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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon. Thnrsday Morning, July 14. 1932
eats Nelson,
8 , . -
- i ; .
. 1 i I -
Early Rematch Explained as
"Now or Never" Affair;
Others Wanted it
CAP) Robin Reed, of Reeds
port, Ore., defeated Doe Nelson,
ot Atlanta, Ga., In a rough -wrestling
boat her tonight. Ho won
two of th three falls.
Reed won the first fall In It
minutes with a series of whip
wristlocks and finishing with a
flying tackle. Nelson won the
second In 9 minutes with a head
lock and Reed took the final tall
In It minutes.
Matchmaker Harry Plant and
members of the Salem boxing
and wrestling commission pre
sumably beared Individual and
collective sighs of relief Wednes
day night upon learning that
Robin Reed had clung to his
.world welterweight title In a bout
at Portland and therefore was in
position to risk It again here next
Tuesday night against Henry
Jones at the armory.
That Just about completes ar
rangements for the. bout, which
will oecur only 15 days after the
history-making battle for the
am crown which Reed and
Jones waged at the fairgrounds
July 4. winding up In a draw aft
er the pair had engaged in one
of the most grueling mat contests
ever witnessed here, punctuated
with fireworks that put the usual
Independence day pyrotechnics In
the shade.
Fans, perhaps, are wondering
Why Reed and Jones hare been
matched again so soon after that
unparalleled battle. There are
two reasons, either of which
would be entirely sufficient In It
self. '
Reed is billed to wrestle In the
middle west again week after
next, and the date for this re
match Is the very latest that he
could be persuaded to stay here.
It has to be July 18 or neTer.
- And In the second place, var
ious other cities were bidding for
the rematch, egged on by the re
ports of an 8000 crowd here on
the Fourth. So Salem had to get
In Its bid early and make it high
higher than for the first bout.
I Reed this times gets a guarantee
j of $(00.
I Evidence that th matfhmaVnr
I and the commission hara nt
fj4mAKE Waners out eli
I the Pirate lineup and the
Bucs a" push-'
' over." J said Rogers Hornsby re
cently while discussinethe strength
of various western dubs.
And t there's ; much m what
Hornsby says, particularly in the
case of Paul Waner who is batting
at a .375 dip and appears to be
slugging bis way to the National
League batting championship, as
. honor he has coveted' since he
. topped . the league ' in 1927, his
second season in the pi? show.
- The sudden surge of the Pirates
in this year's pennant race has
been due in part to Paul's hitting
comeback.- Last year his batting
. fell off to a dangerous degree. His
slums was blamed by .sanr on the
belief that Paul, always a student
of pitching, was try ins to outguess
.the enemy huriera, . Paul denied
Paul Wamer falmMm
HirsMim, who is afte HV J
Yeas ?
, ,4 v W
' t Feiure Srmfice. lac, Cat Briain righn wtfJai0Ml..Z J V ft
misjudged popular Interest in a
reappearance of this pair Is found
In the clamor for tickets that
started 'Wednesday. Immediately
following announcement that the
bout was arranged. !
:- Some fans doubt It the armory
will hold all those who want to
see this match. With extra seats
Installed It will teat 2400, which
Is considerably under the capac
ity needed If the crowd trying to
get In should equal that which
witnessed the first match. This
capacity will, however, permit the
commission to make good on Its
mxsicah uacnra
w. i p. w. u re.
H. T. 56 S .683 Waik. 4S SI .543
Clw'4 47 SS .888 Bt, I 41 .488
PallaS. .41 87 .885 CUer J8 81 .150
Detroit .44 85 .657 Boston 19 81 j.388
fAPl The Athletics lost tlmlr
fourth straight came to Cleve
land today, the Indiana takinr a
ten Inning contest 7 to I. There
were rive home runs In the game,
including two by Simmons.
Cleveland 7 14 1
Philadelphia S 10 1
Hlldebrand and Sewell: Ma-
haffey, Grove and Cochrane.
Solon Drab Hose
SUU slugging the ball furious
ly Washington defeated Chicago
today IB to 4 behind the steady
pitcning or Monte weaver.
Chicago ... 4 t
Washington IS it
Lyons. Carawav. Evans and
Orube: Weaver and Soencer. Ma
Babe Hits No. 25
Home runs by Babe Ruth and
jrranjc urosetu behind the seven-
hit Ditching of Georre P5ntrr
gave New York a K to S decision
over st. Louis today. The homer
was Ruth's 85th ot the season.
St. Louis a 1 A
New York K 7 l
. Hebert, Gray, Klmse and Fer
rell; Plpgras and Jorgens.
Whitehill Too Wild '
BOSTON, July 13 (APJ
Boston defeated Detroit, 8 to 7,
today. Whitehfll, starting Tiger,
was wild and was hit hard.
Detroit 7 11 1 1
Boston 8 t i 0
WhitehlU, Wyatt and Ruel;
Andrews, Durham, Moore and
, Connolly. i
Big Poison" of
this, saying that he was in there
taVlfl kia Aa4 mm aVmam mm
jart in one of tho6 slump! which
1.11 v:aA
mu. AAbbcrs experience occasionally.
I.a a.' - -
Anyway nia comeback has been
a boon to Manager George Gibson
Since the training season Gibson
has been f oreed to do some tall ex
perimenting and has faced various
j , , ?r. 001 aespite au tnat he
tum i uie navo progresaea.
Getting back te Toiann
this young man has had a remark
able batting record since his major
.v?- cuu- nratesjin
1926. He came to Pittsburgh from
Kxc C?mgt League in a deal
which also included Hal Rhyne,
now playing shortstop for the Bos
ton Ra-r SnU vt. r,
as a regular Paul has a gratd hat-
lutk Bfusp co oate ez over Ji&9.
la mo, he polad et 14 fcSs, the
Woodburn to Enter Finals
With Record Clean;
Wins 10 to 1
WOODBURN, July 18 With
Nick Serdots hurling two-hit ball,
the Woodburn American . Legion
Junior baseball team completed
its official schedule prior ti the
state finals, still undefeated when
it vanquished Newberg today 10
to 1 in the final district game.
SerdoU struck out nine men
and would have had a shutout
but for the fact that one of the
two hits against him was a three
bagger by Gardner la the eighth.
It. came with nobody out; Nick
retired the next two men but
then pitched wild and Gardner
With Jimmy Nicholson, Jr.,
again setting the pace with three
hits Including a. home run In the
first inning and a two bagger in
the seventh, the Woodburn boys
smacked out 18 hits to make the
game something of a walkaway.
Nicholson's homer brought In one
man ahead of him after one had
already scored In the first in
ning; three more tallies were
made In the second, one in the
third. Then there was a dearth
of fireworks until the seventh
when Nicholson, Oberst and Ser
dots all hit two baggers to ac
count for two more runs. One
more run was tallied ;fn the
eighth. 1
The Woodburn boys played er
rorless ball in the field. Newberg
was charged with two bobbles.
hbwbctj AB R
r laner, ZD 4
Astleford, cf 4
Lane, c o
Putnam, p 4
Bristol, 3b-lb . s
Chrlatenson, If . 3
Event, rf , "3
Johnson, lb 1
Gardner, 8 b - 8
Kyeck, ss "
Totals .
Evans, 3 b
Saalfeld, lb
Asboe, If
Landsem, If
Nicholson, cf
Schwab, rf
Davidson, rf
Leffler, x
Salstrom, ss
Oberst, ss
following year he had 237: in 1928
his total was 228: 1929 H dropped
te 200: in 1930 it tanned to 217
and last year dropped to 180, his
mark of 1928.
Paul won't have anv cinch crab
bing off the batting crown this
year, despite his hitting streak.
There are several others who have
their eyes focused on that crown.
CJhkk Hafey, last year's champion,
is right up there and judging by
the way lie is bitting 'em he will -stay
there. Hurst and Whitney, of -the
Phillies j Critx, of New York
and Collinsr of St Louis, are tail
ing along close behind the leaders.'-
it's going to take a real batting
champion to stay on top with these
wallopers ; shooting for the big
prise, but with "Poison Paul lot
ting them again who ss te say that ,
he wont go en te whs. his second
. mmm m . 2 7 1
AB R n
4 1 1
3 1 1
8 0 6
1 0 0
5 3 3
8 0 1
1 0 0
1 A 1
1 0 0
. 2 1 1
The fact that the cltr tennis
tournament la under way, with
something like 20 pretty fair
player involved, reminds us of
little sermoa we're been la
tending to preach for a long
Nearly every community: In
which tennis Is played at all, has
an "Inner ring" of good players
and more or less of a swarm of
medium players outside that ring.
And the main reason a good many
of the medium players arent bet
ter than they are, Is that they
don't get Into competition with
the better ones. '
Strange to say, there's only
one way to improve in tennis
and that's to play fellows who
can beat you. All right, you
medium players, a word to the
wise should be sufficient. But
there's a catch. The good play
er doesn't gala anything by
consenting to play those lees
And so the "Inner ring" isn't
much to blame for being that
way. The fact is, playing a lees
expert player does actual harm.
We don't know that the better
tennis players in Salem look at It
from a selfish angle, or even that
the situation la notably prevalent
here. Maybe the best players
wouia piay anybody that came
along, if they found fellows will
lng to play and take the game ser
iously enough to learn.
The reason it's necessary to
play better men, in order to Im
prove, is that a fast pace is the
thing that has to be acquired.
Any lad may learn to drive and
serve and all the rest, but until
he gets accustomed to using his
strokes against a fast opposing
pace, they'll not be timed right
when he does meet such a
Elliott, Sb .
Coleman, 2b
SerdoU, p .
Oorbett, e
0 0
0 0
t 2
1 1
0 0
. 2
voget, c
.84 10 13
Umpire, Harry Gardner.
ee f or
yotairs elf
MR. SMOKER, stop and think how
much Velvet you get for
your 15 cents! Just empty out a tin
and see for yourself. A full eighth
of a pound and what tobacco!
Plenty for 50 cigarettes. Made for
cigarettes cut for easy rolling.
Rich fragrant and sparkling with
flavor just to look at it makes
your mouth water!
- for 50 cigarettes
8 iy)l, Lmcxxt Urxu Tobacco CO
Portland Rallies to tie up
Game In Ninth, Then
Hufft Breaks it
W. 11. Pet.l
W. Lu Jet.
ft. SI 41 .587
MttU 88 -4SS
8'W 4T ST .481
Oakl&ad 48 87 .44 T
MUilom 88 .429
HoIIt'4 SO 44 .STTl
S3. P. 54 4T .888
U . 51 80 .810
CAP A ainrle bv Pnazv Hnfft
In the tenth Inning scored Le
noy anion zrom second base to
giro Oakland a five to four vic
tory over Portland here tonight
Portland came from behind in
the ninth with a two-run rally
which tied the score four and
foour. The rally saved Bill Shores,
Portland starting hurler, from
The defeat was charred to art
Jacobs who relieved Shores.
while Eddie Walsh, who pitched
tne .nnal inning for thi Oaks,
was credited with the victory.
Portland 4 11 4
Oakland S 7 8
Short. Art Jacobs and Palmi-
sano; Joiner, E. Walsh and Gas
ton. Deshonc Wins Again
(AP) Jimmy Deshong turned in
his eighth pitching victory in
10 suns since Joining the Sen
ators and the result was a sec
ond straight win for the Sacs
over the Seattle Indians. The
score was 4 to 8. Lynn Nelson,
out pitched Deshong until the sixth
when after two walks, he yield
ed three straight singles for
three runs. Two hits, a walk and
a hit batsman gave the Tribe a
two run lead In their half of the
Seattle a 1
Sacramento 4 7
Nelson, Walters and Cox; De
shong and Wirts.
Seals Win in Tenth
(AP) The Seals put over three
runs In the tenth today to win
a deadlock from the Missions
to 5. The scorlnr came when
Garibaldi made first on Hafey's
error, Sulik singled scoring Gari
baldl, Hunt singled scoring 8u
- - . - V IV W U VS . V
lik and Caveney doubled, scoring
San Francisco 8 14 4
Missions ....... ....i II 2
MeDougaL 6 tine. Douxlas and
Brensel; Bowler. Colo and Hof-
mann, RlceL
(AP) Night game:
Los Angelec ....... 4 9 1
Hollywood I S 0
H err man and Campbell: Page
and Mayer.
PALO ALTO. Cel.. Jntv IS
(AP) Althouch the lssne will
not be disposed ot finally until af
ter the American Olympic track
ana neia tryouta have been con
cluded here Saturday it appeared
virtually certain today that no ex
emptions will be granted or ask
ed in the makeup of the home
bred athletic forces to be pitted
against the rest of the world at
Los Angeles.
In Other words, the American
team will stand on the performers
who finish one, two, three in the
final tests. In which approximate
ly 800 stars from all parts of the
country will battle it out for some
mm a a . .
u oaa pieces, starting Fnaay.
With the case of Ben Eastman
still the llvest tonic of thl ath
letic convention, the official atti
tude was pretty well reflected to
day by disclosure that the Ameri
can Olympic track and field com
mittee, with only one dissenting
vote, naa decided not to reconsid
er Jim Stewart of southern Cali
fornia as an added decathlon en
try. Western Paper
Defeats Maytag
The Western Paper converters
defeated the Maytag Washers In
the first game of the kltball
championship series last night 4
to 3. The paper men were trail
ing by one run In the ninth in
ning with two out when two runs
were scored on successive hits by
Keber and Sandford.
Batteries for the winners were
Kitchen and Sanford; for the
losers. Bone and Beechler.
no wins in
VATXOBAX, xxaqttb
, W. U FetJ j W. U. Pet.
PnUV 44 88 .871 PUU4. 4l 44 .48
Cling 4S SS 344 Brk'a SS 48 .41
BMte .44 SS Ml Nv T. 4 41 .44 T
St. U 40 SS OS Cisclmm. 89,80 .488
(AP) The erlnnled Pittabnrrh
Pirates dropped both ends of a
aouoie header to Boston today.
Southpaw Ed Brandt came
through with a 8 to 1 vietorr In
the first game and Tom Zachary
took me second 1Q to I.
Boston ....B; 11 1
Pittsburgh ., ...l-l 7 2
Brandt and Spohrer:- French,
Spencer, . Brame and Grace.
Boston lo ; 18 1
Pittsburgh 8 11 2
Zachary and Hargrave; Chag
non, Brame and Padden.
Dodgers Beat Cube
Hollis Thurston and Jack Qulnn
kept the Cubs' eight hits well
scattered as the Dodgers took
advantage of their 11 blows to
win S to 4, today.
Brooklyn 11 0
Chicago 4 8 2
Thurston, Qulnn and Suke
forth. Lopes; Smith, ' Grimes.
May, Tinning and Hartnett.
Phils Defeat Reds
A burst of hitting in the ear
ly innings, marked by Whitney's
double and triple, gave the Phil
lies a 3 to 2 victory over the
backsliding Cincinnati Reds to
day. Philadelphia 3 7 1
Cincinnati 2 7 0
Hansen, Benge and Todd. V.
Davis; Benton and Lombardl,
Cards Coast to Win
ST. LOUIS. July 13--(AP)
St. Louis fell on Bill Walker for
four runs in the first and then
coasted to a 8 to 2 victory over
New York behind the steady
pitching of Paul Derringer today.
New York ....2 8 1
St. Louis I ll 0
Walker, Bell and Hogan; Der
ringer and Wilson.
An aerial fire patrol, consisting
of five planes and pigeons to carry
messages, has been established In
Manitoba, Canada.
' " v-w'r f- -
J - - t X V
All Matches
Same Score
"Six-one, six-two" was the pre-
tailing score in city tennis touma-;
ment matches Wednesday, an of
those reported being won by that
rather, decid ve margin. .
' Fred Hagemann advanced to
the semi-finals in the singles, de
testing Tom Goyne by the afore
mentioned score. The only other
quarter-final match played to
date was" one In which John
Creech upset the seeding arrange
ment by defeating Melvln Goode,
seeded No. 1 In the tourney. This
match, played Tuesday, was a lit
tle closer, 8-4, 8-2.
: First round of doubles was
scheduled to terminate Wednes
day but because ot rain which In
terfered with play Wednesday,
the remaining first round match
will be played off today.
John Creech and French Hage
mann defeated Don Vestal and
Ralph Curtis Wednesday aad Ivan
White and John Mlnto won from
Hansen and Melin, both matches
going by, the 8-1. 8-2 route.
Ill '
(AP) A COUOle of Hawaiian
lads who used to make a living
diving tor nickels in Honolulu
harbor bobbed ud at Conev Ul
an d pool here today with "Unit
ed States Olympic timber" writ
ten all over them.
, Tomorrow the Kalili brothers
Manuella and Maiolo. repre
senting the Los Angeles Athletic
ciud win be among the favor
ites In flnala ot the 100 meters
free style In the second day of
tne uiympic swimming trials.
Manuella's time was 81 2-5
seconds. Maiolo beat that by a
, These boys won their respec
tive heats and became co-favorites
in tomorrow's show with Ray
Thompson of the United States
naval academy, who they said
was the fastest "plebe" ever to
duck into a navy tank, and Al
Schwarts of the Illinois Athletic
I 1
Are Won by