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The OREGON 8TATESSIAN, Sakm. Oregon, Thursday Blornlnsr. September 22; 1932
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, i
Richer Fabrics, Suede-Like
;; surface in warm Tones
ii! The Chief Trend
It is the more formal suit for
afternoon wear, that we find many
delightful details which add to
tie- pictnresqueness of the suit
Cctne. Fabric? take to riches, less
fugged ... textures, smooth suede
1 like surfaces, and velyety types,
wlilch better bring out the warm
tones which, have been advanced
on the color card. Here, peeves
and necklines become so intricate
0at they must be explained in
greater detail.
Xew Sldrts
. Let's start with our colors, and
consider the okea, angular scarfs
and fur treatments which have
made ''the suit" irresistible. These
occur In 'the softer type:;, in con
trast to the sport types, and some-
times feature Eton jackets, but
most often hip-top and fingertip
i-The skirts of these suits are
Btraighter of line with slight
glares at the hem, and the little
originality expressed in skirts this
year but there is one novel Idea
which Is sure to please your fan
cy, and that is, the skirt with
butt on top construction, the but
tons at the same time serving as
trimming and as a medium by
w-alch to button a blouse to the
s;Mrt, giving a one-piece dress ef
fect i -"Although in the sport suit we
see much of contrasting color,
.tie. dress suits are invariably of
aire color, the contrast note being
introduced in the blouse. Drop
ped shoulder lines continue
'hlch brings uT back to our col
lar; theme and may be worked
in. an entire yoke extening to the
u'aistline In back, and ( -ving up
a, round the shoulders in front.
'.-Other varieties of these yokes
include oblique angle yokes, these
sometimes continuing to form the
entire sleeve, or the upper part of
the sleeve. Other interest in the
bodice Includes a row of buttons
running right up the front to a
snag collar, the collar often stand
out upright, or curling over In a
sfijht roll effect. These are called
the "schoolgirl" collars because
ef their youthful appeal.
From collars we turn to-sleeves
-and here we find the leg o'mut
toa influence, successive tiers,
shirred and puffed treatments, all
stressing upper arm fullness, with
anus fit stressed through the low
er portion of the arm.
At for the jacket silhouette it
endorses the snugly wrapped
theme, frequently beltless, or
sometimes endorsing the inset
belt which continues into little
ends which tie at the side, high
in me waistline.
Fur Trimmineo
Tlie furs preferred include gray
trimmer, seen on blue woolens.
raccoon on formal sport suits of
brown' tweed; Persian lamb on
smooth black or gray woolens,
; Dearer on brick reds, wine reds,
M . M 1 . . .
iiu ur greens, Konns&y on
chocolate browns and wine reds.
lei collars of fox, lynx or raccoon,
which stress the practical theme
j of a. removable collar Idea; collar
combined with little cravat or car
i' aeul or nony, gaylak or la Din. and
A formal, standing collars of silver
' WACONDA, Sept. 21 Mr. and
Mrs. Iran Brundldge and children
Nelta and Hubert were cuests at
dinner, Sunday, at the home of
Mr, sad Mrs. Wilbur Wheeler of
tsrooKs, the occasion being the
nit wedding anniversary of the
v neeiers.
Tailored - to - Measure
For d Perfect Fit
If you
the best ot
still like to
You'll want to see our Berg hats for fall
. at 3.50 and $5,00 .
214 N. High
" . . .
2 - 5- 1
f f I
it " F
It U mot enough to have np-to-th-minut clothes and a knowledge of the nodU best suited to one that
coattitutes the well-dreued woman, according to the doctrines f the erperU whe recently kctared at the
novel fashion clinic, sponsored by Harper's Baxaar at New York. Of priase Usportance to the woman whe
would remain in the front rank of the fashionable is the need fer ce-ordinatio between Lev clethes. figure,
hair and make-up. The course, given at the clinic fer faahioa buyers, included lectures by experts U even
department of the style mogul's and beautician's art. Not only were there displayed the UUst fashions fee
milady, but there were also masters of vogue to show milady how they should! bo won. Care of the hair
with method of wearing it to the best advantage, was also carefully expounded and the important question of
make-up explained by past masters of the art. Above at left is one of the lovely gowns exhibited. It ie of
white silver velvet, trimmed on the bias with silver fox. Note the flat diaphragm and the ultra-smart kick
o.cldjotw, Al,Tijbt. Miss Katherine Wilson, noted stage actress, is shown as she gave a few pointers la the
rT? frT to .D,p,J'. "gee, using a figure head for the demonstration. The purpose of the
clinic n to Impart, through fashion buyers, the essential of being woll-dreued to women who live far from
f the style centers of New York and Paris.
Simplicity Introduced in
1931 Fall Mode Enhanced
I In Dress Vogue This Fall
As we turn the style pages from
summer to fail, we find many sig
nificant changes in dress- fash
ions, which include new 'colors,
new fabrics, and new lines. The
strict simplicity which character
ized the modes of last year has
been elaborated uDon. nntil it
reaches a point of greater becom-
ingness, greater individuality, and
aaaed practicability.
From the simple one-piece frock
which sees the business girl safe
ly through office hours and an in
formal, evening, to the couturier
model I of the woman whose name
appears Jn the social register.
there is an obvious similarity
which claims as its greatest virtue
conservative good taste.
After all, the average Miss
Jones lor Mrs. Smith lead simple
Uvea In a simple manner, which
demands simple clothing. For that
reason! the tailored dress plays a
most important part In the aver
age wardrobe. Let us then con
sider those types which step into
the linjelight with the advancing
new season.
It is rather difficult to decide
which gets most attention, silk or
woolen:,' and we even find the
weaves of both fabrics bearing
such close similarity that It is hard
to tell which Is which at a fair
distance. The variety of novelty
weaves Includes crinkly crepes, the
sheerest of woolens with vague in
terwoven threads that give heath
er tones, and combined Schaone
silks and wools. There are, for in
stance, tne fine silk of dull diag
onal construction, like serge; the
neavyi wool effect In a more def
inite diagonal, the diamond-weave.
dull, heavy crepe, the pique type
Paint Scraping
Social" Affair
FAIRFIELD, Sept 21 Regu
lar social night Friday at Fair
field $range hall will be mainly
a "work" meetng. The men are
requested to bring paint scrapers
in preparation for work on the
dance! floor to be made ready for
"boosters night" Friday, Sep. 30.
The women will bring cakes
and coffee for refreshments.
If you've been buying the more expen
sive clothes . . i merely because you are
hard to fit . . j. then It's time for you
to try "made-to-measure." Our fall line
contains the newest fabrics and styles
at the lowest of 1932 prices.
want the;
newest ... If you want
everything . . . and if you
only a fair price . . .
Alex Jones
can fill your needs.
Senator Hotel Bids.
4 -K
of heavy crepe, as well as cross
bar, and pebbly weaves. Spongy
ratines, cotton-velvets, chevron
patterns, twills, and Scottish wool
ens are other decidedly new fab
rics with which we will become
familiar with the progressing days
Most often in one-piece styline.
with single and double breasted
bodice effects, these tailored dav-
time dresses rely on the fineness
of their lines for perfect fit, with
the most discreet trimmings. We'll
see more and more of metal but
tons, clip fastenings, patent leath
er belts and bindings, and self col
or or contrast scarfs.
Still more important, however.
are the lingerie trimmings which
got such a splendid head start this
past summer. For tailored frocks,
bibs, plastrons, and yoke-effect
collars in crisp pique, linen, or
dull satin, are most appropriate,
lending an air of youthful charm,
and adding to the practicability of
the dress because of their easy-to-
cnange character.
The Coat Drese
Particularly becoming to all Az
ures is the tailored dress in coat
styling, which introduces one of
the season s smartest moods by
going beitless. These dresses are
so cut as to stress the nigh waist
line, In splta ot the fact that no
definite line is established by a
belt Wide revers, convertible to
high-neck closings are the most
popular way of accenting the man
nish Influence in these business-
girl styles, which will be accepted
by smart women everywhere be
cause or their obvious chic.
We have made our
Bow To Salem...
.And now we are planning big
things for fall and the coming
winter. You will remember and
always think of Hislop's as the
ladies' jeady to wear store that
features distinctive, moderately;
priced merchandise.
We have chosen only the high
est quality fashions . , . every
garment has been personally
The more dressy typo of day
time frock is of general interest.
as well, because it finds Its place
not only In social afternoon gath
erings, and for informal evenings,
but acts as the mainstay of the
young matron's wardrobe, adapt
ing itself to Sunday afternoon
wear, and visit to town for
luncheon or the theatre.
Here too. we see much of sheer
woolens, taking, however, to more
formal weaves, such as a coarse
black wool net In Irish crochet
effect, the sheerest wool crepes,
thin crinkly woolens, wool Jersey
mesn, (a newcomer), etamlnes
and the full run of crepes of ev
ery weight and texture. N
Probably one of the most inter
esting things noted by stylists at
the Paris and later New York
showings was the fact that so
much Is thought of American
made fabrics these days, that a
great many of the foreign fashion
originators based their creations
on these materials whereas years
ago, American materials were
thought but little of. In compari
son to those made In France and
The Tapered Lino
What strikes us as being one of
the most Important change for
this year ot grace, is the gradual
passing? out of existence of the
voluminously flared skirt.
instead we bare a more grace
ful, more slender hip lino, sug
gested by a tapering skirt which
Introduces only a slight flare at
about the knee line, continuing to
the hem.
Distinctive Apparel for Women
eiVEfHTIQiTIj toke Etfect in Vogue for
Formal Daytime Frock;
Epaulets in use
The detailing and elaboration
ef sleeves and necklines still eon
tlanee to stay at tha for In these
smarter ' mora formal daytime
frocks. The newest Idea la that
of the Mr neckline, emphasized
by yoke-effect 'tacking, or an in
serted yak lying high at the
neck with - scarf ends. Inserted
strips ot contrasting fabric run-!
ning from the neckline and the
full length of the sleeve is an
other means ot stressing shoulder
width which is seen recurrently.
Probably one ot tho most
youthful ideas." is that of epaulets,
in self or contrasting color,
either suggested by insertion or
forming a separate collar effect.
While on the subject ot necklines,
we most not overlook the thtee
point collar, which dips at the
center-back, and forms wide re
vers over the shoulders; this is
most flattering in white or pink
satin, and rery girlish when tied
In narrow scarf ends.
, Similarly, bibs, plastrons, and
and berthas ot a lingerie fabric
or silk pique serve the double
purpose of exaggerating bodice
breadth and supplying the desir
able contrast aspect.
Still other mediums employed
are gold or silver hand fagotting
to - connect yoke and frock or
sleeves of raglan cut with tlie
bodice line; incrusted metallic
fabrics of Oriental patterning, and
one side of a double faced silk.
the other side being jised for the
rest of the dress.
Very picturesque, and quite in
harmony with the trend toward
original fashions, is the newly
Introduced "Daguerrotype neck
line, which Infers either the fairly
low, square, or straight across the
shoulder llne both of these be
ing found in afternoon frocks of
more formal character.
Turning to sleeves, we find a
great variety of effective cuts,
many times accented by braid
outlined or embroidered arm
holes. As for sleeve lengths, they
ary from slightly below to at-the-wrist.
with any intermediate
length acceptable.
We see little of cuffs of any
type, as there is more interest ex
pressed in modified negligee
sleeves, when there is not a snug,
fitted line originating from a leg
o'mutton upper, aleeve. A fas
cinating version of this ever-interesting
sleeve is that which
gives a long glove effect tight
all the way up above the elbow,
and covered by means of several
folds of fabric starting at the
Drop-shoulders are. by the way,
one ot the standbys of 19 Jl fash
ton, and may be had in types to
suit every height and -figure, as
long as there Is a suggestion of
the lowered line. Elbow fullness,
by means of puffed and shirred
section Is Invariably seen, com
pletely elmlnatlng the plain
As usual, black-and-white, is
outstanding in the fall color
scheme, at least for the first ot
the season's costumes. It Is an old
standby, and a good one, and is
considered the classic color com
bination by many women. This
year, however, we are Inclined to
treat it more lightly, because of
the Introduction ot so many beau
tiful tones, and contrast effects.
Browns on the color card seem
to all be dipped la wine, for we
' find them ranging from one with
a very purplish, cast, to the light
or ones, which, too, haTeBllrhtly
red casta. These colon will e
known by name as Rhum, Tobac
co, Ginger, J Rose Brown, Rest
Brown, and 'are particularly im
portant, because they are symbolic
ot the warmth and subtle bright
ness which is so desirable la col
ors -this year.
With the : stable brown tones
as a lead-oft we find ourselves
faced by a series of beautiful
reds, the most important ot which
is Ruby, the true rnby-rtd ot the
gem. which has' been taken from
its usual habitat and transferred
to woolens and silks ot various
tr'1"' m
tS- : f
i it
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Clothing Dollan
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10 Horth likertj St, Salem
textures.' - ." ."
' r Of course, some women stlU be
lieve this shade hard-to-wear, and
for them. If they have not learned
the art ot make-up, we otter the
color In contrast and accessory
notes only but it must be Includ
ed In the wardrobe of the season.
Violet reds are somewhat softer
in tone, and include a very new
color, called jaeq&emlnot.
Then we have the yellowy reds,
vivid and strong, which are par
ticularly lovely In contrast to
black and brown. Parma violet,
though not a new color is new
for daytime wear, considering the
sparslty .with which it has been
your, BEST
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Others to S19.75
angle fabrics, style,
acpc&aiyn cbthint. .
f '
W r It 1 t fr- - :l If - - ,A
J'" '.i--'
fulfil tm
-w :- IS ' -
seen In the past,, and mew much
it is introduced this year.
as Much
HI. l , - -
J.h. ,, ; L H