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    The OKEliUN STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon. Tuesday Mornbg, JnTy 12. 1931
:) , flUU All I
Aurora - Canby Merger, Held
-. Certain; Amount Is Only ,
, $3000 shy Monday :
Is More Than Half Million
Well Will be Sunk on Karl
Below Similar Period
Of Previous Year
Steiwer. Holdings, say
Men Interested
C I Fflll
-. .- - v .
(Continued Cram page 1) -
perfect - cloture U whlek the
Keasey Shales are trapped under
e domed uplift.
Hawkins came to Oregon from
El Paso, Texas, where he did his
first drilling;." Henry was for 10
years eounty engineer la Pacific
county, Washington, and In 127 !
wrote his first geologic report
on oil aad gas prospects in Pac
ific county for Henry 8. lio-
Gowan. v
(Continued from pace tl
pecially do we commend Taptafn
McClaln and Lieutenant Lanslag
for the serrlces rendered. They j
have appeared before us In a
fjumber of Important cases and
hire each, time Impressed ns by1
the detailed Information they
- hare presented. They always
hare ample notes, photographs
aad measurements, and present
their eridence In an unbiased
manner. Their work before us
has furnished Information that
has enabled us to render our de
cisions promptly and with the as
surance that we hare been fully
adTlsed In each case.
"Captain McClaln and Lieuten
ant Lansing hare been before us
in some of the most important
cases we hare been called upon
t consider. Their gentlemanly
attitude and the concise Informs-
j iion siren wnen they hare ap-
peared speaks well for the able
manner in which the department
.Is being conducted, and confirms
' the wisdom of the legislature in
creating the department of state
(C itlnue4 from pas 1)
face, as well as the school direc
Three possible budget arrange
ments exist:
1. Retire unbonded indebted
ness by taking advantage of the
per cent Increase and of the
II 7,1 J 7 sarlnes from salary re
dactions, at the same time increas
ing the lery by approximately 0.1
mills. The lery then would be 0.
mills over that of 1930-31.
3. Allow present unbonded in
debtedness to stand, lower the
levy by one and a fraction mills
through the salary and other re
. ; 3. Retire a portion of the un
bonded Indebtedness, either let
the millage stand at 13.5, or re
duce it by half a mill, taking ad
vantage of the budget savings but
- not using the i per cent increase.
Health Center
Announces Ten
Clinics Listed
Clinics to be held during the
ffeek as announced at the Marion
county health unit yesterday,
, '.are:
Monday: a. m. and p. m.. Milk
handlers' clinic, Salem health
Tuesday: p. m. preschool clln
ic, suverton.
Wednesday: a. m., school clin-
K. saiem health eenter: p. m
prescnooi clinic, Salem health
canter, (Keuer. Hayesrllle.)
Thursday: a, m., preschool clin
ic, saiem health center; p. m
preschool ellnlOL Hubbard.
rrlday: 3:30 a. m., dental cor-
recur Clinic, Salem health cen
w; p. m.. preschool clinic. Sa
lenvnoeitn center; 5-1 p. m.. o.
u.-euuio, saiem health center.
samraay: i:io a. m toxoid
ciuuc, saiem health center.
Ninety-Nine to
T-i lr Z?
one Ac3J UtLctiU
Ninety nln applicants wilt par-
ncipw m u annual atat bar
examination, which will ha hM
in th hall of repTttentattres be
ginning today. This is the larg
est number of - appuleants to
wnt in ta, examinations for
Trai Tears,
Th examinations
will b conducted by th state
board of bar examiners.
"; Troy .
. William H- Trey at the resi
dence, 475 Sooth Winter street,
faar'.,nl Waged -ia years.
Survived I by widow, Ida A. of this
city, and a daughter. Mrs. Jose
phine Hayaes of Salem, and four
brothers, John, Dan. Bert and
Charles Troy, all of Saginaw.
Mich, service from th chapel of
th Clougb-Barrlek company
Tuesday, July n, at 4 p. m.,
ehrgT of they Salem Mason! i
lodge No. 4. A. F. and A. M., with
aa escort of Knight Templars. In
tertnent in. Cityvlew cemetery.
! Births I
i To Mr. and Mrs. W.
. Haverton of route 7 a daugb
! $f. Betty Jo, born July 7 at th
Henderson Maternity home, 1484
; fitat street. v.'i,;;,., .; . .
Jacksoa-T Mr. and Mrs. C.
; K. Jackson,1 son, William Oll-
yr, bora July il. at the Hender
;oa Maternity bom. 1414 gut.
f n H;
i & t : '
V 11 II )
his address of aeeeDtanc before
Chicaeo. these six iaterestiiur Candid
ahow Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt
Salem enlisted six vounc men
in the United 'States marine carps
during the last month. Sergeant
Max Sherman, enlisting officer.
reported yesterday. The quota for
the month is now filled but Sherman-expects
a new quota for July
Terr soon. Meanwhile he is taking
applications tor a reserve marine
corps which, may be organlxed in
Thirty men bar applied for
membership in such a corps; 31 to
40 more will be needed before it
can be organised. Such a carps
would drill sereral times each
month and would be paid for each
drill In a manner similar to the
payment of national guardsmen.
In event of war, the corps would
be subject to service. i ,
Sherman said the standards of
the marine corps are constantly
being elevated with the result-that
not more than one applicant In
3 is able to be admitted. The ma
jority of men enlisting hare a
high school education and several
men recently accepted from Salem
hare finished a tour-year college
course. Pay of a marine is 321 a
month when he enters the serv
ice, plus an allowance for clothes
and his board and room. First-
class privates receive 330 a month
and expert marksmen receive 35 a
month additional. j
Forecast Upon
Attendance at
H. DifBcult
Attendance at Salem high
school this fall is greatly depend
ent on the turn of business
through the summer and on the
outcome of tho high school tui
tion case now pending in the
courts. This is the opinion of
Fred Wolfe, high school nrlncl-
pai. i
"I bellere if business picks j np
a number of students will not
return to school since their help
will be needed by their parents to
increase family income. If bus
iness stays stagnant, the students
will return to school tor her will
be the best place for them to lm-
prore ineir time." Wolfe aver
red. He is now making plans for
th next year of high school work
although determination -of th
loads of th various teachers is
mad difficult by indefinite at
tendance estimates due to th tu
ition law litigation.
Ten Carloads oi !
Black Cherries
Are Shipped Out
Claude McKenney and Toung &
Wells, packing and shipping from
the Terminal Ice & Storag plant.
hare shipped out 10 carloads! of
black cherries since last Tuesday
I McKenney said yesterday. He ex-
I pects deliveries will keep up for
tae next 10 days.
nearly io women were em
ployed by the two shippers yes
terday morning. Each has as many
worsen signed up as can be giren
Jobs this season. 1
McKenney says only slight
barm was done to the riser cher
ries Dy the week-end rainfall, and
I adds that the fruit eomlnr in is of
excellent quality.
DoerBers Lose
In Damage Case
Damages of 500 for tb plain-
tiu againat Frank A. Doerfler and
Donald Doerfler were awarded
late Monday by a circuit court
Jury on a suit brought by 8erin
M. Anderson. She was injured: In
aa anto accident this spring la Sa
iem. the Doerfler and Doroth
Pickens and L. C Jackson being
laTolved. - Th latter coupl was
not held liable by th jary. ) ,
Holders of .
which have DEPTtECTATiai
from thirty ta forty per cent
can secar valuable informal
tlon on how to re-estabilshi
their estates t principal of
104 PER CE5T. Full in-i
formation furnished by ap-1
plication to Box atfOO, car
Statesman. This is aot a
stock selling schema. j
in in
acteristie poses. The sonorous roiee of the Deme
cratie standard-bearer will be beard over the radio
Quite often this Summer aa Governor Kooseveit eon
ducts bis election campaign.
the eonventioe in
Camera stadia
in a few char-
XJlldcr tllC Occurrences and Gossip
-j- at the center of Oregon'
JLOnCIC 8tate aTorernment
JOHN W. KELLT, well-known
to all Oregonians, particular
ly politicians, as the political
writer on the Portland Oregonlan,
is back here for a visit from Wash
ington, D. C Roy Meyrs, her
yesterday, said it seemed good to
sea John back. He says he drove
her from the east for his vaca
tion. President Herbert Hoover
sent wires to two governors yea
tterday. One went to Governor
Roosevelt of New York refusing
proffered aid in aa internation
al dispute, while the second
went to Governor Meier of Ore
gon, pledging support in th
governor's campaign concerning
lumber and advising him as to
legal phases of the matter.
Governor Meier speaks of Hoov
er with, familiarity now, sine he
has exchanged many wires an 2
communications, and furthermore
after enjoying a visit and dinlxg
with the president som time a&-o
when Meier was In Washington,
D. C. Both Meier and Henry Han
sen stated th president was an
interesting conversationalist and
informed on topics of government.
Well, well, this column was
right again. This time concern
tag the "robbery" of consolida
tion petitions. Your correspon
dent never referred to the mat
ter without placing th word
"theft or "robbery in quota
tions. Theft of petitions is too
old a trick, and th event in
Portland appeared plenty awk
ward. While th "theft stunt" may
hav served as a stimulus to gala
enough signatures, it may also re
salt in a boomerang. Voters will
ponder well before voting upon a
measure sponsored by Individuals
who ar fraudulent and crafty in
their procedure. They will doubt
aay further statements mad by
such a group.
Th action of sponsor to
stage , a show of that kind la
order to place th Measure on
the ballot, could likewise result
la legal action prohibiting th
filing of the signature ob
tained after the demonstration
was staged. Surely a charg of
obtaining name under false
pretense could not be
Carl Washburn, a mem bar af
th stat highway commission.
was her yesterday la connection
with th wag dispute for high
way emergency relief work. Th
governor recommended th $3 a
aay wag for six hoars work,
which recommendation was ac
cepted by th highway commission
lor au state emergency hlrhwav
Should anyone desire oppor
tunity to sing in Salem, on
needs bnt to have it mentioned
in the "Under the Dome col
ajun. So says Jim Stewart. Sun
day we mentioned that his son,
a radio singer, waa visiting her
from Cleveland. During the day
ha had aa opportunity to sing
in about every church and be
fore many organisation fa Sa
lem a a result. But Jim says
Mrs, Stewart answered the
phono calls and bocaus she
wanted to visit with her son.
mooo w we prorrers
TJp to Saturday night th state
Issued Just 93.354 new automobile
licenses. This was Just 65.319 less
than at th same rim last year
and during both ther wre mora
lonums. And thin Is Just about
ooethlrd of the liceniei raanrred
w suppiy an cars m Orogon. AuJ
1 v
I s. o
m receipts were iz,3o,ci4 so
far this year, about half of the
amount last year at th same
A study of receipts t date
indicate that so far this year
more licenses for cars of small
er size were issued early than
large ones. The total receipt
showed a smaller comparison
to last year than actual licenses
sold. And the moratorium is np
Today 08 would-be lawyers will
sit down la the house of repre
sentatives to take an examination
for admission to th bar. Among
th last to file, and with permis
sion, was George H. Rous, "six
times loser" in this art. He is re
ported to be taking his seventh
examination for admission. At
least h is persistent in taking
th quia, if not in preparing for
An air of mystery prevails
around th tatehouse, Som
state officials are reported to
hare received Invitations to "em
Joy th shade of the spreading
aka mid picturesque surround
ings. The time for the shade is
reported to bo next 8unday.
A Survey Of th eanltol nraaa
callery revealed no knowing Ae
th event nor reeelnt af mr .nd. I
invitation 'among the newspaper I
. bo inor 10 revealing any I
mor of iia allurlnr inviteMnn I
lnveMr-don must nroceed far
must proceed for-1
watch this column tomor-
Morris Richter
Morris K. Richter
Salem, who has beea aa employ
of th government nrlntns nr.
I- m..n. '
mvw nrasauxTon ror earn
years, has been appointed assist
ant foreman of the mhaa
division, night work, at th nlgbt
ria waga or 9eioo per annum.
am wsa promoted when another
employe, who held th position,
retired. News of th promotion
waa received by The stateaman
from Congressman W. C Hawley I
"Tlty' I
rri ap I
1 WO r irmS MOVe
i O LsOUrt Street I
" I
BreithauDf floral ahoa -r, the
VTbbert a Tha .i.t .:.: I
will d business at a new stand.
ay av aa as S
f Vourt street, beginning this
morning, me move, started over
th weekend, was completed
yesterday. Th two concerns hav
oeen operating In th Johnson
building at 466 State street, each
occupying a section of th store.
Tb sam arrangement will be
continued at the new location.
wnern a lease has beea taken.
NEW YORK. July 11. fAP. I
-or 0 waa. jB?a ?
of th Goodyear Tir 4 Rubber
company, died at bis bom her
today. H waa 72.
A Baa Owned Theatre) I
Also Mickey Mcmsa inlj
; The Grocery Boy ?
and Metrotone News ' ;
CbMeauat Ohtum
Apportionment of motor verlcle
registration tees betweea th slats
highway commission aad th coun
ties for th period April 1 to Jan
30. 1133. aggregated Sl.tis.-
314.51. or II71,Q0 less than
during th corresponding thte
months In 1131, according to a re
port released by Hal EL Hoss, sec
retary of stat. i
Th . total apportionment ' of
thes fee during th three months
ndlng June 30, 1331, was 83,
24T. 1(3. Of the total apportion
ment for April. May and Jua.
this year. 31.04S.S76.37 was cred
ited to th stat highway fund.
wall 1522.738.11 went to th
counties. During th same period j
in 1931 the highway commission i
received 31.498.641.33 and the
counties $749,330.47.
There also was a market de
crease In" the apportionment of
motor transportation fees for thai
three months ending Jun 30.
1933, when compared with those
during the corresponding three
months in 1931. The 1933 appor
tionment totaled $88,431.71, as
against $106,886.40 in 1931.
Th report shows further that
up to July 9, 1933. a total of 99,-
364 motor vehicle licenses haa
been issued, with receipts aggre
gating $3,350,644.30. On th same
date in 1931 there had been is
sued a total of 158,664 licenses
with receipts totaling $4,113.-1
The material decrease in . the
number of motor vehicle licenses
Issued up to July 9 of this year.
when compared with the corres
ponding period in 1931, was at
tributed primarily to th discus
sion of a proposal to Issue licenses
on the Quarterly installment pay
ment plan.
Hoss said the receipts setting
out the apportionment for the
two corresponding periods was re
quested by the state highway de
Incendiarism is
Suspected in 2
Fires at DallaslPaper Company
DALLAS. July 11 (Special)
Two fires of Incendiary origin
broke out her early Monday
morning, th first being the Sev
enta Day Adventlst church at 3
a.m. and a lltue later a resiaence
at 311 Maple street.
Th church building In which
was housed also th meetings of
th Zlon Mennonlt group, was a
total loss. It had insurance cov
erage to th asaoant of $1000. It
was on of th oldest buildings In
and was originally built
by the South Methodists In 1869.
T dwelling house was damag-
i ui vv.
Two men were seen running
from th resident Just after th
alarm was turned In, but suspicion
ha beea turned on no on
yet. Several bottles containing
korosen war also found near the
Licenses Short
But Game Board
TWfll T O T -a I
Will DC OOlVent
PORTLAND, Ore., July 11
(AP) Compared to th coir as
ponding period of last year fishing
aad bunting neons receipts hav
fallen off mor than 80 par cent
daring th past three months.
Htrvey 8. Morland. chief clerk.
reported to th state gam eom-
mission at Its regular monthly
mting her today.
Port from Ernest L. Croekatt, bad-
get director, showed that the eom-
mlMMlon would b abl te go
through tb year oa a cash basis.
Ta eommUsloa orderM th r
ha. a on aaaV vatnaA sa ) a. V en aa aw
SKfa-"1" JlXll:
Thes three. Horse, Mlddl Horse
aad Lower Horse, were Included
by mit take ta a general closing
order Issued several months ago.
?1 IVJA 1 ITU 1 VJ
Dally until Sept. 30
Every day until September
81. one-way aad Toaad-trtp
far betweea 8. F. point ta
Oregon will b radically re
duced. Round trip return
Umlt, II day. Good la eoach-
only. SO pounds of bagrag
checked free oa tickets. Yea
rest ana relax and enjoy a
smooth. Quick, trip when yoa
go by train.
On Roand
Way Trip
t 1.60
Eosrene , ..
Medford -
: Klamath FaHj
. 1-45 2.15
. 5X5 9.70
. 6.S5 1L35
Goim ttEaoi?Ea
. A. F. Woth, Arena
i i
Dtrsm!ad t Stee th elackia tonrva ! Dima RnmarJPrime
of Walaa la following a pUa which, while net cortailiag ku love of partiea
aad daaciag, pate aa aad to tka aaaoyiag actiritia f the who weld
bT Urn aagaged to every girl with wkea be eajoyad a daace. The
rnacm wm tails tor aorsaa bat aet far girU mow Uka ia&aito paims mmt
to gat toe pallr with aay of thm fair aaa wka lack tka oUim cold bajid
wpoa tho proptr fiagor. He caa daaca to kia heart's caateat with aay af
th charming, yooag aaamad woaaaa ia bis sat with oat startiag a nunor
that be is ea the varg of gattiag iato atop with Loheagria. Oa of bia
favonta partaara ia ViscoaateM FaraaM, tho forvaor Taabaa Morgaa
CoBTono. Aatoncaa-bara daaabtor of - Horrr Hit. Umiu. fmw
Uaitod States Coasal Caaaral ia Bolgiasa. waeo aativ disregard af
kido-boaad traditioa oaabloa bar to treat Walos aa ha dosiiaa to ba
troated a regular fellow. Aaotbor af tho Prince's favorites is Mrs.
Dudley Ward, Loadoa society leader, Bated far beg wit aad dry kaaser.
Though the British Governmaat weald give a great deal to sea the heir to
tb three, safely aaarried. the Prince has s far refused to bav aay
part f a kaad-picked wife. Ia fact, that elos to Wales believe that
aa is aot sa keea oa the throne, anyway, it baviajr beea hinted ea many
ecceeioas tbaf ba would be quite willing to step aside aad let bis brother,
the Duke af York, wk is aaarried aad has children take bis place fat
Reports ProGt
Above Year Ago
(AP) Crown Willamette Paper
company reported consolidated
net profit of $2,333,926 for th
year ended April SO, 1933, com
pared to the preceding year's net
of $1,895,630. The consolidated
report included earnings of Pa
cific Mills. Ltd., after deducting
th proportionate Interest of mi
nority stockholders.
Louis Bloch. president, report
ed the bank loans had been en
tirely wiped out. A year ago they
amounted to $3,700,000. Working
capital lncreaaed to $8,371,962.
compared with $6,433,863 a year
Coast Guard Not
Deemed at Fault
ruHTLAHU, July 11. (AP)
Commander H. Wilcox. In charge
or tae ljth coast guard district.
issued a statement today saylnr
that aa investigation held at the
Tillamook bay coast guard sta-
rfl ZZ Z 7i
New Location
Things Electrical Florist i
i Last Tunes Today a... w
la- a riotous romanee of ''Vd '
t socks and blondea, ; I
; InL:" ' wftn Idartan L.
; I K I X O H
f -H VlrgiaU j j
U -rJ Vaa&Vrni ETTTNO Comedy News i lh
H I V Jrfwaani
. r t I t
1 ' : (
i 11 1 an.udb I .-, . i . ! V'
: .' IN A CLAIRE : M;,-.. .Jip..-i3i
! ! j lawal MtXMAJi ' ,' ' ' j : f ' a . -
j r 'k MAat ivAHf ; j J ! j j
S l'Jt,yfy i 'V eaaet - ! j v".",i
y Valet
The Gall
e e
Today Bea Lyon in "Hell's
Wednesday Ruth Chatterton
in "Tomorrow and Tomor-
Friday Buck Jones In "The
Fighting Sheriff."'
Today William Powell In
"High Pressure."
Wednesday Adolphe MenJou
In "Friends and Lovers."
Friday Tim McCoy ia
"Fighting Fool,"
Today James ' Cagney
"Winner Take AIL"
tlon had disclosed ao neglect ot
duty oa the part of the coast
guard crew la connection with th
drowning ot nln persona July
following the capaixlng ot the fish
ing launch Truxillo.
. - - - i . . . .
; AURORA. 'July : ll (Special)
With all but about $1100 of the '
$74,400 new capital needed to per
mit a merger of the Canby State -baak
and th First National bank -
of Aurora, raised Monday morn-
Ing. subscription ot . in . una
amouat was virtually assarao.
Howrer, th banks wr not
allowed to opea this morning as
th full goal bad not been readi
ed. A recent examination by bank
examiners ot the two banks, op
I orating under th sam directors.
i found the assets impared by bona
shrinkage and unacceptable loans
to the point that $74,400 new cap
ital was needed in the two institu
tions to meet the requirements ot
banking laws'. Since th old direc
tors bad been caned upon oaring
th past year to supply la excess
Of $10,000 In assessments, they
were unable to meet th aemano.
- This meant unless new eapltol
was raised la some other manner
neither bank could open Monday.
To raise this necessary amount a
meeting ot business men was call
ed Saturday night at Canby and
Sunday morning a meeting of all
depositors was called. It was de
cided to form a Canby-Aurora
Holding corporation, the stock to
be subscribed by th depositors to '
the extent ot 60 per cent of 'their
bank deposits.
Dr. IL A. Deadman Is president
land H. B. Evans, cashier of the
Aurora First National bank, mov
ed here from Canby about a year
ago, after the Acrora state bank
tailed. Deadman Is also president
of the Canby bank, and Arthur
Graham, cashier at Canby. Direc
tors are Harry Balr, J. R. Vin
yard and A. IL Knight
A. A. Schramm of the atate
banking department was present
at the meeting when steps for
the merger were taken.
j Exceptional Hay
Crop in Marion
County Forecast
A wonderful hay crop Is In
prospect for Marlon county farm
ers this year In the opinion ot
S. H. VanTrump, county horti
culturist. Not in many years has
the harvest prospect for hay been
ao good, he said yesterday. Van
Trump was doubtful if many
farmers would be able to handle
their crops at a price Justifying
cutting. Some quptatlons it IS a
bale have been made, said.
Yaa Trump said he thought a
I large percentage of loganberries
would go unpicked because of a
lack ot market. Fifty per cent of
th strawberry crop waa not har
vested, he said. Evergreen ber
ries coming on in tour weeks will
be heavy In yield but without
much market demand.
X. I favorite Taca- .
J tlon mart ot
recreation? It's
Included - ia thm
things to do oo
the Circle Toot!
Swltamini f olf
aJxikin.1 M te&bia
these and many
other activities are
ail a nart of this
complete vacation.
Yon fo from
Seattle to Victoria
and Vancoarer by
Princess liner ...
then by rail to
Banff, Lake Lotiia)
and the Chalet
Bungalow Campe
Jfi the world-famous
Rockies . . boom
again ria Calgiry
and Spokane, with
never the sam
scenes twice. Stop
over wherever yo
The Canadian
Pacific Circle Tour
is a moderate-cost
vacation, . Krery
member . of ., tb
family caa enjoy
it. Low Summer
Rail Fares and re-.
duced rates at the
Canadian Pacific
resorts assure
economy. Call
now for Utentartv
' Depot, ISth and Oak
Phon 4403 ;
7 ccavoMsieooi
1 i Hah- : K
- .: - , ... , .. . f i " i . - - :