letln saying: ! 1 reads t "Liberty party principles"
"The condition of Mrs. Borah Is I There are two independent can
not as good tonight. Her heart dldates tor the office of represen-
Ihows muscilar weakness and she I tative in congress from the first
has had some rise ln tempera-1 congressional district. These In
ture." ! 'elude W. J. Butler and.F. C. Het
fron, both of Eugene. Heffron ad
vocates retention of the eighteenth
Hugh E. Brady of LaGrande
has filed as an Independence can
didate for representative in con
gress from .the second congres
sional district.
There also are two independent
candidates for representative ln
congress from the third congres
sional district, Multnomah coun
ty. They are H. H. Stallard and
Serge T. Urllng, both of Portland
Other Independent filings fol
Frank M. Gill. The Dalles, tor
state senator 18 th district. Hood
River and Wasco counties. I
Hubert S. Smith. Tillamook,
for state representative third dis
trict, Tillamook eounty.
Henry Semon, Klamath Falls,
for state representative, 32nd
district.- Klamath conn t v.
. George H. Brewster, .Redmond,
for district attorney ; Deschutes
A. E. Woolpert. 4Iood River,
for district attorney Hood "River
county. -, - ' -
. H. V. Schmalz, Bums, for dis
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William Frlnk, cnovicted on a
liquor charge, was fined 375 and
sentenced to 90 days, suspended.
by Judge Meredith.
When Frink told the court.
however, he had been approached
in Portland by a state police
"stool pigeon" and induced to
bring a cargo of liquor to The
Dalles because he was out of
work. Judge Meredith observed
"We have plenty of bootleggers
3000 Persons Participate
In Fall Event; Prizes
Awarded Merchants
SILVERTON. Sept. 23 (Spe
cial) Capital Post No. f, Amer
ican Legion dram corps, received
Its second clvie ovation as nation
al champion, here tonight when it
participated in the fall opening
parade viewed by 3000 persons
and afterwards was entertained
with an Informal banquet ln the
armory and at the firemen s
NEWCH WANG. Manchuria. Cnarles Johnson welcomed the
Sent. 23 fAPl Two inr. r. corps for the city. Commander Irl
doing their best today to help a s- c&nerry of tne Salem post re
counle of British nMiwt mmtn sponded. Drum corps officers
" " I AW 1 A J
rreedom from Chines hindlli wn mirwurea.
who are holding them for ran- The long parade included a col-
som. or guara, me suYenon scnooi
The dogs belon to Mrs. Paw- band directed by Hal Campbell.
ley. who. with Charles Corkran. the drum corps, Silverton legion
Is believed held in a peasant's members and fire department rep-
hut about 3 0 mtlf from hfr reseniatives irom nere ana ait
One of the dogs, a blK Alsatian Angel
turned up at the home of the In the window dressing con
woman's father today. It has test, the Portland General Elec
been baying almost continuously rlc company won the grand
as though to indicate it could Prt"; Skaggs store, first; Ames
led rescuers to its mistress. Hardware company, second; Ml
The other do, an Irish setter, aay s snop. tnira: steiia s iuncn
remained with Mrs. Pawlev. Let- and reealecraft shop, honorable
ters from her. carried by an In- mention. Judges were John W
termediary. said the bandits have Goodnecht, Ethel Hardle and Miss
tried but failed to chase the dog E. Moore N'eave.
away and that it remains with
tior (tnnnrantl'r
A note from Mrs. Pawley said f nrhti" lI ZJm rl
their ears and to shoot them in
a week If ran sod was ot forth
lor inose invited to attend. A
preliminary meeting to plan tie
main meeting was held at 3 p. .
and the general meeting which
was attended by some 25 men con
vened at 5 o'clock. While tee
water company was not officially
represented. Senator Spaulding
who was present, declared the af
fair sounded "like a water com
pany meeting. The proceedings,
so The Statesman is Informed,
were undertaken with the approv
al of the water company.
August Huekestein took charge
ot the meeting and outlined its
purpose. He pointed to the con
tinued delay and litigation ever
the water issue and asserted it
was time to take action. "Sale
is not big enough to carry a
load of 12.300.000 bond issue. It
is impossible now to sell tae
bonds. The average citizen is ef
the . opinion that It is necessary
to start all over and repeal th
previous action and let the eoss
paay go ahead with Its lm pave
ments." (Turn to page 2, col. 1)
MOUNT VERNON. Wash.. Sept.
23. (AP) The search for fosr
prisoners" who escaped from tie
Everett county jail early today
was widened to Skagit county te
nlght when Robert Mackintosh, aa
elderly service station man was
held up between Sedro Woolley
and Lyman and robber of aboat
About 7:45 p. m.. three young
men entered his station, he re
ported, and ordered him to open
the money drawer at gunpoint.
He was not certain what kind
Silverton School
Sub Candidate
. For J. Bennettot cr tny wer driT,n
said, but the neighbor declared he
PORTLAND. Sept. 23 (AP)
within two and one-half gamee ot berf' and.we do.nV.!? to
the league - leading Portland ""7 """"
tm h, .niffMnr . n- to inveigle a man into breaking
ble-header with Oakland. The thlbT bringing moonshine in-
. .1 ti tnla A i a f iir '
stars dropped the first game, 8
to C. but swarmed all niRr th
lltZrtoiht flnal and won eas Low River Level
Not Preventing
Freight Traiiic
Late Sports
Oakland collected 21 hits off
three Hollywood pitchers in the
first game but Vance Page held
tne Oakland bats under cover
ln the second. Frenchy Uhalt led
the Oakland attack ln the first The present' low level of the
game, getting five hits ln six Willamette river, now -3.4 feet,
times at bat. ' I has forced the Stranger, packet
Second game: Iboat of Salem Navigation corn-
Oakland S S 2 pany, to reduce its cargo to 80
Hollywood 13 11 0 1 tons. The steamer. left for Port
Joiner and Penebsky; Page land last night with a load of
and Mayer. , paper. The company this week
shipped 23 tons of canned fruit
to the downriver city
Believing the river will go no
i lower. Manager A. S. Johnson
said he anticipated keeping the
packet in continuous service
HOLLYWOOD, Cal.. Sept. 23 Imaklnr Its three weeklv round
( AP) wesiey Ketcneu, nara-nu-i trips
ting light heavyweight from port
land, ore., punched out a ten- I jjj v j
round decision over Benny-Miller, W OrKerS LCBgUC
los Angeies, at tne tionywooa i AT yri v
legion stadium tonight. Seven ASKS I Of P UUClS
rounds went to Ketchell and two
to Miller. One was even. R. A. Harris ' manar. and
Ketchell carried the Hgnt to I other off Iclala af the Salem In
Miller throughout the bout, andJdBstrlal league league, conferred
naa nun aazea in we seTenin 1 1( me Chamber Of commerce
eighth but Miller, hung on and Ust night witn officers of Com-
lasted by successiuuy ducking a mnnlty Service In an attempt to
flurry ot punches, any one ot obUln support r from the latter
which prohawy would navo been organization. As the Community
a knockout could Ketchell have! Service group was not'lncliaed
nnaea mieeuveiy. - in tne last i to extend financUl assistance to
round. Miller appeared out on his I the league, no agreement was
teeu .. . . .-reached.
had seen a sedan ln front ot the
station about the time of the at-
y-i . y xiarry l,. ceroeu was nomm-
EdnrOllment LieSSt& for state senator for Mult- The four prisoners who escaped
nomah county at a meetinr of I rrom me Everett jati, Julian rer-
the county republican committee! gnson, 28; Ted Olson. 22: Gerard
SILVERTON, Sept. 23 En- tonight. Webber, 22. and Chester Tune. 23
rollment In Silverton schools at The nomination was made to got away during breakfast tima.
the end of the first week, today, fm a vacancy on the republican after overpowering two guards..
reached 1051, 70 under the fig- ticket caused by the resignation and stealing pistols and an ante-
ur for the same period ln 1931. of J. H. Bennett, who won the mobile. The service station holdup
Several more students have said nomination in the May prlmar- w8 about 45 miles north of Ever-
they would register on Monday. 1 les.
Credit Bureau Managers
Will Meet Here Monday
Detailed program for the ninth ,
annual conference of Oregon Re
tain Credit bureaus to be held
here Monday and Tuesday on the
fifth floor ot the Masonic temple
building whs announced yesterday
by Roy H. Wassam, president, and
manager ot the Salem 4rea.1t bu
George W. Averett, president of
the Salem, credit association, will
welcome the 40 visitors immedi
ately after President Wassam
calls the conference to order, at
9:30 o'clock Monday. .
New movements ln the credit
world, credit problems, reiauon
to the national association and
routine matters will occupy the
dav Monday and Tuesday, while
Monday night the annual confer
ence banquet will be held, with
B. E. Slsson ot Miller's store pre
siding, and Frank T. CaldwelL na
tional field secretary the guest
speaker. Y. E. Epton; president ot
the Portland Retail Credit asso
ciation, will speak briefly at the
banquet, which will be informal
and will be followed by cards and
On the Monday -morning pro
gram, John I. Knight of McMlnn-
ville will respond to Averett's
welcome, then national officers
present will he Introduced by Mr.
Wassam, roll. call and committee
appointments will be la order. At
l:3t o'clock. Walter A. Jensen, a
national chairman, and from the
Spokane Credit Men's rating bu
reau will U!kon "Progress on
Allocation of Territory for Na
tional Consumer Reporting In the
Northwest". Then L. R. Schoet-
tier of the Salem Building Mater
ial Dealers' association will Ulk
on operation of a building ma
terial dealers group In connection
with credit bureaus; and Helen
T. Baker of The Dalles credit bu
reau will speak about standard
papers and-what they should con
The afternoon program will
have as one speaker E. K. Barnes.
vice-president of the First Nation
al Trust and Savings bank of Spo
kane and a director of the Na
tional association, who at 2:00
o'clock will discuss -Benefits De-
(Turu to page z. cou 1
SILVERTON. Sept. 23 Jim
Dack, whom city police arrested
Thursday night on a charge ef
possession ot a large quantity er
beer, today pleaded guilty and
was fined $75. which he will fay
by installments.
Football Send
True to life,
True to Gridiron
CDDIJS:- by FraacU
Wallace, acts a new
note la football star-
lea asd ' college atoriem, fx
avoid the pitfalls of melo
draaui that is tastacere.
Beinc aa authority oa foot
ball, Wallace haa drawn oa
bis vast fa ad of experiences
to provide the thrills an4
excitement of the gamee.
"Haddl e!- 1 bwflt
arowad the Rockae systrsa
of football too fastest,
ntoet colorfal game yet e
Tteed. It Hags la a lewe
story that Is aa almcere aad
ydaasible aa its gridiroa aad
locker room sceaes. Doat
enktt "HaddJe!" It will to
pabliabed aerially ta Taa
SUtesmaa begtnalajr Wed
aeoaay. September SS.