The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 23, 1932, Page 13, Image 13

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    Th OREGON STATliwsIWV tfo 11932
littl cutis
I .
Sbtiool tax Saving Group
I Also Vetoes Million1 ;
, Appropriation
Appealing for consideration of J
toe zorn-MacFnerson scnooi moT
Ing bill solely on it merits, F. H.
Young, campaign manager for the
School Tax SaTing association,
speakCg tn Lions slab lunch
eon yesterday, denied that the
bill would save the state $1,000,-
0ji a year or effect any economy
br reduction of the number of
state institutions of higher learn
ing. ' ' .
Mr; Toung, who for 10 years
was associate editor of the Ore
gon Voter, undertook direction or
the fight against this bill last
July. The association is backed
br LaGrande, Ashland, Monmouth
and Eugene, cities particularly
affected by the proposed school-
morinr measure.
.This association, said Young,
nr.ges voting down of the 1 1,1 81,-
0Q higher education Tippropria
tin referred to the people, as
well as of the school morlngbill
The institutions have got along
without this appropriation and
would not be able to use it all by
December SI, the time for its ex
penditure, he explained.
submit that the people of
Oregon are asked to vote oa a
complicated subject, the origin of
which is still a mystery," he de
clared. "From ther standpoint of
economy and tax measures, it is
one of the greatest hoaxes erer
perpetrated on Oregon people
f New Projects Created
"This bill establishes two brand
"new educational projects in Ore
gon: first, . a teachers' college;
second, the principle of state tax
support or the? Junior college.
- This bill dees t not establish a
four-, year teachers' college. The
bill would put; two years of work
in a tour-year shell, the teachers'
college. The bill : would not im
proTe elementary teacher train
ing, for the legislature requires
only two years of work."
Estimating the 1933 mUlage
tax for higher education at 2,-
200,00,- Young held that with
the bill's proTisions tor estab
lishing a law school in Salem, at
cost of $40,000, of expenditure of
$400,000 for the teachers' college,
$200,000 tor two Junior colleges,
and $2000,000 for the -medical
school at Portland, only $400,000
would be left for running the
combined unlrersity and state col
lege at Corrallis, If the bill were
to sare $1,000,000, as claimed.
Boom Not Available, -..
In view of the tact that the fed
eral surrey made for the state
bpard of higher education recom
mended expenditure of $880,000
for classroom and residential
buildings at Corrallis, the allega
tions of the Zorn-MacPherson
group that room exists at the state
college tor the consolidation with
the state university are erroneous.
Young asserted.
As a parting shot at the bill,
Young said the state grange in
1911 and 1912 had voted against
consolidation of the two institu
Hons and in 1920 had made a sur
vey showing that the cost of the
state university and college separ
ate as in Oregon was less than that
of combined institutions In other
Mrs. H. A. Hartley, who hare
made their home here for many
years, are moving to Silrerton and
nave taxen up residence at 422
South Second street. Their farm
will be managed by their son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Doertler.
, -i .
HAZEL GREEN. Sept. 22.
The ehurch Is planning as all-day
meeting for September 2, begin
ning with Sunday school at, 10
o'clock. Rev. Clark M. Smith, pas
tor, will preach at 11, and a bas
ket dinner will be held at noon.
Rev. R. V. Wilson, pastor of En
gldwood church, Salem, is to speak
In the afternoon.
Miss Denea Shepherd, recently
of Kansas City, will sing "Beside
the Still Waters" (Hamblin), with
Mrs. R. V. Wilson accompanying.
Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Peterson of Sa
lem, charter members" of the
church, and others have been in
vited to take part on tjhe program.
This is the 30th anniversary of the
organisation of the Sunday school
from which the church was or
ganised the following March.
Dr. W. C. Kantner organized
the Sunday school, with Miss Rox-
anna Thompson (now Mrs. D. O.
Clark of Harrisburg) as superin
tendent, and Miss Alwilda Gilbert
(Mrs. W. E. Savage of Keizer),
secretary. Rev. Bertha M. Peoples
organized the church.
Labish School
Gets Increase
Of 15 in 'Hurry
Enrollment at the Labish Center
school reached a normal of over
40 Tnesday after a light enroll
ment of abont 25 Monday. First
day enrollment last year reached
53, and rose to over CO necessi
tating the hiring of another teach
er and equipping the cloak room
tor a recitation room tor the first
four grades.
A large flock of cranes the first
which many had seen In Oregon,
flew south over this district Tues
day afternoon. '
.Preparations, for entertaining
the Hayesvllle ' district Sunday
school convention September 21
are being made by the local Sua-
day sehooL
. . i. , .
v . . ...
55 Tons Prunes
From 11 Acres
i7icr. OMSLV. Sent. 22
The prune harvest la about finish
ed. A. T. VanCleave Son
harvested 5 tons from il acres.
Max Wood had a big yield otners
til abont half cron. though
prunes were very large. Some
sold to, Woodburn out mosi ox ine
erop went to Salem . canneries.
Ralph Worden sold tos prunes on
the trees. " .
Joseph Zlelinskl has a line
yield of Noble French prunes
f.iM trou mttnA and B. C.
Zlelinskl and 'Joseph Zlelinskl j
have a good yield or tne uaie or
Coats prunes. There is I . larger
acreage here of Italians
Enrollment at
Airlie Schools
Low First Day
atth.if.. fiant. 22 The begin
ning of the fall tern at Alrne
schools finds the enrollment very
MUa fThrlott Banta and II. R.
Moore will go to Salem this week
where they will bo employed at
the state fair.
Mrs. J. C. Simpson who has
been spending her summer vaca
tion here has returned to Corral
lis tn rMiimi nr work at the col-
lege. Harold Toedtemeier is at
tending Oregon State college.
II V J m
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