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In Oregon $3.0 per year by
Fair, and wanner today
and Thnrvday; Mt. Tew p.
TneIay 8, Mia. 54, rirer
. -3.4 feet, .clear, northeast
wind. - - " -.
mall only. ,
i Salem, Oregon, .Wednesday Morning September 21; 1932 .
No. 1ST
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-yfririlA-yv. B 'iVftVKtrfVfi K KN3 ft'JrtAiv. . ' .weather ' ' '
II i 1 1 U V M II I I I I II I I M l-l r!i MLKSSKM H Vl 1 L3C I M I II I I 1 I - "
1 - . snsnuW" . anavw wr- - M M TfTtfT t Wt k wu,v 4w "V 1 n - la. . . I
i t a st, mm an arm am - - a
Will Speak at Station Here
If Arrival is not too
- Late, Announced
Rally In Portland Tooay;
Large Crowds Greet
Seattle Speech ;
Word receded from Seattle
Tuesday nlrht Indicated that
Franklin D. Rooseyelt, democratic
presidential candidate, will $peak
from the rear platform o f 1 1 h e
"ItooseTelt Special" when it 'pass
es through Salem late tonight,
provided It is not too late. The
exact time of the candidate' risit
here la uncertain. It will stop at
the Southern Pacific Passenger
station.' i
The Roosevelt democratic
at Portland today will be attended
by a number of local members of
that party, August Huckestejn re
ported last night. Among those ex
peeled to go are Chairman
Marshall and Secretary B. S.
tin of the county democratic!
tral committee, Huckestein, j
neh Bayne and A. M. Dalrymple
Scene That May be Repeated Here
Late Tonight or Early Tomorrow
f r
! j
a 1
Sept. 20. (AP) A tumultous
crowd that packed the huge! civic
auditorium and overflowed! into
an adjoining baseball park tonight
heard Franklin D. Roosevelt re
new his advocacy of a tariff policy
based largely upon negotiation
among nations. j
While the throng cheered j Mr.
Roosevelt said the republican tar
iff policy had caused trade bar
riers to be raised against numer
ous products of the Pacific North
west. He proposed that an inter
national conference be called in
Franklin X. Roosevelt, democratic candidate for the presidency. Is
seen here aboard the Roosevelt Special, which la making a tour
of the west. Roosevelt and the Special will paae through Salem
sometime late tonight or early Thursday morning, depending on
how late the rally in Portland lasts. The candidate haa indicated
he will speak from the train platform here, if his visit la not too
far in the wee 'sma hours. "With the Governor from the left are,
Mrs. Anna Roosevelt Dahl, his daughter, Mrs. James Roosevelt,
danghter-in-law, and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Governor's
wife. In the background Is his son, Jonn.
find iMPnn
in no sun
Prom Prison;
Search Made
Alford Morgan, If, trusty at
the. state penitentiary, , was dis
covered missing at a check-up of
the prisoners at t o'clock UiH
night. He" . was - employed , in the
guard room and the means of his
escape was unknown to officials.
He was sentenced from Multno
mah county, in July, II 2f. after
conviction on a charge of assault
and. robbery with a dangerous
Mnrrin was described br nris-
Salem. Mt. Angel Producers on .official, as being of slight
Duliu, UHl cuuiyicxiuu, wiiu uiue
eye, and brown hair and about
five feet, t laches, la height. He
was wearing t dirk cnecterea
sweater, and white trousers.
An Immediate search Instigated
by . guards failed to reveal any
"Wildcat Seeks to Bring
About Rift; Refuses
To Divulge Plan
Attend but Take Little
Part in Proceedings
Conservative G.O.P.
Candidates Ahead ii
"Service at Cost" Plan is
Held at .Variance With
Commission Order
lisconsin's Piitaary
Thinly veiled attempt' On the
part 6f "Wildcat" Robert Gordon
rbunean to bring about a serious traC0 0f nim
rirt in tne ranks or tne cooper
ative Dairy association member
ship met with poor success in
Portland yesterday when about
22S dairymen met at Duncan's
Monagh Lea golf course .thereto
hear him tell the producers how
they could make more money
from their cows,
Duncan, who -has been firing
broadsides at the co-op associa
tion 'and its manager in radio Terhnirsllv Fppp Pmm hi
broadcasts, had promised in the '
Monday night broadcast to give imprisonment, Refuses
Would Saddle. Inflated and
Obsolete System Upon
City, he Declares
Branding it as a "subterfuge
and "indefensible," Charles M.
Thomas. - public utility commis
sioner of Oregon, hurled shafts of I Carson said yesterday. The two
biting crttlelim at the "service st I men were acquitted last week In
cost" proposed franchise involv- I court here on the indictment of
ing the city of Portland and the J illegal diversion of funds of the
Portland Traction company, in a
their milk checks at the Tuesday
morning meeting.
But Duncan's meeting went up
in the air in less than 10 min
utes for by that time it was evi
dent virtually all of the produ
cers gathered were strongly be
hind the co-op, although not sat
To Leave his Cell
POONA. India. Sept. 20 (AP)
-The Mahatma M. K. Oandhl
partook of an unusually large
meal of fruit, bread and milk Just
before noon today and then.
Ta n o-Vi Iyi or anil InVlnir mt art Ail th
isfled with the present price of hunger trnie whIch he declares
will last until he dies or until the
lnMt. Less Hoarding is Observed Most of Them Have Lttle JllV
platform, to remedy the abnormal
depreciation of the buying power
of the oriental countries.
Crowds Turn Out
For Two Parades
The meeting climaxed a . day
that sent the democratic presiden
tial candidate through two par-
Along With Fewer Bank
Failures in U. S.
(AP) A decided improvement
In ili. nrlt mnIA ItnaHnn an In-
ades past crowds that lined, the I M0 ,a tne mtal held, in, the
curbs four and five deep; through
the heart of Seattle, Tacoma and
United States and a decrease in
Federal Reserve bank credit dur
ing August were reported today In
Conferences and a brief speech tv ,AnMl,, ,Tw 0f th- federal
fc WOT.c.o uiuKtuu Reserve board
fa If V want Inln rVi& anlvltlaa I
that were crowded into Mr. Roose-
The board also said there had
been a decrease in hoarding and
an improvement in banking con
ditions in the United States. Only
85 banks, with deposits of $34,-
morrow night he will speak on i?w'www' 8Penae .AU8.U. v
velt's 11 hours in Seattle.
Shortly after tonight's speech,
he boarded his special train to
journey to Portland, where to-
public utilities.
The crowds that heard his
speech here and packed the streets
to watch his comings and goings
were the largest tbat have seen
the candidate since he left Albany
on his western trip.
131 in July which involved de
posits of $49,877,000 and 158 In
August last year, with deposits of
"The recent inflow of gold
from abroad which began at the
middle of June resulted in an in
crease In- the country's stock of
monetary gold, between June 15
and August 31, of about $175,-
000,000." the board said. "This
increase brought the gold stock to
This is about the same level as
of the second half of 1928 and the
first quarter of 1929 before either
the recent financial crisis or the
Governor Meier vsterdav
sued a proclamation for absolute Prevailing business depression had
closure of 250.000 acres of land begnn to snow useii.
in northeastern Coos county and
northwestern Douglas county, in- Miilz flrivrar fC
eluding virtually all of the wa- UMIC? UllyCl
lutartl,0' Coos r,ver and ,ts tri- Wanted, Report
This closure was requested by
Lynn Cronemiller, state forester,
because of the Tioga forest fire,
which has been raging in that
section of the state for several
Partial closure of 100,000 U. S.-T.
acres in western Douglas county bureau
ordered by
At Jobs Agency
Truck drivers .. and ordinary
teamsters and tractor operators
have been employed through the
M. C. A. Employment
hut vesterdav brought
also was ordered bv Governor I atnnv tha flrat order for a mule
aieier. i nis memoes the western I driver. Assistant Manager Dotson
drainage basin of the Umpqua Immediately obtained a man for
river soum oi scottsburg, togeth-Ithe job.
er with the drainage basin of the j Seventeen prune and three ev'
soutn fork of Coos river in Doug- ergreen blackberry, pickers were
las county. Persons entering placed during the day,, as well as
tnis area must obtain permits. I three laborers and two farm-
The latter closure was ordered I hands.
because of its inexcessability to
iorest patrolmen in case of ; ser
ious fires
To Offer on Lottery
Promotion Charge
milk. In the more- than three
hours that the crowd stayed, only
four persons declared themselves
against the co-op, including a
Portland man who was sued by
the association on a breach of
Duncan Refuses
To Disclose Plan
A lew baiem producers ana a
Mt. Angel man were in the ajidi
ence. but none of these entered
The Salem
Harry Boles and R. W. Clarke.
Indian electoral system is revised
In accordance with his principles.
As he started his death fast the
mahatma was technically a free
man, for the government announ
ced that his prison term. Imposed
several months ago because of
his nationalist activities, was over.
But he elected to remain in his
cell in Yeroda Jail.
The embargo on visitors was
lifted at the same time the "fast
nnto death" began. Among those
who called on the mahatma were
representatives of various Hindu
NEW YORK, Sept. 20
Government lawyers
lodge brothers
J .Davis of
witness stand
federal court today to tell of the
drawings" which the prosecu
tion charges were "lotteries."
Members of the Loyal Order
of Moose, of which Senator Da
vis is director-general, told about
the charity balls held through
out the country in 1930 and
'31, promotion articles and con
tracts for them and drawings for
prises which followed.
But most of them said they
could not remember that Sena
tor Davis had very much to do
with these activities.
The witnesses said they did
Duncan, finding the sentiment
It. .1 7 ' ',, , ' ul Interests and of , the
-. ...t .1 .1. I classes
question-and-answer discussions , -;r " IZlTTZ, o7
ivvvuts na vvni bvusuiguw no Oil
Tej Bahadur Sapru. Mr. Jayakar
called -ordered co-op members off
DES MOINES, la Sept. 20 ln Indian life.
(AP) Nearly two million, farm
era in eleven middle western
; states, hard hit by debts and low
representation for the untouch
ables which may satisfy Mr. Gand
hi and cause him to renounce his
hunger strike.
His fast is in protest atralnst the
electoral system drawn np by the
British cabinet which, he eon
tends, would continue the great
gun which separstes the untouch
ables from the other communities
prices, have been asked to start
,- Wednesday to withhold grain and
tn -i,M whirh th. overn- livestock from markets until pro-
.M .n.t.'. wr n.rt nf . u duce can be sold profiUbly,
gantic lottery in violation of fed-1 Officers here of the national
n.ol law. In vhloh aatl nr lM "u5' " t wioutiaiiwu,
tnt.iun 1200.000 were nsed .. Pointing to the non-selling cam-
O - - 1 . l T - I ..
yewgu. wuitu svaiivu m ivnm au
gust 8, as "the biggest success In
agricultural history," declared
that its extension was predicated
lure to sell $3,000,000 worth of
tickets to the balls. Davis is
charged with conspiracy and aid
ing transportation of lottery tick
ets across state borders.
Announcement of election of
Rev. Qny L. Drill, as successor to
Rev. D. J. Howe, resigned pastor
of the First Christian church here
on aronsin favorabU sentiment WM made yesterday by church of
amom middle westerners and flcials. Rev. Drill will assume the
Silverton Boy is
Infant Paralysis
'the ball will start
that tomorrow
rolling." -
Farmers in Minnesota, Iowa,
Wisconsin, Indiana. Nebraska,
North and South Dakota, Kansas,
yj . . jjj j i iiimois, unio ana uaianoma win
iratient.US WOrCl be asked to Join the movement,
' I l 1 -1- 1 ... ...... 11 llV
the exception of a brief hiatus re-
Dr. Vernon A. Douglas, county cently, has pursued a feverish
health officer, yesterday investl- course.
gated the second case of infan
tile paralysis to be discovered in
Marion county this year. A six-1
year old Silverton boy Is suffer
ing with the disease which has
settled in arms.
The other case was also of a
six-year old Silverton - lad, who 1
will be able to return to school
within a week or, two.
Infantile paralysis, said the doc
tor, is. usually a summer disease
and not likely .to occur as the
weather grows cooler.
pastorate October 1, coming here
from Pendleton, where he has oc
cupied the pulpit of the Firs
Christian church for nine years.
A farewell reception for Rev
and Mrs. Howe, who will probably
leave here early next month, will
be held at the chtfrch tonight at
8:30 o'clock, with the program
to Include musical numbers and
short talks by Rev. Grover C
Blrtchet as president of the local
ministerial asslciatlon: by Judge
M. Thomas and by Fred Wolf,
senior high school principal.
Drum Corps to
Play at Rally
For Roosevelt
Hotel de Minto Will be
Continued Host Asserts
Anticipating that during
coming winter many more tran
sients will pass through Salem
than last year. Chief of Police
the , tie
Capital Post drum corps j has
been engaged to play at the rally
for Governor Franklin D. Roose- Frank Minto nlans to continue
velt at Portland, Manager Tom operation of the flophouse on the
Jim announced last nigni. ine I third floor of the city hall on an
corps will leave here at 30 even larger scale than In the
o'clock this morning and retnain I past, he stated yesterday when
at Portland all day. asked about tha transients' quar-
Looking forward to attending iters
the national American Legion We will do the best we can,'
convention at Chicago. HI., next (he said. "At present we are hav-
year, the corps is Jumping ajt ev-ing trouble getting potatoes and
ery opportunity of earning money onions, for stew. Our meat sup-
to finance the trip, instead oi ais- i ply I( fairly rood
banding nntll spring as Inj the I Financing Hotel de Minto Is
past, tha corps will practice dur- one difficulty now being experi-
Ing alternate months throughout eneed. The 4nly funds available
the winter.
STRESA, Italy, Sept. 2(1
(AP) The Danubian conference
tonight approved in principle a
draft eonventlon recommending
for .purchasing foodstuffs are
those donated by the officers
from -their own ; pockets. The
glass jar used last winter to re
ceive contributions at police
headquarters has been empty for
months, the chief paid.
Within a few weeks, city off I-
among other steps the creation of
a stabilization fund- of 76,00j,00t j eers . will , be a directed to start
gold francs to relieve distress in I cleaning out the "jungles" now
central and southeastern Europe, i existing near the Southern Pad
PORTLAND. Ore, Sept. 20.
(AP) A warrant for the srrest
of C. L. Staley, federal prohibi
tion agent, was Issued here to
day by District Judge J. A. Mears
on a charge of illegally wearing
insignia of Jhe 40 and 8 when he
entered a dugout before making a
raid on the place here September
13, the second day of the Amer
ican Legion national convention.
Thomas A. Sweeney, a member of
passenger station and along "a f4 the com
HCfntA ilAnvn ThFAiir)iAn tYia I J"e
nminM tr.nsJAnt. . hav. Kmti warrant was Issued under
permitted to camp at these at?. Uw P'ohlblUn non-mem-places
as long as they caused no bf" tnm wearing, fraternal in
tmrxMm . - 1 Slgnia.
Chief Minto again warned .,7";',, omciais
aratn.t areedin to the demands Id .51 otUes Of home brewed
of panhandlers. . P1r' " - of "Piked" beer
Nobody should gfve them I . ww, aeizea in
anything."- he declared. "We feed
them over here, any time of the
day. ,.
Police yesterday caught beg
ging on the streets a trio of men
who had been ejected from the
"flophouse" because they refused
to work. The transients are now
being required to work for their
meals, such as at sweeping: out
the hall, cutting, and
wood. ,
the raid.
Booze Gets Boos
In Trouble: Fine
Of $10 Assessed
When Boos drinks boose to the
carrying 1 point of becoming 'intoxicated,
Boos goes to jail and pays a fine.
Hotel de Minto has been, kept land the police take the boose for
open all summer and aceommo- j safekeeping. So learned one Ed
dated from 30 to 70 men each J Boos, who told police he lived In
night. Last water the daily "pa-1 Salem, "v
tronage'Vran well above 100 men! Boos was arrested Monday for
for several months, despite the drinking too much booze and yes-
fact that the , transients- were I terday was fined 419 for the same
permitted- to remain -but one! reason by Municipal Judge Mark
night and receive two meals. . I Poulsen. - -
Further Action
Against Aurora
Men Uncertain
Decision has not yet been
received by the state regarding
further, prosecutions of Dr. B.
F. Giesy and Zeno Schwab, Au
rora bankers. District Attorney
LaFollette Losing to
Former Governor
Walter Kbhler
Organization -.Backed
Men Holding: own
In New York
letter addressed Tuesday to the
Portland city eosncil.
Thomas declared thst the fran
chise violates every recommenda
tion contained in his previous or
der reducing the fares on the
lines of the Portland Traction
company from 10 to 7 cents.
"It is merely a subterfuge
squarely in conflict with the or
der in all essentials." Thomas
letter to the council read. "It Is
indefensible from every conceiv
able angle so far as the public is
concerned. Its enactment- will
only result in making a deplora
ble situation worse. It not only
fails to provide a new and mod
ern transportation system but re
quires the public to pay tor old.
antiquated, worn out equipment
at an unreasonable cost.
Recommendations of
Commission Ignored
'Both the council and the trac
tion company have ignored the
recommendations of the commis
sion and instead of formulating
plans for a modern and adequate
system have tenaciously persisted
In resurrecting the present obso
lete system and' In attempting to
give it the breath of life and re
juvenation through this so-called
service at cost franchise."
Thomas said that because of
his belief that the city council and
traction company would follow
the recommendations of the pre
vious order, the commission has
since objected to bus franchises
- (Tura to page X. eoL I)
(By the Associated Press)
Incomplete returns front prf-
Aurora State bank, .now lnsol-, pot conservative a-
Barnett H.
against the
11 can nominations, with erawat-
IuMaii.Ii,V4 maliMM.
yi &4s--i7a-B- wi sasi myr7s-mB
prosecutor in the first case. The
gresslonal candidates la npstata
iVZ T" u."ly " attacks on their differing prowi-
hslf hours before
not guilty verdict.
returning a
n i mi
HI 16
AURORA. Sept. 20 (Special)
Final decision on rerouting the Pague of Scio.
Paclfle highway through Aurora
is expected to be reached at a
mass meeting to be held here
Tuesday afternoon, September
27, at 2 o'clock, at the council
This announcement was made
here today following a confer
ence of highway officials with
the cltisens committee, compos
ed of George Wuster, J. W. Sad
ler and J. M. Well. Highway
officials here today to go over
the routes with the citizens'
committee included Chief Engin
eer Baldock and Assistant En
gineer Chandler of Salem: and
Mrs. Charles Runyon Heads
Group; Finds Increase
In Party Interest
PORTLAND. Ore., Sept 20
(AP)-! Mrs. Charles E. Runyon
of Portland was elected chairman
of the women of the republican
state central committee at their
organization meeting here today,
Mrs. R. E. Bondursnt of Portland
was elected secretary.
. "I guess it required a visit to
Portland by the democratic can
didate for the presidency to get
the republican women Interested
In the pending campaign, but
henceforth there will be no let
up," Mrs. Runyon said.
"Four years ago the women ac
counted for more than IS per cent
of the Oregon votes east for Hoo
ver. Like the campaign of 1128,
women hare a keen Interest In
this one. We like Hoover's plsn
for resubmission of prohibition
and the barring of the saloon bet
ter than we like the outright re
peal plans of the democrats.
Among uose present at today s
meeting were Mrs. F. B. South
wick of Salem and Mrs. Donald
Unhappy in their Tacoma.
Wash., home, two mid-teen a;e
girls ran awsy Monday with a
goal of getting 850 miles away
from home. Their Journey ended
at the 214-mile msrk, howevsr. at
Division Enalneer Younr of Ore- tne Salem police station y?-terda
iron Cltv arterneon. a motorist pirxeM
The hlehwav encineers will lav tnem up Between nere ana Fort-
the report of the conference to-1 'ana ana nrougni mem to me io-
day before the highway commis- c station.
bltion views.
With almost a sixth of th
state heard from, former Gover
nor Walter J. Kohler was lead
ing Governor Philip F LafaV
lette of Wisconsin by about 31.-
000 votes for the republican gu
bernatorial nomination. For tto
republican senatorial nomination,
John B. Chappie, Ashland edi
tor, clung to a lead of about
000 over Senator John S,
Blaine, despite the Incumbent's
Inroads into his early two-to-ore
Lieutenant Governor Willi r4
S. Youngman continued to roll
up a big plurality In Massachu
setts for the republican guberna
torial nomination. He had a
lead of more than 10,000 votes
over Frank A. Goodwin on tto
basis of early returns.
Regulars Winning
Regardless of Boose
In New York. Representative
Frank Crowther, a prohibition
ist, of the 30th district: Walter
G. Andrews, a repeallst. of th
40th district; Frederick M. Da
venport, with a record for pro
hibition, in the 33rd district:
Ruth Baker Pratt of the 17th.
all republicans, were renominat
ed. Philip A. Goodwin, an or
ganisation repabHeaa, was nomin
ated In the 27th district, whoro
prohibition did not figure tn
three cornered fight.
Representative James U.
Mead of Buffalo was renominat
ed democratic candidate from tho
42nd district.
Contests for democratic sem
ination for three congressional
seats in Brooklyn were won s-r
organlzatlon candidates. They
were George W. Lindsay In ta
third district, Patrick J. Carley
In the eighth, and Emanuel Cei
ler in the tenth.
Voting was heavy In Massa
chusetts and Wisconsin with the
Democrats turning out in tao
state in unexpected
Mayor A. G. Schmedo-
Madlson took the lead fer
the democratic gubernatorial
nomination in Wisconsin. F. Ry
an Duffy was unopposed for the
democratic senatorial nomination
in that cute.
Massachusetts democrats re
nominated Governor Joseph B.
Ely who wss unopposed.
slon prior to the mass meeting
here next week, and the com
mission is -expected to present
its decision to Aurora people
at the mass gathering for final
SEATTLE, Sept. 21 (AP)
(Wednesday) The special train
carrying Gov. Franklin D. Roose
velt and his party, with Portland
the next stop, pulled out of King
street station for the south st
midnight. It is due st Portland
at 7:30 a. m.
Gains were made In senior high
school registration yesterday but
in grade schools the total enroll
ment remained approximately the
same as on Monday, school offi
cials announced. Before the week
is up. enrollment In all the
schools is expected to be increas
ed over the opening day.
While no check of records at
the high school was made Prin
cipal Fred Wolf said he believed
the enrollment yesterday reached
the figure of Jast year's first day
registration, -1157. An schools
will report on their latest enroll
ment today. It was reported at
the superintendents office.
Hotel Register
Is New Medium
j For Propaganda
Partisanship in the school con
solidation fight was Indicated jres-
terday on the Marion hotel register.
" H. J. Kalisky registered from
I17 X.-
O. B. Kerth registered f r m
M31 X."
The -first number Is the "no
vote on the merger measure; the
letter the "yes", rote.
- Kalisky lives la Eugene. Kerth
lives in Albany.
The girls. Elsie Larson. 14. and
Billle Peterson. 15. were taken tn
charge, fed and housed for the
night by Mrs. Myra Shank, police
matron, who also telegraphed
word of their apprehension to he
Parents of one of the girls are
divorced and of the other, separ
ated, the two told the police ma
tron. They related to her their
story of being unhappy and want
ing to get far awsy from Tacoma.
The only luggage carried by the
girls consisted of two small bun
Livestock Exhibits Will
Oveitlow Space at Fan
A bumper crop of livestock ex
hibits, the biggest on record at
the Oregon state fair, has been
entered and threatens to not only
use np all regular space but
overflow the emergency quarters.
When the 71st fair opens next
Monday morning for six full days
ending Saturday night there win
be splendid showings in every de
partment, comparable to or in ex
cess of former years, with the
possible exception of the rabbit
show. Just why bunny Isn't hold
ing his own fair, officials haven't
decided, bnt is possible the low
prices offered tor rabbit meat and
fur are to blame.'
The list of Judges announced
by Mrs. Ella S. Wilson, director of
exhibits, reveals that so effort
has been spared to obtain compe
tent men. Many of them are In
ternatlona authorities. Most of
them are well-known to regular
exhibitors here. "
C. E. Howell of Davis, Califor
nia, will Judge horses. J. C. Knott
of - Pullman, Wash., will Judge
Jersey and Guernsey cattle. XL W.
Atkenson of Moscow, Idaho, will
Judge Holstein, Brows Swiss and
Ayrshire . cattle. Frank Brown of
The Hollywood community
club, which has sponsored a
number of important moves la
Salem's dvie life, started another
one at its meeting last night
when it passed a resolution urg
ing the construction of additions
to the Englewood and Highland
school buildings.
It wss the dub's attitude that
this program would not only
provide much needed space for.
pupils, but would provide work
for a number of Salem idle
men and relieve the economic
situation. Furthermore, it wss
felt that with prices for material
and wages at a low ebtC boo
would bo an advantageous tins
to build.
However, the club will not
place this matter before tbo
school board on Its own Initio-
Carlton. Oregon, will judge beef
C. W. Hickman of Moscow, Ida
ho, and Virgil McWhorter of Pros-
wot a. tin m V
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