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; VAiL H Ktf WX ril feCV- 'V ' ; " WEATHER; ' Tj ! '
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- Salem, Oregon; Tuesday Morning, July 26, 1932 '.,'C;:..-r -V;;"-yt':.l"l..Vi .: . ": No. 103 (
lj" 1
... ,
Trindle Receives Word From
McNary; Early Action'
Is how Expected
No Decisions Until Hoover
Fills two Positions on
Board, Meier Told
The recoDstmction finance cor
poration is now studying: the ap
plication of Salem fori a loan in
connection with the proposed
water system purchase and devel
opmept. Senator Charles L. Mc
Nary ' Informed City Attorney
Trlndle yesterday in a wire from
Washington. "Final action will
not be taken until the president
fills two vacancies now existing
on the board," the senator
added. -
Trlndle expressed himself as
well pleased with the word from
the capital and said it Indicated
that action might be forthcoming
The city attorney also received
word from Congressman W. C.
Hawley that the request of the
city for a loan had come to his
attention and would receive im
mediate action on his part.
Governor Is Also
Told of Status
Meanwhile Governor Julius L.
. Meier received word from George
H. Cooksey, secretary vof the cor
poration, that no loans or advan
ces will he made under the
amended reconstruction finance
relief act recently passed by con
gress, until President Hoover has
named two additlonl members
and necessary procedure has been
Similar telegrams were said to
have been sent toJ the governors
a alt af o faa
"The Reconstruction Finance
uoo? a1vlnnd?rp"cha;
emergency relief and construction
act of 1932 for funds for relief
purposes and for advances to aid
in financing self liquidating pro
jects," Cooksey's telegram . to
Governor Meier read.
"The law has Just been enact
, 7 t, necessary
lJ LkinS tav7a?c?
under it has not been established.
The board desires to consider ap
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(AP) Five thousand emnlovea
of the federal department of
labor were notified today that
for the next 48 weeks they will
work onlr five dav a wir
Secretary Doak, a firm be-
Hever In the shorter work week,
announced that division chief f
the department Aad decided un- Governor Meier refused to cpm
naimouslr upon the tian to dolment Monday night on newspaper
away with lengthy compulsory
Each employe will be charged
with one-half day weekly against
the 24 day furlough made nec
essary by the salary cut ordered
bu congress.
The plan will affect 5532 em
ployes, of which 958 ae station
ed In Washington.
The field service of the navy
department, the government
printing office and day workers
of the District of Columbia al
ready are on the five day week.
Other government departments
have rejected the plan, saying
it did not fit their needs.
Salesman Faces
, . "
Sfrmi ClhaT&(
ucuuu,i uai5c,
; Crah TC Fatal
A dtcxi
PORTLAND, Ore., July 25
AP) Byron E. Luckey. 20.
Portland, salesman, was charged
with involuntary manslaughter In
a complaint filed In circuit eourt
here today. The charge resulted
' from the death of Mrs. Maude
Williams, 39, In an automobile
accldent late Sunday. .
- The complaint was signed by
Charles Williams, the widower.
Ball for Luckey was set at szauu.
- The complaint charged Luckey
was operating his automobile in
a reckless manner and at high
speed when It struck the Williams
UiUrs TPirma-r ic
A U a 14 IS as iiiwi a ...
:flrfa'A rianh I motion for an arrest of Judgment
fOreOL ZO UCcllHltnA motion for a new trlaL The
EMMETT. Idaho. July 25
(AP) The body of Charles C
Sherman.vrJ, trampled and gored
hv a Kilf w. tannA in a nastnre
a abort distance from his home
today hy a searchlnc party which
aaa rjU aavacal aaaza uarliec
Pretty Esthohian Aviatrix to v
Be Co-Pilot on Atlantic Hop
AR j$v -7r?:i it I .T-v-i
Miss Elvy Kalep, pretty Eathonian aviatrlx, k shown going over the
route she will take with Roger Q. Williams (Inset), noted Amer
ican flyer, on their projected flight from Xew York to Athens,
Greece, or as far beyond as circumstances permit. The fliers plan to
follow the Great Circle course over Smyrna and will use the old
"Liberty" plane in which Hilli and Hoiriis flew to Copenhagen
last year. They will rechrlsten
California Forces Drivers
To buy Licenses; Meier
Makes no Comment
ASHLAND, Ore., July 25.
(AP) Numerous Oregon motor
ists who have delayed purchasing
Vt 14 Aiitnm linn...
platea nportl to state pollce nere
tx7 were stopped in Calif
ornia Sunday and compelled to
buy California licenses or to leave
their cars until they were satis
factorily licensed.
Many local motorists, who had
gone into California for a Sunday
drive, returned with the report
they had to buy a $3 license
and pay $1 for registration.
MEDFORD. Ore., July 25.
(AP) Members of the Medford
baseball team, which played at
Hilt, Cal., Sunday, and several
ran wn accompanied the team
reported to police today they had
been compeled by California state
police to buy California licenses
for those cars which were still
being driven under the old 1931
32 Oregon license. , i
I reports from Medford that Ore-
gon motorists, whose cars were
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MaMTNNVILLE. Ore- July 25
I (AP) Dr. Elam J. Anderson,
now president of Linfield college,
will be formally welcomed by
Uerson formerly was head of the
American school m Shanghai.
Welcoming exercises will be
held in the clty park between
nd :S0 o'oek tomorrow
afternoon. Members of the coni-
mlttee in charge said today vlr-
tT,any aU business houses In the
clty would be cl086d daring the
I PORTLAND, Ore., July 25
I f AP) C. A. DeGrace, ylce-pres-
I ident of the Prudential Baneor-
I poratlon, convicted last Friday or
la charge of devising a scheme to
I defraud in the sale of securities.
i wn sentenced today to serve
I four years in the state penlten
I tiarv and fined 11000.
I sentence was passed by Circuit
jndga T. E. J. Duffy, of Bend,
I Ore-; sitting on the Muitnoman
county bench.
I Attorneys for the defense were
I riven until Ansrust 8 to file
motion for a new trial will be ar-
rued August 10. .
I ,
I NEWPORT. Ore., July 25
I (AP) Oregon veteran of the
war with Spain were renewing old
friendships at the 24th annual en-
the plane "Olympia."
Robert Boynton of Brooks
Victim of Accident
Near Woodburn
When the automobile which he
was driving skidded In loose gra
vel, Robert R. Boynton, 26. son of
Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Boynton of
Brooks, was fatally Injured, and
he died shortly before 3 o'clock
while being rushed by ambulance
to a local hospital.
The accident occurred in the
Whiskey hill district three miles
east of Woodburn. The car, ac
cording' to report of State Police
Officer Farley Mogan who invest!
gated, was going too fast to nego
tiate a right turn near a bridge
Miss Stella Schoenecher, whom
Boynton was taking home, sus
tained a fractured collar bone.
and Paul Girod, well known base
ball player, suffered cuts and
No funeral arrangements had
been made late last night. The
body Is at the Rigdon mortuary
Boynton leaves, besides the par
ents, two brothers, James of
North Bend and Paul of Brooks,
and two sisters, Mrs. Helen Rents
of Brooks and Mrs. Elsie Volke of
Fete Linfield President
DeGrace Gets Four Years
Veterans Are Reunited
Highway Aid is Sought
eampment here today. Visiting
the encampment, which opened
Sunday, were a few veterans
from Washington. Idaho and Cal
ifornia. Memorial services for departed
comrades were held Sunday even
ing. Felicitations from National
Commander Lunn were delivered
by General Graves, his personal
representative on the coast. The
memorial address was given by
the Rev. I. G. Shaw, of Cottage
Grove, himself a veteran. Rev.
Shaw deplored the recent action
et ex-service men In attempting
to "intimidate congress and con
gratulated the Spanish-American
war veterans on their record of
supporting the government.
, MEDFORD, Ore., July. 25
(AP) Representatives., from Eu
gene, Ashland, Grants Pass and
Medford met here today and
started a move to obtain funds
from the federal relief bill to fi
nance reconstruction of the Slskl
yon section of the Pacific high'
The meeting was called by 34
Bailey, president of the Pacific
highway association. A commit
tee was named to interview Carl
O. Washburn, : member of the
state highway commission, prior
to the next meeting- of the com
mission. Members of the commit
tee are C E. Gates. Medford
chairman; C H. Demaray, Grants
I. Pass; and Mayor J. E. Thornton
Nine men Placed in Jail
Out of 100 who Joined
- In Bonus Parade i
Leader of Radical Wing is
One; Inciting Riot is
Charged to Group
Another attempt to picket the
White House by members of the
radical wing of the bonus army
was . broken up today with pollce
clubs after a half hour's sporadic
fighting along Washington's busi
est thoroughfares.
At the end of the melee, wit
nessed by thousands of govern
ment workers who were out for
lunch, nine of the hundred-odd
men who marched to parade were
In Jail. The others were scattered
and leaderlees.
Among those hauled away in
patrol wagons were John Pace, of
Detroit, leader of the left wingers,
and his first lieutenant, Walter
Eiker, of Washington, D. C. Eiker
was chased up a tree near Penn
sylvania avenue and came down
only when the blue coats threat
ened to shake him out.
Both were charged with incit
ing a riot. They were out of
Jail on bond for a previous at
tempt to picket the executive
Others arrested were John
Dmetrick, New York; Sylvester
McKinney, Washington, D. C,
David Bubb, Washington, D. C;
Louis Priovolos, New York:
Frank Thomas, Portland, Ore.:
George Represas, who said he
had no address, and Albert Ger
showitx, New York.
Authorities went ahead with
plans to evict the
more con-
seryative bonus - seekers from
kucir umtM uu iuu near rau- i
sylvania avenue, several blocks
from the scene of today's fight
W. W. Waters.leader of that
faction, said his men would offer
passive resistance if force were
usea. his louowing onviousiy was
much thinner than last week
as more than &000 of the veter-
ans have taken advantage of
transportation loans offered by
the government.
,aVT rai i7;. wZ4 t7
(AP) Federal Judge McNary to-
Wkrtvfrw i vrt f W aP
lux cuuiisicwrr bu uiucr ui
Charles M. Thomas, public utlli
ties commissioner, reducing, the
Pacific Northwest Public Service
company's streetcar fares from
10 to 7 cents.
The order sustained the find
ings of Oliver P. Coshow, special
master in chancery In the com
pany's suit against the commis-
sloner. It permanently enjoined
enforcement or the commission-
era order.
Attaches of the public utilities
commission Monday refused to
comment on the opinion of Judge
McNary of the United States dis
trict eourt in Portland, In which
he reversed the order of Charles
M. Thomas, utilities commis
Thomas left Salem last night
for Seattle where he is - attend
ing the grain rate hearing before
the Interstate commerce commis
sion. , ,
Repeal of Bone
r t v v
UrV Indiana LiaW
. r .
UeiS traST tlOUSe
(AP) A bill reneallna- some
of the most drastic prolslons of
the Wright "bone dry law, the isurexa; ivar Torrey, sacramen
sute Honor enforcement actr was to; and Louis L. Brown.. Fern-
nassed t o d a v bv the Indiana
bona of ranreaentatlvss. !
The vote was 58 to ISA The
bill now roes to the senate.
Tt wnnld danv laananca of war-
rants for liquor raids on hearsay
evidence and legalise the sale of
medical whiskey.
Want Roosevelt
In Many States
NEW YORK. July 25 (AP)
An intensive stamping tour Into
even the most remote corners of
the nation Is being urged on Gov
amor Roosevelt. : "
State leaders from coast to
mailt have - flooded democratic
hAadfluarters with demands that
the sarty s sUndard bearers visit
Held to Blame,
For Brutality
Here is Deputy . Chief of Police
Frank Tappen of Xasau conn
tv. X. Y who la one of the r
principal figures In the invest!- I
cation into the alleged tnird I
degree" death of Hyman Stark, I
hold-no suspect accused of beat-
lna Mrs. Valeria Hlxenskl, I
mother of a count v detective. I
Tappen and 12 other officers
bave been Indicted on various
charees in connection with
Stark's death.
B , tftf I I
Men neiUmmg lO WOrK ai
Factories, General
Upturn is Noted
(By the Associated Press)
Favorable business develop-
menlfl 0Ter the nation today in
RICHMOND, Va. A thousand
workers, unemployed for many
weeks, return, with the Export
Leaf Tobacco company Increasing
its payroll 100 per cent and the
Du Pont Rayon plant at Ampthll
reeumlng operations.
CHICAGO Patrick H. Joyce,
resident of the Chlcaxo and
oreat Western railroad, reports
ctodb along the road's Tight of
ways were In the best condition In
years. A substantial Increase in
roalroad traffic, especially If farm
prices are good, was predicted by
More than 500 looms start In Gro
i venordale mills, and officials said
night forces would be added soon
United Air Lines
report all coast to coast airplane
passenger records broken last
hk tb transportation of
nMMMmMae9 dallv on the svs-
HAMMOND. Ind. Larae or-
ders for catalogues, school books
and otner prodncUl-sufflcIent to
warrant increasing the operating
personnel are reported by the W
B. Conkey Publishing company.
WEBSTER, Mass. Work was
given to at least 200 persons with
the Tiffanv Wnnlan nlant at Rar.
ryriUe startlnc to onerate full
SPRINGFIELD. 111. The state
hlrhwav danartment announce.
8400 men are at work in Illnola
j on highway construction Jobs, a
considerable Increase over recent
Six Dead fline
r Missing After
. Crait Wrecked
EUREKA, Cal.. July 25 (AP)
I Six persons were known to be
dead, three others ' missing, and
nine were safe, out of a party of
lis pleasure seekers wrecsed sun-
near the mouth of Eel river
1 woeu ir speeay uoiorooai was
eapsixed on the ocean bar.
i am suu waoae ouaiei uaa
been recovered late today were J.
B. Morganti, Eureka; Mrs. J. B.
I Morganti. Eureka; E. de Bernar-
Id!, Eureka; Mrs. E. de Bernard!,
Those missing were Robert
lorrey, . son oi ivar orrey;
Jme Pennington, i. son or nr.
and Mrs. George Becker. Fern
dale; and Stafford Heney, 17.
Heusser Pickle
Case Appealed
An appeal was filed Monday
with the county clerk as an out
growth of a verdict returned by a
Jury in circuit court whereby Karl
- iieusrer waa given an awara oi
$1171 from Llbby, MeNelll and
I unoy in a picaie coniracr, case.
I neusser s .ongmai -suu was ior
I $3000,. but was later , reduced
i mrougn mierpreiaiioa oi me con
i aai a) a a. . .
i uoraon
Arrives in Labrador After
Hop From Greenland;
Chicago is Goal
Doolittle Makes Flight to
Commemorate Event of
157 Years ago
CARTWRIGHT, Labrador, July
25 (AP) The German aerial
trail blater. Captain Walfrang
Von Gronau, today completed his
.third flight from Germany to
America by the Arctic route when
I he brought his flying boat down
in Independence harbor at 5:45
p. m.. Eastern Standard time.
Captain Von Gronau had taken
off from Ivigtut harbor, Green-
tana, at s:za a. m.. so mat ne
completed the (00-mile water
jump in eignt nours and twenty
minutes. It was understood he
planned to continue on to Mon-
treal, another thousand miles, to-
The German flier and his three
companions, Gert Von Roth, sec
ond pilot; Fran i Hack, mechanic
and Frits Albrecht, wireless oper
ator, left List, Isle of Sylt, Ger-
many, Friday, stopped twice in
Iceland before flying to Jnliane-
haab, Greenland, and then to Ivig
NEWARK. N. J.. July 25
(AP) Over a domain Gafe
TIMUlUgbVU bl Ol OVU tauviiuuDi;t
J m akin art s vt ta w ao Aj4 1 O KrtMiTa I
Major James Doolittle flew be
tween an early breakiast ana a
late dinner today to commemorate
the 167th anniversary of the
founding of the U. S. postal
With Anne Madison Washing-
ton, great-great-great grand niece
of the first president, and A. F.
Maple, representing the aeronau
tical chamber of commerce, he ar
rived at Newark airport at 8:20
(Eastern Standard Time) tonight.
18 hours and 65 minutes after he
jeft Boston this morning.
PORTLAND. Ore.. July 25
(AP) Henry Bennett, 34, who
was killed In a pistol duel with
two police officers here last night,
was wanted here for a least one
holdup and at Taklma, Wash., on
a grana larceny enarge, ponce saia
W. E
W. E. McBride, night agent at
a Southern Pacific depot here, and
Mrs. E. D. Rice, day agent, idenU-
fied the slain man as the one who
July 12 cruelly beat McBride with
a heavy, 14-lnch bolt in an at
tempted holdup. He fled without
taking anything, unable to com
pletely disable McBride.
The dead man was identified by
three relatives, including the wi-
dow. Mrs. Ada Bennett. 27. Fol
lowing his identification, police
I announced they were looking for
I Fred Morris. 25. ex-convlct at the
I Washington state penitentiary, as
I tae mn WBO WM witn Bennett
but who escaped when the offi
cers' ammunition supply became i
exhausted during the battle.
Shriners Flock
For Convention
fAP) Tens of thansands of fas-1
sed Shriners today took posses -
slon of a eitv decorated en all
sides with flats and bnntln. tall
obelisks and simulated oriental
rugs in honor of the convention
and "national demonstration of
optimism" here et the ancient
Arabic order, nobles of the mys-
tie shrine.
,Althourh the eonventlon nroo -
er will not start until tomorrow,
Shriners were here, and the
city was well aware of It.
Two Salem Lads Quality
On State Junior Tourney
PORTLAND. July 25 (AP)
Kenneth Dougherty and Max
Stoddard split medalist honors
In the Qualifying round ot the
Juniors division of the Oregon
golf association's junior cham
pionship tournament which open
ed on the Riverside course hare
today. Each carded 72.
, Patsy McXenna. led a field
of 27 girls by nine strokes to be
come medalist in. the girls' divi
sion ' with . an 12. June Bryant
was second with a 91.-
In the boys division Fitxhugn
Ashe. led. a field of 111 by one
stroke, carding 77. Harold Sal
vador and Erliag Jscobsea were
one stroke behind him.
i Ua imn:AAMmAa
lillC MUJI
Accompanies Verdict
Vacant House is
Badly Damaged
In Night Blaze
The vacant house at 18C5
South Commercial caught fire In
an unknown manner late Mon
day night and gained much head
way before the fire department
could be summoned, but the
blare was extinguished in short
order when the firemen arrived.
The tire climbed up through
garrett and took out about
half of the roof on the north
wing of the house,' also burning
a rug which was on the first
floor. The house was held by
the firemen to be of little value
because it was old and they
stated there was nothing In It to
be damaged by the water.
Trainmen Hurt but ten or
15 Free Passengers'
Bodies Sought
(AP) All available wrecking
crews, and. equipment, were, at
work tonight searching the wreck-
ago of 40 Big Four railroad
freight cars believed to contain
the bodies of between 10 and 15
train riders. - 1 -
The freight, made up of 100
cars of merchandise, was rounding
curve at a mlle-a-minute clip
when one of the cars left the rails.
Forty cars from the middle of the
train followed suit; tearing up
1500 feet of double trackage and
forcing rerouting of all traffic un
til probably tomorrow at noon.
Workmen said that most of the
wreckage would have to be clear
ed away to determine If any of
the train riders were killed.
The wreck occurred at 4:55
p.m., eight miles west of Belle-
fontaine. The cause had not been
determined tonight, i
William Boyer, home unknown,
and Conductor R. E.; Wells, of In-
dianaoolls. were hronrht to a la-
cai hospital suffering from severe
While there was no definite
i check on the number of train- I home of Carl Wilson, city police- I
riders aboard the train, erewlmaa.
I members said that rrnnn of Ha-
tween 10 and 20 mea boarded th.
freight at a bridge about a halt
mile west of Bellefontaine.
WW a XTTt aX - T s. u a
brate his list wedding anniver
sary tomorrow by attempting to
ride a surf hoard from Portland to j
Salem. The trip is; scheduled to
start at 7:39 a.m. ;
West rode his first smrf board
three years ago and since then
has become very proficient in the
1 West was anxiously awaited
I here all day Monday, he having
first announced ho would make
I the trip that day. Numerous In -
I Qslries along the Una failed to
I nn waee or mm unui in tne ev -
eviag It was learned In Portland
he had not started.
In Salem he plans to attend a
1 family re-union ana "tase isncn
i wa ia wumor i a g u
Invitation." He is expected nereilty f as actual holiday et fa- i
about 5 p.m.
Scores Included: j
Juniors: Rex Ft mberten, 79;
Dick Prlece, 30; Wlnfleld Need-
ham. 80; Millard Groves. 1 1 :
Walter CUne. SI: Bill Demenway.
Erwin Edwards, 94; Larry
BalUdelL 17.
i -
. A score
of 19 or better was
ouallfy for the Cham -
aadaA tn analtf
plonshlp night la the Junior
Bmk... f.runi and TMcV
pi.vm m-nA triartaM Kajuiham
p.i t v. n
Millard Groves and Walter CUne,
expected to be Salem's strongest
entries, are eliminated from mat
Jury . out Nine Hour j
Defendant Shows f
No Emotion 1
Trial of Ripley Upon
Same Charge Will
Start Today
"Guilty as charged," with a
recommendation of life tarwri
eonsnent as the seatence, was
the verdict brought tn agaiat
Dupree Poe, charged with the
murder of Night Officer Iver
soa of Silverton, whew the Jury,
reported at 12:15 o'clock thfe
The recommendation Is man
datory upon Judge Wilson, who
will sentence Poe Thursday a
9 o'clock.
The Jury had been out about
nine hours, having retired shortly
after 3 o'clock.
Poe, in the courtroom when the
verdict was read, showed bo visi
ble sign either of pleasure that
his life was to be spared, or cha
grin that he must face a lifetime
in prison.
Trial of Robert Ripley, Jointly
Indicted with Dupree Poe and
Frank Manning for the murder of
Night Officer Iverson, is sched
uled to start this morning at 9
o'clock before Judge Fred W.
Wilson. District Attorney Caron
and Lyle Page, deputy, will han
dle the prosecution while Chris J.
Kowlts will be the defense- at
torney. Frank Manning, principal wit
witness for the state in the Poe
case, is expected to take the stand
against Ripley. He declares that
Ripley with Poe and himself went
to Silverton the night of May 1,
1931, and thst Ripley accosted
Iverson as the letter walked down
(Tufn to page 2, coL 1)
ASTORIA. Ore., July 35. ;
(AP) Charges of attemptiaa ta
bribe a police officer were filed ',
today against City Commissioner .
William Uannlla. arrested Rua-"
oy Joe Dimitrell, In to
I The charxes were filed by r
Chief of Police John Acton. Bail- ;
(or the two men was set at
$2000 each. Chief Acton accused
Commissioner Msnnlla .of at
tempting to bribe Patrolman C
per Leding to "go easy" ea
prohibition enforcement. ,
Aeton said Msnnlla was , ar
rested in Wilson's home where
pre-arranged conference be
tween Leding and Mannlla was.
Itnessed by Acton, Wilson and a
citizen whose name was not re
Mannlla Issued a counter ac-
CHICAGO. July 25 (AP) A
eountar-attaek on the validity ef
1 the grain futures act will be tse
J board of trade's rejoinder te av
1 co-day padlock order.
I Beneath the din of trading t
the big grain pita of the wwtid
I largest cereal market today could
i ba heard an undercurrent ef us
i ejted specuution on the posaisii- t
tures trading.
The business as nsuar sign
hung in the trading hall on thw
board's new skyscraper heme te
day, for the government smspen- :,
slon decree does not become i- I.
teetlve until August t.
And that sign. President Peter
B. Carey Indicated, wCl aaa est
until this year's crop Is market 1
and perhaps another harvest,
too. For the board of trade at
toraeyi were busy drafting a - .
titloa to the U.S. circuit eourt of
appeals ehauengmr me eouai-
1 1 tutionaiity oi tna grain inirv ,
I the penalty of days shutdown. 4
1 The court action will be takes, i
act ajia aiMJajrvuii, ui mw 1 t
J probably by Wednesday.
af I LA GRANDE. Ore- Jury SB
IP) CvrU S Dears. 19. died to
I day from a buUet wound receive i
j Sunday la the aidmUKl-
i enarge "'''r
I pistol with which he was pUytnab-
i .
i -i
laeir particular sevuvus. ,w uki. .j .
! ' ' , ' .. ' : .
' . v - :. I :